Thursday 30 July 2015


Troubledom seemed like an ordinary town from the outskirts.

About a hundred or so wooden huts, pitched roofs, smoke curling from the chimneys surrounding the area with a brown and grey hue. The noise of local industry peppering the air, the sound of clanging from an iron smith sitting outside his open shop-cum-house front, a man carrying a basket of what looked like tomato's calling out his wears, it was only when we entered the town that it became apparent that this was like no other town.

Firstly, the overwhelming stench of sweat and pigs guts and rotting food that lay in the street, discarded and mouldy. Secondly the atmosphere, menace hung in the air, this was a tough place of that there was no doubt, gruff words and grunts a shared language of the majority of people that I could see, a fight just around the corner. Thirdly, and it was not something that I'd thought about, but there was only a handful of women and children, this place was extremely male, and alpha, dominated, no balance. I could see why it was called Troubledom.

The Fly had warned me to be very quiet and say nothing, just follow him, this was a place where suspicion was as common place as breathing, he said he'd nearly been caught before by one of the towns folk, and he'd never panicked as much, frozen to the spot not so he couldn't be seen but by sheer terror about what would happen to him and his client, luckily they hadn't been and the rogue had moved on but it was a lesson he said he would never forget, so I was well prepared as we crept through a vegetable path on the left side of town settling ourselves in an old empty barrel of beer knocked over and discarded by the cow shed, about 50 meters from the town square.

Up on the hill, the most direct approach to Troubldom I could see a defiant Ursa, Purlean heavily pregnant but still by her side, striding down.

The Fly nodded at me as if to say "You OK?"

I nodded back, a little terrified and extremely anxious,

"Remember," he mouthed almost silently, "Keep you head down and no matter what happens do not move from this barrel, we're safe here but you must keep inside and keep your nerve. no matter what!"

I swallowed hard, he'd scared me even more but I was more curious as to see what was gonna happen now Ursa was approaching the towns open gateway and the ironsmith had spotted her and was on his feet.

I peered forward to get a better look, The Fly pulled me back in;

"To dangerous!" he hissed, "Keep in the dark."

You Want Some Do Ya?

You want some do ya? OK I give in, I'm coming to get ya!

Wednesday 29 July 2015

OK You've Been Patient

Daddy, Daddy, Dreamies. DADDY!

Oh never mind, I hear someone else calling.

OK, you've been patient, as long as it's a gentle game, I'm not really up for much more today.

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Sunday 26 July 2015

Time's Running Out

"So I guess we're going to be stopping around here while Purlean has her babies?" The Fly and I had retreated slightly back into the forest.

"Oh no, there's something very important I'm going to take you to see before that happens." The Fly wiped a bit of leaf he was consuming from his mouth with the back of his spindly arm.

"But she's so heavily pregnant, surely it's best that she remains where she is?" I was finding myself feeling very maternal towards Purlean, something about the way she was sitting her belly exposed to the sun, or maybe that look in her eye, the one that shouts contentment.

"Ursa may love Purlean but she's got a task to complete, have you forgotten she's still got the Ruby and Sapphire of Mar to collect. Purlean giving birth hasn't diverted her from that plan."

I looked at The Fly who was still tiding himself up and looked not in the slightest worried.

"But what about the babies, shouldn't they be the highest priority."

"Oh they are, don't get me wrong, they are of the highest priority but times running out for Ursa, she's about to enter the town of Troubledom, about a mile or so down the road."

"Troubledom! Doesn't exactly sound inviting."

"It's not, it's the place all the rule breakers from around here are sent, not somewhere someone would go to unless they had a really good reason. The perfect sort of place to store the Ruby of Mar. I mean who would willingly enter the lions den?"

I looked back at Purlean, purring her stomach exposed to the sun, fearing I knew exactly the answer to that question. I turned back to look at The Fly, my green eyes glaring danger and excitement;


The Fly smiled, "You got it and you'd better be prepared this is going to be ugly!"

Saturday 25 July 2015

I Guess Only Time Will Tell

I turned to The Fly, a concerned look fighting it's way through my skull.

"As great news at that is, isn't it a bit dangerous for Purlean, hanging around with Ursa I mean?"

The Fly shrugged his shoulders;

"Not as much as you'd think, Ursa loves Purlean, she's one of the only things in this world that she doesn't scheme about. Oh no Ursa's been taking very good care of her."

