Saturday 28 February 2015

A Lot To Think About

The past few day's have given me a lot to think about. Things are going around and around and I just can't switch off as much as I try I thought to settle my mind a cuddle with River would help. I just couldn't drop off though, I need to switch off.

After a while we got too hot and River moved to join daddy on the duvet on the sofa, everyone's having a sleepy day today apart from me.

I wasn't tired but a bit of exercise I thought would help and spent a happy hour playing with the toggle from daddies top.

While River watched.

The duvet began to look mighty comfy and I settled down in the corner and finally managed to drop off.

And when I woke it was night time, softly lit it wasn't too much of a rude awakening.

No that came courtesy of River and her enquiring mind!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday 26 February 2015

The Witches Familiar

Once upon a time a long time ago there was a cat, a cat called Purlean, her coat as white as snow itself. Purlean lived in a wood, I know not where exactly, the location has been lost through time but somewhere in Europe, the eastern part I believe, maybe Romania, it doesn't really matter.

Purlean was one of the younger kittens in the family, there were 11 of them in total, part of the reason the number 11 in so important to us cats but I'll get to that later on.

Purlean and her brother and sisters had complete freedom in that wood to come and go as they pleased, all animals back then got on, there was none of this fighting business that goes on now, although it's great to see that cats and dogs have begun to work together again, that was a hard battle to crack, so anyway the animals of the wood felt safe wherever they went.

The problem wasn't the animals though, the problem was the humans. A growing number of them had begun to live in the woods, hiding from their own troubles, battles had broken out in the world and man was against man, woman was against woman, child against child, it was a horrible situation and some had chosen to escape the troubles. The trouble was the didn't realise that you can't escape by running, the only real escape is by facing the fear and squashing it or it will follow you around which it did with that group of villagers.

When the humans first arrived word spread quick throughout the wood. The advantage of a wood is it was teaming with life and it didn't take long for the birds to tell the squirrels and the squirrels to pass it on to the mice and the mice to spread the word until it got back to Purlean and her family.

Humans had never been in the wood before and everyone was curious and although they were not scared, they didn't know fear back then, they approached with a sort of bemused caution, watching and gossipping excitedly among themselves.

No one really ventured too far in, the woods were very dense. The odd tree was felled but nothing to cause alarm and in time the animals got used to the humans existence and carried on as before not taking too much notice of what was going on. If they had they would have seen that things were not happy in the village.

Word had spread throughout Europe of mystery and magic, of curses and of spells and of witches. The very word brought terror to the faces of little children and adults alike and as often happens terror turned to panic, panic turned to lunacy and a witch hunt began, this one spreading faster than the wind. It wasn't long before it arrived at the village at the edge of the wood and anyone who was a little unusual or who spent too much time alone in nature was targeted.

These people who had gone there to escape the horrors of battles were now turning against each other, they'd run but they couldn't hide from the curse of mankind, intolerance!

Unfortunately there was a little old lady who liked collecting flowers and berries and the like from the edge of the wood, an innocent pass time, these day's we'd call it holistic therapy back then it was the sure sign of a practising witch and a trial was held.

I say a trial, kangaroo court more like, she found guilty of the practice of Witchcraft and sentenced to abandonment in the wood. A party of the men from the village, lets call them a vigilante group, took hold of her and cutting their was through the dense trees they walked a clear half day into the wood and tied her up to a tree, leaving her there to die.

This little old lady had an iron will and knew she had been wrongly accused and fought and fought until she had nar a breath left in her, that's when one of the squirrels came across her and word once more spread all the way back to Purlean and the cats.

No human had ever entered the wood before and Purlean being perhaps the most curious of them all located the squirrel who had first found her and got directions from him. It couldn't be right to go and tie someone up and leave then in the middle of the wood with no food or water and so she went to help.

Unfortunately by the time she got there the little old lady was too weak to be saved and Purlean, never experiencing the prospect of death before, started to cry and cry. Her wails rang throughout the wood and soon everyone came running to see what had caused such upset and falore.

There in the midst of a full moon night they found Purlean sitting next to the old lady crying her heart out.

