Thursday 28 February 2013

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda, Pah!

Oh those infuriating men!

I've caught myself earlier, as I was sitting in the office with daddy, watching Mogsie as he walked around the corner looking all fit and fine. I had to give myself a bit of a reality check to stop me from day dreaming about him all over again.

Best way to do that, I thought, is to remove myself so I went out to the bedroom to have a little look over the back. Blow me but who do I see sitting on the shed, George also looking fine and dandy.

Oh why can't you sometimes just switch your emotions off. I've accepted the limitation's that are prevalent in this impossible situation, well certainly at this time and I just want to go about my own business. I guess I am the only one that can manage that and manage it in a way that's good for me I'm determined to do!

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda pah!

Are They Looking For Gold

So that's what all the noise was about.

I was just up having a look at the Little Lemon tree. The one that's  been up here all along is doing very well, the one that daddy started in the kitchen not so good. It's darker down there and the office gets very good light all through the year probably why there is such a difference in their size even though they were planted at the same time.

Anyway there was a heck of a hullabaloo going on outside just up the road a bit. I looked out and they were back the men with their digging machines. 

Well I don't know what else there is to dig up in this road. We had the gas people last year creating carnage wherever they went. Then we've had Foxy Lectar in the gardens although thankfully no recent vandalism and now some other organisation has decided to dig up the pathway again not long after it was filled in.

What are they looking for gold or something?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

A Flash Back

Well I can see that that Flash is back again and he caught me by surprise today!

Daddies were out, River was playing with an old toilet roll and I was chilling out on the table eating some Dreamies. So far a pretty much normal morning.

Turning to have a lazy morning browse outside I jumped as I witnessed Flash slinking across the back fence again repeating almost the same route that he's done before. Across the back fence, past the Swinging Heart of Love and into Squirrel Tree.

I'll have to contact Craig make sure that all is OK with them. Flash is leaving us alone at the moment but I'm not going to assume everything is quiet everywhere.

He's a sly one that Flash and his appearances are starting to become a bit more frequent. Something is afoot I can smell it in my catty powers!

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Untangling The Relationships

I'm just sitting watching the lighter Naughty Twin who's sitting watching River play in the garden.

They've a lovely little relationship growing and there's been a lot of those recently around here which got me to thinking to try an untangle the myriad of relationships around here as they are now.

Well may as well start at home.

Rivers best friends in Catworld seems to be the lighter Naughty Twin. Mogsie & George have a fascination with her but I'm sure she's unaware of that.

Mogsie is fond and has had an intimate relationship with the lighter Naughty Twin acting sometimes like a mentor and at other times in an entirely different way. He lives with Twizzle but irritates her and he doesn't seem to like Emma or George much either. Having had the odd scrap in the past with them both.

Bella, Sarah, George and the Naughty twins all live together and seem to get on OK. Geroge hasn't taken to Mogsie much though, it's a two way thing.

Emma moved out of George's and in with Twizzle and Mogsie, she irritates both of them and keeps pretty much to herself.

Doublay and Spit are friends but Doublay spends most of his time alone and Spit has grown close to the darker Naughty Twin. The Naughty Twins are everywhere in everyone's business although more on their own these days than they used to be.

I get on pretty much with everyone. Recently I've become more friendly with Sarah but my main people are Mogsie, Twizzle and George. Both the men I've had more than a passing interest in and I'm friendly at times with the lighter Naughty Twin who acts as a messenger.

It all changes sometimes on a moments notice but that's pretty much clear in my mind about where we all are at the moment. Good!

A Tangled Path Lay Before Me

Yes a very tangled and winding path lay before me! That's what I saw when I looked ahead.

As if by Magic the sun had burst through the clouds brightening the route ahead. A path trodden by cats many times before had been carved out but looking around me I had no real idea if I would make it to the other side safely or not. This

This was unfamiliar territory for me and although logic told me to stick to the path, an easier route, I was tempted to go of an see what lay on each side. I didn't know what I would find out there it was like a forest and well I guess this was an adventure. 

By the look of things Spring was well on it's way. Everything had suddenly become very overgrown and needed tending urgently but that wasn't my task to deal with. I had an  altogether different motive in wanting to be on the other side. There was danger around!

I started to pick up my pace a little when I was sure the noise I'd been hearing was a River beginning to roar directly behind me. I turned and could see it rapidly bearing down on me. 

