Friday 31 May 2013

We Ran Together

We've just had a little chat River and I. I was coming downstairs and she must have heard me as she bounded into sight, tail wagging as per. Instead of lashing out or running back upstairs I thought you know what I think I'll give her a break and just stay where I was and so I did.

She really is a curious little thing and I know she means no harm all waggly tail and floppy hair, exuberant energy and bright eyes. I just sat there looking at her as she danced around on the spot in that funny little circle dancey thing she does when she's all excited, not an ounce of harm in her and I remembered. 

I remembered what it used to be like to look at the world in wonder before life happened full of changes and disappointments, ups and downs, losses and births and exhaustion. It was a marvellous time and it must be fantastic to have all that ahead of you, she's such a sunny disposition that I guess she'll manage to keep hold of that too whereas I think mine's going. I'm feeling old and sluggish and plain tired out. Don't get me wrong I'm not feeling all sorry for myself I'm just different to how I was and when your faced on a daily basis with something so young and fresh it reminds you of what once was so I sat there and talked to her for a while. 

She didn't say anything, I'm not sure if her grasp of cat is that good yet but she's learning and seemed happy for us to spend some time together. I then heard daddy serving up dinner and so did River and off we both ran but you know what this time I wasn't chased, we ran together.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

He Just Can't Help Himself

He just can't help himself that Mogsie, as soon as Twizzle comes out for a nice stroll in the evening sun with R he's there keeping a loving watchful eye over her in case that Spit appears. Oh why couldn't thing's have worked out for us?

Is He Trying To Divide To Conquer?

George and spit have now had a face-off, George did not back down, Spit did. 

Now I know George and Mogsie can be quiet evenly matched when it comes to fights, their fights around here are quiet legendary but what I can't get my head around is why Spit backed down from taking George on but he tried it with Mogsie, that's confused me.

Is there some deeper reasoning behind this that he doesn't think he could win with George but he thought he could with Mogsie? Is it although he put a good face on it after his fight with Mogsie that really it was bravado? Or is it something entirely different like he wants this back down to get around so that it puts George in a higher social standing position than Mogsie? Is he trying to divide to conquer?

Those Two Are Up To Something

Another day and more strange going's on but I think I'm one step closer to understanding what is going on.

Sarah and the darker Naughty Twin were both happily hanging out with each other on the lawns this morning just playing and things when they moved over to M's for breakfast, or what I thought was breakfast. As soon as they got on the pathway the darker Naughty Twin said something to Sarah and walked around the back on his own, leaving Sarah just standing there.

He went around the back and then I saw some movement on the roof, at that time I couldn't work out who it was with the darker Naughty Twin but there were definitely two cats up there. A few minutes later he came back around the side of the house, Sarah had moved off  back home and he followed her back over the road.

It was at that point that I saw the head of the second cat on the garage roof poke up, it was Spit! Oh OK they've had some alone time, no problems so far until I saw Spit look over in this direction and wink.

I followed his gaze down and that's when I saw Doublay, hiding in the flowers. Those two are up to something, I'm just not sure what it is yet.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Ding, Ding?

Twizzle is out for a walk and Mogsie is being very protective over her. He kept on eye on her the entire time she was out the front, I'm sure R would have been protection enough if Spit had come around but hey that's Mogsie for you.

When Twizzle went around the back Mogsie moved his position to front pathway. Just about 2 minutes after Mogsie moved Spit walked from around the back he must have been watching to make sure the coast was clear. Sarah resting under the car looked on with a mixture of shock and surprise, I'm guessing she knows all about the fight earlier.

Spit spotted Mogsie way before Mogsie spotted Spit and he defiantly walked right to the middle of the lawn at the highest position and just looked down at him.

When Mogsie did spot him he just turned his head and didn't move his body one inch, that's my Mogsie acting all nonchalant, I however was sitting there almost with my heart in my mouth. What was going to happen, ding, ding, round two?

But no after a 5 minute stand off with neither of them moving Mogsie started to make a move towards Sarah still sitting terrified under the car. Spit then moved position, coming over this side of the road.

