Monday 30 June 2014

A Wide Birth

Well Doublay didn't come back and after about an hour the lighter Naughty Twin decided enough was enough, stood up, stretched and walked off, not even looking backwards. 
However Doublay must have caught up with Chameleon as I've just seen him crossing the road and although he's still making his presence felt he was certainly giving me a wide birth.

Thanks Doublay.

There's Nothing Like A Cat

Thank goodness the rains stopped and the cats are out to play, Doublay and the lighter Naughty Twin were both going for a stroll and I was able to call Doublay over. I wasn't sure what to say to the lighter Naughty Twin knowing what I know now about his/her challenging situation but luckily she still can't see me so there was nothing that could have been given away by my face.

Anyway I told Doublay what happened yesterday with Chameleon making a break-in to our back garden and his face said he was not happy. 

I suspected this might happen, he said, give him an inch and he takes a mile but don't worry Lil' I'll deal with this and off he walked.

As he was walking off he asked the lighter Naughty Twin to stick around for a while to make sure that if Chameleon turned up when he was gone that she could report back directly to him what happened and it gave me a chance to try to communicate with her.

I say try because as much as I called her name she didn't react but it was nice to have her around and for a while I just sat next to her listening to the sound of her breathing. I've missed the close company of my cat friends, dogs and humans are great but there's nothing like a cat!

Sunday 29 June 2014


OMG this is getting out of control.

Everyone was settled down in front of the TV for the evening when all of a sudden there was a great big bang on the fence that made everyone jump.

Look, screamed Daddy before we all ran up the back of the room and looked out into the garden to see Chameleon slinking his way up towards the Peace Garden before jumping over the back wall. I've been seeing him pace up and down the road tonight but I had no idea he would be brazen enough to come into the garden. This is being reported back to everyone tomorrow, oh dear this really is getting out of hand.

What Went Down

Chameleon has just come by, demanding his Dreamies. 

I thought that Doublay had managed to sort him out a bit, you know got him to calm down and stop walking around like king of the hill, but as I've not seen Doublay since his *clears throat* conversation with Chameleon on Friday so I've not managed to catch up with exactly what went down.

The trouble is I've still not managed to master moving things yet and so was a bit stuck as to what to say. Thinking about it, it was a bit of a fatal flaw in my part of the plan.

I wasn't scared but did what Daddy does when he's trying to avoid people who come calling unannounced and ducked down out of sight. I do hope he didn't see me, there's no way I want him thinking I'm scared of him. 

Friday 27 June 2014

Dance With The Devil

Oh dear what have we done, dance with the devil and the devil dances with you. I'm beginning to regret getting Chameleon involved in our plans as he now seems to be thinking that he can throw his weight around here. 
He's just walked bold as brass right across Tony's lawn, right under Mogsie and Twizzles window, dirty looked the darker Naughty Twin and walked right up the side of the house as if to go into his back garden.

He then walked right over here, looked into the window and grinned.
Luckily Doublay spotted him and as he passed he just looked up and said;

Don't worry Lil', I'll sort this.
And followed him up C's pathway.

I couldn't see what was going on but could hear a heated exchange of words. I wasn't the only one, River, coming back from her walk tried to run up the path to get at them both. That would have broken up the row but luckily Daddy had a tight grip on her. 

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

He Said

Doublay has just popped by, he said, to explain himself. He said he saw me looking at him and Mogsie having a bit of a to-do yesterday and he didn't want me to worry. It was a tactic, he said, to try to ingratiate himself with Chameleon after his fight with him last week.  

I asked him if Mogsie was in on it and he said that he was. That brought me great relief, all long as Mogsie is in on a plan then they have my full support.

I asked why he needed to ingratiate himself with Chameleon again and he said there was two reasons. The first to keep him and Foxy Lectar onside the second was because he was going to need Chameleons help again really soon.

I asked him why and he said because we were going to need his muscle. I asked him what for and he looked me straight in the eye;

I think you know why Lil'!

I knew what he was talking about but wanted confirmation that I wasn't making assumptions.

The curse?

Yes. The curse!

Thursday 26 June 2014

All Part Of A Greater Plan

I think there must be a full moon coming everyone is acting very strange tonight, first Sarah gets into floor licking and now Doublay has just tried to pick a fight with Mogsie. 

Last week he was at Chameleon and now Mogsie, it just doesn't make sense but I trust them both, Mogsie has proven it time and time again and Doublay well he's been picked by Troy Lamore so instantly gets trustworthy status, maybe it's all part of a greater plan that I have no idea about, luckily M was around to stop it getting out of hand.

Acting Very Strangely

Sarah is out the front and has been acting very strangely, sniffing and licking the ground. I know it's not because she is hungry, M feeds her a veritable banquet. what is she up to?

