Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Didn't Think He Was That Sort Of A Cat

I love nights like these, the suns just going down, there's already the feel of Summer in the air and River and I are just sitting here comfortable with each other. 

I just wish George would come by and let me know what's going on it's really been bothering me what Mogsie said earlier. I didn't think he was that sort of a cat but it would maybe explain why he's not been around here for a while.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Ask A Question Get A Question Asked

The daddies went out this morning and took River with them, oh how I enjoyed the peace and quiet and got plenty of time to sit on the window ledge looking outside.

Hardly a soul was around, I saw the lighter Naughty Twin run by a little bit earlier but this isn't unusual she's always out. 

Then just before the daddies came back Mogsie walked by and I caught his eye and smiled at him. He smiled back so I guessed he'd be open to talking a little bit more than he had recently.

Hello, how are you? I asked

I'm OK how are you? He said

Well ask a question get a question asked

A bit perplexed actually, have you been avoiding me?

Yes, and he stared straight back.

Yes? YES! At least it was honest I suppose.


Because I'm embarrassed to look you in the face when I know George isn't really interested in you anymore.

What! You could have floored me with that, before I could sat anything else the daddies car drew up and Mogsie ran off. 

I Gathered Up My Courage...

...and stepped forward. The little Red Dragon just lay there not moving, totally inert.

I moved closer to have a better look, the sounds of cats behind me called softly but did not come any nearer. I was nervous I admitted to myself but something inside me said that I wasn't in immediate peril.

Moving closer and closer until I was almost upon it, a break in the clouds of the day allowed the sun to shine ever brighter reflecting off it's metallic light shell. His scales shone bright and bright the brightest red I'd ever seen.

What was it? I'd never come across a dragon before. I'd heard tales that they were magical in their origins, this indeed was a fine discovery, a treasure beyond all expectations.

My nose came to within a whiskers width of it and still it remained still. I looked behind me I could sense cats around but couldn't see them, where they were I did not know. This thing in front of me began to shine hot with the sun beating down on it. It was tiny and vulnerable I didn't think that leaving it out here for all sort of predators was the best thing so I gently moved it over towards some nearby bushes with the softest of paw taps.

Once it was hidden from sight I felt a bit more relieved, I turned again and still no sight of the cats that were calling out previously and off I moved, my heart still pounding but pleased with myself that my courage held out.

Monday, 29 April 2013

A Little Red Dragon

I asked the lighter Naughty Twin if she'd been back to see her buried treasures and she said that she hadn't dared yet. I said that I felt it was time we went back to look at it and see if we could get to the bottom of the mystery and she agreed. 

She said she though it best to ask her brother and Sarah as well and would go off and find them.

Well she found her brother OK he was hanging around out the front.

He said he'd seen Sarah hanging around and would go and ask her if she wanted to come.

He found her OK quickly and her answer stood for itself, she wanted nothing to do with this monstrosity as she called it. OK just me and the Naughty Twins it is then.

Bit Of Luck They're Out

It's a bit of luck River and the daddies are out as I've just spotted that the lighter Naughty Twin has invaded out garden to do some sunbathing.

Actually it's quiet handy as I need to speak to her about going to check up on the little Red Dragon.

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Buttons been resting up by the Swinging Heart of Love most of the afternoon, maybe he's been talking to the Wiseman getting his catty powers fine tuned. He certainly needs to the only time we've ever exchanged words he's been rude to me.

A Crow Swooped Down....

...Look at it, look at it. Why are you resisting going back and taking another peak? What you saw you saw it wasn't magic playing tricks with your eyes. Yes it was a the Little Red Dragon and it won't be going away by pretending it doesn't exist.

And with that he was off.

I know he's talking sense, crows always bring messages to listen and listen I had. Right I must gather myself together and get ready to confront this thing.

The Robin's Message

A Robin has just flown into Squirrel Tree and sat looking at the Swinging Heart of Love. This is a great surprise I thought Robins only came about in Wintertime and it's Springtime now.

The daddies spotted it and had a little chat because they were surprised too! Stay looked up the Robins message via the animal spirit guides, I was glad he did.

A loved one's spirit was around, I've been feeling that and love was about to emerge from where it hadn't been seen before. Um maybe George will finally show his face I'm beginning to think he's avoiding me.

