Monday 30 November 2015

Give Me Strength!

It's massively windy out today and knowing how much River likes to feel the wind in her hair I thought she would love to come outside and we could sit together watching all the leaves blowing around.
Out I ran, waiting right by the garage one of her favourite places, for her to catch up but she ran straight past me, sniffing around the garden. Up and down in and out of the mud, ignoring me calling out to her.

It's not like I'm hard to spot. Give me strength!

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Sunday 29 November 2015

I'm The One...

It's River's special anniversary and...

...I'm the one getting a special clean and kisses from her. Still I'm never one to turn away from a good licking.

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We Needed To Make A Big Fuss

Well I never. Daddy and I got up early, leaving River and my other Daddy to have a lay in. 
I love these early morning times together, we get to chat together and Daddy told me that today we needed to make a big fuss of River as it was her anniversary, 3 years ago today she came to live with us.

I've not been here that long but I remember what it was like when I had my one year anniversary, it's a second sort of birthday so I was all ready when she came down the stairs to give her a big kiss and a hug.

She looked so confused bless her and went over to Daddy for him to explain it. She sat down and thought for a while then I saw that look in her eye and decided it was time that I was off, we were about to be in for a mad one! 

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Saturday 28 November 2015

Perfect End To A Perfect Day - David


A perfect end to a perfect day, nosing at all the events in Catworld while staying indoors in the warm and now snuggled up with my best friend watching her sleep, just perfect!

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Well it seems a certain someone has developed a crush.

Mogsie has been following Maisie around all over Catworld for the past half an hour, from a respectful distance you understand. I think the attraction is not just one way either, she keeps on turning back and smiling at him.

It's nice to see her coming out of herself, I've hardly seen her about since she and Theo moved in, however something tells me we're now going to be seeing a lot more of her around!

Ladies & Gentlemen I'm Pleased To Present

Ah ha! Daddy is sitting comfortably on the chair and I have an idea for some fun.

Ladies & gentlemen I'm pleased to present my take on the old classic, whipping the tablecloth off the table without the plates smashing on the floor.

Stretch nonchalantly, like nothing is going on, then...

...when he's least expecting it.

Grab and WHIP!

That Would Be Magical

The sky this morning is so clear and crisp, there's frost on the grass and a nip in the air.

George is taking his morning constitutional, his footsteps on the grass revealing green underneath the icing sugar coasting. Daddy says he's heard snow could be on it's way, Winter's not far away, Christmas in coming. He says there's even rumours that we could have a white Christmas this year, the first in many, wow now that would be magical.

Friday 27 November 2015

Today I Thought I'd Play A Little Trick On Her

I was all ready to play a trick on River his morning and then bang my best laid plans went out of the window.
Our usual morning routine consists of me getting up and having an hour or so on my own downstairs. Daddy gets up, has a shower, cup of coffee and goes to work. Then I go in and wake up my other Daddy and River, Daddy goes and has a bath and River and I come down the stairs, unless she's too sleepy to move and has a sleep in, run outside and have a play. Often River gets herself so excited she starts to bark and Daddy comes downstairs, calls us in and gives us both our breakfast and some treats.

Today I thought I'd play a little trick on her and hid behind the garden screen, thinking she would get herself all confused and I would have a laugh before revealing myself.

There I was waiting, and waiting and nothing so in the end I ran back inside to see what she was up to.
Oh my goodness much flapping going on as somehow a frog had got in, Daddy was running around the kitchen trying to find something to put him in while River, all excited with her new friend, didn't know whether to run after Daddy or play with the frog.

In the end he managed to capture it in a box and gently put it outside.

River just sat there blinking at him looking very confused.

Oh River, there was no way he was going to let you keep him, no matter how much you give him big sad eyes.

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Thursday 26 November 2015

So Shocked

Ahhh! This is lovely, a busy day and now a nice comfy rest.


Well I guess that's my comfy rest over with then.

And I really don't know why you're looking so shocked.

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

One Question, Why?

I've been listening to my Daddies talking this evening about things happening all over the world and throughout all their chat I only wanted the answer to one question, why?

It astounds me why people have to be vicious to each other just because they are different from another. So what if people have differing political or religious beliefs, skin colour, come from different parts of the world or fall in love with someone of the same gender.

