Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I Bow My Head In Respect

Good news for a change.

River's just come bounding in from the car all excited, screaming her head off. Apparently Daddy has passed his driving test today.

Well done, I bow my head in respect.

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Monday, 28 March 2016

Nothing To See Here!

Nice to see Theo out and about, not enjoying the sunshine...

...but on storm inspection patrol. 

Nothing to see here!

Out The Back

I've got to give it to her, River, she's got a sixth sense to head by. Up all of the night she has us but when daylight broke and I looked out the back...

...I saw what she was getting fretful about, part of our fence was blown over AND a tile from the roof came crashing down in the night. If I has been outside, well I don't like to think about that possibility.

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It's 2.59

Well it's 2.59 and River's up and about again. No idea what she's so transfixed with but she's beginning to freak me out.

Finally settled and all it took a big gust of wind.

Still not sure what she was looking at.

No can't see a thing!

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There Really Is No Stopping This Fiend

We're in the midst of a big storm and we just can't sleep.

Everyone's just gone back upstairs after River decided she was too scared to stay in bed and therefore we all ended up coming downstairs for a bit.

So there I was all alone just sitting at watching the moon, pretty bright tonight, wind and rain whipping around where there just briefly, only a second I saw something run in the shadows across the road.

Even though only for the smallest of time I saw the shadow of whom it was I was sure.

On a night such as this he was out patrolling the road and looking this way, there really is no stopping this fiend.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

But There's Something Missing!

Ah this is turning out to be a perfect Saturday, all cuddled up with Daddy on the sofa.

But there's just one thing missing!

That's better!

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Friday, 25 March 2016

This Is Turning Out To Be A Very Good Friday

This is certainly turning out to be a very good Friday. Steak and Dreamies for tea.

Something Called Good Friday - Let Me Just Get Up!

Well I thought I'd better make an appearance. Today is something called Good Friday. I'm not sure what it means.
But I do know what it means for River, and therefore I guess me. 

If you can't beat them, join them.

OK River let me just get up!

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Everything Started Off OK

"Well everything started off OK. I've always been good with water so being adrift on a raft in the middle of the sea wasn't something that was every going to worry me much although the cramped conditions and the fact that I'd hardly moved for the past three days and hadn't eaten anything for ages did begin to concern me."

Theo nodded, he knew what I meant.

"Night time in the middle of the ocean is an amazing affair. It's surprisingly brighter than you think. The moon was at three quarters reflection bouncing off the gentle waves. The sky, oh Theo if only you can one day see the sky at night in the middle of an ocean. It's like the fairy lights on a Christmas tree, thousands upon millions of stars, arching like a bridge across the horizon. I sat there for ages just looking up, it total awe."

Theo's eyes widened, a glint of excitement.

"My daddies love looking at the sky at night around here, when the clouds are clear I can hear them saying how beautiful it looks, they haven't seen anything compared to what I saw."

I smiled at Theo, "Maybe one day we can go and I can show you."

"Um, not too keen on water myself." He visibly winced.

Not his kind of thing then. I carried on

"When I was sure everyone as asleep, hunger driving me forward I crawled out of my hiding place and over to the food store at the back of the raft. I found some fish that Bob had caught and cooked before we left and helped myself to some. I didn't realise just how hungry I was and got lost in a second piece, juice all over my lips, that Bob can really cook. That's when I heard a hello from behind me. I froze, not sure what to do, as much as I didn't mind water I really didn't fancy the idea of being discovered and thrown overboard and was praying the hello was for someone else."

Theo gasped, mouth open. "What did you do?"

"As much as I hoped it was for someone else I knew the hello was for me and eventually turned."

"Hello," Purlean smiled back at me, "I wondered when you was going to come out. There's no need to worry, I've been keeping an eye out for you. I think we should talk, grab yourself another piece of fish and pass me one would you."

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I'm Going To Have A Bit Of Fun With This

Fantastic, River's out searching for me and although I called out to her as she passed to go up the back of the garden she didn't see me.

Right I think I'm going to have a bit of fun with this.

River! River! Behind you River!

I'm in the bushes River!

River! River! I'm on top of the garage River! Up here River!

Oops, now I'm for it.


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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I've Given It A Go

I have really no idea why Daddy is so fascinated with this game of his. I've given it a go and there's not one cat or dog to chase or fish to flip.

What a waste of time!

