Thursday 31 October 2013

Practising His High-Kicks

Finally I managed to catch hold of Mogsie, I've been dying to speak to him all day after his spat this morning with George.
He was sitting under his tree, yeah never really thought the lighter Naughty Twin would have a chance of claiming that for herself, practising his high-kicks. Daddy has gone downstairs now but not closed the office window yet so I called over to him to ask him how he was and was everything OK after this mornings little escapade?

He heard me and turned to face me but didn't say anything. I then asked him straight out what his fight with George was all about.

What do you think, was his replied, tone laced with sarcasm.

Now I don't like to be presumptuous but catty powers never let you down, I knew. They'd been fighting over me!

Here We Go Again - Blissfully Unaware

Daddy is just wrapping up for the day and opened the office door so I could go in and have a look out for Mogsie, I've been looking out the back but he's not been over that way that I've seen today.
I didn't see Mogsie but I did spot Spit walking up Tiny's pathway and the lighter Naughty Twin walking towards him before they both went off around the back of E's.

Here we go again, I can guess what's coming, it doesn't take a genius to work it out.

I must admit to feeling sorry for Sarah though sitting blissfully unaware under R's car. The cats around here do love a love triangle.

A Tremendous Fight

I've just seen a tremendous fight between Mogsie and George that took them all over the lawn, M had to come outside in the rain to break it up. I tried to get Daddies attention but he was on the phone so I'm not sure if he saw it as he would have been straight out there, he hates fighting.

When will they learn fighting never leads to a solution but I must admit to being curious as to what it was over, I must try to catch one of them later if of course this rain ever stops.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

I Didn't Believe Him

Daddy said one day we would cuddle up with each other, I didn't believe him shows how I wrong I was. Just wish she'd be a little quieter.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


Ha ha, trapped. Thanks Daddy.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Rub The Lucky Cat

Finally the office is mine to do as I wished in, I did go in there earlier but Daddy was busy and when I jumped on the table for some attention he said I had to go out. Tut!
Still it's all mine now and when I was up there having another look at the Little Lemon Tree I spotted Mogsie hiding himself under R's car. What am I to do with him I wish I could make a clear decision and stick with it but hey emotions are involved so confusion says hello, it's often the way.

I think I'll take Daddies advice and rub the Lucky Cat maybe it will help me make a decision and stick to it. Actually I think I'll give it another rub for Daddy to help him so he win's the lottery and can play with me and River all day, that way there will never be any problem about him being too busy. Yes that's what I'll do!

Tuesday 29 October 2013

He Looked Crest Fallen

So Mogsie has just popped over. I was up with Daddy in the office when I saw him crossing the road and when he got to the end of my pathway he looked directly up here, he must have seen me sitting in the window.
He called up asking if I wanted to come and hang out, a move from him at last but Daddy is working and the office door is closed and there is no way that I'm jumping all the way from up here so I had to say I couldn't at the moment.

He looked crest fallen!

Monday 28 October 2013

NEVER And I Repeat

I wonder how the gang is? I've not really seen them around today, they must have had a late night like I did. This storm we had was really disruptive to the old sleep pattern but it did give me some time to think about...


NEVER and I repeat NEVER creep up on me like that again!

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At Least I Tried

Ahh bless her she just doesn't get it, Daddy may be home today, I'm guessing because of last nights storm but he has things to do and she just looked so fed up that he couldn't play with her that I thought I would be a good big sister and teach her to climb the stairs, save the Daddies arms and all that.
Not a lot of progress I'm afraid she just laid on the floor, huffed and didn't even attempt it, at least I tried!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

We Made It

Well am I glad that night is over. It was a all share the bed night, Daddy pre-warned me that River was to join us last night in bed in case she got scared during the night.

It wasn't too bad when we first went to bed but by 3 I was wide awake, the wind was blowing through the piles echoing all through the house. River and the Daddies slept through it but us cats are more sensitive creatures and I jumped up on the window to keep an eye out for everyone.

I can't remember seeing the trees blow so much but somehow they kept themselves OK. I was so worried about Squirrel Tree, I've no idea where Craig and the gang sheltered they couldn't have stayed in their home.

Eventually I went back to bed and cuddled up with Daddy who had woken up and had called to me to snuggle in tight, I didn't need telling twice. River and Disappears were snoring so I guess they were oblivious.

I fell back asleep and woke when River decided to give Stay a morning face bath, the sun was just coming up, I guess a couple of hours must have passed since I last checked and looking out the window I could see everything in the garden looked OK.

