Friday, 30 November 2012

A Thermometer Up The Bum. Enough To Shock Anyone

Oh dear poor River she's ended up having a bit of a day of it.

The daddies took her for an injection they told me.  Shock number 1. I remember what these feel like so I can sympathise with her. Better that then getting ill though so all worth it in the end.

Shock number 2. While she was there daddy said she had a thermometer put up the bum. Enough to shock anyone. Daddy said she looked so surprised. Again much sympathy. Still she was all checked over and given a good report from the doctors. She is 2 pounds and 2 ounces apparently, whatever that is.

Shock number 3. They gave her a bath when they came back, in the bathroom sink. She really didn't like it she quivered for a minute when she came out and they were drying her. They also gave her fur a little trim around the eyes so she could see a bit easier. Urgh water and for a third time she has my thoughts.

I watched the bath escapade from a distance. I'm still not coming too close. I've got my own business to bother about. Still she's resting now in her jumper. Thank you dads for not inflicting dressing up on me. Now this one I can take some pleasure from.

Nannies Seal Of Approval

I've just heard from nanny and she seems to be pleased.

She speak to me differently then the daddies do, I hear her all around if I just listen out closely enough.

She asked me Isn't she lovely?

Yes but give me a bit more time for the other stuff to come.

The One In Massapequa.

Words Out. The Cats A-Come-A-Calling

Words out and the cats a-come-a -calling. I've been expecting this.

Mogsie is the first to come.

He's the ruler and his nod of approval can make this all so much easier. Everyone defers to his position and his word holds a lot of sway. It's not by all means a final indication of what's to happen but a nod from him would help. It's all expected, it's the ways of us cats. A system that works and is as ancient as when The First earned it.

He was sitting on the back shed where Sarah and the Naughty Twin were resting earlier. They must have spotted something and reported back. Blatant he was, not even pretending to baske in the sunlight.

He then walked across the back wall up to The Swinging Heart of Love and sat down. The fact that he was obviously looking directly in here and not paying homage was a bit of a give away.

He's gone now, I'll awake the verdict.

One Step At A Time

Um one step at a time.


A New Day Dawns In Catworld

A new day dawns in Catworld and outside it's a frosty one.

I got up and looked outside and at first I thought it might have snowed overnight, everywhere was white. Turns out just to be very cold and very frosty.

Everyone's slowly beginning to stir. Mogsie has just come out from his front door and is wandering around. That big coat of his must be coming in handy today.

The lighter Naughty Twin and Sarah are trying to get whatever warmth from the sun they can on the back shed.

Even River and the daddies are now up and about playing.

It's warm in here and I'm intending to keep it that way.

A Place To Sleep

Last night Stay and I stayed up on own for a while just talking.

Disappears went upstairs with River and put her to bed and we waiting downstairs until she was settled having a cuddle and a rather mature conversation on the sofa.

Daddy told me that when he saw M earlier on in the day, when they came back, that she told him that Emma is trying to move into their place to sleep. The night before last she jumped through the open door and made herself a make shift bed in their hallway. Apparently she doesn't get on too well with the dog that lives in their house.

Well I'm not having that here. No way am I going anywhere so I resolved myself to trying to carry on as normal as possible. So when we went up to bed I resumed my normal position right on daddies feet.

I am pleased to report that we all managed to have a peaceful nights sleep. When we first went up and was getting settled she whimpered a little but daddy put on what he called a night light and she settled right back down again. Maybe she's a little scared of the dark? It must also be very hard spending your first night away from your old family like that.

When I checked just now River is still fast asleep on her bed next to Disappears. I don't think there's going to be too much bother at night from her as Stay said for a while that she should be sleeping for about 3/4 of the day.

Oh poor Emma although she will be a lucky one if she does move in over the road they are well looked after and treated.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Just Made My Move

I've just made my move and voluntarily jumped up and sat next to daddy.

I was quite happy sitting on the table especially when daddy gave me a bowl to lick that had once contained strawberry ice cream. I've been finding that I'm liking this delicacy recently.

Oh sod they were all warm and comfy up there maybe it was time I went a little closer.

Up I jumped on the arm of the sofa overlooking where River was sleeping. Both the daddies stroked me and then Stay picked me up and put me on his lap. I stayed for a few minutes while he gave my back a good stroke and massaged me between my shoulder blades. I guess to relieve the tension.