Oh My Head Hurts, I Think I Need a Doctor

All night it's been going over and over in my mind what the darker Naughty Twin said.

The Queen of Catkind is awakening, the time is coming as is her curse. All of Catkind has waited so long for this time, the time that our Queen comes back, she's been lost so long and so very far away, lost because of a wrong choice made. Lost because another wanted power and that greed had turned them mad. So many years she's been gone and our Queen has been missed, but it never crossed my mind that when she came back, which had always been foretold, that she would bring that curse with her. 

So much now made sense, Catkind really was in peril and somehow we were all involved in what was to happen and what had happened, we must be with all the information given out by Troy Lamore.

I'm pretty much camping out next to the Easter Island Head now waiting for LUM to speak. It's too late to stop the inevitable but if I get any clues as to when she's coming then it'll be worth the wait.

Poor Naughty Twins, something he only just didn't do affecting him and therefore his brother/sister all of their lives and yet it's only just happened, thank goodness I paid attention to those shows that Daddy watches about how time can be rewritten. Oh my head hurts, I think I need a Doctor! 

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Things Will Leak Out And Things Would Change Before And Forever And You May Never Know!

The darker Naughty Twin has just come by and called out my name.

I've been waiting for him to get it together enough for him to come and talk to me and was it worth the wait!

Lil', he called, LIL'!

I was inside anyway and as it's such a clement day the windows are all open so I could hear him very easily.

Lil' I need to talk to you, now!

I wasn't needing telling twice and jumped out the front window and sat next to him I'd been waiting for ages. He just stared at me like I was a curiosity, I can't deny it hurt but I'm sure no malice was intended, let's face it if I came face to face with me after what happened I think I'd have to swallow twice.

I should have come earlier and it's all my fault.

What is? I asked, if only I could have put a paw on his shoulder I would have.

I was warned it would happen if I didn't follow my instructions exactly and I didn't Lil' I let fear of seeing you make me scared and now I've caused a terrible thing to happen.

I didn't know what to say his face told a story of panic and realisation and acceptance all at the same time

Lil' I was told to come and tell you about LUM the day that I heard that an alliance was being proposed by Catworld. 

Who told you this?

Troy Lamore, he told me I would be able to see and hear you and I have for a long time I've just been too scared to come and speak to you and I'm sorry, it can't have been very nice for you.

That's OK, I reassured him there's no point in going over all that and I've been scared of things so can understand where he's coming from.

Troy came to me three times;

I settled down to listen to the times they'd had before but that idea was put paid to for the moment.

He said it was absolutely vital that THE DAY I heard about the alliance I must give you the message that my sister passed on to you. LUM is trying to contact you but it's not easy apparently and you needed to be on alert straight away and I mucked up that opportunity and I was told that if you weren't on watch out straight away things would leak out and things would change before and forever and you may never know!

What do you mean things will leak out and things would change before and forever and you may never know?

Lil' have you never questioned me and my sister?

Questioned you in what way?

LIL' have you never questioned why sometimes we are girls and sometimes we are boys?

It was like someone had hit me right in the forehead with an ice cube. I turned to look at the darker Naughty Twin and nodded

I don't know why I've not really questioned that before, yes I've been confused sometimes but I thought that was me.

Lil' it's like I remember being a boy and being a girl both at the same time, my sister is the same but she's not questioned it and nor would I have but I met Troy Lamore.

My head was spinning all over the place, what on earth was happening? I felt like I was trying to look through water and everything was clear but blurred at the same time.

But I'm confused it's always been like that.

Yes, he replied, all my life and I've never questioned it!

In a strange way it made sense, something would happen if he didn't pass on the message and he didn't and it certainly falls within the change category and the before and you may never know are both ticked off, that only leaves the forever but that's yet to happen.

I turned to look at the darker Naughty Twin.

Tell me everything Troy said about LUM.

He said when LUM talks the time is coming, the time that SHE awakes, the time that Catkind has been waiting for, the time that Catkind should fear the most. The time is coming Lil', the Queen of Catkind is coming.

Why fear, it's great news she's been lost for so long.

Lil' the Queen does not come alone. The Queen returns with her curse and that we should all fear.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

The Rest Of The Day

Well it's been a busy old day. Sarah popped around this morning and it's looking like she's given birth now herself, her figure has sprung right back into shape instantly, cats yoga for you! 

I was distracted from her when River decided she was going to rip up all the wrapping paper, Daddy encourages her but is a tease giving it to her and then taking it back. Red suits her!

Of course she got herself all excited and went outside and tried to engage Nadia in a game of push you by my head but luckily daddy discovered her in time and distracted River just long enough for Nadia to make a clean break for it.

We was all sitting outside when I heard the door bell go and some men turned up with a very large item. Oh what a fuss they made when they saw the washing machine they had to take away. Oh we've not had a heavy one like that for a while. Swallow it up boys I;ve seen Daddies face, the old one is going with you.

