Sunday 30 September 2012

The Waterfall Of Gold Is On It's Way

Daddy went outside to water the little lemon tree in the house of glass and I decided to join him to keep him company. Bless him he's not feeling too well today so I wanted to keep close to him just to give him that extra bit of a lift.
It gets very hot and busy in there so I decided to spend the time just having a little sniff around and then I saw it.

The first sign the waterfall of gold is on it's way.

Once a year, around this time, a truly amazing thing happens. It only generally lasts a day or two, the conditions have to be right. Don't mistake me this isn't just the usual Autumn fall this is something much more special. I'll keep you updated.

Sarah Knows

Well at least George and Emma haven't failed to get the message across to Sarah about the correct way to cross the road.
I've just watched her cross the road perfect to the letter.

She found a safe place to cross and stopped. She looked left, she looked right, she looked left again. No traffic was coming and across she went, nice and straight, nice and quick, looking each way as she crossed.

Passing her in the other direction was the lighter Naughty Twin. He walked straight out on his own merry little way, no stop, no pause, no look left, no look right, no look anywhere but forward towards one of the black birds who was just having a little peck at a worm.

As much as I love him I blame Mogsie. The Naughty Twins obviously look up to him and he seems to have started this trend for traffic stopping for him and I think they are just trying to emulate him.

Either the Naughty Twin is going to end up in hospital or I am with some sort of nervous anxiety disorder through all this worrying.

Saturday 29 September 2012

Up I Went To The Wiseman

Up I went to The Wiseman. Whenever any of us has a problem he's always the one to go to. You get your answers, even if you don't always like what you hear.

So there I was in my usual position just in front of him. I tried my best to relax, despite the extreme situation. It was really hard as all these thoughts and anxieties were going through my head, it felt like a whirlwind. But nothing.

I knew unless I managed to relax myself this would be a wasted trip and I wouldn't get the answers that I needed. So I had a little walk and sniff around the Peace Garden to see if that would help and it did. For a few minutes I forgot what I was up there for as I found a couple of snails to watch and then all of a sudden...

Ahh so you come to see yourself

Yes I'd finally made a connection. I thought long and hard about what the daddies had been saying about the new cats they were planning to make a part of our family. The answer came really clear. It was going to happen. My task was to find a way to accept that which I couldn't change.

OK if acceptance was what was needed, acceptance was what I had better work on, there was no point in fighting the inevitable. I did actually come away feeling a little  better. Maybe I could help the daddies in raising these little new one's and let's face it I'll still rule this roost.

Three !

Oh this just goes from bad to worse.

I am so glad that I can understand what the daddies are saying. Even though they talk to me like I can they don't really believe I do and therefore thankfully they talk candidly in front of me.

The daddies are chatting about their visit to see the homeless half way house cats yesterday and seem to be having a bit of a light-hearted disagreement. I'm not taking what they say lightly though.

Three! They are talking about three new cats joining us. By the way they are talking I'm half expecting to come downstairs one day and find they've just appeared like magic out of nowhere. I must keep on my toes.

From what I can work out the disagreement revolves around the the names of each one and the order in which they are to be joining us.

Stay daddy The first one you've always known

Disappears daddy just smiled. I know what he's like he's on a wind up and mumbled something as he carried on looking at something on his computer. Stay then said another name and Disappears mumbled something different although I didn't catch what it was.

Stay daddy I told you the name of the second, falling for Disappears wind up. I know that they had previously agreed this but thought it was all just talk before.

Disappears daddy just grinned still not looking up and said and now you've just discovered the third

Oh what am I going to do?  I'm of to The Wiseman quick smart. This requires rapid action.

The Sparrow Sisters, The Wood Pigeons & A Hullabaloo

The Sparrow Sisters and the Wood Pigeons are having a right old gossip. They've been so loud that it's just woken me from my sleep on nannies chair. Even Mogsie has just popped over to investigate they've been making such a hullabaloo.

