Sunday 31 August 2014

This Is It! - A Touch Of Magic

I told him to?!?

I spun around, my eyes darting quicker that a bee changing direction to flee a fly swot. I knew that voice!

Out from underneath the tree where I thought I'd seen a pair of eyes, a shadow moved forward into the skirt of the moons beam. My heart pounded furiously in my chest, my hearing felt muffled, cats were gasping and whispering changing positions but I couldn’t tell what they were saying, I felt faint, the evening had been a massive drain on me and blimey I was not expecting this on top of everything else.

Hello everyone, nodded Troy

Taking off his velvet purple hat he tossed it high into the tree where it exploded into a thousand glitter droplets, each drop a tiny neon light dancing and buzzing around,  firecrackers out of control, laughing and giggling to themselves as they fell.

MAGIC! Troy announced and looked me right in the eye!

MAGIC! I’ll give him MAGIC!

I could feel my muscles tensing, a sensation I’d not felt for a while. I was distracted by the force growing inside of me, originating in my chest, hot, like a magnet pulling me forward beyond my will. I could feel my body getting ready to stand up but before I could Troy pulled away from looking at me and turned to face George a smile spreading widely across his face.

George, he spoke quiet softly.

George nodded and smiled back, resting back slightly, getting ready to find his spot to settle, a warm smile shared between old friends, both ladies men, the scent of MAN shared between the two of them.

Doublay! A hurrah and a cheer in his voice!

Doublay jumped forward and they embraced each other, a puff of happy dust danced away from them, the lighter Naughty Twin gasped.

Doublay stepped back out of the way and Troy position changed as he moved forward to could see her huddled up with her brother. The nights events had left her shaken and a little more than a quivering wreck in the cold night air, her brother’s body merging with hers as much as he could, sharing her burden.

Troy blew on them and just for a second her aura shone with a bright yellow glow and she stopped shivering.

Wow, she said

Gotta admit that was a bit impressive!


He bent down to the darker Naughty Twin and they rubbed cheeks, little matchstick light flickers ran down their backs and popped out the end of their tails.

Now he’s just showing off!

You must be Sarah, enchante!

And I kid you not he bent forward, took her paw in his hand, head bowed a kissed echanged. Sarah blinked and put her head down trying to hid the sparkle in her eye. Oh yes he was a charmer alright, proving that tonight alright.

He turned to face Bella and Twizzle;

Ladies, I’m Troy Lamore!

He offered out his hand to Bella who gently touched it back, head dipped, before offering the same to Twizzle, just as she was about to reciprocate he paw bumped her and resting back on one leg, one arm across his stomach the other on his chin;

Yo sister,  how’s it goin’?

I laughed, I couldn’t help myself, Twizzle would not have appreciated that. No by the look on her face she was not impressed, choosing to keep her thoughts to herself.

I don’t believe we’ve met.

Troy snapped out of character and offered out his hand to Chameleon. Chameleon just stared at him, mouth open.

Err sir, sir, he stumbled

Troy winked at him before quick as a bullet he leaned right into his face and shouted BOO!, as loud as he could. Chameleon jumped up, knocked Sarah, who was gazing longingly at Troy, trying her damness to make him hear how much her heart wanted him.

I just looked at her and tutted, reverting to type *raise eyes*, she tumbled and knocked into both Bella and the Naughty Twins and everyone fell and jumped and squealed, claws and paws and cat calls.

Troy laughed and turned to Mogsie, as everyone buzzed around.

Hello Mogsie my old friend. 

Mogsie nodded, equals and both confident and not threatened by powers games of ego.


Mogsie nodded and settled down.

How you doing?

I was getting more and more irate.

How you doing? How you doing?

I couldn’t help but mock, the two of them sitting there like nothings gone on, about to have a bit of a chinwag. They both turned to look at me, Mogsie a bit stunned, Troy a grin on his face.

How’s that wind Lil’?

I was seething!

I’ll tell you how that wind is shall I! A bit to blustery for my liking actually. Do you know what’s been going on? We could have really done with your help, where were you, off somewhere having “adventures”, exclamation mark paws in the air, when all the while we really needed your help? Don’t you know the Queen was here and you weren’t!

Mogsie stood up to calm me down.


I’d just about had enough of him too, he shouldn’t have called me attention his way.

And you!

My teeth were gritted.


I could feel my eyes well up. I felt so hurt, I so needed Mogsie to have helped me and he refused. Didn’t he know that it was his opinion that mattered most to me, that it was him I worried the most about, that he could get so under my skin and into my soul making it leap and sleep? Didn’t he know that in that split second that he refused to be by my side that my heart broke, now replaced by a waterfall of pain.

You don’t dare try and defend him;

I jabbed paw in Troy’s direction

Where were you when I needed you? Eh;

My chin went up, he said nothing.

Eh! Why wouldn’t you help me we called out for your help months ago and I begged just now?

My gates flooded open and I stepped forward to him, legs, I could feel my legs. My heart raged a fire-pit, my bones creaked I could hear them. What? What! My head was spinning, I could feel. I COULD FEEL AGAIN! For the first time since I went to the other side I could properly feel. I could feel my legs again, I could feel warmth, oh how I’d missed warmth. I caught myself and could hear voices coming clearer into focus.

Sarah and Bella something, I couldn’t make out.

Look out! cried the lighter Naughty Twin as I stumbled near her, the sudden movement of her voice helping me to steady myself, things became more sharply focused.

Lil’! LIL! I could hear Troy’s voice and turned in the direction, I stumbled again, trying to retain my balance.

He couldn’t help you Lil’, he couldn’t help you.


I shook my head to clear it and listen to every word being spoken.

He couldn’t help you Lil’. It had to be your choice! Your choice alone!

I turned to face Mogsie, his face said he was telling the truth, my head spun back to Troy and just stared at his, trying to understand what he meant. Why did it have to be my choice alone? Comprehend, comprehend.
Everyone else had fallen silenct, not a hair on a cats body moved, not one!

Mogsie began;

What makes you think Troy hasn’t been around helping us?

I turned to look at Mogsie, his face shining truth.

Troy put his arm on my shoulder and gently eased me down. I ached, every part of me ached, I wasn’t sure what was going on. My head was darting in every direction trying to match up the dots of all of this. Everything, everything, he was here helping, why me, what’s all this, what? I ache, I ACHE! I can’t ache, I haven’t for ages. Oh!

I turned to look at Troy, his eyes smiled diamonds, he gently nodded his head.

It’s OK Lil’ it’s OK. Here sit, just catch your breath a while.

Breath. BREATH! I sniffed in and out as rapidly as I could. Air! I could smell air. The scent of Mogsie, the grass newly cut and watered by this evenings rain. One of the cats needed a bath, George, ah George, his warmness.

It’s Ok, Troy’s hand was on my shoulder.

Just sit and let me explain. Don’t worry about a thing, it will all become clear, I’ll make sure of that.

He turned and smiled at the group, everyone was settling down.

Mogsie would you like to begin?

Mogsie, like to begin? What’s going on, my mind started whirring. Troy, sensing this, moved closer so our bodies touched. I felt my fur running a static marathon, rising upwards the closer he got, little thunderbolts of light sprung between us and settled down as we did. I felt calm.

Mogsie nodded and smiled.

Tonight is not the second time that Troy and I have met.

But you told us…George began to say.

I know and at that time I had only met Troy once. We all agree I would call him to help us and I did and he came, just because he didn’t show himself to everyone didn’t mean he didn’t come, he did, he came to me that very night but let me start at the beginning.

The Other Night's With Troy Lamore.

That night that we spoke I called out for Troy to come and help us, you may remember the day Lil’ I’ll never forget it, July 17th, the day before our Queen was brought back.

