Saturday, 30 November 2013

Waiting For Instructions

I'm still waiting for instructions but no one's around which is a surprise because it's such a sunny day. Mind you looking at the state of these windows I'm not sure I'd be able to spot anyone if they were out there.

Working In Cohorts

It's Saturday and I'm up early with Stay Daddy, eating some more of that lovely steak Disappears cooked for me and River yesterday.

I thought it was going to be a nice gentle start to the day but yet again I was wrong, the Naughty Twin was waiting on the back wall for me with some vital information, Flash and Foxy were working together.

She said she'd been up late last night, on patrol when she's spotted both of them over the garden at the back of her house. Watching from her garage roof she was sure she hadn't been spotted. Usually when a cat and a fox are in the same vicinity one or the other of them would run off but not this time.

It seems like it's the proof we've been waiting for and the proof we need, Foxy Lectar and the remaining members of The New Cat Crew are in cohorts!

Friday, 29 November 2013

So It's Been A Year Has It

I've been asleep near enough all day, as soon as Stay Daddy vacated our office I jumped in his seat and snoozed. I love it up here, the warmest room in the house and he's got about ten cushions on this chair, it's so comfy.
Disappears Daddy has been home all day which is rare for a Friday although I didn't know why until now.
Stay came upstairs and gently woke me up and said to me that he had a bit of a treat for me as it's the 1 year anniversary of River joining the family.
Ah so it's been a year has it.

I remember when she first came here, such a small little thing and she looks totally different now. I really wasn't impressed that I'd been invaded as she wasn't like Nadia or AloHa who just mind their own business and don't really bother me. Oh it was so different with River and I've never lived with a dog before, all energy and jumping up and of course it through my world upside down for a while.

The daddies were very good and did their best to make sure she didn't bother me but hey a curious little dog is a curious little dog and they really can't help themselves, well River couldn't. At least I got to keep my place on the bed and as it's turned out I've ended up spending more time with Daddy than ever before, even if it's recently turned out that the office is shared for a couple of hours a day with her. I don't mind I get the entire downstairs to myself when she's up there.

It's taken me a while but I can't image life without her now and we've been getting closer and closer recently and a couple of times we've even fallen asleep next to each other. I should have realised how protective I would become of her the first time she had a bath and I thought she was scared, even though she coped with it a lot better than I would have being in all that water. There I was pacing up and down outside the bathroom door as the Daddies got themselves soaked, thank goodness they've got better at it.

Anyway there I was pondering whether to come down or not when suddenly I smelt something very strong and very tasty. Daddy gave me a stroke and put a plate right next to me. OMG steak, I love steak and even better Daddy says I've got a whole bowl full when I come downstairs.

Come on Daddy what we waiting for, I've got steak to eat and a kiss to give my sister, I do love her.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Troops Are Preparing Themselves

Look at the damage that Emm'a done to their fence, still at least her claws are sharp, handy if she's going to get involved with our battle with Flash and Foxy.

And the lighter Naughty Twin is still on lookout. I guess the troops are preparing themselves!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Clues And Information

Important information has just come through to me by Mogsie.

It's been a quiet day in Catworld, the fog and drizzle hasn't helped and has kept most people indoors. I saw M feeding the lighter Naughty Twin and George earlier on but apart form that nothing much of note I thought was happening.

However it just goes to show how wrong you can be, behind the scene's much activity.

After her lunch the lighter Naughty Twin seemed to be hanging around, acting a bit nonchalant I thought at the time but even though the drizzle has been pretty relentless she was sticking out in it. Then all of a sudden I saw Mogsie heading in my direction. 
I wasn't going out not in this weather so we mouthed at each other through the window. He said he'd been scouting the area for clues and information.

I wondered what he was talking about, clues and information? All very secret Squirrel, no offence Craig!

Anyway he said that when he was on his walkabout last night he'd found a tiny piece of fox hair. Well the hair on the back of my neck stood up at this. He said he thought I might have already known about this as he said he saw Stay Daddy sitting in the window having a little look out, it must have been about 1 he thought.

Well that was highly likely, it was a night of tossing and turning and I'd finally had enough and gone to sleep in the office but I do remember hearing Daddy go downstairs at some point.

