Monday 30 September 2013

Mogsie Is Back!

He's back, he's back, Oh my I'm so excited Mogsie is back!

I was just up with the daddies and River, they've been out in the garden tearing down the house of glass which doesn't make me that happy I've got some good memories of that place, and they have just come in.

I came downstairs I've been watching out the office window all day and haven't spotted him and now as soon as I take my eye off the ball there he is.

I feel so happy and I'm not the only one, he has a reception waiting. Get the bunting out the cat party preparations are a go.

Sunday 29 September 2013

The Most Wonderful News

The most wonderful news, I've just had a communication from Twizzle and it seems our hero may well be joining us tomorrow.


Very important news!

Can you spread the word.   Providing that Mogsie doesn't do anything silly
today, he can return to be the Protector of CatWorld tomorrow!   Isn't that
marvellous, he won't be moping around indoors any more and won't be wearing
that horrible green collar!   And then perhaps the lighter Naughty Twin will
stop sleeping in his kennel in my garden and go home.   I don't think that
she has left my garden since he's been not well.

Anyway spread the word and perhaps they'll be a welcoming committee waiting
to greet him.   I'll try to make sure that he comes out of the front door so
that you can be the first to see him.

Luv and purrs


I responded;

This indeed is the most wonderful news, Mogsie has been missed and I've already been thinking a cat party is in order. Thank you so much for letting me know I shall me keeping an eye out and I'll wave across to you when I see you next
Love Lil' x

Boy That Cat Was A Vicious Bitch

And as it turned out an acutely accurate description, boy that cat was a vicious bitch. Mind you as soon as the humans changed their attitude although she was still hard faced at least she wasn't directly attacking there heads any more.

My Cat From Hell

Well I don't think that's very appropriate viewing for a peaceful Sunday morning and in any case shockingly presumptuous! The cheek of it, tut!

Saturday 28 September 2013

It Was Pleasant Enough But Not Exactly Fur Shaking

I was enjoying the afternoon sunshine in the window with River, surprisingly this state of recent respectful distance around each other has continued with success and so goes rewarded, when we both heard George call out.

It was for me obviously and I went outside to join him.

He just wanted to have a little catch up as he said he'd seen me out recently.

Um well I still don't trust him not to play with my emotions, some cats never learn, but I hung out with him for a while in any case, I've been missing male company recently.

It was pleasant enough but not exactly fur shaking, still it kept me out the way while River and the daddies muck up the back garden.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Prime Minister's Involved

Another beautiful  morning in Catworld and following on from the breakthrough we had the other day I decided not to shy away from River when she came up on the bed and we were both rewarded with a peaceful stroke and the chance to wake up in an appropriate way.

We came down and Daddy put the news on only to hear that there's some more kerfuffle with the Downing Street Cat who apparently according to the news, although they are saying it's not so, that the Prime Ministers family and Lowrey don't get on. He's always in trouble that one but when are people going to get it, if we cats don't like the way you are doing things we will be forced to step in. We after all are the real ones in charge of this country!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Friday 27 September 2013

The Daddymummy Came Today

I heard a bit of a commotion downstairs today and out the window I saw the Daddymummy coming down the driveway. I knew River would be going crazy so I waited for the sounds to reach a more clement level before venturing down. The Daddymummy is clever she brought River a toy to distract her, while we took the chance to have a bit of a catch up.

I didn't take River too long to cotton on that she was missing out on something and as soon as she heard us chatting away she sprang into action.

It wasn't too much of a problem though as I jumped up on the table amongst the bric-a-brac to find a packet of my favourites, Dreamies. Ahh thank you Daddymummy and sorry I couldn't stick around for longer.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I Can Sense A Cat Party Coming On

Mogsie is off to the Doctors I see and how lovely George, Sarah and both the Naughty Twins were there is see him off.

It's a bit of luck it's a hot day, Disappears is home and in cleaning mode so the windows are wide open which is the second piece of luck because it means I can get a pretty clear view of everything going on that I can't with the windows shut as River has licked all over them again and it's like trying to look through a frosted bathroom window.

Everyone's missing Mogsie, I can sense a cat party coming on to welcome him back.

Thursday 26 September 2013

A Breakthrough?

A Breakthrough?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Battle Of The Boot

It's very hot here today and it seems be bringing out people's competitive side. I was up with Daddy in the office, I snuck in when he went down to see what River was up to as she was making a fair bit of noise, I dread to think what he was going down to so I decided to keep out of it up here. 

Luckily the window was open, phew it's hot in the office, I poked my head out to get a bit of a breeze and spotted both of the Naughty Twins and Sarah over the other side of the road. I think they must have had lunch already as they didn't appear to be waiting for M but they were all milling around giving each other some strange looks.