Why does that mean that there has to be so much hating and aggression. people constantly hurting each other and trying to control, ego's running wild?

It's beyond me why everyone can't just be like River and me. I'm a boy, she's a girl, I'm a cat, she's a dog, I'm black and she's white, sorry champagne blond, and you know what we don't even care. We never even really think about it, we're best friends despite any differences we have, seeing the joy, love and kindness in the other, looking out for each other and for ways to make the other happy.

Thank the universe for those like us and there are so many that are, it's the few that seems to spoil it for the majority, it's all so unnecessary, pointless, short sighted and obviously wrong. 

I don't know the answer for such behaviour, it's way beyond logic, but I won't stop searching for a solution, oh no, no way. The good will not be beaten, no matter what, that answer I do have!

Monday 23 November 2015

I'm Just In The Mood For It!

What a lovely peaceful afternoon I'm having, ahhh.

Ah! A surprise River attack is it?

Wanna play do you? Well I'm just in the mood for it!

Ha,ha! Off you fall...

...but you can't escape from me that easily.

But I can you! 

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Sunday 22 November 2015

Got It!

The only trouble with having so much food and treats on offer here is that you find yourself constantly bathing, not a bag thing in itself, but it takes so much time to be such a clean cat.





Have You Ever Had A Dream You Just Can't Quite Remember?

Have you ever had a dream that you just can't quite remember? I had one of those last night.

It was a late one, my Daddies went out to see their aunt for her birthday and got back rather late. Nanny and granddad came down to look after us both. I don't really need looking after, unlike River, but I like to let them think that they are taking care of me, cats are independent.

When they came back everyone talked for ages and then when nanny and granddad went home the Daddies sat down to watch a TV show they like about aliens and some Doctor and his friend. I don't usually join them but I'd missed them so sat down to watch it with them, all very sad what happened to the lady in the show but Daddy said he was sure she'd be OK in the end.

We all then went to bed and that's when this weird dream began. As I say I couldn't remember most of it when I woke up this morning, no matter how hard I tried.

It started off with everything being in the dark, and the sound of lots of cats wailing and calling out. I think I was trying to see them in the darkness but I couldn't, then I was in a room with lots of doors and a cat sitting under a bench looking back at me and smiling, but it felt like I was on an alien world somewhere, it was very different to this world and my dream ended with a pair of green eyes staring at me out of the darkness, the most emerald green I think I've ever seen and another cat laughing and joking somewhere as the sound of thunder rolled overhead and then a bright light. I think it was at this point that I woke up.

I've been trying all morning to piece it together but the more I think about it the more it just fades.

I'm putting it down to watching that weird show last night just before I went to bed, although something inside me is niggling away, the green eyes are especially jumping out at me, it was a strong image, maybe because that's the colour of my eyes now, although they used to be brown. Oh I don't know I just wish I could remember it all, it's bugging me like when you read a book, an Agatha Christie and then at the time of the reveal all of a sudden realise you've missed something that's been glaringly obvious all the way along.

Saturday 21 November 2015

New Kids On The Block

I was glad that it was a usual Saturday, River and Daddy sleeping in, as it meant that I got time alone downstairs just chilling and doing what I felt like, eating and padding Daddy and most importantly getting the opportunity to finally have a decent conversation with Theo.

Yes Theo popped by.

He said he was just on his morning constitutional when he bumped into George who told him that I'd been wanting to speak to him for a while.

He was a little cautious at first, I guess that's the case being one of the new kids on the block, even though he's lived here for a while now, he seems the shy type.
I wasn't sure how to begin, my story seemed a little out there, well not my story the story of Purlean and The Coven of 3 and how Catworld needed his help.

I started to talk to him about what I had experienced, his eyes staring at me, a mixture of disbelief and trepidation. I wasn't sure whether I was explaining it properly as he didn't say anything, nothing being given away by the look in his face.

I just got to the point where we were about to go overseas when I heard the door upstairs and River came running down. I couldn't risk him being scared away by her happy greetings which I know for sure she would have given if she had seen him so I told him I thought it best for us to get together again soon and I could tell him how it finished and he nodded, still saying nothing, and off he went, head down, maybe deep in thought.