I was sitting outside at the top of our garden up by the blue night lights, I find it very peaceful up there, it’s somewhere where I can go to clear my head, not many others come up there, too far away from the kitchen.

I’d not long called out to Troy when I heard a rustling in the bushes and out walked Troy brushing himself free of leaves.

I knew he said he’d come whenever I called but by anyones standards that was fast and I stood there my mouth a little open, trying to process how he’d made it so quickly.

Troy finished brushing himself off and came over to sit by me.

Sorry a little outta breath there, you don’t have a glass of water do you?

Luckily mum knows I like it up there on my own and she's created my own bar area, with a choice of water or fresh milk on tap so he was able to make his own choice. Water as it turns out. 

I let him drink his fill and settle himself before I started to explain everything that had been going on, about Emma and the Naughty Twins and George. All the while Troy sat there nodding making mental notes. I must have gone on for about an hour until I’d run out of words. It was great to be able to talk to someone else about it, I didn’t want to put my burden on any of your shoulders.

I looked at Mogsie, always thinking of us, always looking out for us even when we didn’t know it. I felt bad as I’d thought he just didn’t care anymore, how could I have every questioned him? I felt angry at myself now, a little ashamed, he always had our backs.

You can always talk to me, I smiled at him.

I know. He paused and looked at me sadly.

The moment lasted longer than it did finally broken by someone clearing their throat. I turned to Troy as Mogsie continued.

What do I do? I asked him and was surprised at the bluntness of his response.

Nothing! You do nothing!

I can’t do nothing, I began to protest

You have to Mogsie, in fact you mustn’t get involved. It’s not your path and it’s not your decision! Another will call The Curse and The Queen and that one only can stand a chance to free those trapped.

I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing, he must help us and I asked him what he was going to do about it, we couldn't stand back and do nothing, it wasn't in either of our natures, our DNA.

Nothing! Nothing at all, came his reply I remember I was getting both angry and confused by his calmness. Troy had helped me when I was at my lowest and by that time I knew that he had helped many of you too but I didn’t recognise this stranger in front of me who had dashed to our aid and then professed he wasn’t go to do anything and furthermore dictate that I wouldn’t either!

Troy must have sensed my growing rage, and I could tell you I was furious and ready to challenge him but he smiled at me.

Mogsie, neither of us can do anything not because we don’t want to but because we CAN’T! I can’t free our Queen, if I could I would have but I can’t, I’m not the one chosen and I’m not the one that made that choice either, Mogsie I'm troubled by my own curse preventing that.

Mogsie soon, very soon the one who is chosen, the one who does have the key will say those magic words and the Queen will be freed but that freedom comes with The Curse which also brings with it a choice. That choice is The Curses test for the chosen one and can either free or decide the fate of the Queen and Catkind, it’s too dangerous for us to get involved, there’s too much at stake for everyone but it had to be that one, they'll have the best chance of beating The Curse, they've had the perfect journey and training ground to be able to take on The Curse and we have to make sure we use the best chance we have. Remember Mogsie, you had to break a heart to help that heart, now you must do the same thing again. I will make you a promise though Mogsie, I will hang around a while, keeping an eye on things, hey I could do with a base fancy letting me camp out up here for a few weeks, I can see everything that’s going on and it’s far enough away for me not to be noticed.

I nodded, at least if he was around I wouldn’t be alone, watching silently, torn by the need to protect .

Remember Troy repeated as he bedded down and I started down the steps to the bottom of the garden;


As hard as that was I understood. 

He took a step nearer.

Lil’ it was so hard for me all those weeks when things were going crazy around here I had to pretend not to care, to be blase, laugh, make joy. It wasn’t easy but when I felt I was weakening and wanted to jump in I would go up to chat to Troy. Sometimes we’d just sit up there in silence watching everyone go about their business. Some days it was easier to keep away that see the torment you were going through trying to rally everyone around, already fighting agianst The Curse, but I knew I couldn’t get involved no matter what, even tonight, even when you begged me to help you make the choice Troy was firm, I couldn’t get involved, no matter what.

I turned to Troy, he smiled and nodded back.

But I don’t understand, you were here all along and your Queen was here trapped and you couldn’t reach out to her, right there by you;

I pointed at Emma

 Trapped in Emma, so close you might have been able to smell her.

Yes but as I said I didn’t have the key and I didn’t have the choice, that’s my curse. As much as I love the Queen she comes with The Curse that would destroy Catkind and nothing, nothing is worth jeopardising Catkind. I can only follow her around as she tries to come back, fighting her own battle with The Curse.

So many times, so, so many times she’s nearly managed to out run it, to lose it, but it always finds her again. Doesn’t mean to say that she’s going to give up coming back to me, or me following her and helping in whatever ways I can. Where she goes I follow but I’m not without my own magic to help her, but it'n not the magic that can free her.

But it’s our Queen, the love of your life, lost again. How do you bear it? I don't think I could have.

Because I love her and I know how clever she is. She’ll find a way and I’ll be there waiting for her when she does, no matter where I’ve got to go.

Troy turned to me.

Lil’ you made the right choice, you know that don’t you?

Troy smiled;

You see The Curse may have no loyalty but you have and that’s The Curses greatest fear, something it can never have. The Queen is clever, cleverer than The Curse gives her credit for.

A twinkle in his eye gave me a feeling he wasn’t just being kind to me, I caught him catch me catch him, but I didn’t give anything away.

The Curse has been defeated and Catkind is safe that must be celebrated even if my Queen is lost again but no worries to anyone I’m going to find her and she’ll find me.

I’ve been waiting, waiting such a long time for this chance and we got a step closer this time, that’s something to cheer, we’ve moved a step closer to the end game when we will be together again for all time.

I was astounded what was he saying, Troy knew what was on my mind and smiled.

Lil’ if at first you don’t succeed try again. Each time you practice you get better results and this time, this time we nearly made it, next time who know’s? Next time maybe we will beat The Curse and my Queen will be free again.

George stood up, 

But why here? Why us? When did we become a part of it? 


What? I shook my head!

Sarah gasped, she was doing that a lot tonight.

Troy turned to her, yes 1964.

Way back in 1964 this place was very different to how it is now. 

He got up and walked around Emma's back giving her a little stroke as he went.

Where Catworld now proudly stands an orchard once stood, up over that hill over there and all the way down to the bottom of the road and back towards the main road, an orchard of apple tree’s. That’s where I found myself, I’d followed magics trail and it led me here.

As I sat underneath one of those apple trees I lost myself in thoughts special dance and looked within to seek the trail of my Queen and I saw a way. I felt something special about this place and knew this is where I would find the help I needed, I just needed to wait for the right time, that time is now.

Within the year the orchard had gone, replaced by trucks and bricks and mounds of dirt, noise and MEN. Men in yellow hats and clipboards and boots. Men laying concrete, men mixing mortar, MEN being MEN. 

2 years it took for this land to change from a beautiful apple orchard into a community. Many of those are still here you know, E, she was an original you know along with AM. Your own daddies Uncle was an original too and after 10 years your Daddy became a part of this place when he moved here with his family.

I knew the first time I saw him that the time was finally beginning to come, I just needed to be patient and wait for the circumstances to be right, for the combination of cats to be the right recipe.

Sally, Smokey, Lucy, Misty, Evie, they were near candidates and with a mix of this one and that one I seriously thought they could be the chosen one's, the one’s magic chose, but no they were not to be and I knew I had to wait a while longer.

When George and Emma moved in, I got a feeling there was something right about them, they had something about them. That eye that weeps so much for George now was so bright and sparkling back then, so bright, he had a fire in him and I got excited. Then Twizzle moved in and she brought kindess with her and I felt the mixture begin sitr. When Sarah arrived and birthed out Pawson and Parker I knew I was onto something. 

Parker and Pawson!

