Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Obvious

Well it turns out all the work.

Ner, ners don't work with River, I worked that one out pretty quick as she just looked at me blankly so I called her over, she just stood there.

So I ran up the back of the garden, yes she followed me but then did some strange pose and just half stood next to me.

So in the end I had to make it obvious. I was in the mood for play.

Now that works, the obvious.

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What's A Boy Gotta Do

River! RIVER!

River, ner, ner ner. ner. ner.

Oh for goodness sake, what's a boy gotta do to get a chase around here?


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Monday 29 August 2016

We Didn't Make Any Plans To Meet

I'm sitting in the front window, waiting to see if Sofia pops over.

We didn't make any plans to meet again after our lovely day sunbathing and exploring together, I even forgot to get her address otherwise I would go and call for her.

I don't need to worry about if she turns up at the back, River's out there with our daddies tending to the garden so she'll make as noise as soon as/if Sofia turns up. I do hope she does.

Sunday 28 August 2016

Another Idea

I had such a lovely day with Sofia yesterday.

We went over the back fields exploring. I've never been that far away before, it's over the back gardens at the back of us, across the road and through another set of gardens before you are there.

I remember Daddy saying once when he was little he'd go exploring over there, I can see the attraction. Half big fields, lots of trees and as the motorway yesterday was closed because of a fallen bridge it as all shrouded in quietness.

We both lay and sunbathed amongst the wild grass and meadow flowers, the sun beating down on us. We both fell asleep.

When we woke up we went to have a little wander and see what was happening on the motorway, I've been on one before when Daddy brought me home but I'd never seen one from a distance, eerie.

We then took a slow wander home, not really saying much just enjoying each others company.

I hated to say goodnight but it was late by the time we got home and we was both hungry.

I was enjoying reliving our time together however...

...it looks like River has another idea.

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Saturday 27 August 2016

Pssting At Me From Within The Foliage


I quickly scanned the garden. Nothing


It came again, this time my hearing hadn't quiet settled to resting to I was able to pin point the sound to somewhere in the direction of the Peace Garden.


Quick as a dash my eyes spotted Sofia pssting at me from within the foliage.

I quickly ran over to her, smile on my face.

"I've missed you, where you been?" Before I could think caution the words were out my mouth. Sofia smiled back at me.

"Me to." She bent her head slightly to hide an independent smile. I smiled out and in, it was lovely to see her.

"Are you OK, I've been worried about you."

No filter this morning for me.

"Yes I'm fine, I just needed to keep a low profile for a while, till some of the heat died down."

I nodded, "Did you hear about George?"

Sofia nodded a sad look over her face. "Yes Mogsie came and told us. He was a nice fellow."

I nodded, "A really good friend to me."

"To all." Sofia chimed in we both nodded a silence joining the wind bristling in the trees.

Sofia broke the silence, "I'm sorry if you were worried but things were getting to out of control with Flash and all that."

"I know, it's been very quiet recently."

"A temporary truce I think Mogsie said, out of respect for George. Chameleon came and delivered the message to Mogsie and Mogsie came and told us."

"That would explain it." I wasn't sure what to say, I suddenly felt very self conscious.

"Doublay's decided he needs to get completely out of the district, did you know."

I shook my head, my lips not moving but inside frustrated, one of the potential new Coven of 3 now gone for sure. I know Ginger Cat was on the case and their were still Theo and me but we needed as many witches familiars as possible to come and help. I still didn't say anything.

"Come, follow me, let's have some fun, we've not done that for a while." Her smile warmed.

"Come on then, what do you have in mind?"

"Whatever comes along."

With that Sofia was off over the back wall, me quickly behind.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

There's A Difference Between Knowing Something...

I see someone who is need of some good sunbathing tips.

Never sit outside directly in the sun without protection, I thought everyone knew that.

But then again I guess there's a difference between knowing something and putting in into practice.

"River, out of the sun!"

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Tuesday 23 August 2016

From A Safe And Sensible Position

Today was operation keep cool. I heard Daddy saying he was taking the day off to spend with us.

I decided to enjoy the sun but from a safe and sensible position. In the shade under the chair.

I see River's taking my lead.

Enough in knowing when enough is enough and I came indoors to see what interior design stuff Daddy had been up to. 

Not much but it was lovely and comfy on the map so I feel asleep, venturing out when the sun was starting to go down. I'd just settled when River decided to jump on my back.

Guess that's the end of my peace for the day.

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Saturday 20 August 2016

Saturday - Totally In My Own Space

I've had a very nice Saturday. 

Daddy went out this morning and left just River, Daddy and me in the house. River was playing outside with Daddy as he stumbled around the back garden in the rain trying to bring the washing hanging out before either it or he got drenched. I took the advantage of having a lay on the new window day and night bed.

River has of course dominated the it...

...and the chair lately so I enjoyed moving between the two, totally in my own space.

Daddy eventually came back and with a beep, beep in he came with his cousin J. I nodded a quick hello and retreated to the table when I could see River playing tomfoolery on the breakfast bar as they all say around chinwagging.

I was off, the potential for slippages and spillage with such a packed space was so high I needed not to be around such stress.

So I went upstairs and had a sleep on the bed. I musy have been asleep for hours in some sort of a lovely dream that I can't remember now as when I came down...

...it was dark and River had reclaimed the new bed in the window. Nice while it lasted.

