Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year River

Well here we are again another New Year nearly here.

I do wonder what the next one's going to bring but whatever it is I'm sure it is meant to be. Happier way of being I think, it's all just one big adventure.

I'm sitting here with everyone just watching River play. Happy New Year River and I no matter what I'm really pleased we're family.

All Around The World

Today is New Years Eve. I love New Years Eve with the daddies.

Stay likes to sit and watch the fireworks on the TV as midnight hits the clocks all around the world. He loves fireworks and so do I if they are on the TV. We've just watched them in Australia and Japan, there's many more to come.

Over the years I've learnt a lot about all the different celebrations and it's amazing there are loads.

The first place to reach midnight is funnily enough Christmas Island. This is  followed shortly by New Zealand, a bit of Russia, Australia, Japan and China, although in China they have their own special New Year as well.

Then follows Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, some more of Russia, which is surely a massive country, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and then a lot more of Russia and the Middle East. We hit Europe and Africa next at the same time.

The UK is the last part of Europe to reach midnight.Greenland follows but is before Brazil and Argentina and much of South America. North America and Canada are near the end but places like Hawaii and French Polynesia are the last countries to hit the new year.

It amazes me how it happens like that. It take a whole day for the world to begin a new year as we know it. There's lots of different traditions and ways that people celebrate.

We always watch the New Zealand and Australian fireworks together. Daddy says that nearly 1 billion people watch the fireworks in Sydney. He told me he'd been there before I was born but I don't think I'll ever be going, it's along way away.

In Japan 108 times bells ring, and their celebrations can last for a whole week. Sunrise is the big time to celebrate though and people stay up to watch it.

Daddy said that in Russia a man called Grandfather Frost comes on NYE and gives out presents a little bit like Santa does to us.

In the Far East people celebrate the new year by washing their Buddha statues with scented water and then each other for good crops. They also let their little animals go running around. I particularly can identify with this tradition. I think it's lovely that all run free to bring in good luck.

India is another place like China that doesn't have the same NYE as many of us. They have a special festival called Diwali around November time which is their New Years. They light lots of lights and candles to drive out evil. It is a great big festival for them then.

Some other countries also celebrate at their New Year at different times. In March and April time. It does get confusing the more you look into things. I used to think everyone had it at the same time.

In Europe we mainly celebrate in a similar way. Food and drinks and fireworks and people in the streets. Each country daddy says has their own old traditions but not everyone does them.

An old German tradition he told me is to leave a little bit of food on your plate till after midnight to ensure a full belly the next year. In France a lot of people have dinner parties and exchange presents. In Greece is can be an even more important day to celebrate than Christmas and a little like in the UK the first person to cross the threshold of your home after midnight is said to be lucky.

Both the daddies have celebrated NYE in the Netherlands before. They said that people can be mad with fireworks and crackers and that a lot of people would burn their Christmas trees to drive out the spirits of the old year.

Here at home Big Ben is shown on the TV and there's lots of shouting in the streets. Some people give each other a lump of coal or bread as an olde worlde tradition to wish in good luck.The daddies often spend it with some friends, there's been some very messy NYE's in the past with people ending up in shopping trolleys being pushed through the streets. It's more sedate now that we live out in the country. I think The Boy and The Girls are coming over, they are always great fun and should keep River occupied.

When you think of it there are just so many different New Year Eve's and traditions old and new it makes my head buzz. I just hope that everyone has a very happy, healthy and worry free new year.

As for me? Well I guess I shall have to wait and see.

Coast Clear?

I wonder if the coast is clear?

The Tale Of Two - The Forest Is Entered

And so they went, they both stood proud, they both stood out from of the crowd
The First looked up a violent cloud, above the forest, a darkened shroud
This was his task the end he vowed was now insight so on he ploughed
A boom above it cracked so loud it scared him much his head it bowed

Mary-Anne too bent her head, the path ahead she did not dread
Her part to play it had been read, importantly for her to thread
It all went back when ancestors fled the battle with so many dead
Her task to play it had been said to help The First and end the spread

Of evilness throughout the land laid out by a tempting hand
 The curse had been so slyly planned so powerful it should be banned
Around the land the curse had fanned entwined in every strand of sand
Now was the time for them to band, together like the strongest brand

Here she’d waited for her time, she now stood up her time to shine
The bells they toll the bells the chime, the bells sang out in glory rhyme
Mary-Anne now in her prime a hill ahead she now would clime
The evil curse was like some slime spoiling worlds, such a crime