I sat at the window trying to get his attention but he didn't see me. I'll try and catch him on his way back.

A Double Rainbow

Wow a double rainbow in the sky.

Friday 28 September 2012

I Don't Like Little Chat's Like These

The daddies have been out for the afternoon, they shouldn't be let out alone it always leads to trouble. Stay daddy has come back particularly pensive and told me that he needed to sit me down and have a little chat.

I didn't like the smell of this and I was right. Apparently they've been to somewhere that cats live when they haven't got a home of their own, some sort of half way house. Here comes the guilt trip.

Apparently I have to get myself prepared, their heart strings have been pulled, especially by some cat called Tia and a little grey and white kitten. I know they've been taking for a while about new kittens joining us but this is a whole new development, they've been looking.

No cat's have their bags packed yet so I still have some time to come up with some sort of a plan to stop this, I've no idea what to do though. I'm used to having them all to myself and Nadia doesn't count. It's not that I don't like other cats, for a while there was a whole heap of us, Smokey, Evie and Charlie but I'm used to having them all to myself for this past couple of years and I kinda like it that way. I'm stumped it really looks like it's going to happen now. I'm definitely going to go and speak to The Wiseman he'll be able to help me.

A Third Becomes A Half, Two Scare's & An Investigation

Disappears daddy is at home today which in very unusual for a Friday.

Stay daddy got up early and locked himself into his office and so I took the opportunity to have a lay in with Disappears. It's not often that we have that chance and it's always great, my third of the bed becomes a half. OMG it was nearly midday when we woke up, the mornings gone.

Just having a little look out the window as I wake myself up. Not only has the Naughty Twin run across the road twice and nearly been knocked over by a car each time in the space of 10 minutes but they are trying to insert a yellow snake into the hole over the other side of the road. Mogsie has just gone to investigate.

It's all very perplexing I hope he finds out what it going on. I shall also be informing George or Emma, whoever I see first, that he needs to have an even closer eye kept on him until he learns the rules of the road. We cannot have a cat tragedy here.

Thursday 27 September 2012

Privacy Please

What's a girl gotta do to get some privacy when she's having a bathe around here?

Nadia Loves Sunbathing

Although it's getting time for Nadia to go on her long sleep she's still  making the most of any bits of sun there are running all around the house to find the sunniest spot. She's just loves sunbathing.

Ah So That's What They've Been Up To

Ah so that's what George and Emma have been up to.

Emma all of a sudden became really alert and made a dash across our back wall and ran around the back of the house where she hid herself by a car. Less than a minute later one of the Naughty Twins popped up from one of the other gardens and followed her route.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't following Emma as he seemed in his own little world.

He went right across the road very quickly, although not very carefully I might ad as a car came down the road and it was a near miss. Emma watched him the whole way from her covert position. He went to Tiny's and is now musing whether to jump on E's garage roof or not.

So for some reason they are keeping a very close eye on him and considering his lack of the green cross code I don't blame them.

Emma Takes Second Watch

I've been keeping a close eye on George this morning to see if I can get any clues as to what it is that he's up to. About 10 minutes ago Emma joined him on a shed roof. They sat together for a while not really speaking and then off he went.

Emma is now taking second watch. Whereas George was intent on looking in one direction Emma is keeping a 360 degree watch.

I'm now so curious, what are they up to?


Undercover George

Disappears daddy got up in his usual kind and peaceful way without disturbing me. Stay daddy, as it seems to be at the moment, got up in a great big panic. Of with the cover in a dramatic fashion and off the bed I fell. This is beginning to become the norm and I'll have to find a way to stop this sort of action from occurring. It's just not the best way for me to start the day.

Anyway onto the window ledge I jumped partly because I had little choice considering the hullabaloo that was going on in the bedroom and partly to see what sort of a day it was going to be weather wise.