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Friday 19 August 2016

They'd Come To Visit Us - Very Informative

I was just out the back keeping one eye out for Sofia and one eye out for Ginger Cat when I heard a commotion indoors. I came in to see what was going on and why River was calling out for me. The all settled down was the Daddydaddy and Daddymummy. They'd come to visit us.

The thing was River was a bit concerned that our Daddies were going to go away on holiday again and she didn't want them too. She didn't like it last time they went away as for the first time she didn't see them go, they were just gone in the morning when she woke up and it upset her.

I said not to worry we could keep an eye on them. She jumped on Daddies lap to keep him pinned down...

...and I keep an eye n our other Daddy to make sure I'd be forewarned if he came down the stairs with any cases.

But they he didn't so after about half an hour River relaxed herself and I was allowed to go about my business.

Usually I'd run upstairs and get some alone time but I didn't like it that she'd got herself so worried so I decided to stick around, just to reassure her like.

AND of course it's interesting to eavesdrop on their conversations, yes very informative.

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Thursday 18 August 2016

The Most Amazing Ability

You know what, River has the most amazing ability...

...when you're least expecting it but somehow when you most need it most...

...of saying just the right thing. Quietly and tenderly, just the right thing.

I do love her.

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Wednesday 17 August 2016

She Really Is a Silly Girl

Oh my goodness she really is a silly girl. 

I finally gave in and lay down on the mat in front of the wind machine to get cool and within 2 minutes was joined by River.

So there I was enjoying the wind when I rolled on my back to get my stomach cool, instantly River turned on her back and blinked at me.

Something struck me to see if I rolled on my front if she would. She did. I then stretched, River stretched and blinked at me again.

So on my back I rolled, and yep you got it she rolled on her back, looked me straight in the face and blinked at me.

What the!

She does make me laugh.

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Too Hot To Take The Chance

River's got the right idea, sitting in front of the fan to keep cool, it's boiling out there today.

She keeps on calling for me to come down and join her.

The only thing is I think she's trying to trick me in getting down there on the mat with her just so she can play chase, it's just too hot to take the chance.

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Tuesday 16 August 2016

Pass My Way Again

I'm not giving up on Sofia, I've been waiting up on the back wall, the last place I spotted her. If I stay here long enough I'm sure she'll pass my way again. I just hope it's not too long though, I'm getting a cold bottom on this wall.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Make A Wish

I'm feeling rather tired this morning, I was up late with Daddy in the garden last night, we were looking out for shooting stars and I really wanted the chance to make a wish on one.

We were very lucky and saw a couple, one really big one that made Daddy go wow and run indoors. We also saw a couple of smaller ones to, we were very lucky.

I can't tell you what I wished for as it wouldn't then come true but I think you can guess.

Saturday 13 August 2016

Squashed Under A Chair

I've been so sleepy all day today. I think it started when River came bounding into me first thing begging me to play with her.

I wasn't ready to get up and managed to persuade her to have a little sleep with me but every time I began to drop back off to sleep she would snore really loudly and woke me up again. I must admit I was quiet glad when she got up and said she was going downstairs.

I told her I'd join her soon but I needed just a little more time. I think I had about another hour before I ventured downstairs. It was very quiet down there. River was outside watching Puppynap with his garden revamp that he's been working at all week.
I felt a bit bad putting her off earlier so decided to join them both and suggested we have a bit of a cuddle under the chair in the shade, it's another hot day today.

It doesn't take long to get hot when your squashed under a chair with a fluffy ball of River laying on you.
I decided to leave her to pant away laying in the sun.
And went inside to get some more sleep.

I had a lovely dream about Sofia, I've not seen her again since the other day when she dashed across the back fence. In my dream we were sharing some Dreamies and I must admit to it being quiet romantic, I was just about to go in for a kiss when River jumped up and woke me up.
She wanted to cuddle up but I was in a slightly miffed mood at being woken up from such a great dream and said there wasn't room. I know it wasn't very nice as soon as I said it so I suggested she lay close and we could play later.
I then went back to sleep to try and get back to the place in my dream that I was at before.
I didn't manage it! 

And to top it all off as soon as I woke back up again River was there watching me waiting to play but I was still in a bit of a miffed mood and said later.
I went to look out the window to see if I could see Sofia, dream eh get in your head and distorted reality, of course she wouldn't just be walking by at the moment I looked out the window so I decided to see if I could see any of these shooting stars Daddy has been going on about, I could do with having a wish come true. But of course it's daylight so no chance of catching sight of one, I'll try again later.
I then went to see if River wanted to play, I was still feeling guilty for shrugging her off earlier but she was busy playing with Daddy. 

So I moved myself to the table to watch them. Also it's a great place to see out both the front and the back. Still no sign of Sofia though.

I must have got lost in my thought as somehow River and Daddy had both passed me and gone outside ad were running around playing. I actually felt a bit jealous and then a bit ashamed at myself for how I'd been towards River today. I know we're all entitled to some time on our own occasionally but she only wants to be around me so much because she loves me and you can never have enough of that in your life.

I thought I'd make it up to her though when she came back in and invented a brand new game. 

What you do is hide under the sofa and when you hear River about gently call to her in a very quiet whisper. When she heads your way you go very still and very quiet so she doesn't know where you are.

When she does find you, which she did, you then encourage her to get under the sofa with you and then we can both play a trick on the Daddies and pretend neither of us were here. It's not quiet hide and seek more hide and seek from the grownups. She'll love this game and maybe I can make some amends for my dismissive mood today.

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