Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Daddy came down very excited this morning, striding across the carpet towards me curled up on the sofa, he picked me up in his arms and gave me a great big cuddle.

I struggled of course as I do, I'm not the biggest fan of being touched unless I want it and when I do I make sure it's plainly obvious.

What on earth was this all about, kisses and cuddles and chirpiness this early on?

"Happy Halloween," he said, "and happy 1 year anniversary, you've been here exactly 1 year today and we couldn't be happier, you are a darling little boy and River's best friend, thank you."

It fair made me well up and I felt a bit guilty for jumping down out of his arms.

Wow here 1 year today, of course it's Halloween night that they picked me up last year, I remember it now I come to think of it, so small and scared hiding under the sofa. I had no need to be of course but how was I to know then that all that sniffing and noise and jumping and chasing from River was only love being shown to me, back then she was 10 times bigger than me, now of course we're roughly the same size and she really is my best friend too.

How of course was I to realise the significance of the date then, Halloween. You know what, I think my Daddies and River, and Nadia of course although to be honest we're not had much to do with each other she sleeps an extraordinary about of time, deserve a gift from me.

I'm a black cat, I'm a witches familiar and today it's Halloween too many coincidences to be ignored, yes my family are going to get a gift from me, I'm going to cast a good luck black cat spell, a spell of amazing things!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Mogsie's Words Rang In My Head

"What!" I exclaimed out loud and quickly put a paw across my mouth, looking quickly to see if anyone had heard me.

Ursa was laughing and looking out to sea, Purlean turned back, I thought for a moment she had heard me but she just smiled and turned back to look out to sea with Ursa, she must have been looking at her children, running and laughing as they splashed in the water. 

Leopold and Bob continued collecting wood for a fire they were building and The Darling, Darling had settled on a patch of the beach, looking very tired, enjoying the sea breeze.

Phew I couldn't have been heard, relief spread throughout me. Where was The Fly when you really needed him. 

I couldn't let this happen, what about my Daddies. She said she intended to eliminate all human beings, throughout time.We were in the time consciousness, if something happened here then it happened everywhere at every time, look at what had happened to Tiger. She must be stopped but how on earth could I achieve that all by myself. Now more than ever I needed The Fly to help me. 

Mogsie's words rang in my head;

"For it was the day of the Summer Solstice, many, many years ago, that Purlean's family finally found her again. It was also the day the Coven of 3's magic was activated and the day she had to make a terrible choice, a choice that would affect all black cats through out the world for evermore and cause such debate as to whether black cats are lucky or not. That was the day black cat magic came into being and the seeds of the fall of The Second Great Age of Cats were sown, and watered."

Right think, think what did that all mean?

The Summer Solstice that was the day everything seemed to happen. I had no idea what the date was today, but was pretty sure it wasn't the Summer Solstice, not if they were making camp and had a journey over the sea to complete first and Purlean's family hadn't turned up, so I had a little time. I needed to find out the date, how I had no idea but it was a start, give me some idea of how long I had.

The Coven of 3 had been born but I'd seen no sign that their magic had been activated, not that I'd been with them all the time but I felt confident that was still to happen, I really needed to keep an eye out for anything strange around those 3 little kittens.

I knew I had protection magic but was that the same as black cat magic? Surely if it was The Fly would have called it that, but then again The Fly hadn't always been totally truthful to me. 

I wasn't even sure if we were in The Second Great Age of Cats yet or not, but Mogsie said it was about the beginning of the fall not the creation. Oh how I wished I'd learnt more about cat history, that might of helped, still no point in beating myself up about that now.

What should I do? Oh what should I do?

Then suddenly it struck me. I was in The Time Consciousness, a place where things could be altered. I still had very little understanding or indeed control over my own magic let alone anyone else's so I didn't feel confident in being able to use that effectively but the words of Daddy screamed in my ear. Prevention is better than cure. What if I could prevent Purlean's family from finding her, would that stop any of this happening? I had no idea but it was the only plan I had. Somehow I had to stop that from happening.

Oh Fly where are you?