I gasped and looked at the Naughty Twins. George has also cottoned on and looked on at them with a tear falling out of his non weepy eye.

Sarah and Bella both looked at Parker and Pawson. The twins just looked back.

What? Parker said his darker coat glistening jet.

Bella smiled and spoke at Parker softly. That’s your name, how could I have ever forgotten?

I learned in and gave him a kiss on his cheek;

Hello Parker, I smiled and turned to Parkers sister;

Hi Pawson.

Pawson? The snow white Pawson smiled back;

Yes that’s my name!

She embraced her brother jumping up and down they chanted, Parker! Pawson! Parker! Pawson.

I turned to look at Troy sitting next to Mogsie, Mogsie looking on with pride. Troy smiled at me, he knew what he had done. How I felt the love and respect for him flood top to tow, he’d given them something they both needed, something so precious and so very forgotten, their names!

After a few minutes things quietened down and Mogsie spoke;

So you where up to Parker and Pawson arriving.

Oh yes. Well then we were nearly there but there was still other important parts of the recipe that were still missing.

Lil’, he turned to face me;

Lil’ you then came here, along with Nadia and I felt it, magic was coming. Lil’ the first time I saw you I saw you were the chosen one, the one who would have to make the chose. The one who I saw was going to need so much courage and yet her was this little lady all scared to even go out and tell the man she loved how she felt about him. That little lady who’s heart was so big that it ended up being just too big for her and burst and yet it was this big heart that qualified her to be the one magic had chosen to make the right choice.

I had to help you, I had to guide you to find your courage for so much would one day depend on it,  today!

I needed a man, a man to help but love, love that can be bigger than magic itself and cannot be played with so I just had to wait until the right man arrived. I knew not when, it just so happened that I bumped into Mogsie that night by the tunnel. Love has a life of it's own.

How I enjoyed watching it blossom between the two of you but also tainted with  sadness as I knew that Mogsie was going to have to break it to save everyone. I couldn’t do anything about that tragedy as much as I tried to find a way for you two to be together and in the end love found it’s own way. It was the love between the two of you that allowed everyone to see you again Lil’. That you can thank love for.

Each of you that I met needed just a little help, however all of you were involved, a part of the perfect mix but something was still missing, something that I needed to thread and pull you all together as friend and foe, to bind, who would have thought that dogs could be so useful?


Out of my mouth and right in his face. Top teeth showing on the right side.

A dog!

George sounded incredulous.

Yep, a little over excited, playfully optimistic, in her own world, blond bundle of pure never ending puppy. River! 

I needed her to pull all the threads together. It was River’s arrival that brought more of you in, up until then Lil’ shyness was keeping a distance between everyone. It was River who manged to get herself accepted as an honory member of Catworld. It was River that Pawson stood up and made a pact to guard over when Lil’ went to the other side and it was at that point that I was sure that we had the best chance of success. 

Lil’ you had gone and we met on the other side because you made the choice to come back I knew that it was finally happening, everything was in place, courage would not let you down and now magic was giving you the chance to come back, the sign I had been waiting for and the sign I'd been dreading for I knew the outcome wasn't certain.

A tear dropped from his eye as he lost himself in the thoughts of his Queen. Everyone was silent not wanting to intrude on his grief, sadness mixed with love and loss, so recent she was here he must still be able to smell her.

Suddenly up went his head a smile spreading across his face.

There’s a reason you know why us cats have nine lives!

Well I wasn't expecting that!

Not the one in the fairytales, and myths throughout the world. Nah as fun as they are the real reason is Love!

Troy looked at me and then Mogsie;

Truth, he stepped towards Twizzle and rubbed her face;

Honesty he nodded to George,

Integrity Doublay! 

Intuition, he danced in front of the Naughty Twins,

Courage he kissed the top of my head,

Muscle, he tickled the underneath of Chameleons chin,

Strength, he nodded at Bella

And more than a touch of magic he head nodded towards the house, towards where River sat looking out of the window at us all.

Oh yes and little bits of magic trails spread throughout the world and each with just a little bit of my Queen in them just waiting to remember,

He bent down and kissed Emma’s stomach turned to me and laughed,

Thunderbolts and lightening Lil’, sometimes the answer just comes to you like thunderbolts and lightening!

He spun around three times. Yippee! 

He stamped his foot down firmly, little bits of dust from the path blew up and made those of us in the front row cough.

Now my friends I must be off, things to do, his raised his paw in the air and started to swoop down, whispering in my ear, licking lips as he went;

 People to find, Fruits to ripen! 

He glanced over to our home, strangely to the office window. 


He called out loud to the group and turned his back to us, looked up and then down. The sky cracked, a thunder bolt crossed the sky turning into a rainbow as it hit the ground in front of him, a hole appeared with deep purple bubbles floating out of it.

Troy turned to me. Another choice Lil’? And looked up and down;

Some choose the path of thunderbolts and lightening and some the path of magic!

What? My mind was racing! Did he want me to come with him? Was I getting another chance to be with Troy?

No he loved his Queen and to follow him would be pointless, he loved another and as much as I loved Troy, everyone loved Troy, he was our first and he was off to find a love that spanned life and death, time and beyond and I truly loved Mogsie, Troy was just a fantasy.

No thanks, I smiled, I think I’ll stay here I’ve got quiet used to how things are now, you go find your Queen.

At that moment I realised I no longer felt, warmth had gone, my legs were beginning to numb out again. Oh no what was happening to me? Had I made the wrong choice? Should I have gone with him? Had I made the wrong choice? Suddenly I felt again, the warmth spreading from the ground below.

Troy let me ask you, how will you find her?

He looked at the rainbow and smiled. I’ll just follow the path of magic Lil’. Hashtag magic!

Laughing his head rocked backwards. That’s my path Lil’. Now what’s your’s?

Troy turned and nodded down to the hole;

Lil’ you’ve already made your choice, there’s nothing you can do about it now.

I felt a pulling in me, tugging towards the hole.

What do you mean, I’d already made my choice?

The wind was beginning to pick up and Troy stood forward right in the pathway of where the rainbow ended and the hole began. Floating in mid air he stood, smiling at us all.

My friends I’m off! A new adventure awaits you all!

He then turned to me;

You especially, you have an amazing adventure in front of you. Courage Lil', courage!

The wind was a gale and I could hardly hear what he was saying, leaves whipped around and a flower pot blew across the lawn.

You.. he shouted.

I was being pulled towards the whole, swept by the wind now sucking down, no, no what did he mean?

YOU! Troy shouted,

Are you enjoying the wind in your hair Lil’? I asked you that first night and you said yes! Lil’ you chose then, there was magic in the air the night we met and it heard you and once magic hears you there’s nothing you can do but enjoy the ride. 

The noise now unbearable my ears felt fit to pop but Troy hadn’t finished;

This is it Lil'! Just remember. REMEMBER!

With that he shot up in the air along the path of the rainbow, the tale detached from the ground and followed like a shooting star.

The wind was sucking me nearer the edge of the hole, bubbles strangely moving in the opposite direction. I was now over the hole and beginning to feel strangely euphoric. I didn’t mind, I didn’t know what was going on but I didn’t feel worried, a sense of calm washed over me and I looked at the cats in front of me, my friends.

I loved my friends, but what was that I was seeing? They were staring at me and in the reflection of Mogsie’s eyes I could see myself, standing there glowing gold, rays coming out like solar bursts. The air turning yellow as it danced around.

I smiled at them, waves of love washing over me. I didn’t know what was happening or where I was going but it didn’t matter to me at that moment. Oh how I wish Evie was here I could do with a black cats luck. Troy has said I was going on an adventure a choice I’d already made a choice led by magic.

Down I shot into the hole.

No light, no sound!

The Real Reason Why Cat's Have 9 Lives

The best place to start? 