The sun was out most of the morning and I wanted to spend as much of it as I could with Daddy.

Just as River had settled down the Daddymummy turned up with her friend and that little dog Izzy. I was pleased to see her as she and River do get on and it would provide enough of a distraction for me to jump on Daddies lap and just sit with him as he chatted. If only he knew I was there I think he would have liked it.


and some more tomfollery

Yes it was an afternoon of tomfollery, even the Daddymummy got in on the act and turned Pele

We diod get a few minutes peace when they went and then Disappears Daddy turned up beep, beeping and brought River to a frenzy again.

They all had fish and chips. Oh how I miss the taste of fish, I can imagine it of course but that's no substitute for a tasty bit of cod. Never again.

Afterwards the sun finally faded and was replaced by the drip drop of rain. Daddy said how he used to stand at this door as a child and just listen to the sound, longing to be out there but enjoying the sound it made. I can see what he means it is rather peaceful.

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

The Power Of Love

You know what I really did totally mis-read Olive when she first joined Catworld, either that or the power of love from Daddies friend GT has sprinkled all over Olive and turned her into a softy. 

She's so totally not what she first seems, yes she's a tough woman, well good, but behind that snarl and attitude glinting in her eyes she really is very thoughtful and not evil at all, she's even remembered Daddies birthday and sent him a little greeting.

Loving, kind Olive, not Evil Olive anymore!

It Would Have Been My Birthday 3 Days Ago

Another day here in Catworld and the sun's shining again. Chameleon is up and about early creeping around over Mogsie and Twizzles, what he's up to I've no idea my minds on other things?

It's Stay Daddies birthday today and it suddenly hit me, it would have been my birthday three days ago I would have been 12! I'll no longer have birthdays and experience the build up and excitement of the day, the fuss that the Daddies always used to make of me all day, it's all now a thing of the past. Special treats, extras handfuls of Dreamies and some present that I'll look at once and never touch again, bless them they did always used to try and get me excited but us cats have other ways in which we like to celebrate the day we came into the world.

A lay in the sun, some peace and quiet and maybe gorging ourselves on our favourite treats before a cuddle up in the evening. 

All of that's in my past now and maybe it's a condition of going to the other side that you just don't remember the day again. Daddy must have as he's been looking at some photo's of me this morning and smiling a little but he looks sad too, we've spent so many together and now no more. It's making me a little sad as well but I'm sitting as close to him as I can, would be easier of course if River wasn't running all over him back and forth, still she's got her eye on Chameleon, and as we know she's so easily distracted!

Monday 23 June 2014

Great Joy! Great Joy!

Great joy! Great joy! A new little kitten has been welcomed into the Catworld family. Daddy just had a look at a picture and it's a little kitten called Heidi who has decided to adopt the Daddies friend who lives by the sea.

Welcome Heidi. Great joy! Great joy!

Sunday 22 June 2014

It's All Go Here!

I've just heard M and Daddy talking in the front garden and M told Daddy that Doublay and Chameleon had a horrendous 45 minute fight on her garage roof this morning.

Well he's certainly over it now as he's running all across the road trying it on with Sarah, oh yes and the lighter Naughty Twin has had her kittens. It's all go here!

Bi-Passed That Opportunity

I've just seen Doublay acting very suspiciously.
Another beautiful day here in Catworld and the cats are up and running this morning when out of the corner of my eye I spotted Doublay creeping up behind George. I thought he was going to make him jump and sat back waiting for the laugh but bi-passed that opportunity and making sure George wasn't disturbed went up the side of the house and over the garage. What's he up to, that wasn't behaviour I was expecting to see?

Still With Kittens

Nope still with kittens I see.

Saturday 21 June 2014

A One-Off Alliance

Events sometimes moves very quickly around here.

Chameleon just turned up and what surprised me was he sat patiently waiting at the bottom of Mogsie and Twizzles pathway until Doublay turned up before hiding himself under R's car.

They chatted back and forth for a couple of minutes before Chameleon ran off up the road, looking around to make sure no one else was watching him.

Doublay then came over and told me that the plan was a goer and that Foxy was on board.

I asked him what he meant and he said that Chameleon had gone back to Foxy Lectar and spoken to him about our little problem and a deal had also been struck with him to leave meat out three times a week and to be allowed safe passage through Catworld whenever he wanted and he would break in and wreck the house, we just had to give him half an hours notice.

This was to be a one-off alliance Foxy had said and for us not to think we were all now going to be having jamboree's together.

Well I can live with that. I suppose it's a more guaranteed solution having him on board right front he beginning as opposed to trying to trick him into helping us.

Oh I'm excited this plan is coming together nicely!

