Sunday, 30 June 2013

I Can't Believe He Didn't Tell Me

I'm just sitting here with the daddies, they're watching one of their favourite shows which I must admit I'm quiet into myself, all the best fairy stories begin Once Upon A Time...

Anyway I digress, there I was sitting with the daddies enjoying the last of the days warmth by an open window when I spotted Mogsie heading across this way. I thought he was coming over to see me but he stopped by the edge of the lawn and looked down the road. It was then that I spotted Twizzle sitting on her pathway also looking out and then the darker Naughty Twin at the end of our pathway doing the same.

My head moved from one to the other and then back again, I think Daddy must have his own set of catty powers;

Must be watching out for the fox that's been around here the past two nights, he said as he stroked my head and carried on back at the TV.

What! Foxy Lectar has been coming over for the past two nights and not only have I missed it, no one else has mentioned it to me. I can't believe daddy knew and he didn't tell me.

Better Be Careful

Well the glory of the day continued, I think it may have been the hottest day of the year so far and although I've spent most of it asleep indoors out of the direct sunlight the same can't be said for the lighter Naughty Twin. 

Mogsie had the right idea enjoying the sun from the shade of R's car, shame the can't be said for her though, she's like Stay daddy as soon as a bit of sun's out so is she. She'd better be careful though too much sun leads to sunstroke even for us cats.

For Pity's Sake

Oh for pity's sake she's been at it again eating crap from the garden that makes her ill. Apart from the assorted bricks, stones and moss that seem to be an addiction she's got a penchant for snails and bulbs.  Everyone know's that bulbs are like poison to her and I've heard the daddies say they may have to split the garden in two so she's not out there near them on her own.
Of course River being River she stepped in all her mess, goodness me what a state she made of herself  and straight up to the bathroom she was whisked for a complete wash down and talking to.

I can see what they mean she has got a look of Tiny Turner about her when she's just been blow dried.

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Summer Days

What a beautiful day it is today in Catworld, the sun is out and all is well with the world, especially with the Naughty Twins.

Oh the fun they are having frolicking around together, I've seen them running over R's car playing chase, trying to tease Tiny by running back and forth under his window and now I think they are planning a surprise for E, lurking around on her pathway hidden by the bins. Oh I love Summer days like these.

Saturday, 29 June 2013


I was nice and settled downstairs with the daddies when they decided they had to clean up the mess River's been making all afternoon on the living room carpet and totally disturbed my rest. As it turned out it was a bit serendipitous as from my new position by the back I spotted Spit lurking suspiciously around our bins. 

I called out to him and tapped the window and he quickly ran off through AM's garden. Up to nothing then there would have been nothing to worry about and his scarpering didn't say to me worry free about being caught.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Nights Like These

The daddydaddy and daddymummy came to see everyone tonight. I always like to see them they call me and include me and not everything is all about River. It's not that I'm jealous but it's nice to hear your name being called not just people calling out River, even if half the time it's to stop her from doing something.

As they all chatted and kept River entertained I managed to go and have a little poke about in their left overs. Nothing rally took my fancy I'm not a big lover of curry even if I do love chicken, it's the sauce way too spicy for me.
Now that they all gone and the daddies are watching that show they love about people in a house and having an argument and River has settled down I'm up with Stay daddy getting a lot of strokes and cuddles. Ah I do love nights like these.

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A Good Old Clean Up

Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin are having a good old clean up this afternoon, I prefer however to bathe in private, still each to their own.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Gossip Is Rife

Well it doesn't take long for the news in Catworld to get around, gossip is rife with everything that's gone on in the past day or so. 

I saw Sarah having a little sit on the other side of the road, I was thinking of calling her over when I saw that Emma had got to her first, calling her up to the garage roof where she was having a rest.

She really seems to like it up there, I see her in that position a lot and it's only just kicked in with me, it's a prime viewing position to see most of the activity that goes on in the street as well as being able to view everything that happens in her garden.

I wonder how she feels about the Naughty Twin making a move in on her territory, I'm sure Mogsie must be pleased they've always got on and had a past together, not so sure Twizzle will be feeling the same.

But I Do Know This

Daddy just popped out to the shop and when he was coming back in M called him over to her side of the road, she was talking to their friend L and she said she had some very important information to tell him.

When daddy came back in and told me, well I was all ears as you can image, the thing is with him he does string out a story sometimes when all you want him to do it get to the point. There I was virtually hoping about from one foot to another and he went to get a diet coke and to give River a treat. After he popped to the bathroom, ate his sandwich and emptied the bin he sat me down to finally tell me what was going on.

The lighter Naughty Twin has now virtually moved in to Mogsie's back garden day shed, Mogsie and George have been having almost daily bust ups maybe it's because of this but I just don't know they've always had a bit of a tempestuous relationship and.....

