Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My Adventure

Well that wasn't so bad.

So in the box I am and into the car I go. I was a little nervous at first but I soon settled down, River said the car is great fun and although I wouldn't exactly call it that it certainly wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been.

We weren't in there long before we parked again and then Daddy lifted the box and me out and took me into another building.

The place was full of little dogs jumping around playing, this place was looking better all the time. I couldn't join in as I do with River as I was still in the box but Daddy put me up high so I could get a great view.

I was just watching a dog attempting back flips when a lady came out and called my name. Up went my ears and up went the box and into another little room we went. 

The lady was very nice and lifted the lid off the box and gave me a great big stroke and then she looked at my teeth and my eyes, all sparkly and perfect she said, and then she got a big disc thing out and listened all over me.

It was a bit cold but I didn't mind, this was fascinating and then all of a sudden daddy said I'd had my injections and was doing fabulous. I didn't even feel a thing.

When we got home River was so pleased to see me and I couldn't wait to get out and tell her all about my adventure. Then all of a sudden daddy said he had a present for me from the lady for being such a brave boy.

Wow, dreamy, what do you think it is River?

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

He Said It's A Little Late

I was having a lovely early morning run around with River when all of a sudden Daddy picked me up and said come on you're coming with me, we're getting you your injections.


Don't like the sound of that and I started to run away but then he said it was OK and I should go and have a look at the box he put out, it had my cardigan in it and everything would be OK.

He said not to worry, he said it's a little late but all cats and dogs get injections just to make sure they'll be well and fit and healthy.

OK well that sounded like a good plan. He also then said the best bit, he said he was getting them now because he thought I was big enough to be able to go outside whenever I wanted. It was finally about to happen, the back door entrance was going to be unlocked!

Come on then, what are we waiting for?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Feng Shui

Oh dear I thought it was too good to last, enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon I mean.

Daddy has a bee in his bonnet all because he place a red vase under a light and the light bulb blew he's gone mad re-arranging things and getting colour schemes in sync.

Feng Shui he calls it, to get a better energy flow, he says.

I don't mind, the plants back near the window and I did so love playing with it's leaves, great exercise!

Come On Go Again!

Come on River, I'm in the mood for a bit of a tug.

That's it come on pull harder.

Wasn't expecting that move eh?

Come on go again, go again!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

St David's Day

Wow Daddy said today I could do anything I wanted. Daddy said today was St David's Day and as I'm David it will always be a special day for me too, a day I can do anything I want. 

No idea who this St David is but I thank you. To begin with I'm bagging this chair.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

A Lot To Think About

The past few day's have given me a lot to think about. Things are going around and around and I just can't switch off as much as I try I thought to settle my mind a cuddle with River would help. I just couldn't drop off though, I need to switch off.

After a while we got too hot and River moved to join daddy on the duvet on the sofa, everyone's having a sleepy day today apart from me.

I wasn't tired but a bit of exercise I thought would help and spent a happy hour playing with the toggle from daddies top.

While River watched.

The duvet began to look mighty comfy and I settled down in the corner and finally managed to drop off.

And when I woke it was night time, softly lit it wasn't too much of a rude awakening.

No that came courtesy of River and her enquiring mind!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side