What on earth is going on there, I never thought I'd see Mogsie backing down from a fight but it seems so? Or I should say seemed so, he was being strategic moving to the higher ground position on top of the garage watching Spits every move. Something tells me this isn't over with yet!

Mogsie And Spit Slug It Out - I Don't Like The Smell In The Air

Ummm there is definitely something going on that I don't know about. All this strange behaviour recently with Sarah and the Naughty Twins going off in little huddles and then acting as if they were going to war. The fight between Spit, Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin over his relationship with the darker Naughty Twin. Then Sarah flirting with Doublay in front of George the other week and today there's been Doublay and his quiet frankly noisy behaviour over the road, something is going on that I don't understand.

I'm keeping a note of all these events and there's another to add to the list, Mogsie and Spit have just slugged it out. Spit came around from around the back of Mogsie and Twizzles place and decided to sit next to R's car but blocking the main walk way through to the back. Mogsie came from somewhere over this side of the road quiet happily sauntering along when he spotted Spit, Spit spotted Mogsie and as Mogsie was continuing on his way got up to stand in his way. Oh well you can guess what happened then, everyone's gander was up, cats screaming and fur went flying, great big chunks of it!

After about a minute of one of the most vicious cat fights I've ever seen they both just sat there breathing heavily next to each other. Mogsie eventually got up and walked around the back, shortly after he left Spit also got up and crossed over to this side of the road. The problem is I don't know who won that fight. I don't like the smell in the air, no I don't like it at all.

Suspicious Behaviour

Um suspicious behaviour from Doublay creeping right up to Mogsie and Twizzles what's he want? He has no place being there!

The Cat Angel

Daddy has just shown me a picture of the Cat Angel that a friend of his showed him, wow I didn't even think that there was such a thing as a Cat Angel. However logically thinking about it of course there is, always looking out for us when we use up one of our 9 lives, doh how silly of me not to have even thought about that before.

The Village People

This is getting ridiculous, they are digging up the pathway in another spot just outside. I don't know what they are searching for but they are obviously not doing very well in locating it if they have to spend so much time digging holes, filling them in and then digging more holes.
Yes I know they say they are from the water people, well we've had the gas people, the water people, the lamppost people, who's next the village people?

Wednesday 29 May 2013

OK Decision Made!

Right I've been thinking, she just can't be trusted on her own always getting herself into one scrape or another. I'm just going to have to look out for her, step up to my duties and responsibilities as the obviously more older and wiser inhabitant of this house. OK decision made! 

Hello River, sister.

Oh The Indignity Of It All

River sat in some crap or something and got it all caught up in her hair. I must admit she's a lovely coat, not as lovely as mine of course. I prefer to keep mine nice and short whereas she's a bit of a flower power kinda child free flowing hair everywhere. Us cats spend ages tending to our toilette River well she just shakes about a bit and that's it done, well not today it isn't.

I know the daddies would never hurt her but my protective side came roaring out again when I saw them approach her with a pair of sissors, some wet wipes and a shaver. Oh the indignity of it all I wanted to recoil away but I just called out to her asking if she was OK and watching everything they were doing. I hate to see anyone in that position, I guess that's what sisters do, oh no she's got me at it now!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Not Quiet What She Seems

That's the second time this week that I've seen Sarah having a word with the two Naughty Twins and then them going off and doing her bidding. 

I'm becoming more and more uneasy about Sarah. First she got pregnant by Spit at the same time as some of the others all sharing the father, then she didn't speak to me about it and avoided me. Then she stole George off me after getting me to confide in her and now this malarkey with the Naughty Twins. I'm keeping a very close eye on her, she's not quiet what she seems!

Because Of The Bank Holiday

Looks like I'm not the only one who isn't sure because of the bank holiday if the bin men are coming today, Sarah's keeping a big watch out for them.

