Monday, 30 March 2015


I've been tricked by Daddy and I'm not that impressed.

He always calls me to come and give him a cuddle when he comes down in the morning. Sometimes I fancy it and sometimes I don't and just go about my business.

For some reason he was being extra attentive this morning and calling my name out again and again. My catty powers were telling me to stay where I was but I ignored them much to my chagrin, the lure of extra Dreamies was too much and just as I was munching away suddenly I felt two gentle hands lift me up and put me in this box thing again.

Oh no I remembered what happened last time, I went to see the Doctor and today was no exception. I don't mind it too much, it's the journey in the car I'm not too fond about, the Doctor said I probably got car sick as she pinched my neck and put another injection of stuff in me as Daddy looked at me in the eye and said not to worry everything was going to be OK.

It was and he's forewarned me, in about a month I'm coming back for the last time in a long time, just a little operation he said, nothing but a small snip. Um not sure I'm liking the thought of an operation no matter how small he says it will be, he comes calling like that again shaking the Dreamies packet and I'm on my toes!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

To Find Missing Time

Something very strange has happened.

My Daddy who goes out most days went out today even though it was Sunday, off to work he said. Work on a Sunday? River and my other Daddy spent their time getting ready, I waited for them outside of the bathroom, I was feeling very hungry and couldn't wait until we all came downstairs for breakfast, crunchies and scrambled egg.

Then Daddy said something very strange, he said the day had lost an hour over night and he needed to get on, he had lots to do.

 I looked at him to see if he was pulling my leg but no his face said he was being very serious indeed. What could he mean, the day had lost an hour? 

Maybe this has got something to do with the day turning to night? I'm very confused by his words and jumped up on the window ledge to see if anyone was around so I could ask them if they'd heard about this mystery as well. I waited there for ages but no one was around, the rain was coming down rather heavily and I guess everyone's keeping inside in the dry and warm but so I decided I was just going to sit here and try to find the missing time!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

You Don't Need To Set An Alarm Clock

It's been a funny few days and all rather tiring so I was glad to see that today was going to be a lazy day where we could all just chill and gather our thoughts waiting for Daddy to come home from his big work adventure.
One thing I've learnt here you don't need to set an alarm clock if you are waiting for something to happen, River seems to have this inbuilt system as astute as a cats and when she's up, well everyone's up, her barking alerted me that Daddy was home.
Ah bless her, she so needs her touches and strokes, I do but when I'm ready, another advantage of being a cat, we're very independent creatures. She was so happy to see him, if she was a cat she would have been purring.
But she's a dog and so frenzied activity apparently involving me was the route she chose to take to celebrate Daddies return! 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday, 27 March 2015

No Point In Hanging Around

Oh dear River's not too happy she's been sitting in the window for ages whinging away. 

I jumped up to see if she was OK, she said she was waiting and calling out for her Daddy but the thing is I heard Daddy saying that our other Daddy was away working for the night and wouldn't be coming home until tomorrow.

I tried to let her know everything would be OK and not to be too upset but she was having none of it, oh well there's no point in hanging around it's not going to change things no matter how much she wants it to be different, unlike my eyes which appear to be changing colour from brown to green at the drop of a hat. 

I thought Greego was winding me up yesterday but I ran and checked in the shiny surface on the cooker and could see as clear as day my eyes had in fact turned green. I've no idea how I had no idea how I was going to explain that away to George but then they turned brown again so I guess I've managed to buy a bit of time to work out what on earth is going on with me and I'm scared it is all to do with the events of last Friday.

Oh well there's no point in worrying too much about it, I feel fine and at the moment no other changes with me and I'm more concerned about River missing her Daddy, still chips for tea, that will cheer her up!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Colour Of Renewal And Rebirth

Today and not a paint brush in sight, thank goodness, the peace has given me time to think about all this green colour business going on. It strange how it seems to be everywhere around me at the moment, and my catty powers just won't let it rest, I feel there's something in it.

Luckily Daddy is getting a little lax where it comes to shutting the secret room door and as much as I was cautious about entering to speak to Greego, I've still not ventured out to find this thing of his in some wood of which neither of us knows where there doesn't seem to be anyone else around here that could provide me some answers so in I ventured.
"Spread um!" A voice boomed at me as soon as I entered. I was taken so much by surprise I instantly reacted. Then I heard a giggle, Greego.
"I've been waiting for you, welcome my great adventurer."
I looked up, Greego was sitting on his shelf looking down and grinning.