I wasn't sure what it was all about at first but I could tell something was about to kick off and it did. The darker Naughty Twin moved over towards R's car but as he did so did both Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin, all of a sudden up the darker Naughty Twin jumped, quickly followed by Sarah. As Sarah jumped up the darker Naughty Twin jumped down and almost as if on the other side of a trampoline the lighter Naughty Twin jumped up and hissed at Sarah who stood on the spot frozen for a few seconds before jumping down.

I think the sun must have gone to their heads and made them all act a little...well territorial. The lighter Naughty Twin then settled down while the other two just milled around looking a little surprised, I guess she won the battle of the boot.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

I Must Admit

Um well even though I think she's always carrying I must admit, the extra weight, it looks good on her. I wonder how long she has to go?

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Top Cat

Phew it's getting hotter and hotter in the office, it;s great in there and I really like hanging out even when Daddy isn't working as it's so snuggly but sometimes it's even too hot for me.
I was just having a look at how the little lemon tree was doing, not bad but isn't it taking a time, when I saw some movement from across the road.

For a moment I thought it was Mogsie and I went outside to have a better look, but alas it wasn't him but George who was creeping up on Spit who was asleep on the garage roof.
It seems to be a place of control, he who owns the garage roof is top cat! 

Spit is sadly mistaken if he thinks he's the daddy around here, not that sort of daddy he's certainly king of that kind, dirty, dirty monkey. Mogsie rules and Spit had better watch his back, George it seems is challenging him for the position on the garage roof and chased him off. Oh come back soon Mogsie we need your leadership.

Not The Only Thing That's A Bit Foggy

Well finally this mornings fog has lifted, Stay Daddy said last night that he'd heard it there was going to be a blanket of it last night and was he ever right, still it gives the place a bit of a fairytale feel.

I was just in our office looking at the pretty spiders webs all over M's tree when I spotted Sarah sitting on one car giving the lighter Naughty Twin, who was sitting on the other car, filthy looks and all of this being watched over by Spit, happily ensconced on the garage roof just out of harms way.

Um the weather this morning is not the only thing that's a bit foggy, what on earth are that lot playing at, they're not doing the reputation of us cats much good at the moment!

Monday 23 September 2013

Yeah You

Yeah you needs to put it away and stop eyeing up the darker Naughty Twin, have you not impregnated enough cats around here this year?

7 Kilo's And Depressed

Daddy has just come running in and and woke me up to tell me the news. He'd just popped outside for a bit to break up his day and he said that he'd seen M, she was off with R and Mogsie to the Doctors for them to have another look at his tail.

Daddy said he went over the to see Mogsie, typical if I'd have been awake I would have ventured over the road with him as I'd have felt safe, anyway, he went over the road to see him and they got chatting,

He said he picked Mogsie up and he said he struggled, Mogsie is now even heavier that River! M said he was now 7 kilo's in weight because he couldn't get out and about and had put on all this weight. He's right River weighs 6.7 kilo's so Mogsie is now bigger than a dog. A dog!

Daddy said Mogsie's eyes were bright and his coat looked in lovely condition and the copne is firmly in place to stop him from tearing at his tail but said that M had said that he was now depressed at not being able to get out. The lighter Naughty Twin was hardly leaving him alone and had now taken to sleeping over there and George was not happy. Dunno why it should be such a both to him but apparently he took a swipe at the lighter Naughty Twin yesterday which he really shouldn't have done as she's pregnant again, and so by the way is Sarah, no prizes for guessing who the father is!

Sunday 22 September 2013


It's Sunday and I'm bored, Disappears daddy is asleep upstairs, Stay is in the bath and I just didn't know what to do with myself, and then I spotted River...

What on earth is she up to? Tut us cats have so much more grace than dogs. I think I shall have to take her under my wing now she's growing up and teach her some etiquette.

Come on you, a lady should not do such things!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Saturday 21 September 2013

Seven Weeks

I've just received a very urgent communication from Twizzle and luckily she's all OK just a check up but Mogsie well he's really not helping himself!

Hi Lil

You were right, both Mogsie and I went to the Doctor's yesterday.   I only
had to have my yearly checkup, which really isn't too bad, but I did show my
displeasure when the Doctor took my temperature!   The Doctor examined
Mogsie's tail and just put a light dressing on it as it's healing nicely.
Thank goodness!   But he said that if Mogsie starts trying to take the
dressing off he will have to wear his collar again.   Sure enough, what did
he do last night, tried and succeeded in moving the dressing down his tail
so that he could lick his wound.   What happened?   He got his collar back
on and he isn't very happy!   He's now being all nice to our Mum and Dad so
they'll take it off, but he'd better think again as he can't be trusted.
Ooh I do wish he'd hurry up and get better, as he's so frustrated not being
able to go out into Catworld and I really don't like his green collar.   He
looks like a green monster!   All the other cats keep coming to our back
door and staring at him, even Spit who you know he doesn't really get on
with.   Anyway it's back to the Doctor's again on Monday.   Perhaps if he
wears his collar all over the weekend his wound will dry out and he won't
have to be a prisoner any more.   Like you I'm used to being an indoor cat
but it must be so hard for him being cooped up indoors for nearly seven
weeks now when he's used to being the protector of Catworld.

