Friday 31 October 2014

Yes I'm Feeling Very Lucky

You know what, that River's not a bad sort at all, she keeps on giving me a clean and checking that I'm OK, yes' I'm feeling very lucky right now!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Nice To Meet You - I'm David-Shiro

Well, I never there I was having a little sleep at home when all of a sudden up I was picked straight into the arms of this great big strange man and a little dog came bounding in rubbing noses and licking me.

Was I dreaming all this? No it turns out I wasn't as after a while I was put in a box and put into a car. I've never even been in the garden before let alone a car, I could so have done with another couple of hours. 

I found the car to be a very relaxing experience and fell asleep only waking up to the sound of that dog taping on the box, begging to be let in.
Those two men where there so I felt safe, my old home had a dog so I'm used to them, this one is rather exuberant.
I had to put her in her place, oi you back of a bit and let me get my bearings. I think we'll be friends though she seems a friendly sort. 
I then got to go exploring. Um nice cushions, I think this will be my spot.
River, that's the dogs name, I heard the men call it a lot and apparently when you call her name you must laugh, that's what the men do.
Yes this will do. I think I'm going to like it here.

Oh silly me I forgot my manners, nice to meet you I'm David-Shiro

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday 30 October 2014

Magic Arrived, Now Fate Takes It's Seat

My Decision Made

What?! I was not expecting that question. I'm not sure what sort of a question I was expecting but a question of direction, really?

You mean to say that in order for me to move on I simply have to choose if I go left or right? 

It seemed impossible that my fate could be decided by such a simple question.

Yes, the voice laughed back;

As simple as choosing left or right. As simple as and important as a decision as you'll ever make, choose wisely little one for there is no going back once the decision is made, the direction of your life is set. You get to choose your fate, so feel carefully and answer decisively.

Feel carefully? What do you mean FEEL carefully?

If I was about to make a decision about the direction of my life I wanted to be as informed as possible.

Listen to yourself little cat. Feel to find your answer for that might just help you choose a direction that's right for you.

I was beginning to feel concerned. What is a made a wrong choice?

What lies in each direction?

There was a long pause before the voice spoke;

That I cannot tell you, even though once you move on from this place you will no longer remember even being here or anything we have talked about, as I said before no one does, so it would not matter what I said but where it does matter is right here, right now. Whatever I say might have an influence on your decision and that must not happen. I'm the guardian of The Place of Choice and as such I'm here to help guide and provide whatever answers I can BUT I cannot influence, the choice must be yours. So I pose the question once more Left? Or Right?

With no information how on earth could I make an informed choice? I couldn't clearly. Right I must listen to myself see if I can feel the best direction for me. Oh what lay ahead and why wouldn't I remember being here, it felt like such a very, very important moment and yet I'll never remember it, how can that be?

I suppose it doesn't matter how hard I try to work it out if fate had a plan for me well then I best just make a choice and stop fretting about it. I'll deal with whatever comes my way, I always have, The arrival of River, the trials of love with Mogsie, George and The Twins, The Lane of Bells, my passing and journey through, and back again, the Rainbow Tunnel with Troy Lamore and even facing The Curse and freeing The Queen of Catkind during The Game of Truth, I'd dealt with them all and I didn't know what I was doing then either. Right here goes, my decision made.

Left. I choose to go left!

The lights began to swirl and out of the myriad of colours a circle appeared with a beautiful light in the middle, I was mesmerised, I could a feel wind beginning to grow and another little white light buzzed around me and started to move in towards the light, I felt compelled to follow it then the voice spoke again;

Then enter my little friend and don't be scared, you are about to go on an amazing adventure, and I wish you luck.

I started to move forward almost in a trance, the light was so beautiful and I felt this was the right thing to do, the wind was now a roar all around me and the sound, oh the sound was so beautiful, like a thousand harps and chimes playing in harmony and I felt at peace....

....hang on a second, something the voice just said started to panic me and I turned back to where I had just come from;

Wish me luck what do you mean you wish me luck? 

The light exploded like a supernova all around me and I began to fall...

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Left? Or Right?

No I've not. 

I was quite indignant at being told I've done something or been somewhere when I know I've not.

The voice laughed.