Shall we go? The First did say, Oh yes we’ve still got quite a way
To go until we reach the day, the curse is dealt with and we slay
From our route we must not sway although tempted along the way
This path is leads to Dragons Bay and then a choice, a laden tray

The laden tray of much they say, what does this mean explain I pray?
Of this I’ve heard of since the day, what’s on the tray that I must sleigh
The thought of running right away from such a choice it’s weight does weigh
But I don’t understand the way, that I will know what way to sway

The laden tray will break the curse, if in your thoughts you do traverse
The things upon it are diverse, watch for the hag she will coerce
Watch her words they will be terse just free your mind, things in reverse
You must look close, you must converse then make a choice it will disperse

There’s something on her tray to choose, something that can lift our blues
But you must look for all the clues, your journey’s colours, your journeys hues
However  the Hag she likes to amuse herself by giving twisted views
You must be careful and peruse or she will win and we all will lose.

Sunday 30 December 2012

I Don't Know Why I Swallowed A Fly

I just ate a fly.

It tickled my throat as it went down and I couldn't cough it back up.

Don't think I'll be doing that again in a hurry. The taste wasn't worth the hassle. I really don't know why I swallowed a fly.

But Not Forgotten

Disappears daddy was looking out the back window when he called to me and Stay to come have a look.

Out by the Swinging Heart of Love was the lighter Naughty Twin paying homage. I thought first of all that she was just being nosey again but no River was asleep on her doggies in the living room.

It's good to see that most of the cats around her enjoy the Peace Garden. It's always nice to spend some time to remember those that aren't with us here anymore. They may be gone but not forgotten.

Saturday 29 December 2012


Mogsie's back.

Oh great news I was only talking about him this morning and there he is. I was just hanging out in the living room when I heard Disappears daddy saying that M was over the road.

We all looked out and there with her was Mogsie. She must have been talking to him as he followed her back up the path but he didn't go in.

I moved to the window to get his attention. After a few minutes he looked up and smiled at me before moving off to have a little look around E's.

I've no idea if he's been on his holidays or just spending time with his family over the Christmas time but it's so good to see him again.

I've decided we're nearly at the end of the year so new year new start. I'm going to make much more of a concerted effort to move this situation on between us.

Water Water Everywhere

Brilliant. I've only just realised there's water laid out everywhere for me.

OK well maybe it's not specifically for me but it saves me having to go all the way to the kitchen for a drink. All these new presents I've discovered, I can utilise myself.

I know Stay daddy called out no but what he don't see won't hurt him.

Love Heart?

I can see why River thinks that the lighter Naughty Twin's name is Love Heart.  It does look like she's got a great big heart tattooed on her side.

The advantages of me being a computer genius are untold, I can hack in an instance. I told you the film Cats and Dogs was actually a documentary. 

It's amazing the things you notice when there is almost absolutely no other cats around to interact with. I think I'm having cat withdrawal. I know it's Christmas and all that but what have all they all gone on holiday or something?

Friday 28 December 2012

I Can Spot A Theme Here

What on earth are they watching now?

A little girl dressed up as a cat and a cat dressed up in her best wedding gear. I can spot a theme here over the past couple of days. I do hope they don't think they are going to be marrying me off.

I've only got eyes for one around here.

Where is Mogsie I've not seen him for days?


I just spotted a weird red thing in Underwater World that I didn't spot yesterday.

It looked familiar but I've never seen this thing before, as a rule I stay clear of water. I really didn't know what to think. I wanted to go up and see The Wiseman but River was playing outside up by the Peace Garden so I couldn't make it.

Thinking of that though it came to me. Boing.

Boing up in the Peace Garden looks very familiar but a flying version. This must be his underwater cousin Woing.

Thursday 27 December 2012

Looks Like She's Getting Married

Stay daddy has just shown me a photo on the computer that The Girl sent him.

It's of  Flo or Phoebe I'm not sure which one. Any photo's I've seen of them before I can't tell the difference. Anyway it was one of them wearing the present the daddies gave me.

I gave it to The Girl yesterday as she was leaving. I would never have been expected to wear it but maybe tussle with it a little. I'm not into silly Christmas hats.

The daddies know me well and that I'll never touch it. So I passed it forward always a good motto to have I think.