"What was it, what was it I lost?"

"Er...." I didn't know what to say.

"Have you returned here again empty handed?" He tutted.

"Of course you have, for the sake of flying fairies, why do you think you can come in here bothering me without bringing me my thing?"

"I need to ask you a question, it might help me in my search." I was winging it but I was beginning to figure out the best way in dealing with Greego was to play him at his own game.

"Um." He put rested his chin in his hand. "Go on then."

"Green, what do you now about the colour green?"

"You having a laugh?" He half smiled at me. 

"No." The best way to play is play with confidence. "The colour green keeps on popping up around me all the time at the moment and something in me makes me think it might be helpful in my search for your thing.

Greego laughed. "Good try David-Shiro but this is not about my thing at all, this is about you. Do you really think us Pixie's have survived thousands of years without seeing through such deceptions?" 

He looked angry and I thought I'd pushed it too far then a great big grin came all over his face.

"I like your style David-Shiro playing the player, cheeky little cat but as I say I like your style so OK you can have a free one on me. Green is the colour of harmony and balance, the thing between the head and the heart, a colour of growth and fertility, of Spring. It's also the colour of a mental clarity and inviting hope, renewal and rebirth."

"Wow!" I wasn't expecting all that and didn't know what to say, I got up to leave then turned to thank Greego.

"Oh yes and one more thing." 

"What's that?" 

"It's also the colour of your eyes." Greego threw back his head laughing manically.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Emerald Green

I've been keeping out the way today, Daddy got up early and I heard him saying he was going to get his paint brush out, he's been doing that rather a lot lately all over the house and I've learnt it's best to keep out of the way, I might get gunged.
I slept the day away on the bed in the sun, a perfect way to spend the day. When I woke up I could hear washing up type things happen so I figured he was done and came down to inspect. I was wrong he was just changing colour on the brush, I made a hasty retreat until I was sure it was all over, I guessed it was finished when I was called down for dinner.

Um not bad, emerald green, there seems to be a lot of that around here lately. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Finally Some Answers

Finally some answers.

I was having a little clean after my dinner of egg and chicken when I heard a calling from outside the window. Instantly I recognised the voice and jumped up, luckily it's a warmish day and Daddy had left the window open while he was out the back baking.

"George!" I was so happy to see him. "Are you OK I've been so worried?"

George nodded. "Yes I'm fine I just needed to rest, get some of my energy back, it's been a troubling few weeks."

The strain was showing in his face. I knocked a Dreamies out the window to him. He licked it up and smiled. 


"George," I began, "I'm so confused about everything."

He finished his Dreamies and looked back up at me. 

"I can understand why and I'm sorry if I worried you." He paused for a while before continuing. 

"This place, Catworld, is a very special place David. There something about this land, things happen, things take place that don't in other places. I don't know why here, why this place was chosen some amazing things have taken place and some terrible, horrible, almost unbelievable things have happened here, we seem to have a connection to the land, to time to things that even I at the age of 14 don't understand."

Wow this was a lot to take in, he was telling me these things and yet I understood even less than before.

"What was last Friday all about, when the sun went dark?"

George suddenly looked very stern. "You ran and hid didn't you, like I said?" 

I felt a little ashamed, I hadn't followed his advice and I was about to lie to him, to lie to my friend. I nodded, I couldn't bring myself to lie with my mouth so I lied with my head. I'd hang it in shame later.

"Good." He looked relieved. "Mogsie passed on a message to me a few weeks ago, something that an old friend of Catworld told him when he was last here and I went to The Lane of Bells to see if The Judge could help."

If I'd had some popcorn I would have been popping it into my mouth, I was gripped.

"The Lane of Bells?" I asked.

"It's a place that us cats can go to," he paused "get to when the situation is so dire, so without hope that we need to take a chance and visit, for it's a very dangerous place and a trip there is sometimes a one way ticket, you never quite know what can happen. The Judge he is a kind of caretaker for the place."

"What did Mogsie tell you that made you go there?"

George went within himself, I guess trying to find the right words.

"The exact message I cannot tell you, it's not my place but let's just say there was a certain set of circumstances that had been achieved that foretold a breach was possible."

"A breach?" I interrupted, "What do you mean a breach?"

"Have you parents told you much about car lore?"

No they hadn't really told me much about anything. I shook my head "Cat lore?"

"About The First and the Cumbiare?" I shook my head.