Oh I can assure you, you have, no one remembers no matter how hard they try.

I scanned my memories, could a trick be being played on me? Was the voice telling me the truth, had I been here before? Nothing, not even the slightest ounce of familiarity.

Why does no one remember?

It's not something that's possible, the voice paused.

To remember, well let's just say there would be ramifications.

What do you mean ramifications?

I felt I was being fobbed off.

Things would not be as they should, as they are decided by each who passes this way. Fate would be cheated and that is not something that should happen.

My head was spinning.

What do you mean?

I said before there is a question that for you to move on from this place you must answer and only you can answer. It's a simple question and according to your answer your fate will be decided. 

My mind was racing, my fate will be decided, I felt very uneasy, he said there was nothing to worry about while I remained here, suddenly the thought of moving on didn't seem to appealing.

What if I just stay here? 

You can if you wish, many have. I've a feeling that you won't though, it takes courage to go into the unknown and I've a feeling you've got that in abundance but the choice is yours, as you wish.

This voice, this thing seemed to know me well, I might be scared but staying stuck in one place because of fear, well I might pause a while but it's never stopped me before. 

OK, here goes I thought;

I'm ready, what's the question?

The form in front of me changed position again and I felt a warmth spread all over me.

I wish you luck my friend. 

I believed the voice was genuine in it's wishes and prepared myself.

In order to move on from this place there are two pathways, one goes to the left, the other to the right, the question is which one will you decide to take. 

Left? Or Right?

Tuesday 28 October 2014

A Question

What do you mean this is The Place of Choice?

I'd had no idea where I'd been all this time, was everything leading up to this point, I had no idea? Nothing that had happened to me for so long had made sense and now here I was in this dark place, lights swirling all around me being told by a voice I was unfamiliar with that I was now at somewhere called The Place of Choice. Whatever next?

It's OK, there's nothing to worry about.

The voice boomed back at me as it continued to glow and change shape and colour.

This my friend is possibly the most important place you have ever been to.

Well I doubted that I'd been to the other side and back again and I think that was pretty important but I wasn't going to argue.

This is the place where you have free-will, nothing will restrict you, you are free to go whenever you so choose, you just have to answer one question and then you are free to go on your way.

One question? What you mean I can leave at any time, if I answer a question.

Oh yes my little friend, just one question that's all it takes for you to move on.

I was getting angry, all these riddles.

What is the place? Where am I? What's been happening to me all this time? I was told I was going on an amazing journey but this has been anything but amazing, it's been scary and confusing.

The voice laughed.

Ah, I see you have some questions of your own and I'll answer them best I can, infact I've already answered the first, this my friend is The Place of Choice and you've been here before, you just don't remember!

Sunday 26 October 2014

Hello, Who's There?

Hello, who's there? I called out.

I scanned the space trying to adjust my sight to locate where the voice was originating from.

Hello, I called again.

The lights slowed down and began to move towards each other. I could have been mistaking what my sight was showing me but a form seemed to be taking shape as the lights moved together in a cloud of colour, something still hidden within the blur, not quite clear.

Hello, I called again this time more hesitantly as I peered at the form made by the lights, trying to see through the blur.

A warm blast came from the lights towards me, wrapping itself all around me.

Hello, came a reply, I could feel my heart beating strong, pounding out, a drum display.

Welcome to the Place of Choice.

I stared at the form, I felt sick.

Friday 24 October 2014

And Then I Heard A Voice

Beautiful was an understatement. 

I was expecting everything to be brighter, inside the light at the end of the tunnel, but instead of finding the source of the white light that had been spilling out from within I found myself sounded by darkness illuminated by a thousand spinning lights moving closer towards me as if to take a peak and then dashing back, making way for another to get close.

I turned to look behind me but I could no longer see the tunnel, if this was indeed a doorway somewhere it was now firmly closed.

The lights were mesmerising, still singing their song of peace they spun in random and yet somehow interconnected patterns, coming together, moving apart, how I wished my previous silent companions were hear to enjoy the spectacle, after all they must have gone through something very similar to myself. 

I've no idea how long I was there looking and enjoying the light show, time as ever seems to be stretching and contracting, no time and all time at once.

