Friday 31 August 2012

I May Be Confused But I'm Not Stupid

I think that they think that I'm stupid.

 Daddydaddy is playing some weird game with me tonight.

Daddydaddy is feeding me Dreamies. Now I know this is not normal behaviour and as much as I like them I have approached the eating of them with caution.  It's usually me that teasing him and me being ignored, tonight he's feeding me my treats happily. I'm confused at what his plan is, I shall be keeping a close eye on him, I don't think he is to be underestimated.

Once he had finished the Daddymummy started feeding them to me. Now I do know what's behind this as stay daddy called across to her that I might come to her if she feeds me some Dreamies.

OK I'll walk near her but I won't go near. I'm a man's cat me and a man's cat I'll stay. There's only ever been two woman I go to, S one of the daddies friends and Nanny but I've not seen her for a long long time. I miss her I do wonder where she went?

Winding up the Daddydaddy

One of the daddies parents have come over to visit them today.  I always enjoy their visits it's a chance for me to have a bit of fun.

The Daddymummy always calls me to go over and get a stroke and just like with The Girl I ignore her, this never puts her off though.  I shall have some fun with that little trick later.

My second lump of fun is with the Daddydaddy. Now I have been informed that he's not particularly partial to us cats, what's all that crap about, so I take great delight in rubbing up against him. However his response is different to that of The Boy. When I do that to him I get a big stroke, with the Daddydaddy I just get blanked and a growning kinda of noise. Still I like trying to wind him up, the best fun to be had is just when he's a bit tired. *Giggles*

Three minutes after they arrived Mogsie appeared. He seems to be standing guard on their car. I can only think he's heard a rumour that there could be an attack on it from the Naughty Twins or someone as he's peering intently down their way. He does look after me.

Thursday 30 August 2012

Bella The Myth

For a while the daddies have occasionally talked about some other cat they call Bella.

Now this Bella must be a mysterious one because I've lived her two years and I've never seen her. Some things do appear to back up the myth that she exists. According to the daddies she lives with George, Emma, Sarah and The Naughty Twins. Apparently she's got the look of George about her so that may mean that there is a family collection. Apart from those tipbits very little is known about her, well by me or the daddies that is.

However putting this very limited knowledge together I think I may have identified the cat that is quite happy sitting on my rockery and ignoring the calls of R from across the road to move, as Bella. I shall have to do some more investigating about this one, if she's decided to be so brazen I think I may have trouble on my hands.

Now That's More Like It

Thank god that's over. The daddies are much less pre-occupied today and there's time for me.

I'm getting my usual morning ritual underway of touching daddy as he sits at the table until he gives me attention. It's being heaped upon me this morning, now that's much more like it.

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Mogsie Foiled?

The daddies have been ensconced in the kitchen for the past couple of days although all activity seems to have stopped now. Consequence of this I've been left to my own devises and have chosen to spend the time catching up on my sleep.

I've woken up just in time though to see a Naughty Twin outsmart Mogsie.

Mogsie was happy sitting on his lawn having  his afternoon clean when he was approached by one of the Naughty Twins, wanting a chase.

Up Mogsie got and ran after him but the Naughty Twin already had his exit planned and ran through Tiny's gate. I must admit it was a clever plan to. The thing is Mogsie is so much bigger and the gap between the bars were too small. He's sitting there now waiting, can it really be that Mogsie has been foiled?

Monday 27 August 2012

Magic Is Coming

I've just ventured back into the kitchen as it all seemed a bit quiet in there and I thought it might be safe. I looked up and WOW. Love what's been discovered.

My catty powers are heightened again, I can feel it this is a sign. Magic is coming.

Pulling Teeth?

Me and Nadia have been keeping out of the daddies way today. Nadia has retreated the furthest she possibly can from them and is hiding in the corner of the downstairs toilet and I've been asleep upstairs most of the afternoon.