Thursday, 29 October 2015

She's My Best Friend

There I was watching George on his Foxy and Flash patrol around Catworld, he's amazing at jumping bushes, never noticed that before, when plonk down sit's River right on top of me.
I don't mind of course, she's my best friend but it would have been nice if she hadn't then decided to have a scratch and rub her bottom all over my back.

Still could be worse, she burps right in the Daddies faces and carries on as if nothings happened!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Then I Will Be Unstoppable

I had no idea how long I'd been in the water, after a few minutes I must have passed out, I think I banged my head on a rock or something, I'm not sure, everything was hazy.

"This way, come on." In my dream state I heard a voice, very vague but familiar. My eyes still closed I lay still, trying to feel myself, not sure if it was real or just my imagination playing with me.

"Hurry up!" Another voice, yes that was familiar and I opened my eyes and slowly lifted my head, that was OK, I stretched my legs, yes they were OK too.

I got up flexing my muscles and checking myself over. My fur was wet but apart from that I seemed to be OK.

Looking up I gasped.

To my right was what I presumed to be the river that had taken my hostage, calm and serene once more, diamond light from the now smiling sun, glittered as it met an expanse of ocean, the bluest blue I'd ever seen.

I appeared to be in a bit of a gully, a steep rock face hugged one side of the river and there at the top I could see Bob and Leopold. Yes that's why the voices were familiar.

I thought about running and hiding but if I made any movement I was scared I'd draw attention to myself, so I decided to stay perfectly still and watch what was going on, still no sign of The Fly, my Fly or any other Fly.

"Can't you two slow down?" Ursa rounded a corner and came into sight, a bag slung over her shoulder, three little kitten heads poking out, Purlean at her feet The Darling Darling keeping up the rank.

"It's not much further, I can hear waves." Bob excitely called out, the edge of the forest must have been blocking the sea from their view, although from my position I could see it very clearly.

I put a foot out very slowly, they were beginning to head down a rough step pathway in the rock side down into the gully and heading in roughly my direction, if I stayed here they would surely see me.

No reaction from them, so I put another foot out, still nothing, if I moved very slowly I reckoned I could hide behind a nearby rock without being spotted, from the angle that the steps would take them too, just a little nearer the sea than me.

As slow as slow can be I moved my position, ever nearer they came, Bob happily jumping from one step to another, Leopold occasionally looking back to make sure everyone was OK and following them.

"This is fabulous!" Bob had reached the bottom, taking his boots off he splashed in the rivers edge.

"Perfect to cool the feet." He laughed.

"I bet!" Ursa grumped as she gently lay the bag down and the three little kittens scattered in all direction, tumbling over each other, playing and happy as kittens like to be.

"Stay close children." Purlean called as she bent and took a drink out of the river, "And make sure you don't go near the sea, not unless someone if with you."

They nodded, playing chase in and out of the wood edge.

Ursa moved off towards the sea, not more than 15 meters away and stood staring into the distance while the rest carried on their rest.

"That," she suddenly turned back to them, "that is our destination."

Purlean was now at her feet, rubbing herself around Ursa legs in a figure of 8.

"Where's is that?" She asked, looking up, love shining from her eyes.

"England," she replied, stretching down an arm toward Purlean, who stretched up and received a stroke for her efforts.

"And the hiding place of the Emerald of Mar!" Ursa smiled, "And once I have that," Purlean looked up at her, "Then I will be unstoppable and every single person that has ever crossed me will be made to pay!"

Ursa laughed and threw her head back.

"And how do you intend to do that?" Purlean asked as she jumped up onto her shoulder her eyes flashing green.

"My idea is so simple it's genius" Ursa rubbed her neck on Purleans;

"I shall turn every single cat in the world into a witches familiar who under and awaiting my command, throughout every age and all time, will turn on human kind. I" a toothy grin spread across her face, "intend to eliminate the human race!"

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Trying To Move Himself In

You know what if there's one thing I admire about Chameleon it's his ability not to give up, if there's something he wants he goes for it no mater how much he's told no.

I overheard M yesterday when she popped in to see Daddy, telling him that Chameleon was trying to move himself in, no matter how much she told him that there was no room, she's got enough on with Twizzle, Mogsie and George but there he is again today, sitting on the garage roof biding his time trying to sneak his way in.

