Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ready For Our Experiment

Well it seems as if my diatribe earlier worked, that or the promise of free cream.

The motivation doesn't really matter I'm just glad that the cats are beginning to gather ready for our experiment later, even Chameleon seems to be up for it, I just hope it works.

Roll on midnight.

High Noon

Noon struck and Sarah and both the Naughty Twins were waiting out the back as arranged. George was already with me as I'd seen him earlier and let him know that I was calling a cat council meeting.
I was more than a little angry at the poor turn out.

Is that it? 
I looked around the group. I think they could all tell today I wasn't going to be messed with, my tone was not the best.

Sarah nodded;

I couldn't find Mogsie, Bella or Chameleon. Doublay said he would come when I saw him earlier but he's still sunbathing.

Right, George would you mind going and getting him, this is no time to sit back and rest on our laurels, his tan can wait until later.

George ran off and within 2 minutes they both returned.

Well, I began, this will have to do, we can speak to the others later.

My blood was boiling, I needed to come across assertive but was worried I was coming across aggressive so I took a deep breath and began.

The whole of Catkind is in danger, we've called out for Troy's help and he hasn't appeared so we must take things into our own hands. You may or may not realise it but pretty much all of us have been cursed. This curse is affecting memories and making everyone not worry about this terrible situation we are all in and we must band together to fight it. I don't know how we are going to but I've been told our Queen is indeed here. Poor old Emma has been in a trance for a couple of weeks and it's like no one's bothered. I know it's difficult but we MUST join as one, using all our catty powers to help us find a solution. 

What do you have planned, George asked.

I turned to him;

There's strength in numbers George, you, Sarah and I don't seem to have been cursed yet and can see things clearly but no one else can, it's like our words are going in one ear and out of another but us three can carry the weight on our shoulders but we need everyone's catty powers.

I turned to look at the Naughty Twins who were beginning to chat to each other about what they were going to be having for lunch. This was exasperating but not their fault and I needed to remember that.

I want everyone to gather up in the Peace Garden tonight, in front of LUM. He seems to be some sort of link between us and another side and I've been thinking if we all band our minds together I hope we be strong enough to make a psychic link and if not get through to our Queen then maybe Troy. Time is running out and we need to act now!

Doublay has now joined in with the Naughty Twins, laughing and licking his lips at the thought of a beef roast planned.

Free cream for all who attend!

That got their attention!

I'm Taking Control

The sun is shining, the cats are frolicking and I've had enough!

Sarah!, I called, Sarah!

She looked up from bathing her paw out on her garage roof and smiled;

Spread the word, I'm calling an emergency cat council meeting. Attendance is non negotiable, 12 noon sharp on my extension roof, anyone that you can't find well, I'm not delaying it so we'll just had to let them know what we've decided.

Sarah smiled at me, nodded and ran off.

Enough is enough, I'm taking control!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I Fear It's The End Of Catkind As We Know It

Well finally I managed to get hold of George.

Not long after I saw him yesterday he disappeared, almost in the blink of an eye, there one minute, turn your back and pow gone.

Anyway he popped by just now to let me know that everything was OK. Sarah had told him what had been going on and that we were worried about him and he wanted to let me know what had been going on.

He was as concerned as both Sarah and I were about everyone's strange behaviour and he had gone to return to the Lane of Bells.

Well as you can imagine when he said that my mouth fell open. We were told specifically that it wasn't the way and that we must not return there again. He saw me gasp and instantly reassured me he didn't actually go. He said he got as far as the other side of the tunnel before he changed his mind and decided instead just to take a walk and try to get some clarity. George said he ended up at the lakes where the gooses and swans live. It was such a peaceful setting that he said he found himself just getting lost in the surroundings and serenity trying to come up with a solution.

I asked him if he had managed to find one.

He shrugged his shoulder, got up and started to walk away, head bowed before turning back to speak;

Lil' I'm really worried, I just don't know what we can do, I fear it's the end of Catkind as we know it!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Safe And Sound

He's back! He's back. George is back!

I've tried to get his attention but he seems deep in bathing mode, but I'm sure I'll be able to catch him later. I'm just so glad he's home again safe and sound, bet Sarah is relieved too, I do hope she's seen him, she's been beside herself with worry.