A couple of looks over to where River was sleeping and I decided that was enough.

I needed to gather myself together for bedtime. I know what's planned I've been listening in. Tonight we are all going to be sleeping in the same room. Great!

5 1/2 Hours Later Toe To Toe

We've just had an encounter.

Disappears daddy had taken River out the back to go to the garden. No problem.

The problem came when they came back in. She started exploring and came a little too near as I was sitting out near the back door.

We went toe to toe just staring at each other. Her tail was wagging and she went to approach nearer. I gave a half hiss, a small warning. She stopped still and sat down and just stared at my quizzically. I walked behind Stay daddies legs and sat there watching her.

Um not yet, too soon for me.

The daddies sat on the floor with us. Disappears holding on to River and Stay stroking me. The situation was calm and we just kept on looking at each other.

That's enough for me for the meantime. I want to give it some time for her to digest my message and I'm still sussing her out. I'm sure she means no harm. Just my way of coping with this change.

5 Hours Later

5 Hours in and everything is calm.

I've been hanging around downstairs while River has been sleeping. I'm preferring to keep out the back of the house. I have ventured half way up the living room.

At the moment we're both keeping to our own halves. There's no trouble River hardly seems to be aware that I'm around.

I'm a little more cautious. I've sat on Stay daddies lap a couple of times and have kept a close eye on her. At the moment I'm veering on the side of lets keep a respectful distance until we can suss each other out.

So far, so good.

The Day That River Came

Now I understand why yesterday was Lil's Day. It was to prepare me for today.

Disappears daddy didn't get up to go away today. It was a little unusual for a Thursday for him to be home but he does sometimes remain home during the week. The thing is they both got up really early. Stay daddy does all the time anyway and don't I know it. But Disappears always sleeps in when he's home. I should have cottoned on then.

Out they went for a couple of hours and I decided to have a little sleep. My duvet was still drying so I decided to go back to night bed then I discovered it. There was a new bed made up on Disappears side of the bedroom. It was so comfy I fell asleep in it until I heard them come back.

The noise they were making woke me up. I could hear Stay calling out to me. Just as I was stirring I could see both of them coming up the stairs to me. I met them in the hallway and Stay picked me up and took us to the bed when he sat down stroking me and rubbing my neck. Disappears joined him a little way away and I could see out of the corner of my eye he had something in his arms. It was like I suddenly came to. HE HAD SOMETHING IN HIS ARMS!

I turned to look closer and Stay started to stroke me even more rapidly. It was nice but I didn't really care at that point. The thing in Disappears arms was looking back at me.

This was it! My eyes widened. This was the day of the dog!

I didn't make much of a move and neither did the tiny dog in front of me. It was so small and weird looking. It didn't look like a cat at all but it was very similar to Tiny, Twevor and Cookie although so much smaller.

It sniffed a little bit, I could tell my catty powers were very heightened. This was no threat.

Still didn't mean I was about to start doing cartwheels of joy though.

O god here we go from today everything was going to change. It's OK to prepare yourself as much as you can but it's a different story when you are a few inches away from it and it's staring back at you.

Disappears daddy had joined in with Stay daddy and they were stroking me and then the dog. They didn't even wash there hands after they stroked one of us before they stroked the other. Urgh hygiene.

The daddies moved a little closer to each other and continued their frenzied stroking. Right I thought I'm going to get a little nearer and I pushed my nose closer. The damn dog did the same thing.

It made me jump, so far all it had done was blinked at me. I did a half hiss but that was more out of surprise than anything.

I've never been this close up to a dog before. Trewvor may come here and try to lick me but I always keep a dignified distance. This was right in my face.

The daddies introduced us. This was River and I was Lil'. OK that's enough now. I'd my fill of strokes so I yawned and walked off.

Thinking about it they hadn't even given me enough proper time to wake up, talk about having a rude awakening.

I went downstairs and they all followed. Stay came out with me to the kitchen and we had a little chat as he plied me with Dreamies and Webbox. Guilt easing.

Disappears made River a little bed in the living room up by them and he promptly fell asleep.

Both the daddies then came up the back with me. I even got Stay to crawl under the table to be with me. He put his head on the floor and chatted and stroked me. OK this isn't turning out to be too bad at the moment. I have them both dancing hoops, quiet amusing really. More Dreamies and then solo time with Disappears which is always a special treat.