Trying Desperately

Sarah's suffering has continued most of the day back and forth she's been going, trying desperately to find any shade she can to get rested in. 
I'm assuming her house is too hot or too busy for her at the moment to be able to get any peace and as I've not seen the lighter Naughty Twin all day I must admit to wondering, maybe the kittens are on their way?

Itchy Sarah?

Phew it's turned into a right hot day, not only is it the longest day of the year it's also turning out to be the hottest and poor Sarah seems to be suffering in this heat, in the condition she's in. Itchy Sarah?

A Deal Had Been Struck - A Small Price To Pay

It's very early and we've all been up for hours. Disappears Daddy has been suffering with a bad case of the hay fever and woke us all up but it was OK because Stay Daddy said he wanted to get to the shops early as he needed a handle for the downstairs toilet, he's been in there all week paint brush in hand but I've been keeping out of it, I must pop in there when he's finished and see what he's been upto.

Anyway this getting up malarkey wasn't a bad thing as I saw something very interesting occurring over the road, Doublay and Chameleon were in deep conversation. Back and forth the words went and at one time it looked like it was going to be getting out of hand as Doublay looked furious and for once Chameleon seemed to be listening.

Anyway after Chameleon walked off Doublay came running over and said to me that Chameleon was in with out plan, a deal had been struck to get Foxy to go and cause some ciaos in George's house to put off the new people from buying the property and hopefully everyone can stay. We have to get him Dreamies on a regular basis and leave them out the front of our properties. A small price to pay for the gang to stay together.

Friday 20 June 2014

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

Do my eyes deceive me? No I don't think they do, oh Sarah what have you done, another expectant mummy!

Thursday 19 June 2014

The Cheek Of Him!

I've been trying to catch hold of George all day to see if he knows what's occurred with The New Cat Crew and if he knows what's happened with Flash and just as he appears so does Chameleon.

George was just having a little bathe in the last of the days sun when Chameleon bowled up and tried to stare his out. George of course was having none of it and hissed at Chameleon just as he was about to start to walk up the pathway towards him.

Chameleon paused and I thought for a moment there was going to be a fight but he must have thought better of it and backing down returned the way he came, glancing over in my direction as he left as smiled.

The cheek of him!

Wednesday 18 June 2014

I'm The Daddy Now!

I was up in the window watching the lighter Naughty Twin trying to settle on C's lawn when up walked Chamelon.
He staring straight in the window and called out.

Hey Lil' I hear you need my help with a little something, a little something involving Foxy Lectar. You want my help you better be good to me.

The lighter Naughty Twin was watching all this her head going back and forth between Chameleon and the window where I was sitting a shocked look on her face.

Yes, MY help Lil', he laughed, I'm now the Daddy now! I'll be in touch, verrrrryyyyy soon.

And with that off he walked a confident swagger and a smiling face. What on earth has happened to Flash?

What Does It All Mean?

The Naughty Twins have been deep in conversation for most of this afternoon. I'm not sure exactly what they are talking about but they keep on speaking for a bit, one or both of them then looks over this way and then they huddle back together chit chatting away.

I'm not paranoid they are definitely saying something about me and I'm sure it's to do with the message that the lighter Naughty Twin passed on yesterday.

I've been out to the Easter Island Head and just sat there looking at him for ages but nothing. The LUM sound that's I've been hearing on and off for the past couple of years has definitely been coming from him but what does it all mean?

Tuesday 17 June 2014

I Totally Trust Him - OMG!

Both Doublay and the lighter Naughty Twin had been trying to get my attention tonight but every time I went to get near River started shouting and barking at them out the window and in the end Daddy closed the blinds just to get some peace.

River of course got fed up at that and started throwing her toys around the room but they both seemed so determined to speak to me that I ran outside and caught Doublay just as he was walking off.
It was lovely to see him,  now that I know that he's been on our side all the time and had an endorsement from Troy I totally trust him.

He called the lighter Naughty Twin over to join us, she still can't communicate with me then, such a shame we grew to be pretty close. I asked Doublay to pass on my best and asked when her kittens were due. He told her what I said and she said that it really should be any day now and that she couldn't wait, she was really beginning to suffer with the heat and just couldn't get comfy anywhere.

I asked him to pass on my love and she smiled when he told her, I smiled back even if only Doublay would know.

He then said to tell me what the darker Naughty Twin had said to her.

He said he's got a message to pass on but he's still too freaked out to come and see me on his own yet but it's of upmost importance that I listen out at the moment as someone else is going to try to communicate with me and I need to be aware of it. He said he was told that when an alliance with Foxy Lectar was made, something he said that he thought would never happen, that the time was coming. He didn't understand at that time but he said he did now, he understood he didn't really need to understand just make sure I got the messages exactly as he was told.

I turned to Doublay. Can you ask her if she knows who?

He asked and she shrugged her shoulders, and said she was told just one word by her brother.


Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side