Bella and the lighter Naughty Twin, M thinks are pregnant again, swelling bellies, the culprit she suspects is Spit as he's been hanging around over there a lot recently and we all know what a lothario he is.

Blimey turn your back for a moment and it's all change and there's me thinking that the biggest problem we had around here was Flash trying to come back and cause trouble.

But I'm Not Sure What

Something's going on here in Catworld but I'm not sure what.

Both Emma and the lighter Naughty Twin are acting very suspiciously today, Emma has tried to hide herself on her garage roof and the lighter Naughty Twin appears to be looking around furtively and darting from place to place.

I've not seen Mogsie so have not been able to ascertain who he meant I should be careful about speaking about yet and although there's been no further sightings of Flash in the grand scheme of things that means nothing. Sometime I just wish I was in the know!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Same Every Time

Oh what a fuss Stay daddy has made this evening searching out for Nadia in the back garden, turning over piles of grass and under bushes and things, it's the same every time.

When will he learn if Nadia's outside and it's after 4 she'll be burying herself in for the night, although tonight he's had a bit of luck and a bit of help. He really should install a flashing beacon onto her or a CCTV or something.


OMG I've only just remembered it's the Daddydaddies birthday, Happy Birthday.

Be Careful Who You Speak To

Be careful who you speak to, the words Mogsie spat out of the side of his mouth as he called by just now.

I didn't quiet understand what he was talking about until he indicated behind him with a flick of his head. Behind on the other side of the road the lighter Naughty Twin and Spit was meandering around. Which one was he talking about? I just can't work it out! Spit because of his old links with the New Cat Crew, well Flash has been around recently, or the lighter Naughty Twin because of what she said to me last week about Mogsie. Oh it's a conundrum!

Ah So You Come To See Yourself

It works, it works! I've been deep in thought this last day or so about the re-appearance of Flash, things going through my mind such as why is he back? Why now? Has he been here before but I've just not seen him? In the end was it was just doing my head in so I thought a trip to The Wiseman was in order.

I've been up there since Foxy attacked him but I've never dared to consult with him in case I got confirmation that he could no longer give us his wise words and that would be just too much to bear so it was with trepidation that I approached.

The daddies were out and River was asleep in the window so I knew there was a good chance of not being disturbed.

I sat before him and tried to tune in.

Ah so you come to see yourself

OMG my heart leapt he was talking to me. He was OK and I asked him but no response so I concentrated on my question.

The answer that came back told me to not jump to conclusions and to watch carefully for any suspicious behaviour. Good advice as ever, I'm so glad The Wiseman is OK, it's such a relief.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Nadia That's Ridiculous

Nadia that's ridiculous just walk around them!

There's Another One To Come

What a weeks it's been so far for birthdays, this is always a mad one. First there was mine, Charlies and the girls, then it was daddies friends WHS, CC and the girl who tried to steal River in her handbag once. Today's turn is for Stay Daddy. 

I went out early to pick him some flowers from the garden, I know he loves those roses and is secretly quiet proud of them so I knew he'd appreciate waking up to them.

Then daddy disappeared with River somewhere and came back with HA2 to be friends with Alo, they seem to be getting on very well together. Not too impressed though that daddy has moved my drinking fountain up higher so I can't easily get to drink from it but I suppose it is their home so I should show a bit more respect.

River's still suffering exhaustion but her new bone seems to be keeping her just about this side of unconciousness.

I'm now just chilling with everyone on the table all of us together in the same room, my work for the day done.

Even Nadia's made an appearance but the week of birthday madness is not done yet, there's another one to come!

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Get Prepared

Oh dear the poor little thing River is getting ready to have her lady times. She went out with the daddies today and when she came back she didn't even attempt to chase me or sniff me or anything. She just wanted to sleep again.

The daddies are doing lots of cooing noises around her and keep saying ah a lot. I'll leave them to it I remember when I had to go such things I just wanted to be left alone. At least it's not the first time we've all been through it with her so they've spotted the signs early. 

Good she's going to need your help daddies get prepared!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flash Back

One of the nicest things about a Saturday morning is that I can come downstairs and have some alone time while River and the daddies have a sleep in, enjoy the peace and all that, I should have known it wouldn't last.

There I was sitting in the window, daddy left one of the blinds up last night so I took advantage just sitting there enjoying the early morning sun when something caught the corner of my eye, running by underneath the window.

The blind was down the other side so I couldn't run over and double check that my eyes weren't deceiving me but I could run out the back which I did.