River is still asleep she must be tired coming from wherever she has come from and I'm with Stay watching her from the sofa.

This is the day that River came.

Um well, we'll see.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Perfect End

The perfect end to the perfect day. I loved Lil' Day

It Just Keeps On Getting Better

Today just keeps on getting better and better.

After a nice long rest this afternoon I came down to discover daddy had finished work and was waiting for me. I know this because as soon as I trundled down the stairs there he was and he scooped me up in his arms.

We then spent then next half an hour playing on the floor, all the old favourites. Rubs The Belly which consists of daddy rubbing my belly while I claw away on the floor until I'm just out of reach and then come back around for more. Stand Up, Push Over where I stand next to daddy and he gently pushes me over on my side and as I lay down I get stroked all down my side and Massage The Paw which I adore, especially when he does it through my fingers.

Then to top it off more Dreamies and my duvet as I speak is spinning itself around in the washing machine. I'm now planning to just sit next to daddy as he talks on the phone. It really does just keep on getting better. I wish everyday could be a Lil' Day.

A Lovely Friendship

For a while now I've been watching Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin and how they are with each other. They really do have a lovely friendship. 

At first I thought it was a little bit of hero worship going on towards Mogsie and that Mogsie was like his kind of mentor. Now that the lighter naughty Twin has got a bit older and certainly a bit more mature in some of his actions it's moved more into a proper friendship.

Just now after Mogsie waved at me he was sitting there having a little wash and look around and he spotted the Naughty Twin crossing over the road towards him and it's good to see he's still following the green cross code.

Mogsie waiting until he approached and then went under the car and then followed him for a little play around the back. Fair warmed my heart it did to see the lads hanging out together like that.

Oh It Really Is My Day

Oh it really is my day Mogsie has just waved at me from across the road.

The Obstacle Course

Well Lil's Day is continuing nicely.

I've spent the entire morning on daddies lap as he is working. I can usually get a bit of a sit and a cuddle but never this much. I had to get up when he popped to the bathroom but it gave me a chance to have a look around at what was going on. Good timing to.

I got up and sat on the table at the back and within just a couple of minutes I spotted activity from the lighter Naughty Twin who was showing Sarah the obstacle course that he has created.

He led and Sarah followed. I don't know all the course but from what I saw it consists of running over the road from Twizzles, around the back through AM's, over the fence into our garden, past Squirrel tree and the Peace Garden, along the wall, around a tree at the back and then over the shed back towards their home.

Looked like fun and from the dexterous way they ran around the tree I'd say they've been having some lessons from the Squirrels.

Lil' Day Begins

Off Disappears daddy alarms goes, awake Stay daddy is. Now this is a surprise usually there's at least another 20 minutes after that happens before there's any movement there and even then it's usually stumbling into the walls type activity before he plonks himself in the bath to close his eyes for another 20 minutes. Not today there wasn't.

No, Disappears daddy got up and Stay daddy moved himself down the bed and cuddled into me. 20 minutes of pure early morning cuddle and stroking bliss there was before his alarm went of and he went into the bathroom.

Second surprise of the day, in and out in 10 minutes so he had extra time with me before he went off with Disappears.

Two breakfasts I've also had this morning. Before they went I had my usual crunchie things, today mixed in with Dreamies and Webbox. When Stay returned I got another sprinkling of Dreamies.

I'm now waiting by Stays chair as I can see he's preparing himself for work. I've got a feeling I'm going to be liking today. Roll on the next set of treats.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Secret Told

Boring day, nothing happened. Nothing but rain and sleep and not one sighting of any cat and as Nadia is fast asleep I couldn't even entertain myself there. I've been climbing the wall, not literally of course. I've tried that before when daddy shone a light on it and it's not much fun.

However as I was cuddling up on Stay daddies chest he told me a secret. Tomorrow is going to be a special day. Tomorrow, daddy says, is going to be Lil' Day.

Well as lovely as that sounds I wonder what a Lil' Day is? I've never heard of this before. It's not my birthday. Oh I'm excited and curious now and I can't wait. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Trying To Make Friends.

The lighter naughty Twin has been the only one out and about that I've seen all day.

I've been thinking about my relationships with some of the other cats in the road and I really should interact a little more. I don't mean to keep to myself but I am just really shy. So I decided this afternoon when he was sitting out the back to go and say hello at a time that there wasn't a crisis to force us to work together.