I tried to get her attention so that we can have another one of those talks but no she's off in her own little world, again.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Sister Act

Oh goodness me here River goes, putting on all that will you be my sister act? OK if you promise to give me some peace I'll be your sister, does that make you happy. Good!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

There's Strange Noises In The Attic

There's strange noises in the attic! Disappears heard them this morning when he was having a bath he told Stay when he went in for his and he listened out. He said he would have a look when he came back in and guessed that it was probably a bird that got in somehow, but he couldn't be sure!

So anyway when I heard the attic door being opened and the ladder coming down I was curious. I've never been in the attic, I don't intend to ever go in the attic, I have no desire to visit that dark place, no not one millimetre, but I am curious all the same.

Trips to the attic in the past haven't been without incident, once the ladder was pulled rather forcefully down and broke clean off and there's been more than one trapped finger and trip off the step, getting the Christmas decorations up and down is always a heart stopping affair.

Up he went and on went the light. He always does this really quickly, hand going out directly to the side, a quick flick and the light is on, he doesn't know I know but he's scared of putting his hand in a spiders web so it's short, sharp, shock tactics to get through the ordeal.

Up his head then popped, turning all around, looking up at the roof, he's always checking that sort of thing, drives Disappears nuts and up he stepped. The noises that we'd heard just a couple of minutes before and that reminded him that he needed to go into the attic where no longer booming out.

All of a sudden daddy started his decent, turning to make sure he wasn't about to step on me

No Lil' nothing that I can see up there!

Oh I wasn't expecting that, I wonder what the noises in the attic are then?

I Wonder What That Was About

I don't know what Doublay wanted but it must be something important for him to venture out in such pouring rain. I noticed him up the back by the Peace Garden and he was definitely trying to get my attention but it was raining too heavy for me to go up there, I wonder what that was about I'm sure he'll come by again to speak to me, I hope it's soon I'm really curious now.

A Little Wonder

It's nice to see River and Nadia are getting on so well these days. I was a bit concerned that Nadia would never be able to come out of the hallway again but the daddies were right, introducing them slowly seemed to have worked. River's got over her over-excited curiosity and now tends to view her more like a little wonder, a moving toy that she doesn't try to pick up, the licking still a bit of a problem though!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Monday 27 May 2013

Cold-Water Woke Me Up

Well that's that nice little sleep over with! With one great big breath of air daddy snoored so loud it cold water woke me up. Oh well might as well get up it's lovely and sunny out there as I suppose I did sleep yesterday pretty much away.
Down the stairs and I see Rivers knackered in nannies chair in the window and daddy is sitting with the windows open watching some crap on the TV. Coast looked clear so I jumped up next to daddy and started getting a stroke.

Out the window I saw the lighter Naughty Twin was having a nice stroll in the sun enjoying herself.

Ahh this was lovely a perfect Bank Holiday Monday sunny day in Catworld, River was asleep and I had all of daddies attention, perfect. I glazed out for a while just loving it, my eyes closing to really just tune out, bliss! After the most amazing neck massage I opened my eyes and saw that two Crows had come calling. Um interesting they usually bring a message with them, the crows are the towncryers in the Land Of Birds. Ahh this was bliss I was now getting a soothing head stroke.

"I'm not lying Simon" blasted from the TV. Daddy laughed and sprayed diet coke all over me, River jumped up and lunged.

That's twice now, TWICE! What is it with me and just being able to chill today!?

Sunday 26 May 2013

Bank Holiday Sunday

I've had a lovely day today, it's been sunny and hot and the daddies have had some friends over to keep them and River occupied, I could see her playing around up by the Peace Garden.

This can only mean one thing for me, peace and quiet upstairs and I took full advantage of it by falling asleep in the office with the sun shining through the window keeping me lovely and toasty.

When I heard the coast wad clear ie. everyone had gone and River was asleep I came down to chill out with the daddies and have a drink from my water fountain. I love sleeping the day away what a perfect Bank Holiday Sunday.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Saturday 25 May 2013

Whatever Happened To Baby River?

I'm with River and the daddies, it's Saturday night and it's movie night.

Good first choice a film about a shipwrecked Tiger, a cat cousin of mine called Richard Parker, boy he had a tough time of it. The daddies are going all out gothic horror Bette Davis who doesn't like a bit of Bette. Now whatever happened to baby River?

