Saturday 30 January 2016

The Last Thing On My Mind

The Daddymummy has come to see us and I thought it rude not to make an appearance although my mind really was on trying to get hold of either Mogsie or George, it's a beautiful day so my chances of catching them were high.
True to form after making myself seen for just a few minutes, George appeared.

He said he came over to tell me the cat council meeting was set for tomorrow, that's when I told him Foxy had been around again this morning. He looked very worried and told me I should not under any circumstances approach him.

"No worries," I said, "that is the last thing on my mind."

He's Back! - In Grave Danger

He's back!

It's Saturday morning and as usual I was downstairs with Daddy while River and my other Daddy had a lay in, getting a cuddle on the sofa when all of a sudden there out the corner of my eye movement drew me in.

Turning around I spotted him, just for a second or two Foxy Lectar grinning at me from the top of the shed before leaping off over the back gardens.

I stayed with Daddy and cuddled in just that little bit tighter, thank goodness River was still asleep, she loves an early morning run around the back garden, if it were a week day she could very well have been out there and in grave danger.

Friday 29 January 2016

Two Things He Needed To Speak To Me About

George has just popped by, he said there were two things he needed to speak to me about.

First he wanted to know if we were all OK after the big wind storm last night. It was a wild one, I even heard my daddies talking it about it in bed last night, thankfully everything was OK when we woke up this morning, just a little bit of litter strewn across the back garden.

The second was to inform me that there was to be a cat council meeting sometime in the next couple of days, and I needed to attend. Although Foxy Lectar hasn't been seen during the day there was some digging up marks on our front garden, George and Mogie had seen them when they got up this morning.

I said I'd not seen hide nor hare of him since he'd told me he was coming for the treasures but that didn't mean that he'd disappeared. If anything he was becoming more audacious!

Wednesday 27 January 2016

I've Seen It For Myself

I have absolutely no idea what River is so transfixed by but she's been there staring out the window at something for absolutely ages. 

So transfixed has she been that it must be amazing and I'm not moving until I've seen it for myself, even if I end up being here all night. 

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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Damn And Botheraction!

Damn and botheration! 
Daddy found the Christmas bauble I'd been hiding and playing with when he was tidying up River's toys.

He put it on the sideboard and said he would take it upstairs later.

I didn't want this to happen and so when I thought he was busy out in the kitchen I jumped up to retrieve it but River barking alerted him to something going down and came in and caught me.

Well that's the end of that then!

Monday 25 January 2016

Sunday 24 January 2016

Better Safe Than Sorry

Twizzle's out for an afternoon walk, with her daddy AND Mogsie watching over her. Mogsie really is taking his guarding duties very seriously even though there's not being a sighting of Foxy Lectar over this weekend. 

Still it's better safe than sorry.

Saturday 23 January 2016

I Firmly Believe

There's been no further sightings of Foxy Lectar this past couple of days, the weathers not been good which may have contributed to his absence but I firmly believe it's because of the increased presence of Mogsie and George, constantly patrolling and keeping us safe.

I've got to say they are both really dedicated, I quiet like the rain but I know I'm in a minority but there he is, Mogsie out there still keeping watch even though it's raining again. We are lucky here in Catworld having such a strong bond between us all.

I'll save some of my Dreamies and leave then out for them both although I'm sure their mummy and daddy keep them well topped up.

Friday 22 January 2016

Theo. THEO!

"Theo. THEO!"

He's definitely ignoring me and it's so important that we speak again, I need him to understand it's imperative that we form a new Coven of 3 even more so after what George told me about the Little Red Dragon. Oh I've never felt like I've needed Greego more than I do now, and yet we need to form the Coven of 3 so we can release him from this spell cast against him.


Thursday 21 January 2016

Still Ignoring It

"David, David"

I can hear River calling me to me but I'm doing my best to ignore her. It's not that I'm being rude but sometimes all I want to do is have a bit of peace and quiet and I'm taking advantage of the fact that Daddy has told River she needs to be quiet today as he's lots of work on.


Still ignoring it.

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Wednesday 20 January 2016

My Heart Was Pumping The Taste Of Adrenaline In My Mouth

"I've something very important to tell you." George's face said he was being serious. "The treasures that Foxy Lectar is after, must not fall into his hands, it's imperative."

George has just come over and by the look on his face he'd been up all night.

"OK, I'm listening." Luckily River was playing out the back with Daddy so I had the house to myself although I didn't know how long I had.

"We've had trouble with this character before, although I thought we'd turned a corner, he worked with us when we had some trouble a while back but it looks like that truce is now over."

George's weepy eye glistened and he wiped a drop forming.