Usually these kind of creative ventures start out a good idea and end with a feeling of success tinged with a slight tension in the air with lots of cigarette smoking, although today seems to be a happy affair. Should have stayed where I was. I was only down one minute venturing into the kitchen to see what they were up to and got gunked.

For some reason they have been spending the afternoon with, what looks like to me, pulling paper off the kitchen wall. Well I'm sure that's what it is although daddy is insistent it's like pulling teeth. I wish they'd just stop looking at me and get this off my back I don't want to touch it.

Sunday 26 August 2012

Familiarity Does Breads Contempt

Familiarity does bread contempt. I had to chase one of the Naughty Twins off the garden this afternoon and it took me further out the front than I'd been before.

I actually ventured into the road. Now this is a place I've not been to before. I always have been told not to go out there because of the cars but as it was a Sunday and the roads been quiet I thought as I was nearly there anyway it was now or never.

Mogsie was sitting on his lawn having a little tidy up and our eyes locked for a moment of two before I came back in. I decided on the coyness routine.

However what's my reward? A visit about an hour later where he demonstrated his intentions by looking eye contact with me and then crapping on our rockery. Charming.


Great Minds

Looks like great minds think alike. Mogsie looks pretty fine in profile as well, this morning light really suits him, very flattering.

The Doctor & A Daddy

I love just hanging out with daddy on a sunny Sunday morning like this one.

The world is beginning to wake up, even though we've been awake for hours. The windows open and I'm sitting watching the world happen, might go for a walk later. Looks like C is going for a little pace around and the Running Lady has just called out hello to her as she's run up the road. No other cats around to bother me this morning so I can just sit and tune out hanging with The Doctor and a daddy.

Saturday 25 August 2012

The Homecoming

The daddies have been out tonight, I'm so glad they're home.

Although I miss then when they aren't here I love it when they come home and I get bet best strokes and daddy gets to see my most loving and pretty face. It's always a lovely time, the daddy with his arm on my shoulder, me making softest fur magic and occasionally giving his arm or hand a lick kiss. The homecoming is always a special time.


Knew it!

I was just settling down for a little nap when I heard my back window and door going. Now the wind does not make it make that noise so I knew something was going on. I ran out to see the darker Naughty Twin coming in.

So this morning he first tried to come in the front and now the back. Oh no, that is not going to happen. Uh uh *clicks paws*

If it takes me to pin him up between the trampoline and the fence, give him a telling off and scare him so he runs for cover on the shed roof, then that's what it takes.

I can take care of myself, don't take me for a pushover, I can hold my ground. I don't want this to change how things have been going recently though, I'm just not sure how I should handle things going forward.

A Bit Of A Quandary

I seem to be in a bit of a quandary.

Recently I've been having tentative contact with the rest of Catworld. Some of this to do with the trouble we've been having from the intruders and some of it because I've been listening to what the daddies have been saying about needing to integrate with the outside world a bit more.

I guess I have spent a fair amount of time isolating myself since Evie and Smokie went, but the trouble is getting a balance between being friendly and inviting over friendliness.

Emma's been calling by recently and although we don't say much I don't mind sitting near her just watching the world go by, we had a nice little sit this morning and I'm coming around to daddies way of thinking that she is actually a nice girl.

George also dropped by and although I'm still being a bit standoffish with him I do worry about his eye, it's still weeping. He's not wearing the eye patch I left out but I guess that's his choice.

The problem at the moment seems to be lying with the Naughty Twins. As daddy was unloading the car this morning with all the bags the darker one actually tried to come in the open front door. Daddy called him before he got too close so I didn't have to deal with it myself but there's been a few times recently when one or other of them have tried to enter and this is not something I wish to encourage.

So now you seem my dilemma, I really don't want my friendliness to be misconstrued as an open invitation to come on in.

Friday 24 August 2012

Oh No Sugar, Any Room Over There?

The daddies have been out with The Boy and The Girl today and I don't know where they've been or what they've been up to but they've come back kind of mad.

