Thursday 31 January 2013

Like I'm Bothered!

Doublay's out the back looking rather smug. Like I'm bothered!

I know that's not the attitude to have but I'm just not in the right place at the moment to care enough. 

I know we weren't together Mogsie and me but I've liked him for so long. If cats could cry I would.

Daddy said he saw M and R when he took River for a walk and they told him that Twizzle really doesn't like Spit and had a go at her yesterday and certainly  doesn't trust him. Yeah come near me and he'll get it.

I suppose I should get over myself. It is important information but at the moment I'm really not feeling the bigger picture. 

Why couldn't he like me in that way that he likes the lighter Naughty Twin? I hate feeling this way all sad and whinny and angry I've no real right to but I can't help how I feel. 

I think it's best that I sit up in the office and try to get some sleep, I might feel better after that.

Now He's Following Her Around

Now he's following her around everywhere. Oh this is terrible, what am I to do?

The questions that are going through my head are almost overwhelming. How long has this been going on? Does he love her? Are they trying for a baby? Who else knows? Will I ever stand a chance again? Why didn't I say something earlier? Have I mis-read the signs all along?

Breath. breath deeply.

Oh My! My Heart Is Really Hurting.

I just spotted Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin over the road.

At first I thought Mogsie was whispering some information to her about our plans progress. On second look it's not what I first thought.

Oh my! My heart is really hurting.

The Honey Trap Is A Go

The honey trap is a go!

I'm up with stay daddy. He's left River downstairs this morning on her own, although he keeps on going down to see if she is OK. I'm wandering from the office to the bedroom to see what's going on.

I spotted the darker Naughty Twin talking to Spit on the sun shed roof before moving off over the far back gardens.

Spit looked deep in contemplation so I'm guessing that information about the storage of food has now been imparted.

Then about 10 minutes later I saw Doublay following the darker Naughty Twin over Twizzle and Mogsie's garage roof. I guess he's courting him so it won't be so much of a surprise when he gives him the information after we've tested out if Spit is telling us the truth or not.

No one else is around. I'm assuming keeping a low profile to give the darker Naughty Twin space to sow some seeds.

My heart is pumping. There's no way I could cope being a spy with all this subterfuge.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Bastet The Eye Of Ra

Stay daddy has just sat down and decided to give me a bit of a history lesson. Todays topic is on Bastet the cat goddess of Eqypt.

As soon as he said cat goddess he had my attention. He said he got an email or something from the British Museum, his old home, promoting cats in history hence his sudden interest.

Bastet he said was depicted as a lady with the head of a cat. I knew in Egypt that cats were loved and worshipped but I didn't realise that many of them wore jewels and gold and things. Wow I bet that would have weighed them down. From what daddy told me though they didn't have to do much save catch the odd rat, liking what I'm hearing.

Daddy said that when people passed their cats were often mummified and they've found over 300,000 of them. They must have been really loved and their owners must have really wanted them to be with them in the afterlife.

He said that cats were revered back then like cows are in Indian now and that she was also known as the Eye or Ra, the Sun God . Wow

Apparently Bastet was also know as a good mother and known as the goddess of perfumes. That I can understand we do always like to take care of our children and to take care of ourselves and smell lovely.

Daddy showed me a picture and then it hit me. Daddy has a little statue of Bastet upstairs that nanny gave him. I never realised who it was what a coincidence.

I'm liking the sound of this Bastet character, shame things aren't a little more like that now as they were back then. Wow us cats have a cat goddess!

Nadia Returns

I just heard River make the most almighty noise downstairs.

Now as much as she sometimes gets on my nerves she doesn't usually bark and I couldn't hear daddy on the phone so I thought I'd better go down and investigate.

When I went downstairs I saw daddy was watching River closely. I moved around him to get a better look and then I saw her Nadia has woken up, Nadia has returned.

It's very early for her, last year she slept for at least another 6 weeks. She can sometimes wake up for a little bit during her Winter sleep so I'm not sure yet whether she's done with that or if she's just up for a day or two.

Daddy put her in the hallway so she could get some peace. River was certainly very excited to see her, wagging her tale and all that.

Nadia and I don't usually bother each other much but I must admit I do miss her when she's asleep.

