Friday, 30 May 2014

Doublay's Night's With Troy Lamore

It's a rainy day here in Catworld, the greyest of the week and there's been plenty of them around here in Catworld this year. I've never been a fan of the rain, makes you all heavy and urghh but that it now a thing of the past. I was sitting watching Daddy read and River cuddle up asleep next to him when I spotted Doublay out of the window running across the front lawn. I tapped on the window to get his attention and he side-nodded to me indicating for me to meet him down the side of the house.

Even though it was raining I wasn't going to let that keep me indoors, not when I've been waiting for Doublay to come over. I'm dying to know what he knows and I was hoping that from his reactions, the time was now.

I ran out the back door, around the side, past Disappears Daddies new bike, Pearl he's called it, humans tut! Anyway past Pearl and over the gate and there Doublay was sitting waiting for me, he had a serious look on his face and said it was time for him to tell me about his encounters with Troy Lamore.

Hi Lil, he said, I smiled back.

I think it's time for me to tell you about the time's I met Troy Lamore.

Time's in the plural, so there had been more than one! I didn't want to interrupt his flow and settled down next to him, I didn't want to miss a word.

I first met Troy, he began, before that night under the tunnel where you slapped Foxy Lectar. I was much younger when I first encountered Troy and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't quiet the cat I am now.

I think he could pick up that I wasn't exactly reading through the lines, took a deep breath and continued.

Back then, I was a bit of a chancer, I thought I was a bit of a clever cat and had much to learn about respect for others. My parents had moved when I was little I was supposed to go with them but on the day of moving I'd been playing out and got excited by some birds up a tree at the back of Catworld, over there somewhere. He pointed behind us over to the woods, and by the time I'd gotten home everyone had moved and gone and I'd been left behind.

I was very scared and didn't know what to do and for a few days I got by on searching for scraps from people's bins and the odd bit of food that some cat had left behind in their outside dinner bowl.

I made a little shelter under a low lying bush and managed to find a bit of an old towel to lie on. I felt very lonely, I was still very little but I was getting by and that's when Flash entered my life.

Flash! I interjected.

Yes, he was kind to me, he gave me a chunk of beef, oh it tasted so good after bits of peas and cold jelly stuff. I can remember exactly how it tasted now. He complimented me on my bed and said that if I wanted I could come and stay with him, I jumped at the chance, here was this big wordily cat offering me a place where I could feel safe and there was beef chunks to eat, what little cat wouldn't?So I end up moving in with Flash.

He lived a little way away at the edge of the woods, in a shed at the back of someones house. I thought it must be his place, it was only later that I found out we were all squatting. I say all because when I got there I wasn't the only one. Chameleon and Spit also lived there.

Spit was about my age and said that he'd been there for about a month, having been dumped on the side of the wood in a bag by some horrible people who couldn't sell him, ripped he, was ripped from his mother. 

We made friends, we had a similar start in our own different ways, he was a bit of a ladies man himself, and we grew up very close, we became brothers. All he ever wanted was a family to love him, it might surprise you but out of the two of us Spit was the one who took me under his wing and introduced me to little secret hidey holes he had where he put away the odd pretty stone or couple of Dreamies that he had found out and about and we would sneak off there together away from Flash and Chameleon and just spend time on our own, laughing and eating. Happy days!

Things you see were not exactly as they first appeared. After a couple of days I first noticed the change in Flash, he became a little grumpier with us and the portions of the beef chunks grew smaller. Chameleon never really said much to either of us, he just sat in the corner cleaning himself and purring, occasionally stopping before turning and looking at us, just staring but he never came close, then!

Spit said he could get into terrible rages which I didn't see till a while later. Chameleons portions never seemed to reduce though, nor did Flash's.

Another little cat came to join us for a while, Crisp his name was, a cheerful little thing but when one day Chameleon got angry over him chatting away he beared his teeth at him and Crisp said he wasn't putting up with that and when we all went out searching for food, Spit and I had been assigned this task by Flash as our contribution to the gang by that time, he ran away. 

Flash was furious and Chameleon actually got up and came over to us. That was the first time I felt fearful of him and would do anything to try to avoid being left alone with him after that. Flash could be grumpy one minute but lovely and sweet the next so I found him bearable and anything at that time felt better than being under that bush all on my own.

After a few months we were both assigned the additional task for the gang of going through people's bins. It was OK Flash would say, they've thrown stuff away anyway, and I suppose that did make sense but it didn't feel right, especially when he told us he want us to find him precious things and not just food. 