First of all they all ended up lighting a fire in the garden and cooking food on it, which on it's own is fine, hey I even was out there with them for a while playing around in the Peace Garden and having a look over the back wall. However when it started to rain common sense dictated that you come indoors, I did, they didn't preferring to sit out in the pouring rain continuing with what they were doing.

Then when they did eventually come in disappears daddy ate sugar. This is always a recipe for disaster. Lots of shouting, punching between The Girl and daddy, jumping up and down on the settee and general noise. In the end even though stay daddy and The Boy were giving me lots of attention and strokes I couldn't bear it and decided to retire to the office, the one place I knew I would be safe today.

Out the window I could see Emma, Sarah and a Naughty Twin sitting on Mogsie and Twizzles path. Even though it was still a little drizzly I was very tempted to go and join them just to escape the ciaos downstairs. It's nice to see the darker Naughty Twin back, I've been wondering where he's been. Any room over there?

Thursday 23 August 2012

Ultimate Comfort

The most comfortable place in the world right now, the crook of daddies leg.

Who's The Cat & Who's The Mouse?

I'm not sure who's the cat and who's the mouse in this game daddy and me seem to be playing today.

He's sticking to what he said after the diet coke incident and firmly shutting the office door after him. Three times he's come out this morning and three times I've snuck in.

First time I got a stroke and thought ahh made it as he put me on my chair. Stupidly I hadn't learnt my lesson form the other day and I stood up for a little bit more and was promptly ejected.

Second time I snuck in he fooled me by going downstairs into the biscuit tin. I stupidly followed him thinking he was done for the day. When I turned around he was gone and I heard the door shut, with me on the wrong side.

Us cat's are smart, he knew I wouldn't fall for the same trick so soon so I knew if I followed I must at least get something to keep me there and bingo a handful of Dreamies to keep me occupied while he crept upstairs.

Now gotta think, what do I want next?

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Morning Yoga

Well after nearly been run over by the daddies this morning as they pulled out in their car it's nice to see the Naughty Twin is recovering with some morning yoga and stretching. He really must be more careful we've only got 9 lives and I'm not sure if this one was used up or not.

I wonder where the other one is I've not seen him for a few days?

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Right & Wrong

Yep I was right and wrong. Right about the Naughty Twin, wrong about Sarah.

He was planning trouble all along, although Mogsie has taken control of the situation and is now keeping watch over the road to ensure peace reigns.

Daddy went out to pick up disappears daddy and it began to kick off just before they came back. The Naughty Twin went over onto the next house's garden and started playing around with the flowers. Now everyone knows you leave AM's garden alone. He spends a lot of time and care on it and it always looks beautiful. When we first moved here I can remember daddy sitting me down and telling me the rule that I must not ever do anything to it. I could use our garden but no one else's.

Then as I could see the daddies coming down the road he moved back to our path like he was going to square up to them, sitting slap bang in the middle face forward. Well Mogsie spotted what was happening and in his usual masterful unbothered style walked across the road forcing the daddies to slow down. R and Twizzle out for a walk saw the whole thing and R called to Mogsie to hurry up. I could see the daddies laughing in the car but I guess they didn't realise what had been happening. On Mogsie walked not phased about how long he was making the daddies wait and walked straight towards the Naughty Twin, who fled. Naughty Twin is many things but I guess not stupid, no way would he win. My hero.

I really must learn to not make assumptions about others though this time I was totally wrong about Sarah, she must have been trying to talk him out of naughtiness. Many times recently I'm finding I'm hanging my head in shame. Must try harder.

I'm Expecting Trouble

I'm expecting trouble tonight.

I've just spotted Sarah and a Naughty Twin and they seem to be plotting something. The Naughty Twin was first spotted sitting on C's fence. I thought I could see something moving in the background and Sarah popped out to join him or her, I'm still not sure which ones which.

They sat talking for a few moments but they saw me and moved around behind a tree and carried on talking. I'm not sure what Sarah's up to she's usually the one to keep them in line and yet she seems to be in cohorts with them tonight.