He'd been way over the back of his place to have a scout around as he said his catty powers had told him that was the direction to go in.

Um that's a different location than normal, usually if Foxy Lectar is around he comes from the bottom of the road, or from over the back our way.

He said that rumours in that part of Catworld where that there had been a sighting a couple of nights ago but nothing concrete. 

I said I'd keep an eye out in case anything happened and he said he thought it best if we move things up to high amber alert. In the past two weeks Flash and now Foxy um it smells iffy to me.

When he went it suddenly occurred to me, River this past day has kept on going to the back of the garden and barking at something that neither Daddy or I can see, maybe it's related, maybe it's nothing. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her movements, her nose may come in handy after all. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I've Been Watching

I've been watching Mogsie all day on and off and he's up to something. It's like watching that bloke off Mission Impossible when he's keeping close to the rock face, trying not to be seen but searching for something himself. He's looking around and sniffing everywhere, huh he's reminding me of River with her ever twitching nose, but it's unusual for us cats to use our noses so much, we don't have to we've got catty powers to rely on.
I must catch him to see what he's up to, it looks fishy.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A New Experience

I can see why River likes it so much on this beanbag thing, it moulds to your body when you lay down although I did slip of to begin with and I'm not too sure I like the sound of the things inside moving around. 

Still it's a new experience I suppose and quiet comfy once you get settled, which I am, finally.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Talk About Feelings And All That

Well that was nice. 

I met Mogsie out the back where he was already waiting, he's a very fast runner you know he'd somehow gotten out there quicker that I had, maybe he was keen, I certainly hoped so.

I didn't want to go into things too much, you know talk about feelings and all that, although I did want to know. As much as I've said to myself no mucking around this time you've got to pick your moment otherwise you can make things more difficult than they need to be.

I asked how his tail was now and he said everything was better now, which is a big relief. 

I asked if there had been any more developments concerning Flash and he said that although things were still quiet that he thinks it best if we move things to amber and make sure that we are all as visible as possible. I agreed.

We then went for a bit of a walk all the way over the back wall, over C's, along the boundary of George's and then back down the side of our house. It's perfect weather for a bit of a Sunday morning stroll, the sun is shining and it's so lovely when it hits you as it has been so cold this week.

When we got around the side we just sat there is silence for a while, it was one of those times when you can just enjoy each others company in silence. The clouds started coming over and a few drops of rain came down and I was beginning to think it was time to go in and then the Daddymummy drew up in her car so that confirmed it was time to go so I bade him goodbye. 

There was then one of those awkward moments when you don't know if you should kiss goodbye or not, in the end we just smiled and in I ran.

When I went to the front window he was sitting there just looking at me. Swoon

I also spotted the lighter Naughty Twin running home from in the rain, now today she's looking pregnant, oh it's a conundrum. Is she? Isn't she? I need to catch her to ask.

My Heart Is Pounding!

Sunday morning and I have a visitor. I was having a bit of a sit with Daddy in the window when I spotted Mogsie walking up the side of C's pathway and heading in this direction with a determined look in his eye.
By the time he'd made it to my window I was there in position and waiting.
How's things? I mouthed through the window
Pretty fine, he mouthed back, you fancy coming out to play?

I can't remember the last time I was invited on a play date and my toes back to normal again now so I said I'd meet him out the back. My heart is pounding!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Perfect Present

I've found the perfect Christmas present for Nadia. Daddy is in the kitchen cooking us some chicken so I managed to get onto the computer and have a little search around. I usually don't bother with things like that but this year I felt like I wanted to make a bit of an effort, specifically I was looking for something for River when I came across this web site.
A lady has designed her own range of knitted coats for tortoises, at first I wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of it but then I thought back to all the times that we've had to help Daddy search for Nadia in the garden and wearing one of these she will be so much easier to spot.

I wonder if they do one shaped like a burger?

Maybe It Was Trapped Wind

Oh it's no nice getting the whole of downstairs to myself during the day. Don't get me wrong I love it in the office on my chair and being around Daddy but it's also lovely for me being able to just please myself without having to watch my back for any dog activity.

It's quiet nice weather today and so it's not like I'm looking out onto nothingness. I was just so loving the sun beating down on me that it was sending me into a bit of a haze when I heard all this noise coming from up on the chimney opposite. Something has certainly ruffled feathers in The Land Of Birds as about 200 hundred of them came swooping down.