I began to laugh, if this was to be where I was now trapped it was a much happier place than I'd been this past while, I wonder how long ago it was since I was at home, being here it didn't seem to matter anymore.

The more the lights spun, the more happy I became and the more happy I became the less self conscious I felt and I found myself dancing and spinning around.

Oh the joy of this place, such joy, I laughed out loud, and then I heard a voice;

And a place perhaps of magic too!

Thursday 23 October 2014

A Festival Of Lights

This is amazing.

So there I was somehow propelling myself forward towards the light at the end of this tunnel, nervous and unsure of what lay ahead but believing it had to be better than where I've been stuck all this time when I felt a rush of wind coming towards me.

The wind went right through me, I was bracing for it to knock me off my feet but it didn't it went right through me. Thinking about it I'm not even sure if I'm on my feet anyway then a high pitched noise like a thousand musical instruments playing a relaxing lullaby flowed from somewhere within the light.

I paused for a moment trying to work out if I knew the tune, it felt familiar and comforting but no it wasn't one I could recall. I sat there entranced by the music, it was so beautiful, I could have stayed there forever but no, that wasn't my plan and almost as soon as I remembered I was heading forwards I started to move again.

Then the best bit happened, out of the end of the tunnel, coming out from where the music originated came a string of white lights bursting like fireworks into reds yellows and blues, green dancing through purple, orange becoming pink, laughing away swirling all around me, singing to me.

An overwhelming sense of happiness and peace enveloped me and I smiled and moved closer. I know not where I've been and I know not where I'm going but something this beautiful surely can't be anything but good.

Wednesday 22 October 2014


Yes, YES! 

There's definitely something there in the light. I've been waiting and watching very closely, trying to feel what I see, to decipher, what's within and now, just now the pulsing grew brighter. A flash that nearly knocked me over, even though I'm not standing, coming right out from the other side with such a force, a force I've never felt before.

I must get closer, something is drawing me in. That's it I'm going in, wish me luck!

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Is Someone There?


HELLO! Is someone there?

I'm sure I can see something in the light, as I move nearer did I see a shadow passing in the light? It looked that way to me but as much as I call I get no responce.

Hello, can you hear me?


There is was again, just for a second I'm sure. I must get nearer still, excited and scared, I feel my heart pumping and my fir crackling. Here I go, softly.

Monday 20 October 2014

Darkness And Light

Yes moving closer does bring clarity. I'm not sure what I'm seeing in the light but something is sparkling, something is drawing me nearer.

Nearer brings darkness and light, or is the light just getting brighter the nearer I move to it. I'm not sure how I'm managing to move towards it, I feel lifted and drawn, enveloped. 

Hang on another second, why's it twinkling, is my sight playing tricks and it moves and shines like a water droplet dancing after a storm on a summers day?

Sunday 19 October 2014

Hang On A Second, What's That?

Hang on a second, what's that?

It looks like the tunnel at the bottom of my old road. Oh that tunnel, so many different places it took me to. I think I'm hallucinating, that or dreaming, surely it can't be real. In any instance what's that light coming at me from the far end.


No it's too far away but it's such a beautiful light. I wonder if I can get nearer to it, then I should be able to see what it is clearer.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Of That I Am Certain

Birds, birds all around me, flying in the sky, swooping and diving, calling out to me, calling my name but it's not a name I recognise, but it's me they are calling to of that I am certain. 

Why do they call such a strange name? Dream or foretelling I know not which.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

How I Would Love To Return To The Peace Garden

Ouch, that hurt. 

Boy it's getting cramped in here, cramped and hot, I wish someone would open a window, mind you I've no idea if there is even a window I still can't see anything although luckily my dreaming memories are as shape as ever.

I was back home in the garden, it was warm and I was enjoying a walk across the back fence, heading towards the Peace Garden and a nice sit up by the Swinging Heart of Love, oh how I would love to be able return to the Peace Garden now. It always was one of my favourite spots, lots of sun in the Summer, Nadia having a little chew on some of her favourite plants that Daddy tried so hard to grow. Yes such a lovely dream and so real, thanks companions, you may be trapped in here with me but please give me some room.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Dreams Can Come True

I'm hoping Gabrielle wasn't lying when she sang dreams can come true as I've been having some very vivid one's.