After much cajoling and assistance I see that Sarah has finally managed to get Chameleon to get off the roof. he spent ages walking around trying to find an exit and the more time went on the more distressed he seemed to get, at one point cowering down as low as he could as if to try and blend into the roof.

Poor Sarah as well, even though she's not long started this relationship with Chameleon I think she's fallen for him hard, she looked so concerned. At least he's off now and by the look on his face I think it will be a while before he attempts to climb high again.

Dangerous Liaisons

I've spent most of the night keeping a look out for George who's still on the missing list and as worried as I'm beginning to get about him I was so glad for the distraction of seeing Sarah and Chameleon having an early morning liaison on their back roof.

I smiled and nodded good morning to Sarah but she barely smiled back.

I then mouthed to her is everything OK and she shook her head and mouthed back;

It's Chameleon, he's lost his ability to jump!

This is very serious news and I can understand why Sarah is so worried, another day another pitfall and their early morning liaison up on the roof has certainly turned out to be a very dangerous one.

Oh George where are you?

Monday, 28 July 2014

A Total 180

I've been observing Chameleon all morning and yes I agree with Sarah something seems very different with Chameleon.

He was always the muscle in The New Cat Crew and yet now he seems to have gone very soft and compliant. Yes he started his relationship with Sarah but that's not too much of a surprise, she likes the men, and yes we did offer out a hand to him when we asked him to help us prevent George and co from moving but even then he still had that air of control and aggression about him until he was put straight but now, well now he's done a total 180 on how he's acting.

He's been over chatting and laughing with Doublay all morning, like he doesn't have a care in the world. Doublay, as we know through his meetings with Troy Lamore can be trusted and even though we didn't know it at the time always could, but there have been issues between them both and yet Doublay's reacting to him like they are old friends and not old adversaries.

I don't know what we are going to do, we need his help with Foxy Lectar and we need it now and he just seems, well so carefree. A good state to be in I know but not when matters are this urgent.

George also has still not turned up, another worry on my mind.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

For Goodness Sake, WAKE UP!

Sarah was in a right old state and as much as I wanted to try and calm her there was no time, we needed to think and act fast, it was more important than ever before that we got people to remember, we needed to get so much set up in such a short space of time or all would be lost.

I sent Sarah off to find Ginger Cat and see if he could help us, he was a good friend to Catworld and I hoped above all hope that he could help us. It would also keep her active, good in such situations, while I sat and thought what to do next.

I wasn't ready for all this I did have a plan, that was true, but it had only got as far as speaking to George and Sarah about it so we could iron out the details, so far all I had was we needed to get everyone to start remembering who they were, who they really were, I didn't have the foggiest idea how.

Both the Naughty Twins walked by and out of desperation I shouted at them. 

For goodness sake, wake up, just WAKE UP!

The darker Naughty twin looked at me like I was mad, and in a way I think I was, his sister just carried on eating some grass taking no notice.

Do you not realise what is happening, you're moving, your house is beginning to move?

He looked at me blinked and opened his mouth;



Sarah was gone for ages and came back in a right state.

She's been looking all over for George asking anyone should met and no one has seen him. It's not unusual for George to go missing, sometimes even for days at a time so I asked her why she was so worried.

Because, she said, I've just seen some furniture go out of our house and into the back of cars. Oh Lil' I think it's happening, the move is starting.

I looked at her totally feeling her panic myself now.

But we're not ready we've been so caught up in our Queen and the curse that we've not prepared, we've not put the new owners off.

I know, she cried

We must move quick, get Chameleon to get Foxy Lectar to make his move tonight.

I can't, she cried, he's been acting strange too. Lil' he's been affected!


All afternoon I've been thinking on what The Wiseman advised me, think of the problem and find the solution.

So I listed out my problems as I watched Mogsie continue laying out enjoying the sun.
  1. The curse is here and I don't know when or where it will strike next.
  2. Most of the cats memories are being affected and they are forgetting things and apathy reigns.
  3. The Queen of Catkind said she is back, confirmed by The Wiseman but we don't know where she is.

Well I can't really do much about the curse at the moment, it's here so I guess I must look first at how it's affecting everyone. Over and over in my mind it went, what was The Wiseman trying to say when he talked about The Queen being back and to find the solution I must look at the problem?

