Sunday, 31 March 2013

It Was Under My Nose The Whole Time

It was under my nose the whole time I've only just seen all the junk that Rivers been littering the place with this week.

There's a couple of stones and a bit of a brick, heaven only knows why some weeds and a bit off one of daddies favourite pots and she's desecrated his lightly up rainbow flower thing. But there more importantly under my eyes the whole time was the answer, the key!

Yes the keys, well not exactly the keys but the shiny treasure next to them, River must have found it earlier on in the week and I've been so busy looking outside I didn't realise she'd already discovered it. 

But who can L be I don't know anyone who's initial is L and why are his set of keys buried in our back garden? As one mystery is solved another begins!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The First Part Of My Plan... get out there searching with the cats and for that I needed to get past the River standing in my way. Us cats through the ages have suffered similar tasks and tribulations so I breathed deeply and stepped forward drawing on the power of past and present.

River resting in front of me, cats a calling on the other side, the way forward needed a distraction plan. I needed to tune my wits and put my head into the lions mouth.

I stepped forward, I could see it beginning to stir. Even though I was treading carefully it could feel my gentle motion and responded cautiously at first but it was acting aware. Just what I hoped for I needed the focus to be on me. River stirred again and as I moved closer acting in a nonchalant way it slowly fell for my plan and settled back down again.

This was working!

I needed to lull my foe into a false sense of serenity. Remember to keep a calm head, those words echoed in my head. My actions followed.

Just as there was a hypnotic settling of my foe, up I jumped and around the back. I'd so totally diverted the Rivers attention that it had moved out of my way as if by magic and a clear pathway lay ahead of me over to the calling cats, telling me to hurry!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Vultures Are Circling

Well I was hoping so a nice, slow start to the day but no such luck River was up and about bouncing around at the crack of dawn and woke me and Stay Daddy right up.

Daddy told me last night that time was about to change again and this time we're going to loose a hour. An amazing thing happens at about 1 in the morning suddenly all across the land the time jumps to 2 in the morning. So this coupled with the fact that River woke up very early did not a good start to the day make.

Still I guess she has done me some sort of a favour as the lighter Naughty Twin was waiting for me as I looked out the window. I could see her brother in the distance keeping a watch out.

Flash has been spotted lurking around this morning, she panted.

We must get a move on the vultures are circling.

Oh dear Rivers out there having a nose around it's not going to be easy getting past her and Daddy keeps on saying look for the Easter Eggs. I've no idea what he's talking about us cats and dogs don't eat chocolate so I know he can't be referring to that but he seems instants there's there's going to be Easter Eggs around today.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Nearly There Now

Spits now in on the action just running by with hardly a backwards glance.

Nearly there now, he called out.

Oh there must be a bit of a discovery I can't wait to find out details. I've had another sniff around the back garden today. Weather permitting, it has snowed a bit this afternoon, I'm going to have one last try in the Peace Garden tomorrow before declaring this house buried treasures free.

The Hunt Is On

The hunt is on!

George came over to hang out for a while. He said he'd been searching all morning with the lighter Naughty Twin for the buried treasures.

He nodded over to the other side of the road where the lighter Naughty Twin was standing trying to make a decision as to where to look next.

I asked how the search had been going. Foxy was back around last night, Mogsie told him that he'd caught a glimpse of him about 9. I was too busy trying to avoid River and get to daddy in the window with all their friends around to see.

He told me it was quiet exhausting but good fun and asked if I was coming out.

I said I would be later I just wanted to go around through the back garden again. There was something in my catty powers that told me that I was missing something but I just couldn't understand what it was but I couldn't shake the feeling.

Was great to spend some time with George though before he ran back to join Sherlock Holmes across the road.

But I Find That I Am

I've just caught a glimpse of Mogsie sitting atop R's car looking out across all of Catworld. The sun is shining through his fur making him look very majestic. He's been staring directly over here at me sitting in the office window looking back. I don't know why I'm just staring at him but I find that I am.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Rambo Phoebe

Daddy has just shown me this picture Phoebe's mummy just sent him.