After chatting for a few minutes they broke their huddle, the Naughty Twin moving one side of the shed and Sarah the other. I think this was to try and divert my attention and confuse me but I'm smarter than that and I moved a little closer to have a look.

Naughty Twin broke rank and jumped into C's garden and moved around the front. He/she is the one that I trust the least to keep out of trouble and guessed what he was up to and went to the front to see what was happening.

He must think I'm blind I could see him hiding under the daddies car looking over towards Mogsie and Twizzles. Mogsie has now come out and so at least he's keeping an eye on them from that side of the road. Now either an attack is being planned on them or he is trying to confuse me. Well I shall be keeping a very close eye on his movements tonight and Sarah's. What are they trying to do, divide to concur?

The Diet Coke Incident

Ops, there's been a diet coke incident and I've been banished from daddies office again.

It's not my fault daddy left the door open when he went to the toilet.

It's not my fault I love daddy so much that I wanted to sit on his lap and have a cuddle. He's been working up there all day and I was missing him.

It's not my fault that when daddy said that I could stay if I was good and sat on my chair that I got bored. It is boring there unless I want to go to sleep.

I also don't think it's my fault that in my boredom I decided to go out onto the window ledge to have a look around. I knew what I was doing.

It's definitely not my fault daddy  jumped up in panic as I walked a little further out and he  knocked his drink all over the place. The noise he made nearly made me jump off. Now that would have been his fault.

He didn't have a go at me but he did put me out on my arse. Damn.

Monday 20 August 2012

Taking The Mick

Who on earth does that Naughty Twin think he is!

I know that we've been having a bit of a thaw in relations recently and we've all been working on the same side against our world intruders. Hey I even had a bit of a chat with Emma this morning, well more Emma chatted I listened and this afternoon we sat near each other silently watching the afternoon go by. However I do not appreciate anyone, let alone one of those Naughty Twins sitting on the daddies car. I draw a line somewhere and that is it.

I gave him my best glare and he didn't bat an eyelid, no movement, not one millimetre. I went out on the window ledge, still nothing. I glared again and just as I was ready to jump onto the grass off he ran, looking over his shoulder as he went. Is he taking the mick?

Emma & The Hound From Hell

Emma's just called by for an early morning chat. Now this is something that I don't usually partake in and not something that I'm going to be encouraging. The mornings are mine and I don't want them intruded upon. I know I've been a bit more sociable recently but this integration is all new to me so I just sat there and listened.

She told me that she's been spending a fair bit of time down the side of my house, which is probably why I haven't seen her much recently as I very rarely venture that way. She said that there was a Doberman sighting last night about 10pm, walking down the road on a lead with his daddy. He seemed to be behaving himself but she was a little frightened he was massive, she said he looked like a hound from hell.

Glad to see that a lead has been brought into the equation. I think the immediate crisis with that problem seems to have subsided now, although I've learn't with our other problem not to be too complacent.

Neither of us mentioned the pregnancy rumours I recently started, think it's best that way. I know she's due an apology but to be honest I'm just a bit embarrassed about it all really and don't know how to broach the subject.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Now the Sun's Gone Down

It's all happening now the suns gone down.

Mogsie has just seen off a Naughty Twin. The Naughty Twin thought that he was going to surprise ambush him by coming out of no-where and running at full pelt towards him.

Mogsie is a clever one, eyes out the back of his head that one. He turned his head, saw his attacker and waited until he was nearly at him before, quick as a wasp, began running towards him. The Naughty Twin virtually turned on the spot and ran back terrified, straight home. You can't outwit Mogsie everyone knows that, he hardly ran 10 leaps didn't even have to get to the road.

Twizzle joined him a few minutes later, out for his evening walk with R and just as they were chatting Tiny and his mummy came out for a walk and they are all having a nice chat.

Finally we've got some cool breeze although I am still very tired. I don't know where Mogsie finds his energy,  I have been hardly able to walk in this heat and there he is playing chase in his great big fur coat. Amazing

A Dolphin In The Sky

It's a typical Sunday morning, apart from the heat which is extraordinary today. I'm not complaining but it does make me sleepy and I've been doing a bit too much of that recently.