"The First and Second Great Cat Ages? The last Cat War, The Queen of Catkind" Again I shook my head, I'd never heard about any of this stuff.

"Oh little one, there's so much for you yet to learn but it will all come in time, I'll make sure of that but one thing at a time. Us cats are protected from beyond, we've been threatened more than once in history by a force that has tried to control us, you see we are powerful and together as a collective a master force but occasionally something happens and that protection can be breached and as I said Mogsie was warned by an old friend of ours what to watch out for, a certain set of circumstance that could cause such a breach."

This was fascinating, there's so much more to being a cat that I ever thought.

"I went to seek a way to stop it but there was no way, it was already happening and all I could do was spread the words and warn everyone to take cover, to run and hide and hope that whatever was being searched for wasn't found. It appears that emergency has now passed, everyone seems to be OK and accounted for but it doesn't mean that the danger can't return we must all just be careful and head the fore warnings."

George got up, I guess he was all talked out, he still looked very tired.

"Mogsie spoke to me." I called after him, "but he's not speaking to me now."

George turned and smiled "Don't worry, it's not personal little David, that much I know. Mogsie has his ways and he must have his reason why he's kept his distance so far but don't worry whatever it is I'm sure it won't last too long, after all who can resist a little warrior like you?"

I smiled back.

"Speak soon." George called "Come out and join us in the world I think you'll find it fascinating."

"I will, " I called after him. "Just one more thing." George turned. "Who's this friend who helped us out, I'd like to thank him when we meet."

George's smile widened. "I don't somehow think you'll be meeting him little one but Troy, his name was Troy Lamore!"

I Thought I'd Made Some Progress

I thought I'd made some progress with Mogsie after he spoke to me the other day but it seems not as he's just walked down the street and no matter how loud I tapped on the window to get his attention he just didn't respond to me.

I know it's not because he's not a friendly cat, everyone says he's the protector and hero of Catworld and I'm pretty sure I've not done anything to upset him, nothing I can think of anyway.

It's such a conundrum.

Anyway onto other things, I wish George would show back up and this time have a bit more time to be able to talk to me, he's also left me with a few questions that need answering, specifically what he was up to last week with this Judge fellow and what on earth was all that stuff about with the day turning to night? I won't be telling him that I didn't go run hide straight away, I feel bad for not paying heed to his advice, I did get scared when I didn't recognise my own eyes.

Us cats are instinctive creatures and my catty powers are telling me to listen out for clues, something big is going on I just don't understand what. Yet!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Spring Clean

Daddy said today is the first day of Spring and in Spring all the flowers coming up and we have a big tidy up, a big Spring clean.

I'm starting with River, she needs it.

Oh I see I'm a part of this clean up job too, that's fine but I bet it's a lot easier for her than me, her fur is just so long and tangled!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Think Are Not What They Seem

Yesterdays events have left me more than a little shaken. 

I've been up half the night trying to work out what went on and I must admit to have been out of my mind worried about George and I was up earlier than everyone and downstairs watching out for him.

No sighting as of yet but I did spot Mogsie walking across the road and called out to him. I could see he saw me as he glanced over for a second as I tapped on the window. I wasn't having this radio silence from him there are more pressing matters than whatever it is that I'm supposed to have done to upset him and knocked again a second time really loudly and called out that I was worried about George and has he seen him.
He looked again, this time not turning back away immediately and he finally spoke to me.
"George is fine, don't worry little one." 

I was so relieved. That was all I got out of him as he carried on his way, to where I know not but the news that George was fine was all I needed to know and I felt a wave of relaxation spread over me.
I wanted to speak to George anyway there was still so much to talk to him about and decided to keep watch in the window for as long as my eyes would keep open, I'm so tired.

It was nice when River came down she jumped up and joined me to keep me company. Oh I can't wait to get to the bottom of all these mysteries going on around here, things in Catworld are most definitely not what they seem!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday, 20 March 2015


Most of the regular Catworld cats have now been accounted for.

I've been watching out most of the day just to make sure everyone was OK after this morning's events.

Chameleon was the first to show his face, I noticed him coming from around the back of George's house. He walked up the path, over to the daffodils, had a bit of a look and a dig around and then was off down the road.

About an hour later Twizzle appeared on the roof of her car, leading her Daddy by his lead. She seemed OK to, we've not been formally introduced but River told me who she is.

I went to have some lunch and when I came back to my spot in the window I saw Mogsie using a branch to have a little scratch of his nose, so I know he's OK.

