Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I Need The Gossip!

It must have been a mighty battle last night, everyone is being very self-congratulatory this afternoon. I've just caught Sarah and the Naughty Twins all giving each other a hug and a bathe.

Come on George, I need the gossip!

The Time Was Right

Yes the time was right! Right now I mean. What was I waiting for any more? I needed to step out of the shadows and let myself been seen, or at the very least heard.

I needed to know what was going on and I wouldn't find out just by hiding myself away, there's been way too much of that going on recently and enough was enough.

After the recent events the cats were out making a hullabaloo. I wasn't sure the best way to move forward after all I didn't know if it would be better if I was seen or heard first but times were urgent I was very confused and sometimes you need to take a leap of faith that decision you are making is the right one or not. Sometimes it's even down to timings but to get too caught up in them can make time disappear as if by magic!

I moved forward towards the cat calls slowing down the closer I got to them. I wasn't sure, now that I was here, if this was the best idea I've ever had or not. I could hear them talking but I couldn't make out what was being said.

As I got closer I slowed further, just be to cautious, but not reaction at all. OK well I guess they couldn't see me then. Right here goes...




Again nothing.

OK courage has paid off and I've another question answered. They couldn't see nor hear me! 

The Battle Outside Last Night

I'm very confused.
The battle outside last night went on for ages. Even though the back door window was locked it's been known for River to use her sheer will power to force her way through so I decided to stay inside and keep an eye on her. 
There wasn't much that I could do, not as things are now, only George can properly hear me and he can't stay anything of any sense at the moment.

This morning I was up early going outside to see what carnage was waiting for me but surprisingly there was no devastation, everything looked like it did yesterday.
Now it's not that that's confusing me, no it's the fact that Doublay is on sunshine shed with both the Naughty Twins and they all appear to be very chummy. Not what I was expecting at all.

I was trying to listen in to what they were all talking about but then River came out all noisy and they all ran off. Things are most definitely not what they seemed!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It's Kicking Off Out There, Right Now, Right As I Speak!

It's all kicking off out there, right now, right as I speak!

The Daddies were settled watching something on the TV, River asleep in Stay Daddies arms when her head jumped up and startled me. She raised herself up and a low growl started to come from the bowls of her throat.

I looked in the direction of the back window which was open. I thought I could hear something and so did the Daddies as they turned the TV down and we all were overcome by the sound of babies crying out. No that's not babies that Foxes they make the same sound to disguise what they are up to.

River growled more and Daddy stroked her more to calm her down. I ran up to the back window and could distinctly hear three separate foxes and a load of cats calling out, I could hear Sarah definitely but I don't know who owned the other voices, the New Cat Crew no doubt.

This all set up of the dogs that live up the back and they started barking, it's now just a cacophony of noise out there. Thanks fully they've got the back door locked and have distracted River now the window is closed and the sound is slightly shielded.

Catworld cats must have known something was going to kick off tonight. I'm so glad they are watching out for River. Please stay safe everyone, I'll keep watch over the front.

Focused On Us

Yes we're definitely under surveillance, the darker Naughty Twin has been relieved of duties by Sarah and Mogsie is staring over here very intently.
I've tried to ask George what's going on but he just shook his head as if to say he doesn't know. It's beginning to concern me now all the attention that's being focused on us. I hope nothing is imminent!

He Always Keeps Your Secret To Himself

We're under pretty much constant surveillance today, Sarah and both the Naughty Twins were out there looking in first thing when Daddy opened the curtains and I've just seen both the Naughty Twins, sitting up by the Swinging Heart of Love.

The lighter Naughty Twin keeps on consulting with The Wiseman. I wish I could use him as a conduit to speak to some of the others but alas I can't, he always keeps your secret to himself.

Monday, 21 April 2014

No My Friends...

No my friends, you are looking in the wrong direction, Doublay's over there!

Interesting Possibilities!

Doublay has just run under the front window and up the side of the house. 

I wasn't expecting to see him at that time and it startled me and before I could think I had run out the back and rapped very loud on the window to scare him off.

He jumped and dashed up the side of AM's.
Yes he jumped. He jumped, he heard me, someone other that George can hear me and wouldn't it just be rum that it turns out to be Doublay one of the members of The New Cat Crew. Still interesting possibilities!

I Know What She's Up To

Sarah's keeping a close eye on us today, I'm guessing something is building, Doublay's been spotted around here quite a lot this week!

She's pretending to enjoy the heat on the sunshine shed but I know what she's up to, protecting us.