Sunday, 26 March 2017

Yes She'll Do Nicely

What a perfect day it's been today, the suns been out and shining warm.

Today is also Mothers Day. I can't really remember my mum, I came to live here such a time ago that's she's a memory to me now.

I do listen to stories Daddy says about his mum, she lived here a long time ago. Lil' knew her I've heard them saying things about how nanny looked after her when they went on holiday, she was like a second mum to her and I guess I've got my own.

River calls her The Elf, I call her nanny but as I've got to daddies and a mother I can hard;y remember so she'll do, yes she's fits the spot perfectly.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Women Screaming At Each Other And Zombies Attacking People

Honestly the rubbish they watch on TV. Women screaming at each other and zombies attacking people in lonely farmhouses.

Ridiculous waste of time!