Gotta admire someone who never gives up.

I Was Lost

Seeing The Fly drinking suddenly made me realise how thirsty I was.

"Is there anywhere around here we can get a drink?" I asked

The Fly lifted his head from the daisy leaf;

"Yes, sorry I should have thought," he smiled, "there's a little river just a few minutes walk from here, you'll be able to partake there. Follow me."

Off he flew and off I followed. The bush was thick but being a nibble cat traversing the terrain was no problem for me, this was all good practise for me when I got back home, there's so many trees and woods and things like that around where we live and I realised my muscles had responded to all the exercise I'd been having since I came here, strange as I'd come here through connecting with the time consciousness, so I was here and at home both at the same time.

I'd had no idea how long I'd been here, yes for me a lot had happened and I'd slept at least once but I wondered how much time had passed back at home, but I didn't want to think of home too much as I wasn't finished on this tour yet and I feared thinking too much of home would take me straight back there.
The sound of tinkling water was all around me, The Fly wasn't lying we weren't too far from the river at all.

"Here we are!" The Fly proudly exclaimed and there just in front of him was the most beautiful site, a river surrounded by the most beautiful trees, red and pink and yellow blooms all around, a duck happily swimming by. My thirst, now that water was there right in front of me, was almost unbearable and I jumped forward, head straight lapping up the golden water.

I turned towards where The Fly had been, "You not joining me?" It was really was the best water I'd ever tasted but I couldn't see him.

"Fly. FLY!" I called out, suddenly very aware that this was the first time he'd not been there right by my side, panic tangoing the blood through my veins.

"FLY, WHERE ARE YOU FLY?" I turned left and right, nothing, nowhere to be seen.

I thought about turning back, to where we had just come from, then it suddenly struck me that I'd not really being paying any attention to where we were going, The Fly had always led the way. Even if I had been paying attention then I still wouldn't know where I was, I had no grasp of direction, the forest had turned into a wood and then a forest and back into a wood again, I was lost.

Right, I thought to myself, what would Daddy say in such situation? 

Don't panic. Yes that's what he would say at first, don't panic, try to calm down and analyse the situation. Easier said than done.

I was by a river and all rivers lead somewhere, generally to the sea or maybe a lake and where there's water there's bound to be people and maybe if I followed the river I could find some people and ask them for some help.

But should I stay where I was, The Fly knew he'd led me here and if he'd just gone somewhere for a few minutes surely he would come back to this spot to pick me back up?

Oh what a quandary, follow the river to look for help or stay and wait? What would The Wiseman say for he always had good advice?

I looked up into the sky, for the first time since being here the sun wasn't shining, dark clouds had started to form, it looked like it could rain, over in the distance I could see some mountains, the clouds above that were heavy dark, yes it had been raining elsewhere.

Listen, that's what The Wiseman would say, listen to yourself.

I sat and tried to banish the feeling of panic, breathing slowly and steadily, that helps, so that's what I started to do, falling ore and more into a relaxed state, my breathing getting calmer and calmer, the sound of the birds fading and getting quieter, crickets nearby singing to each other played a happy melody then...


"Arkk, ARKK!"

I must have fallen asleep, how long I'd been out of it I had no idea but the sound of a flock of gulls crashing through the nearby tree's brought me back to consciousness.

I looked around, it was now very dark, I looked up, the clouds had blocked out the sun and a chill was in the air.

"Fly, FLY!" I called out, in case he had returned, nothing.

I turned back to call in the other direction just in time to see a huge wall of water less than 5 meters away from me, racing down the river.

Bang, it hit me before I could have time to react, tumbling and knocking me over, water all around, no time to think.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Black Cat Day

Daddy has just come running down stairs, given me a great big hug and said today was a very special day. 

Apparently it's black cat day today, I didn't even know there was such a thing, still I'm not going to be kicking up a fuss, especially as he then deposited a massive handful of Dreamies right at my feet.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Not Yet Anyway!