One of the crows jumped down to speak to her, to try and comfort their friend, they'd never seen anyone be upset before there was no need, the wood until that night had been a happy place full of joy and laughter and love, it had never seen a tear before.

That was the last night it was ever to be like that though, for a rare combination of things were happening, that night was a special night, it was indeed a mystical night, a night of magic. Think about it, a combination of a wood, a full moon, a witch hunt and unjust death and the first ever tear of a cat falling on the body of a poor little old lady and magic came to the wood.

Almost as soon as the tear fell from Purlean onto the lap of the old lady she took another breath and opened her eyes. Gasps from the squirrels and mice and birds caused Purlean to stare at the old lady even harder. Yes it was true Purlean wasn't imagining it both of the old ladies eyes were open. She stood up, the ropes falling to the ground.

Purlean turned and looked at her friends, she could hardly believe what she was seeing.

Her friends were not just staring at the little old lady though, they were also staring at her. She couldn't understand why and when she asked them what they were looking at no one would reply.

She got more and more frustrated, an emotion she'd never felt before and called out to them to answer her. Still no one would reply, then one of her brothers ran quickly followed by the others, birds and mice and toads and butterflies all ran away leaving Purlean standing on her own.

The little old lady was now hoovering above the ground, laughing her head backwards. Purlean felt scared, another new emotion, indeed a night of revelations to little Purlean.

Why? She wanted to know did they all run off away from her. She ran after them, all the way back home where she found them huddled together crying themselves. Tears has spread throughout the wood, a river flowing freely.

"Why, why did you run from me?" She begged.

Flogo one of her sisters stood up, "Who are you, what have you done to our sister?"

"What do you mean? It's me, I'm your sister?"

Purlean was more confused than ever and ran outside, hurt rippling through her fur. After a few minutes she walked over to the water barrel to get a drink, replenish some of the liquid she had lost that's when she understood.

As she bent to take a sip a totally different face looked back, the structure was the same, the same high cheekbones, the same sparking eyes but no longer was she as white as snow. She flicked her tail to take a look at. Yes the same as her face, black, totally black, she had changed colour form snow white to jet black.

She ran and ran and ran somehow finding herself back with the little old woman, still laughing hysterically, twirling herself through the trees with glee.

"They think I'm a witch, they think I'm a witch. Well I'll show them what a witch can really do. Coming?" She asked Purlean. "I could do with the company and it seems like you could to." She crackled manically again.

George stretched out his leg, too long sitting in the same position.

"That was the last time that anyone saw Purlean. A snail who hadn't managed to run too far witnessed the whole affair. There was occasional tale of Purlean, the Witches Familiar over the years but no one ever saw her alive again."

"But why does that make me a Witches Familiar?" I stood up and stretched myself, back ache.

George smiled. " Before that night there were no black cats, not one, anywhere in the world. Every black cat is a descendant of Purlean, how and when she had kittens, who knows, it's not a tale I've ever heard but I've heard rumours out there of her new life. Every black cat is a Witches Familiar with just a little bit of magic in them somewhere waiting to be activated. Some say they are lucky, some say unlucky, it's up to you to find out which one you are"

Wow, it was a lot to take in, I had a little bit of magic in me, waiting to be activated!

"How do I activate it, my magic I mean?" I was so looking forward to the answer.

George shrugged "No idea, I'm a black and white cat, we don't have it and I've never heard how."

I was more than a little disappointed but mind you even if I didn't know what to do with it I had it anyway. Then suddenly something occurred to me, something George had said earlier.

"Why is the number 11 so important to us cats?"

George smiled, "Oh that, yes that I know and I'm surprised your parents didn't tell you, it's one of the first secrets us cats are let into. The number 11, it's lucky for us cats! There were 11 brothers and sisters in Purleans group, they spent years trying to find her you know, when they realised she was still their sister, remorse was also born that night in that wood magic has a price, a high price! No but it's not just that the number 11 is sprinkled throughout cat history like a signpost, a synchronicity, a time to take note and listen.

If you come across the number 11 thank your lucky stars and accept the little kiss from the universe."