Saturday 30 August 2014

Game, Set And Match - The Choice!


Twizzle ran forward to her as if to embrace but stopped right in front of her. I was surprised as I know they've never been the best of friends but Twizzle's body was stiff, something wasn't right.

What is it? I wasn't the only one to spot it, Doublay was now on his feet.

Twizzle stepped back so we could all see what she could. Yes it was Emma but her face wasn't reacting, her eyes were yellow and pleading, the face of Emma, the eyes of another. Emma stayed rigid staring ahead, frozen.

What have you done to her? 

George stepped towards The Curse his posture one of anger. She smiled and licked her top lip again;

I've not done anything to her, it's not my choice to make, that pleasure is all Lil's!

What do you mean?

I was feeling confused, a rustling in the tree behind drew my attention for a moment, I thought I saw a pair of eyes but no my mind was playing tricks on me.

I turned back to look at Emma before, the eyes, these luminous green eyes, they weren't Emma's eyes.

What have you done to her eyes?

The Curses tutted;

I told you before I've not done anything to Emma. Oh come on Lil' stop being so naive, you know the eyes are the mirror into the soul.

I didn't understand what she was saying to me;

Stop talking in riddles! I bellowed, my frustration getting the better of me.

Ok, I guess you lot aren't quiet as clever as I thought so let me spell it out. You called our to your Queen, you have your Queen, you're looking right at her, or should I say, she's looking right at you!

Sarah gasped and dropped to her knees.

Our Queen, our Queen, it's our Queen!

Finally! The Curse flicked her hair back over her shoulder.

I looked up into her face, back to Emma and back to The Curse again.

Are you saying that Emma had become The Queen of Catkind?

Oh don't be silly, no you've not earn't that yet. 


Mogsie was on his feet and moving closer to Emma. Chameleon was joining him, both looking intently at her. The eyes were definitely not those of Emma.

Ok, The Curse rocked her head from shoulder to shoulder, cracking vertebra as she went.

Time to choose, Emma or your Queeny, Queeny or your Emma, you can have one or the other, she bent down close to me, arm outstretched, finger waving;

But not both!


George was now on his feet and had joined Mogsie and Chameleon forming a circle of protection around Emma.

The Curse spun around to look at them;

Oh how cute, what a catastrophe! She began to giggle.

I never lied we played The Game of Truth, I could not lie, I ALWAYS WIN! Emma or The Queen, The Queen or Emma, which one Lil' which one do you choose? You can have one but you can't have both. Game, set and match to me I think!

I just stood there staring at her, how could I make such a choice? Realisation dawning, the odds were always stacked in her favour, she'd either get to keep hold of The Queen or Emma and the weight of the answer lay with me.

Emma was my friend but The Queen was the Queen and how many years she'd been trapped, kept away from her one true love Troy Lamore.

I turned to Mogsie;

What do I do, help me?

He bowed his head and started speaking;

You must make the choice Lil' I will not help you.

My heart felt like it was being punctured by a thousand arrows and I glared at him. How could he do it to me again, abandon me when I needed him most.

George's arm was once again on my back and he lent in and whispered in my ear.

Lil' you must make the choice you feel it right.

Sarah began sobbing; Our Queen Lil', it's our Queen;

She turned to face The Curse;

How can you do this to us, why! WHY!

Oh get over it she snivelling little bunch of half wits, Oh dear, oh dear a difficult decision oh woe is me, woe is me.

She turned away from Sarah and back at me.

Well? I'm waiting for you to chose, after all you did win that honor and I really haven't got all night!

I felt sick, our Queen our poor Queen, eyes staring at me, a tear building volume fell down Emma's nose and onto the floor, the rest of her still frozen still.

I turned back to Mogsie.


He just shook his head slowly and carried on brushing his face up and down Emma.

Emma, oh Emma, I looked in her eyes trying to see her, see if I could reach her but no they eyes were not mine, the eyes pleaded at me.

How could I chose between them both? How could I send one to purgatory and free the other? How could I make that choice and live with myself? I had no choice.

I looked back at Emma and those eyes, those magnificent green eyes and tried to smile, tears now falling from my face.

I choose Emma. I choose to free Emma.


The Curse's right arm rose in to the air, she clicked her fingers. At the same moment she disappeared and Emma's body softened, and she fell to the ground, panting. The boys started to fuss around her;

Are you Ok? Emma?

Bella and the Naughty Twins ran over to her and started breathing on her;

She's so cold, they cried.

George remained rubbing my back, saying nothing.

After what felt like hours but in reality must have been just a few seconds Emma lifted her head, the luminous green eyes were gone. Our Queen was gone.

Thank you, she mouthed at me.

I turned to Mogsie, I don't think I've ever been so angry.

How could you not have helped me? Why? WHY! When I needed you the most why did you do nothing?

I stamped my foot

Answer me WHY?

Friday 29 August 2014

How Did You Work It Out?

I'm right aren't I? 

I stood up and turned to face The Curse who was smoothing out her robe.

Yes, she shrugged.

Well done!

Feigning indifference she pulled another imaginary bit of fluff form her robe.

Sarah had stopped crying and along with everyone else was now staring at me. I could feel George's paw rubbing up and down my back even more rapidly than before and I turned to face him, relief almost taking me to the floor. I suddenly felt so very, very tired and just wanted to go to sleep, something I'd not done since before I went to the other side. Such a strange feeling, and so welcomed, I'd gotten so used to the idea of never having to sleep again.

The Naughty Twins were jumping up and down cuddling each other arms enveloping Sarah and Twizzle had visibly slumped, finally showing her real feelings beneath her poise.

How did you work it out? Doublay asked.

I turned to face him and started;

I had nothing to go on as to who she could be trapped in and tried to eliminate everyone one by one, hoping that some of the qualities of our Queen would have bled through into and affected our own personalities but I could only reduce the list so far. I then started to listen to what The Wiseman had told me about listening to myself, my intuition and that helped me to reduce down the list a little more but I was still so confused.

It was when, just for a moment, I thought it could be me that I gave something away in my face and checked to see if The Curse had picked up on it and by her reaction and from what I saw I believed she had. But if I applied the same logic to myself as I had to George then it couldn't be me, we were both in The Lane of bells together. Then some more words from my last consultation with The Wiseman came to mind. He'd been insistent on saying I had the answer right under my nose and it was only then that I realised what I'd half sarcastically said at the time what was right under my nose, my mouth! I must have already mentioned someone who had the Queen trapped inside of them, those already affected!

What by The Curse? Chameleon asked.

Yes! I nodded.

I tried to remember more of our conversation and there was something else that stood out to me that he said. Had I been looking in the right places? And then I remembered what The Curse had said about The Queen during The Game of Truth. 

Sarah moved closer;

She didn't say The Queen was in front of her, she said the Queen was within 5 meters of her.

I turned to face The Curse; Clever play on words!

She nodded her appreciation.

I turned back to face the group.

It was The Game of Truth so she couldn't lie, she would automatically have lost! She was so confident in her winning that she made sure we were all gathered here before we started, she wouldn't need Emma to be here, of course she wouldn't, she already had control over her and what better way to divert attention than to completely ignore her and trust that under the pressure of the situation Emma would be completely forgotten about and I had forgotten her until I saw The Curse reacting when I thought it could be me, then everything made sense.

But there one thing that doesn't make sense to me, George stood up and looked directly at The Curse.

Go on, she smiled.

You said you never LOSE;

He turned to face me;

She never said she's never LOST! Lil' She said she never LOSES! Lil' if she was wasn't telling the truth the game would have been over then.

My stomach hit the floor and my body followed. Looking up at The Curse she smiled back, not the reaction I was expecting from someone who had just been beaten.

Clever little puddy cat aren't we George? And how observant of you! You're right I never lose. NEVER!

She turned to face me her eyes sparkling blue.