I felt slightly relieved but still wasn't convinced.

"So how come we jumped so much time?"

The Fly thought for a moment, his hundred eyes searching for an answer in different directions.

"I really have no idea, it's never happened before and I've done this tour more times that I could ever remember."

He smiled at me;

"Maybe a bit of magic escaped out and affecting things. This is the Enchanted Forest still not all magic comes from the hands of people, nature has it's own way of making what it needs to happen, happen." and shrugged.

I stretched contemplating his words, nothing makes much sense here, I guess only time will tell!

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Hang On A Second

"Hang on a second, where are we?"

This place certainly did not look like the place we were at earlier, no lake and the grass was a deeper shade of emerald. Ursa was taking a nap, under a great oak tree, and I could see Leopold and The Darling, Darling heading down a small pathway into the wood.

"Oh dear, I think we've jumped a bit too far in the future. I don't know how that's happened, it's never happened before."

The fly turned to me and smiled;


"What do you mean sorry? I was looking forward to seeing what happened between Purlean and Leopold."

"You can," the Fly smiled,"Can't you guess?"

I looked back at Purlean sitting on a mound of grass cleaning Bob who was giggling as her tongue tickled his face, I didn't understand what The Fly meant.

"I don't get it?"

The Fly smiled and nodded.

"Look carefully!"

I turned back Leopold wasn't there but they were obviously still together, this little group was growing in size, and Purlean was still cleaning Bob, although she'd now moved down to his toes, he was giggling harder than before, well you would wouldn't you?

"Huh?" I wished The Fly would just tell me.

"Look at Purlean, really carefully."

He nodded at her again, she'd finished cleaning Bob who was now laying flat on his back, enjoying some sun rays as they shone through the tree canopy, Purlean was stretching out.

"Her stomach!"

The Fly grinned.

"What? I can see she's put on a bit of weight, but what's that got to do with anything?"

The Fly really was beginning to annoy me now.

"Well you would wouldn't you, if you were pregnant!"



The Fly nodded;

"By the look of her, I'd say about 8 or 9 weeks. Not long to go now!"

Saturday 18 July 2015

A Work Of Genius

River's on a right one today. There I was trying my best to keep cool, it's boiling today, when the Daddies decided, in the hottest part of the day to start re-potting plants and digging and things.
I thought them a little mad to start it at that time of the day but there's no advising them. Of course River decided that she was going to get herself involved. I say involved, she seemed to spent most of the time playing with a snail that Daddy found in the pot and trailing dirt all over the place.
Not done yet, it was Nadia's turn for the special treatment, as much as River knocked her with her nose to get her to play she was determined to stay exactly where she was and dug herself in further. 
The icing on the cake though, in her bag of tricks, was to run up behind Daddy as he cooked himself in the sun, tickle his back with her tail and run away. OK this one was a work of genius, he was convinced he was being plagued by the multitude of flies that have decided to come out today.

What on earth would I do without her? Such amusement! 

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Wednesday 15 July 2015

He's Confident!

"Where's everyone else?"

We were hiding high up into a tree, overlooking a grassy patch by the lake The Fly had talked about. Below us a cat I presumed to be Leopold was sitting in the sun cleaning himself and Purlean had just walked out from one of the woodland paths and was standing watching him.

"Oh they're not too far behind, everyone's on a search for food spreading out a little but don't worry they won't be disturbing these two, at least not yet."

Leopold hadn't noticed Purlean, too deep in bathing mode.

"Hello." Purlean finally spoke, taking a step forward. "It's been a long time since I've seen another cat."

Leopold looked up, a twinkle in his eye, his coast glossy and luminescent and extended a paw.

"Hello pretty lady and what brings you my way." He winked at her and dipped his head in a bow.

I turned and smiled at The Fly, "He's confident!"

"Isn't he." The Fly smiled back.

I looked back down to see Purlean had taken a few steps closer to him to take his paw. Quick as a flash, and I wasn't sure how, he had her paw in his hand and bent his head to kiss it, keeping his head eye, maintaining eye contact.

She didn't stop him.

"I'm here with some friends of mine, they may be here in a minute, we're on a search for food."

"Well we can't have a lady as beautiful as you being hungry now can we!" Leopold stood up and walked towards the water edge, indicating that Purlean should follow.

There on the riverbank was a freshly caught fish, drying in the sun.

"Help yourself, there's plenty more, enough for all your friends."