Not very ladylike but it's nice to see she's prepared for Rivers next visit.

All To Be Revealed Soon

The hunt is on! It really does feel like the pressure is beginning to build.

Here I am searching everywhere that I can think of to find a way. Searching for that which should be right in front of me and yet seems to have vanished into thin air. The emotional place that I was in now felt unfamiliar territory. One minute I think I see something and the next it turns out to be a figment of my imagination.

I sat and thought for a while trying to listen to my inner voice. What was it telling me? I closed my eyes.

It spoke. I needed to follow my instinct to find that which was now missing. I could hear the call of cats around me everywhere. I couldn't make out what they were saying the sounds fading in and out but there was certainly more than one circling.

It felt like I was about to discover something, buried treasures I hoped but at the same time I was learning new things about myself.

In adversity you get to find out new facets of your character and this was a situation that I certainly felt was difficult with time playing chase.

I opened my eyes right I just need to search methodically and instinctively and with that and a little touch of hope and magic I would be able to find what I was looking for. 

The cats calling came closer.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Well I guess all this getting up early does have it's advantages the lighter Naughty Twin is outside searching for the buried treasures already.

We needed to get a move on she said there's new holes over her way and although he hasn't been spotted it's got all the hallmarks of Foxy Lectars handiwork. I'd almost forgotten he's been searching around as well, how could I he was the first on the trail?

Well best get to it, the early bird catches the worm!

A Long, Good Friday

Oh dear I've got a feeling it's going to be one of those days.

Even though it's a Friday daddy is staying in bed and not going anywhere. River woke Stay daddy and me up about half an hour ago by crawling all over the place.

Um this is getting a bit regular now. It's 6 am I wanted to shout at her but I wouldn't it's too early for such a hullabaloo and I guess she's just excited at having another day with Disappears and I do have a lot to do today.

It's going to be a long day, let's hope it's a good Friday though!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

No Lie Detector Test Needed There

George has finally surfaced.

He came he said by to apologise and asked me to let him explain why he hadn't been around for the past couple of days. He said his eye had been playing him up. He knew it was a bit rude not to let me know he couldn't make it but he just wanted to be left alone until he felt better. It did look sore no lie detector test needed there.

I understand that daddy is exactly the same. He's feeling better now so I said we could catch up over the weekend, it can be so horrible when you feel unwell.

I didn't like to put anything more on him but I asked if the lighter Naughty Twin had told him about the buried treasures and he said no he hadn't heard anything as he'd been out of action so I filled him in.

A big smile spread across his face. Ah a treasure hunt I love one of those.

He's A Gold Digger

It's him! He's one of them that's here to find the buried treasures I just saw him.

I was waiting out the side a little cautiously becasue I don't really like going out the side or the front and I saw that cat again that was here the other day. He was creeping up the side of AM's house again. It must be his route in and out of Catworld and he saw me saw him.

It startled him as he didn't know which way to run. A bit ashamed at being caught I expect.

What do you want here? I asked

The gold! He sneared back. 

Ah he's a gold digger!

Time To Share

The lighter Naughty Twin woke up and came to find me. Luckily I was sitting in the front window just as she was passing. 

She came up to the side of the window sat and looked forward she then whispered out of the side of her mouth.

Any luck?

No. I answered. You?

None. We must be careful Twizzle is watching us and top secret business is about to be discussed.

Ok go on I'm listening. I was intently.

Word has spread and others are on their way.

I was open mouthed dumbstruck. 

I think it's time to share.

Share what? I asked

Let the others in on the buried treasures, time is now of the essence.

She was right!

Whoes coming? so many thoughts were spinning through my head.

I heard again from Ginger cat on his way back through that some may already be within our presence.

OMG! Who?

Dunno but it's now a race. Do you agree?

I did! Tell everyone.

OK I'll spread the word and let you know what's going on.

And with that she was off.