Just as I was going through all this who should appear but Sarah. Oh I was so glad it's been days since I've seen her and I could certainly do with another pair of eyes helping me, so I called her over and told her what The Wiseman said.

Oh how glad was I, it just goes to show sometimes you do need to step back from a problem yourself to get an answer and how simple it all appeared as soon as Sarah opened her mouth summing up what I had told her.

So The Wiseman said look at the problem, the problem is they don't remember.

Bingo! As quick as a flash something in my catty powers told me she'd hit the nail right on the head! 

The apathy was coming because they didn't remember, if they remembered the apathy would be addressed. We somehow just needed to get them to remember. We weren't weak we were strong and although the curse was causing havoc everywhere there was three of us that had so far managed to escape being affected by it although I think a tinge of it may have hit me as I'd forgotten for a while at least that yes us cats are strong and never give up.

I smiled to Sarah;

I think I have a plan, can you go find George for me, we need to get prepared!

Think Of Your Problem To Find Your Solution

Enough was enough, I just couldn't cope with all this on my own anymore and decided there was only one thing for it, a trip to see The Wiseman.
I waited until things were calm, the Daddymummy had come to visit and as usual River went mad so I thought it was the best chance for me to be able to consult with him without any unexpected interruptions.

As normal I sat in front of him and relaxed myself to prepare myself to tune in.
Ah Lil', so you come to see yourself.

Hello Wiseman, I have come for your help

There was a long pause.

I'm always here to help you Lil' never forget that. I can see you have much on your mind, trying times.

Yes Wiseman, very trying times indeed. I'm so scared everything is changing and I should be elated because our beloved Queen has apparently returned although where she is I have no idea and her return comes with a price, with her she's brought her curse and now everyone seems to be forgetting and no caring about things and Emma is in a trance and the darker Naughty Twin has hurt herself and they've been affected all their lives with this curse and and and..

The more I continued the more worked up I could feel myself getting and the more my words just babbled out, it was a relief to be able to get everything off my chest to someone who I knew I could trust and had always been consistent and who I knew would put me on the right path. On and on I went, tears welling in my eyes.

I ran out of steam and I just sat there panting waiting for The Wiseman to speak. Eventually he began;

Lil' with any problem there is always a solution.

I always believed that to be true but where things were at the moment I really couldn't see what it could be.

Look at the problem Lil' and you will find the solution for the solution is there hidden in plane site. Step back to see it and then apply it.

But Wiseman I've tried and I feel so alone.

You are not alone Lil'. You are never alone!

The Wiseman never lied and never put me on a wrong path so I must do what he said and step back to look at the problem.

Thank you Wiseman I will do that.

I stepped forward and kissed him gently on his cheek and just for a second, maybe in my mind, I thought I saw a loosening around his eyes and his mouth but as quick as I thought I saw it it was gone.

I turned and started to walk back inside when the Wiseman spoke again.


I turned back to look at him.


You may not see her but your Queen is back. Think of your problem to find your solution!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

More Serious Than I Thought

Things are more serious than I thought.

I just saw Mogsie across the road, sitting in the shade keeping cool and called over to him.

He looked at me smiled and nodded back, so far so good.

It didn't look like he was going to make a move to come over to me so I went to him and asked him if he was OK.

He nodded.

It kinda annoyed me, his nonchalance and so I asked him if he thought we should call a cat council meeting to discuss what we were going to do about the curse and he said;

What do you mean, curse? What curse?

The curse that comes with our Queen, you know the old curse.

No idea what you are talking about.

I was getting angry now


Just for a second I thought I'd got through to him as he seemed to go deep within his thoughts then he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

Nah, whatever.

WHATEVER! I was livid but there no point in carrying on with this and so smiled back at him and came back home. It really is very serious it's not just people forgetting it's worse than that the curse has brought deadly apathy with it, they weren't acting apathetic for the sake of it, they really are cursed with it!


It seems the cats are forgetting their manners as well, I've just seen the darker Naughty Twin, who's limp looks like it's getting worse by the way, creeping into E's garage, knocking things over, laughing and walking out again, it's turning into anarchy!

At A Rapid Rate

Summer is well and truly here and so is the curse.

The lighter Naughty Twin happily strolling across the lawn enjoying the sun beating down on her back suddenly made everything very clear to me, crystal clear, cats are forgetting things at a rapid rate.