Purlean smiled and took a paw full, popping it in her her, her face not denying the deliciousness.

"So you say it's been a while since you've seen another cat?" Leopold brushed a speak of leaf off Purlean, she giggled.

"Yes." Her eyes tightened, trying to stop a sad memory of her family from spoiling the moment.

"Been a little while for me too." He winked again.

Suddenly a small giggle came from the tree opposite caught my attention.

"Sorry." The Fly said, "That was me, luckily they didn't hear it."

"I keep on forgetting you're here with others, you've kept yourself pretty well hidden."

The Fly bowed, "I thank you."

I looked back down again to see Leopold had moved in and was now kissing Purlean, who appeared to be totally receptive to his rapid ways.

"Blimey." I half laughed to myself by whispered to The Fly, "He really doesn't waste any time."

"Darling, Darling magic." The Fly nodded back into the wood;

"It brings those together who want to find love. Always a perfect match." He smiled back down at them both;

"However, I think at this point we should give them a little privacy."

"Really? Why?"

I was finding the scene so sweet, it was nice to see Purlean enjoying herself, it was like a totally different cat. Gone was the cold, stolic cat who I hadn't really taken to and was a bit disappointed in replaced by this sweet, cat, a face of sunshine.

The Fly moved a hand up to his mouth and pretended to cough.

"Come on they need some alone time, to let that love grow, we'll be back later but let's just leave them to it."

The penny dropped and I blushed.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

I Think It's Worth A Go

"Where I can't see them?"

The Fly pointed towards some rocks near a little stream.

"Oh yes, I can see them now."

We were in a completely different part of the enchanted forest and this place was a lot colder, the Darling, Darling and Purlean were laying next to each other, keeping each other warm. Bob and Ursa were both asleep, although unlike the other two not next to each other.

"How far have we jumped?"

the Fly was perched on my shoulder, I think he must also have been feeling the cold.

"Oh a while, it's now Winter."

"Winter! They've missed the Summer fair then." I guess I was stating the obvious.

"Oh yes but they are still heading on their way, to the one next year, poor Bob not a clue what's going on."

I laughed for possibly the first time since this crazy adventure began.

"It's nice to see those two getting close." I nodded towards Purlean and the Darling, Darling.

The Fly smiled.

"I feel so lonely." Purlean's voice softly drifted from where they lay. The Darling, Darling smiled.

"It must be hard, being a cat all alone, everyone needs some like minded company."

Purlean nodded.

"Ursa took me in when I was feeling very alone and for that I will always be grateful." She paused, lost in thought, a slight tension showing around her eyes.

"Does she mean when what happened with her family?" I asked the Fly, "My friend George told me all about that?"

The Fly nodded, "It's amazing what circumstances can throw individuals together."

Purlean and The Darling, Darling both looked in our direction and the fly put one of his arms against my mouth, to shush me. I felt so nervous, had they seen us, I couldn't be sure and I was too scared to even breath?

After a couple of seconds they got back to their conversation. Phew, we'd not been spotted, I must remember to be quieter.

"I've been travelling with her for a long time now and she's been very kind to me but I must admit something feels like it's missing."

Purlean looked up at the sky, it was early morning, night had passed but it was still too early for everyone to be up and awake, a few of the stars could still be seen shining against the blueness of the last drops of night.

"I bet," The Darling, Darling nudged Purlean, "If you wished upon one of those stars, the universe would hear you."

"You think so?" For a second Purlean broke into a grin. The Darling, Darling smiled back;

"I think it's worth a go."

Purlean closed her eyes and pointed her head skywards.

The Darling, Darling smiled at her before turning directly to face us and winked, her mouth opening but no sound coming out;

"I know so!"

I turned to look at The Fly who was waving at her and mouthing hello back before turning to me;

"Come on, let's go while they're busy, we've not got far to go, just half a day away from here the stream turns into a lake, that's where we're heading."

"What are we going there for?" I whispered to him as we back silently out of the bush that we were hiding in.

"That's where Purlean is going to meet Leopold and this I don't think you are going to want to miss!"

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Sunday 12 July 2015

An Agreement

"I'm Niels." A man of about 30 stepped forward towards Ursa.

"I'm the town representative."

Ursa grinned, her head moving up and down.

"Cute, been working out?" She laughed, Niels did not look like he was enjoying the compliment.

A big pile of crops and barrels of food had now formed in the square in front of Ursa, Purlean was still at her feet, watching everyone.