So I approached him as he was sitting on the shed, sitting on the wall nearby and said hello. He seemed a little cautious at first I guess I've not helped myself in the past having a go at any cat that comes too near but he didn't run off.

We have a little chat and after a few minutes he said he was going to play and would I like to join him. I thought about it and said not this time but thanks for the invite. With that he was off into one of the other gardens. I went onto the shed roof to see what he was up to, I've never been over that way before.

Small steps I know but I felt very pleased with myself.

Curiosity After The Storm

Wow that was some downpour last night. It was drizzling during the evening but nothing new really for this time of year and then after we all went to bed it began.

Gales and pouring rain, it woke me up half way through the night and I sat on the window ledge for a while just watching it all come down. It wasn't until it was daylight that I could see properly how much water had come down everywhere. It was like a mini river going down the road.

I'm not as brave as the lighter Naughty Twin who was out and about in it as soon as the rain stopped. I wonder why he doesn't mind the water so much? Well certainly he doesn't mind it as much as I do, I just avoid it.

There he is out and about exploring as soon as the chance presents itself, finding shelter wherever he can. Ah the curious minds of the young.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Looking After The Monks

Well I thought I'd better do some research and have been having a bit of a read up on the computer. They've been on the phone all afternoon and have an appointment on Thursday this week, credentials already checked and are up to scratch.

Apparently Shih Tzu comes from China and Tibet and used to look after the monks. Liking what I'm hearing so far.

They can also be called a Lion Dog and are closely related in DNA, whatever that may be, to Wolves. Um not so sure that's a plus point I'll have to watch out at full moon time, make sure it's not actually a werewolf we're inviting in. At least they remain small throughout their lives so another plus point.

Oh all this previous fretting has not helped me. I really don't think I have anything to be concerned about.Daddy says I'll always be Queen in this house so that's good enough for me. I shall use this opportunity however to my advantage and get as many treats out of them as possible. Shut down the PC and bring on my presents.

Oh How They Laughed

Well the daddies came back in a very good mood.

I know what they had been up to and have resigned myself to the fact that we're having a dog come live with us. They've said that I'll be much bigger and stronger so that made me feel a little better. Let's face it if you can't change things you must accept them for as they are and make the best of it.

Anyway as I was saying they both came back in and fevered activity commenced. There they both were taping away on their computers checking things and making phone calls when all of a sudden they burst out laughing. That's when I got told the full story.

They'd been to view a puppy called a Shih Tzu. The Daddydaddy is going to be getting it for Disappears daddy and has put down a strict stipulation that it is to have something called a pedigree registration. 

So they went a little way away and said that they absolutely fell in love with one of them who could have come home with them later on in the week. Stay daddy told me that they asked to see the registration document and that they were shown something that to them smelled a bit off so they decided to come back and check things out.

Now there's one thing that I've come to understand and accept with the daddies, they work well on their own but together they are a formidable force. It's a rare person that can pull the wool over their eyes.

So a little bit of checking later and they discovered the certificate they were shown was for a German Shepherd. Oh how they laughed.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Just Ridiculous

Well after the excitement of the day the daddies are spending the evening doing some Christmas shopping on their computers.

There's always a danger when I hear them laugh that kind of laugh.

I've learnt over time to keep a very close eye on things when I hear it and then they look in my direction.

That's just ridiculous. No, no and I'll say it again NO!

A Brief Reprieve

Well now I know what they were up to they went to look at a puppy. Thankfully I have a brief reprieve.

The daddies came back and Stay daddy sat me down to talk to me, I think he was trying to prepare me for the inevitable.

He said that they had been to see some beautiful little puppies but that they had decided not on this occasion to be adding to our family.

They said that although they were as cute as can be the lady who was looking after them was a bit of a truth stretcher. Actually they put it in an entirely different way but I'm a lady and try never to swear.

It's not over though they are arranging another viewing for tomorrow. Oh well at least I know they are serious and they are looking out not just for us but also for the puppies well being as well.

It's Quite Simple

It's quite simple, I shall sit here and wait patiently until the dreamies are opened.

Friday, 23 November 2012

I Can Hear Them, A Plot Is Afoot

I can hear them a plot is afoot.