At the moment there's no sign of George, Theo, Maise or Doublay though so I still can't rest easy, especially George, he looked so stressed yesterday, I'm worried about him he seems to take a lot on his shoulders. 

Eclipse - Magic Must Have Been On My Side

It's happened, it's happened, the day turned to night.

After spotting Mogsie this morning walking around taking stock I was on high alert. I tried to distract myself by playing chase with River but my mind just wasn't on it and so I ran upstairs to be with Daddy but he was locked away in the secret room so I went into the bedroom and looked out the window.

I noticed it starting at about 9 am the birds started to go quiet from their usual morning chatter, they'd been quiet anyway but now their was silence.

It's a cloudy morning and so I couldn't get a proper look at the sun but the clouds were turning darker and darker, not like they do if there's to be a storm, no this was like it happens as night falls.

George's words were ringing in my ears, run and hide, run and hide but there was something almost hypnotic about the events taking place. I should have been scared by I was more hypnotised and carried on looking waiting for something else to happen although I don't know what.

I checked the clock and it was now a quarter past and it was getting very dark, I scanned the room to make sure all my safe places weren't blocked with clothes or something Daddy had dropped on the floor. Phew they were OK, if it all got too much I knew I could run under the cabinet, I'm fast and nimble it would take just seconds from where I was sitting.

I looked to see if any other cats were around but no, George must have got the message out far and wide the only cat I could see was myself reflecting in the window. I didn't often look at myself so I took a moment or two to check out how I had grown, I wasn't a little kitten anymore, no I was certainly turning into a young man, maybe this is what handsome looks like, Daddy often calls me that then all of a sudden my heart stopped, a bead of sweat broke out on my forehead and I froze.

I looked again, and yes for a second time, just for a fraction of a second there was something in my eyes, something changed, just for a second a flash of green like a sparkling emerald broke through the brown.

Now I was scared, what was that? What happened? Oh why didn't I listen to George?

I was right I could make my safe place within 2 seconds. My heart pounding I crouched down and closed my eyes tight. Please let it be OK, please!

There I stayed eyes closed as tight as they ever had until I heard Daddy moving around. Maybe everything was OK. Slowly I opened mine and the room was all light again. I poked my head out and heard River downstairs jump up and bark at Daddy as he walked down them.

Everything seemed OK, a normal Friday morning. I stretched my back legs and came out into the open, looking left and right.

Looking up at the window I could see normal daylight and hear the birds all chatting away. I jumped onto the bed. Yes that was fine. Then I jumped up onto the window ledge and looked outside, a normal Friday morning indeed.

I caught a reflection of myself in the glass and as much as I wanted to look I didn't want to either but I knew it would pray on my mind unless I did. There they were my brown eyes, brown. I must have stayed there a good five minutes just staring just to make sure.

Maybe it was all in my imagination, maybe it was a trick of the light, or maybe it was something else and I'd had a close escape, magic must have been on my side and I thank my lucky stars for I'd won the lottery. Whatever it was I'm going to make sure I always listen to George in the future!

A Tension In The Air

There's a strange feeling in the air this morning, a tension, an unspoken feeling, all is eerie and quiet, the only movement that of Mogsie walking up and down the road with a very serious look on his face, no one else around.

I can sense it, this thing that George warned me about yesterday, I can sense something is coming, I can feel it in the air. I'm scared and yet like a horror movie where you know something is going to jump out and surprise you I can't stop watching. I find myself looking out the window watching and waiting, if it's to come I wish it would hurry up and then we know what we are dealing with, oh there's a tension in the air alright one that I've never known before.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Something Strange - The Impossible One!

Yeah George is back.

Daddy is upstairs in the secret room and River is asleep on the warm spot on the landing just outside his door so I had the whole of the downstairs to myself undisturbed.

A little after noon I spotted George walking up the road, head down looking very weary. He went around the back of his house, I thought he hadn't heard me knocking on the window at him but within about half an hour he came back out again and walked straight over to me and sat down.

He wasn't looking his normal happy self and all thoughts of me asking if he knew why Mogsie was ignoring me faded from my mind, something was weighing very heavily on his.

"Are you OK?" I asked "I've not seen you for ages"

He attempted a little smile but I could tell it was masking something.

"I am," he said, "but there's something I've got to warn you about."

My heart started pushing blood throughout my body, something in his tone told me to listen carefully.

"What is it?" I was worried I'd never seen him this serious before.