I stood up and stretched, stretched as far as I could, just to get a little bit closer to that kiss, I had a lot to take in!

Tuesday 24 February 2015

I Was Definitely Curious Now

"Hang on a second." I turned and faced Greego.

"Stop ushering me out, I haven't said i would do it yet and besides you've not told me what forest?"

Greego jumped from one foot to the other and sat back down, legs crossed.

"You choose."

"You choose what?" I was confused

"You choose which forest."

This was madness.

"So not only do you want me to go searching for something that you don't know what, you want me to go searching for it in a forest of my choosing? how on earth could I find anything with such instructions?"

"That's right." Greego looked rather pleased with himself.

"Run along now." Using his hands he tried to rush me out.

"How are you so sure I'll go." I had a point.

"Because you are curious, that's why."

He wasn't wrong there.

"Why me, why must I go." He was right I was curious but I was also heading George's words.

"Oh dear me, this is getting rather tiresome. Because my little friend, you are a black cat and this task can only be completed by black cats! Now run along." He got up kicked a bit of fluff from in front of him and stood hands on hips staring at me.

"What are you waiting for?"

If I wasn't curious before, and I was, I was definitely curious now. "Why can only black cats complete this task?"

"Oh come on. " He smiled at me testing out if I knew when it dawned on him I had no idea he grinned and rubbed his chin.

"You really don't know do you?"

"Know what?" I was more perplexed than ever.

"You are a black cat, a witches familiar, you have special powers little one has no one ever told you that? Oh no I guess not I can see it in your face. Only a witches familiar can solved such a puzzle that's why I've been waiting for one to come along, that other cat that lived here, she was a clever one indeed but unfortunately she just wasn't," he cleared his throat, "equipped!"

George looked at me, a drip falling from his weepy eye.

"You'd best sit down David, I think I have a few things I need to speak to you about, a tale to tell."

I was so excited, I could feel the blood running through my legs, "A tale to tell?" I couldn't wait

"Yes, a tale handed down generation upon generation, The Tale of The Witches Familiar!"

Monday 23 February 2015

Into The Secret Room

I don't know why I was surprised, after all the motivation behind breaking into the secret room was to find out if that voice I heard before really was Greego A Pixie! or just a figment of a clouded mind but somehow I still did once he squealed at me.

The voice was different from before yet somehow it was the same, a lot more sing songy but the tone remained.

"Yep it's me, I told you I'm Greego The Pixie! And with that he stamped his left foot and punched the sky with his right before falling back into his sitting position.

I turned to George

"I remembered what you told me about Pixies, some being tricksters and so was on my guard but I stepped further into the room, act like a cat and stand up tall."

George nodded in agreement, good I'd done the right thing then.

"Who's your mates?" I wanted to manage this situation as much as possible and if he was a trickster I wanted to stay firmly on my toes.

"Bob and The Little red Dragon, mind no notice."

I wasn't about to allow his to direct where this was going, not until I'd learnt a little more about him, about how he acted in situations.

"Why's he lying down?" Watch his face, see if I can pick up on something, body language, body language.

Greego's head wobbled as he glanced back at Bob.

"Bob isn't lying down, he's fallen down and I can't be bothered to pick him up, he's non stop talk, talk, talk, the only way I can keep him quiet is to leave him flat out. I think you've got this twisted my little friend, I ask the questions. Ta Dah Booooooom Ripper."


George sat forward slightly resting on his side,

"He was giving nothing away but maybe this is what Pixie's are like, I'd never met one before."

"Go on." 

"OK." I smiled, I quiet liked telling him all about my big adventure.

Sitting back but with a pounce stored at my disposal if it be needed I nodded at Greego.

"Now as I said before I've been waiting for you ages and now because you decided to run away, ages and 21 days!"

He certainly didn't waste any time getting right to the point as he gave me a stare, his eyebrows raising sharply upwards, the irritation showing.

"I've got something I need you to do for me."

OK, got that right, he certainly didn't waste anytime in getting to the point.

"What is it?"

"Tush, tush, " he waved my words away, "I need you to go to the forest and get me my thing back."

What! What? What!