Disappears daddy has been on the phone to the daddydaddy and daddymummy and he's been begging, Stay daddy calls it conning but I know a beg when I hear it. 

Emails and phone calls are going back and forth between Disappears daddy and some other lady and he keeps on showing Stay some pictures on his PC that they won't let me see. 

They have also pre-warned me that they are going to be out somewhere at sometime tomorrow and my food and water bowls have been moved up by Aloha. I don't know totally what's going on but I'm not sure I like what I'm smelling.

He Called Me Sweetheart

Stay daddy was on the phone to Disappears daddy chatting away and I was just chilling out by the open front window when Mogsie walked by on patrol.

He informed me that it has been decided that he, George and the Naughty Twins are going to take it in turns to patrol the district whilst we're on high alert with Foxy. He's going to take the night shift.

The Naughty Twins are going to be acting as more of a go between when information comes in, a bit like a scout. George is going to keep an eye out on this side of the road and he is going to be keeping watch over the other side. He will though, he said, be patrolling the entire Catworld perimeter from time to time and he was just checking in with me that I was OK.

If I see anything out of the ordinary then I am to get a message to him via one of the Naughty Twins. He told me to stay alert but to keep calm and then he walked off, he turned and winked at me and asked Is that was OK sweetheart?

He called me sweetheart! My heart fluttered. I kept on watching him until he disappeared up the side of his house. 

Awaiting Further Instructions

The lighter Naughty Twin has just ran by but I managed to call out to him from the open window. He didn't come too near so I had to shout out across the road, such an undignified way to communication but it's not a time to stand on ceremony.

I've told him what Craig the Squirrel and the Black Bird had to say about the Foxy situation and he ran off to spread the news throughout Catworld. I await further instructions.

Craig The Squirrel Comes With News

I've just had a visit from Craig the Squirrel, the senior representative from Squirrel Tree.

He was accompanied by one of the black birds with two items on the agenda.

The first to pass on their thanks for the monkey nuts that daddy had put out for them this morning. Apparently very tasty and very welcomed.

The second was to let me know that Squirrel Tree had a big meeting yesterday evening about the growing situation with Foxy Lectar and his increasing vandalism and attempted attack on one of the Sparrow Sisters. She's still in a right fluster about it but luckily her sisters are taking care of her, it scared her rotten.

As expected they are very concerned. They can take care of themselves he said and were able to quickly scuttling up a tree if he came anywhere near. However they are concerned about their young ones who are still learning all the skills that are needed to evade such a surprised and unprovoked attack and who are still developing their muscles so can't run as quick.

The Land of Birds, the black bird said, were coordinating a look out system but that they can only help during the daylight hour. If it's dark we're on own own there's nothing they can do they have no choice but to sleep. They've sent word out for The Crow to come as he's got the loudest voice.

Attack one of us, attack us all, that's our motto.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

News Arrives By Carrier Pigeon

News has arrived by carrier Pigeon, well by the Wood Pigeons.

Two of them dropped by to have a little look at the aftermath of the Waterfall of God and I called out to them. I must admit they were cautious and didn't want me to go anywhere near them but I called out from the back door and asked if there was any news on Foxy Lectars vandalism over the road.

They said that they had heard a kerfuffle just at day break this morning and had flown over to see what all the noise was about. Outrage he had not only dug lots of holes everywhere but he'd also tried to attack one of the Sparrow Sisters. Luckily she had got away before he's managed to wound her.

It's good news that she managed to escape from harm but bad news that he thinks he can come and disturb the peace in Catworld and The Land of Birds.

Apparently they've sent word out to everyone to be aware. Squirrel Tree has been informed as well. I'm trying to think if there's anyone else that we need to let know? I know us cat's are all informed or will be shortly by appropriate housemates and The Land of Birds communication network is even better than that of us cats.

We may not always get along all the time but us communities always come together when there is a crisis and it seems we are in the midst of one now. Luckily no sighting of Silver Eyes so we only have the one fox to look out for. Oh what shall we do?

Fevered Activity

There's much excitement in Catworld this morning, news has just come in.

I was sitting here looking out the window enjoying a final break in the clouds and some sun on the road when Mogsie ran by in a big hurry.

He was quickly followed first by the lighter Naughty Twin, then Sarah and finally the darker Naughty Twin. I thought initially it was something to do with the weather turning and everyone was glad to get out and about but then I saw the Wood Pigeons also causing a great fuss and everyone was heading in the same direction to the back of Mogsie and Twizzle's.