Has Something Been Found?

I've just spotted the darker Naughty Twin walking along the back wall trying to get my attention. When he saw that I had seen him he came running through C's garden.

He ran up to within lip reading distance and mouthed out that his sister had been up all night and was sleeping now but that she asked him to pass on a message to me if he saw me. He said she wanted to catch me later if I was around she had something to tell me.

Oh I wonder if she's found something?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

In My Unmentionables

We've just had another moment River and I.

I came down and saw daddy was sitting watching something on the television and I thought I'd pop over to say hello and get a stroke. Low and behold as soon as I turn up so did River, her nose right in my unmentionables I know it's a full moon tonight but that's just taking the mick.

Oh goodness it was a shock so much so that I didn't say anything just jumped right over daddy. He grabbed River so she didn't come no nearer and I thought sod it I want a stroke I'm sticking around.

She just sat there looking at me but she didn't look like she was going to attack me again and to be fair respect to her for managing to get so close so quietly, almost catlike now that takes skill and you gotta admire that.

I was getting my stroke, River was settled and daddy was explaining she was still just a baby learning things and I should understand. Fair play so I said hello to her. She blinked.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Here We Go Again

The Naughty Twins appear to have fallen out again.

The lighter one walked past our front window but I wasn't in time to tell her that my search had located nothing of interest. She went straight over to the darker Naughty Twin sitting enjoying the much missed sun that has spread throughout Catworld today and spat something at him before walking off.

I've no idea what she said to her brother but by the look on his face he wasn't impressed. Oh dear he we go again.

Well That's Just Ridiculous!

Well that's just ridiculous! Daddy has just shown me a photo which has almost flabbergasted me.

Of course cats milk comes from cats how else do we feed our babies? However are there really some humans that need it pointing out to them that this sort of cats milk doesn't come from cats.

Give me strength!

I've spent the last hour or so searching everywhere in the back garden where I thought that the treasures could be buried. Not much luck I did find an old bone probably buried by River, a couple of hidden monkey nuts which I'm leaving for the Squirrels and Craig as they must have hidden them there and an old diet coke bottle top, must be one of daddies.
Even though it was unlikely I thought I'd have a search around the side near the bins. This was such a long shot as it's all pathway but maybe down the flower beds by the side of the house could reveal something. It was then that I saw him again that cat that I first spotted yesterday.

I must have startled him as we just stood and stared at each other.

Hello I said. Can I help you?

No, came the reply before he ran off down the side of AM's house.

Oh well I tried.

Take The Shame!

Oh no I've just realised I'd forgotten.

I've just spotted the lighter Naughty twin sitting out the back on one of the sheds and instantly I remembered I said I was going to search the back garden yesterday for the buried treasures. What with  my dates with Sarah and George yesterday, even though George never turned up, it completely went out of my head.

Take the shame!

I think she's waiting for me to report in, oh I do feel I've let her down. Right that's it as soon as she's moved on I'm going out there to have a thorough search hopefully I'll be able to give her a proper update when I see her next.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Who Are You?

Settling down back upstairs in the office I thought I'd have a little watch of the sunset. It's been a cloudy couple of days and finally tonight there's a clear sky. You gotta take the opportunity when you can, daddy says the weathers going to be a bit dodgy the next couple of days and I do love a good sunset.

Anyway as I was looking out the window I saw a movement over by M's door that catch my eye. A dash of white darted around from their back garden and straight up to the front door sniffing around before quickly running off again.

Hang on I thought I don't recognise you! Who are you?

Better To Get It Right Than Fast

I've been waiting all afternoon for George or Sarah to turn up and finally Sarah popped up.

Daddy and River were both out so I ran outside and called her over and we went around the back to have a little chat.

Item number one in the agenda George.

So how's it going? she asked a big smile crossing her face.

What do you mean? I tried to act all coy but found myself smiling back.

You know he really does like you!