I've been trying to get cool wherever I can. Any little breeze by an open window and I'm there, but it just wasn't working today I couldn't cool down.
From my spot on the window ledge I could see that George is also having a warm time of it. 

His trick is to sit on cold bricks. I've tried but the gravelly bits are a bit too rough for me.

I just couldn't settle and decided to go and pay some homage in the Peace Garden. It's always so quiet up there that it's a great place to think and just sit and be.

My peace however was disturbed by one of the seagulls squawking.

We have a lot of bird's here, the seagulls, the Gooses From The Lake and especially the wood pigeons who daddy says have lived here all his life.

He told me that they often used to sing to him as he went to sleep in the Summer when he was a little boy. So I'm used to their noise and remain constantly surprised that their morning chorus doesn't wake the daddies.

I tried to ignore her, but she seemed very insistent on getting my attention. I'm glad she was so persistent as when I looked up I could see a dolphin in the clouds - WOW.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Freaky Evidence

I've just had a lovely sleep and bingo, woke up to movement, a fur ball on it's way. The daddies prefer me to go outside when this occurs but it's not always possible. I never get told off if there is an accident inside though. The daddies have both had fur ball type incidents in the past which I think must contribute to their relaxed attitude when it happens to me. Although disappears daddy lives up to his name when it does occur.

Look what I found when I went outside. A bit of Foxy Lectar's fur.

I think it's a bit of his tale. It might be the tip but I can't be sure. What on earth is his game now?  It defiantly wasn't there yesterday as I went outside about 11 to look at the stars and cool down so it's happened since then. I ran and got daddy who has put it in a jar. Dunno why as it's not like a rabbits foot, which is not lucky in any case, just a bit gross.

I've whittled it down to a couple of theories.

He may have been in a scrape although it must have been a silent one as I didn't hear any fighting last night. He might have had an accident and it just dropped off, which if this is the case I do feel a bit sorry for him. However, that's better than the alternative, that he has he now gone so completely mad that he's into self-mutilation, scattering body parts in his wake. If it's just a calling card it's a bit extreme. If it's meant to freak me out, it was successful.

Grass & Then A Message

I can feel a fur ball growing in me this past day or so and it's been making me sluggish.

Stay at home daddy says he feels the same after he's eaten half a loaf of bread.

Anyway I've been trying to shift my problem but it's not quite ready yet so I decided to go outside and eat some grass to help it on it's way.

The best place in the garden for the longest grass is at the end near the Peace Garden. The daddies find it hard to trim that bit when they are hovering the grass as the machine wire keeps on snapping so they often don't bother.

I passed Nadia on the way. She's not slow for a Tortoise but let's face it her legs are tiny compared to mine and she seems to get easily distracted so I was soon up there.

Just as I was deciding if I had got the balance right a glint hit me in the face. A message was coming. The Swinging Heart of Love was beaming it out to me, someone out there was loving me right at that moment.

I retired to one of my chairs to think about it. It was a very clear and direct note but who was it?

Trouble is the fur ball still hasn't shifted and with the added grass and intence thinking it's making me so very sleepy.

Friday 17 August 2012

Sometimes All You Need Is A Good Lick

Sometimes all you need is a good lick

Mission One Complete

It's turning into a very strange day I've no idea what daddy is going on about now but he's letting me hang out in the office so I'll listen to his ramblings.

He's now talking, noticed the theme of the day here? about someone called CC and going on about being followed.  Just like that Sharon woman, no where to be seen.

I don't know about you but I'd rather not be followed about all the time. I like my privacy, I prefer just to hang out but he seems chuffed ???

What is it this week, rabbit holes, secret codes, completed missions. I'm glad I'm me it's all a bit too exhausting.

