Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Now to The Future!

This Christmas time experience has turned out to be so much more mysterious and magical than I could ever have imagined.

There's been a third sign from the other side you see and this time it's also been for me.

Last night the Daddies went out and when they came back in everyone settled to watch some TV. Daddy said there were some things resonating with him in a programme he was watching and he said he thought there would be a message at 3AM.

I thought he must have been at the rum again and he slept loudly through the night.

This morning Daddy got up and was looking around at things on the computer, he said today was the last day of the year, something called New Years Eve and a time of renewal just like the Spring.

Then he came across something and gasped, it was  the third sign, the message at 3am;

Cancer, Wednesday, 31 December 2014 

'We twa hae run about the braes, and pou'd the gowans fine; But we've wander'd mony a weary fit, sin' auld lang syne.' Here (in the original Scottish) is one of the lesser-known lines from the song that will be sung around the world tonight, to usher in the New Year. Roughly translated; we shouldn't forget how good the good old days were, even though many days have gone by since then that haven't been quite so good! Nor should you feel today that the best of your life is behind you. As you will soon see, it is yet to come. 2015 is almost here

It seemed such an important thing to him so when he stepped away I hoped up on the stool to get a better look and find my own message;

Virgo, Wednesday, 31 December 2014 

History tells us that the phrase Auld Lang Syne first appeared in a poem by Sir Robert Aytoun, who was also Scottish but lived earlier than Rab Burns. But then Burns himself didn't claim authorship. He said he was taught it by an elderly gentleman. It would seem that the good old days, go back even further than the good old days themselves! Which may make us all stop to wonder for how many centuries people have been making and breaking resolutions at this time of year. But you can keep the one you make tonight. 2015 is almost here.

And something within the words of this seer spoke to me, but I'm not sure I understand!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I Tried My Best

Fabulous. I was playing with some list thing that I got of the table trying to see what they'd been buying and I turned my back for a second and somehow a completely, snoring asleep River on the other side of the room mysteriously appeared on my list.
I tried coughing to get her attention so i could let her know I was doing something with that but she took not the blindest bit of notice, happily munching away.
Now in my time here I've learnt when River is in a paper frenzy then there's no stopping her until she's spent so in these circumstances you best find a way to work around her, so I tired my best to read sideways and on the move. 
Then I gave up! 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Contacted From The Other Side

Something very strange is going on. 

Daddy was in the secret room all morning and I could hear much noise and excitement going on. I wondered what on earth it could be but I'm never allowed in there since I walked all over everything he was doing so I had to wait until he came out and downstairs.
Then he called me and River to come and sit on his lap, he said he'd been contacted again from the other side. As you can image I was shocked what on earth did he mean he'd been contacted from the other side? Then he told us the story.

He said he used to live in a museum and today was the anniversary of the ending of an exhibition of some great King and he said for nostalgic reasons he went and looked to see if he could see some pictures on the Internet.

He said he found one and recognised someone that was in one of the photo's and asked the man who owned the photo if he could get a better copy to be able to see clearer it was then that he said he spotted his daddy in the picture and he thought it was time to introduce me to his mummy and daddy and put something on the TV that we all watched and I saw Daddy when he was little baby.

It was all very exciting. When the video finished I asked River what she thought about it all but all she did was sniff at me, I have no idea why!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Sunday, 28 December 2014

I Decided To Wait Until The Heat Died Down

I heard Daddy saying something to River about not being allowed to eat pens. I think that may have been my fault I got one out of Daddies bag earlier for her to play with. 
I felt a bit guilty but I didn't want to be told off again for doing something I shouldn't be doing so I decided to wait until the heat died down before I squeezed myself in next to her to say sorry.
She's a great sister, she never holds anything against you, she just looked at me, blinked and licked my head. All forgiven! 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

I've Got This Little Trick I Do

Normally the Daddies are very good at getting up in the morning running downstairs and filling my plate with goats milk and crunches for breakfast, sometimes some chicken will find it's way in there although this past few days it's all been about the turkey.

However they've been slacking this past week, not getting up till way past getting up time so I've got this little trick I do to move things along a bit.

What I do is make sure River is awake, get her enticed in some game in the bedroom and then jump off the bed and run downstairs. She usually follows me at this point although if she hasn't I run back upstairs and jump across her on the bed, that's a sure fire winner.

Then all I do is run upstairs and into the bedroom, when up jumping on the bed make sure I run across the Daddies, and downstairs again, River follows every time and I repeat until someone gets up to feed me.