I could take evasive action if I acted quickly and I found myself moving at an increasingly rapid pace, the wind beginning to rush through my coat. Adrenaline has brought confidence as a running partner and I had built up speed.

Up ahead I could see some rocks that would raise me up a little and I should be safely out of the Rivers and harms way if I could make it in time.

The faster I ran the faster the River came. 

With one final leap I was up on higher ground and finally safe. As I looked around I saw a hedgehog and the Catmandont, all around them a carpet of purple was coming to life. 

Ah the legendary Carpet of Purple!

Fate Was On Tiny's Side Today

Tiny has just gone out for a little walk, I spotted him from the office window when I was having a morning break from sleeping.
He looks very dapper in his blue jacket I must admit but it wasn't him that I was most drawn to. The lighter Naughty Twin was hiding in the bushes near by lying in wait.

He watched Tiny go by and I'm sure the Naughty Twin was planning a surprise on him but just as it looked like he was going to pounce a car went by really loudly and scared him of.
Ha ha fate was on Tiny's side today.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Looks Like I'm Not The Only One

Looks like I'm not the only one forming new friendships. The darker Naughty Twin and Craig the Squirrel seem to be getting close too.

They've been hanging out near each other this morning. Craig is searching around for some food in the garden. I must remind daddy somehow to get some more Monkey Nuts we're running low.

Not one sign of movement towards Craig's been made, the Naughty Twin has just been sitting there watching him. Lovely to see and so different from his twin sisters action towards the squirrels.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Almost Unbelievable

Well that was good. Two days on the trot River and I have been getting joint attention from daddy and she's not jumped up at me.

Oh I could see she was tempted at the beginning but she reigned it in and just made funny little dog sniffy sounds at me. No harm done I'm curious about her smell too!

Even when daddy moved off she stayed still, almost unbelievable.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Let The Games Begin

I thought Doublay was hanging out on the less that sunny Sunshine shed today but it turned out not to be him at all.

George was up there having a clean and a bit of a stretch.

I've been doing a fair amount of thinking since he called me brave Lil' yesterday.

Mogsie and George have both called me brave recently. The only thing that I can think that either of them are referring to is when I jumped in front of Foxy Lectar the other week and then stood up to Flash and Chameleon.

It must be what they are referring to but there was only one set of eyes that I had seen.

I know living with River can be a test but they can't be referring to that, I wouldn't call it being brave.

I'm coming around to softening up to George and Mogsie again. It's taken a little while to let go of everything that's happened with the love quadrangle and I think it's taken them even less time to let go of their own little love triangle by the looks of it.

Daddy said Mercury has gone retrograde today. I'd no idea what he was talking about but apparently it's a good time to go back to deal with things that have previously been started but not yet fully resolved. Not a good time to start anything new though.

 OKthen let the games begin!

Monday 25 February 2013

Which One Was It That Saw Me?

George popped by this evening much to my surprise.

It was raining and I don't expect anyone to come out when it's raining let alone popping around to see me. All very out of the blue but pleasant. It was nice he was putting in such thought and effort.

The daddies and River were out so I could stick around for a bit of a chat.

I enquired after his eye which looking better at the moment than it has for a while.

He asked how things were with me. Pretty fine I replied.

I then told him about seeing Flash yesterday and he said he'd pass the message on to everyone. He'd not seen Flash or Chameleon he said.

As he went he turned back for a second. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about BRAVE Lil'

Brave Lil'!

Oh now I am confused. First Mogsie and now George. Which one was it that saw me?

Well That Wasn't As Easy As I Thought It Would Be!

Well that wasn't as easy as I thought it would be!

I had a mission in mind.

My mood made me feel like it.

Daddy was playing with River keeping her distracted since I'd come down and she chased me up here.

My position. The table in amongst the bric-a-brac.

My target. The front window.

The task to circumnavigate Daddy playing with River without being chased.

The time. Now!

If I jumped silently off the table and quickly got across to the wall on the far side I could creep up behind the sofa Daddy and River are on. Then go around the side past them without River seeing me and run around the front window over to Alo's home. My destination!

The most dangerous part of the journey was the first bit. If I was to be spotted at that point I would have to postpone my mission.

Off I went. Down I jumped.

Phew! Right what's River doing?

OK she's heard a sound but not spotted me. Better wait here a second or two. Daddy has seen what I'm up to and is working to keep her right next to him distracted.