Stay got up and offered to bring River down but she decided to stay in bed and so I came down with Stay who immediately went outside to check on everything, he should have worn more than his dressing gown as he nearly flashed the world, it's still very, very windy out there. Coming in he said it wasn't too bad, the gates broken apparently but miraculously the fence is still standing.

He then went out the front and said he could see some tree's in E's garden had toppled, they were very big ones, so I jumped up in the window to have a look. Oh yes I can see but wow the sky looks amazing. I wonder when this wind is going to stop?

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Sunday 27 October 2013

It's Time For Everyone To Batten Down

Time changed again last night and I was supposed to be getting an extra hour in bed but oh no not in this house.

Daddy as ever is obsessed with the weather, he's always taken an avid interest in it but this past few days he's been virtually obsessed. He's heard a storms coming and he's been up early this morning preparing out in the garden moving things into the garage, brick weighing down anything he can't move inside and generally fussing in the garden. River I think was supposed to be helping him but in the end just spent her time eating a toilet roll and generally making more of a mess.

I watched from the relative comfort of the table and when he came in he told me what it was like around here the last time such a storm came, the great hurricane of 1987.

Back then he said he'd slept through it all and along with most of the country didn't have any idea it was coming. He had not long started college and in his little green mini attempted to make his way in, although he said he didn't get very far because there was tree's uprooted everywhere. When he said this I started to get very concerned for my friends in the Land of Birds and especially for Craig and his gang, I do hope Squirrel Tree is going to be OK. I'm going to make sure I get out there early to pass the message around, it's time for everyone to batten down! Please universe everyone and everything's going to be OK.

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Friday 25 October 2013

One Of Her Turns

I can hardly believe what I've just seen, River has just has one of her turns, going mad, grabbing Daddies arms and tugging them. I wouldn't have minded but it's really not the sort of behaviour I expect from a lady. 

She even tried to justify it by blaming it on the chicken Daddy has just fed up both and I'm afraid I had to reprimand her. It was a bit of a shock for both Daddy and me, I was just getting ready to settle on him and then I get the whole mad-eyed whirling dervish routine.

I hate having to berate her but sometimes you just don't want to see that sort of behaviour and certainly not hear such excuses. Still I think she's got the message as she's settled down now. You'd never see us cats loosing it like that, certainly not over a meal. 

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Free- For-All

Mogsie will not be happy, I've just seen the lighter Naughty Twin go right up to his tree, and it is his tree we all know that, and spray her calling card all over it. What on earth is she playing at it's been his favourite resting place since the day he moved in, well actually before he moved in, he claimed the spot the first time I ever saw him.

This is a travesty, it's an un-written rule amongst all the cats of the world that you never move in on another cats territory, unless of course loves involved and then it seems to be a bit of a free-for-all.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Woo Me

Well I'm no nearer finding out what the lighter Naughty Twin was investigating earlier by the time I got downstairs she was gone so I couldn't ask. I did however see Mogsie and called out to him, Daddy had followed me down and opened the front window so I didn't have to venture out which I'm quiet pleased about it looks like rain.
I should have guessed from his dirty look last time I saw him that he wasn't happy with me and he didn't respond, in fact he didn't even look in my direction, so I guess I'm no further to understanding what his problem is but I'm sure it must be because George has been trying to woo me.


What joy, I've been with Daddy in the office all day, asleep on my chair. I heard Daddy begin to wind things up for the afternoon, well I say heard I also meant felt as when he walked out he managed to knock my chair and wake me fully up, not that noise he makes isn't enough to begin with.

He made up for it though by coming back and giving me a big cuddle and then started chatting away to me, some gibberish, no idea what I wasn't really paying attention.
I decided to stick around while he packed things up and jumped up to look at the Little Lemon Tree, that is not quiet so little any more, when I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin over the road looking a bit perplexed.
As I continued watching she got up and went into the road and started looking at the crack in the road that's been here for as long as I can remember, but the question is why?

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the men digging holes just down the road, yet again. Right that's it, I'm off to investigate!

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Just 5 Minutes

OK I suppose after my teasing earlier she deserves  little treat, just 5 minutes mind you.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

That Was So Much Fun

Oh that was so much fun. 

I've just crept up on River and made her jump. She was all nice and rested on the sofa, snoring away as she does sometimes. I waited until I was really close and then leapt making as much noise as I could. I knew it wouldn't take her long to get up and running so I ran across the sideboard, onto the floor, hearing little snorts not far behind me, up onto the table before jumping down right past her, up to my food, a quick Dreamies in my mouth and I was off again. 