Why Us Cat's Don't Like Water

Although daddy says he has, I've not seen Tiny out recently, however I've just spotted him doing one of the things he seems to like greatly. Watching his daddy wash his car.

Now in the time that I've been here, this is something that I have come to notice about that little one. Every time his daddy washes his car he comes to his gate and watches him, wagging his tail and very occasionally having a little chat. He really seems to love it and the fact that the sun is shinning today must be an added bonus.

I don't know what it is with dogs, why they seem to like water so much, so many japes they seem to have. Whilst it's true in the majority of cases us cat's do not generally partake there are some exceptions. Daddy tells me that when Evie was a baby that she used to like to jump in the bath when he'd finished and go for a little swim. I know they were close but that's well urgh. 

But the thing is water and us cats are just not best bedfellows. It makes us cold, it can hurt our delicate bits on our faces and let's be honest drenched is not a good look. Although apparently these rules do not appear to our larger cousins who seem to love it and look great dripping. Wonder which way Mogsie swings he looks a bit like a lion to me?

Ahh now thinking about it that would explain it. There's been water out the hose ban, although not now. That's why I've not spotted Tiny recently. Very pleased that I didn't need to consult with The Wiseman on that one, worked it out all myself.

Some Woman & Her Smitten Mate

Give it a rest. Daddy is banging on about some woman called Tracy Ann and  a mate of hers Derek who is apparently smitten. He's sitting at his computer reading things out they say and laughing, although goodness only knows why they talk through the computer, use a phone.

Anyway daddy says that apparently Tracy Ann has a cat of her own.

Apparently, daddy says, it went missing recently and she was very worried for a few days.

Apparently, daddy says, Tracy Ann is very funny. I know I hear the cackling.

Tracy Ann, Tracy Ann. Wouldn't mind but he's gay. I'm also sure that smitten Derek guy could do without the competition.

Thursday 16 August 2012

The Gooses From The Lake

The Gooses From The Lake are a noisy bunch who always herald their arrival 30 seconds ahead.

How exciting they just flew over. This means that there will be another sighting today when they make their way back sometime late afternoon. They don't come over every day but when they do, you know it's going to be a special one. I can rest till then.

One & A Half Drama's

Thought I'd just spotted a Foxy daily-light outing, a very rare thing, it would mean he was upping his game. I'd heard a rumour that he lived in a garden on the other side of the road and my blood was pumping as I just caught a tale going behind a bush in that direction. I went out onto the office window ledge to get a better look, even daddy looked up from his phone call. Turned out to be a meandering George.

I think I just got all caught up in the drama by the excited pitch of daddies voice as he was on the phone to disappears through the day daddy. I don't know what's  occurred but something to do with four steps, an elbow and being underground in a rabbit hole. I think I might have got that last bit a little bit wrong as rabbit holes are quite small but it all sounded very exciting.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

It's A Catching Night

Something in the air means it's a catching night.

First of all I was out watching the darker Naughty Twin playing out the back of C's garden and decided to get a closer look so went out on to the ledge. Out there about five seconds and I heard the window close behind me.

Nooooo let me in, I pleaded with my eyes.

Daddy has shut the window and was locking it ready to go somewhere. It worked and I was let in. I really did not need the hassle of getting down the long way this evening.

Then less that 30 minutes later I catch him trying to get in a locked window across the road. He a boy alright.

A Long Night

Daddy wasn't very well last night, it was a very long night.

Every time I just got settled, resting on his feet or resting on his leg he got up and disturbed me. After the third time I went to see how he was as it was very unlike him. He said he just wasn't feeling very well but that he was OK and that I should go back to bed. I waited until he had properly settled when he came back to bed as I didn't want to be disturbed a fourth time.

I do hope he didn't pop a Dreamies by mistake yesterday.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

A Balmy Summer's Evening

What a beautiful Summer's evening it's turned out to be, nice and sunny. Pretty reflective of the whole of my day.

Twizzle's been for her walk and is now relaxing indoors and Nadia has retired for the evening in the back of the fridge. The Naughty Twins are randomly running around across both sides of the road playing tag. No sighting of Emma or Sarah as yet.