What a day it's turning out to be.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Catworld Has Decided To Set A Trap. A Honey Trap!

Well when I got up this morning I didn't realise just what a morning it was going to be.

Word has spread everywhere after Foxy's rampage through Catworld and the surrounding districts. Even the Gooses From The Lake flew over to see the devastation. Word has spread that far!

Sarah came out to investigate the mess and obviously reported back straight away and an emergency Cat Council meeting was called.

I didn't go as I wasn't told in time but in such states of emergency a quick plan of action is required.

The lighter Naughty Twin popped by to give me an update and oh the joy of such a solution.
Catworld has decided to set a trap!

The lighter Naughty Twin said that there it was a very heated debate. Everyones gander was up. We cats are naturally clean animals and this mess and the continuing threats just cannot be tolerated.

The plan, to set a honey trap and defeat our foes with one stone.

Mogsie has gone to inform Ginger Cat so he can warn any of the inhabitants of his area that are not members of the New Cat Crew to stay well clear.

We're all to start hording tip bits of food and treats so that we can get a great big pile to tempt both Foxy and the New Cat Crew. It's worth giving up some treats if this is to solve the problem.

This food will then be moved under the cover of darkness to the tunnel at the end of the road. a place Foxy is known to go to.

The darker Naughty Twin is then going to let slip to Spit that there's problems within Catworld and that some members are ready to break free and that they are storing food in preparation for a revolution.

We're going to give a false date and the lighter Naughty Twin is going to keep watch on the area. If the NCC turns up then we know that Spit is not to be trusted. If they don't turn up then he can be and we'll inform him that the date was changed last minute because things were not ready in time.

We'll later tell him everything and why we did this. Us cats believe in honesty but sometimes you need to just make things sure and if he doesn't understand well there's not a lot we can do about that. Hopefully the fact that we're then helping him to escape will be enough for him.

The darker Naughty Twin will then let it slip to Chameleon who we know is trying to court him and of course will inform the rest of his gang.

The day that we really will plant the food Craig, the Squirrels and the Birds have agreed to  spread the word that there is a store of food, so wind of it gets to Foxy to lure him there as well.

The plan is not to get the New Cat Crew harmed, just scared witless and either they will run away and leave us alone OR we will tell them it was us and they will know we are not to be messed with.

We know they won't go down without fighting to hopefully it will also scare Foxy off, a whole gang of cats banded together ready to fight him.

Spit if innocent can be freed from their grip and we can all get on with our normal, generally peaceful lives.

I for one loved the idea. It seems like a win-win plan although of course not without it's risks.

We need a couple of days to get a store of food ready so we're aiming for the weekend to pull this scheme off.


Disappears daddy came back from his early morning walk with River with disturbing news.

Foxy Lectar went on a rampage last night!

The road is a right mess. There's bins knocked over all over the place. All up our road and all the way out of the estate, their contents literally strewed everywhere. He said he hadn't seen such a mess in a long time.

I ran and had a quick look from the office window. He wasn't exaggerating! Foxy must have been furious, it's green bin day today so only garden waste and a bit of cardboard. If he was that desperate looking for food he must be hungry and when someone who's on the edge is hungry it's a very serious and dangerous combination.

I'm getting the message out to everyone today to be careful tonight. The lighter Naughty Twin may be brave enough to go out at night but in the state Foxy is in anything could be possible!

Tuesday 29 January 2013

OMG He's The Size Of A Werewolf!

OMG Foxy Lectar has just walked slowly across C's front garden right in front of daddy and me.

I've always seen him from a distance before I didn't realise he was so big. I'm not joking he was MASSIVE about half the size of the Doberman.

My heart is pumping. I think Stay daddies is too. He literally jumped up out of his seat and ran to the front door. He said it was the size of a werewolf but I don't think he was that big myself.

By the time he got there Foxy had disappeared. Daddy told River she mustn't go out on her own into the garden at night while he is around. Good call.

I can see the lighter Naughty Twin out over the road under R's car. She really is so brave.

There's Something About George

George really is a fine figure of a cat. I'm just sitting upstairs watching him out of the office window after being chased by River.

It's raining and usually us cats avoid water like the plague but no not George. He looks good with a little glisten on him and he's not afraid to be just that little bit different.

