Thursday 31 December 2015

Happy New Year x

No Time To Look Back

Well I thought I'd be sociable and join everyone downstairs to say Happy New Year to, come midnight.

I've been keeping a bit of a low profile today, I fancied some time alone reflecting because apparently that's what you do at this time of year, reflect. I didn't really come up with much, I wasn't sure exactly what I had to reflect upon, I'm very much like Nanny was someone that just got on and done, no time to look back only looking forward, yes that's for me for me.

Happy New Years everyone x

Wednesday 30 December 2015

I Just Had To Bide My Time

I knew it, I just had to wait, I just had to bide my time and then my time would come and I would get that bauble off the tree.

A cat's patience know no bounds and it's rewards are so very delicious!

Yeah, done with that now. 

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Fish Tank Water

No Dreamies,  *tut*.

I suppose I have better toast them with some fish tank water then!

A Place Of Magic

Today is a very special day in this house. 

Today 14 years ago Daddy accidently head-butted Daddy in a pub when they met for the first time. Some place in London called The Moon Under Water, sounds like a place of magic, hey cool man. *Giggles* Happy Anniversary, now I think it's time to celebrate, break out the Dreamies!

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Monday 28 December 2015

I've Been Keeping A Low Profile

I've been keeping a low profile this past couple of days. I think I did rather well over Christmas spending so much time with people, I'm usually quiet shy when there's lots of people around but I didn't want to seem unsociable and I'm trying to come outside of my comfort zone.

However there's only so much personal development a person can take and the trick is knowing your limits so pretty much from Boxing Day I've been enjoying time on my own upstairs asleep in the office or outside, just mooching.

Today's been the best weather in days and River's been allowed to come in and out at will and she's been taking full advantage of it while one of my Daddies sleeps upstairs and the other works in the office.

I've been enjoying teasing her, appearing out of nowhere right in front of her and then disappearing almost as quickly. I've not been wasting my time mooching, I've been finding new hiding spots. Yes us cats can multi-task, we're known for it!

Bless her she look so confused.

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Friday 25 December 2015

My Christmas Day by David-Shiro, Ninja Cat

So Christmas Day arrived, s nice quiet start to the day, waking up at my own leasure, a quick stroke from Daddy before he went in the bath.

It gave me a chance to walk around getting used to the day, a quick trip out the back and I said Happy Christmas to Craig the Squirrel before popping back in to find both Daddies up, River waiting impatiently by the presents. 

I took a quick peep but I couldn't guess.

Having a look out the window to see if anyone was around and I spotted George having a bathe under his car.

We waved and mouthed Happy Christmas and blew each other a kiss.

I searched the floor for stray Dreamies but didn't come across any before joining River for a chat, I must admit I wasn't really listening I was too busy trying to work out what my presents were.

No luck I decided to move on after giving thought to making a call but then realised I didn't know anyone's number so would be a bit of a waste. 

I went for a lay down but as woken up by the sound of the Daddydaddy and Daddymummy come in, so thought I'd pop down, wish then good tidings, only to find a pile of presents for me,
A feathery thing on a string, genious!


River just had to see this. She loved it and we played with it together for ages.

We then had a little dance together, she's quiet a mover!

And then Daddy said we could both have some of our Christmas treats, a great big handful we had with promises of many more to come throughout the day. I expect nothing less today.
Then there as a knock on the door, I went out the back to see if they'd started dinner yet, which they hadn't, and returned to find some more gifts from Mogsie, Twizzle and George's mummy brought for us.
Wow thank you, a mousy thing. 

Eventually they started dinner, I was starving and tried sending them on a guilt trip to get it done as quickly as possible. They took their time but it was worth it in the end.
Boy I'd eaten so much turkey that all I could do was take a nap, a nice long nap! 

And a bit of a feed before another nice long nap in the quiet, up the stairs. 

Happy Christmas everyone. Love David-Shiro, Ninja Cat!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Happy Christmas x

Love and magic wishes x

Thursday 24 December 2015

My Christmas Eve, David

I'm learning Christmas Eve around here is a mixture affair, a day of doing whatever you want, well if you follow Daddy. On the other hand rush around doing many things at once, sweating and loving it.
Of course you could be like River and I, a late breakfast, a look at the presents under the tree. I do wonder what I'm getting I've seen two things with my name on them.
Have a sleep if you fancy it, I do and then come and run off some excess energy playing rough and tumble with your best friend.
Being mindful of any surprise manoeuvres. 

End the experience with a cuddle, good sportsmanship and all that.

At some point in the day we give each other cards.
Generally as we wait for dinner to be cooked, although today a late one was decided upon.
We were waiting for guests. My cue to haste a retreat upstairs for a late afternoon/early evening snooze, with River dances backwards on the spot is sheer delight at anyone coming this way.

A nice long sleep later, down I come to see what's for dinner. Two helpings of chicken, nice to see the rations are upping in frequency, half the time River eats mine and I have to wolf what I can do quick.

While she slept I watched over her and the presents in the bag, I'm sure I can smell something very cat food like in there, although I can't see what it could be.

Of course, the best way to end Christmas Eve, comfy on Daddies legs, yes that's how I do Christmas Eve in this house.
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I Am Awake You Know

I am awake you know, I can hear you, my eyes are open.

No I have no idea either how come she finds it so comfy but she does!

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Tuesday 22 December 2015

Oh No! I Know That Look!

Oh no! I know that look!

She's on a chicken dinner high.

There's no messing with her when she's in that state!

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Monday 21 December 2015

The New Things Won!

Daddy brought the big rug down and started flapping it everywhere disturbing my sleep and then when River started acting the goon on it I decided it was time for some lunch.

I'd only just located the open treat box when I heard River calling me from the living room. The treats one.

And then out of the corner of my eye... 

The new things won!

Wow, a great big pile of things to throw around.

Come on River, grab the other end!

OK do your own thing I'mm gonna shred these shorts!

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I'm Playing It Strategically

I'm having a great morning teasing River. We're playing castle, whoever ends up on the chair wins. Today I'm playing it strategically, like only a at can.

What I'm doing is keeping her alert just by walking around and around, usually a minute or so I would have jumped up and claimed my spot, but today I've decided on a new tactic.

Wear her out with anticipation, she'll get tired and either lay down on the stool and I can jump up and over her and claim my spot. Or she'll come after me and i can run around the sofa, cut her off and jump up and gain my spot. Either ay works for me and I shall be named, ultimate ruler of the castle!


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Friday 18 December 2015

Told You

Told you I was going to wait until everyone was relaxed about me and the Christmas tree and stopped looking so I could knock all the baubles off!

Thursday 17 December 2015

Until The Coast Is Clear

You really can see everything from up here and it's still warm from when River was sleeping earlier.

Oh hello River, come join me.

What's that you say, our Christmas presents, under the tree?

Yeah, let's sneak a look but we can't be caught, you look that way and I'll look this.

No we can't go now, Daddy is over this way. Damn!

We'll have to wait under the coast is clear. I wonder what they've got us?

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