Plod, plod, plod, plod, plod. Act as if nothings going on.

Dash. Made it by the sofa can proceed as planned.

Up onto the sofa arm. Damn she's heard she's turned this way.

Just go, just go, just go.

Prance, prance ah she's escaped.

Down on floor, leap to chair. I wish they would stop teaching her that trick.

Dog in face.

Ears back, paw armed

Daddy grabbed. That necklace is great.

Off I go.

Target reached. Tongue to Alo. Mission complete.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Sunday 24 February 2013

That's When I Spotted Him, Flash Was Back!

Well it was nice while it lasted but River just can't help herself. I could see she was ready to try to lick me or something so I removed myself from the moment being spoilt and went up to see if any Dreamies had been left for me on the table.

River followed but much to my surprise she ran straight outside and started chasing her own tale. Always stumps me that one I just cannot see why she finds it so funny but each to their own I guess.

That's when I spotted him, Flash was back!

I froze, my heart began to pump a little faster. I was inside so I knew there was enough distance between us for me not to feel like I needed to react instantly. At the same time I needed to make sure River wasn't under threat, she was paying no attention at all.

Flash was creeping along the back wall in a very sly way.

Since the events of the first weekend this month neither Flash nor Chameleon had been seen. There's been a few sighting of Doublay and more recently of Spit since they defected from the New Cat Crew but other than that nada.

No one's mentioned anything that happened that night however I'm sure Mogsie knows more than he's letting on.

I watched  Flash as he eyed River up. I was on full but calm alert just waiting for any sign of a move towards River. I would have been straight out there if he'd done anything but Flash just watched her for a few minutes before slinking of over the back wall.

I remain on calm alert.

A Perfect Moment

We just had a perfect moment.

This morning everyone slept in it turned out to be a late night last night. We were all up watching late night TV. They had gone over to see the girls they slowly filled me in on the activities of the evening.

River apparently was very good and I must admit although we both woke up earlier than the daddies she played with her bedroom toys without incident and was pretty quiet around me. We both woke up in our own time.

When Stay got up he took River downstairs and I followed with Disappears a few minutes later.

It's a Sunday therefore its a quiet slow start. It's the same every Sunday the best way to start even if today it's is a bit later than normal.

The reflection time I had yesterday seems to have chilled me a bit and it's looking like Rivers day out has done the same for her. She ate her brunch, brought a bit of the Waterfall of Gold tree in and then flopped on daddies lap looking at me.

I'd felt really drawn to being with everyone and as it seemed River was also in a still mood I'd moved right next to them. We spent nearly 15 minutes settling down daddy stroking both of us. It was lovely and after a few minutes I said hello to her.

I think it surprised her as she just stared back without trying anything on. It really was a perfect moment.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Once Upon A Time Bridget Jones Meets Cats & Dogs

The daddies and River have been out this evening. I think they went to see the girls but I can't be sure.

Everyone's come in very tired and are just going about their business. Well I say everyone what I mean is that daddies are minding their own business River is trying to mind mine.

As annoying as I find her sometimes when I just want to be left alone I must admit I've grown very fond of her and am very protective when I think she might be upset. Who ever knew that would happen? Mind you half the things that happen around here these days I never thought would happen.

The quietness of the evening gave me a lot of time to think about how things have changed for me since moving here.

Luckily I was familiar with the area as nanny lived here and I use to come and visit with Evie and Charlie. Evie would run around and cuddle up to Smokie, Misty and Lucy just sitting there . Evie and Smokey had a special relationship and a real adoration for each other that was obvious to anyone that saw them. Neither of them sadly are here any more. Lots of things are different from those times.

Nadia's been a bit of a constant though. We both came within a year of each other and have always had a respectful and cooperative relationship we just don't fuss each other much. Charlie adored her sleeping next to her until he went.

Now of course there's River. Now that is all together another experience but we're getting there.

I've even found myself venturing out into Catworld. There's been drama's and quiet times, friendships formed and battles fought and more than a sprinkle of loves dust. It's like Once Upon A Time Bridget Jones Meets Cats & Dogs.

Whatever is next? Oh I know boiled chicken I can hear daddy at the stove now.

Cats & Dogs - The Other Side

Saturday 23 February 2013

A Snow Cat

Oh bless him George is out and about enjoying the snow.

He reminds me of Stay daddy as soon as there's the first sign of snow he's out and about in it, wrapped up running around like a little boy.