I stood up, my legs needed a stretch.

"What thing?" I had no intention of agreeing to this rubbish but I was curios as to what was in the forest, whatever a forest was."

"I have no idea." He said gleefully, a smile from ear to ear. "That's part of the fun and I need you to get it back for me, go on go, go now, hurry, run-along, now!"

"No, what is this gobbledygook? Gobbledygook!" I shook my head.

"Ummm" Greego smiled. "Now listen, if you go and get my thing back from the forest then you shall be rewarded with a present, a gift."

That got my interest.

"What sort of gift?" I liked the ones I'd got at Christmas, the rainbow monkey was fabulous.

Greego spun 360 one footed and pointed direct into my face with his long twiggy finger.

"Knowledge! I'll give you the gift of knowledge!"

That surprised me, I wasn't expecting that, knowledge about what?


Greego picked out a pocket watch, checked the time before pocking a finger at the dial and flicked it backwards. His pocket watch tinged.

"Yep that's what I said."

I was still watching his closely, trying my hardest to pick up the clues his body language might give away, I needed to be away of the trickster traits.

"I'll give you knowledge, now go on, shew, there's no time to waste, go and find my thing in the forest and then come back here with it. GO ON NO TIME TO WASTE!"

Sunday 22 February 2015

A Trusted Secret Shared Is A Secret Double Cared!

"I did it, I got into the secret room!" I shouted at George through the window this afternoon. 

I'd been waiting up in the front window for him to come by, I didn't know he was going to but I was hoping, I wanted to tell him all about it. A trusted secret shared is a secret double cared!

"OK," he said settling down on the pathway a serious face with a quizzical smile on his face, "Talk to me!"

"Well," I sat firmly down on the window ledge, George licked his paw.

"Well, the daddies went out yesterday and took River with them. I had the place to myself, perfect opportunity to break in to the secret room, I've been practising my jumping all week."

George nodded in agreement. "Smart move." 

I nodded back, we were in agreement!

"It took a couple of attempts." The excitement was coming through in my voice, I was telling a tale.

"Try, try, try again." We nodded in unison.

"But I made it, slam dunk on the top of the door handle, clung on tight, jigged a bit and down it came and I held on as the door swung open, when it opened enough for me to see the light coming through I dropped down and added a nudge to the door and bingo I was in!!" 

My smile demonstrated my happiness.

"In I went, no one home, all to myself and then before I'd hardly got all four paws in."


"I instantly recognised the voice and looked up."

"Yes." Eyes raised upwards;

"I'm real not a voice in your head, although I bet you questioned it. Most do tra la." 

Greego The Pixie smiled down at me.

"What took you so long?"

Saturday 21 February 2015

I Had It Sussed!

It's Saturday morning and everyone is up and about very early. 
River is in an especially playful mood and no matter where I run to try and get some time to digest my breakfast she keeps on chasing me. I thought I'd had it sussed when I jumped up on the little table with the curly lamp, only room for one ha ha us cats are clever creatures, when she tried to step up on it with me. 

I could see a table topping tragedy about to occur but just at that point she spotted Daddy putting on his shoes and she ran over to him, jumped on his lap and staged a sit in protest at not being able to go out with him.
Ah, shoes on, that can mean only one thing, he's off out and even though I heard him saw my other Daddy was going to stay in it means there's one less person around to disturb me. I've decided, today is the day I'm going to get into the secret room!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday 19 February 2015

What Really Happened

Well this TV business is fantastic, I've really been getting into it tonight, one of the Daddies favourite shows is on and they are getting themselves all excited. The plot as I can make out is that someone killed someone a while ago and tonight we get to find out who, also someone else let someone else die and then turned themselves into the police AND THEN someone who died a long time ago came back from the other side, *rings a bell, shakes head to clear it* and then someone else might have killed someone else in the pub and a baby was born in the toilets. A pretty violent place this Walford, not sure it's my kind of place but it's all very intriguing.

Rivers taking an interest too, must be something in it for her she usually sleeps through the evening.