The Hallway Prison

Nadia may have escaped the confinements of the hallway prison now the suns out but she's not escaped her prison guard.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Amplification System

Button must be having some trouble tuning into his catty powers, it looks like he's searching for an amplification system. He should try The Wiseman he never fails to help.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

I Really Think We May Have Turned A Corner Here

The girl just popped around to pick daddy up to go swimming, they didn't make it!

Last night was a late night daddy had the girl and the boy and the girls around for his birthday. I spent the evening upstairs too much noise for my taste, so I enjoyed an extra long sleep only disturbed when they finally came to bed.
When she left I decided it was about time to join the rest of the world and come downstairs, settling on the window ledge. A fair enough day bright but cold means the windows are closed and the little warmth of the sun is multiplied sitting right by the window, so just warm enough.

River decided to join me and we just spent a few minutes watching each other in peaceful silence. I really do think we may have turned a corner here.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

The Sound Of The Cats Calling...

... eventually stopped and I decided that the time was right for me to venture back out and see what it was that had caused such chaos. That sort of thing is always best done just as the dawn is breaking, the first light licking the ground before the world had stirred.

Slowly I crept forward in that silent way that only cats can, my head peering around the corner for a second to investigate the scene. I needed to make sure that I wasn't spotted so after a quick peak I pulled my head back to the safety of anonymity. I was unsure of what I might find and had decided that it was best if I kept myself as invisible as possible. I couldn't be sure of what I had just seen and so gathering my courage together for a second time I looked around again.

There on the ground in front of me was a sight I never expected to find, a tiny little red Dragon lay before me.

What magic had made this thing appear? What did it want? What could it mean? What would I do next? I didn't know I was frozen on the spot.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Paws And Claws

The call came it was time to attend the Cat Council meeting for the reveal of the buried treasures that the lighter Naughty Twin had discovered.

It's caused so much trouble here with the Naughty Twins and Sarah falling out, Mogsie dragged into the search the introduction of Button to Catworld and the re-emergence of Foxy Lectar also coming back to try and locate it.

Where the rumours started I don't know but I know we've been waiting for this day all week. I still feel it in my catty powers that the buried treasures that I found are the real treasures but I must admit I'm very curious to see what she has found.

Mogsie and Sarah were waiting for us on the other side of the road. Oh no the planned meeting was to be over the other side of the road I never go over there. 

The lighter Naughty Twin was on here way over, I called out to her that I can't go over the other side of the road. 

Hang on, she said and ran over to the others who followed her back over.

Quick, down the side of the house Mogsie said, we followed his tail.

Where's everyone else? I asked Mogsie 

This is going to be a limited meeting until we know what it is that's been found I think it's best to keep it between those of us that have actually been involved.

I wasn't sure how I felt about that but in this instance I'll go with the majority.

Mogsie turned to the lighter Naughty Twin, Have you brought it with you?

No, she shook her head, I hid it here, and she gestated to the drainpipe that runs along the side of our house.

Out popped a little matchbox, wow I've not seen one of those for years. It was a push one and not what I was expecting at all. Why on earth had she had so much trouble opening it?

We all crowded around the matchbox looking back and forth between each other and back at the box in front of us. I gulped and swallowed down some breath. The tension in the air was palpable, Mogsie put a paw forward and pushed on the outside, careful not to exert too much pressure and make the whole box move, the draw inside slowly moved open. We gathered closer and peered in the draw not being completely open meant that only half the draw was covered in light, in the shadows a glint of red shone out.

With that the lighter Naughty Twin screamed, jumped 2 foot horizontal before landing claws out on top of the rest of us. Cat chaos ensured, paws and claws, cats screeching and dashing into each other before eventually gathering some wits about them and dispersing in opposite directions.

I'm back inside now, thankfully safe. I think I'll wait here in the window for a while and contemplate what I should do next.

After Midnight

Today is Disappears daddies birthday. I remembered last night when everyone came back in from where ever it was that they'd been most of the evening and Stay went upstairs and came down with a present and card from us all.

Disappears had to wait until it was after midnight to open it, Stay teased him by saying that he had to wait until the morning but gave in in the end.

After they'd said happy birthday River went up and gave daddy a big cuddle and when she'd moved off to go to sleep on Puppynap I went over to him to say my own happy birthday and give him a little bit of a lick.

