Friday, 30 September 2016

Yet Another Advantage

And there's yet another advantage to this pillow stair but our chair.

It's only two steps down for River to come and give me a kiss and a cuddle. Today is turning out to be a perfect day.

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Just Like Today...

One of the advantages of Daddy pandering to River with all these soft stairs up to her heat is that we can be close to each other but not all squashed up in the chair, I do have to consider I can't get her too hot.

Another of the advantages is that I'm close to the front window and can hear everything going on, and get up to the window in seconds if something interesting does occur, just like today... seems it's moving day for the lady over the road.

I wonder who will be joining us and I wonder if there will be any new cats joining Catworld. The ore the merrier.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Very Strange Encounter

I've just had a very strange encounter with Chameleon.

I was sitting in the window, keeping an eye on River, I know Daddy built a walkway for her to get up here but I'm not confident that she won't get over excited and jump. 

Anyway as I said I was sitting up in the window when I spotted Chameleon walking across the road. It's been absolutely ages since I've seen him and after all that business with Flash and the threats I 'm very cautious.

He spotted me and paused for a second, just staring before giving a tiny head nod and walking on his way.

What was all that about?

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I Want To Find Out

Things seem to be returning a little bit more back to normal now that River is on the road to recovery.

I'm getting more attention from my Daddies, now I just want some more attention from a particular lady, I've got so much to tell her about what's been going on AND I want to find out what's been going on with her too. I do miss her.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

I Wanted To Contibute

Things are returning a little more to normal now.

Last night we all went to our proper beds, River and our daddies up in their bed, me in my bed in the other room.

Of course I was the first up and about today, it's such a lovely day I didn't want to waste any of it inside.

I popped some dentabites into my mouth gotta keep those teeth clean, before going outside to search for Sofia. Nothing again, she seems to have gone to ground again still as I said it's a nice day so I fell asleep on the chair in the sun.
Waking when I heard everyone come outside for a bathroom break.
River looked a little more alert and I wanted to show her something, something I was doing to make things nicer for her. I approached her and asked her to follow me up the back of the garden. 
Our daddies have been keeping on top of things with their nursing duties but I wanted to contribute so I did what I thought I could.

I've cleared her favourite spot at the back of the garden, when she does most of her sunbathing and listening to the world, of all little weeds and stones and things so it's nice and comfy for her.

She said thank you but she still wasn't feeling up to spending much time outside.

It's thr thought that counts I suppose and of course it is all sorted for her when she is ready and I for one can't wait for that, it means she's back to herself again.  

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Saturday, 24 September 2016

I Do Love My Family

As much as River is needing pretty much constant care at the moment Daddy is fair and doesn't forget I also need some special time, attention and love and he always makes sure I get my fill to.

I do love my family.

Friday, 23 September 2016

I Popped In To Say Hello

It's been a beautiful day, perfect for just relaxing in the garden.

I must admit to being emotionally exhausted by the events of the past few days, I think we all are so the sunshine is a welcome tonic.

Nanny has arrived to visit our patient. I popped in to say hello but I'm keeping myself to myself and letting them all get on with it, I think I'm spent, but as Daddy says if I didn't care I wouldn't feel.

The Day Shift

It was a disturbed night for us last night. 

I suppose it was my anxiety but I just couldn't settle even though everyone else was trying to.

Our daddies put loads of duvets and stuff on the floor and set up a little area for River with water and food and a mat in case she needed to go to the bathroom, no going outside on her own not at that time of night.

They all eventually fell asleep but I couldn't drop off, I guess I just couldn't rest, it's been a very worrying few days, even though positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

Of course not long after everyone dropped off River decided she didn't like her position and moved in between the daddies, the thing they weren't that keen on happening in case they rolled on her and she wasn't able to move like she usually is. I stood guard to make sure that didn't happen and if it looked likely I could go and wake them up.

About 5 River started licking her leg and disturbed Daddy who got up and put her collar on to stop it from happening, she didn't any her anti itch tablet last night, they barely got water down her throat.

After that everyone went back to sleep, I even for a few minutes but woke as the birds began to sing.

Amazing how things look different in the day light. River seemed a bit more herself and Daddy even managed to get her to eat some steak with her pills hidden inside.

As they have things under control and the day shift begins I'm off out, I need some alone time and maybe a bit of cat company. 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday, 22 September 2016

She's Back!

She's back!

I was so excited as soon as I heard the car pull up I ran straight in. Daddy had put River on the floor, she's not allowed to do anything strenuous for ages, that I ran straight up to her to give her a kiss.
Poor little thing just looked at me and blinked.

Our daddies made a nice comfy bed for her on the sofa and I waited until they stepped back to whisper in her ear if she was OK.

She blinked again and gave a half smile. I guess she's still tired form the injection they give you.
I gently kissed the top of her head and moved back to give her some space.

She needs her rest.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Such Joy And Jubilation

Such joy and jubilation River's out of surgery and awake, Daddy just came looking for me to tell me.

Of course she's sleepy and just wanting to be carried everywhere but that's not that unusual, the nurse phoned Daddy to let him know.

They are going to pick her up later on this afternoon and then she'll be back with us,I can't wait to see her. I must catch up with the gang and let them know and thank them for all their combined catty powers.