No one's even mentioned Emma's trance, like it's just not happened. The darker Naughty Twin hurts his leg and can't remember how or when, Mogsie the one who is usually at the forefront of any action just seems to enjoy his day lazing around laughing and Doublay doesn't even remember meeting me. I thought at first maybe everyone was just so happy that our Queen has returned that they were not thinking of the consequences that came with her but it's moved on from that, people don't don't seem to be remembering things and what's important.

Luckily Sarah has also noticed people aren't acting in the manner you'd expect them to and according to her so has George. Neither of them have been a round for a few days, at least I've not seen them, and the thing is the more days go on the more people seem to be forgetting things, I need to act fast before it claims those that do still remember what's urgent and as our Queen has returned where is she?

Friday, 25 July 2014

Much Joy And Hand Clapping

Much joy and hand clapping. In among all the chaos a little ray of sunshine has just shone it's light.

Heidi, Daddies friend's kitten has just had a new member join her family, Hazel and what a cutey she is, she reminds me of Smokey. I saw the look in Daddies face I think he thinks the same to!

Looks like they are getting on very well, both Heidi and Hazel seem to have relaxed with each other quickly. Welcome to Catworld my lovelies.

The Curse Strikes Again

The Queen of Catkind's curse has struck again and it's taken down someone very important, Doublay!

I've been up with Daddy in the office all day, enjoying just hanging out, just like old times. It's been another hot and sunny day, hence no one's been around until just now when I spotted Doublay across the road sniffing some flowers.

I called over to him and he looked at me but kinda straight through me. At first I panicked thinking maybe I was fading out from people and they were having trouble communicating with me but no he heard me he just didn't seem to recognise me.

Hey, I called over.

Again he just looked up at me.

Doublay, I called. How are you?

He looked up at me a bit of a quizzical look in his face.

Nice to meet you.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Above Average Memory

Phew it's been a hot one today, everyone it seems is suffering. Poor River has been moving all over the house and garden trying to find a cool spot, trouble is she just can't settle although Daddy is doing his best to keep her comfortable.

She's not the only one suffering I just saw the darker Naughty Twin across the road and his walk didn't look right.

I called over to him to see if he was OK and he no, he's hurt his leg and for the life of him he can't remember when or how?

Um, that sounds a bit strange to me, us cats like elephants are known for our above average memory.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Automatic Registration Plate Recognition

Daddy's been conned but he's never one to take things lying down.

A man called over the gate and asked Daddy for a favour for 10 minutes but he would pay him for his inconvenience. He was cleaning our friends drive and he said needed it to help with pressure as their friends tap blew, but no water would be taken.

An hour later Daddy is getting angry, he wants to use the hose but he can't so he calls out to the man who thumbs up, and goes to get some more petrol to help the machine work. He comes back and a few minutes later as he is packing up Daddy speaks to him about the water he's discovered it is being taken after all. The man then gets in his van and tries to get away. Daddy called up the road to him as he had stopped to rearrange something and the man makes an excuse and legs it.

Daddy speaks to his friends and they discover he's lied to everyone.

Daddy may be a little too trusting and naive at times but there's one thing he's not, blind to his own feelings! He smelt a rat and got loads of photo's including the silly mans registration number.

Ring, ring, Hello is that the police I hear him say?

Yes it was and as we all know with their automatic number plate recognition this guy is surely going to have more hassle ahead of him than it was worth lying to Daddy who would have helped in any instance, although not at his cost.

The thing is I'm guessing the guy just thinks it's a tiny matter, Daddy was phoning for the principle, turns out legally it's classed as straight forward theft and therefore is being taken very seriously.


Chill Lil'

So I've been thinking maybe I need to speak to each person individually about the way they are acting, although I spoke to Sarah in a crowd it seemed to work with her.

The first that came around the lighter Naughty Twin happily whistling as she went about her business.

I called her over and asked how she was

Just dandy, Lil', everything in the world is great, can't you just smell the Summer everywhere.

Yes, well I could, but that really wasn't the point.

Do you not think we should be getting together and planning what to do next?

Yes! YES!

Oh thank goodness she wasn't lost to this severity of The Curse.

YES! We need to plan a great big party for our Queen when she comes by.

No that's not what I meant, I guess I would have to spell it out.