Now Lil', my favourite part of this game. The prize giving! 

A giggle erupted from her belly, a childish, mocking voice followed;

A choice to make!

Face forward, her body half turned as she spun her arm around in the direction of the garden gate where Emma silently stood.

Thursday 28 August 2014

I'm Ready To Answer The Question!

Silence. You could have heard a pin drop, everyone was looking at me and I was feeling the pressure. Everything that had happened before had led to this point and just one word from me would free us all and allow the Queen and Troy to be together again for all eternity, free from The Curse that had imprisoned her for so many lifetimes or it would send us all to a similar fate.

Who could it be, the pressure of just one word, one answer? I felt it's weight.

I didn't want to do this on my own but I had no choice. Right, calm Lil' keep calm, a cool head, that's right. I felt myself gaining control of me again. Logic, think logically. Who could it be?

I turned to face Sarah, her eyes wide with terror. Sarah um could it be Sarah? Let me think. I know the Queen is trapped but her prison guard would have no idea. I tried to see if I could see anything is Sarah's eyes. No all I saw was fear, our Queen was brave but I'm sure she would feel fear in such a situation anyone would. Sarah just wanted to be loved, she's proven that time and time again, a sucker for love. Would our Queen be too? She loved Troy Lamore, she loved him enough to keep on fighting to come back no matter how many times she'd failed to outrun The Curse. I'm not sure, she may be.

Twizzle coughed, a bit of her hair must have gotten caught in her throat and her coughing drew my attention. Now Twizzle, she liked to keep to herself and was very watchful and supportive, both qualities our Queen would possess. She had a big heart taking in those who needed help, another quality our Queen would surely have. Maybe, no matter the prison, the Queen's personality would bleed through, maybe they had no choice but and she was the Princess of Catworld. 

Looking at Twizzle I tried to picture her as I'd always imagined our Queen to be. Twizzle certainly had a royal stance, um yes I think it's more likely to be Twizzle than Sarah. Right strike Sarah off my list. Twizzle supersedes her as a likely contender.

Well I've started on the girls I may well as continue, Bella. A mighty warrior just like our Queen, mothering and loyal but somehow I just don't think it could be her. I started to dismiss her as a possibility but then again if The Curse was doing her job well she would try and hide The Queen in the most unlikely of places. I shouldn't be so quick to strike her off the list.

Oh this is impossible the more I think the more confused I'm getting. I wish I was more prepared, I wish I hadn't let my temper get the better of me and just called The Curse out, I wish I'd spoken to The Wiseman before he could have helped. What would he say, remember Lil' remember his words of advice. 

It was almost as if I could hear his voice;

Just listen to yourself Lil' the answers right under your nose.

What had I said that day? Oh why can't I remember what I had said, it might give me a clue now, a direction to take.

The lighter Naughty Twin said something to her brother and I looked at them both. 

Ah the Naughty Twins, if The Curse wanted to throw me off the scent what better way that to cause confusion and these two certainly did that, swapping genders all the time and with no one even aware of it until recently, all hidden in plain sight. But if it was one of the Twins which one? Maybe it was both, what an clever way of hiding The Queen in not one but two bodies, she's emphasised naming it in ONE was she trying to trick me?

I looked at The Curse who was smiling back clearly aware of what I was doing trying to deduce who it could be. She seemed to be enjoying herself, of course she would be, playing games was her pleasure.

Worked it out yet? 

The Curse sarcastically grinned. I ignored her and went back to looking at the Naughty Twins.

Right, The Curse asked if I'd worked it out yet when I was looking at the Twins so maybe she'd want me to think it was them which makes me think I'm on the wrong track, although the Darker Naughty Twin did manage to break his curse which takes some doing so he could still be a contender. I'll come back to them I'm not sure yet.

I turned to George, smiling back at me, trying to give me comfort in his gentle way. We'd pretty much always been close so of course he would be. Could she be entrapped within him? He had been possessed but no, I was with him when we first heard the Queen call out for our help, when we were in The Lane of Bells, so no, it couldn't be George of that I was sure.

A warm feeling spread over me, that's it, I felt so sure it wasn't George, not just because I didn't want it to be or logically it couldn't be him but because my catty powers told me so. Right I need to listen to them too, I'd got so caught up in the game I'd forgotten my most powerful weapon against The Curse.

Turning to Mogsie I smiled.

How could it be Mogsie? Yes he was our Hero and leader but to hide The Queen in him would be too obvious. Mind you we'd had our own love story just like Troy and The Queen had, could things have played out subconsciously between us in this lifetime? Nah not Mogsie, too obvious, a double bluff or a coincidence maybe? But then again he has been acting strangely recently. I'm pretty sure it's not him but I can't listen to my catty powers where he's concerned, we're too close, it affects it.

I looked again at Mogsie who was looking slightly down, was there something else going on there? He'd hardly said a word since being around The Curse, Ok he's on the list of maybe's!

Time's moving on Lil', things to do, places to be! 

The Curse tried to pile on the pressure. I glared at her.

I'll answer in MY time!

She laughed and flicked her top tooth with one of her fingernails.

I turned to face Chameleon and Doublay. 

Chameleon looked very sad and almost as scared as Sarah did. No it wasn't him, no way. If the Queens qualities were bleeding through, which I hoped they were, it was pretty much all I had to go on to help me with this decision, then I really didn't think she would possess the one's he did. 

True he'd come good in the end but he was still a bit selfish and ruthless and as much as a Queen needed to be strong, there was a difference. Again I felt myself and I was told I was right. Good at least I can completely eliminate George and Chameleon as contenders. Makes the job a little easier, I feel I'm making progress, I just hope I'm not wrong in my thinking.

Doublay, um now he just could be. Turning up out of nowhere, trusted by Troy, one of the first to help me since I came back from the other side, a true and loyal member of Catworld, psychic and strong. Oh yes he could be The Queen, he really could he possessed the right qualities. I hope I'm using the right tool to measure this.

I turned back to face Mogsie, pleading for his help my eyes not mouth doing to talking. He bowed his head lower although I know he caught my gaze. Why was he avoiding helping me, I needed him more than ever and he was abandoning me in my time of greatest need? My heart hurt a little, I didn't understand why he would allow me to bear this burden all on my own.

I turned again to face the players in this game. 

Right so the list as it now stands is Twizzle, the Naughty Twins, Bella, Mogsie and Doublay. 

Right Lil' listen to yourself, forget logic just listen to how you feel. Does it feel like it could be Twizzle? I moved towards her and sat down and closed my eyes. I could feel the warmth of her body and hear her slow breaths. If she was nervous she was doing very well to control it. I couldn't pick up anything, maybe I was trying too hard.

Bella was sitting next to her so I turned my body slightly and tried to do the same, cold I felt cold. No something in me told me it wasn't her, I turned to face Mogsie, even though I was upset at him I got the same feeling, something had kicked in, another two I could take of the list.

Doublay and the Naughty Twins remained. I looked at them and just as with Twizzle I felt confused.

Oh who could it be, Doublay? Twizzle? One or both of the Naughty Twins? Who was hiding our Queen? I felt sick, I'd used logic and I'd used intuition and I'd still got 4 people left and I had no idea who it could be. I could be here forever and still get no closer to being sure who it was. Oh why me, why me?

Hang on a second, suddenly those words rang in my head. I'd not even considered looking at myself. I turned to face The Curse to see if she had picked up on my potential epiphany. She'd picked up on something, maybe my change of expression, she was peering intently at me as if trying to work out what I was thinking, maybe to see if my face was giving something away.

Why I hadn't I looked at myself in all this? Could the Queen of Catkind somehow be trapped inside of me? Surely I would have felt something? Maybe not, no one had! 