"And the Crystal of Mar?"

Niels looked nervous, and paused before turning to a lady behind him who held out the Crystal to him. He took it from her and laid it on the ground between him and Ursa, she didn't move, a glint of enjoyment betrayed her excitement.

"Now Niels, I have a question for you and it's a very simple one, I want to see the mark of this man. You or the food what is going to survive?"

The lady who had handed the crystal to Niels gasped and grabbed hold of him.

"Ooh deary, do you wove him." She mocked.

"Please," Niels wife begged. "Please leave us all alone, you have the Crystal."

Niels looked back at his wife and gripped her hand tightly before turning back to Ursa. Resignation in his face, he knew she meant what she said.

"Is there no other bargain we can come to?"

"You can sacrifice you dear lady friend there if you want?" Ursa over to Purlean perched on a rock and smiled. Purlean's was staring at Niels and didn't return her gaze.

Niels stepped forward.

"Then I think you know my answer."

Ursa smiled and raised her shoulders;

"Yes, but I think it's more fun to hear it from the horse mouth."

Niels looked down, broken.

"Save the food."

With a snap of her fingers Niels had disappeared. Niels wife cried out and dropped to the ground. A few people in the crowd joined her, a general murmuring but no one wanted to draw attention to themselves.

Ursa turned and started to walk back towards the wood, Purlean following her, she raised her hand up in the air and clicking her fingers. The pile of food ignited, Ursa laughed.

"But she made an agreement." I said to The Fly.

"She's a witch, they don't really stick to agreements. I said it wasn't going to be pleasant."

"I'm not sure I'm liking what I'm seeing about Purlean."

"She's Ursa's witches familiar but what I have to show you is far from over, let's see if you change that view by the end. Ready for another time boost, we need to jump a while, some Darling, Darling magic is about to hatch!"

Friday 10 July 2015

A Long Time Ago...

People started running off in all directions, a few stayed alternating gaze between Ursa and the Dragon.

"What's the Crystal of Mar?" The Fly jumped down onto a lower leaf, took a sip of water caught in the stem and began to speak.

"A long time ago all lands were ruled by a terribly cruel despot Mar. He was a tortured soul, thought nothing of placing terrible restrictions on the people at a whim. Every Friday he would choose a village to visit go into it and just because he could banished one of the townsfolk to make sure everyone feared him, if someone refused to go, well I think you can guess the consequences, after the first time no one refused."

"A respected lady called Tara managed to get a message from one village to the next and word spread and gathered pace that she was recruiting a team to overthrow him. While it was true that many were scared of even mentioning his name, his cruelness had got out of hand and enough was enough and she managed to recruit at least a handful of people from each village."

"They waited until one Friday when word got to them where Mar was heading and headed there. Of course many fell in the Battle of Springs Hope, the village he had headed towards, Tara being one of them but they did manage to overthrow his entourage and captured Mar. The Crown he always wore was taken and in front of him melted down."

"The Crystal of Mar was one of three precious stones in the crown, there's also a ruby and an Sapphire, they were separated and spread across the world, the platinum tossed into the sea at Elmers Head."

"But why does she want the Crystal?" I asked The Fly.

"Legend has it that if all three stones and brought together again Mar can be resurrected, something no good person would ever want to happen but Ursa as we are seeing does not exactly fall within that bracket, I think you can guess where she's heading next."

"To find the sapphire and ruby?"

The Fly nodded!

Wednesday 8 July 2015

We're About To Play A Game

The Dragon swooped down towards the crowd, it's wings taunt and strong, veins pulsating, it's eyes white like sparkling diamonds.

Some of the crowd tried to run, some stuck to the spot with fear, children cried out, clutching hands and clothes of the nearest adult, burying heads into skirts and tunics.

Ursa threw her head back and laughed, Purlean crouched down on the floor, her eyes for the first time loosing their steely stance.

I turned to The Fly, transfixed on the Dragon, once more flying high in the sky, looping an eight.

"Now." Ursa shouted out, "I have your attention. I need you to bring me 3 things."

A man in the crowd who had made his way towards Ursa stepped forward;

"What, what is it that you want?"

Ursa turned to face him.

"One. Every scrap of food in town brought to this square and placed in a pile. Two I want the Crystal of Mar to e placed at my feet and three I want the towns leader to step forward and accept his or her fate, we're about to play a game and the outcome of that game will determine what happens to you all!"