What an afternoon it's been, George, Mogsie and Chameleon have all been on patrol. 
From what I can gather is Mogsie is watching over the other side of the road, George and Chameleon are taking it in turns to walk back and forth from that side to this. Even though it was suggested that I keep a low profile I just couldn't help myself and have taken it upon myself to double check the back gardens over past the sunshine shed.

Nothing spotted so far, although there is a terrible smell that occasionally drifts over, I think it's fox, but I can't be sure, I've never been really close to a real life fox before. Not yet anyway!

His Calling Card.

George has just popped by with some very reassuring information.
The sun is shining, River's in the garden sunbathing, Daddy is upstairs so I had the whole of the downstairs all to myself, loving having the entire chair all to myself when I heard George calling out to me.

He said they'd been another sighting of Foxy Lectar last night, nodding towards some torn up and messy grass on the front lawn. He said it looked like he'd also been over here, leaving his calling card, the dirty fox.

He informed me that regular patrols had been arranged, I jumped in and said that I wanted to be a part of them but he told me that although it had been discussed it had also been decided that as I'd not come across him personally before that it was probably best if I just make sure River and myself were OK.

I asked if there had been any more Flash sightings but he said no, not as yet. Well that's one thing less to worry about I suppose.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


If there's one thing that I can say that I've truly learnt from River, and I never thought a dog could teach a cat anything of such value. Waiting until one of the Daddies walks by, rolling on your back and looking up at them with the biggest eyes you can. They just can't resist rubbing your belly until it makes you laugh. River, you really are a genius.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Huge Ramifications

Theo has just popped by.

I was sitting waiting in the window, Daddy says nanny is coming over today and I wanted to be the first to see her arrive, I like to tease River sometimes as I know she so loves to be the one to announce when someone has arrived.

Anyway there I was sitting in the window waiting when all of a sudden I heard a "Pst." Coming from C's garden.

Looking down there was Theo.

"I know you said that I shouldn't say anything to anyone about what you told me about the Coven of 3 and all that but I just couldn't hold it in, I told my sister Maisie."

"What!" I wasn't best pleased, what I'd told him could have huge ramifications if it got out and I didn't want to create a sense of panic around here, I just thought he should know, being another witches familiar.

"Why on earth did you do that?" I was more than a little annoyed, I felt betrayed, from one witches familiar to another.

"It's OK she can be trusted, she won't say anything."

"Good." I said, I still wasn't happy but was done was done. "And?"

"And," he began, "She thinks we should try and reform a new coven, a new coven of 3 and try to break the spells."

I was aghast. "You can't meddle in magic, it could cause all sorts of things to happen, look what happened when I did!"

Theo laughed, "But it would be fun don't you think? Just to try, just a little?"

I shook my head as much as I would love to form a new coven of 3 witches familiars, if of course we could persuade Doublay to join in but the thought of trying to break spells scared me, I didn't know enough, I hadn't learnt yet how to master my own magic let alone trying to get inside the spells of others, I wasn't even sure it was possible and I'd been warned from The Fly about what could happen if I did.

However something inside me still wanted to try and undo what I'd done and magic would be the only thing that could do that.

Whoa, What Just Happened?

"Whoa, what just happened?"

I must have ran for about 10 minutes as I was back deep in forest territory but I could hear The Fly following me, his buzz seemed louder than usual as he speed to keep up.

"I told you today you would taste your own magic." The Fly puffed as he sat on a daisy leaf catching his breath.

"But, but I don't know how to do magic!"

The Fly cackled, "You don't know how to do magic? I beg to differ, I think you just did a mighty fine job of showing everyone that you do know how to do magic."

I turned back, looking in the direction of the glade clearing although of course I couldn't see it, I'd run too far and the bush was too thick.

"But what I mean is I didn't mean for that to happen, Purlean and the rest couldn't see me."

"And?" The Fly looked at my quizzically but I wasn't about to say anything to break the silence and him avoid answering my question.

Finally realising that we were going to sit in silence for as long as it took he spoke;

"It's all a myth that magic needs spells and ceremonies and the like. While it's true that it can be called up that way for some, and that includes you," he pointed a wing in my direction,"have the ability to have it happen when it's needed, protection magic, just happening from nowhere," he paused, "As if by magic."