Oh come on I want to know what REALLY happened, Daddy is convinced things aren't as they seem.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Now I've Discovered

Now I've discovered TV I'm hooked, it's amazing. Daddy says I'll get square eyes, madness, just madness of course I won't!

Wednesday 18 February 2015

To Be Avoided At All Costs

I've just had a very interesting conversation with George and it's given me lots to think about.

I was having a sleep on the chair in the window when I heard a soft calling of my name. I thought it I may have been dreaming and ignored it for a while but when it got to the third time I realised someone really was calling my name and got up and there sat right by the front step was George.

I was really happy to see him, he's not been over for a few weeks and I was beginning to think maybe somehow I'd upset him but he said he had just been busy and that there was nothing for me to be concerned about.

I was so excited to have another cat to talk to that I told him everything that had been going on with my attempts to get into the secret room and how I'd been wanting his help to get the rope before I decided the best way was to open the door with my amazing jumping skills.

He laughed and said of course he would have helped me if I needed his help but why was I so interested in getting into the secret room and I told him all about Greego The Pixie!

It was at this point that I saw the fur on the back of his neck stand up and he shifted his weigh slightly from one side of h is body to the other.
I asked him if everything was OK and for a moment or two he didn't answer then he did;
"Be careful of Pixie's my little friend, some can be very friendly and helpful and some I'm afraid can be tricksters and to be avoided at all costs!"

A shiver went down my back;

"How do you know which ones are good and which ones aren't?" I didn't want to be opening a hornets nest if I didn't have to.

"That's the thing, you don't know not until the end of whatever it is they are doing has been done, they can be the best helpers or the worst troublemakers. Be careful and be very, very aware, they can create magic!"
"Oh this has put me in a dilemma." I began "I don't know what to do now."

George looked at me with a very serious face on him. 
"It doesn't matter now little one what will be will be, as soon as a Pixie speaks to you you're in the game, whatever game it is they are playing! The minute he called to you BANG you;re in it. You can run, you can hide but you can't escape"

"Oh no," this was terrifying, "Is there nothing I can do?"

George stood and stretched his back leg. 

"Oh yes, the game may have begun but the outcome well that's not decided yet. If he's a good Pixie then simply going with the flow will bring a positive outcome if he's a bad Pixie then out play him and you can still win, your not helpless in this at all, you just need to be very aware and very clever."

Living around here I'm learning that very fast.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Chair In The Window

What a beautiful day it's been today, the sun's been shining through the window warming up the house and making me feel snoozy. Daddy says it's the first time in ages that he's not had to have the heating on through the day it's been so warm. Spring he said is on it's way. If it's like this I can't wait, nothing better than a sunny induced sleep on my favourite spot, the chair in the window, it's inbuilt into us cats, out comes the sun, down goes our heads.

Although why River is so sleepy today, I have no idea!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Sunday 15 February 2015


He's there, he's back again, that cat staring again into the back garden. I was asleep and then all of a sudden I heard River barking her little head off in the garden. 
I jumped up off my place on the bed to see what on earth was causing her such upset and there at the back of the garden she was reeving up, digging up the grass as that cat sat on the shed staring and giving her evils.

River won the stand-off though, she may be little but she's got a big voice and there's only so much any one cat can take before your ear drums start to hurt. 

I must find a way out into the garden, he obviously wants something.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Curious And Curiouser!

I was just having a little play around with a bit of fluff on the window ledge when I heard a beep,beep outside. I looked up and saw the Daddymummy getting out of her car.
Well I was off, I know what's coming, madness from River, she does get herself all excited and I'm apt to be knocked over in the frenzy so I ran upstairs, to keep out of the way until things calm down, should be in about 2 hours then.

So anyway there I was up in the bedroom, having a little look out  of the window and there at the back of the garden was that little black cat who I saw yesterday, back up on the shed roof looking into the garden.

He couldn't see me watching him and so I just sat there to see what he was up to. He appeared to be scanning the garden, looking for what I have no idea but he looked like he was making a mental note of the layout as his eyes scanned everywhere.

After about 10 minutes he got up and walked across the back wall past the Swinging Heart of love and into the tree.

Curious and curiouser. I'll be keeping a watchful eye out for this character!