I didn't understand why a cat needed precious things, usually a lap, some water, some food and a sleep was all we needed but Flash said we must have precious things.

Yeah well a slippery slope, he convinced us he could trade them for other bits of beef and stuff and it seemed to make sense, after all they had been thrown away.

I really didn't feel it was right when he then suggested we start creeping into the odd open back door and go looking for sparkly precious things.

Spit protested loudly and Chameleon slapped him hard right across the face and for a moment I thought Spit was going to hit him back but Flash said it was Spit's fault and if we wanted we could go back to living on our own, if we didn't want to contribute to the survival of the gang. Oh yes we were very much a gang then we kept on being told it.

I did it, I remember the first time very clearly.

I was so scared, anyone could come at any time, I made sure I went a long way away from home base I didn't want anyone to recognise me. I remember the carpet on the stairs and how I paused scared rigid when I thought I heard a sound upstairs that turned out to be a creaking floorboard.

I found a ring on the ladies table and I took it, running all the way to home base as fast as I could. 

Flash and Chameleon were very pleased with me and that night we all dined on a lovely whole piece of beef. It felt good to provide and for everyone to be happy with me and each other and laughing, it had been forever since we'd last all laughed together. 

I tried never to think of how I felt in that house and every time I went into someones house afterwards I would just block out the feeling and not think about it after I left, I was fooling myself to avoid feeling guilty.

He put his head down, he looked still ashamed.

Troy first turned up 2 weeks before that night under the tunnel. If you remember we were around a lot then, Flash had this plan to come in and take over control of M's soup kitchen, word had spread there was a veritable running buffet going on over there and he wanted a piece of that action.

Things has been spiralling out of hand within the gang, we no longer went searching through bins, we were on house jobs all the time and Chameleon was now joining us outside waiting for us to come out, when he would instantly take the precious things away from us so it wouldn't stop us from moving onto the next one, we had to do at least 5 a day each. We had targets to reach!

I was sitting under one of the trees in the wood, very near to where Spit was dumped, it gave me a strange kind of comfort, I don't know why, maybe because I was thankful for him, he was the only nice thing in my life and was my go to place when I needed time to myself which was getting rarer and rarer at that time, I felt, we - Spit and I, felt under pretty much constant supervision.

He turned and looked me in the eye.

So there I was out in the woods on my own sitting under the tree when I heard a voice call out from the darkness of the bushes, it gave me a bit of a start.

You OK my friend, you look like you have lots on your mind, came the voice that I later learned belonged to my saviour Troy Lamore.

I don't know why, maybe it was because I just needed to speak to someone not connected to the situation or maybe it was because his soft voice just instigated a sense of trust that I nodded and he walked over and sat by me and I told him all about the situation.

I could totally identify with that but not wanting to interrupt I just nodded.

Troy listened throughout my self pitying tale of woe, half way through producing some rather lovely chicken pieces which we shared. I'd not been eating, Flash had cut the rations again saying we weren't getting good enough precious things so we must all pay the price.

Hours I must have talked and all the time his kindly face showed the greatest interest and concern, occasionally nodding but never really saying much. I didn't feel at all judged by him and when I finished it felt like a great big weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I asked him for his opinion and he said that he thought it best I speak to Spit and just be honest about everything but that he was sure that things would work out OK but only if we took action, he said it wasn't the sort of way that anyone should be being treated but that it was up to us to do something about it no matter how scary it felt. It was a situation that couldn't be put up with any longer. 

I knew he was right I loved Spit and I loved myself, I didn't want to lose Spit but I couldn't keep living under these conditions any longer and I needed to go. I would ask Spit if he wanted to join me and we could set up a home all by ourselves and look after each other like brothers should.

I resolved to talk to him the following day and get everything out in the open and Troy smiled at me. It was the right thing to do, I knew it all along but he somehow gave me the confidence to tackle it.

By this time we'd been talking most of the night and I could hear Flash screaming out, furious I hadn't returned and I got up, not quite as scared as normal but still scared, I wasn't out of there yet!

As I went to run off I realised that I hadn't even asked this kind stranger his name.

Troy he called back and Doublay, he said, watch out for your back leg.

I stopped a bit confused, what did he mean watch out for my back leg? I turned to look at him to ask him to explain but he was gone.

When I got back to home base Spit was in the corner, looking very scared, Chameleon was snarling and Flash was apoplectic with rage, pacing up and down screaming and accusing me of keeping precious things to myself.

He kept on moving closer and closer to me and not knowing how to react to such fury, as he walked towards me I took a step back.