Troy had come to me to help me, but was he trying to help me help him or help me just live my life in the best way he thought I could. He'd also helped me come back from the other side, isn't that exactly what he was trying to do with his Queen? The more I thought about it the more sense it made. OMG it could be me! I could have been the prison cell for The Queen of Catkind all along!

I turned and smiled at The Curse, if she was as good at reading people as I thought she was, if I looked like I'd suddenly got it she might give something away in her face. 

She had tensed, she had picked up something. 

My mind started to race, OMG I was onto something here, I seemed to have her rattled. Right Lil' come on pull yourself together, don't let excitement get the better of you, courage, yes courage that's what Troy had been trying to help me build all along, listen to your catty powers, I know it's hard when you are close to yourself but listen, like you've never listened to yourself before.

I turned to face The Curse and confidently smiled.

I'm ready to answer the question!

Sarah started to cry and the Naughty Twins moved either side of her, all three huddled together, Twizzle shifted and moved so her body was touching Bella's. Mogsie looked up and faced me his expression giving nothing away and I felt George rub my back.

Emma! You've trapped The Queen in Emma!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

The Game of Bluff, Intimidation In Complacency

My mind was racing, words said back and forth!

She'd said she'd never lost and we were both still here. Did that mean she would win? Yes! Just for a few moments that realisation sank in and my heart dropped to my stomach, it wasn't a lie, SHE'D NEVER LOST! Yet the future was not yet upon us yet, a chance lay ahead of me. I'd said I wouldn't be needing to say goodbye to Mogsie, I must win mustn't I? I know it was in the future but the truth could never be denied and the truth had no timescale. If that was the case then the future truth had already taken in her words and she wouldn't lose but if she doesn't lose and I don't have to say my goodbyes then in the future we must all still be together.

That thought calmed my heart and it rose again in my chest, slotting nicely back into position, this time a little tougher than before.

But how could we both win this game? It didn't seem logical, her prize was to keep the Queen entrapped and take all of us with her and my prize was freedom for all of us, opposing what The Curse was playing for.

Such twists and turns this Game of Truth.

I looked into The Curse's eyes, smiling back at me, suspecting nothing, my thoughts and feelings still hidden from her. I needed to keep it cool. Composure Lil' just think slowly and surely. Now the seriousness of my words were recognised, by me, I was beginning to second guess what my next words would be. The consequences were disastrous for all of Catkind, but there positives, the quashing of The Curse and the long awaited throning of The Queen of Catkind.

No it's OK her eyes weren't giving anything away, slightly smiling she's trying to play the game of bluff, intimidation in complacency, no I won't fall for that one, I'm stronger than that.

The Curse cleared her throat and stood up, flattening out her robes and pinching an imaginary bit of fluff from the top pocket. Head raised, arm outstretched, sweeping left to right over everyone's heads.

I think it's time Lil' I'm see no point in wasting any more time, you tire and bore me...

I could feel anger rising in me, no master it, master it, The Wiseman's words came flooding in, listen to yourself, the answers right under your nose. That's it anger calming, keeping calm that's the way to win, a cool head. phew deep breath. ahh lovely my lungs so full.

You come to free your Queen, such a deserved leader that loses herself in battle. Can't see myself why you would want to risk your necks over such a thing but hey I win either way so what's the bother, I'll play along?

I kept my mouth tightly shut, biting the cheek to stop myself from blurting out words that could come at such a high cost.

Nothing to say? The Curse laughed.

Ok then, down to business, I'll roll the dice. Your Queen is indeed trapped here.

She turned to look down at Doublay;

Well done, you got it bang on! I think I'll be able to utilise your powers of deduction very well. Bit of a psychic are we? Your Queen is trapped inside one of you Catworld cats and you never knew. She's been here all her life, not a clue, any of you and there's me thinking you cats were proud of your catty powers. 

She slurred the last two words, a half chuckle escaped from her rather scraggy neck.

The Naughty Twin's gasped in unison and I could hear a few whispers between Bella and Sarah.

Yes my lovelies, The Curses shoulders shrugged up and down once an a faux smile turned itself on and off.

Less than 5 meters away stands your Queen and all she needs is naming by Lil'.

She turned to face me;

You ready Lil'? You reached The Tipping Point? Huh?

Emphasising each t she shrugged again, elbows bent, palms faced skywards.

You wanna free your Queen? Then it's simple Lil' you're playing The Game of Truth, just name her Lil' Cat! JUST. NAME. HER. IN. ONE!

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Only Two Players In This Game

The Curse slowly turned, following my gaze.

Well, hellllllo. About time you turned up!

Ignoring her Mogsie carried on looking directly at me.

Lil'. What are you doing?

The Curse giggled;

She's playing The Game of Truth, my little friend. Why don't you sit down. Her hand swept the floor next to her, clearing pretend dust and patted the floor;

...but I wouldn't be making yourself too comfortable, we'll be off in a short while.

Mogsie glared at The Curse who turned to face me;

Ooh I don't think he likes me. 

Turning back to him she unhooked her other leg, stretched it and cracked her knee bone;

Never mind I don't care, popularity has never been a strength of mine. No I have many more ....useful qualities, Popularity is sooooo overrated. 

Neither Mogsie nor I had broken our stare, looking directly into each other just for a second I thought I saw his eye soften trying to reassure me everything would be Ok. I knew it would, he was here now, and I was no longer on my own in this. I always felt that way when Mogsie was around, no matter what, he always came through in the end even if his motivate where never obvious to begin with.

The Curse cleared her throat;


Mogsie turned to stare at her, indignity in his eyes.

What are you waiting for? She smiled

Ignoring her he turned back to face me;

Lil' Oh Lil'

His head bent slightly down.

It's Ok, I'm Ok. I had to.

His head lifted up and a glint of water reflected in his eye, he blinked it back.

I know you did. You always would have.

He sighed deeply.

Any advice for your little love? The Curse mocked at Mogsie;

A right Romeo and Juliet you two are, I wonder if this story will have the same happy ending?

There was no happy ending, Sarah piped up.

Well that's a matter of opinion and mine was it was a glorious ending!

She reached into her hair, pulled something out that resembled a fly and popped it into her mouth.

You really are vile aren't you? 

George stood up as if to pounce, facing off The Curse. Her posture tensed, muscles rippling beneath her rags but no movement was made. George sat down next to Sarah.

Oh look at you lot, ahh fwends sticking together, how wuvley. But a total waste of time, there's only two players in this game, me and the one who challenged me. Better that you spend your time getting your goodbye speeches prepared, those of you of course that haven't already said your goodbyes.

I looked at Mogsie who was trying to mouth something at me but The Curse spotted us;

Oh now now that's not cricket is it trying to cheat Mogsie are we, trying to give a little helping hand? I did that once, she held up her thumb less hands, won't be doing that again! Anyway...

She turned to me;

Wanna moment to say your goodbyes to Mogsie Lil? I'm not totally unfeeling you know.

No thank you, I don't believe we will be requiring that!

Mogsie smiled, got up and walked and sat right next to me.

What you smiling at? The Curse did not look happy.

Oh you'll see, after all this is The Game of Truth and as we all know, it's over the second anything but the truth is spoken.

I felt him squeezing my hand and turned to look at him. I understood the message of confidence he had been trying to pass to me through his touch. The game wasn't over! My previous words, the words that had relaxed Mogsie went round my mind.

No thank you, I don't believe we will be requiring that!

Monday 25 August 2014

The Game of Truth Begins

What do you mean we're already playing? I shock my head to clear it.

The Curse lent forward leering over her crossed legs

Didn't you listen to me Lil' Cat I said Ok then, let's begin! Do I have to remind you again I've already said I've no time to waste, we started playing the game the moment I spoke?

What's this game we're playing, I should at least know it's name.

It's name little one is The Game of Truth! It's only fitting that we play the ultimate game for the ultimate prize, or...

