Monday, 28 July 2014

A Total 180

I've been observing Chameleon all morning and yes I agree with Sarah something seems very different with Chameleon.

He was always the muscle in The New Cat Crew and yet now he seems to have gone very soft and compliant. Yes he started his relationship with Sarah but that's not too much of a surprise, she likes the men, and yes we did offer out a hand to him when we asked him to help us prevent George and co from moving but even then he still had that air of control and aggression about him until he was put straight but now, well now he's done a total 180 on how he's acting.

He's been over chatting and laughing with Doublay all morning, like he doesn't have a care in the world. Doublay, as we know through his meetings with Troy Lamore can be trusted and even though we didn't know it at the time always could, but there have been issues between them both and yet Doublay's reacting to him like they are old friends and not old adversaries.

I don't know what we are going to do, we need his help with Foxy Lectar and we need it now and he just seems, well so carefree. A good state to be in I know but not when matters are this urgent.

George also has still not turned up, another worry on my mind.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

For Goodness Sake, WAKE UP!

Sarah was in a right old state and as much as I wanted to try and calm her there was no time, we needed to think and act fast, it was more important than ever before that we got people to remember, we needed to get so much set up in such a short space of time or all would be lost.

I sent Sarah off to find Ginger Cat and see if he could help us, he was a good friend to Catworld and I hoped above all hope that he could help us. It would also keep her active, good in such situations, while I sat and thought what to do next.

I wasn't ready for all this I did have a plan, that was true, but it had only got as far as speaking to George and Sarah about it so we could iron out the details, so far all I had was we needed to get everyone to start remembering who they were, who they really were, I didn't have the foggiest idea how.

Both the Naughty Twins walked by and out of desperation I shouted at them. 

For goodness sake, wake up, just WAKE UP!

The darker Naughty twin looked at me like I was mad, and in a way I think I was, his sister just carried on eating some grass taking no notice.

Do you not realise what is happening, you're moving, your house is beginning to move?

He looked at me blinked and opened his mouth;



Sarah was gone for ages and came back in a right state.

She's been looking all over for George asking anyone should met and no one has seen him. It's not unusual for George to go missing, sometimes even for days at a time so I asked her why she was so worried.

Because, she said, I've just seen some furniture go out of our house and into the back of cars. Oh Lil' I think it's happening, the move is starting.

I looked at her totally feeling her panic myself now.

But we're not ready we've been so caught up in our Queen and the curse that we've not prepared, we've not put the new owners off.

I know, she cried

We must move quick, get Chameleon to get Foxy Lectar to make his move tonight.

I can't, she cried, he's been acting strange too. Lil' he's been affected!


All afternoon I've been thinking on what The Wiseman advised me, think of the problem and find the solution.

So I listed out my problems as I watched Mogsie continue laying out enjoying the sun.
  1. The curse is here and I don't know when or where it will strike next.
  2. Most of the cats memories are being affected and they are forgetting things and apathy reigns.
  3. The Queen of Catkind said she is back, confirmed by The Wiseman but we don't know where she is.

Well I can't really do much about the curse at the moment, it's here so I guess I must look first at how it's affecting everyone. Over and over in my mind it went, what was The Wiseman trying to say when he talked about The Queen being back and to find the solution I must look at the problem?

Just as I was going through all this who should appear but Sarah. Oh I was so glad it's been days since I've seen her and I could certainly do with another pair of eyes helping me, so I called her over and told her what The Wiseman said.

Oh how glad was I, it just goes to show sometimes you do need to step back from a problem yourself to get an answer and how simple it all appeared as soon as Sarah opened her mouth summing up what I had told her.

So The Wiseman said look at the problem, the problem is they don't remember.

Bingo! As quick as a flash something in my catty powers told me she'd hit the nail right on the head! 

The apathy was coming because they didn't remember, if they remembered the apathy would be addressed. We somehow just needed to get them to remember. We weren't weak we were strong and although the curse was causing havoc everywhere there was three of us that had so far managed to escape being affected by it although I think a tinge of it may have hit me as I'd forgotten for a while at least that yes us cats are strong and never give up.

I smiled to Sarah;

I think I have a plan, can you go find George for me, we need to get prepared!