Time for River now, she's just woken up and I can tell from the look in her eye she wants playtime. Thinking about it I guess it was a good time for a break in the story, it's a long one and the weirdest part of it, well that was coming and I didn't want to overwhelm him. 

Still at least first contacts now been made.

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Friday 20 November 2015

I'm Sorry If I Scared You

Oh dear I think I've upset River. There we were chasing each other around, we've both had chicken and River was on a chicken high and she loves to run around when she is. I thought I'd play a little game on her and ran upstairs and hid and then when she wasn't looking I jumped down on her and really surprised her, she looked stunned and went off to the back of the room on her own. 
I wasn't sure what to do, I guess she wanted to be left alone, I know what that's like so thought it best to give her some time. After about 10 minutes she joined me on the sofa although she kept some distance.

I'm sorry if I scared you River, are we friends again now?

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Thursday 19 November 2015

Off The Radar

George just popped by which surprised me as it's pouring down with rain and unlike me he doesn't seem to be too much of a fan.

He said he'd not seen me in a while and just wanted to know how I was doing and to let me know what was going on with Foxy Lectar and Flash. Apparently there's not been any sightings of Flash for weeks now and so he's off the radar and although not that many sightings of Foxy he has been leaving signs of midnight visits, torn up grass that sort of thing.

The 24 hour a day patrols are being stepped down although he said we should all be vigilant. I always am!

Tuesday 17 November 2015


There I was just having a little clean, River all tucked up asleep next to Daddy when all of a sudden whoosh and Daddy jumped up and quickly closed the window. It's so windy out there I don't think I'm going to be venturing out tonight, I do hope my friends are safely indoors.
Poor River it made her jump and then Daddy banging on about Kansas and whirlwinds and magical lands hasn't helped, I think it's just confused the little darling even more.

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Monday 16 November 2015

Dare Me Do Ya?

Dare me do ya?

You know I never back down from a dare.

Because I'm David-Shiro...

...Ninja Cat!

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Sunday 15 November 2015

Up My Game

I really don't know what's up with River today, all day she's been monopolising Daddies legs. I even tried trying to tease her into giving me a chase by sticking my tongue out at her.

But she just ain't shifting.

Oh well guess I'm going to have to up my game and jump all over them both, that should get some action going.

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Saturday 14 November 2015

My Best Friend

As much as I do enjoy my alone time with Daddy it's the best time when River is around for me to play with. I do miss her when she's tucked up in bed and I can't get in there to be with her, she's my best friend in the whole wide world.
Come on River, play with me, there's plenty of time to sleep tonight.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Times We Share Together

Saturday morning and it's just me and Daddy downstairs, River and my other Daddy are both snoring away tucked up in bed.

We've been tidying up, well Daddy has I've been inspecting his work. Us cats are known for our keen eye for cleanliness and design and I've got to say he's not done a bad job, polished everything, hands and knees floor washing, dusting and binning rubbish.

I do love these times that we share together, just the two of us, a few special minutes as I follow him around the house uninterrupted, so serene, so peaceful and so successful too, Daddy leaves a dreamie on the floor for me when he's finished in a particular spot as a thank you for my help.

Ahhh vanilla candles, the start to this day can't get any better.

Friday 13 November 2015

Everything Comes To He Who Waits

Ahhh! Everything comes to he who waits and that includes Daddies lap all to myself, River is tucked up with Daddy on the sofa and I'm all cuddled up with Daddy on our chair, padding away to my hearts content.

Yes truly sure, everything comes to me who waits!

Thursday 12 November 2015

Plan Part Worked

So I was locked out of the office again today, too much jumping around all over Daddy apparently, although I think it's nice when someone shows their affections in such a warm way but then again us cats are very open with our affections.

Anyway I digress, locked out I was and fed up too so I kept on banging on the door letting then know that enough was enough and it was time for them to move on out as I wanted a sleep on my chair and they were both occupying it.

Plan part worked, door open, River and Daddy out and then, and this is the part that really shocked me, he went back in and sat back at the desk, now I'm left with a rather playful River to keep amused.

Sometimes too much planning just backfires and I should have gone with my first instinct, knock the table leg out from underneath them. 

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