Saturday, 28 November 2015

Perfect End To A Perfect Day - David


A perfect end to a perfect day, nosing at all the events in Catworld while staying indoors in the warm and now snuggled up with my best friend watching her sleep, just perfect!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side


Well it seems a certain someone has developed a crush.

Mogsie has been following Maisie around all over Catworld for the past half an hour, from a respectful distance you understand. I think the attraction is not just one way either, she keeps on turning back and smiling at him.

It's nice to see her coming out of herself, I've hardly seen her about since she and Theo moved in, however something tells me we're now going to be seeing a lot more of her around!

Ladies & Gentlemen I'm Pleased To Present

Ah ha! Daddy is sitting comfortably on the chair and I have an idea for some fun.

Ladies & gentlemen I'm pleased to present my take on the old classic, whipping the tablecloth off the table without the plates smashing on the floor.

Stretch nonchalantly, like nothing is going on, then...

...when he's least expecting it.

Grab and WHIP!

That Would Be Magical

The sky this morning is so clear and crisp, there's frost on the grass and a nip in the air.

George is taking his morning constitutional, his footsteps on the grass revealing green underneath the icing sugar coasting. Daddy says he's heard snow could be on it's way, Winter's not far away, Christmas in coming. He says there's even rumours that we could have a white Christmas this year, the first in many, wow now that would be magical.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Today I Thought I'd Play A Little Trick On Her

I was all ready to play a trick on River his morning and then bang my best laid plans went out of the window.
Our usual morning routine consists of me getting up and having an hour or so on my own downstairs. Daddy gets up, has a shower, cup of coffee and goes to work. Then I go in and wake up my other Daddy and River, Daddy goes and has a bath and River and I come down the stairs, unless she's too sleepy to move and has a sleep in, run outside and have a play. Often River gets herself so excited she starts to bark and Daddy comes downstairs, calls us in and gives us both our breakfast and some treats.

Today I thought I'd play a little trick on her and hid behind the garden screen, thinking she would get herself all confused and I would have a laugh before revealing myself.

There I was waiting, and waiting and nothing so in the end I ran back inside to see what she was up to.
Oh my goodness much flapping going on as somehow a frog had got in, Daddy was running around the kitchen trying to find something to put him in while River, all excited with her new friend, didn't know whether to run after Daddy or play with the frog.

In the end he managed to capture it in a box and gently put it outside.

River just sat there blinking at him looking very confused.

Oh River, there was no way he was going to let you keep him, no matter how much you give him big sad eyes.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday, 26 November 2015

So Shocked

Ahhh! This is lovely, a busy day and now a nice comfy rest.


Well I guess that's my comfy rest over with then.

And I really don't know why you're looking so shocked.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side