Ouch, I screamed out and looked at my back paw, pined down by one of Chameleons newly sharpened claws. I looked at my paw and then at Chameleon. Chameleon looked at his claw on my paw, looked me in the face, looked back at my paw and scraped his claw all the way across, making a blood red trail.

I immediately hung my head down and begged forgiveness of Flash, I was so sorry, I hadn't been, I just got lost going so far to get the best precious things. It wouldn't ever happen again. In the end the shouting stopped at they let me have a couple of hours sleep before we had to go out again.

Looking back I should have payed more attention to the big question in my mind. How had Troy known I should be careful of my foot?

The second time I met Troy I had just come out of a house with a precious thing for Chameleon when Troy turned up again. It was late, Flash said we needed to work double time shifts to make up for the lost takings on the night I'd spent chatting with Troy.

I'd not said anything to Spit about us running away together, I was too scared these days to do anything apart from exactly what Flash told me to do.

Hello my old friend how things? he called from the dark of a nearby bush. 

I looked around to see where Chameleon was, he was walking away into the distance so I knew I would be OK to talk.

Again just like before I opened up and spilled everything out about what had happened and how scared Spit was and what a terrible mess I'd made of it all and how I could kick myself for getting myself into such a pickle.

He just smiled and gave me his shoulder to lean on, I could have cried you know Lil' at the hurt I was feeling for myself and for those that I was robbing. Yes I'd now admitted to myself I had turned into a thief.

It's OK, I said, that's all in the past you mustn't beat yourself up about that anymore. 

Doublay smiled back.

I should have known the advice he would give, it was the same as before, again speak to Spit, everything would be OK, there would be a fairy-tale ending for us both. Well after last time he seemed to have a good take of things so it was definitely worth considering again, no matter how difficult it would be for us both.

However I wasn't going to let him go without questioning him about that leg comment and so I asked him. He just smiled back at me and said he would tell me but first I must do something for myself, the things we had spoken about but that he would leave me with a thought.

My ears pricked up, something told me to listen closely.

You will know when you've had enough and the time is right, follow you instincts and look for a sign, I won't tell you when but I will tell you after. Tell that fox to watch out for his nose!

Chameleon was approaching and with a wide grin Troy disappeared into the bushes again. Well it all made sense to me just a week later!

Flash and Chameleon had joined forced with Foxy Lectar by this time in their plans to take over your Catworld and the night was approaching. We'd been called to a pre-attack meeting under the other side of the tunnel. 

I'd tried to speak to Spit but he was now so frightened of Chameleon and Flash that he was scared to talk in anything other than a whisper and when I raised it with him that what was happening to us wasn't right he shushed me up. I had tried a few times and each time the same response from him and I wasn't going to go anywhere without Spit so I just had to keep on trying to get him to trust me, that we could do this together.

We were there hearing what Foxy, Flash and Chameleon were planning and it was abhorrent to me, Lil' they wanted to beat one of you up just for the fun or it, they planned to rule with terror and Mogsie was a target, hit the biggest down first and the rest would fall they laughed.

This was madness, violence upon violence and I knew I couldn't put up with it any longer, just as Troy had predicted I would. I stood up to Flash and told him know, Chameleon was furious and raged so much that both Spit and I shook but I couldn't go through with it no matter how much they threatened.

Just as I feared the worse kind of attack upon us out you jumped from the bushes.

Troy was with me, I jumped in

Was he?! Doublay smiled, I had no idea, I would have felt so much safer if I had known that then. 

Well you know the rest Lil' and another one of Troy's predictions came to fruition. It was I think at that moment that I felt my strongest and after we all ran off I finally managed to get Spit on his own and talk everything through again. I told him about all the things that Troy had said and that had happened and I told him how Troy said we would have our fairy-tale ending, what we'd been living was a nightmare and could go on no longer. It was that night that we both broke from The New Cat Crew although it wouldn't appear that way for a very good reason, which brings me to my third and final visit from Troy Lamore.

He turned up about two months after that night. We'd ended up making our own home in the woods over near the tree where I used to go and sit by myself. We were doing OK, making our way, finding food and bits of things for our land, it was comfy and free.

That tree will now always remind me of him.

Hello old chum. Troy said as we settled down and I passed him some beef scraps we'd found

He asked me how things were and I told him that for the first time in ages I felt happy and I told him everything that happened that night with Foxy and you and the tunnel, he listened intently and took everything in and smiled when I told him I now understood what he was trying to say to me.