Suits her more than me. Looks like she's getting married.

Complete. We've All Had An Upgrade

Well I guess that's all complete now. We've all had an upgrade.

First of all it was me. I had a Zebra print make over of my office chair the other week along with a complete Winter wash and clean.

Then River came to live with us, got a new night bed, day bed that nanny made and play area with toys.

Then Nadia got a new Hawaiian cottage for her Winter sleep. Shame River keeps on disturbing her but she's not always a heavy sleeper anyway.

Now I see that Alo has got a complete housing upgrade. Not only did she get a new bowl but she's had the decorators in too. I just saw Stay daddy flick on the switch.

Tip-Bits Everywhere

One of the biggest advantages that I've discovered to Christmas over the years? There's tip-bits absolutely everywhere.

You just have to search around a little and you'll come across something.

This mornings surprised treat a bowl of beef cuttings. The daddies friends the girl and the boy came over and they all had dinner. This must have been left over from that.

Stay daddy is on a manic clear up so I know I needed to do a quick scout to see what was left from yesterday and there is was all wrapped up for me in the kitchen. I love Christmas, for me it really is all about the food.

Wednesday 26 December 2012

The Cheshire Cat

OMG The Cheshire Cat! I can't believe it I was only talking about him the other day.

We Just Had A Moment

I've just come down from upstairs. 
Stay was laying on the sofa with River on his chest, their faces touching. It looked very sweet and I wasn't jealous in the slightest.

I've become very found of her. Her heart seems in the right place even if she is a bit exuberant at times.

I saw them late last night. She climbed over his head from Disappears lap and laid her face next to daddies face and then gently bit his ear. I understood at that moment, I've felt just the same. It made me warm to her to keep my tolerance in check. My issue not hers. My remeber this when she next starts barking at me.

So anyway I jumped up on the sofa arm and daddy stroked me to almost delirium. River didn't move just opened her eyes and watched me. 

When I'd had enough I went over to nannies chair and we all just sat there looking at each other, the sun finally bursting through after all yesterdays rain.

As the cloud came again and the sunbeam went away we both said hello and I went on my way. Dreamies I spot on the table but we just had a moment.

Tuesday 25 December 2012

That Was My 10th Christmas

We all slept together last night downstairs. 

It doesn't happen that much any more but when we lived in the city us three would do it all the time at the weekends. Get the duvets out on the living room floor camping down. It was lovely the night never seemed to end.

It's been ages since we last did it and it's the first time since River came to love with us. I think they do it so that we can all spend some special time together and they always love Christmas Eve. 
Surprisingly comfy nights sleep since here were the 4 of us all trying to get a corner of the bedding.

When the daddies woke up we were all up opening presents. River got a piece of rope thing and a necklace and I got some stringy thing with bells on the end. Thank you but the daddies know I don't really like playing with things like that and so generally fill me up with treats instead.

We then all settled down to watch some Christmas films. This mornings one was all about a man in a museum. Stay daddy really liked it because he told me that when he was a little boy that he lived in a museum. He didn't say whether everything came awake or not but I bet it did. He's got that sort of a glint in his eye when he talks about it. He sat me and River down before lunch telling us stories about it.

His reminiscing got me reminiscing about my other Christmases with the daddies. I can hardly believe that this is my tenth one here and the thirds in this house. 

I remember my first one where the colour scheme was green and red and everything was bows and very much OTT. I got spoilt rotten but never touched half the stuff. Evie was Queen back then but ruled with a gentle touch. We spent the whole morning opening gifts. Had lunch with nanny and then all sat down in the living room together all afternoon eating and chatting and watching TV. Not much changes.

We then all gorged ourselves on Turkey that Disappears cooked and sat down to watch some more TV and to look at some pictures in a book with Stay while Disappears played pull around with River. 

All very glamours these cats were in the book, all dressed up in their fineries. We tend to go more casual in this house as you would guess by the fact the daddies didn't have a bathe until it was the afternoon.

Ever since then the 4 of us have just been chilling out together. Watching TV with daddy is always an experience. He always gets excited when The Doctor comes to call and we've had an evening of comedy and high drama that seems to be making them happy. River's asleep next to Alo on the floor. I hope she had a lovely first Christmas.