NO I mean about The Curse, don't you think everyone is acting strange considering?

She just turned to me and laughed.

Chill Lil'

And walked off laughing! This is more serious than I thought.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Thank Goodness I'm Not The Only One To See It

I think my rather blunt words earlier have worked, Sarah has just come over and said that she agrees people aren't acting as she would have expected but she never thought of it until I raised it earlier.

She's not the only one either, she said that she's noticed George looking a bit strangely at some of the others too, playing close attention, the way she put it.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one to see it.

It's the curse, Sarah said, I'm sure it's a part of the curse.

Has The World Gone Mad?

Right so there I am listening the Daddy prattle on about all this trouble going on in different places when I glanced out of the window to see Mogsie, Sarah and the Darker Naughty Twin sitting over the other side of the road, in the sun, with not a care in the world.

Something just switched in me and up I got and over I marched right up to them both and asked them what they thought they were doing?

They just both looked back at me with blank faces like I was talking gobbledygook.

I lost it.

Emma's in a trance, George has been possessed, you and your brother are changing gender quicker than I can keep up, Tiger appears to have never existed, Chameleon has moved in and suddenly become best buddies with everyone and I pointed at Sarah, and as for you tut, the Queen of Catkind has returned and brought with her a curse that none of you seem the slightest bit bothered about and there's been a plague of Frogs camped out in my back garden . Comprende?
Mogsie just burst out laughing;

Chill Lil'

CHILL LIL'! What? Has the world gone mad?

Joy And Apathy

Yep that apparent sense of joy and apathy is still being displayed with wild abandon all over Catworld, do they not realise we are in very grave times?

Something very strange is going on here and no one seems worried about it at all!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Nah, This Just Ain't Right Here!

Mogsie is sitting on his pathway rolling up with laughter at Chameleon who is wetting himself up E's bin and even more strange than that Twizzle is happily strolling down her pathway and letting R say where to go, that's never happened before. 

Nah things just ain't right here, not right at all!

A Plague Of Frogs!

I was out in the garden watching River goofing around, drifting in and out, trying to work things out everyone was acting very strange and it was just baffling me, when all of a sudden River started to get even more excitable than usual jumping up and down.
Something made me instinctively look at what was getting her attention.

Calamity! A frog has descended from the heavens, it's a plague of frogs!

My heart was pounding, a clear sign, the curse was now living amongst us!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

A Normal Sunny Day?

There's something strange in the air today. Things look real enough, a normal sunny day around here in Catworld.

Doublay is meandering around trying to catch the best rays.

The lighter Naughty Twin is strolling confidently around, without a care in the world.

Mogsie is having a slouch and Chameleon and Sarah are hanging out under the car.

Yes all in all a normal sunny day in Catworld and yet does it that not seem strange behaviour considering recent events? Why on earth is everyone just chilling out like it's a normal sunny day?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

For Anything Now Is Possible!

News has spread and throughout Catworld the cats are gathering for  the extraordinary cat council meeting called. Participation is required as we've lots to talk about.

Mogsie, Sarah and the darker Naughty Twin were the first to settle relaxed and smiling, they were shortly joined by Doublay who strode across the road, a smile wider than a rainbow on his face.

I thought I'd wait a while until everyone has turned up, just in case LUM spoke.

The sun was beginning to shine out hot and Mogise, Sarah and Doublay moved out the back in the shade to join Twizzle and the darker Naughty Twin went off to find his sister, returning shortly with her and Chameleon.

I've no idea where Bella is, I've not seen her around for ages and George hasn't shown his face yet but I guess I can't wait any longer, it's time to talk to everyone for we have a great time to celebrate and a great worry to discuss for anything now is possible!

If Our Queen Was Freed, So Was Her Curse!

The words of The Tale of Two went around and around my mind, trying to remember the rest of it.

There was something in those words that The Queen of Catkind spoke that rang a bell, a very important bell, choices, choices, all around me I kept on hearing those same words.

After the sky opened on Friday everything in my world seemed to have slowed down, freeze framed. it hadn't of course it was just my perspective but for the first time since coming back things felt different again. I felt we had entered a new era and I was waiting for fireworks for The Queen to just appear in front of me, she had said she was coming back, I'd freed her but I couldn't see her.

