Saturday 16 August 2014

Held Together With String And Positive Thinking

My goodness it's a Saturday morning and everyone is up really early, I heard the Daddies talking about a new fence being delivered, must be why and about time too the one that's up has been held together with string and positive thinking for the past couple of years.
Anyway it's turned out to be quiet handy as when the blinds went up there was Sarah waiting by the door step for me.

She said she wanted to thank me for my advice yesterday as she did talk to the lighter Naughty Twin and although they are not exactly the best of friends at the moment they have managed to bury the hatchet and have agreed that neither one of them are going to have anything more to do with Chameleon.

I said to her did she realise that he was over the road now looking at her.

Yes, he's been following me around everywhere with Disney eyes but I won't be falling for that!