I turned to The Fly, his thousand eyes still fixated on the Dragon flying high above.

Monday 6 July 2015

Give Me Strength

Give me strength, it's way too hot for all this business but I suppose if you can't beat them you may as well join them!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Saturday 4 July 2015

I Could Hardly Believe

"I can't see Bob or The Darling, Darling."

We'd stationed ourselves on the top of an old house near Middle Town's town centre, a quaint place consisting of around 100 wooden houses, a school, town meeting place and a variety of stalls selling wares, it was night and nothing was on display although a few people were milling around chatting, dusk was settling and some of the houses had already started lightening their candles. Ursa and Purlean were walking slowly through the town gates, along the mud highway that would lead to the town centre.

"No," The Fly turned to me;

"Ursa persuaded them to stay in camp about an hour that way," He pointed back into the wood;

"She won't want them to see what she's about to do. It's not going to be pleasant and she needs them both on side and they wouldn't be after tonight."

I turned back to see Ursa and Purlean now entering the town square, about 100 meters away from where we hid. She'd been noticed, I guess stranger at night was not a common occurrence.

"Hello," A young man stepped forward, "Can I help you."

Looking him up and down with distain she turned away from him and clapped her hands. The people in the square looked surprised at her manner, a couple whispered.

"I am Ursa and I will give you one chance to be compliant with my wishes or I will obliterate this place. Now.."

The young man stepped towards his face distorted by anger;

"Who do you." He didn't get any further, Ursa turned to him and quick as a blinking eye he was gone. Gasps rang out and a little girl, no older than 10, ran towards where he had been.

"Where's my brother?" She cried, "Where is he?"

"Gone little girl, now stop your crying or you'll join him. Now..." She turned back to the remaining people, plainly in fear.

"Go get everyone, EVERYONE, including all the children!"

The remaining people ran away.

Ursa bent down to Purlean, sitting by Ursa's legs and gave her a stroke. Purlean looked up, I couldn't see her expression.

"Are we safe?" I asked The Fly.

"No need for you to worry, if we remain quiet we won't be discovered and we'll be OK."

"I'm scared." I know I'd seen Ursa's powers before but this was the first time that I was truly scared, my heart was in my mouth, as dry as the desert.

A noise ensued as the towns folk started returning to the square, some angry, some upset, a few came with torches, a few chanting WITCH!

"Yes!" Ursa shouted as more and more people arrived;

"A witch and this time a real one and not some innocent person you humans decide you don't like the look off and punish as one."

"My son, my son, what have you done with my son?" A half bent over lady in a blue shawl was at Ursa's feet;

"What have you done to my son?" Her daughter holding onto her hand, crying.

Ursa faced her, hate in her eyes.

"He's gone do you want to join him? Silly question."

Bang, hand pointed towards her and she was gone too, the little girl slumped to the floor, sobbing. More cries from the crowd, a few others started crying.

Ursa spun and faced one of the men chanting ""Witch!"

Bang, hand pointed and he too was gone.

"Anyone else?" She moved her gaze from left to right.

The crowd had fallen silent.

"Thought not. Ashaloabom" She raised her hand skywards, "Comandome"

The sky dark before suddenly glittered with bolts of light, a cries, gasps and general rumblings came from the crowd. Ursa smiled;

"Come my baby, come to me."

The bolts of lights continued, the clouds parted and the sound of huge wings flapping echoed across the town and there out from the clouds, a flash of red.

I turned to The Fly, his eyes staring up, and back to the sky, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I thought I was scared before I was even more terrified now for there flying down from the clouds, through the bolts of lights heading straight towards us, a huge red and silver dragon, bolts of light coming from it's mouth as it swooped low over the square!

Friday 3 July 2015

A Wish Being Granted!

"I'm very pleased to meet you too." The Darling, darling smiled at The Witch, his head lowered to the floor.

"Isn't it a hot day today?"

The Witch smiled and sat crossed legged.

"Oh yes it's a very hot day today, you must be thirsty would you like something to drink?"

She held up her arm, a bowl of water suddenly appearing in her palm. She lowered it to The Darling, Darlings level, who raised her head and drank.

"Umm lovely, thank you." The Darling, Darling smiled and turned to Purlean.


Purlean held The Darling, Darlings gaze but her body also rested and she lay her arms out.

"Hello." A softness to her voice.