Today turkey was on the menu, delicious!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Ha Ha No One Outmanoeuvres A Cat!

I was just having a little lounge on my back when River jumped up and decided she wanted to sniff my bottom.

OK you want it do you! Well in that case you're gonna get it!

A biff right on your nose!

Ha ha no one outmanoeuvres a cat!

Don't get upset I didn't mean to scare you, come on then give me a kiss!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

I'm Starting As I Mean To Go On

Fabulous both of my Daddies have now come downstairs, I've been down here most of the morning all by myself.
Enough of that I'm getting myself settled in, Yes I'm starting as I mean to go on, make room River because once I've found my comfy spot I'm not moving for anything, until I'm ready!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday, 26 December 2014

The Next Day

You can imagine my surprise when after all the fuss of the past couple of days I was told it wasn't over with yet. River sat me down to explain that the next day after Christmas Day was called Boxing Day and things would be continuing in much the same vein.
If you can't beat them join them, so I sniffed the magic mouse and...
...then I suddenly decided I needed to go on an investigation upstairs in my bed.
I woke up later feeling a bit all-over-the-place and came down to sit with Daddy. It always does the trick when you feel a bit wobbly to go and find your safe person.
River was still very excitable and wanted me to join her in some tug of war game or something and I was just too chilled, so I closed my eyes to let her know.

Then so did she and snored very loudly!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday, 25 December 2014

My First Christmas - Now This Is Where Things Get Exciting!

I've learnt a lot of things today about this thing they call Christmas. First of all you have to sleep on the floor next to your stockings waiting for someone to come down the chimney.

And then you have your best friend wake you up with a tongue bathe...

...encourage you to jump on your daddies head while he's asleep...

...while they watch all innocently from the sidelines!

You then get to open things brought bu the chimney man.

Now this is where things get exciting!

It's a flying monkey on a piece of cord!


River was impressed!

I then discovered another present a mouse. Now this was not an ordinary mouse this one was made of cloth and have some strange mystical powers. The more I played with it the more I became relaxed and dreamy.

I dozed off...

...and when I woke up everyone had gone out and left me here on my own.

Still I enjoyed the peace while I could as it wasn't long before they were home and River was barking and the Daddymummy and Daddydaddy knock on the door. 

Christmas Day and you sleep and go visiting.

And get scared out of your skin when you're not expecting a whirlwind of excitable River to go jumping all over you to get to the window. Yes that thing happens on Christmas Day too.

I stuck around and had a rest behind Daddy before going upstairs to get a little more comfortable.

When I came down everyone was watching some film on the TV about a brave and rather forward cat. I must remember to catch it from the beginning on repeat.

It was nice hanging out with the family but I've also needed time on my own today, I guess I'm growing up, maybe that's some of this magic thing Daddy goes on about,

River obviously decided to come and get me, I must have been up there a long time.

I met them on the stairs but let them know I still needed some time on my own.

So Daddy brought dinner up to me, Turkey I understand, something else that happens at Christmas. I'm beginning to like the way the lady rolls.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

I Want To Unwrap It Now!

I was just having a little afternoon snooze when there was a terrible commotion coming from outside and River went mad barking at the window, her tail waggling around 100 miles an hour.

Then all of a sudden the Daddymummy and Daddydaddy came in. I'm still getting used to them so was a little bit shy and ran to sit up with River, sje always protects me.

I know there's nothing to worry about, I guess I just needed to record his scent to memory.

Once that had been done I then went to play with the handbag of the Daddymummy while River distracted her,

We caught up on events on the Daddydaddies leg.

And then Daddy hung some stockings up and River said they were put there for Father Christmas to come and fill then up with presents.

I didn't understand what she meant but then she told me all about the story of Father Christmas and his reindeer's.

I really did listen to what River said but I was sure he must already have been...

...because I'm sure I can smell something in there already. I want to unwrap it now!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Good Luck With That - Lemony!

I was just licking some delicious goats milk of my paws when I heard something was going on... I left to go and find out what all the commotion was about.

River was getting a grooming and she said she was going to have a bathe.

Yeah good luck with that!

I attempted to follow everyone upstairs but the door was shut so I decided to come down and investigate this wind machine thing River goes on about.

And they do this sort of thing for pleasure?

Not my cup of milk!

River seemed to think it was all worth it in the end though, looking very pleased with herself she was as she tucked into a gravy bone,

I had a sniff, Lemony! 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side