Mogsie has been protecting us, on patrol, all day and is now getting in some well earned early evening tanning. I shall make a note, he prefers it at the end of the day.

Deceptively Similar

According to a daddy these two packets are deceptively similar when not paying attention. *Giggles*


Mogsie got bored no cars were coming by and then the sun came out and he said it was too early in the morning to be tanning. 

He said that as he was in the neighbourhood that he was taking this opportunity to drop by to tell me that there was nothing to report from the other side of the road, thus far. 

He enquired about my health and told me not to worry as he was keeping a close eye out. I can take care of myself but I appreciated the sentiment.

He then sauntered off around the side on patrol, he said. 

Heart skipped a beat.

Mogsie Prepares

The morning has finally woken up and Mogsie prepares for the day.

Prime curbside road position, waiting to tease the cars and wind up the drivers.

A Naughty Twin was spotted a little earlier but came no where near. No news.  Last night was a Foxy graffiti free night, I'll stand down my guard a little but will definitely still keep aware. I've been fooled once before.

Monday 13 August 2012

Who's Sharon?

Stay at home daddy has just dashed to get, disappears through the day daddy, and they both came running in quickly as it's raining really heavily. As I watched them from the window I could see Mogsie was doing the same thing, although he went under R's car for shelter.

The daddies are a  little bit later than normal. Daddy said that he went to the shops to get me a special treat because Sharon's back. No idea who this Sharon is but he can bribe me with Dreamies to keep quiet any day of the week.

Welcome back Sharon I say although I can't see her anywhere.

Mocking Me?

Out the front this morning! Is he mocking me?

Sunday 12 August 2012

Contact Made

I've made contact with the Naughty Twins and passed on the news of this afternoons developments and they agreed it's a serious matter indeed.

Any rivalries we may have have now been put on temporary hold. Our world is under attack by a double blow, Foxy Lectar and the Doberman.

I whispered the news to the darker Naughty Twin who said that he would run and tell Twizzle and Mogsie and ask them to check for signs. He said that I should tell his sister who was just behind.

When the lighter Naughty Twin turned up I told her what I had told her brother and she ran off to tell Emma, George and Sarah. The more eyes the better, we now have both sides of the street covered and an information network established.

An Audience With The Wiseman

The Wiseman has lived with me all my life and from way before according to legend passed down. He first turned up somewhere midway through Evie's Reign when they lived in the other land, silently in the corner of the garden.

There he stood all weathers never speaking, never moving. Yet The Wiseman has a mystical presence. If you consult with him he puts the answers in your head. Sometimes it's a question for you to answer yourself, a journey along the way often part of the solution.

He is a wiseman indeed, an audience a privilege, a trip to him I decided to make.

Here he lives in the corner of the Peace Garden, appearing mysteriously on spot the day we moved, still no movement, same as before, same as always.

I passed Nadia on the way, she seems to spend most of her outside time here munching away next to him.

To learn from The Wiseman I needed to look into him and relax. I then thought long and hard about the Foxy Lectar situation and then I heard him speak.

"Ahh so you come to see yourself."

I thought.

I needed to look for more evidence and see if anyone else had information. It was time for me to make direct contact with the Catworld.

A Sign, An Omen. He Will Return

My catty powers are heightening at the moment, I've noticed a sign that was under my nose all the time.

Yesterday I was saying that I smelt something in the air and then about 2 this morning I saw Foxy Lectar creeping under the street light like a Victorian assassin.

Well today just now as I was watching out for the Gooses From The Lake to fly by I saw a menacing sign left by Foxy Lectar. How could I not have spotted it before he was making it so obvious and yet I wasn't listening properly to my intuition.

On the lawn viewed from a different angle I see that Foxy Lectar has dug a portrait of himself, his snout, a bit of an ear and eyes clearly seen. I had thought that he was looking for the squirrels nuts, all along he was leaving me a sign that he will return!