Us cats aren't particularly known for our love of snow George however appears to be an exception there he is sitting by our front window loving it as it tumbles on him.

He'd better not stay there too long or it will completely cover him he's already resembling a snow cat. If he's not careful that weepy eye of his will completely freeze over!

I However Wouldn't Be Having Any Such Nonsence

The daddydaddy and daddymummy came over to see daddy tonight.

It's always nice to see them especially tonight as they kept River busy and out of my way for a lot of it.

When I heard a lot of commotion and laughter I crept downstairs to see what was going on and could see River going mad playing with some toy they'd brought her before running all over the daddydaddies face. He was nice enough not to remove her. I however wouldn't be having any such nonsense.

She seemed to be loving all the attention and it gave me a chance to run for the table where some Dreamies that they'd brought me had been laid out in preparation.

I sat next to daddy for a while until River came over and tried to jump up at me. The daddies did their best to calm her down but unfortunately failed so I ran back upstairs to peace and quiet. 
I eventually came down once everyone had gone into silent mode and sat looking at the chaotic surroundings that's called an evening of River playing with anything that she comes into contact with. Messy Pup!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Friday 22 February 2013

Caught By Surprise

Poor Sarah's been caught by surprise the snow is now chucking it down thick and fast, even though it's not still not settling.

She's sort refuge under a car, I don't blame her.

I found myself thinking if only the window was open she could run over her and come in and then I caught myself. Inviting another cat in well I never thought I'd get to that place it's just not me. I must really like her!

Watching The Snow From My Comfy Chair

Well yes it's here it's snowing again it's all very wispy and I don't think it's going to settle.

It may look really pretty but boy it's too cold for me and I really don't want to go out in it today. Daddy told me River was very excited when he went downstairs just now. Thinking about her playing it in her little paws flaying around everywhere does make me laugh. The Cheshire Cat would be proud of me.

I saw the lighter Naughty Twin a little while ago sitting out waiting for it just before it started how she does it I don't know!

I'm going to make sure I'm nice and warm and sit here in my comfy chair up with daddy in the office having a little rest and keeping warm.

Come to think of it I hardly ever seem to see her and the darker Naughty Twin hanging out together these days, it's a bit of a shame they were inseparable at one point. I've not heard of any falling outs between them recently so I guess they have just grown apart a little bit as they are growing up. Shame that.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Thursday 21 February 2013

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I've just spotted both Mogsie and Twizzle  over the road eyes firmly peeled left and right, forwards and up.

Initially it looked like they weren't talking and I thought that they'd had a big falling out but as it turned out looks can be deceiving as after a couple of minutes they looked at each other exchanged a few words and carried on searching working together as a team.

OK so they've not fallen out they are working together so what is it? 

Well I soon got my answer as a small flurry of snow came down. They must have spotted the snow clouds coming over from behind our house. I thought we'd done with all that snow business for this year guess I was wrong and I guess River is going to go mad again, bless her she does love it.

Best Of Both Worlds

Hanging out with daddy in the office is great and it's fantastic that everything in that way is back on track.

When River first came here he ended up spending a lot of time downstairs with her to make sure she was OK but as she's getting a bit older, a bit bigger and a bit stronger he's moved himself back up where he belongs, with me!

He told me he was worried about something called separation anxiety that little puppies can have sounds awful.

Us cat's don't suffer with such things. Out Independence serves us well but it doesn't mean to say that sometimes we don't just want buckets of attention which is why it's great daddies back working from the office.

It's been a bit of a novelty for me so I must admit to climbing all over him as he's trying to work which in the past has resulted in me being put outside. I guess he's feeling a little guilty that he's not been up here as much during the day so I've been able to push my luck a bit.

I could tell he was getting a little frustrated but you know what I didn't get chucked out. I got my chair which is so much more soft and comfy that his lap brought right next to his so we can each have our own space and I get as many strokes as I want.

Ah the joy of getting the best of both worlds.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

What Jeremy Kyle Would Say?

Well their and I'm calling it their because I've totally removed myself emotionally from the situation, love triangle is getting more, more.... just more by the day.

George has been staring over here at me for about an hour. I've smiled but not done anything further. What on earth can he want? You makes your choice you pay the consequences!

The lighter Naughty Twin is sitting on her own over the back still looking very sorry for herself and  Mogsie has been noticeable by his absence anywhere today

It only leaves me wondering what on earth would Jeremy Kyle say?

