Saturday, 20 December 2014

Come Back!


Tut, what a noise.


I see a mid morning snack.

No come back, I only wanted to see what it was!


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Friday, 19 December 2014

My Cue For A Quick Exit!

River  was just sitting in the window and I was wondering what was going to happen today, Puppynap was doing a frantic, chaotic tidy when the door bell went and River started to bark at someone on the doorstep.

My cue for a quick exit. I ran and hid upstairs in my bed, I prefer to go to bed when someone new comes in, until I get an idea of the lay of the land. I fell asleep and have no idea how long they'd been gone but coming in wasn't a quiet affair and it woke me up. So I came downstairs to see what they'd been up to. Boxes and things banging about, I think it's something to do with a secret and Christmas.

River invited me to join her and stare at the girl.

Well that's tired me out, I've awake at least two hours!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Future Career In Make Overs Could Be On The Cards

Daddy is good at many thing but brushing the knots out of River isn't one of them. Still he tries I suppose but there was a great big mess right under her ear. I whispered to her to stay still and I would sort it out for her.

I tried to use my paws but the knot was too great, in the end I hate to bite it out.

Yes that's better. Actually I think I make a great stylist. Maybe a future career in make overs could be on the cards.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Heavy Head

What an afternoon, not only did Daddy have a man in here doing more things in the kitchen but i nearly managed to escape outside.

Daddy said I can go out soon but not yet and chased me up the room. I think he really was pretending just so he could play with me, the thing is it wore me out so much that I can hardly keep my eyes open. I've got such a heavy head, I can't even lift it.

Itchy Feet

River's really not in the mood to do much today she's just sitting and snoring and sleeping and huffing so I've had to spend the morning amusing myself. 

It's amazing the bric-a-brac that appears on that table, almost as if it's been put there specifically for me to play with, even though Daddy keeps on moving it I think he's playing a hide the things game with me.  

I just don't know what's going on with me today but I've got really itchy feet, I just can't seem to settle, I hope River wakes herself up soon and join in with me, she's great fun always full of interesting games and idea's.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side