How The Fly laughed at his funny. I wasn't so amused.

"You knew that was going to happen didn't you, you've been here and seen as this before."

The fly, now drinking some water from the daisy leaf nodded.

"Oh yes, AND I know what's coming next but I'm not going to tell you, that would spoil the surprise!"

I was really beginning to think I'd had enough of all these surprises but something else within me was quite pleased, I have protection magic in me."

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Clean Them

Honestly I don't know how River manages to get so much grass and stuff in her ears.

Clean them River, mucky pup!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I Thought I'd Leave Her Be

All day, all day River's been asleep on this chair. She looked so comfy I thought I'd leave her to be, yeah for 12 hours. In the end I had enough and when she jumped off to eat MY dinner I jumped on, I can see why she's been slow to move.

She keeps on looking at me now, wanted back up but I'll pulling a deaf-un, I'm finally here and I'm not moving now, not after all that.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday, 16 October 2015


I slowly opened my eyes, a shiver ran down my body as I stretched out and yawned.

"Good morning." The Fly buzzed around my head.

For the first time since arriving here I'd slept, how long I didn't know I must have fallen asleep and not even realised. Time here was so strange, not like at home, one day ran into another as we viewed Purlean's journey, for them it had been months but we just just jumping in and out of their time stream.

"Sleep well?" The Fly dropped a berry by my foot, I flipped it up straight into my mouth, an unusual mixture, sweet but not like anything I'd tasted before, Daddy didn't feed me anything like this, although I'd seen River eat the odd black and strawberry, I wondered if they tasted this good.

"Yes thanks," I smiled, "sorry I didn't realise I was so tired.

"No worries, I felt tired to so had 40 winks." The Fly winked 40 of his eyes and laughed, I grinned, I was really fond of him now.

"So what are we up to today?"

"I told you yesterday today is the day you try out your magic."


"Ah I can't say that, spoilers!" He laughed again, "Don't try and think it just let it be, you'll know when."

"How's Purlean doing?"

"See for yourself."

I peered through the bushes hiding us, there on the little mound Purlean and Leopold were cleaning their children, Bob and The Darling Darling looking on.

"I can't see Ursa." I looked around.

"No she's gone for a bit of a walkabout in the wood somewhere, food collecting, it's really getting to her that she can't use her own magic here." The Fly buzzed up high in amongst the tree tops.

"No can't see her." He flew back down;

"All the better."

All of a sudden I heard a cry come from Purlean's little camp sight. Without thinking I jumped up, my ears pricked.

"No." I heard Leopold cry out.

"What is it?" The urgency and panic in my voice not lost on The Fly, sitting still on a palm leaf.

"The Darling, Darling, he's chocking."

My eyes must have been the size of my head, I was so shocked.


The Darling, Darling was so like River that I guess I just didn't think and jumped through the bush straight into the clearing.

Bob was running around head in hand, sobbing. Purlean trying to comfort her babies all shaking in fear, Leopold thumping The Darling, Darlings back, The Darling, Darling coughing, his face contorted in fear.

Without thinking I ran straight over and with as much might as I could jumped on his back, knocking both The Darling, Darling and Leopold over. A chestnut flew straight out into the fire's ashes and he gasped again, air once more filling his lungs.

I suddenly panicked. Oh my I'd been warned about being spotted and getting involved in events and without even thinking here I was right in the middle of the campsite, with everyone looking in my direction. I closed my eyes, not regretting what I had done to help The Darling, Darling but scared rigid that I'd exposed myself to everyone.

"What happened?" Purlean called out to Leopold.

"I've no idea, it was like something just hit us both and made us go flying.

"Are you OK?" I slowly opened one eye, Bob was cuddling up to The Darling, Darling who smiled back.

"Yes I'm OK now. Thank you Leopold."

I opened my other eye. The three little babies were now licking The Darling, Darling and Purlean had moved closer and was looking in my direction.

"Hello." I said.

"Hello." Purlean replied.

I stood there very still, not sure what to say next.