The Wardrobe In Nannies Room

The lighter Naughty twin really does have the devil in her at the moment.

Not only content to winding up the eligible men of the district up but now she's turned her attention onto Emma.

There poor Emma was sitting happily just digesting her lunch, courtesy of M, when the lighter Naughty Twin spotted her from AM's pathway. I watched her as she paused, you could almost see something going through her head.

She ran across the road taking the long route so as to not be spotted by Emma who was having a little clean. The lighter Naughty Twin crept under R's car, the wheel blocking view between them both, slowing down as to not make a noise before jumping out right behind her.

The only thing missing was a BOO!

Poor Emma nearly jumped right out of her fur, she dashed off about 5 meters before turning around and giving the lighter Naughty Twin a real glare.

I was up with daddy in the office and had a bird eye view and saw the whole thing. It reminded me of the time that daddy told me he hid in the wardrobe in nannies room.

He'd wanted some chocolate or something and thought that nanny was hiding it from him. He waited until she was settled down in bed reading her book before jumping out and nearly finishing her off there and then. They laughed about it later on daddy said although I've more of a feeling he did, not so sure about nanny finding it as hysterical as he obviously did.

Making A Mess

Now I like to encourage anyone who tries to do things.

Whether that's improving their knowledge, manners, communication skills or even making things but sometimes you just have to accept that you can't do everything.

Goodness only know's what Rivers been attempting this past few days but I tell you one thing she's an expert at. Making a mess!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Tuesday 19 February 2013

I've Got A Feeling

Oh how much nicer it is with the lighter mornings and evenings coming. I've really noticed it over the past couple of weeks it'll soon be time for time to change time again.

It's not that I never go out at night, unlike a lot of Catworld, it's just that I prefer to spend most of my time indoors once it's dark so the lighter evenings mean I get to see some people that I usually wouldn't.
Tonight's lighter evening meant that I got to see and have a word with Sarah before I settled in for the night. She was sitting over on the pathway opposite and as no one else was around and the window was open to blow away the cobwebs of the day so I called across to her.

She came a little closer when she heard me trying to get her attention and I let her know that I'd had a word with Mogsie yesterday. She smiled back a thank you.

I'm really liking this bonding that's going on between us two. Since Evie went I must admit to being a little starved of female cat company and as independent as I am I do miss it. 

I've got a feeling we're going to become good friends.


Daddy has taken River out for a walk so I'm getting a bit of well deserved peace.

I know it seems like I moan about River a fair bitbut I do like her it's just that my schedule's been thrown all over the place and I can't wander around at will without having to check the coast is clear any more. As strange as it may sound I'm glad she's come to join our family.

She's not the only one that's joined our family, Spit and Doublay of course are now members of the Catworld family.

I've not seen much of either of them since those events a few weeks ago but I can see him now sitting on our back wall enjoying the last of the afternoon sun.

I really feel for him to he seems a little lonely I've not seeing him hanging around much with anyone. Now I'm not one for getting too close to anyone I'm coming up to 11 and feel like I'm past all that going out running around business but I do like a good chat every now and then and there's only so much human conversation I can take. Bless the daddies they try but they don't chat like a cat does.

I think I'll leave some Dreamies out for him or something, let him know that he's welcome to come around any time he likes. As long as it's not too near.

My Own Fog Has Lifted To

Well finally the fog has lifted from Catworld and it a strange way my own has lifted to.

I saw Mogsie sitting over the way on the top of the car enjoying the first bit of sun that we've had today.

He looked beautiful, the sun catching parts of his coat all shimmering and glistening. He was looking back over this way but I don't think directly at me.

What am I doing I thought to myself? All this I like him, does he like me? Oh there's George I wonder if he likes me, do I like him? It's just exhausting.

As daddy says too much thought or over analysis about a situation will just tie you up in knots. A little bit of everything is good when the phrase 'over'' comes into play you need to take a step back out, relax and get on with what's in front of you.

And that is exactly what I'm going to do.

Pea Soup

Wow I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before Catworld has been shrouded in the thickest layer of fog ever and it's getting worse.

It all began about 4 this morning. Stay daddy got up to go to the bathroom and accidentally kicked me off the bed. OK well I'm up and awake now so I thought I'd have a little look out the window as River had chased him into the bathroom so I couldn't follow him.