When I woke up this morning I thought it would be a good idea if I got together with River to make plans for the day. I'd been thinking wouldn't the best birthday present daddy could get be if we worked together and made his day nice and peaceful and calm. I needed a place away from the daddies to do this so when she woke up we crept into the spare room and sat down to talk.

I'm not sure my message got across totally, each time I said something River just looked at me and blinked but maybe us cats and dogs do have some sort of a link as she was all calm and didn't attempt to jump up at me or chase me or anything. So far so good.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Thursday, 25 April 2013

X Marked The Spot...

...and I landed right on it!

Oh what had I done?Before I'd jumped I had seen exactly where I wanted to land but my aim was off somewhat. A comfy and what I thought safe spot on the other side of this River was where I intended to go but something went wrong and I landed in a place I shouldn't have.

There was an almighty roar all around me and up I sprang not pausing for breath, running as fast as I could, not looking behind for fear of what I might find.

Down I went running ever faster, the roar fading in the distance but I wasn't going to stop until I had got right away from that place. Unintentionally I'd done some big damage, exactly what I didn't dare stop to see.

Finally I'd made it out into a clear space the sun shone down hot, but for the moment I was keeping well away and I panted, I could really do with a drink but I wasn't going to tempt anything by trying to find some water. 

I hoped that any damage I'd done could be fixed but I wasn't sure that was possible,  some things can't be fixed as if by magic. I decided it was best if I kept a low profile for the meantime and wait until the coast was clear. I knew I'd have to go back to see what I'd left behind but now really wasn't the best time, I'd wait until things calmed down.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Memories - Good Luck With That

The daddies have just gone and got themselves all excited watching TV something to do with that JR bloke again, they were making such a hullabaloo that they woke me up so I decided to come down and join them.

As soon as I arrived in the living room I saw something that instantly took me back five years and brought a tear to my eye about my little boy Charlie.

There sitting in the middle of the floor was River laying right next to Nadia who has managed to escape the enforced confinment of the hallway. My little Charlie used to do just that each night lay down and fall asleep next to Nadia, they really were great friends, funny as we've never really bothered much with each other but he was obsessed with her and very protective. I do miss him.

Meanwhile the daddies are trying to get River used to being around Nadia without her trying to lick her to pieces and to stop her from scratching her shell to get her to move.

Yeah good luck with that it's taken near enough six months of constant telling her just to get her to leave me alone.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Auntie S Came To Visit

It's been a busy afternoon today. Stay daddy had just finished work and came downstairs and was doing some cleaning things when Auntie Silver came to visit.

I kept on the stairs as she was meeting River for the first time and I didn't like to interrupt. She lives somewhere near the lakes I know her quiet well as I went and stayed with her once for a couple of weeks when the daddies went on holiday. She made a massive fuss of me but as it was the first time that I'd been away from home before, well apart from when I used to go and visit nanny, that I spent a lot of the time in her bed an amazing contraption with lots of springs and leavers and things that went up and down.

It's always lovely when she comes to visit because daddy laughs a lot.

Keeping Distance

Sarah is still keeping her distance from me, I know she can see me sitting up here in the office. We talked the other day and she explained things but I'm not sure that there isn't something else going on. 

I can't wait until Friday the day the cat council meeting has been called to reveal the treasures that the lighter Naughty Twin has found, she won't be able to avoid me then, I must admit it's beginning to bug me and come to think of it George has still not surfaced either I'm beginning to take it personally!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Loving The Sun

 And all at once here comes nearly everyone and they are loving the sun.

Emma sauntered from around the back of her's and it appears the sun has made her very sleepy, she just can't stop yawning.

Mogsie is watching over Catworld, basking on the top of R's car and looking as fine as ever.

The lighter Naughty Twin appears to have just finished lunch from somewhere and it looks like she's waiting for River to wake up to wind her up.

The darker Naughty Twin is trying to impress Emma with his Cat Yoga moves although she's too tired to be bothered by his impressive leg lifts and me, well I'm bored waiting for George and have decided to join daddy back up in the office and have my own afternoon cat nap.

By Jove I Think She's Got It!

What a beautiful day it's turned out to be lovely and hot, maybe too hot for us cats to be out in the direct sun as I'm sitting downstairs waiting to see if I can spot George but so far nothing.