Such A Lovely Man

It's a somewhat lovely day here today in Catworld. The sun is shining, fantastic, but there's some sad news as well. The lady next door has had to send her car to the doctors, I saw a big van come to pick it up.

I was watching it being taken away when George appeared from across the road.

I called out to him to say hi, he looked my way nodded a good morning and carried on up the side of C's house. He must be very concerned about C's car too and going to see if she's OK. Always looking out for people that one, such a lovely man.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sniffing Around For Clues

Mogsie is out nice and early this morning, I've been watching him sniffing around for clues, for signs of visitations I know because he looked up briefly for a minutes from his search and smiled at me, nodded his head down to indicate what he was looking at and carried on.

It's comforting to know I'm not alone in this with all these threats from Foxy and co, I just hope Doublay is safe in his infiltration of The New Cat Crew plans, I've not heard how he's been going on.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

I Don't Know How She Does It

I don't know how she does it, gets herself covered in beef juice when beefs not even been on the menu today.

All over is it, lucky I was around to help clean it off her. Um!

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Friday, 18 March 2016

My Plans Were All Thrown Up In The Air

I was all ready for an evening in front of the TV, maybe cuddled up on Daddies legs when my plans were all thrown up in the air.
River announced the arrival of the Daddydaddy and Daddymummy, in her usual dignified manner. Of course that made me jump almost out of my skin and I went to run upstairs.
But then I thought no, I'm going to stop being so unsociable and stick around for a bit, see what all the fuss is about.

Well I must admit I was glad I did. Not only did I get two bags of Dreamies all to myself but I also got to listen in to their conversation.

Bikes, cars, the drama caused by someone called Mr Morris and tales of feathers from the heavens. All very enlightening, I think I'm going to make this sticking around thing a bit of a regular occurrence when people come to visit, I never knew what I was missing out on. 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

He's Got Another Thing Coming

Thought it was too good to be true, a couple of quiet days, no unwelcome visitors making threats but alas I should have known it couldn't last.

Just now, just as I was looking out of the window waiting for Daddy to come him I spotted some movement in the bushes just by the front door and then bold as brass out popped Chameleon. Well if he think's he's going to intimidate me he's got another thing coming.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

It's Like The Most Comfortable Thing...

I've just discovered why River spends so much time on the foot stool, it's like the most comfortable thing to lay out on.  Especially since it's been moved right in line of the sun coming through the window. 

Yeah I think River has got competition now, way too comfy!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Happy Birthday Olive

Oh, oh, how fabulous.

I've just been looking over Daddies shoulder at what he was laughing at on the computer and there plain as day was a picture of his friend celebrating her birthday, she's a stylish one that Olive. I would quite like one of those sparkly crowns, I must find out where she shops.

Happy birthday Olive, have a great day x

Friend Or Foe

I've just had a very strange visitation.

I had finished off my morning milk and was sitting on the table amongst the bric-a-brac having a bathe when something caught my attention and I looked outside.

There sitting on the post at the back of the garden over to the right was a stranger staring back at me.

I was a little taken back, I didn't know whether to go out and say hello, or go out and chase him off. I tried to gauge friend or foe from his reactions to seeing me watching him but nothing, his face gave nothing at all away. 

Suddenly he turned his head in the direction of squirrel tree, turned back to look at me and ran off.

I tried to see what could have spooked him but I couldn't see anything.

Very strange behaviour.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Flawed, Cruel And Probably A Bit Deranged

Theo dipped his head, "Can you give me a minute?" He asked.

I nodded back and off he walked and sat near the wall between his house and next door.

I wasn't sure if I had lost him. He'd approached me to find out what happened with Purlean it must have meant he was coming around to the idea of reforming The Coven of 3 and now here he was hearing me saying how I'd grow to, well if not like but at least empathise with Ursa.

I can only be who I am, honest and I really had begun by that stage to see a different side to her. Yes Ursa was flawed, cruel and probably a bit deranged but she was also a victim as well. Things aren't always what they seem.

I sat trying to work out what Theo was thinking but there's very little point in that sort of thing, you can never really know what's going on in someones head. Daddy always says people need time to digest and to give them their space when they need it so that is exactly what I did, no matter how tempting it was for me to call out to him to try and offer words of persuasion. My problem not his.

Eventually he broke his silent musing and lifting his head up he spoke;

"Go on," he said, "What happened next?"

Phew, I thought I'd put him off.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

When I Sat On His Head

Mogsie is up, out and about nice and early as am I.