"There's something I should have told you back last Summer when you mentioned it but I thought that I was protecting you by not saying, ignorance can be a good safeguard sometimes but now the time has come to tell you."

My heart was pumping the taste of adrenaline in my mouth.

"The treasures that Foxy Lectar is after you have."

"I have!" I wasn't expecting that.

"Yes," George nodded, "you have. Do you remember back last Summer when you told me about meeting Greego."

I nodded. "Yes, he's still asleep you know I've not been able to get Doublay and Theo to reform the Coven of 3 yet, although I'm still trying."

George smiled and nodded, "You're a good boy David but you must be careful with that stuff it makes me nervous."

I wasn't going to stop trying but I understood where he was coming from.

"You mentioned the Little Red Dragon, that's the treasure that Foxy Lectar is after."


"Yes, Lil' found it a while back and kept it safe. None of us knew what it was to begin with but now we know. Mogsie and I have been to see our old friend Ginger Cat and he told us. He saw it happening."

"What did he see happening."

George looked at me, "David you are not the only one who's been to The Time Consciousness, Ginger Cat has also been there."

"But I don't understand I was there and I didn't see anything about a Little Red Dragon."

"No you wouldn't have. Ginger Cat went later into Purlean's story than you ever did, he saw what happened after the events of Parsnip Valley, you'd gone by that time."

"I thought that was the end of Purlean's story."

"Oh no, no it wasn't, something very, very bad happened when they left to go to Manning Tree, something no one saw coming."

"But I don't understand." I was very confused.

"I think you and Ginger Cat need to speak, he can explain better than I can but I can tell you he was with you most of the time, up until you left to go over the sea he said."

"I thought I saw a flash of Ginger and have been trying to meet up with him for ages but events just overtook me and I guess it went to the back of my mind."

George smiled, "Something went wrong with his tour and he jumped in time a lot longer than he should have, The Fly was gone then and to find his way back he had to go to Manning Tree and seek Purlean's help in getting back. I'll get a meeting between you arranged, you two can then talk. But please, please you mustn't let anyone else know that you have the Little Red Dragon, keep it safe, all of our futures depend on it."

I nodded, "Of course I will."

George smiled, "I know you will David, I have complete faith in you."

Tuesday 19 January 2016

A Serious Situation

I've just seen Chameleon, it's not often that he comes over this way, not this close anyway.

Daddy was working and River asleep my his feet and I was sitting on the window ledge looking out to see if I could see either George or Mogsie when I spotted him.

I called out the window, luckily very slightly open to say hi to him. He didn't look up say said hello and that he had been tasked with morning patrols through Catworld.

No further word on Foxy Lectar but he said George and Mogsie were concerned, they knew what this buried treasures thing was that he was going on about and they would let me know later but that I must be very alert, it was a serious situation.

I Don't Know What Daddy Was Thinking

Well I don't know what Daddy was thinking letting River go outside all on her own, what with Foxy Lectar prowling the neighbourhood. As soon as I saw her I ran as fast as my legs could take me up to her to protect her.
Of course she thought it was all a game and tried to jump on my back but I had more important things to do than play such games this morning, I needed to go and investigate to see if he had been here in the night.
I can't be sure but I do smell some strange things and there's definitely been some digging action over night. 

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Monday 18 January 2016

George Knows

Phew finally I've spotted George, this cold weather's been keeping everyone inside.

I didn't really have time for pleasantries I just jumped straight in and told him what happened earlier with Foxy Lectar.

He asked me to repeat word for word what he said and then got up and told me not to worry but to stay alert, he would spread the word and get back to me.

Phew I feel better now he's on the case.

Foxy Lectar Is Back!

Well my little game with River didn't last too long. I was really enjoying teasing her when all of a sudden she started to bark her head off and jump off the back of the sofa, Daddy jump up from his chair and go running after her as she headed for the back door.
I jumped out and up onto the table just in time to see Daddy grabbing River as she made an attempt out the back door. I looked up and there on the shed at the back of the garden I saw what was causing all the commotion.

Foxy Lectar is back!

He turned to face me and grinned,

"I can see you've been digging in the gardens," he snarled;

"Treasure's, I've come for the treasures!" He laughed before running off.

He must mean the work Daddy has been doing in the front garden, what could he be looking for that was so important for him to come in broad daylight. I didn't know, I couldn't think, I need to speak to George or Mogsie urgently, he had scared me, my blood was running cold!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Here I Am!

Oh dear River doesn't know where I am. I didn't mean to start off teasing her but my toy mouse got caught under the sofa and I went in to get it then I heard here jumping up on the sofa, sniffing and then barking for me. I couldn't resist having a little play.
When she huffed and I felt her flopping down I decided to give her a clue and poked my paw out.