"Hello?" Purlean again replied. "Is someone there?"


I turned to face The Fly, who'd moved to a big daisy at the edge of the clearing and shrugged my shoulder.

The Fly mouthed back.

"They can't see you. See I told you, magic!"

I opened my mouth in a gasp and dashed for the bushes as I heard Bob laughing,

"Roast chestnuts, what a fabulous idea, I think I've discovered what to sell at the Summer Fair."

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

An Unexpected Visitor

I've just had an unexpected visitor, Theo.

Daddy had finally finished his work, he's liking sitting in the window seat this week, and moved out to the kitchen to get our dinner ready, tuna. I jumped up to have a look out at the last light of the day, looking down there on my right was Theo looking back up.

"Hello." I mouthed through the window.

"Hi," He smiled back, "I don't think we've been formally introduced, "I'm Theo and I live just a couple of doors down.

"I know, " I smiled, "I'm David-Shiro."

"I heard you wanted to meet me."

"Yes, yes I did," I paused for a moment, not sure how to raise the subject. "The thing is you're like me, a bit special."

"What do you mean?" He looked confused.

"Have you heard the term witches familiar?" The words nearly stuck in my throat, I was nervous somehow of broaching the subject.

"Yes." He nodded, "I have."

"Have you ever been to The Time Consciousness?"

"No." He looked bemused, "What's The Time Consciousness."

"Well, it's a long story, the story of Purlean, the first witches familiar."

And so I began...

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Now I'm confused.

No matter how long I sit here looking at this underwater world and no matter how much River says two fish called Alo and Ha2 live in there I just can't see them and I so want to see them, I SO WANT TO SEE THE FISH!

Us cat's love fish.

Fish! Fish! FISH!

Sunday, 11 October 2015


Daddies back form his mini-break and apparently he's been up all night that's why he's taking up all the room on the sofa, snoring.

Think it's catching, River is doing the same on her new double pillow, double blanket bed on the chair in the window, snoring very, VERY loudly!

Best leave them both to it and enjoy the peace while I can.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Feng Shui

Daddy has been working away today, bless him. Paint brushes, wood and drills, it's been a hive of activity.

I thought it was for my benefit, moving fish world to a lower position but apparently not, it's all because of this Feng Shui obsession he's got. Perfect place he says, yeah I tend to agree but for my own reasons!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Catworld Needs To Be On High Alert

"David. DAVID!"

I jumped up in the window, that's where the voice was coming from and there was George sitting looking up.

"Hello, George, how are you? I'm glad you've dropped by I've been wanting to speak to you."

George shifted from side to side, I could see he looked anxious.

"I'm doing fine thanks, hope you're OK I've come to warn you."

My ears pricked up.

"Warn me?"

"Yes," George began, "Warn you of a terrible danger that's been seen lurking around."

"Danger!" My heart started pounding again.

"Yes, there's been a sighting the past couple of nights of an old enemy of Catworld lurking around. A fox, a very dangerous creature, not to be trusted."

I interrupted, "I thought for a moment you was going to say it was something to do with that strange cat I've seen lurking around."

George suddenly sat up. "What does this cat look like?"

"Black and white, quiet large from what I can gather, I couldn't see him too well, just his head poking over the fence the other day. I've been keeping a look out for him since but I've not spotted him."

George looked deep in thought. 
"Anything else about this cat that you remember, I know most cats around here."

I thought for a moment trying to remember anything else distinctive about him.

"Yes his eyes glowed neon."

George's face looked very concerned.

"This is even more worrying than I thought, did he have a white streak across his nose?"

"YES, yes." I nodded.

"Oh no, having Foxy Lectar back on the scene was one thing but to have his old pall back again as well as the same time, cannot be a coincidence. Do not and I repeat, do not approach either of them. They are both old adversaries of Catworld, they're bad on their own but together well that can only mean one thing."

"What's that?" I was feeling very worried, George's tone was not one I was used to.

"They are working together again and Catworld needs to be on high alert!"

Thursday, 8 October 2015


You know what, you shouldn't be deceived by River's cute looks and little puppy dog eyes, she's such a clever dog.
She's worked out that if she goes to the back of the garden and barks, one of the Daddies will come to the back door, open it and offer her treats to come in and be quiet. 