Well talk about calling it as you see it but it was what I wanted to find out. This whole dating game is something I must admit I am not that used to. There was none of that with Charlie and the girls dad but I guess that's the difference between city cats and country cats. The city one's that I've had dealings with were very blunt and to the point. No dating as such just action which isn't really my style at all.

Where is he? I asked. He was supposed to be coming over this afternoon.

Oh I don't know he went out this morning and I've not seen him since. So.... how are things?

How did I answer that I wasn't too sure myself!

Slowly I guess but I prefer it that way. He's quite a gentleman once you get to know him.

I know, Sarah nodded. He's one of those kind of old fashioned gentlemen, likes to take his time getting to know someone although you know what some men are when Spring comes around.

Ah I knew what she was referring to all that business a little while ago with the lighter Naughty Twin when he acting in well shall we say in less than a gentlemanly way.

Better to get it right than fast she said. OMG that's exactly what daddy says, well I've heard that from two sources so I guess I am going to head that advice.

We then spent the next 10 minutes or so just chewing the cud getting to know each other. She really is a lovely little cat so gentle with a real kindness emitting from her, genuine concern and care for people. We could have gone on a lot longer but I heard a barking coming up the path and knew River and daddy were home so we said our goodbyes and with that Sarah was off.

Where is George?

I Know The Rules

And then not long after George appears so does Sarah. She called out from the other side of the road to me back up in the office. I sneaked in when daddy went to the bathroom and quietly sat on the window ledge. If I'm still and quiet I can stay, I know the rules! 
I wish I knew the love rules though they are much more confusing. 

She mouthed if I was around later for our catch up and I nodded yes. Boy today is turning out to be quiet busy social wise and I've hardly even woken up properly yet. She couldn't come over now as she was waiting for breakfast but said that she would pop around, River's absence permitting, this afternoon.

Good plan I heard daddy telling River he's take her for a nice long walk this afternoon if she was a good girl. I think he'll take her anyway whether she is or not cause let's be honest if that promise rests of her being a good girl we'll probably be cooped up in here all day together. 

He Turns Up On My Doorstep

Oh lovely just as I thought George may have been keeping his distance from me he turns up on my doorstep.

I was downstairs having been expelled from the office for jumping all over daddies lap as he was trying to work. Well I suppose I can understand he does try to get his work down as early as he can these days and what with Disappears going out very early this morning he took the chance after walking River to get right to it.

How are you? He mouthed through the closed window. Luckily us cats can lip read so I mouthed back that I was fine and asked how he was and what had he been up to.

Not much, he said, just taking it easy and hanging out with Mogsie.

Oh so that's what was happening yesterday, they weren't about to have a big punch up they were settling their differences. This of course is very good news to my ears I hate it when two people fall out and there battles have been legendary around here.

He asked if I was coming out later and I smiled and nodded that I would be just before River came running in from the back garden with a stone in her mouth which she dropped as she bounded over to me. Of course I made a quick exit.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Our Own Little Secret

The lighter Naughty Twin dropped by this afternoon to keep me updated about her treasures hunt.

It's only us two in Catworld that know that there's buried treasures and she asked me to keep it to myself, our own little secret. Oh I liked the sound of that a secret that just the two of us share it made me smile that she trusted me enough to let me join in.

I asked her how it had been going and she said that nothing so far but that she was going to continue. She must like a mystery as much as I do.

I asked if there was anything that I could do and she suggested that I search my garden around the place of any holes that Foxy had created. I then asked if she knew what had gone on between Mogsie and George this morning but she said that she had been busy with her hunt all day so had no idea and with that she was off. 

Foxes like us cats have very good senses of smell so if he didn't know where it was then it could only be one of two things. 

One - he buried it and forgot. Now this one I don't think the most likely as Foxes are cunning and sly but they are not known for poor memory or...

Two - he didn't bury it and therefore it's some other sort of treasure that has been buried by another. That makes it even more exciting. Tomorrow I begin my search.