Here I am!

I quickly pulled it back in when I saw her jump down, I'm having way too much fun with this game, I think it will become a favourite. 

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Sunday 17 January 2016

A Second Opinion

I was having a sleep upstairs it's so cold tonight but thankfully the heatings on and there's a spot just at the top of the stairs, outside the office where the pipes run through into the bathroom that it's so lovely and warm like having underfloor heating that when I heard River calling me.

I ran downstairs she sounded so excited and jumped up on the chair next to her.

"Snow,snow!" She was shouting.

Well I can't see anything more than one flake, I think we need a second opinion.

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Saturday 16 January 2016


So here we all are waiting.

Waiting for the snow that Daddy says is on it's way to see us. I've seen snow once before it's magical white stuff that comes from the sky. Daddy says it always reminds him of his mummy, it snowed the day she was born and on the day they laid her to rest. When it does snow I'm going make sure I'm watching it with him, his mummy may not be here but I am.

I Really Don't Know What's Going On Today

I really don't know what's going on today, it's all a hive of activity in the house and outside, the frenzy got me a bit confused and in my hurry trying to follow Daddy out into the garden I've just walked slap bang right into the door. Damn glass panels!

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Friends - From The Very Second I Came Here

"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side."

Yeah from the very second I came here my best friend River has truly never left my side, no really never but I am so glad and lucky to have her as my best friend, very lucky indeed!

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Tuesday 12 January 2016

That Won't Help Now Will It?

Phew, Daddy has got up and come down to join us, so I guess he must be feeling a little bit better. Let us look after you Daddy, I'll warm your feet and River you can...

...River! What on earth are you up to, that won't help now will it?

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Yeah Good Luck With That

Daddy is not feeling very well today, poor thing was up and down all of last night. Of course it didn't disturb me I sleep in the office and as such have a fantastic view right out the door of everything that's going on and I could see him back and forth to the bathroom but I can drop off at the shake of a cats tale.

It must be bad he's never off work sick I heard Daddy say to River it's been years since he last was and we must be as quiet as a mouse, I don't think I can manage that but I can be as quiet as a cat and that's much better. Today Daddy went into work but was back within half an hour and has spent the whole day in bed with my other Daddy downstairs doing his best to keep River quiet while he worked, yeah good luck with that.

I do hope he's better soon, I hate seeing him like this, it's just so unlike him.

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Monday 11 January 2016

It's Almost Too Easy

Oh dear, bless her River's so confused. 
She's been running around everywhere looking for me, upstairs, down again, even up to the table checking the chairs but now Daddy has tidied up there's room for me to sit on the elephant and even though she's run past me at least three times she's not spotted me.

Bless her,it's almost too easy to trick her. I won't leave it too long before I surprise her and jump up right next to her, it's just a small leap from where I am but I'll enjoy the moment just for a few more minutes.

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Sunday 10 January 2016

I'm Off Before I'm Dragged Into This Madness

Oh no, I know that look...

...and positioning, a chicken high's about to kick in.

Yes she's getting ready.

I'm off before I'm dragged into this madness.

"Grrr. Grrr."


Yep right decision made.

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Saturday 9 January 2016

Such A Grass

There I was up on the shelf, sniffing the incense stick that Daddy put on.

Um lovely...

...when River barked her head off, got daddies attention and I got lifted off and told not to go up there again. Tut, she's such a grass.

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Friday 8 January 2016

Better Watch Out

Oh dear, better watch out little wood pigeons, Theo is out and about and he's got his eye on you.

That's right stay high up in that tree, although he does look like he's trying to find an alternative way to get up there and play with you!

Thursday 7 January 2016

I Know I Shouldn't Have But I Did

 I know I shouldn't have but I did, wind up River that is.
I was having a sleep on the floor, a little bit of sun streaming through the window rare these days, when all of a sudden bang, River jumped right on top of me. I wasn't annoyed but I did think I'd tease her for a bit and ran under the sofa, I know she can't get under there anymore without getting stuck.

I thought she's try and follow me straight away but when I didn't see her head coming under I poked my head back out to see where she was and there half as expected was River just standing there blinking at me.
"Come on," I said, "There's a surprise under her for you."

Well that was too much of a temptation for her and under she came until she got stuck, head out, bum in the air.

Oh how I laughed but then Daddy came down the stairs and pulled her back out. 

I must admit to feeling a little guilty so when Daddy put her on the sofa as he went to put our dinner on I jumped up next to her and gave her a cuddle and a good old clean. She didn't hold my trick playing against me, although she did look confused.

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