All quiet, no rain, no cats and more importantly no vandalism from Foxy but then I saw something hidden in the tree by the back shed. George seems to have gone undercover for some sort of covert operation. I'm not sure what's going on with him at the moment but there is definitely something up considering his actions yesterday and now this. It may be a mystery to me at the moment but I'm determined to get to the bottom of it.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Remember When The Crow Called Out

O dear it's all kicked off over the road this morning. I should have known something was shortly going to happen. The Gooses From The Lake again flew over back and forth three times earlier on and the Crow was also making a heck of a noise. I'm beginning to feel that when this occurs something big is about to happen. I must remember to pay special attention when the crow calls out again.

One of the Naughty Twins has been running around since I got up. Back and forth he's been going, playing in the road and running and hiding under cars when the rain was coming down particularly heavily. To be honest he wasn't bothering anyone and seemed to be enjoying himself.

He stopped to have himself a little bit of early morning breakfast courtesy of M when all of a sudden George ran over the road like he had a rocket up his bum.

I've no idea what the Naughty Twin must have done but George was not happy at all, you could tell he looked furious.

Then they started to square up to each other paw to paw. I didn't know what to do and just looked on in horror. Then all of a sudden Mogsie magically appeared from nowhere. I did laugh one second he wasn't there, I turned around to see if Stay daddy could see what was going on, turned back and there he was. He surely moves with stealth.

Up to George he went and the Naughty Twin ran off and hid under R's car. Although they didn't fight you could tell he wasn't happy with him. They've had a bit of a checkered past those two, George being one of the only cats around here that stands up to Mogsie. They had a little chat and then Mogsie went and joined the Naughty Twin under the car, protecting him.

George hung around for a few minutes and then went around the back of Tiny's house. Peace reigns again in catworld. I am curious though as to what all that was about. If I find out I will surely let you know.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

An Afternoon Cuddle With Doggy

I love an afternoon snooze with doggy. OK he's not real but lovely to cuddle up with all the same.

Dunno About Puss In Boots

How ingenious.

I've just spotted one the Naughty Twins, the one  who was practising his yoga earlier on today, escaping yet another sudden downpour by diving into E's garage and jumping right into a big open grey bag for shelter. All that muscle working out is definitely paying off, even though us cats are natural supple. I shall sit here and wait to see how he manages to get back out. Must admit it looks pretty snug in there.

I can see his brother, I know one's a boy and one's a girl but I can never tell which is which, trying to find him, how funny he looks so lost. I wonder if he'll jump out on him and make him jump out of his fur.

Dunno about Puss In Boots though more like cat in a bag.

Doing A Mr Miyagi

Well it's good to see the Naughty Twin is still keeping up with his Yoga He's getting really good perching on that tree stump.

I can't wait until he does a Mr Miyagi and gets up one one foot, kicking out with the other, arms outstretched. Now when he does that I am surely going to go and give him a big cuddle. Oh thinking about it that's karate.

Anyway I'm sure yoga and that sort of thing has lots of benefits but I think I'll join in with Sarah and just get some eye ball exercise and carrying on sitting here watching him.

Monday 24 September 2012

Why The Sparrow Sisters Were So Upset

Well the rain finally stopped, out comes the sun, out comes Emma.

She'd been sheltering herself under R's car and as soon as she got the chance over the road she came and up AM's pathway.

I'm always a little cautious whenever she creeps up the side and decided to go and have a look at where she was heading. By the time I got to the back she's stopped still and was looking intently on our pathway.

I peered out the window to where she looked and saw it, a poor little sparrow was just lying there not moving.

Now some of us cats like to chase birds, some like to eat birds, some like to bring them indoors as presents. I just like to watch them.

I made such a fuss calling out to daddy that he came out to see what I was crying about and saw it. He went outside and wrapped it up and then took it up to the Peace Garden and buried it. I don't know what happened but I can now see what was upsetting the Sparrow Sisters so much. Sleep well little Sparrow.

Cat Eat Cat World

Oh nice. Can't come out to save a postman from being eaten by a dog but can make an appearance for lunch, talk about it being a cat eat cat world.