Speed Demon

Oh dear this is madnesss. I tried to get Emma's attention earlier to find out what all that business between George and Mogsie was about earlier and as soon as she saw me she sped off around the corner like a speed demon.

I'd be more worried about her than I am but I saw her with M this morning and she seemed very happy and content around her mummy. Maybe Emma just needs a bit of a break from the rest of us cats. 

Thinking about it I suppose there has been a fair amount of fallouts and drama's this year she probably just doesn't want to be dragged into anything cause let's face it we all get tired of the drama sometimes.

Doesn't help me with my little mystery though. I know I'll try and catch Sarah she and George are close she might know and we've still to have our little coffee morning yet and chat about what's going on with me and George.

Face Off

Mogsie and George have just had a face off.

Location; Over the road by R's car

Witnesses; Emma watching from R's car roof

Purpose; Unknown at this time

Mission; To find out what this was all about

As One Mystery Is Solved Another Begins

This whole idea of there being buried treasures around here has quiet intrigued me and as I saw the lighter Naughty Twin out again early this morning I took the opportunity to go and ask for some more details.

That's why Foxy has been coming around here, she explained.

Although I hadn't seen him the Ginger cat came through Catworld yesterday. He'd heard that Foxy was back and wanted to see how things were over here as he'd also made a terrible mess over in his area, holes everywhere.

Now he had heard through the grapevine that Foxy wasn't just back to teach us all a lesson, that he could come and go as he wanted, but that there was an ulterior motive - the buried treasures. I'm guessing the men digging up the road again must have made him nervous that they had also heard about it and were searching.

No one knew what the buried treasures were just that he was desperate to get it.  Ah so as one mystery is solved another begins.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Buried Treasures

I've been watching the lighter Naughty Twin on and off all day as she's been acting very curiously.

I couldn't really work out what she was up to but every now and then her head popped up from the most unusual of places. She was on her own and appeared to be searching for something.

The daddies have just taken River out and I'd not been out all day so I ventured downstairs and went out into the back garden just as her head popped up from somewhere behind the sunshine shed.

Is everything OK, I shouted out.

Yes, she replied. I'm looking for buried treasures.

BURIED TREASURES wow how exciting! I wanted to ask her more but just like a little rabbit her head dropped down again and she disappeared from sight. Brilliant there's buried treasures around here I must find out more.

The Budget Box Cat

Now this is much more like it a cat taking control of the budget.

Daddy has just shown me a photo on his computer of a cat called Freya and she's in something called the Budget Box.

Now this budget box is an old briefcase type case that is used to hold all the papers that daddy says will let us know how much we are going to be ripped off with this time. It's a very old box and a very old system of as daddy says, bleeding you dry.

Finally someone in charge though has seen sense and is leaving these type of decisions to a cat. Cats as we know are very clever and have a much better grasp on the economy than those humans that pretend they do. Have you ever known a cat in debt? No thought not!

Daddy says it doesn't matter who is in charge basically they are all the same so it's genius to pass the job over to those who actually do have a better grasp of what's important. Now that's what I call a clever well thought out decision, finally.

See they can make them if they use their brains. First on the agenda with me, crapping all over the rubbish words they've written and start from scratch.

It seems Freya has come to the same conclusion.

The Buddha Moved

Are my eyes deceiving me? No the Buddha was in a different place.

I was startled I wasn't expecting that! Although thinking about it I don't know why I should be surprised things around here are always swapping around. There's hardly a chance to get your bearings before one thing or another moves to a place that it wasn't before.

I turned away from the the Buddha now sitting above me looking out all serene and peaceful. 

I've been brought up to listen to yourself when things appear to be.... well out of sinc as it's probably your inner voice that's trying to get you to listen to it. Sometimes to forewarn of danger and sometimes just to get you to clarify your thoughts so that you can understand the way forward, the path you should take.

My path ahead was to get over to the other side of this River slumbering quietly in front of me without disturbing it and to arrive safely on the other side. Just sitting here waiting for something to happen was not a viable option.