Think Of Your Problem To Find Your Solution

Enough was enough, I just couldn't cope with all this on my own anymore and decided there was only one thing for it, a trip to see The Wiseman.
I waited until things were calm, the Daddymummy had come to visit and as usual River went mad so I thought it was the best chance for me to be able to consult with him without any unexpected interruptions.

As normal I sat in front of him and relaxed myself to prepare myself to tune in.
Ah Lil', so you come to see yourself.

Hello Wiseman, I have come for your help

There was a long pause.

I'm always here to help you Lil' never forget that. I can see you have much on your mind, trying times.

Yes Wiseman, very trying times indeed. I'm so scared everything is changing and I should be elated because our beloved Queen has apparently returned although where she is I have no idea and her return comes with a price, with her she's brought her curse and now everyone seems to be forgetting and no caring about things and Emma is in a trance and the darker Naughty Twin has hurt herself and they've been affected all their lives with this curse and and and..

The more I continued the more worked up I could feel myself getting and the more my words just babbled out, it was a relief to be able to get everything off my chest to someone who I knew I could trust and had always been consistent and who I knew would put me on the right path. On and on I went, tears welling in my eyes.

I ran out of steam and I just sat there panting waiting for The Wiseman to speak. Eventually he began;

Lil' with any problem there is always a solution.

I always believed that to be true but where things were at the moment I really couldn't see what it could be.

Look at the problem Lil' and you will find the solution for the solution is there hidden in plane site. Step back to see it and then apply it.

But Wiseman I've tried and I feel so alone.

You are not alone Lil'. You are never alone!

The Wiseman never lied and never put me on a wrong path so I must do what he said and step back to look at the problem.

Thank you Wiseman I will do that.

I stepped forward and kissed him gently on his cheek and just for a second, maybe in my mind, I thought I saw a loosening around his eyes and his mouth but as quick as I thought I saw it it was gone.

I turned and started to walk back inside when the Wiseman spoke again.


I turned back to look at him.


You may not see her but your Queen is back. Think of your problem to find your solution!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

More Serious Than I Thought

Things are more serious than I thought.

I just saw Mogsie across the road, sitting in the shade keeping cool and called over to him.

He looked at me smiled and nodded back, so far so good.

It didn't look like he was going to make a move to come over to me so I went to him and asked him if he was OK.

He nodded.

It kinda annoyed me, his nonchalance and so I asked him if he thought we should call a cat council meeting to discuss what we were going to do about the curse and he said;

What do you mean, curse? What curse?

The curse that comes with our Queen, you know the old curse.

No idea what you are talking about.

I was getting angry now


Just for a second I thought I'd got through to him as he seemed to go deep within his thoughts then he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

Nah, whatever.

WHATEVER! I was livid but there no point in carrying on with this and so smiled back at him and came back home. It really is very serious it's not just people forgetting it's worse than that the curse has brought deadly apathy with it, they weren't acting apathetic for the sake of it, they really are cursed with it!


It seems the cats are forgetting their manners as well, I've just seen the darker Naughty Twin, who's limp looks like it's getting worse by the way, creeping into E's garage, knocking things over, laughing and walking out again, it's turning into anarchy!

At A Rapid Rate

Summer is well and truly here and so is the curse.

The lighter Naughty Twin happily strolling across the lawn enjoying the sun beating down on her back suddenly made everything very clear to me, crystal clear, cats are forgetting things at a rapid rate.

No one's even mentioned Emma's trance, like it's just not happened. The darker Naughty Twin hurts his leg and can't remember how or when, Mogsie the one who is usually at the forefront of any action just seems to enjoy his day lazing around laughing and Doublay doesn't even remember meeting me. I thought at first maybe everyone was just so happy that our Queen has returned that they were not thinking of the consequences that came with her but it's moved on from that, people don't don't seem to be remembering things and what's important.

Luckily Sarah has also noticed people aren't acting in the manner you'd expect them to and according to her so has George. Neither of them have been a round for a few days, at least I've not seen them, and the thing is the more days go on the more people seem to be forgetting things, I need to act fast before it claims those that do still remember what's urgent and as our Queen has returned where is she?