He's stood up to Mogsie in the past which takes courage and a degree of attitude, which I also like  I believe it shows strength of character and a bit of swagger is good. Although too much and it's such an unattractive quality.

He wasn't intimidated by the New Cat Crew recently just walked away remembering to keep his temper in check when there was a bigger picture to look at. Shows he can manage his emotions. Something I find very important. He also shows he can work with others as well as being independent and as a Father, well he's a good one. He protects his kids but let's them get on with things to make their own mistakes. He allows them to grow and develop without smothering them.

Oh I just don't know what my emotions are doing to me recently. I definitely am very attracted to Mogsie but there's something about George I just can't shake.

In Quiet Contemplation

I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin sitting in quiet contemplation up by the Swinging Heart of Love.

Well it was quiet for a while until River ran out there and started chatting to her. I saw her just sitting there listening to all River had to say. Occasionally blinking but not moving much.

She must have been glad when daddy took River out for the opportunity to get back to her peace and thoughts, such a lot has been going on for her the past few days.

I've not only become very fond of the Naughty Twins over this last six months or so but feel really proud of how they've grown and developed.

I wonder how my girls and Charlie are getting on?

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

I'm Not Going To Be Intimidated

I really don't know who Chameleon thinks he is. He's been sitting on our back wall just staring in at us.

Well I'm not going to be intimidated by him!

Daddy says it's always important to stand up to bullies. You don't have to be getting all violent with them, scraping and fighting. It's just important to let them know that you're not bothered by them. He says ignoring them or their behaviour is a good place to start. They often try to bully because they are insecure in some way themselves and in many respects should be pitied.

I decided just to stare right back at him, we had a right bog out.

He left.

Monday 28 January 2013

Oh How Ingenious!

I thought my luck was in and Mogsie was waving at me but no when I waved back he didn't respond. He carried on but was looking right through me.

This warranted further investigation, my catty powers were telling me he wasn't being rude.

As he looked right through me it was this direction that he was looking at so I turned behind me to see what was there.

I then spotted the lighter Naughty Twin.

I looked back to Mogsie and he was still waving.

Then it hit me, from a certain angle if the blinds are up you can see right through our house from over there right up to the gardens behind us.

They were setting up a beacon system of some sort. A way to get quick messages across different parts of Catworld without even moving.

Oh how ingenious!

I wonder how they'll communicate, I'm guessing by some sort of hand system? I still wish it was me he was waving at though.

So Unnecessary!

What is it with drinking from the drains?

This afternoon I've spotted both Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin over at Twizzle and Mogsies drinking from their overflow drain. So unnecessary! 

Unless of course Strawberry Milkshake is being pumped through.

Pure Vandalism!

OMG I've only just spotted it. I can't believe I missed it earlier when I was watching Spit and George.

The Easter Island Head in the Peace Garden up by The Wiseman has been knocked over.

There can only be one culprit for this. It's too heavy for any of us cats or even River to have done that.

Foxy Lectar is the villain, that's just pure vandalism!

It's A Key Place

There seems to be a bit of a battle going on over the visitation rights of the sunshine shed.

Earlier on this morning just as the sun came up and it started to get warm I saw Spit getting himself nice and comfy up there stretching out ready to have a sleep.

I went and joined daddy in the office to have some alone time. When I looked a little later George was firmly placed in the same place.

It's a very covetted position around here. Not only is it the best spot to get some sun and warmth during the Autumn and Winter months but it also has a very good 360 view of all of the back gardens over this side of Catworld.

It's a key place.

Sunday 27 January 2013

So That's What Had Been Going On - The Set Up Revealed

I saw Mogsie sitting deep in thought up by The Swinging Heart of Love. This was my chance to find out what's been going on so up I went.

He told me that he, George, Bella and the lighter Naughty Twin had all gone undercover following on from the attempted take over by The New Cat Crew.

They knew something was in the works and they wanted to draw them out in the open, get them to make their move. Show their hand. Hence George walking calmly away from his brunch bowl the other day.

It was all a part of their plan!

Well I just had to grin to myself. I never had a clue and I know them all well. If I hadn't a clue then there's no way that Chameleon and the others would have known!