The Curse touched her hair, wiping it from her face, licking her top lip, left to right.


A finger pointed directly at me.

The thing is Lil' Cat I've been playing it all along, you should listen to my words very carefully, I've already given you the outcome, poor Lil' Cat you sitting their all scared and brave, I already know the outcome and so do you if you've been listening carefully for I do not lie. There's only one rule, the first not to speak the truth loses and I'd like to remind you again, I NEVER LOSE!

My throat burnt indignity so that's the game we're playing;

I beg to differ.

The Curse smiled mockingly and nodded her head as if to indicate she was interested in hearing what I had as a defence.

You think you know us? You think you have all the answers but your forgetting you are not the only player in this game and I know me and I know what I am capable of and the truth, huh if that's the game then I know who'll the winner will be!

I heard a little sound of cheer coming from Doublay and turned to face him.

A double crosser. Is that what you think he is?

The Curse's head poked sideways, her chin sharply prodded down and bottom lip following it out.

Well I know Doubaly to be someone who chose to face great challenges to do what he thought was the right thing. I don't see the slightest hint of double crosser I see someone who fought his own instincts to sometimes live in great fear with great pose and restraint for the aid of others, a cat who forgives those who have done wrong against him and tries to help those not as strong as he is. And...

I nodded and smiled to Chameleon who's head slightly bowed looked both embarrassed and sad.

And YOUR TRAITOR. Nah got that one wrong again, I see someone who loyally followed someone who took advantage of him and yet when people who he'd been poisoned against most of his life asked for his help he chose to help them and brought the gift of co-operation between us and one of our greatest floes. No I see a negotiator and soon to be father who I've no doubt will teach his children great strength of body and mind.

The Curse was smiling at me now.

And I suppose you are going to tell me those two gender swapping brats are just little cheeky scamps?

They are so much more than that. The lighter Naughty Twin looks out for others, she stepped up when I went to the other side and took it upon herself to look out for River, with no cost to herself, she's proven over the years to be a good friend and excellent communicator while her brother over-came great fear and managed to beat your little attempt at removing his memory. I think you'll agree more, much more than just cheeky little scamps.

The Curse staring at me went to clear her throat but nothing came out and I continued.

Sarah a cheater maybe, but she's an excellent mother who would fight to the death for her children, protective personified. She's a cat and her foibles as we all do but when needed she's there and has more bravery in her than her size gives away.

I looked up to see The Curse looking over my shoulder, behind us on the path Sarah and The Naughty Twins had returned with Bella and George and they were all looking at me.

Bella's more bothered than you could even imagine, just because she keeps out of the direct line of action these days, pah, that means nothing. Bella has been a warrior on the front line of trouble more times that I care to count without question but now she works quietly in the background, helping and calming. 

The side of Bella's mouth softened and she winked a wave at me. I blinked back and for a second we shared a union of emotion.

I turned and smiled openly at George, before turning back to face The Curse.

And this one;

Turning back I pointed at George;

This man, this marvellous cat is a cat of amazing warmth, heart, love and trust. He's made mistakes and he's learnt from them, it's hard to accept responsibility and George does than, never shirking, always there and dependable and you choose to jump on the fact that he's heart got confused, no wonder the guys bursting full of love.

What about me? What do you think of me Lil';

Twizzles head was looking around the corner of the gate. Everyone turned him her direction surprised, she never comes out of her own.

You Twizzle, you've been my friend across the road. How I miss those days we would just sit in our windows looking at each other silently in tune. 

I turned to face The Curse.

The Princess as you so like to label her has opened her home and heart to any who needed her love, compassion and protection in bouquets and you chose to call that kindness into question? 

I was feeling out of breath, how strange to feel breath again.

Clap, clap, clap, The Curse slowly moved her hands together.

Lovely little speech my darling but I stand by what I say, I always tell the truth as you can see, I'm still here.

And so, as you'll see am I!

My eyes blazed at her a game of who would break the gaze first in play, but no, this was not that game. I softened my eyelids to indicate that battle was not going to be played and we broke gaze contact together.


George stepped by my side and touched my paw, I could feel him, really feel him like I used to feel fur on fur  and looked up into his face smiling down at me. His weepy eye needed a wipe and I moved my paw and gently cleaned it for him, lost in a moment broken by;


The Curse, cleared her throat, brought out a leg and cracked her angle before returning it to the crossed legged position.

And what about your hero, gonna tell me how he's still that. Yes I can see he's in the thick of the action.

Mogsie needs no defending by me, I thought we were speaking the truth, this is the Game of Truth after all, isn't it?

The Curse nodded;

Mogsie is the one cat that we can always, always rely on to do the right thing. We may not know the reason why, but I've no doubt he has one for why he's not here now. You see...

I lent in towards the curse;

...that's why I'll win this game and you will loose, I've no doubt in a word I'm saying about anyone, least of all about Mogsie.

I pulled back and for a second caught the tendons in The Curses neck tense before a pair of eyes behind her drew my attention.

There was Mogsie looking back at me.


Sunday 24 August 2014

Step Up Your Game, We're Already Playing!

Ok then, let's begin!

The Curse sat down on the floor, gathering up her robe to knee height as she descended. Sitting cross legged she sat silently looking at me. What was this game a game of who blinks first? I sat and looked her right in the eye, I wasn't going to speak first, this maybe a test of nerves, the psych out your opponent before battle begins thing and I needed to keep my wits about me.

Finally she spoke;


Her head turned from side to side.

Well what? I continued looking eye on. The Curse, side mouth smile forming crept across her face.

Well what are you waiting for? 

Her head turned from left to right.

You! I replied.

Her arms reversed resting on the ground behind her and her body back flopped on them, boredom pose.

Oh Lil' Cat I thought for a moment when your bravery challenged me that I was up against an opponent that would at least give me a run for my money, I do find an unworthy challenger so tiresome. Let me help you out on this one. Remember I said I've never lost.

She raised an eye brow at me.


Well then? 

She seemed to be getting impatient with me, bringing herself back from her rested position leaned in close enough for me to smell her surprisingly sweet rose breath.

 Well I said I'll get all of you, I don't see all of you here. 

She scanner the crowd.

I see you Lil' Cat

Nodding in Chameleons direction;

I see this traitor, oh I shall have such fun with you, I love a good traitor.

Cocking her head to his right towards Doublay she continued;

There's a double crosser,

Her head to the left, she smiled at Sarah and pointed at the Naughty Twins;

A couple of cheaters and a scardie but I see no sign of the love rat, Princess, can't be bothered and supposed Hero, some hero bit conspicuous by his absence.

I looked at her confused;

Oh, she yawned;

Let me spell it out to you. George, Twizzle, Bella and Mogsie. I said I've never lost so when I win I shall be needing you all her to take with me, I'm a busy girl I can't be waiting around, when I win, we're off.

I turned to look st Sarah who looked even more terrified than before.

Lil', my babies! she mouthed at me, a tear in the corner fought to stay in position.

Of course they'll be joining us, a little extra bonus. WHEN I SAID ALL, I MEANT ALL!

The Curse pointed her finger at the Naughty Twins;

You two, go get everyone else, I'm itching to play!

And you Lil' Cat. Step up your game,we're already playing!

Saturday 23 August 2014

Ready To Play A Game?

There in front of me stood a figure, not what I was expecting.

I didn't even think that The Curse would have a figure, it never crossed my mind, I just assumed it was something intangible like air or a puff of smoke maybe but no this curse had a most definite figure.Taking a step forward it's outline became clearer.

Roughly four foot tall, small for a human but huge to a little cat like me it towered above, a sky scraper. Raggedy, tangled hair tumbled in matted locks from the top down just passed the shoulders, the body shrouded by a robe of dirty hessian that fell to the floor, a pair of pointy toes protruding out. I scanned the body from bottom to top, making out a thin bony frame, old and veiny hands poking out where each sleeve finished, four fingers on each hand, no thumbs.