All I have to do is hide in the tree waiting for the right time, give her the nod and off we run, I get a handful of Dreamies for helping Daddy get her in by getting her to chase me, a win win all around.

Genius dog, just genius!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


There I was having a lovely little sit on Daddies lap, a bit lost in my own thoughts, it's been one of those days, when all of a sudden right in my face;



Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Stray Hairs

Although I might not mind the rain too much it seems every other cats around here hates it. All day I've been upstairs looking out the front window and then the back windows to see if I could spot that cat from this morning or George or Mogsie who might be able to shed some light on who he is but not a single sighting.

I could smell dinner cooking so came downstairs, Daddy was out in the kitchen with River doing food preparation things so for the moment I had the living room all to myself and that's when I spotted it, some pancake things that Daddy was half way through eating.

I tried a bit, didn't like the pancake thing but the maple syrup on it, well that was a different story, lovely. I just hope I haven't left any stray hairs on it.

It's Barely Dawn & I'm Terrified

It's barely dawn and I'm terrified.

Daddy was up and in the bath and River was asleep on the bed so I was having a little look out of the window, watching for a break in the rain, although to be honest I seem to be getting used to it and it's not as bothersome to me as it is to most cats.
Then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention, could my eyes be deceiving me? No they weren't there just in sight, hiding behind the back fence a head and two eyes staring right back at me.

I didn't know this cat, who was he?

I waved a welcoming wave and then all of a sudden the most hideous thing happened. His eyes flashed green, an evil green before he ducked back down and out of sight.

Thank goodness River was around, I jumped down and cuddled up with her on the bed waiting for Daddy to come in, this is terrifying. What is he?

Monday, 5 October 2015

Curiosity Got The Better Of Me

Oh my goodness. Daddy was sitting at his computer laughing his head off. Well curiosity got the better of me and I crept up behind him to see was he was finding so amusing.

THIS, a picture of Olive the cat who lives with Daddies friend dressed up as some sort of french maid/country girl, she doesn't look too happy, maybe they didn't have the right colour in stock.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Peace & Quiet

Peace & quiet, that's what this morning has been. Everyone's laying in, sleeping, they were up late last night watching some rubbish on the TV and now they've missed all the sun. I can hear them stirring a bit now, Daddy is in the bath and everyone else is still in bed but I reckon I've still got a bit of time before they come down and the noise begins.

Still, their loss my gain, the sofa all to myself, I'll enjoy the serenity while I still can. Ah the life of a cat, bliss.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Now It's Mine!

Oh my goodness me, I've slept away most of the day upstairs laying in the sun and missed most of River's birthday. She's 3 today and from what she told me she's been a very busy girl.

The best thing about either of our birthdays is we both get to join in on the treat and food overloads. tonight as much steak and Dreamies as I can eat and after River pinching most of my food this week I;m going to make sure I fill up...

...and then sleep it off before I give River my present, a chase all around the house for as long as she wants. They've had their time now it's mine!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Blessed With Magic - Tomorrow Everything Changes

"Anyway," The Fly buzzed up, bushes all around us rustling with the movements of The Fly on previous and future tours, "let's give them some privacy."

The Fly's started moving off in all directions, his respective clients following, although I couldn't see them of course, we were all very careful of that.

"Ah but can't we just stay and watch them for another few minutes?" I begged, a cheeky smile forming at the end of one side of my mouth.

"No come on, you've got to rest up too you've got a big day ahead tomorrow!"


*Huh? What do you mean I've got a big day tomorrow?"

"Oh tomorrow," He paused mid air as he spoke, "That's the day your own magic becomes activated."

"My own magic?" What the...

"Yes, YOUR OWN MAGIC. Goodness me, how many times do you have to be told, you are a witches familiar and all witches familiars come preloaded with magic. It's been there all along but you don't really believe it although you see it all around in others and believe without doubt,  tomorrow however you will believe that you are blessed with magic and that is all magic takes to work, belief. For you, tomorrow everything changes!"