A Great Big Dog & The Postman

Well catworld may be devoid of cats today but that hasn't stopped the drama.

About half an hour ago a van turned up over the road and some man in a bright yellow coat got out and started putting poles into the ground. I've no idea what he is up to but with all the digging that's been going on in the road this past couple of weeks I deduced it's something to do with that.

So far so good.

However the man in the yellow jacket then opens up the back of his van and a great big dog jumps out and starts running around the road, no lead or anything.

Anyway there I am watching him run back and forth, behaving himself thus far. The postman then appeared and everything changed. Up the dog went barking and doing little tricks, on his back legs and jumping up at the postman. Poor man didn't know what to do and just stood there frozen to the spot. It was a bit of luck it's been raining as if he did wet himself in fright the rain would hide the patch, and if he did I don't blame him this dog has a loud bark and big teeth.

Something tells me us cats should stay indoors today.

The Sparrow Sisters In A State

The Sparrow Sisters have been at it loud this morning and thinking about it have been banging on half the night.

I'm not sure why they are in such an excited mood but they woke me early, twittering on. Even the daddies have commented on the noise they've been making.

If it stops raining I'm going to go see The Wiseman today to see if he can help me out with an answer as it's more than their usual gossipings. I would usually go to the source but each time I do go near they fly of in a right state.

In the meantime I'm going to sit with daddy as he works as no one, and I repeat no one, is around. I don't mind the rain but the one downside seems that it keeps everyone in and as great company Nadia and the daddies can be when they make the effort I do need additional like minded stimulation. 

Sunday 23 September 2012

What Is This The Krypton Factor?

Well finally I'm getting some attention. Everyone is awake and watching TV. Not sure what they are watching but it seems to consist of something to do with a Wicked Queen, a little boy and a curse.

I think it's given daddy ideas as he's not exactly making it easy for me to eat my cheese dreamies, hiding them all over the place. What is this the Krypton Factor!

He Called Out Loud

A hole appeared under his feet, he peered right in beneath the peat
If I jump in who will I meet? This pull is strong and oh so sweet
I'll gather up some food to eat and wrap it in this old bedsheet
A task ahead for me to beat, a Land of Magic, full of sleet

So down he went into the vent, down he tumbled, down he went
The tunnel turned, the tunnel bent, he hit the side but not a dent
Upon the tunnel wall he leant. What can this mean? Oh what was meant?
Into his nose a pungent scent. Where was he at? Where’d he been sent?

Then all at once he hit the ground, he bounced along and spun around
The site around him did astound, a fence around a grassy mound
Stuck inside this large compound, he called out loud but not a sound
His name upon a note he found, What does this mean is it profound?

The snow fell down, The First got wet, he wiped his brow from beads of sweat
Inside he found an old cassette, a challenge laid that will be met
My tasks ahead they do not not fret, I’ll score my goal, back of the net
The words he saw seems like a bet, a question asked – Do you get it yet?

Wake Up Someone, Anyone

Wake up, someone, anyone.

I know it's a Sunday and supposed to be more of a relaxing day but this is ridiculous. Everyone is asleep.

Not a sniff of another cat out but I guess the rain may be a contributing factor there.

Stay daddy got up early, locked himself into his office, had a bath, went out, came back and is now snoozing on the sofa.

Disappears daddy has been asleep in bed all morning, got up about half an hour ago and is now also falling asleep again on the other sofa.

I thought there was some hope with Nadia when I heard her drag herself out from behind the fridge about 10 minutes ago but oh no, she's gone and joined the daddies, squeezing herself between the table and the beanbag.

Well if you can't beat them I might as well join them.

Saturday 22 September 2012


I was just sitting looking out the window when I spotted the darker Naughty Twin creeping out of E's garage, looking rather embarrassed.

So many questions;

What was he doing in there?
What he was looking at/for?
Why was he looking so sheepish?