Alone we are strong, together we are unbeatable!

A Bitter Sweet Day

Everyone woke up a little bit different this morning, The mood was positive but anxious, today was the day that River was to go in and have her operation and although none of us wanted it to happen it would be making her better again and sorting out thing to prevent further problems, a bitter sweet day.
I knew my Daddies would be needing my support and River of course so as much as I didn't feel like it I tried to get a few morsels in me, I knew I would need to be in tip top form myself.

River of course being the happy little thing she is decided to sleep in, not a care in the world, guess that's what happens when you are born with a happy disposition.
When she did eventually come down she went outside with our daddies to do her morning things. Of course she was more interested in sitting on one of our daddies lap and just calmly wake herself up.
I wanted to give her a hug but decided not to try and push my way on, a lap can only spread so much and I wanted her morning to be as comforted as possible so I stayed close by on the floor, trying to do silly things with the string on the bench cover to make her laugh.
It was then time to go. I saw them off although I don't know if they saw me looking at them through the window she seemed more intent on trying to get Daddy to open the window.
I then came back outside into the garden. There's not a lot I can do now things are being left to the specialists and they came good with me so I'm not unduly worried although as a cat collective there are some things we can do.

I called out the cat call to the rest of Catworld, now was a time for all cats throughout the land to access the cat information network, join as one, concentrate and send out cat healing thoughts, our catty powers for healing are renowned and today more than ever before I'm going to need everyone to join in. Heal, HEAL, HEAL.  

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

As I Started, So I Finish

As I started, so I finish the day. 

Keeping watch over River while Daddy is indoors doing housework.

Although I must admit to enjoying teasing her, she's not the foggiest idea where I am but just every now and then I call out her name. She's so bemused.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Today I Shall Shower Her In Love

Today I'm not letting River out of my sight, unless of course she is with one of our Daddies.

I know it'll be OK tomorrow but I don't like it that she's got to have an operation so today I shall shower her in love.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

He Wanted To Speak To Me

I was just out enjoying my morning nose around, seeing how the Little Lemon Tree was doing, quiet big these days as it turns out. 
When Daddy and River came bounding out. They had some washing to hang up but he also said he wanted to speak to me so if I could hang around he'd appreciate it.
He got River settled on his lap and then began.
He said we must be extra special kind and attentive to River in the next few days. She was going to have to go in for a little operation on Thursday, similar to the one I had a while back and also to have a little hernia fixed.

Nothing to worry about, all pretty standard but still it was a big thing for any little darling to have to go through and as I'd been through it before I should understand and be able to help River through it, in case she got worried.

Well she certainly doesn't look too worried all cuddled up on his lap but I know what he means it was fine with me when I had it so I'll be able to give her the benefit of my experience. 

Also I'm not to be passing River treats again, she's got an allergy and they need to find out what might be causing it so no more sneaky food fun. Now that part is going to be harder to get under control, it's our little thing pinching food when they're not looking and sharing it, but if it's for the best I shall do my best to keep it all to myself.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Distraction

I was teasing River by hiding and then calling out her name but ducking out of sight if she looked in my direction.

I got so into the game that I missed Sofia calling out to me until she was on her way out of the garden.

I was about to run over to her when I heard River winging on the bench about nearly falling through and that took my distraction away from following Sofia. 

By the time I realised she was OK Sofia was gone but at least I know she's not avoiding me, I settled down to do some thinking about the situation...

...when I heard River settling on Daddy and decided to be sociable and join them.

I was feeling rather frisky, River looked tired so I decided to play with Daddies arm.

It fascinated River.

We them both just had a sleep until it was time to come in for some dinner. River kept on trying to make me play with some mouse toy she'd been guarding. I wasn't interested.

No I was more interested in getting some much needed sleep all this emotion is exhausting.

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

A Willing Bed Partner

It's been a very relaxing day, it started off with a leasurely breakfast, teeth treats.

I took my time before strolling around the garden, As much as I like the rain I didn't fancy playing in it today so I came inside to join everyone else.

I found a willing bed partner in River.

I must have slept there for most of the day, unusual because I don't usually stick around when there are guests but I'm used to this one so felt comfortable enough.

To move about a meter away when River came back in from her walk and fancied sleeping on the rug. Ah what a perfectly lazy day.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Him

I'm helping Daddy out, keeping an eye on River, she's just heard our other Daddy is one his way home and she's very excitable and I must admit I'm looking forward to seeing him to.

Yes she's very excitably indeed!

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Sometimes Watching The Sun Set Can Put Everything Into Perspective

I've been out all day looking for Sofia. I'm confused we had such a lovely date the other week and I thought everything was going smoothly but I've not seen her since. Nothing, zilch, zip.
No luck at all. I was feeling very dejected after so many hours of searching but then I heard Daddy calling to me to come and join him and River.
They were watching the sunset. It wasn't the most colourful or beautiful sunset I've ever seen but there was something very serene about it, I was transfixed and I must admit it did make me feel a little better about things.

I should stop worrying if I'd done anything wrong and just let happen what would happen. Sometimes watching the sun set can put everything into perspective. 

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