Saturday 14 February 2015

Cats Eyes

I've been waiting to see if the Daddies would be going out today so I can pop upstairs on my own and open the door to the secret room but no luck so far.

I thought it was going to happen earlier when Daddy went out, but my other Daddy stayed home reading on the sofa. 

I thought it was going to happen again when one of my Daddies went upstairs and the other went out to the car. Here we go I thought, but no I heard the bath being run and then Daddy then popped around next door to get one of the gnomes who had dived bombed off the wall into C's garden.

I went out the back to watch him put the gnome back in his home on the wall at the back that's when I spotted a cat at the back of the garden just staring at me.

I waved at him and I know he saw me but he didn't give any reaction back he just sat there staring at me occasionally blinking. To be honest it quiet freaked me out, all that staring without expression, enough to make your cats eyes go dry.

A Special Day

River was in a bit of a frenzy this morning and I had no idea why until she explained.
I came downstairs with Daddy when he got up, he likes to come down early to feed me, I let him know when it's time by jumping all over him, just in case he forgets. Anyway there I was having my crunchies ignoring what was going on in the room until I heard River come running down, it's usually time for a chase, no matter that I don't usually have time to digest my food but today was different she ran straight up to Daddy and sat on his lap.

i finished my breakfast and took a leisurely stroll up to where everyone was sitting, had a little clean and then started to settle myself to have a list rest, a full stomach often makes me feel sleepy, even when I've just got up. I was just laying down when River jumped off Daddies lap and came and gave me a great big kiss and cuddle.

This isn't unusual but she said that today was a special day, it was a day called Valentines Day and everyone you meet you must give a kiss and a cuddle and a smile too.
She then jumped up on the window ledge to give out her love to anyone that walked by.

OK, I quiet like that idea giving my love out to the world I think I'll join her, although I think it would be great if every day we did that anyway. 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday 13 February 2015

And Then It Suddenly Hit Me

Today has been a day of amazing discoveries.

First of all I've discovered the joy of playing with a toilet roll. Now this is one of River's favourite pass times, when Daddy lets her have one. I've always watched in a slightly confused state whenever she's been playing around with one, never quiet getting why it seems to whip her up into a cloud of delight but then today happened.

I was watching Daddy paint the wall, trying to keep out of the way but also keep an eye on what he was doing, when all of a sudden I spotted one under the sideboard, River must have forgotten she left it there. I went over and tapped it and got some sort of insane pleasure from watching it move with my will.

I tapped it again and I was hooked, this way, that way, up on the beanbag with one swipe, ricochet off the back of the sofa, I was hooked.

More and more frenzied I got, River watching, eyes blinking from her position, the chair in the window.

After about 10 minutes I was feeling pretty tired out and just lay next to it, feeling rather pleased with myself when all of a sudden I looked up and saw the sideboard door handle and contemplated reaching up and knocking it and then it suddenly hit me. 

All this time I've been making complicated plans involving George and River and knocked over treats all to get a piece of rope to open the secret room door when I had the answer all along. Daddy is always trying to stop me from climbing the blinds, I'm good at it, I can stretch and knock things with the grace of a ballet dancer, I don't need some complicated plan, I trust need to trust myself, wait for no one to be around and jump up and open the secret room door myself.

I hope they all go out tomorrow! 

Thursday 12 February 2015

Look Up, Just Look Up!

George! GEORGE!
He's over there, I'm sure it's him I can see in the bushes playing around.

Oi George, I need your help GEORGE.

Oh this is so frustrating, look up, just look up!


Fabulous, just fabulous. Daddy has just put a film on the TV about a woman, who's a CAT! He said to keep me quiet and stop me from trying to climb the blinds. Genius, I'm hooked!

Wednesday 11 February 2015

The Most Amazing Experience

Oh my goodness. I've just had the most amazing experience. Salmon! A whole piece of fresh salmon all to myself. Swoon.

And the best bit, River. She had some bits left all over her face so I got to have afters of salmon to!