She can't make it up the stairs, she tried once and got herself a bit scared and hasn't attempted it again so I know it's always a refuge for me so headed that way before turning around again and leaping right past her, over the sofa and up onto the sideboard for a second time where I parked myself and just meowed at her.

Ahh bless she's got herself so excited but there's no way she can get up here. Triple bonus, I had a work out, wound up River and it took my mind of the George situation. Us cats really are resourceful.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

We'll Leave The Wit There Shall We

George has been hanging around here all afternoon. I just don't know what I'm feeling let alone thinking about him but I think I'd better make my mind up soon. It was obvious he wanted my attention and I'm guessing to talk, but between him and Mogsie and all that business earlier on this year with them both I'm not going to be rushed into anything.
I was up sitting with Daddy in the front window when I first spotted him looking directly in from C's pathway. Daddy pointed it out and teased me saying your boyfriends come to see you Lil'! Um well we'll leave the wit there shall we daddy, talk about embarrassing.
I pretended not to see him I just wasn't in the mood today for a deep and meaningful and after a while, I was keeping a little look out from the corner of my eye, he moved around and then I spotted him looking through the blinds as me.

He definitely saw that I'd noticed him, by this time Daddy had opened the window because the sun was out and it does get very hot in the front of the house.

Damn I was busted, luckily for me my coat is thick and he couldn't see me blushing and I pretended to find something very interesting by the car on the pathway and turned and looked out that way. I know it was a bit rude but he's the last person who should sit in judgement of someone's behaviour.

I couldn't get away with it a third time as he walked right in my line of sight and shouted out my name.

Oh cringe, I smiled at him then head butted Daddy for a stroke, anything to break the awkward moment.

George stayed there just calling out my name and me being me I did what I usually did in these situations, pretended there was something very important that I suddenly needed to do and jumped off Daddy and headed towards the TV.

Actually there is something very important I need to do, well when I say need I mean want to do. River's asleep on the sofa and I think a bit of a wind up is in order.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Apples Were Only Round

*Clears throat* 

What on earth are all these things Daddy keeps on lighting all over the place? 

I don't like them the smell keeps on getting stuck in the back of my throat, interesting though this one smells of apples and there's me thinking apples were only round. And Green. Or maybe sometimes red but definitely not stick shaped.


Umm a fly.

Shhh you'll scare it away!

Thanks River!

Some days I just don't know why I bother.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


I've just spotted Mogsie for the first time in about a week and he does not look happy. I'm not sure where he's been hiding himself but it's lovely to see him, I'm not sure by the look on his face that he feels the same way.

Daddy was out in the kitchen with River, he's got the oven on and there's flour dust everywhere so goodness only knows what concoction he's come up with this time, 100 points for effort and originality, generally 20 points for taste, I'm so glad he doesn't try to force feed me his master pieces. Anyway I took advantage and sat in the front window which is where I spotted Mogsie almost glaring over this way, I wonder if he's heard that George has been hanging around recently. Yes that must be it, he must be suspicious.

Monday 21 October 2013

Crazy Today

Daddy has been driving me crazy today. All I want him to do is leave the office so I can get comfy in MY chair but oh no he decides today that he's gonna work a marathon shift. 


Sunday 20 October 2013

Think About Doing A 90

George is back again asking if I want to hang out. No chance it's raining and although it appears some of these crazy cats around here like the rain, I definitely hate water unless I'm taking a sip of two of it. Water is for drinking not for bathing in.

Anyway I digress the most important part of it I guess is that he's remaining constant at the moment. No way am I going to let a weeks worth of effort make me do a 180 it has maybe made me think about doing a 90.

That Poor Cat!

Disappears Daddy just showed me a photo that the girl sent him of Phoebe dressed up in a coat they brought for River but was too small for even her.

That poor cat!

A Late Night And A Slow Morning

It's been a late night and a slow morning here today. The girl and the boy came around and Twevors mummy flew in from another country to come and see them. This combination usually means another combination of late night, noise and me making a quick exit before I get drawn into something that really isn't my scene.

River enjoyed herself though, mind you she usually does. I do admire her happy outlook, yes I do like to think of myself as a positive person but she takes delirium to a new level. Bless her she looks so tired, fighting to keep her eyes open so I went up to her to ask her if she had a good night.
She just yawned at me.

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