"I'm Purlean." A brief smile dashed across her face, her eye colour brightening.

"Where are you all going on this beautiful day?" The question directed to no one in particular.

Bob moved back next to The Darling, Darling and stroked her again.

"I'll just be taking myself a double stroke of luck, we're lost I think, we're heading to The Summer Fair at Lands Meadow, although I'm beginning to think everything will be over by the time we get there, we've been lost for so long."

The Witch interrupted, "Do you think you could help us find the way?" She paused;

"If of course you don't have other business to attend to?" Her eyes wide, baby like, slightly alluring.

The Darling, Darling thought for a while.

"I think I can help you out with that, I know exactly how to get there, although it's still a little way away, a couple of days at least."

"Oh," Bob clapped his hands, "That would be simply wonderful."

He turned to Purlean who smiled at him, you could see they were fond of each other.

"My pleasure." The Darling, Darling smiled.

I was watching Purlean, she seemed relaxed and tense but then again being with Ursa for so long I'm sure must play with the emotions.

"Now tell me, how do you all know each other?" The Darling, darling looked from Bob to The Witch and down to Purlean.

Purlean jumped right in, "Ursa is my mistress, she took me in when I was all alone."

"And Bob," The Witch spoke, "Well we came across Bob a while ago and we've all been lost every since. It's such a big forest this one."

"Oh yes it is that," The Darling, Darling took another sip form the bowl;

"It's very easy to lose your way." Something in the tone, not obvious but something was there.

The Darling, Darling looked at Purlean, I turned to The Fly and opened my mouth to speak but The Fly shhh'd me again,


I turned back. The Witch was scowling at The Darling, Darling, I don't think anyone but us noticed.

Ursa cleared her throat.

"We've been lost for so long and it must be so boring for our little Purlean, I'm hoping when we get to Lands Meadow she may well meet another cat who she can befriend. What do you think Darling, Darling?" She offered out a berry, The Darling, Darling declined and smiled at Purlean;

"Oh I'm sure she will." The Darling, Darling closed her eyes and squeezed her whole body. A light shot like a lightening bolt from the top of her head into the sky, through the tree tops.

"What!" I turned to The Fly, "was that?"

The Fly smiled.

"A wish being granted! I told you The Witch does everything for a reason! Now come we've seen enough, we need to get to Middle Town and I need to prepare you, what you're about to see isn't going to be very pleasant to see!"

My heart pumped, adrenaline in mu mouth, The Fly took off and I quietly sped after him, turning back to make sure I hadn't been heard. I hadn't although Bob, The Witch and Purlean were already following the Darling, Darling.

Thursday 2 July 2015

3 Minutes For Me & 3 Months For Them.

"And what," The witch made her grand entrance parting bushes both sides of her with one sweep of her arms;

"Do we call ourselves?" The witch stared directly at The Darling, Darling.

Purlean poked her head through the branches of a tree she was nestling in, her face the same cold expression as I'd left it 3 minutes for me and 3 months for them ago.

The Darling, Darling smiled at the witch.

"Hello, I'm The Darling, Darling." She got up and moved towards the witch. The witches smile turning into a grimace the closer The Darling, Darling got.

"This is Purlean," Bob gestated to where Purlean was standing, "and this is." He moved his hands toward the witch.

"Actually I don't know your name. Strange all this time and I've never asked your name."

Purlean rapidly looked in the direction of the witch, for a second the cold front changed, although what it changed to I couldn't swear, feat maybe? No confusion? I couldn't make it out.

"My name," She said, "My name is Ursa and I'm pleased to meet you." She put put out her hand and shook The Darling, Darlings, hand. The Darling, Darling at down and smiled at them all.

I was stunned and turned to the Fly.

"Why she being so nice to The Darling, Darling?" Of course I'd seen it before with Bob but there was something very different about the way she was being to The Darling, Darling.

The Fly turned to face me and licked his mouth, a small cherry stalk hanging out the side of his mouth.

"She needs her. The Darling, Darling is very well known and loved but not often seen, wandering around pleasing herself spreading love. Have you not noticed yet, she collect people that will be of use to her, disregarding without thought those she doesn't."

"Will they all be OK?" I'd not been here that long but already I was growing attached to Bob and now The Darling, Darling, Purlean just intrigued me I couldn't work her out.

"I'm just the guide David-Shiro I'm just The Guide. Now shhh we don't want to draw attention to ourselves watch..."