Then I got my answer, he'd been busted by Mogsie who was strolling right across the road, with a face that did not say impressed.

The Naughty Twin ran past Mogsie who just glanced in his direction and then carried on home. Not just a protector of us cats then, he also looks out to make sure the more wild amongst us keep on the right track.

I was screaming out, notice me, but he didn't even looked in my direction. I guess he just didn't know I was watching him or I'm sure he would have acknowledged me.

Where's The Nuts Gone?

I've just been hanging out with Stay daddy as he was watering the little lemon tree he's been trying to grow in the house of glass in the back garden for the past month or so when I heard a rustling in the tree's.

I turned around to see one of the Squirrels looking at us both. He looked a little confused, I think he may have forgotten where he put his nuts, although I've heard that they can smell them even if they forget where they've buried them.

Stay called to Disappears to come have a look at, he was a fine looking one. He stayed very still for a couple of minutes just looking at us before scuttling off back up the tree. I hope he remembers where they have been buried, failing that I do hope he's not got a cold.

A New Game

Well daddy and I have come up with a new game.

Both of the daddies are sitting on the sofa's chatting and I'm sitting next to Stay daddy. Although I've been getting a little bit of attention, he's mainly concentration on his conversation with Disappears.

The attention he has been giving me as I sit upright next to him is to rub my foot and leg. Although this is nice, my favourite place is the top of my head, that's where I want to be stroked but he's determined to keep on stroking my foot alone.

Solution, I let him carry on doing that but every now and then I bow my head. My foot and leg gets a stroke and my head as well all at the same time.

He has however cottoned on to this and every time I do it he stops although he's been keeping his hand there. I raise my head and he continues.

He thinks he's being funny as he's told Disappears to watch what happens. No mind I'm cleverer than both of them and will play along as let's face it either way I'm getting stroked and it's not unpleasant to have a little leg rub thrown into the bargain.

Friday 21 September 2012

The Meanings Of Our Names

Well this is a surprise I've just seen Nadia walking around, it's way past her usual bedtime. I thought she went to bed behind the fridge ages ago but guess I got that wrong. She seems like she's on a bit of a mission somewhere, I'm going to follow her and see where she goes.

On a separate note the daddies have been discussing names for some reason.

Every time I hear the manes David and Daisy I shiver I know what they are up to, they've already named the new kittens. I know it's only a matter of time before they are here, although I am going to do everything I can to delay that day.

Nadia apparently means Hope which was a bit of a surprise. Mine, well Lil' isn't short for Lily as most people think and as nanny always used to call me, even though the daddies always corrected her. I quite liked her calling me it but no Lil' isn't short for that, it's short for Little.

The First To Make A Move

Mogsie is looking mighty fine over there on the grass just having himself a little scratch and tidy up.

Even though he's a boy, flowers make him look pretty, I don't think I'll manage to persuade him to wear them in his hair though, I'm not a magician or anything and he's way too macho for that.

I just don't know what to do to get him to notice me. The last attempt was a total failure and I ended up walking away feeling a right idiot determined not to make any more moves. However it's as daddy says though, if you want something you've got to put it on the line and I can understand after my own little fright that going up behind someone in the dark is not the best way forward.

I'll have another little think about it before progressing further. Watching him still makes my heart leap a little so I know I can't let this go. It's just like most of the time he doesn't notice me or forgot that I exist.

Come on, I want to scream at Mogsie in frustration, and take a chance on the unknown

George & The Swinging Heart Of Love

I went out the back to see if the Naughty Twin was OK after his little shock, as I saw that he ran over our way. Although I didn't see him I did spot George.

He was sitting up by the Swinging Heart of Love, just chillin'. 

It's good to see him out and about again. His eye still seems to be giving him some trouble though. I did leave him out an eye patch but I guess he's decided not to wear it, or maybe it was irritating his face. Not sure of the reason but there's no helping some cats. I guess we are an independent race but sometimes we do have to just let others look out for us as hard at that can be do to.

