Saturday 24 June 2023

It’s Daddies Birthday

 It’s daddies birthday today. I gave him a full head rub when we got up.

But then everyone went out and then came back. I’m a cat so pretty self sufficient.

I’m just chilling in the window bliss!

Outsides not too bad either!

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Why On Earth Did It Take Me So Long To Understand

 I’m so glad that I’ve discovered that if I just lay next to daddy on the ledge, in the sun, that I can stay with him all day.

Why on earth did it take me so long to understand.

Thursday 8 June 2023

I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Know This Before!

 I finally get it.

I can stay in the office with daddy and river…

If I just stay still and have a sleep, which is easy with the sun being so lovely through the window.

I can’t believe I didn’t know this before!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side 

Sunday 4 June 2023

Just Spreading The Love Around

 The sun always just puts me in a good mood.

Just spread ingredients the love around River, just spreading the love around!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side