I always make sure I pay attention as they are a canny lot and if something's disturbing them changes are something's about to disturb us.

I wasn't the only one who noticed them Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin also looked concerned. Mogsie sent the lighter Naughty Twin off to investigate while he sat hidden up the side of the car.
I can see him looking over here at me *blush*. I just can't work out though if the lighter Naughty Twin is pregnant or not, she seems to be a bit trimmer to me today. Maybe it was trapped wind.

Cat Heaven Island

Daddy has just come down from our office for a break. I'm quiet glad that he's got River up there with him this morning as I've been left in peace to just chill out and have a doze on the sofa. I wasn't too impressed when he first woke me up but forgave him when he came down to tell me what he had discovered.

There's an island in Japan, just off the coast of Fukuoka called Cat Heaven Island and it's run by cats!

Daddy then showed me some photo's that he had just seen taken by a man called Fubirai of all the cats on the island and how they run it. I must say it's about time too, when will people realise that it's us cats that rule the world?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Now That's What I Call...

Now that's what I call a Christmas tree, Evie would be very proud, it's the spitting image of her.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Again? Seriously!

I can hardly believe what my eyes are seeing!

Now I may of course be mistaken but I've just seen the lighter Naughty Twin sauntering around and unless she has a terrible case of trapped wind I'm sure she's pregnant.

Again? Seriously!


Disappears Daddy is home today, I think he's got an exam or something, to be honest I wasn't paying too much attention as I've been feeling a bit like the change of season has been affecting me this past couple of days.

It doesn't help that I jumped up on the window ledge the other day and banged my toe. It's OK, it's all been thoroughly checked out but it's just made me feel a bit like urghh and when little River decided she wanted to play chase with me this morning I couldn't even be bothered.
Stay Daddy said today he was going to spoil me to cheer me up, first off all a double dose of Dreamies, thank you very much, and then he picked me up and said that only I was allowed into the office today. Good!

Ah it's lovely in here just what I needed, it is the warmest room in the house, yeah Daddy isn't stupid at all bagging that as our office, and he washed my blanket yesterday so it's all nice and lemon smelling, one of my favourite smells.

I've been on his lap and off his lap and even felt my energy levels coming back up again walking all over the window ledge to see what's going on. I wasn't really expecting much as it's been drizzling all morning but I did spot Mogsie hiding out over the road under R's car.
The window was open, despite the rain, so it was easy for us to converse. I think he may have been looking for me as almost as soon as I jumped up there he waved over to get my attention as well. 

I asked if he'd heard or seen anymore of Flash or Doublay and he said he'd not. He said he went over to see Ginger cat yesterday to see if he'd heard anything but it appears they've both gone to ground. Maybe us making our presence felt everywhere was enough to scare them off, or maybe they are biding their time!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I Love You

It's the quiet times like this with River, that I understand just how close we've grown. You know what, and I never thought I'd say this but, River I love you my sister and I really glad you're here now!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Sunday, 17 November 2013

I've Decided

I've decided I'm not going to let it put me of sitting on Daddy for a cuddle if River's also occupying space. As long as she keeps to her side, they'll be no trouble.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Nice To See The Boys Getting Along

Everyone's just been told to be on high alert.

Mogsie has just come running over, he said he spotted Flash a little way down the road, about 5 houses away he said, so near the border to our part of Catworld.

He said we are now all to spread around and make sure we are very obviously being seen. I'm going to go up on the back wall by the Swinging Heart of Love, I can see quiet far and been seen from quiet a distance to. 

George is already making his presence felt sitting in the open by R's car. Sarah is up on the garage roof and Mogsie said that the Naughty Twins have got that section covered off while even Emma is getting herself involved by sitting at the top of their garden, so that's theirs and Tiny's portions covered off. 

Ah Mogsie and George. Nice to see the boys getting along.

Spotted Twice - As Of Yet

Doublay's been spotted twice already this morning!

The first time was dashing the road from E's over to C's. As soon as the lighter Naughty Twin saw him, and he was running fast so well spotted, she ran and followed him. I've not seen her since but I'm guessing she's still on his trail somewhere.