A Third Attempt Backfires


Daddy is working downstairs today so I can be near him and get on with my own business, double bonus. So as he chats away on the phone I'm here sitting in the window just having a little look outside, not much was going on apart from Tiny's daddy washing his car. 

Then all of a sudden from across the other side of the road I've just seen one of the Naughty Twins run like the wind from down the side of Tiny's house all the way across the road without looking. 

Just as I was wondering what on earth had got him so panicked I saw Tiny on a lead come around the side of his daddies car. Quite happy just minding his own business.

Fantastic he's been caught out again in that slipping around through to the back-door trick he seems to  be trying to perfect. When will he learn that's three times in the past couple of weeks that has either back fired or ended in failure.

Thursday 20 September 2012

A Pair Are Locked Up

Oh seeing Tiny behind the gate reminded me, news of two incarcerations.

Daddy popped across to see M last night and came back with two separate tales.

The first involved Emma. Apparently she got into M & R's house the other night, which was OK but when it came time to leave she couldn't be found and so eventually after a big search everyone went to bed. However it turned out that she had decided to hide around the corner and so when they came down in the morning there she was all cosy inside.

That explains why she was up and about so early the other morning. Thank goodness I learnt my lesson last time about jumping to the wrong conclusion or it would have been me doing the walk of shame.

The second tale of being locked up involves one of the Naughty Twins, of course.

Well apparently he  decided to pop in the back door of the house next door to M & R's, just like he tried to do here a couple of weeks ago.Well the nice lady in there thought that he must be homeless so she gave him some supper and a big stroke and went to bed. In the middle of the night she was a little worried about him and came downstairs but couldn't find him but couldn't understand how he got out. In the morning when she got up and opened the door he shot out from under the sofa and right out the backdoor running all the way home. Yeah that one backfired didn't it.

A Tiny Wait

What a beautiful morning. Bit cold though, thank you daddy for putting the heating on it can now be nice and snugly in here. I'm intending to spend the morning asleep in daddies office in full glare of the sun.

Not everyone is feeling the cold though. I can see Tiny's mummy is hovering the grass and he's there just waiting behind his gate for her to go give him a stroke or something. He's been trying to get her attention by having a little shout but she's busy and I guess knows his game. You can tell he pulls the cute card. I would if I had his looks to.

Vampire Cat Face

Daddy must be very bored this  morning he's been teasing me with a pouch of whiskers to get me to do my vampire cat face.

O go on then he's been good I guess.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Pretty Trippy

Stay daddy has been at it again and got me overloaded on Dreamies, I'm in a right calm place.

I've only just realised that I've been staring down this rainbow hole that's appeared in the living room coffee table. Wow gotta say pretty trippy.

I'll Be Fighting Nadia For The Blackberries.

What a week it is for new taste sensations.

First of all I tried tuna and found I liked it and now daddy has introduced me to the delight called a blackberry. Well blackberries with cream specifically.

Umm that was nice I can see what Nadia see's in them, they are one of her favourite foods when she goes out foraging in the back garden. I often see her with this purple smudge all around her face. I guess tortoises are just messier eaters than us, in the future I'll be fighting Nadia for the blackberries

Well done daddy 10 out of 10.

Mogsie Prepares

This is going to be a fun morning's viewing..

I can see Mogsie is setting up his position nicely to torment the car drivers, he's just searching for them now.

Such Hard Work

Emma's up nice and early this morning, appearing in the corner of the garden, hidden in the squirrel tree's.

I'm not sure what it is that she is up to but she's making a big job of it. It looks like such hard work her legs all seemed to be uncoordinated, bless her.

I sat and watched her with the daddies as she tried to untangle herself but seemed to be getting herself in a right mess.

She then found herself a gap in amongst the twigs and somehow she jumped right through.

I don't know how she did that with all this recent talk about magic she must have caste herself a little jumping spell, *giggles*, I mean the gap was so small.

The cat jumped right through it!