He then asked if I believed and trusted him. You bet I did and nodded, of course I do I said, you've never let me down.

Lil' I was dumbfounded, he said he needed me to re-join The New Cat Crew. All that effort in trying to escape and now he wanted me to go back into it. No I wouldn't, I couldn't do that! Spit was the most relaxed I had seen him in years, he'd really settled into country life and was spending a lot of time with you lot, he was content and I wouldn't do that to him.

No Troy reassured me, Spit now was living his happy ending and wouldn't be involved, he was he said shortly to be adopted and settle down to live happily ever and would have his one true desire to come true, he was to be given his own collar.

I truly believed Troy and felt comforted but why would he need me to re-integrate myself with those evil cats and Foxy Lectar? It was then that Troy sat down and told me everything. He said one would pass and return and that I was one of those fated to be able to communicate with them. That's you Lil'!

I knew.

He gave me answer to questions you'd not yet asked to prove to you that I could be trusted because he knew you'd be suspicious of me.

He also told me that others would be able to communicate with you and each would have things they had to do, we were all a part of fate now Lil' and as you know there's no stronger bond than Cat Fate. Everything that Troy had said had always come true for me and his prophesies to me are still coming true.

Bless you

Atishoo, I sneezed.

Of course he knew that was coming.

Yes, Troy said to give you that one to make you smile, said you'd appreciate the joke.

We laughed together and Doublay continued.

Troy then got serious and said to me that something he was about to tell me might sound scary but not to fear and the reasons he needed me to go back to The New Cat Crew, as an insider, to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn't get too out of hand. He'd given me instructions as to how to handle them at certain times and in certain situations but no matter what, I needed to go along with what they were planning, he would appear again when he was needed although I've not yet seen him since. Then he continued; 

The return has been foretold and it's vital that you follow my instructions and remember my predictions there's not an easy journey ahead of you, there will be trials and tribulations, just has there have been in the past which have led you to this point, but fear not the judgement's, the journeys these are ones you are destined to go on for the sake of all Catkind for The Time Is Coming!

You'll know when the time is right to tell all about our times together to the one who has gone, you'll know because you'll be told three can communicate, listen out for it carefully for then you shall know that the time is right.

You are not alone in this endeavour, others will reveal themselves when their time is right, for before you all is the greatest battle to have befallen Catkind, a battle that has been fought time and time again but now wakes once more from it's slumber .

You must work together to prevent a great evil from occurring with dire consequences for us all if you don't work together, there will be a choice to make and one will asked to be saved, the one who is trapped, make the choice carefully.

I implore you do not return to a place of great danger a third time, do not return to The New Cat Crew at any time other than I have instructed you to, that is not the way, for The Time Is Coming Doublay, the time is coming for the return of The Queen of Catkind!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Availing Himself Of The Facilities

Nice to see Doublay's availing himself of the facilities. I think he's secretly waiting for no one else to be around before he comes and talks to me, oh well enjoy the sun while you can, it's the first we've had of it this week!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Oh For Pity's Sake!

Oh for pity's sake, and they say they don't pamper her!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Do They Have Other Secrets Between Them?

Doublay and the lighter Naughty Twin are back chasing each other around!

More evidence that he's the Daddy, or do they have other secrets between them?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What Does He Want? OH!

Doublay's just walked right up to the front window and called through the open window;

Hey Lil'! 

To let you in

Strange! What does he want?


Monday, 26 May 2014

Getting Ready For First Contact

It's been pouring down for the past few hours and everyone's just been hanging out together in the living room. I was enjoying the banter, a little envious I couldn't join in and do a bit of a River tease when I spotted the darker Naughty Twin peering in.

As soon as I turned and called to her she ran off, it's a sign though, I think she's getting ready for first contact!

Doublay's Been Fingered

Doublay's been fingered by M as the likely suspect to be the father of the lighter Naughty Twins soon to be born kittens, I've just overhead Daddy telling Daddy as he watched Doublay walking around over the road.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

She's Pregnant Again, But Who's The Daddy?

OMG, Daddy has just come in from having a chat with M and he called out to Disappears Daddy that the he's just seen the lighter Naughty Twin and she's pregnant again, but who's the Daddy?

Wondering What's Going On?

I've been sitting here just watching little tired out River, it's been a busy two days for her. I overheard the Daddies talking about how for them to catch their train last night they ran up Pall Mall with River leading the way running and bounding over the grass, loving every minute of it, a better exit than entrance earlier on where she'd got dust up her nose and sneezed her way up the avenue.