Go on, I said, I was waiting for the next part of the plan to be revealed to me. I felt very excited to hear what was coming next.

After Chameleon went over George walked back over to the lighter Naughty Twin informing her that their plan was a go. The lighter Naughty Twin then ran to Mogsie who had already found out where The New Cat Crew lived.

He had been watching from a slight distance for his chance to go into their camp and this was it. As The New Cat Crew made their move, Catworld was making theirs.

It had all been a set up! Clever.

As Flash, Spit & Chameleon were attempting their coup in Catworld, George went and watched Doublay to make sure that he didn't come back to their camp.

Doublay was still acting as the scout but  Bella had been set up as a decoy, acting all suspicious like she was trying to find their camp. She was near their area but at this point was circling all around, not going too near to distract him.

So Flash, Spit and Chameleon were in different locations in Catworld, thinking there take over bid had been uncontested.. Mogsie was in The New Cat Crew camp searching for information. Bella was being watched by Doublay, who was being watched by George and they were all on a wild goose chase and the lighter Naughty Twin was positioned between George and Mogsie poised to take messages if required.

Oh this was fabulous news to me.

What happened next? I asked Mogsie, getting increasingly excited to find out what he had found out.

Mogsie searched their camp picking up all their smells. There was only the four scents so we know knew that there wasn't any other member that hadn't revealed themselves. Information, as Mogsie said, is power!

They were a messy group he said. Fish bones and muck all over the place. Not very hygienic. This Mogsie said, proved to him that they weren't organised and if they weren't organised this highlighted a weakness to be exploited.

He went around to see if he could find out any information from any of the other cats in their land and came across a big Ginger cat who said that he knew of them.

The Ginger cat said that he had once nearly been recruited into their gang. They had asked him to come over to Catworld as an initial scout to find out what it was like here on the pretence that they wanted to make friends.

At first the Ginger cat said that he went along with it as Flash especially had come across as very charming and was offering all sorts of fun and tipbits.

He said he came over and saw that we were all a pretty much happy bunch and he didn't feel it was right to disturb us. When he said this all back to Flash apparently a great big fight occurred. Flash was furious, he though that he had control over Ginger cat but he wanted no part in it. It was at that point that he'd decided that he wasn't going to be a part of anything like that.

His standing up to Flash had thrown him. Ginger cat said that there was no way that he was going to be driven out from his own area and they'd tensely co-existed in the same area ever since.

Ginger cat confirmed that Flash was the groups General, Doublay was the Scout, Chameleon was the Muscle.

Mogsie asked specifically about Spit.

Ginger cat said that out of the group Spit was the one who most baffled him. He definitely didn't agree with everything that Flash was trying to do. A couple of times he'd stood up to Flash who although he was the General wasn't actually the physically strongest. He used his fierce looks and size to intimidate but Chameleon was definitely the one who stepped in when a beating was required to keep anyone under control.

Flash liked to control with fear but when Chameleon wasn't around he could see that Spit questioned why they were doing what they were doing.

Mogsie asked Ginger cat outright if he could be trusted and if he thought Spit really wanted to leave the group.

He said that out of the four of them he was the one who he found most palatable but that there was such a twisted-ness with the control that went on with the group that he personally wouldn't trust any of them.

With that Mogsie said that he thanked Ginger cat and extended a welcome to him whenever he wanted to come over.

He let the lighter Naughty Twin know it was time for them to come home who quickly got the message to Bella and George.

They had just got home yesterday when I saw Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin under R's car. Mogsie was filling him in.

I wanted to ask what was next but River and Twevor came running out and we both ran off. Oh this all really is very exciting information. I'll try and catch him again later.

Saturday 26 January 2013

OMG Two Arnolds!

Trevor and the girl have just come in.

In one word - Chaos. Rivers gone mad. Well I suppose they are good friends, fair enough!

I've run upstairs and am going to keep out the way. Not because of Twevor.

I thought one Arnold was enough but this time there's two.  It'll end up an orgy and I really don't need to be seeing that.

Give me strength!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Finally He's Back What A Relief

Finally Mogsie is back.

Daddy was working so I sat with him up in our office and I saw him with the lighter Naughty Twin sitting under R's car.

Oh the relief I was beginning to get really worried.