They must have had a council as they then split up into three separate groups. Mogsie stayed around the back of his home, the lighter Naughty Twin is keeping a look out under R's car and the the darker Naughty Twin and Sarah have gone to investigate a few doors down over the other side of the road.

It turns out that Foxy Lectar has been at it again and there's multiple holes been discovered over the other side of the road and the gang were all going to investigate, there's much fevered activity More news to follow as it comes in. I wonder what he's up to now?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wow Didn't Know That

Wow I didn't know that guess because I'm always in in the Wintertime. Guess it's am important message to share we don't need any kitty accidents.

It's Here The Waterfall Of Gold

O the joy it's here, the Waterfall Of Gold has finally arrived.

Daddy has decided to work downstairs today. I think it's because of the rain as it's much more cosy downstairs and I've been sitting with him most of the morning on the arm of his chair. Nothing much has been going on in the street again I'm blaming the rain for keeping everyone inside.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. I'd kind of tuned out not really focusing on much, daddy was on the phone and his voice had put me into a trance. Bit of luck one of us was alert though as he nudged me to look out of the back window and that's when I spotted it.

The weather although not totally perfect, a little less rain and a bit of sun would have been ideal but the wind was just right to start it. Down the golden leaves where tumbling, cascading everywhere in one big waterfall block.

I could tell daddy wanted to get out there but he was stuck on the phone, still we both managed to watch the main show happening from the warmth of inside.

When he finished his call he went outside, most of the action was over but he still had a little bathe in the remaining part of it. It's such a shame he didn't get out there ten minutes earlier but work is work I suppose as least we both got to see it.

I stayed inside watching him play as the golden leaves came down but by that time it was more of a dribble that a shower. Still I always think it's such a lucky omen and I'm so glad I'd saw it, I just wished that Disappears daddy and the other cats were here to enjoy such am amazing spectacle.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oh Dear I'm In Trouble

Oh dear I'm in trouble.

Stay daddy is tired and I think it's my fault. You don't want to be around him when he's tired, he a right grump. He's trying bless him you but I can see the grimace behind the smile he's trying to paint on his face.

I kept him up quite a bit last night fighting with the streets cats that were trying to come in through my door window. I was only trying to protect us all. I could hear them knocking the flap back and forth trying to come in and I'm not having anyone making a surprise attack like that.

Three times he ended up getting up to come and try to call me in, oops. Still I know he's grateful that I didn't let anyone in. I managed to top it off by bringing up a fur ball on his lap just now.  I've got a feeling it's going to be one of those days.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Stay daddy is finally downstairs and seems to have got the tidy up bug this afternoon.

He's been rattling around in cupboards out the back. No idea what he might be looking for but he's being rather ruthless throwing things willy nilly into a black sack making a right hullabaloo.

Nothing else much going on so I decided to join him and have a little peak at how Alo and Ha are doing.

Yep all seems fine there, no complaints so far. Not that I'd understand them if they did complain. Still it kept me amused for a couple of minutes watching them swim around opening and closing their mouths, chatting silently. I got some dreamies as a reward for being nice and welcoming to them so that's a bonus.

I heard Disappears daddy ask Stay last night if I'd tried to put my paw in there. Is he mad? I might drink water but there's no way I'd willingly put my hand in a great big bowl of it. Tut.

The Fly Fights Back

Emma's been playing the fluff game this afternoon. I've been watching her for a while and I can see that she's decided to spice things up. She's added a fly to the game.

I think she's decided to do this through boredom, no one's been out and about much for days. It can be like that around her sometimes, especially at this time of year. It gets cold and everyone seems to slow down for a bit until they get used to it. 

Hey it's even been affecting me, I'm so glad that I've started an exercise routine to shake me out of it otherwise I'll be joining Nadia and go on one long sleep.

Anyway as I said she's added a fly to the game. I saw her catch it but it's been fighting back. It must have been playing possum, there she was picking and pulling at it when all of a sudden up it flew right into her face.

Boy it made her jump, she got a right startle and ran off to the post where she clawed like a demon, probably to get her adrenaline rush out. I must admit to finding the whole thing rather amusing and had a little chuckle to myself. Well on days like these you get your amusement wherever you can find it.