I went in to see how Daddy was doing at 6 this morning, he'd been sneezing half the night and I was concerned, it's a right stinking cold these two have had this week.

I couldn't quite see from my position on the window ledge how he was doing but I could see no problem when I sat on his head and purred in his ear asking him how he was.

No still not feeling too good from the language. Still now he was awake he decided not to waste the crack of dawn and joined me downstairs to listen to the birds getting up. I do so enjoy this time of the morning.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

He's Been In Hiding

"Hey. Hey David!"

I turned around and there was George sitting on the sunshine shed looking down at me. I'd been outside avoiding Daddies sneezing, it had begun to get rather annoying.

"Hi." I smiled back at George and took a few steps closer. "How you been?"

"Fine thanks." George blinked a glob squeezed itself from the corner of his eye. "Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you."

I shifted my weight and sat down. "I must admit I had."

George smiled and nodded. "I know let me explain. I needed to track down Doublay."

"I've not seen him for ages." I interrupted.

"I know it took me ages to find him, he's been in hiding."

My ears pricked up and the fur on my back stiffened. "In hiding?"

"Yes," George continued, "He'd heard that Flash was reforming his old gang and he didn't want to be dragged back into it."

"Phew!" I could understand his reticence.

"We had a long chat, he doesn't know what they have planned but he's agreed to help us."

I stood up, "What do you mean he's agreed to help us?"

"He's going to be our mole, he's going on the inside."

"On the inside?" I didn't understand, my face didn't lie to George.

"He's going to pretend to be back in the crew. Then we'll really find out what there plan is, they don't want the buried treasures for no reason!"

I was scared and excited all at the same time, something told me a big adventure was ahead.

Friday, 11 March 2016

It's Fabulous People Watching

"Three days! Three days? What on earth did you do in that time?" Theo looked surprised. "There's no way I could have kept still for that long."

I smiled back and pushed a Dreamies out of the window.

"It wasn't easy but I'm had plenty of practise sitting very still and not being noticed, I do live with a dog you know."

Theo cracked a grin, "She's quiet cute though."

"Oh yes," I knocked another Dreamies out of the window and Theo popped it in his mouth. "She's lovely but sometimes you just wanna sit in peace and that's a rarity around here."

Theo nodded, "I can image. So what did you do?"

"I listened to their general chit chat, it's fabulous people watching. Bob can really talk, it doesn't really matter to him if anyone's listening he just gets lost in his own world. I heard all about his travels, as did The Darling Darling who I learnt is a surprisingly good listener and according to the general consensus she can do some amazing things with a pile of tofu and fresh berries."

"Um, I love berries." Theo licked his lips and eyed my Dreamies pile, subtle! I knocked a third out of the window.

"Leopold was also a quiet one, preferring to spend his time following Purlean around and playing with his kids but the biggest surprise was Ursa."

Theo's ears pricked up.

"She wasn't as much of a ogre as I first thought. Yes she as a bit of a grumbler and spent half the time wandering around kicking things and barking orders but it didn't seem to bother the others much they just did what they wanted to but every now and then she would sit down next to Purlean and just stroked her. The love in her eyes was obvious, love seeping out not afraid to show it's face and Purlean well she was in ecstasy rubbing her head again Ursa's legs hen she was having a particularly unproductive rant. They were the strangest of best friends."

"You sound like you liked her?" Theo looked quizzical.

"After three days of just watching I must admit I think I understood her a bit more. It couldn't have been nice to have been scorned and accused of being a witch by her villagers. OK it is what she became but what came first the chicken or the egg?"

He looked at me like I was mad.

"Never mind, I guess it wasn't all her own fault what she became although it didn't soften me enough to change my plans. No she had to be stopped and I guess I was the only one now The Fly had disappeared, to be able to do it, Catkind depended on it!"

They're Not Big On Quick Responses Around Here

Well George hasn't got back to me yet, they're not big on quick responses around here, but I have seen him chatting to Mogsie this morning.

I'm pretty sure it's about me and Chameleons threats as they kept on chatting and looking over this way, putting there heads down being quiet for a bit looking back this way then chatting again.

I wish it was warmer and Daddy had the window open so I could hear what they were saying but he's got a cold and is keeping everything locked up tight.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A New Leaf

I was just sitting in the window waiting for Daddy to come home from work, George resting across the road smelling the lovely early Spring flowers when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I spotted something moving.