Right I'm off to see if there's any more left, Daddy had some if I'm clever and quick I'll be able to nab some off his plate!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

I Just Need To Make Sure He's Not Looking

That blind is not out of my reach. Daddy may well have raised it but I'm sure if I jump I'll be able to reach it and then...I can swing on it to my hearts content. I just need to make sure he's not looking and then...!

Tuesday 10 February 2015

...And I'm Off

Is there no where I can hide? River's been chasing me around most of the afternoon and evening, it was fun and I did join in but there comes a point when you just need some quiet time. I thought I would get it hiding under the sofa but she seems to have sniffed me out.

Hello River, sorry I didn't see you there. Shall we have a little lay down together?

Oh no she's wagging her tail, I know what's coming next...

...and I'm off!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Monday 9 February 2015


I've been sitting in the window with River for ages trying to get George's attention but to no avail. I even tried to get River to bark so he would look over this way but that's failing too she's in such a relaxed mood today.

In the end out of sheer frustration I jumped up to make myself as big as possible and called out in my loudest voice, which to be fair isn't that loud.

Still nothing. I'm beginning to feel invisible!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Sunday 8 February 2015

The Next Step

I saw him across the street, George that is, and suddenly it all made sense, I needed help and George was the one who was old and smart enough to be able to give that!

I've been waiting this past few days for my chance to get into the cupboard by the back door and get that piece of rope but I've not had much success.

I've tried to get River all excitable so I can cause a distraction and just nip in and grab it when Daddies back is turned but no matter what I do she's just too excited about her impending treat and knows she has to sit still to get it, they've trained her well.

River's used to me so I can't whip her up into a frenzy and knock the treat box over. However if at the right moment George was to pop his head through the back door flap then that, yes that would be enough to get her going and forget her manners, I've seen the way she gets all worked up when he walks by the window, it's a sure fire thing, there's no way she wouldn't react. 

I just need to get George's attention now, the windows open and I've been calling out to him but I've still not found my voice yet, not a strong one that means I can be heard from across the other side of the road. The more I plan, the more things feel like they are falling into place. The next step, getting George's co-operation, he's my friend so I'm sure he'll be up for it, us cats are loyal creatures.

Hurry Up

No stop it River, move I'm trying to get out. Phew hurry up, move I'm getting myself all hot and bothered.


Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday 6 February 2015

The Second Part Of My Plan

I'm not sure what's going on because Daddy has come home early and they are both buzzing around the house, tidying up and ironing clothes and things. I think they must be going out, it's very rare that they do that together so I was a little surprised at all this action, it has however got River all intrigued and she's following them around like a little lost puppy, pardon the pun, and it's left me with some alone time to think.

Think about how I can get into the cupboard by the back door as I've spied a nice bit of rope in there, just the other side of River's treats, that I can use to latch around the secret rooms door knob and pull the door open, creep inside and get to see if Greego The Pixie is real or just a figment of my imagination.

So I have the second part of my plan worked out, I did that yesterday, I'm now musing on the first part, getting the rope.

The sun must be lucky for me as all of a sudden just as a beam shone through the window and warmed the back of my neck bingo! I had it.

The answer was staring me there in my face all along, River's treats. When Daddy opens the door to get River a treat I somehow need to either creep in there unnoticed, pretty unlikely, or get River all excited that she knocks them all over the floor. Daddy will then rush around clearing them up before she eats them all and in this confusion I can quick swipe my paws in there, grab it and take it upstairs and await the right time to make my spectacular break-in.

The more I think about it the more this plan strikes me as a winner, there' no way it can fail! Right I just need to hang around by the backdoor the next time River goes out into the back garden, they always have to use the promise of a treat to get her back in, she won't come otherwise!

That's The Way We Do It!

I was just having the loveliest dream when all of a sudden I got all this sniff, sniff, business from River. I know what to expect when this starts it means she's decided it's time to play.

Oh well I might as well give up trying to sleep, they'll be no rest until I do.

Right so now let me clear my head of Mr Sandman. So River's now jumping up and down and revving her back leg. Yes was expected that, a little pretend snap to my ear to indicate she wants me to jump and hang on her neck and then she can throw me over her back.

Yes thought so, because that's the way we do it!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side