Just Like The Good Old Days

It's Saturday and the sun is shining bright in Catworld.

The lighter Naughty Twin is taking advantage on Sunshine Shed and having a good nose in.

Her brother's on a mission somewhere!

Ah, We are Siamese, if you pleasee.

And I'm getting a foot rub from Disappears Daddy. Ahhh it's just like the good old days.

Friday 24 May 2013


She is really pissing me off tonight. LEAVE. ME. ALONE!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Have A Look At This!

There's men digging up the road AGAIN! 

What on earth are they doing this time, it seems to be a never ending line of men coming over here to dig, dig, dig? Daddy says they must have to practice learning how to dig a hole cause they always seem to be here having to re-do it. 

 Here River come and have a look at this!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Thursday 23 May 2013

What Are This Lot Up To?

Now George and Mogsie seem to be up to something.

Yesterday it was Sarah and the Naughty Twins marching off somewhere and now these two, my catty powers are telling me that these incidents are related. Right I'm going to get on the case, what are this lot up to?

Two Birds With One Stone

Me and River have been getting on a lot better recently, I even came and had a cuddle with Daddy last night while he had River laying on him. He thinks I didn't see but whenever I turned my back on Daddy he grabbed my tail and said to River quick have a sniff and put it under her nose and she didn't tried to lick or bite it or anything so I guess she's learning so I've decided to reward her.

Daddy loves to move things around in the house, I guess that's because he's always here and he gets a bit bored and on one of his recent move arounds he put the monks chest by the back door and very conveniently put some cushions on the top. I've been eyeing them up for a while they looking comfy and so today I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, check out how comfy they are - very, and also sit closer to the ground so River can sit by me but also high enough up so that if she makes any sudden movement I can be off. You know what we were so settled I fell asleep and when I woke she hadn't tried to jump up or anything. Well done River I am very pleased with our new arrangement.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Sky Rapidly Darkened

I was sitting up here with daddy in the office, he's working a-way like a little beaver so I'm leaving him to it, watching Emma building up the courage to make a leap from the fence to the top of the garage when the sky rapidly darkened.
All of a sudden we were deluged by a shower of marble sized hailstones! Hailstones at this time of year, what on earth s going on with the weather? Still it gave Emma the motivation she needed, up she went quick as a rocket.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Little Soldiers

Um what are that lot up to, Sarah seems to be sending out her little soldiers out to do something? I'm so mistrustful of her these days and I don't like that feeling, oh dear I think a heart to heart is in order.

I Think I Must Come From Another Planet

Sometimes I think I must come from another planet or something. After all that business with George and I and then George getting with Sarah behind my back and them both avoiding me so that they could be together, now I see Sarah and Doublay seem to be getting really friendly, well more than friendly and George is sitting snoozing just a few feet away. Why on earth can't people just make them minds up who they like, who they want to be with and stick with it? I mean it's not exactly like they are newly introduced, they've known each other for ages!

The Protection Of The Dragon Is Of The Utmost Importance

First Sarah and then the darker Naughty Twin went over to the side of Mogsie and Twizzles house to a little patch in the shrubbery and started acting very suspicious. You didn't need to be a genius to work out something was going on, furtive glances etc honestly they aren't very subtle.

What could it be, I thought to myself? They've obviously hidden something and then it occurred to me, see you should always listen to your catty powers. What it the one thing that they'd want to protect at all costs?

I ran outside and had a look at where I'd hidden the Little Red Dragon, I meant to the other day after seeing Foxy but got distracted and then forgot to check and yes it was missing. If I can guess what they are up to so easily it means others can. They really do need to be more careful, as annoyed at them both as I am at the moment after all that business yesterday with Spit I must put that aside, the protection of the dragon is of the utmost importance.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Yeah Not Impressed!

The lighter Naughty Twin has been hanging around here this afternoon, trying to get my attention. I sat in the window watching her and she kept on looking up and smiling at me. Yeah not impressed, I don't like bullies and what you lot did earlier was bullying. One on one not four to one, that is not the way to go!