Me well I'm just loving the peace and quiet drifting slowly to sleep on daddy, All day and no rows with River. My perfect Christmas.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

On The First Day Of Christmas - The Wood Pigeons Did Sing

On the first day of Christmas the Wood Pigeons did sing

#12 Days

Happy Christmas from everyone at Lil's Catworld

Hanging Out Together

The daddydaddy and daddymummy came over for a Christmas visit tonight.

One of the biggest advantages that I've come to realise with River being here is everyone that comes to visit her gives her a present and also gives me a bag or two of dreamies. I've got 5 bags in reserve at the moment.

Everyone open some of their presents. Alo has been given a new home which intrigued River. She spent ages going up to her to have a look.

It reminded me of the way that Charlie was with Nadia when she first came to live with us. He always loved curling up with her.

Both of them coming over also meant that River was distracted for most of the evening so I managed to get some fabulous alone time with daddy, in peace. I love Christmas, just time to hang out with those you love.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

Monday 24 December 2012

12 Sexy Singers

TV tonight really is strange. Stay daddy can't help but flick non stop. Barely do you get into one show then he's off to another.

He loves the overseas channels. He's just flicked over onto one where everyone was drinking bear and dressed up and there was a load of singing ladies dressed at sexy female Santa's. Don't know what they were singing about didn't get the chance to see the end.

A Christmas Miracle

We just had a bit of a Christmas miracle.

I was coming down the stairs as Stay daddy strolled past with River in his arms ready to sit down. I was already on my way there so decided to carry on and jumped up on the arm of the sofa.

River lay on daddies tummy staying still and I sat n the arm getting stroked. We were both very cordial to each other not disturbing in the least.

Daddy then said would it be good if you two now just had a little chat.

Why not, I said hello and she said hello back but both carried on with our business. That's enough for now.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side


I just had my first prawn.

I was sitting with the daddies watching a film about a giant monkey and they started to have lunch. I wasn't after anything but out of nowhere there a prawn plopped down in front of me.

I gave it a good lick. Yep like the taste of this. The sauce I mean, you can keep the prawn. 10 years it's taken for me to encounter one, let's hope the next time is another 10. Us cats don't like all fish things we each have our own tastes.

 The sauce though I'll be having that again soon.

Sunday 23 December 2012

11 Guys Were Gawping

The girls came down to see the daddies for Christmas and to meet River.

I quiet like them both. They are some of the only ladies that I will ever go to to get a stroke.

I was in a dreamlike mood and so was just happy sitting watching everything that was going on.

They brought us all presents. River and I got some special treats. Mine were Dreamies, my favourite.

 I had lots of them and then just settled down to watch a bit of TV while they all talked and played around.

First I watched some film with David Hasslehoff in it and he was wearing a Santa hat. I then watched some football. It's not something that's ever on in this house. I quiet like football, I think it's all the watching the ball being kicked. There are 11 guys on a team you know, this lot were just standing around gawping no wonder they lost.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side

She Put Her Nose Up To The Window

OMG the lighter Naughty Twin has just been so so nosey.

I spotted her looking in from the back shed but she didn't see me. After checking the coast was clear she jumped down from the fence into our garden.

I moved towards the back of the house and carried on silently watching her. She ran across the garden having a little look behind her to check she wasn't being followed and ran up to the back door.

She looked in through the back door window!

She didn't push it too much but her nose did knock it.

She put her nose up to the window!

She seemed to think better of it and retreated onto the green seat for a few minutes. By the look of her face she was still considering whether to make a surprise entrance attack or not.

She decided not to and backed of running around up by the Peace Garden. Cheeky or what!

The Amur Leopard

I'm sitting her with the daddies watching a programme about one of my cousins. The Amur Leopard.

Wow they are beautiful and are the rarest cats in the world. The man on the show says that there's only 40 of them in the world. That is very sad.

They looked so serene and beautiful but you know they are strong and powerful. They live in Russia and China, a long way away.

The man said that they have their babies when they are about 2 - 3 years old so about the same time that I had my Charlie and the girls. I am thinking about them a lot at the moment I hope they are all having a good time.

Saturday 22 December 2012

The Boy And The Girl Came To Play

The boy and the girl came over tonight to play with us both. I actually had a really good time. I spent a lot of it asleep on Stay daddy.

I played Laser Light for a while with The Girl by the Christmas Tree. Yeah why not it is Christmas I suppose.

Everyone was very good at keeping River distracted so I could just be here in amongst everyone in Peace, doing my thing.

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