That night the skies rumbled till dawn and I sat up by LUM waiting, just waiting to see if he spoke again but silence, I touched his face and it felt cold, lifeless. Wandering around my mind confusion danced with logic and it spun a mashed up waltz.

Where was everyone when you needed them?

Finally Sarah appeared and I ran over to tell her and Mogsie, who was sitting behind her having his breakfast, to call an emergency cat council meeting. Sarah looked at me and smiled;

Our Queen, she's back I can feel her.

I knew what she meant, things had changed and our Queen was back and as joyous as that was I was also scared, for if our Queen was freed, so was her curse!


The Tale of Plumb

It’s true to say, not borne this way
My heart was happy, my skip was gay
But then one day I started to sway
And things went wrong, now I’m this way

I met the hag you seek that day
In front of her a laden tray
A tempting apply it did display
Amongst the fruit upon that tray

A wish I’ll grant to you today
The hag she spoke, I’m just that way
Tempting things upon my tray
A choice she said for you, just say

If you chose wisely from my tray
Your wish will run to your hearts lay
Now chose some fruit and don’t delay
She pulled me in with her display

My hearts desire she offered me
A tempting choice beneath a tree
To go and see what I could see
My hearts desire to cross the sea

An apple laid in front of me
A lemon to my eyes could see
Array of fruit in front choice down to me
Which one to choose , if I could see

So I stepped forward, full of glee
My hearts desire I could decree
Your fruit of choice so said a bee
Will change your life and set your free

I I stepped forward and choice the plumb
The choice was not a lucky one
Now you can see what I’ve become

If you choose make it not that one 

Friday, 18 July 2014

SHE'S BACK! Our Queen She's Back!

SHE'S BACK! Our Queen she's back!

It's been a very quiet day here in Catworld, a very quiet and very hot one, everyone has been hiding away in the coldest place they can, it's been the hottest day of the year. It doesn't, of course, bother me another weird advantage to my new state of being and one totally never thought about till now. Anyway as I say it's been very quiet and I've been sitting under Squirrel tree keeping watch on the Easter Island Head waiting for him to make a noise while watching the odd bird fly by, all in all a very pleasant if very quiet day.

Disappears daddy came home early and they went out somewhere with River so I didn't even have them to think about and as George now seems to be out his possession I was totally free to focus all my attention, but silence, until just as it started to turn dark.

I had just been thinking about the colour of the downstairs bathroom that the Daddies have redecorated when;


Three times that familiar voice from the Lane of Bells called out to me.

I'm here to help you my Queen, I replied as loud as I could

Help Me! 

The voice was fading and I began to panic, I didn't want to lose her I'd had great anguish about leaving the Lane of Bells without trying to see who was calling out for my help then and I felt responsible in helping her now that I'd been given a second chance.

Don't go my Queen, don't go, I called out not knowing if she could hear me or not.

I thought I heard something soft respond but the wind was picking up and I was having trouble hearing without the distraction of the leaves and branches rustling. I looked around to see if anyone else was around that could help me but still no cats, the sky was black and heavy, funny I didn't see that happen, no time to think, what should I do? My catty powers had kicked in, three times, three times she called out and three times Troy foretold we would be asked this time was important.

Panic, panic, guilt, guilt

I'M SORRY MY QUEEN! I'm sorry I left you behind, I blurted out

The wind was now a gale and the branches were wildly whipping around

You free me! The voice was strong and getting louder

At that second the sky erupted in a serious of electric yellow flashes like fingers spreading throughout the illuminated purple horizon and a roar louder than I'd ever heard before raced across the sky, chasing the light.

I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming back! 

She's back, our Queen, the Queen of Catkind returns!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Keep Cool

Well I don't need to feel the heat to understand today is hot, everyone's flaked out and doing their best to keep cool.

Well I say everyone but it appears that although the darker Naughty Twin is being sensible hiding in the shade his brother is basking in it, always one to go again popular opinion that one!

Chameleon can't take the heat, I just hope by the position of his feet that the car is going nowhere soon.

And although Sarah is keeping close to Chameleon she is making sure she has loads of room around her. I don't blame her either in this heat you just don't want to added pressure of another's hot body next to you.

I hope everyone's got their water bottles ready, according to Daddy tomorrow is going to be the hottest day of the year.