The second time was by the darker Naughty Twin when Doublay sped up their pathway and she's now just gone off to investigate. No sign of Flash as of yet.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Fury Not Disguised

It's been confirmed Flash is definitely reforming The New Cat Crew.
After my meeting with Mogsie earlier I've been keeping a watch out, not a hard thing to do I must admit when you've found yourself a nice pillow and the weathers great. I do have to keep on reminding myself though not to drift off. 

Anyway I saw Sarah dart out from behind a car a little down the road and go up to Mogsie's. He wasn't there and after a little search she went back down the road. Shortly afterwards I spotted Mogsie and Sarah chatting, his face getting more and more angrier.

He came over to tell me, the fury not disguised!

With That He Was Off!

I could hardly believe my eyes earlier. I was up on the table, the sun is beautiful today, skies of blue an the noise level at a minimum so I was loving the atmosphere then out of the corner of my eye I saw Mogsie jumping down from the back fence, head over to the garage and jump through the gap in the lower part of the door, over the twigs Daddy has put there to prevent River from going in until he repairs it.
I immediately followed him, what on earth could he want in our garage. When I got there he was sitting looking at the door way.

I was expecting you, he said
My first thought was presumptuous, but then I saw the seriousness in his face

Doublays been spotted in the district.

I just looked at Mogsie

I've been over to see Ginger Cat, he's heard rumours that Flash has been putting pressure to re-form The New Cat Crew and they've been looking to recruit new members and I believe he;s been leaning on Doublay. There's no news on Chameleon though , Spit's one of us now so his loyalty is not in question.

OK, what do you want me to do? I asked

Just keep an eye out, the Naughty Twins have your place covered from their side of the road, I'd appreciate you keeping a look out over the back of yours. Sarah is also doing the rounds but we're trying to keep it low key, we don't want them to cotton on that we're on to them.

With that he was off!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Word Has Spread

Word has spread about Flash lurking around. I was just having an afternoon rest downstairs, River was out the back as Daddy was cooking us our tea so I'd been left in peace.

The view from the sofa is perfect I can see straight outside and over the other side of the road so it was easy for me to spot Mogsie when he appeared.

Luckily as Daddy is cooking the window is open so it was easy for me to call over to him asking if he'd heard, which of course he had, not much escapes our Mogsie.

He said he wasn't too concerned, he'd taken on bigger and stronger, yes and looked what happened last time, but he was keeping alert.

Daddy then called out that the chicken was ready so I was off safe in the knowledge that both sides of the road are under watch, he won't be able to sneak in undetected a second time.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Force To Be Reckoned With!

This new routine that Daddy has instigated whereby River is up in the office for a couple of hours in the morning and then we swap over, she comes down and I go up in their with him actually has it's advantages.

Today is was brilliant it meant that I got to spend time in the front window downstairs and was able to catch hold of Sarah and tell her what I had seen this morning with Flash creeping around in her garden.

She said that she wasn't aware of it and as far and she was aware neither was anyone else in her family but thanks for letting her know she'll spread the word. 

I asked her to let Twizzel and Mogsie know as well as she was over there and she said she would.

True to her word she spread the news as this afternoon I saw the darker Naughty Twin sitting on guard on the sunshine shed.

Individually we are strong, together we are a force to be reckoned with!

Flash Mob

Second day running and the sun is out even though Daddy just warned me that he read that snow may be on it's way sometime this month. Tut!
Anyway there I was just waking myself up looking out the back window when some movement from my right caught my eye. I was still a bit sleepy so it took me a couple of second to process what I was seeing and there, two houses down, lurking about on the fence I spotted Flash.

It's been ages since he's been around. I did expect to see him trying to make a move when Mogsie was out of action after his trouble with Foxy Lectar but thankfully nothing, I don't know what we would have done if he had tried to make a move at that time with out leader recuperating.

I'm always very nervous when he makes an appearance, there's never a good reason for it and trouble always follows. 

He appeared very cautious, looking left and right before walking along the fence and jumping down into the Naughty Twins garden and out of sight. I didn't see the Flash Mob which as far as I'm aware now only consists of Doublay, since the disbanding of The New Cat Crew. I must try and catch Sarah, the Naughty Twins, Bella or George later to warn them and to find out if they spotted him in their garden.