I turned to my left and there was Chameleon.

"Oi" He spat, "I've a message for you."

I was a little surprised at his tone but nodded to him to continue.

"Time's running out, you've got till the end of the month to give up the buried treasures or they'll be trouble."

"What do you mean, from Flash?" I was surprised I didn't think they were friends anymore.

Chameleon laughed.

"Yeah from Flash, we're back together, he's made me the new General of The New Cat Crew, we're back in business."

With that he laughed and ran off.

I shouted over the road to George, oblivious to my visitor still sniffing flowers and told him what had just happened.

"Oh dear," he said, "That's such a shame, I thought he'd turned over a new leaf."

George looked very sad indeed.

"Leave it to me David, I'll get back to you."

With that he got up and walked off, head down.

The Question On My Mind

Mogsie is on street patrol. He does take his role very seriously, strolling up and down peering under cars and darting back and forth across the road hours he's been at it.

The question on my mind though is how on earth with the lifestyle he's got does he find time to keep his coat so glossy and trash free? It fair glows sometimes!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

He Understood, He Was A Cat!

"All the rest of that day and the night when everyone slept and I watched on from a distance the words rang in my head, I had to stop Purleans family from finding her.

I had no idea how I would achieve this but it seemed imperative that it happened. I could worry about that later, my biggest concern was how on earth was I to follow Ursa, The Darling, Darling, Leopold, Purlen and her little kittens across the sea.

Ursa had been busy getting everyone to collect wood and over the course of the night she'd fashioned a raft-cum-boat thing and since daylight had broken Bob had been loading it up with supplied gathered from the forest floor."

Theo, sat up, licked a paw his eyes wide and alert. "What did you do?"

I smiled back. "What us cats do best, I waited until no one was watching and then sneaked myself on, amongst the piles of hay they had gathered as bedding. I buried myself in deep and just prayed that I was still invisible to everyone. Little did I know they'd take another three days to get themselves completely sorted before we left for England. Lucky us cats are also creatures of great patience, although I did feel stiff keeping so still for so long"

Theo nodded, he understood, he was a cat!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

"Go On," He Said, "Tell Me What Happened Next, I'm Ready To Hear!"

It's been a lazy day but quiet enjoyable, the suns been out and so have I. No disturbances last night thankfully, I'd not seen Mosgie or George out but I'm sure if there was trouble over the road one of them would have come to let me know so I've been fairly relaxed.
It's nice to sleep in the window and I'd just woken up, I could smell food on the cooker when I heard a hello coming from behind me.

I turned and there smiling back at me was Theo.

"Go on," he said. "Tell me what happened next, I'm ready to hear!"

My Mummy

Today is something called Mothers Day. I heard my Daddies talking about it. One Daddy went to see his mummy when she now rests and my other Daddy went to the shop to get some flowers for his mummy.

Hearing all this talk about mummies made me a bit sad as I've not seen my mummy in such a long time and I miss her and my brothers and sisters.

Don't get me wrong I'm so glad I live here but I still miss them.

I then heard River sighing, laid out in Daddies arms in the window  and I turned to smile at her, that's when I realised.

I might not be with my birth mummy but I've got my own mummy right here, right under my nose. From the second I arrived here there she was, looking out and protecting me, my best friend and playmate. She'd cuddle up with me at every opportunity and when I longed for my mothers milk she offered herself up. It was comforting and I felt safe and loved and know she looks out for me and loves me more that I could ever have imagined.

Yes I've got my mummy right here with me now, and I love so love her.

Happy Mother's Day Mummy x

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Land Of Birds Were Coming To Offer Their Help And Assistance

The Wood Pigeons have just dropped by with some important news.

Flash has been spotted lurking over the back gardens. They said they noticed him yesterday slinking around. They said they'd heard I'd been having some issues with Foxy and Flash, word has gotten around and The Land of Birds were coming to offer their help and assistant.

I thanked them for their concern and asked if they wouldn't mind keeping me informed if they see or heard anything.

Tweetle, nodded and assured me that it was the least they could do and of course they would.

It's great to have friends there when you need them.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Surprise Midnight Snack

Ah bless Mogsie, sitting on top of his daddies car, having a doze. 

So no news on Flash or Foxy but I'm not going to disturb him to ask, he looks like he could do with the rest.

Guess he's been up all night again patrolling and protecting us. I must leave his some Dreamies out as a surprise midnight snack.