Tuesday, 30 September 2014

If Only Someone Would Point Out The Direction

If only someone would point out the direction then I might be able to find my way back through this purple haze all around me.

I know my friends won't let me down but I'm so far away from home. I hope they haven't forgotten me, as much as my memories keep on fading in and out I've not forgotten them and I'm trusting that our memories are tethered to each side of a rope, I just need to follow them.

Come on think, focus, remember.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Of That I Am Certain

Focus, oh yes if I focus I can see, getting nearer, getting clearer, images through my mind getting sharper, yes so much clearly of that I am certain.

I can see four of my friends, four from before, going about their daily business sitting, watching and waiting. Bring me back my friends, find a way to bring me back, invoke my friends the power of four!

A Way Forward

Hang on a minute what's that?

I can sense something coming towards me, swirling around, a light in the distance, coming at me through the purple haze of my mind.

Concentrate, concentrate.

Yes definitely a light somewhere moving closer. Right somehow I must try and move towards the light but I still can't move. I must focus, focus it could be a way forward!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

But What If You Went Back In Time?

Time is a funny concept and I've got plenty of time to think about it stuck here in this void, all the time in the world, it's all I can do at the moment, think about time.

Daddy was always talking about time, so maybe it's rubbed off on me. So many theories so many memories of the past and thoughts of what was coming up he was always going on about the possibility of time travel. Oh how I wish I had time travel I would certainly use it to go back and see everyone again but according to Daddy whatever happened happened and if we mess with time it could have dire consequences.

There's something called the grandfather paradox what if you went back in time met your grandfather and somehow changed something that would mean that you was never born. If you were never born how could you have gone back in the first place? Interesting theory I think but if I had the chance I'd still take the chance.

Maybe, if I think hard enough about time I could do something about what has happened and somehow get myself out of this hole I seem to be stuck in.

I've no other plan, floating and drifting here.

Right think, time, what reminds me of time? A clock does but that's too mechanical, too man made, I need something that is natural. Yes NATURAL TIME!