"I can't stop long I've got to spread the message."

I could feel the hairs on my back start to dance with electricity and not the good kind.

"There's a lot you don't know yet little one. A lot still to learn and I wish I had the time to tell you all now but I don't, I have many people still to visit and talk to, we've got friends around here that I need to go and see and get to help spread the world. There's something strange coming, something on it's way that could cause a lot of changes here in Catworld and it's not that far behind me."

A glob fell from George's weepy eye.

"Soon very soon the sky will go dark in the day and a force greater than any of us could ever imagine will be released, it's something I've been away trying to prevent from happening but I failed."

A shiver ran it's way from the tip of my tale all the way to my nose.

"What is it? What do you mean" I was getting really concerned, his face wasn't saying I shouldn't have been

"David, the sun is going to be blocked and day will turn to night, do not forget this for when it happens anything is possible, it's been foretold."

"Foretold, foretold by who?" None of this was making much sense to me.

"The Judge!"

I shuddered, I've never heard of The Judge before but I got a feeling of deja-vu at the same time.

"Who's The Judge?"

George shook his head, I could tell I was frustrating him he was in a hurry and I was full of questions.

"The Judge who resides in The Lane of Bells."

The Lane of Bells! I shook my ears to make sure I was hearing right, this was a lot of information to take in.

I haven't time to tell you all now but I urge you when this happens and it can happen at any moment run and hide."

"Why? Why must I run and hide?" I know he said he had no time but what he was saying was confusing and panicking me.

"Because something is seeking out someone David and no one is safe."

George got up to leave but my head was spinning with questions.

"Who's The One?"

George looked back over his shoulder as he started to cross the lawn. 

"The One who is chosen, the one who is foretold, the one with blood of pure magic, The Impossible One but one who exists anyway. David no one is safe, I beg you just do as I ask, when day turns to night run, RUN AND HIDE!"

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

That Look In Your Eye

River's intent on teaching me how to jump.

I know how to jump, I'm a cat!

Mind you, she has got some fabulous moves. OK then you show and I'll follow.

Hiya! David-Shiro ninja!

Come on River, I could learn a lot from you.

Although that look in your eye tells me I need to be very fast on my feet!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Number 3

I'm definitely right something big seems to be going on Mogsie has spent the best part of the afternoon keeping guard at the end of his pathway. 

About an hour after he went around the back with Chameleon he returned and set up camp looking left and right, occasionally cleaning a paw but always remaining alert. I knocked on the window to see if I could get his attention and try to make friends. 

He saw me, he looked my way but again didn't smile, wave or make any attempt to come over. I would have gone over to him but Daddy has locked the back door flap as River keeps on going out and playing in the mud and he said he didn't want to spend the day cleaning up her mess from the carpet so I was trapped inside.

I thought I'd go into the bedroom to see if I could spot George out the back but I never made it that far as when I got to the top of the stairs I noticed Daddy had left the door to the secret room open and so in I went.

"Got my thing yet?" 

As soon as I entered the room Greego The Pixie called out to me. No hello, how are you, had a nice day, nothing, his directness bordered on the rude.

"No," I replied "I'm still getting used to the outside world."

He huffed.

"Goodness me flying fairies, what's the problem, I'm in a hurry?"

"Hurry for what?" I'd nearly forgotten why I'd entered the secret room, it really always was all about Greego and what he wanted.

"My thing."

"I know but if you want me to help you you'll have to be patient, I need something from you, an answer."

He huffed again, stretched out his leg skywards, cracked his knee and settled back down."

"Go on then and make it quick, times running out, times running out." Putting his index finger on the shelf beneath him he raised his body like an expert acrobat and spun anti clockwise laughing his head off.

"Do you know why Mogsie isn't being very friendly towards me and where George is?" I might as well flip two questions in there at the same time.

"No idea, not bothered, not my business. Ask them if you want an answer what do you think I am a psychic?" He giggled again.

I was getting rather irritated with him.

"Listen if you want my help then I want yours too, this isn't a one way street you know."

He looked rather surprised but I think also a little pleased at my boldness.

Taking a deep breath he put his hands back on his chin but he didn't look fed up, he appeared lost in thought.

After a minute or so he began to speak;

"Actually I am a bit of a psychic, I lied, " he giggled again;

"The number 3, the number 3
A secret told by a great Oak Tree
The number 3, the number 3
An answer to come but not from me"

I just stared at him what was this nonsense?