There I was back in the office, back home, trying my best to get Daddies attention. He was working away, and cry out as loud as I could, he just couldn't hear me. I even tried jumping onto his lap and then walking across his computer, as I used to do when he wouldn't pay me the attention I was calling out for but no reaction at all and I just couldn't work out why.

Then I turned and saw River sitting next to him just looking up at me and staring, surprised to see me there she went to open her mouth but before she could say anything someone next to me stretched into my space and woke me up and I found myself stuck here in this dark place and my heart sank. It was so great, even if just for a while, to have forgotten where I was and be back where I really wanted to be. Home!

Monday 13 October 2014

My Call Out To The Universe

Well I've had no response to my call out to my friends, to my call out to the universe but something is happening all the same.

I've been drifting in and out of sleep, I guess you'd call it, woken up by the ever expanding companions around me. I've still no idea what's with all that but things are definitely feeling more restricted around here, I try to make contact but nothing, no responses, I guess they are as trapped and helpless as I am.

Anyway as I was saying something is happening when I dream. Now dreams are so interesting, some are a way to help us understand underlying problems, some to make sense and release they daily goings on and some, and I'm hoping my ones fall into this category, some are to foretell. I'm hoping my fall within this category as I keep on picturing home and blue skies peaking through grey storm clouds, mind you even if they are metaphoric that's gotta be good right?

Friday 10 October 2014

Can You Hear Me?


Is anyone there?

Can anyone hear me?


I don't know where I am but I keep on seeing you, I keep on seeing home so I don't think you can be so far away.

Please help me. Please come and find me.

Oh hear me please. PLEASE!

Thursday 9 October 2014

I'm So Far From Home And There's Nothing I Can Do

I've been so worried about what I saw, George and the moving van. 

The shock broke my concentration and I've been trying ever since to get my vision back. I've made some progress and have managed to locate Catworld but I haven't been able to locate anyone, not George, not Mogsie, not Sarah or the Twins, not anyone. Nothing!

It's wrenching at me not knowing what's going on. I'm so far from home and there's nothing I can do I do hope he managed to get away. Oh I so want to go home, I'm missing everyone so much, this is torture.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

And I Cry Out In Horror

Overwhelming, overwhelming, the Wood Pigeons have opened something up in me I can see, I can feel things that are not here with me now and I cry out in horror NO!

What I see I do not like, George, I see George and he's sitting under a van, not any old van a removal van! Step back from the van George, step back, turn and run, run for your freedom, run anywhere but there, RUN!

I Heard The Wood Pigeons

Scared I may be but there's no stopping me now, not after I heard the wood pigeons calling out.

So there I was concentrating on settling my fears when I saw a fluttering in the orange. I couldn't be too sure what I was seeing to begin with but I focused as much as I could, a sense of the familiar was coming to me and believe you me familiar equals comforting.

The fluttering continued, dark shadows across the sky of my mind, one then two, settling for a moment or two and then moving around and then clear as polished glass I heard the sound of a Wood Pigeon calling. 

My heart cried and slumped instantly, these weren't just any old Wood Pigeons, these voices were so very familiar to me, these were the Wood Pigeons that live in Catworld.

If only I could have moved I would have jumped up with joy, I almost didn't want to believe it as if I was wrong the fall would have been so great but now I see a sign, a way home! My powers grow stronger with confidence.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

And Then All Of A Sudden

For ages I just concentrated on the light on the horizon, loving the opportunity to see colour's so vividly, just like I used to, then all of a sudden a shifting around me distracted me and I lost concentration, searching my mind trying to understand what was going on.

My soft companions trapped in this void started moving, I felt their shapes making different patterns on my form, I began to panic. I've been wanted so much for things to change and then when they did I felt afraid. I've become used to my prison, my holding cell and it wasn't until things did start to change and to move that I suddenly felt safe where I was, I thought I was ready but I wasn't. Then things settled down once more and I felt safe again, I don't think I'm ready to go yet, I wasn't prepared.

Waiting to make sure the movement was over was agony, never sure if at any moment I would be propelled somewhere more perilous than here, and I hardly dared move myself in case it started it all off again for now I do have some movement, albeit limited.

