Friday, 25 July 2014

Much Joy And Hand Clapping

Much joy and hand clapping. In among all the chaos a little ray of sunshine has just shone it's light.

Heidi, Daddies friend's kitten has just had a new member join her family, Hazel and what a cutey she is, she reminds me of Smokey. I saw the look in Daddies face I think he thinks the same to!

Looks like they are getting on very well, both Heidi and Hazel seem to have relaxed with each other quickly. Welcome to Catworld my lovelies.

The Curse Strikes Again

The Queen of Catkind's curse has struck again and it's taken down someone very important, Doublay!

I've been up with Daddy in the office all day, enjoying just hanging out, just like old times. It's been another hot and sunny day, hence no one's been around until just now when I spotted Doublay across the road sniffing some flowers.

I called over to him and he looked at me but kinda straight through me. At first I panicked thinking maybe I was fading out from people and they were having trouble communicating with me but no he heard me he just didn't seem to recognise me.

Hey, I called over.

Again he just looked up at me.

Doublay, I called. How are you?

He looked up at me a bit of a quizzical look in his face.

Nice to meet you.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Above Average Memory

Phew it's been a hot one today, everyone it seems is suffering. Poor River has been moving all over the house and garden trying to find a cool spot, trouble is she just can't settle although Daddy is doing his best to keep her comfortable.

She's not the only one suffering I just saw the darker Naughty Twin across the road and his walk didn't look right.

I called over to him to see if he was OK and he no, he's hurt his leg and for the life of him he can't remember when or how?

Um, that sounds a bit strange to me, us cats like elephants are known for our above average memory.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Automatic Registration Plate Recognition

Daddy's been conned but he's never one to take things lying down.

A man called over the gate and asked Daddy for a favour for 10 minutes but he would pay him for his inconvenience. He was cleaning our friends drive and he said needed it to help with pressure as their friends tap blew, but no water would be taken.

An hour later Daddy is getting angry, he wants to use the hose but he can't so he calls out to the man who thumbs up, and goes to get some more petrol to help the machine work. He comes back and a few minutes later as he is packing up Daddy speaks to him about the water he's discovered it is being taken after all. The man then gets in his van and tries to get away. Daddy called up the road to him as he had stopped to rearrange something and the man makes an excuse and legs it.

Daddy speaks to his friends and they discover he's lied to everyone.

Daddy may be a little too trusting and naive at times but there's one thing he's not, blind to his own feelings! He smelt a rat and got loads of photo's including the silly mans registration number.

Ring, ring, Hello is that the police I hear him say?

Yes it was and as we all know with their automatic number plate recognition this guy is surely going to have more hassle ahead of him than it was worth lying to Daddy who would have helped in any instance, although not at his cost.

The thing is I'm guessing the guy just thinks it's a tiny matter, Daddy was phoning for the principle, turns out legally it's classed as straight forward theft and therefore is being taken very seriously.


Chill Lil'

So I've been thinking maybe I need to speak to each person individually about the way they are acting, although I spoke to Sarah in a crowd it seemed to work with her.

The first that came around the lighter Naughty Twin happily whistling as she went about her business.

I called her over and asked how she was

Just dandy, Lil', everything in the world is great, can't you just smell the Summer everywhere.

Yes, well I could, but that really wasn't the point.

Do you not think we should be getting together and planning what to do next?

Yes! YES!

Oh thank goodness she wasn't lost to this severity of The Curse.

YES! We need to plan a great big party for our Queen when she comes by.

No that's not what I meant, I guess I would have to spell it out.

NO I mean about The Curse, don't you think everyone is acting strange considering?

She just turned to me and laughed.

Chill Lil'

And walked off laughing! This is more serious than I thought.