There lurking around on AM's pathway was Flash, Flash is Back!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Ah Peaceful Times

Everyone deserves to spend their birthday in exactly the way that they want so that's exactly what I did. After all the fuss this morning after Stay came back in I decided I actually wanted to have some quiet time so even though daddy left the office door open for me I elected to go back to bed which is where I stayed.
I woke to hear a bit of a hullabaloo coming from downstairs, I ventured half way down and saw Auntie   Silver had come to see daddy and was playing around with River. Good she's occupied I thought and ran out to have dinner and found another great big pile of Dreamies waiting for me. After I scoffed the lot I pondered whether to go and have a chat with Auntie Silver but thought nah I'm going back upstairs, enjoy the peace while I can.

Daddy came up after she'd gone and he asked me if I wanted to come down and join them but I just fancied a quiet day, I might go down a little later but I will take the on the bed cuddle on offer from daddy. Ah peaceful times, just what you want on your birthday when you are 11.

The Longest Day

Today is not just my birthday but it's also called The Longest Day. Now I know that that sounds silly everyone knows each day has the same amount of hours but today where we live it's the day with the most amount of daylight, not that you'd think that today with all the grey clouds hanging around.

It's all something to do with the tilt of the earth and the sun and things and generally it's a lovely sunny day but not today.

Daddy also says it's something special called the Summer Solstice. There's a mysterious place called Stonehenge and lots of Druids and people go there today as when the sun rises it comes all through the stones and hits in a direct line the Alter spot. 

They don't know how old it is, people try to guess but it's probably at least 5,000 years old. Daddy says he would love to go there one day to see it on this day but won't because it means he won't be with me, ah bless him. It does sound intriguing and although I hate leaving the house that might just be one trip I'm willing to make.

Not Just My Birthday

Today is not just my birthday by a strange coincidence it's the day I gave birth to Charlie and my girls, what a time that was!

I was down visiting nanny at the time, the daddies had gone on holiday and whenever they did they always brought me down to visit nanny. Although I always miss them when they are away I loved coming to see nanny she really spoilt me, she was probably one of the worlds biggest lover of us cats and I always had lots of company, it was always a full house what with Smokey, Misty and Lucy her three companions and then with Evie and me both down here it was like a cat party.

The Daddies hadn't realised that I was as far gone as I was when they went away or I'm sure they wouldn't have left me although I couldn't have been in better hands. I've always been a svelte cat so I guess I wasn't really showing that much and they'd only cottoned on a week or so before I gave birth that I was pregnant at all.

I remember feeling it was coming on the day before and got myself ready finding a spot in the corner to settle, over where Aloha now live. Oh it was a weird experience I felt so bloated, my catty powers where telling me what was going to happen and I guess I was with the right person for the experience as nanny was clever and realised what was happening as she got ready to go to bed, so she didn't. She waited up all night with me and when it got to about 3am it all started. I had four little babies, one of them didn't make it though and nanny sat up all the time with me, giving me strokes and wiping my brow.

Oh the daddies where so excited when nanny phoned them to tell them what had happened and when they got home it wasn't possible to give me any more attention, they so loved my children. For a while they struggled over what to do with us all, we lived in a flat in London and although it was a decent size, not really ideal for the five of us so my two girls went to live with their friends mum and Charlie stayed with me at home.

My little baby who didn't make it is up in the Peace Garden along with all our departed darlings and I often go up there to remember her and my other children, it's the perfect spot, nice and peaceful and I can get lost in my thoughts. I hope Charlie and the girls are having a lovely birthday too, Happy 8th birthday kids.

It's My Birthday

It's my birthday today and I'm now 11 but I thought that everyone had forgotten it.

We all woke up really early, well me River and Disappears woke up early Stay just stayed in bed all sleepy dragging himself to his bath at the last possible minute. When I came down and didn't see any bunting or anything I thought they must be playing a game on me but then Stay and Disappears went out leaving me and River alone and with no one saying anything I really thought they must have forgotten.

I must admit I was a bit peeved, everything I do for them and they can't even say Happy Birthday. It's not that I'm bothered about presents or anything, I've never really liked the toys and things that the daddies give me, I'm just not the sort of cat that plays with toys, give me a bit of string or something and I'm happy enough with that.

But they didn't forget because as soon as Daddy came in he came running up to me and gave me a massive cuddle. River was jumping at his legs and Daddy was saying to her to say Happy Birthday to me. I don't think she understood him but as always she was trying to give me lots of attention, I don't blame her dogs just aren't as intelligent as us cats.

Daddy then say You didn't think I'd forgotten did you? and tickled my tummy as he handed me an extra large portion of Dreamies. Yeah, yeah very funny, but the tummy tickle did made me laugh.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Practice My Dog

She's a funny little thing that River! There she is her little nose sniffing away as she always does, if she's not careful she's going to wear it out. I do sometimes wonder what goes on in that little mind of hers but as she's such a quiet thing I'm not getting much chance to practise my dog.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Today I Am....