They both look like they've been up to something.

The New Cat Crew, not a sight of them. Um funny that, Mogies turns up and they've disappeared.

They Make Me Mad

They make me mad those two.

Look at them sitting there like they haven't got s care in the world. Like they can just come in here and take over.

Goodness only knows what that Spit is playing at. I just don't know if I can trust him, no matter what he says.


Where's Mogsie?

After today's earlier events I went back upstairs to see if I could get a better vantage point into the gardens at the back where Spit, Chameleon and the darker Naughty Twin disappeared into.

No luck.

I just can't see into there but one of the Wood Pigeons did drop by while I was searching.

I asked her if she could take a message over to Emma sitting on the other side of the road.

Where's Mogsie?

What Did That Look Mean?

Daddy's up therefore River's up and so I'm up and glad I am to.

I looked out of the window just in time to see the darker Naughty Twin standing up for himself against Cameleon.

He was just having a little sit on C's garage roof when Chameleon came from below and tried to swipe at him. Well the Naughty Twin swiped back which I think took Cameleon by surprise as he backed down for a moment.

He then walked around the gate and came up onto the roof sitting right opposite each other, glaring. The Naughty Twin watched all of this but wasn't backing down. Good on him!

Just as it looked like Chameleon was going to go in for a second attack Spit appeared and gave Cameleon the most eye wide open stare and Chameleon backed off.

I moved downstairs quickly to carry on seeing what was going on and also to get myself prepared to run out their and help him if he needed it.

By the time I was down there they have moved towards the back of the garage. Spit and Chameleon were talking to the Naughty Twin but because their backs were towards me I couldn't lip read what was being said.

Chameleon then turned and looked directly at me like he knew I was there all the time. He looked furious!

At this point the darker Naughty Twin walked off and was quickly followed by the other two.

What did that look from Spit to Chameleon mean?

Friday 25 January 2013

And Now The Night Terror

And now we have the night terror!

I was happily sitting on the window ledge  keeping a look out for Mogsie, George or anyone when I saw him.

Down the road Foxy Lectar skulked. This was an atrocity too far and I wanted out. Enough is enough!

I cried at the window and then ran to the door calling out for daddy to open it. Just at that moment back up the road he ran.  Not hiding in the shadows but right out there in the open under the street light.

Daddy also saw him and called out. He didn't even turn around.

Well I was open mouthed at his brazenness!

Just at that moment a smell hit my senses and I had a sniff at our front plant. It was the smell of a cat. A cat I hadn't smelt before.

Oh no one of The New Cat Crew must have been here earlier. Right at our front door.

Oh what a day!

Oh where is Mogsie?

Damn I Wish The Others Had Skype

All days it's gone on Chameleon and Spit have been pacing up and down the road. Over that side, over this side, road view and garden view.

I've not seen a single soul the entire day. No Naughty Twin, no George and no Mogsie. I don't know where he is. They've taken over and it seems everyone is keeping out of their way.

I just wish someone would let me know what's going on, I feel so exposed here. I don't back away from a battle but I can't take them all on by myself.

No one has tried to break in, thankfully Rivers been running in and out the garden all day so she's kept them at bay.

I've gone from the office window to the bedroom window and apart from those two I've not spotted anyone so I can't even get a message out.

Damn I wish the others had Skype.

They're Making Their Move

They're making their move, The New Cat Crew.

Out the back I've just spotted Spit crawling along our back wall, trying to blend in.

Out the front Chameleon has just gone over and pushed George out the way from his brunch bowl and eaten the remaining contents.

George walked off, not ran, so I'm hoping he's gone for back up, he didn't look scared.

This is one time that I am so glad River is here, she'll protect me.

What I Saw Chilled Me To The Bone

I'm glad I finally roused myself because what I saw chilled me to the bone.

I didn't feel ready to go downstairs yet so had a little wander around before settling on the window ledge to properly wake myself up. I glanced out the window and up by the Swinging Heart of Love I spotted Flash. He hadn't seen me so I could just watch what he was up to.

As he was up by The Swinging Heart I thought he may have been paying homage to those no longer here which warmed my heart. Maybe, I thought for a moment, we have misjudged him. Then he spotted me!

Well his eyes flashed pure evil at me. I went cold.