One of the hands moved up and pushed back the tangled mess revealing a pale long face, the teeth the whitest I'd ever seen, the skin grey and sunken but the eyes, wow they eyes were the blues eyes I'd ever seen, the colour of a chalk pit, sparkling and brilliant like sapphires caught in the sunlight.

YOU CALLED! The Curse cackled.

You call and I come.

The curse offered out a hand as if to shake my paw, it's head bowed slightly. I had no idea what to do my mind silent and racing at the same time.

Nice to meet you! Lips snarled at me.

I didn't make a move, not frozen but confused.

Never mind.

The Curse retracted the offered hand and wiped it on the side of the robe.

Cat got your tongue? She laughed and turned, her back now to me, her head turning left over her shoulder a crimson tongue licked her top teeth.

No, well I may well do that myself, well have to wait and see.

What do you want? I spat at her

You called me. WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

Her right eye turned red briefly, spittle escaping from between her lips her voice turning into a growl.

I want you to leave us all alone and I want you to leave our beloved Queen alone to, free her. I puffed out my chest trying to square up to her, trying to hide my fear.

Quick as a lightening bolt she swooped down, her face centimetres away from mine, she half whispered, half bellowed.

I bet you do!

Up she swung herself, straightening her hair, her voice now calm.

But we will have to see if you can earn that right LIL' CAT, won't we?

Lil' cat, how did she know that's where my name came from? My mind was raising.

I know everything LIL' CAT. Tut you did underestimate me didn't you!

She suddenly spun to face the garden gate.

You may as well come out from there I can see you hiding yourself away, trembling with fear. Poor little puddy cats.

Her bottom lip pushed out, a baby about to cry and wale. I looked in the direction she was looking, I couldn't see anything.

NOW! She screamed.

Out stepped Sarah, followed by the both the Naughty Twins, the darker one protecting his sister. Sarah stood as a barrier between them, she was trembling but was protecting her children. I indicated to her to come behind me and they cautiously passed her, keeping their eyes firmly fixed on her so as not to be surprised. As the lighter Naughty Twin passed her head bent down and sniffed her, the darker Naughty Twin went to attack the curse but she was too quick for him and he was tossed into the air, landing stunned on R's car before falling to the floor by me.

Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin, already by m,e ran to him to make sure he was Ok, which apart from shock he appeared to be.

The Curse just laughed.

Ok then, who shall I play with now?

Banging her hand on the fence that separated the two front pathways Chameleon jumped up and over the fence onto the pathway.

Not brought your friend with you? 

She looked back in the direction of the fence, Doublay's head poked cautiously from the top, eyes blinking he looked terrified.

That's better, so rude to stare at a lady like that. Do you have no manners? She mocked, although I know I'm a stunner.

Doublay's head disappeared from sight and around the side of the fence he came, keeping his body as close to the ground as he could.

That's better, she smiled her hand coming down she ticked his chin.

I don't think I've ever seen Doublay's eyes so wide and fixed rigid.

Now isn't this nice, a veritable party we're having here, rum punch anyone?

Oi, I shouted

The Curse looked at me, a smile on her face her eyes twinkling, left eye brow rising in an inquisitive pose, right eye half closing for a second.

Oi? OI? Finally someone with a bit of guts behind them. Ok I'll play, she learnt back on one elbow on the fence, pausing and indicating it was my turn to speak.

Leave them alone!

Don't, Sarah trembled at me.

Shut up you little pussy, she growled at Sarah.

Your snivelling is beginning to get on my nerves. I want to hear what this one has to say, she calmly addressed me.

I called you, so you answer to me! 

I wasn't sure where it came from but I had been the one to bring The Curse here and so if anyone was going to be in the firing line it must be me. I wasn't sure what I said but she looked furious, both eyes glowed red before settling back to blue, I had her attention.

I'll you what Lil' Cat let's play a game shall we? Now let me think of a prize. Umm I know you win and I'll grant you a choice, call it a gift, a wish if you like but if I win, and I warn you I've never lost, then um yes then I'll get ALL OF YOU!

The lighter Naughty twin began to cry, Sarah put her arm around her, her eyes begging me to say no or to somehow get everyone out of the situation.

NO! Chameleon called out.

The Curse waved her hand and instantly he fell silent, looking at Doublay for help who got up to move towards him, another wave of her hand and his feet froze still, his head looked up at me, fear in one eye, surprise in the other.

Ready to play? She offered out her hand again.

My chin rose skywards, my chest puffed out, my eyes squinted.

You bet I am!

Friday 22 August 2014

I Was Angry. I Was Determined.

I was angry. I was determined. No matter how desperate the situation looked there would not be another cat war! The last was supposed to be the last, it was too devastating, created through greed and mistrust, elements that do not belong in the world of cats it had ripped our ancestors apart almost to the point of extinction and now the curse that came with our darling glorious Queen had delivered it's most fatal element, everyone was turning on each other, the war was beginning.

I waited until it got dark and went outside, if I was to fight this alone, so be it but I if there was a chance I could get some help, any help I would take it.

The street were dark, illuminated only by the light of the lamp outside E's house. I thought I saw some movement and hoped maybe George or Mogsie had come to their senses, oh how I needed their help, but no it was just a bush swaying slightly in the breeze.

I ventured over to Mogsie and Twizzles, hoping to see if they were around a feeling of fear spreading thorough me, a fear I would concur no matter what, the odds and the risk too great if I gave in to it.

A meow came from behind and I turned, was that Doublay over the road hiding under a car, my eyes adjusted to see. Someone was there I had definitely heard something but no whoever it was had hidden themselves again.

Ah the garage roof, it was one of our advantage points going up there I could get a great view over Catworld!

Climbing up I felt my heart pounding although it's beat had been still for so very, very long. I'd lost fear when I went to the other side, returning without it, no longer that scared little cat but now, tonight I could feel it and it was very real.

The breeze ruffled a tree branch and it made me jump. Come on Lil' calm down I kept on talking to myself, why tonight of all nights was I scared of the dark?

Another meow came from across the road and I saw Sarah and the darker Naughty Twin running over AM's lawn. I called over to them but they carried on their way not flinching for a second to turn in my direction.

Mogsie, I called.

No reply.



Up now on the garage roof my eyes scanned, I could see movement everywhere but was that just my imagination? Deep breath, deep breath. What was I talking about I hadn't taken a deep breath not a proper one since the beginning of the year and yet I could feel the air going into and out of my lungs. It must be a trick of my mind.

I could hear River having a little bark in the back garden, the Daddies friend WHS had come for a visit and they were all drinking and talking quietly outside, River chatting to her friends over the garden fences for a moment or two before I hear Disappears Daddy calling her name. At least the curse wasn't affecting her, she was a dog and I knew would be safe from it's clutches and spells.

Something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention.

Chameleon is that you?

I thought it was but no response. I could hear a cat giggling in the fir tree.

Bella, George?

The giggle subsided.

I looked around again, it really was a great spot up here, you could see everything. Lights went on in our downstairs window and the blinds came down. the Daddies must be coming in for the night.

A hiss right in my ear made me jump backwards, eyes and head left and right.

Who is it? Who's there?

No one replied.

This was like torture, cats were playing with me, I couldn't work out who, they were gone as fast as they had come, my torturers could be my friends, my heart was breaking for them and all of Catkind.

Damn you curse, I cried inside, the hurt and anger building.

DAMN YOU CURSE! I screamed out loud.

DAMN YOU CURSE! I screamed even louder, till my throat burnt.

A noise behind me, turning around, a figure moving forward, growing taller and louder, teeth gleaming white appeared between grimacing lips.