All of a sudden I heard a little snuff behind me and turned to see River laying down on the floor right behind me. Usually in these circumstances she'll be jumping right up at me trying to play or get a sniff or whatever it is that little dogs like doing to us cats but nothing. As she didn't move neither did I.

By Jove I think she's got it!

My Georges Day

Daddy has just told me that today is George's Day, it better be I've not seen him for ages!

Then I wondered if it was his birthday and then I got thinking that maybe it was like Lil's Day the day before River came, you get really spoilt to soften you up for the shock of your life. I really hope he comes around today so I can pre-warn him what may be in store and because I'm missing him.

Monday, 22 April 2013

And Peace

Well the scrap earlier between Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin has sorted some things out and it seems it's finally brought a resolution to everything to do with the buried treasures and peace can now descend.

The lighter Naughty Twin just came over and filled me in n what happened after the fight.

Her brother, the darker Naughty Twin, saw the fight and came over to speak to her, I'm guessing he'd also had enough as she told me he'd said to her that he was shocked as her behaviour. She said to me that she didn't like hearing it but that she'd been going out of her mind with all the worry over the situation and what to do and it kind of brought her a bit to her senses. Yeah paranoid I call it!
As they were talking Sarah also came over and although she kept her distance from them it seemed like she wanted them to make amends as well and although they didn't speak to each other at that point that he'd advised her to go away and have a good think which she said she would do.

She's not a bad girl just young and still learning about things and I was so pleased to hear what she'd decided to do. She's calling a cat council meeting for Friday this week where she's going to bring the still unopened box of buried treasures with her and with everyone there she'd like us all to try and open it together.

Sounds like a plan to me and I'm so curious as to what on earth it is she's discovered.

It's An All Out Cat War


 It's an all out cat war between Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin. I saw them just now over the road giving each other evil's, I didn't need to use my catty powers to know what was coming next it was obvious.

Sarah moved slightly towards the lighter Naughty Twin who responded by making a charge in her direction and off they went tumbling around over both Tiny's and Twizzle's gardens swiping at each other before running off in different directions.

I knew this tension was coming to a head hopefully now they've got it out of their systems they can calm themselves down and sort out their differences.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Poor Nadia

Poor Nadia she's been banished to the hallway since she's woken up so that she doesn't have to deal with River licking her and trying to work out what she is. How on earth will she cope being outside as I know daddy won't keep her indoors with the weather being so nice, Nadia so loves the sun and the garden. I've missed seeing her dash for the back door as soon as it's open no matter where she is in the house.

Still it's nice to see that she's woken up properly and is eating her favourite, peppers.

What A Cheek, That's Rum!

What a cheek, that's rum! After getting us up at the crack of dawn River has now decided that she's tired out and flopped on her favourite spot, nannies chair.  To top it all off Stay Daddy has wrapped her to make sure she's nice and comfy while we're both sitting her looking for matchsticks to prop our eyes open. Tut.

I Waited With Anticipation

All this nonsense over the buried treasures is beginning to get on my wick and I really am thinking I don't want to be dragged into it any more I've got my own treasures mystery to solve.

I've been hoping that Sarah or George would come over so I can talk to them about it and try and get some piece and perspective going but George has not been seen for days and although Sarah is no longer avoiding me she seems very pre-occupied.

I did think I could speak to Mogsie about it but he's just acting weird around me so when I saw him striding over here just now I thought a breakthrough was coming.

I spotted him as he began to walk across the road, the sun is very bright this morning and his fur was glistening. I know I shouldn't be having these kind of thoughts as I've been hanging out with George but as I say I've not seen him for days. Mogsie was looking in this direction so I knew he was coming over here so I waited in anticipation but he stopped at the rockery.

OK, I thought, maybe he's just composing himself but then he looked left, looked right and then started digging away. Hwasn't coming over to talk to me. That has made me think again about my feelings about George and Mogsie, I'm just so confused.

He's digging up our rockery to see if that's where the lighter Naughty Twin has hidden the box of treasures! I expected more from him and I must admit and I did feel a little pang of disappointment that he

As I gazed out looking away from him I spotted Sarah in the other side of the road watching his every move. No treasures are worth this level of stress, paranoia and mistrust, mind you saying that I wouldn't say no if daddy won the lottery.


It's been a short night with little sleep all courtesy of our little River. She was up as soon as the light came up and decided to disturb both Stay daddy and me and we're not the only ones she disturbed before most people are even up.