"Well that's not much help."

"Sorry," he didn't sounding convincing 

"That's it, that's what I got. Now go, go, go on I need my thing and we're just wasting time chatting." He ushered me out with his hand.

"GO! No time, no time. HURRY UP!" 

I left the room to the sound of his manic laughter, his riddle going through and through my mind, what rubbish Oak Tree's can't speak.

The number 3, the number 3
A secret told by a great Oak Tree
The number 3, the number 3
An answer to come but not from me

Something Is Going On

Something is going on in Catworld, my catty powers are telling me so.
The rain has eased off a little and I was up in the window watching the birds come out and fly from rooftop to rooftop chatting away not paying much attention to what was going on in the street. Mistake number 1, always remain alert as if from nowhere that cat called Chameleon that I've heard my Daddies chatting about suddenly appeared at Mogsies.

Mogsie was still sitting under the car and I wouldn't have usually thought much of it but I could see they were talking but for some reason they weren't looking at each other, that's when my catty powers kicked in, it wasn't normal behaviour.

After a couple of minutes Chameleon got up and started to walk away.

Mogsie didn't move but he did just watched him pass by and I'm sure I saw Chameleon's lips move as he went.

This was intriguing and I paid close attention to him as he jumped up on the fence and then onto the garage, guess I'm not the only great jumper around here.

And there he sat for a good 15 minutes, looking this was and that before something seemed to catch his eye in the tree at the back and off he went.

It was only at this point that Mogsie got up from his position under the car and followed around the back. Something is going on and I'm determined to find out what, a cats powers never let them down!

An Extraordinary Exception

It's raining, boo. I don't like rain, us cats are known for our dislike of water, I've heard rumours of one of the cats that used to live with Daddy called Evie who loved it she used to swim in his bath but she was an exception, an extraordinary exception.

The thing is the water gets in our coats and makes us all dirty and we have to start the cleaning process all over again which I admit is one of our favourite pass times but we prefer it through choice than necessity.

Mogsie is out in it, taking shelter under the car, keeping out of it's way no doubt. He's a rather handsome fellow even if I say so myself and I would so like to make friends with him but he's still keeping his distance. There's no sighting of George either so I've not been able to ask him if he knows why, I hope he's OK even if he doesn't pop over for a chat I usually catch sight of him at least every few days.

Monday, 16 March 2015

A New Found Respect

Two days, two days I've been following this fly around and I've gained a new found respect for him. I've come close, very close to catching him but he always manages to evade capture just at the last minute.

Now as I said before I've the patience of a cat but that's not the only thing, I've the open mindedness of a cat too and have been studying him, there's a thing or two I can learn form him. 

How he manages to hear me coming up on him no matter how quiet I am, how he manages to change direction at the past minute and fly past me smiling and how he manages to keep going no matter how tired he is, these are all skills my catty powers are telling me are going to come in very handy some day.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Patience Of A Cat

 Buzz, buzz.

This fly just isn't giving up but no matter I've got the patience of a cat...

...and the speed!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday, 13 March 2015

Bet You Weren't Expecting That?

Oh goodbye peace, River's woken up and I'm really not in the mood for rough and tumble.

I said i wasn't in the mood River, calm yourself.

Oh go on then.

Let me shake you by the ear.

He, he. Bet you weren't expecting that?

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

How To Fly

I've been looking out for George all day to see whether he can shed any light on why Mogsie seems a bit off with me but no sign of him.

Never mind this fly has been bugging me for ages and I'm determined to catch him.


I must somehow learn how to fly, it's going to come in very handy!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Mystery To Solve

The day's just got better and better. I spent most of the morning getting used to how the backdoor flap works and I think I have it sussed.

Knock with your nose and jump all at the same time is the best way in and out. I'm getting at jumping so that was no problem, I think it's one of my best skills, although now I'm mastering this multi-tasking lark.

I was pretty pleased and exhausted with myself so I decided to spend the afternoon getting a little more familiar with how the outside world looks. River was asleep on the sofa so I had the window all to myself and I saw Mogsie strutting around getting the sun on his back.

Once he'd got himself settled I knocked on the window to get his attention. 

Once, nothing, twice, nothing and on the third time, and I really knocked so loud that River looked up he turned to face me but he did nothing just stared in my direction. 

My catty powers are kicking in and I sense there's some sort of a problem between the two of us but I've no idea why, it's certainly a mystery to solve, I think I'll ask George if he knows why next time he pops over.