Well I couldn't see much even though us cats are renowned for our night vision.

Eventually he got back to sleep after much wiggling of the feet so I finally managed to get some more rest.

Then when we all got up again this time at the proper time it was thick white outside. I had to double checked to make sure we weren't in the midst of a blizzard but no it was all fogged up everywhere.

We've got lots of fields around us and I know the fog likes to play in them so the odd bit isn't that much of a surprise but this is something out. Daddy said when nanny and granddad where little they used to have something called Pea Soup fog. Now I don't quiet know what that's like but I tasted pea soup once and it wasn't very nice so I expect that it wasn't a very pleasant experience either.

This is something else. I can barely make out anyone. River ventured out in it I think it fooled her too and she thought it was snow and I can see Sarah running around a little in it but really this is too much. It's like having a TV on but no picture.

Monday 18 February 2013

As Luck Would Have It - Gulp!

As luck would have it Mogsie and the darker Naughty Twin have been running all over Catworld this morning playing hide and chase.

Well it was now or never so when I spotted him hiding by our bins I knocked on the window to get his attention.

He looked up at me and smiled. I was a bit stumped. How on earth do you start this sort of a conversation? 

There's three options 

One - bottle it and say nothing
Two - waffle around and have the message lost or
Three - be blunt.

So blunt was then.

You know she's very young and inexperienced, I began 

He looked back at me blankly

You're not! I said. 

Oh dear this sounded so patronising and like I was telling him off. I then tried to soften my words by smiling at him. Hopefully he would understand I wasn't trying to interfere.

Sarah's worried about her she called by yesterday to see if I could have a word with her, I carried on

OK he said slowly but I wasn't sure it was making much sense to him. Oh this is so awkward.

Just be careful, I continued, I wouldn't want any of you to get hurt. I smiled again.

This time he smiled back. I appreciate your candor BRAVE Lil'

Brave why would he use that word? There was something in his face that was saying more than just his words were. 

Then suddenly I had a flash back to that night a couple of weekends ago down by the tunnel. A pair of eyes in the darkness that I couldn't make out. Gulp!

With that off he ran after the darker Naughty Twin.

Now George Is At It

Now George is at it now consulting with The Wiseman. He's up the back looking very sad and sorry for himself.

This whole love triangle thing that George, Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin have got going on is getting out of hand, people are getting hurt.

The lighter Naughty Twin is sitting on the back shed just watching him not exactly looking happy herself.

I know Sarah asked me for my help yesterday but I'm unsure how exactly I can help everyone. Maybe I need to talk to the men here they are older and should have a bit more sense but then again as daddy says age and maturity don't always go together even though you would think so.

Right that's my plan, if the lighter Naughty Twin isn't listening to anyone then maybe it's about time someone spoke to them men, Right I just need an opportunity.

Sunday 17 February 2013

A Love Tornado

Sarah has just popped by and has asked for my help.

It's put me in a bit of an awkward position to be honest, she wants some help with the lighter Naughty Twin.

I was just there sitting with daddy enjoying the last bit of todays glorious sun when she dropped by. Luckily the window was open so we didn't have to lip read or use out catty powers to converse.

She's worried about the lighter Naughty Twins recent behaviour. She said she's tried to advise her on the best way to handle the situation but she's nearly at the end of her tether with it all.

I tried to give an understanding look. The thing is no matter what I've come to understand that you have to tread very carefully in these sort of situations.

She said Bella has all but given up trying to help and now that Emma has moved out there's no other female around to act in unison. I totally understand her position but it puts me in a really difficult one.

However I will do anything I can, I can keep inpartial and I've definitely got my own emotions about this matter in hand. Sarah can't be everywhere at once and needs someone else to keep a watchful eye out for the Naughty Twin.

Of course I'll help, we've all been where Sarah is at the moment and even if it's in different circumstances we've all been caught up in a love tornado at one point or another. I must admit to being a little bit flattered that I've been asked to help out.

He Looked Astonished

I think the lighter Naughty twin may have got things mixed up a bit following on from her session with The Wiseman.
The thing is with The Wiseman is he always imparts good advice it's how it's understood, Maybe her lack of consulting experience has led her slightly astray.

She moved over to AM's doorstep placing herself very clearly in Mogsies eye line.

She then waved and pocked her tongue out at him.