He just stared at me. I just stared back and there we were for a few minutes having a stare off. I really wanted Mogsie or George to come and see what was going on but not a sign of anyone.

That confirms it to me, he's a wrongun'

Some Days

I'm so tired this morning that I can hardly be bothered to stir myself.

Some days you just want to stay in bed!

Thursday 24 January 2013

He Also Thinks The Same

Word has come back to me from Mogsie via the lighter Naughty Twin. He just ran over the back fence as I was outside and told me.

Mogsie think's the same as me. He feels something is afoot with The New Cat Crew.

He said Flash was hanging around earlier, something that I missed but I guess that's why were work well together as a team. What one missed the other spots. I guess that's why he was being all covert.

I let the Naughty Twin know that I'd seen Foxy last night and he said he'd get the message back to Mogsie.

He said that Mogsie said that he's. keeping a close eye on that situation at the moment as he thinks it's the biggest current threat.

 I said to tell him not to worry I'd keep an eye out for Foxy and report news when it comes in.

The lighter Naughty Twin has been tasked with getting close to Spit to see if he really is wanting to leave the gang. If he is he will get our full support. Mogsie wants to quash this gang not just by trying to come into our area and taking it over but, the Naughty Twin said, he wants this gang to be over and not a threat to any cat group.

Wow this is growing bigger by the day.

At the moment everyone is just information gathering, there's to be no action. Mogsie has a plan but he's sharing it with no one yet!

A Covert Mission

Mogsie is on a covert mission. I've just spotted him on C's fence and asked what he was doing?

Shhh, was his reply.

I then watched him as he peered around before jumping into the bushes. I know he wasn't being rude.

What's he up to? My betting it's related to either The New Cat Crew or Foxy Lectar. I shall just have to wait and see.

Just The Two Of Us

The mornings are usually a time of the day that I deliberately avoid coming down stairs.

Daddy and me have a new routine now that takes place upstairs. He goes in the bath I go and sit with him. When he's getting ready I then join him in the bedroom and when he has finished he gives me a little stroke and a cuddle.

When I do eventually come downstairs there's always some Dreamies waiting for me and then I go about my business.

Today I decided to come down a bit earlier. It might have something to do with the mornings getting lighter again but I just wanted to be down there and not couped up upstairs.

The daddies were out and so it was just River and me. Yes she came bounding over as she usually does but no I didn't react and neither did she.

We just sat there quietly watching each other. I love it when it's like this just the two of us in peace and quiet harmony.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Get Out Of My Way/The House/That House

I've been downstairs with the daddies while they are trying to train River not to jump up at me and to go to them and sit in front of them when they click their fingers.

She's not doing too bad although at times I wanted to shout at her get out of my way. To keep out of her way I've been sitting on the window ledge spending my time flipping between watching the TV and watching the entertainment outside.

On the TV they are watching something where people keep on getting kicked out of some house. The daddies like this show they watch it all the time and often can be found at various times throughout the year shouting get them out.

Outside Mogsie and Sarah seems to be playing tag.

If only they'd paid a little more attention to what was going on around them they would have seen Foxy slip through and go through a fence on the other side of the road towards someone's back door. Get out of that house!

A Brief Reprieve

The boy and the girl just came over to ask daddy a favour. Something about a sofa I wasn't listening properly.

The girl and daddy called me over a few times to come have a stroke and I did join them for a few minutes to have a drink from Alo's water fountain but I prefer it up here on the table.

It's safer, I know there's no chance of a surprise attack from River.

Interesting the brica a brac up here today. Todays selection includes; some books, Rivers lead, a camera lens, a small bag bristling with papers, a bag of Dreamies, a video camera, two lighters, a set of keys, two plastic bags and an ashtray.

All that's missing is the Partridge.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Asking Him For A Date

Mogsie is looking hot today.

He's just had his lunch with Emma, no arguments luckily. I wonder how they are getting on these days? It's all been quiet between them outside so no trouble that's outwardly seen. Can be a different story behind closed doors though!

He's just having a post lunch clean up. Makes my legs go weak.

All this recent trouble has diverted me from my task in hand.

Asking him for a date!

Tuesday 22 January 2013

I Think A Move Is Imminent!