Today I am mostly sleepy and just too tired to be bothered. Ah the sanctuary of a double bed all to myself.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Not For The First Time This Week

Not for the first time this week one of the cats of Catword has astounded me with their dexterity, today it was Emma. I was up with Daddy in the office, he was finishing up some work calls and I was just having a little look at Mogsie out of the window trying to cool himself down on his pathway, it's been a very warm day, when I spotted her on the garage.

She moved slowly to the edge like she was going to jump down but almost in slow motion she stretched her front legs forward and lowered herself down onto the fence and her back legs slowly followed. I'm going to be taking up some of this cat yoga everyone's been doing this past year, it seems to be paying dividends!

Progress Is Progress

Daddy ejected me from the office again, I know it will happen if I climb all over him when he's working but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I came downstairs and after all the hullabaloo this morning I was a little cautious but River's worn herself out, although she lifted her head up when she saw me coming down she just sighed and went back to sleep so I managed to re-claim my spot on the window ledge.

Low and behold Mogsie turned up, unfortunately as Daddy is working the window is closed so we couldn't have a proper chat but it was nice that he came by to say hello.

There's so much more that I wanted to say, just to have a talk really but after my conversation with the lighter Naughty Twin last night I'm beginning to understand he's a lot more complex than I at first thought and that I shouldn't always get so tiffed when he acts in a not very consistent way. I do trust him I always have it's just that at times he really does give off mixed messages and without talking to me, opening up, how on earth can I understand what's going on?

Still it was nice for us to both just sit by each other for a while, progress is progress after all. 

Not This Early

Oh River, please leave me along I can't be doing with all your energy, not this early!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I'd Never Thought Of It That Way Before

I've just had a very interesting conversation with the lighter Naughty Twin.

I was sitting down with the daddies, River had been chasing me around for a while and Disappears daddy finally grabbed her to keep her occupied, so I managed to go have a drink from my water fountain and have a sit with Stay daddy up in the window when I spotted her just taking in the evening air.
It's been a hot day so the window was open so we could have a proper conversation Stay was watching TV some show about people who live up North, near his friend WHS, so I knew he wouldn't be ear wigging.

He does like you you know, she said and nodded over to Mogsie sitting on the other side of the road.

He's a complicated man, a man with his pride and more sensitive that he let's on.

I know, I replied

The thing is he's had a hard past, before he went to live with M and R he was pretty settled and then one day bam he was on his own, abandoned.

I carried on looking at her very intrigued. I knew he's had a hard life before he was saved by M and R but this was information in a depth that I hadn't heard before.

That sort of thing can make you very insecure having your world pulled from out underneath your feet. Makes it hard to trust, makes you very independent.

I carried on watching her looking at Mogsie, she then turned to me.

Give him a chance, he's good a good heart.

That much I already knew.

He'll come good in the end just give him time.

And with that she was off, I'd never thought of it that way before and I looked over to Mogsie still sitting basking in the last warmth of the day, my heart did a little flutter and I swear if cats could cry my cheek would be wet.

I Feel A Bit Touched

How lovely, I've just had a visit from the darker Naughty Twin and he said I was welcome to pop over to his anytime, I think I shall be taking him up on his offer. 
We've never really spent a huge amount of time together, I have hung out with Sarah, George and the lighter Naughty Twin but I've never really had the opportunity to get to know him or Bella, I look forward to us getting more familiar, actually I feel a bit touched that he took the time out to drop by.

Expanding My Horizons

It suddenly occurred to me that I've lived her for over three years, let alone the times that I used to come down and visit nanny and I've hardly been out of the house and back garden. I don't know why suddenly today but I decided I was going to expand my horizons a little and venture further. 

Where should I go? Well certainly not over the road, I mean there's the road to traverse and I'm not going to be doing that so how about the house where George, Bella, Sarah and the Naughty Twins live, yes that's a plan!

Off I went across the back wall, past Sunshine shed and over C's back wall as well. I was at the edge of their land now. I must admit I was a little scared, I've never been this far before, I mean what would it look like there and would I be spotted?

The answers came thick and fast, yes I would by the darker Naughty Twin who was having a sit on the fence on the far side of their garden. He didn't seem to mind but then again it was have been a bit hypocritical if he had, the amount of time they spend over here.

I then jumped onto their garage roof and had a closer inspection of the metal artwork they'd placed on the roof. Not sure what it is supposed to be but then again that's modern art for you.

I then had a peak into C's garden, the view is very different from this side, she does keep it lovely though.

I then decided to have a better peak into the Naughty Twins garden, um yes they have done it out very nice, there's lots of things to play with in there.

So I sat for a while to see if George or Bella or someone would come out but they didn't. The darker Naughty Twin had gone inside so I was left there all on my own, still I wasn't coming across for a chat.

Time to go home, I think that's enough for today but I am so pleased I took the chance, I don't know what's made me wait so long there was nothing to be afraid off. Now where shall I explore next?