Well we all know what happened the last time a tongue was poked out at someone in Catworld when George poked his tongue out during the cat council meeting and everything descended into chaos.

I don't know what Mogsie took from her actions exactly but very clearly he looked astonished as he just stared right back at her before walking around to his back garden leaving her sitting there like a right lemon.

Two Handsome Suitors

The lighter Naughty Twin seem to have seen the way forward.

For a while this morning she was just sitting up on the sunshine shed just staring over towards the Peace Garden. As daddy got up I saw her from the bedroom window.

By the time I came downstairs with River and daddy she was no longer there. I scanned around a bit and saw that she was on the move over towards The Wiseman.

A very good decision. He's always there to help us in times of trouble when we need some advice. He helps us to listen to our inner self and to make the right decisions.

With everything that she's been up to recently I guess she must need some clarity. Some people think it would be a great place to be in, two handsome suitors vying for her attention. This isn't always the case sometimes too much choice can cause confusion. I hope she gets her answers as much as I was hurt by what happened I know I had no real right to react. 

Nothing had been going on with me and Mogsie and it's only been recently that I've taken such a shine to George. I wasn't with either of them everyone was a free agent.

I really feel for her now she's got herself into a right pickle but she's doing the right thing now to help her sort it out. The Wiseman always helps.

Saturday 16 February 2013

And I Thought It Was Complicated With Us

And I thought it was complicated with us but it really is mad what's going on with Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin.

After all the ignoring Mogsie has been doing towards the lighter Naughty Twin this past few days now the roles been completely reversed.

The lighter Naughty Twin is wandering all over the street and Mogsie is following her like a love sick puppy again.

George and Mogsie were giving each other a stare out this morning as well. Mogsie over on his pathway and George on our's. Right filthy looks they were giving each other.

Sort it out people!

Friday 15 February 2013

He Asked, She Slapped

Not too sure what's going on between Emma and Spit but she's just slapped him.

Daddy was on the phone and I was trying to get his attention by getting in the way. When that didn't work I looked out the window to see if I could spot either Mogsie or his mate. That's when I noticed Emma and Spit on the garage roof.

They didn't look to be having a big argument or anything, no hissing was going on but all of a sudden Emma calmly took one paw and slapped Spit right across the face.

Spit then ran off over their back gardens. Emma didn't move or seem upset she just carried on about her business. I bet he propositioned her and she put him right in his place. He asked, she slapped!

Goodness me this frisky phase everyone seems to be in at the moment is causing nothing but problems. Everyone needs to take some bromide, calm themselves down a bit.

Dropping Right Out Of The Sky

Disappears daddy is off today so it's been a sleepy wake up to the morning.

Stay took River down for her breakfast and turned on the radio to keep her company while we came back upstairs to work.

He always likes to give me a little update on the world news before we start and I generally just sit there listening to him glancing out the window as I wake up myself.

Sometimes he comes up with some really interesting stories and today he's been telling me about some comet that has flown over Russia. It caused quiet a mess by all accounts breaking windows as it fell and splintered all around. Wow he was only talking about this sort of thing on Sunday, bit of a co-incidence or what.

Then he got onto some gossipy type stuff and I tuned out. As I tuned out I scanned Catworld and did a double take. Mogsie was sitting over on his pathway having a big old chat with another cat. A stranger. His double.

Who is this mysterious newcomer who dropped right out of the sky? Are they related? They certainly seem like old friends they way they are chewing the cud.

He sure is a fine specimen of a cat, well he would be he looks just like Mogsie. There's a familiarity about him I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before.

Thursday 14 February 2013

The Twins Wind Up River

They really are so aptly names those Naughty Twins, they've been at it again,  winding up River. Bless her she didn't even realise they were having Cat Fun Time.

I saw all of this out the back window. I'd been ejected from the office as I kept on walking all over daddies work as he was trying to do it. I'd forgotten he gives me a bit of leeway but before long if I carry it on I'm out on my ear I am.

The lighter Naughty Twin walked slowly across the back wall watching River all the way. River went running up to play with her in the Peace Garden.

She sat by the Swinging Heart of Love for a few minutes before diving over the fence into AM's garden.

As River just sat there watching out for her she did a double back and her head popped up half way down the fence.

Up she climbed and catty called over to the darker naughty Twin who was watching everything from the safety of sunshine shed, laughing his little head off to see what she was doing.

Ages she sat up there just watching River, poor little thing didn't have a clue!

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