I'll keep you updated.

Luv and purrs from Twizzle

Friday 20 September 2013

A Little More Tension Than Impatience

Well I've ended up sleeping most of the morning away, Daddy didn't have a very good nights sleep and was wiggling all over the place disturbing me so I needed to catch up on it. When I did eventually wake up I was surprised to find the office door open even though Daddy was working in there.

I ventured in and could see he was busy and I know what he's like when he's tired so I thought it best not to jump all over the desk and instead jumped up onto the window ledge to see what was going on out in the world today and that's when I saw that M and R had just drawn up in their car.
Nothing unusual in that except Sarah was waiting very anxiously for them to come out. OK it was dinnertime that could have been it but something inside my catty powers told me it was something more, maybe the way she was sitting demonstrating a little more tension than impatience.
I was right, first of all M came out with a carrier but it didn't look like the usual one Mogsie went to see the Doctors in and then she went back and got a second one, this time I could clearly see Mogsie not looking too chuffed with his neck cone still firmly in place, he must be livid.
So both Mogsie and Twizzle have been to the Doctors today, I do hope Twizzle is OK.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Thank Goodness For M

My seat in the office really does provide me with the best view of everything that happens in Catworld. 
I've just seen M come out with all the food dishes and the lighter Naughty Twin although she was chilling out on the garage roof jumped right down as if she's never had a meal in her life and dashed towards her.
Daddy says he'd hate to have M's cat food bill as she's now feeding half the street. Still it's obvious all us cats love her and would be lost without her kind heart. Thank Goodness for M, although sometimes when I see feeding time my own heart is in my mouth in case one of them trips her up in their mad desire to get that food out of her hand as quickly as they possible can.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Keeping Watch

Well after getting nowhere in my attempts to cheer River up I decided to join Daddy upstairs as he finished off his work for the day and from the relative quiet of the office I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin keeping watch out across Catworld.
I've not heard any more news since yesterdays events and I'm taking it that no news is good news and it's nice to see she's stepping up a little into Mogsie's position while he's out of action as protector of us all.

I Do Feel Sorry For Her

Poor River, not a saying you are going to hear from me often, but her time's come again. I noticed it last night when she was all sleepy and just not her usual self. At one point we were just inches from each other and she didn't try to run after or or bark at me or anything she usually does, I thought then something must be up.
Daddy confirmed it to me today and said that I must be nice to her as she's not feeling too well because of them and that I need to be especially kind to her for the next couple of weeks.

I'm so lucky I don't go through any of that business any more, not since Charlie and the girls where born, the Daddies sorted me out.

Oh poor thing, I do feel sorry for her just sitting there all of a to-do, I even tried to cheer her up by walking by her to get her to chase me and she just wasn't up for it.
Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Tuesday 17 September 2013

We Must All Remain Alert!

Well finally Daddy went downstairs and took River with him, he's been sorting out our office and much cleaner it looks too. The rain has also finally stopped and out of nowhere as predicted Spit and Sarah appeared.

I can't have been the only one waiting for his return as almost as soon as they both appeared the darker Naughty Twin quickly ran across the road and straight up to Spit.

They exchanged a few words and then the darker Naughty Twin ran off and within just a couple of minutes the lighter Naughty Twin appeared. By this time Spit was tending to himself, trying to look all nonchalant but I could see that Spit was saying something to him and the lighter Naughty Twin was looking around everywhere pretending they weren't talking to each other.

Thank goodness for Sarah though and nice to see she's not blanking me today, she looked me directly in the eye and mouthed over that Doublay had come calling to find out what was going on with Mogsie. Word had spread to where he lives that Mogsie was out of action and that he had come to find out what was going on from Spit.

Phew Doublay is to be trusted after all, he was coming to warn us that he'd heard the rumour from Ginger cat who had heard on the grapevine that Flash had been making enquiries. Although it's great that we've had confirmation Doublay is on our side, it's not so great to know that word has reached Flash. We must all remain alert!

To Top It All Off

I've been waiting upstairs all day to see if Spit came back, or for that fact anyone came back with some news on what Doublay is doing around here but not a single sighting.

I think it's down to the rain, I do hope it stops soon and to top it all off I can't wait up here any more I can hear Daddy coming upstairs with River, bang goes my peace.

The News Has Spread Quick

The news has spread quick, Sarah and both the Naughty Twins are now out and looking around very furtively, Spits not returned yet either, Emma must have told them. I should have realised something was up when the Gooses from the Lake flew over last night about midnight waking us all up, they always herald something is happening.