When I was certain I was staying put I started to concentrate again, trying to find that bright light but it was gone, replaced however by an even brighter orange hue drawing me in, drawing me closer, like a sunset bursting through the clouds. How I wanted to go into the light but just like opposing magnets my fear wouldn't let me. I must find my brave if ever I am to escape from here.

Monday 6 October 2014

Well I Had To Wait A While

Well I had to wait a while but I think I've been heard.

For ages nothing, just silence and then somewhere off in the distance of my mind a bright crack appeared, orange light spilling through and shining some warmth on me. I felt those around me move and settle again, still they grow, still we grow, in size.

I tried squinting to see if I could make out what was coming at me but that's just futile, I still cannot feel my eyes, everything I'm seeing must be in my mind even though it feels so real, I just don't know how I know it's real but it is.

Saturday 4 October 2014

To Get Myself Noticed And Pitch An Idea

So now my task in hand is clearly laid before me, to get myself noticed and pitch an idea to get me to where I'm heading. I'm prepared, the question is will they take a leap of faith and follow my stitch?

Right here goes deep breath as I send my plan out into the universe.

Send them a link, yes I'm talking to you! Curious yet, the next moves a clue?

Interested yet? I've stories to tell, one leads her heaven and him down to hell. 

The third is a chance but something is lost, surely's the lady, the price a high cost!

Next move is yours, direct message send? To listen to stories about the Eastend.

But This is My Way

A new beginning, that's where I'm leading myself, leaving the past behind, remembering the lessons I've learnt, following this path.

I'm prepared now, I've done my research, although I know I still have a lot to learn.

If I can show my voice, if I can get myself noticed, those in charge might just will be curious enough to listen to what's inside me, to the possibilities, and be open to hearing an unconventional approach, no matter what rules may bind and where time may say no.

It may not be a usual way but this is my way, following stitches as I go and leaving a few of my own.

Inexperienced & Unconventional I May Be

Inexperienced and unconventional I may be at this but I'm trying to find my way.

If I can get the attention of those in charge maybe they might be open to seeing what I have to offer, my idea's, my own storyline as I search for the opportunity to present them to the world and find my place, or at least get advice, to find my own end of the rainbow. My passions takes me East to search out the End.

And maybe find a new beginning?

Happy Birthday?

It comes close but it hides itself, to me it's seen, unravelling as it goes, things getting clearer as it moves into the light. Follow it I will and see where it leads. 

For some reason a tune keeps replaying in my head, it's not an uncommon ode, probably the worlds most sung song but quite why it now holds such resonance, I know not but it keep on replaying, telling a story. It's been there a while and at this time it's a mystery for me, I hear it of old and I hear it sung with the fresh cords of dawn.

Happy birthday? A stitch to be picked up? A clue? Um...Agatha Christie get your hat and get the attention of those in charge!

Friday 3 October 2014

My Escape Route

I think my waiting has paid off and I've seen a way forward, my escape route from this place.

I and my silent companions are still growing I can feel it in myself and those around me although there's still no contact being made from anyone. Warmth is surrounding me and making it easier for me to drift in and out of sleep and during my rested moments I keep on getting an image in my mind that grows stronger each time I shut off,

It looks like a purple ball of some kind. Quiet what it means I have no idea but it's been getting clearer and closer and my catty powers are telling me to follow it wherever it goes, it's the best chance that's presented itself to me so far and I have very few options so follow it I will although quite how I'm going to achieve that is also a mystery to me.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

He Always Showed Me The Way

Again, I find my thoughts switched back to George, my dear, dear friend. He always showed me the way and I could do with his help now as something is definitely happening here.

I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming it but now I'm sure, I seem to be getting bigger. I don't know how but every few moments I can feel a swelling and not just in me but in my silent companions stuck with me here, there's less room that there was.

I've tried to call out to them but no sound would come, the only sound I seem to have in this sound in my mind. Constant talking to myself is keeping me sane, I think, and at least things are changing which gives me hope that along with the changes going on around me and within me that maybe an escape route is possible too.

I've just got to wait until it presents itself, yes patiently wait until my time comes and I can free myself from this place, which is not the sort of adventure I was promised.