How am I to achieve this? Listen a voice inside me said, listen to what your gut is telling you. 

It was telling me that if I made as much as a single sound this River would wake once more and come after me and I needed to get past it without incident. This would be a perilous journey but I knew if I stayed where I was now then I would be in danger it was getting colder and colder all around me.

I looked up the sky was getting heavier, it looked like snow was rolling in. It had been falling I could see throughout the land and although it hadn't quite reached me here I didn't want to just sit and wait for it, goodness knew what chaos it would bring.

If I leaped really high I could bound over before being trapped here for goodness only knew how long, so with my courage in my heart I prepared.

Right on three I would go. I began to rock getting the juice of my adrenaline flowing to my joints.

One....Two....Three,  and I was off.

As if by magic my feet sprang into action and I was off higher than I had ever remembered before, high into the air right over the River below me still silently slumbering and within the split of a second I was on the other side.

Phew that's better a clear path ahead of me. I headed forward again, no obstacles in my way that I could see. I was glad to leave that place I'd felt so trapped and ahead I could feel the warm glow of a fire. Yes that's where I should be heading towards the warmth and away from the cold. I could rest a bit and get my bearing's it had been a difficult journey and I had no idea what lay ahead of me today.

However sometimes it's just not the right time no matter what you feel you need to it. I heard a sound on the wind and I ran to get a closer look. Coming from the bushes I heard a very familiar call and there hidden in the bushes I could see two little eyes looking back it was the call of a cat. Oh here we go what does she want and what's she doing in there?

Saturday, 23 March 2013


OMG I knew it would be high energy tonight with the boy and the girl.

They came over and brought sugar with them. Great four adults buzzing on a sugar high and a little dog who needs no encouragement to be busy getting tumbled at 100 miles an hour..

Still after every high there's a low when everyone including madam settled down to watch a film some twisted thriller with two feral children being looked after by some mad ghost mother who lived in an abandoned hut in the middle of a forest. Not exactly a settling Saturday night movie still it has given me some ideas that I'll store for future use.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


The promised snow hasn't really materialised much yet. Yes there's been a few flakes of it which seem to have interested the darker Naughty Twin and Sarah who have both been out in it.

The panic that the Wood Pigeons seem to have provoked has spread quickly and no other cats have been out today. Mind you they might have the same illness as the daddies, River and me, sleepyhead we've all been whacked out all day.

Still at least it's prepared me for later. I doubt I'll get much rest the boy and the girl are coming over and that always means noise where River is concerned and therefore no peace for me!

Hunker Down

What a start to the morning. River jumping all over the daddies as they slept until Stay grabbed her in under the covers to quieten her down.

It was OK for a bit but in the end you just have to give in to the inevitable and get up. In my case make a slow move and at any sign of movement behind you then run like billy-o. Still as it turned out getting up this early on a Saturday morning didn't turn out to be a waste of time.

Two Pieces of information have come my way and it's barely past dawn. The first was from the lighter Naughty Twin.

I'm so glad we've sorted things out between the two of us. We were getting fairly close and then everything went a bit belly up, goes to prove you should never let anyone get in the way of friendship. Anyway last night was a Foxy free night she said. She'd been on watch all night and not a whisper of him.

The second was from one of the Wood Pigeons out the back having a little peck around trying to get some breakfast. We should prepare she said snow again was on it's way. This is madness I can't remember having snow this late in the year for ages, I mean it's Spring now. Oh well everyone we'd best hunker down.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Friday, 22 March 2013

Looky Looky

Daddy said today could end up being a very strange day something to do astrologically or something. I tend not to take much notice when he talks like that it's a very human thing that doesn't affect us cats.

Everyone is being very looky looky with each other though.

One of the Magpies, glad to see they've only sent one today to look out for me, is watching what Sarah is doing, who is watching what Emma is doing who is watching what River is doing in the window downstairs. I know it's River she's looking at I can hear her barking back.

The lighter Naughty Twin is also around but as usual is doing her own thing and having a nose next door.