I just spotted Chameleon trying to blend in with the bushes outside our kitchen window.

He looked very surprised to have been spotted. I know it's a couple of hours later but I can't help but think the two incidents today are related in some way.

Just got to wait for the lighter Naughty Twin to walk by to get the message to Mogsie.

I think a move is imminent!

That Leaves Me With A Question Or Two

Well I stayed up very late last night keeping an eye out for Foxy Lectar and no sightings on my watch I'm happy to report.

However we've just had another break in attempt by Spit. If they're not coming at us from one direction they are coming at us from the other. Daddy and River were both alerted to a tapping on my back door window. A quick investigate from them and it was confirmed, it wasn't me coming in.

Now what no one knew was I was watching all the action from the bedroom window. I could see Spit poking around in the garden and I wanted to see what he was up to.

I didn't see any of the usual Catworld residents around so he wasn't doing something with them. I looked around to see if I could see any of The New Cat Crew. No I couldn't!

So that leaves me with a question or two.

  1. If no one was around why was he trying to break in?
  2. If he was trying to come in what secret mission could he be on?
  3. If there was some other members of his gang around was he just trying to break in to throw them off the scent that he wanted to leave?
  4. If there was some other members of his gang around how on earth did they manage to be so hidden?

Monday 21 January 2013

We Defeated Him Once

We defeated him once and we can do it again!

Tonight I am on Foxy watch. It shouldn't be too hard there's still snow everywhere showing up anything that thinks that it's safe and hidden lurking around in the shadows.

No one much has been around today. Oh the daddies and River yes they have been. Disappears has been snowed in and so didn't go off out this morning. Both of them have been working away all day and keeping River entertained.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to run around getting the message out, I had to pick my time as I said no one's been around today. The lighter Naughty Twin did run through earlier. Nothing seems to stop him from going about his business. He's a great addition to the cat information network.

The message soon came back from Mogsie. He was going to be keeping an eye out on his side of the road. I would keep a look out here and the lighter Naughty Twin would keep on eye on that end of the road around the bend. Crossing sides and passing messages where required.

We're keeping it quiet at the moment that Foxy has been spotted trying to blend into the background. We don't want to cause panic and confusion. There's enough of that been going on with The New Cat Crew and the Spit situation.

Any sightings today and we'll spread the word to everyone tomorrow. If it's quiet we'll still keep a monitor on but keep it just between us three.

Sunday 20 January 2013

Lurking In The Shadows

The daddies are trying to train River how to not jump up at me. I'm giving them a helping hand by sitting here as a temptation.

A couple of times she's come a bit too close and I've ended up getting a bit of a telling off by nearly scratching her nose.

I've given in and accepted the fact that to help me I've got to help them. OK I had to train Charlie and my girls why should this be any different?

Leave, Come and Sit seem to be the three words they are trying to teach her.

Leave means to stop what she is doing and stand still.

Come means to come over to the person calling out

Sit means park it.

She's currently sitting by daddy over the other side of the room and so I took the chance to enjoy the snow from my warm position next to the water fountain.

That's when I saw him, lurking in the shadows.

Foxy Lectar!

A Frozen Heart

I can see the lighter \naughty Twin up there at the back in all this snow looking at The Swinging Heart of Love.

I was up there for a little while myself earlier taking a look.

 It was covered in snow and looked frozen. I hope some small birds have taken advantage to the accommodation on offer. Best to wrap up warm.

I Am A Joshi

The daddies are watching a TV show called Cool Japan.It's one of their favourites and today's topic - JOSHI.

According to them a Joshi is a woman of a certain age. Not worried about what people think in the dating sense, financially independent, free, active and are classy.

Daddy said Samantha out of Sex & The City is a Joshi, I'm  not so sure.

The daddies said that I am a Joshi, I believe I agree.


There's subtle stirrings in the house.

Well I say subtle. Rivers up and about winging that she wants to go downstairs, running around the bedroom floor her little feet sliding from under her in her hurry.

Stay Daddy has got up in an excitable mood, kicking of the duvet and gasping as he looked out the window. The subtlety I guess lays with Disappears who is gently moving around under the remaining part of the duvet still on the bed.

The cause of all this. action. We're having a blizzard!