I was so comfy on my chair in our office last night that even though daddy came in as he went to bed to let me know everyone was retiring I just couldn't move. I do feel more sleepy these days I guess it's just a consequence of getting older and when you are comfy, you are comfy. My sleep was interrupted by River deciding to come in and wake me up, she was awake and ready to play. Oh well I guess I may as well get up then and went in to see the daddies who were fast asleep.

I settled on the window ledge just looking out, it was still dark although the birds were up and singing away. River watched me for a while and then decided it was time for her morning cuddle with Stay daddy and jumped up at him. Almost automatically he pulled her up and tried to settle her but she was in a licking mood. Stay gave up trying to get her to settle and I'm guessing not wanting to wake Disappears he got up and brought her downstairs, I followed. 
Almost as soon as she was down she ran outside to do some of those weird things that dogs do in the morning dew. It was at that point that I noticed Doublay was also up early and was in deep contemplation up by the Swinging Heart of Love. That of course didn't last long as soon as River saw her she barked and off Doublay ran.

I've not seen him around here much recently, he and Spit always used to hang around with each other but since Spit's become a daddy I guess he's got other priorities. 

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Mysterious Phoebe and Flo

I got expelled from the office again! I just couldn't help myself I really wanted a cuddle from daddy even if he is working, it's like a drug I just can't help myself even though I know what will probably happen.

I was downstairs to sit on the table and watch what River was up to when I heard a sound from the outside, someone was trying to get in.

I then heard a call out;

I've brought the wrong keys!

About a minute later I saw a set of keys flying out of the office window and the front door open.

Twizzle must have heard all the hullabaloo as she was watching everything going on from her window looking very surprised. Then all a sudden the girl came bursting in to the living room with two great big pink handbags, inside there were two other cats!

Oh no I thought here we go again the daddies have sprung another surprise house mate on me but it was OK daddy said it was Phobe and Flo and they were coming to visit for the day. Phew that's a relief I don't think I could cope sharing the daddies with other cats on a long term basis, we cats can be a bit demanding you now.

Still I was very curious and crept upstairs to get a peak. Ah so these are the mysterious Phoebe and Flo camped out in our bedroom. Still at least it's kept River quiet and occupied maybe Nadia now can come out of the hallways where she's been camped out since she woke up trying to avoid River who keeps on trying to lick her, now she's been distracted!

Roll On The Weekend

Yeah it's Friday at last it's been a long boring week and finally the weekend is nearly here. I'm so glad it means both the daddies are around to give me lots of attention and to keep River occupied and out of my way.

I'm up with daddy in the office again after being chucked out earlier for walking all over him as he was trying to work. I slipped back in very quietly when he popped out to go to the bathroom, if I stay really still I think I can stay.

I'm here waiting for either Sarah or George to appear so I can talk to them about what's going on with all this fuss with the buried treasures but so far no one's come out so I decided to have a little look at how the Little Lemon Tree is doing. Very well I must say, for once daddy hasn't managed to kill off a plant he is trying to grow. Hopefully it won't be long before we get some home grown lemons although I've no idea how long these things take to mature. Roll on the weekend!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

It's A Box - Marcel Marceau

The lighter Naughty Twin was looking very relaxed and very alone over the other side of the road. I watched her for a while and didn't see anyone else come near her. After a while she saw me and came over although not too near. 

How are things? I asked

OK she replied cautiously

Are you sure because things seem a bit tense at the moment?

They're after my treasures!

Well that kind of through me. Yes occasionally there's the odd bust up in Catworld but this seemed almost over the top.

Are you sure? I asked

Yes definitely and I've hidden it, I'm not letting them anywhere near.

Well my mothering instinct came rushing out.

Oh sweetheart nothing is worth everyone falling out over, especially not something like this. What on earth is causing you all so much bother?

They want to see what's in my box!

What you mean you don't even know what the buried treasures are, you've not opened it?

No I can't get it open. 

It fair brought a tear to my eye, this was terrible the trouble that this has brought and the pain in her eyes I couldn't help myself. She's a new mum and she's got so caught up in all this drama that I don't think she's seeing sense at the moment, before I could say anything she was gone.

I really need to speak to Sarah or George about this. My default would have been to talk to Mogsie but he's doing a Marcel Marceau impression on me at the moment as well.