Anyway the peace of the evening has got me thinking about everyone, this stuff with Emma and then Mogsie over this past couple of days has got me wondering what's going on and who I think knows what.

So, apart from me Doublay, George and the darker Naughty Twin have all been visited by Troy Lamore at least one time. I know George's story as much as he's told me and we know fate has led both George and me to The Lane of Bells and I believe each of us has a task.

Georges had to learn to communicate and was given the task of being the first to connect with me. His lesson must be important but apart from talking to me I don't know what it is?

My own lesson I have a few thoughts but they are random but I don't understand yet but I'm listening to my catty powers to see if they give me an answer.

Doublay was given answers to questions not yet asked and told me he knew everything but it could only be revealed to me at the right time but at least he's talking to me.

The darker Naughty Twin has been avoiding me, I'm guessing his message if he has one for me is somewhere later down the list, but the thing is I'm not sure who else may have met Troy and be a part of this.

The lighter Naughty Twin can't communicate with me but I'd be surprised if his twin kept anything secret from him and thinking about it he was given a self appointed task to look out for River when I went so to honest anything can happen with him, I'll be keeping my eye on him.

Emma says she feels that I'm there to help her but I don't know if she can see or hear me she didn't really give that much away.

I sensed something about Mogsie tonight so I think he may have some power or something like Emma, I need to get George to help me out with that. Let's hope he's perfected that communication of his.

Sarah keeps on trying to communicate but bless her, nothing!  I hope she continues to try, I'd love a girly chat.

I've not spotted Bella for ages but I know she's been around, always been a bit of a silent worker that one but not a lot passes her by and then there's Chameleon that's been hanging around fronting things out, no idea what he and The New Cat Crew are up to this time but I'm sure that Fox can't be far away either.

Ginger Cat is around but we're all old friends and allies and I feel safer for everyone when he's around, a bit of extra muscle and information.

There's something going on that some or all of us are involved with, some I know, some I'm unsure of and some well who knows what's going on but something really big is and it's all tied in to someone needing help and let's not forget Catkind perils which I'm sure are linked somehow to The Queen of Catkind!

Oh my head!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Little Out Of Character

M and R came over a little earlier to thank Daddy for looking out for Emma while they were away on holiday. I thought I hadn't seen Mogsie around but as ever news doesn't take long to spread.

He came over with them but escorted them back home and then popped back over again shortly afterwards, I thought to see if he could communicate with me but something a little out of his character happened, he just say by the car looking in here with a serious look on his face, no hello Lil' or are you there Lil' or anything.

I called out his name but no movement at all, I tapped on the window and walked up and down the ledge but nothing. The thing is I'm not sure if he didn't notice me or if he did and he just wasn't reacting. I'm going to have to catch George and ask him to speak to Mogsie who didn't look happy at all!

It's A Miracle, Appear Out Of No Where

River and the Daddies have been out all afternoon and evening and have just come back in very late. I was so glad to see them and jumped up behind Stay Daddy just to be close to him I missed him being out so long it's been ages since we've been apart from each other so long.

They've been to London to celebrate with friends Disappears Daddy has got a new job and he's going to be working closer to home which is fantastic as he'll be home a lot more.

They were talking about the night and the most amazing thing has happened.

A long time ago when we lived in London we got burgled, I remember it very well although luckily I was living here with Disappears Daddy. They didn't get away with much thankfully but one thing they did take was a bracelet of Nannies.

Anyway tonight all of a sudden Stay daddy went into his pocket that he's been into many times before and pulled out the missing bracelet. It's a miracle, it definitely wasn't in there before he said and he'd even put his hand in there about a dozen times today and nothing was there. If only he knew what I knew but it's given me an idea, if Nanny can make something appear out of no where maybe I can do that too to let them know I'm around. Now I just have to thing what!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

And With That She Was Off

Sometimes it turns out it raining can be fortuitous, it's kept most of the cats in and provided Emma with a clear chance to come over.

Now this is the strange thing, her visit wasn't what I was expecting at all. 

I saw her run across the road and run straight up to the car, nothing unusual in that, she's a shy little thing and it's not uncommon for her to use the car as a bit of a safety shield on the rare occassions she ventures over here.

I went outside but didn't get the chance to get too close before Emma started speaking out.

Lil', I know you're there, I've heard. I'm sorry about everything that happened to you but the thing is I don't know how I've known but I've had this strong feeling ever since the news broke that you'd gone to the other side that you were here. That you came back.  

She paused for a moment before carrying on.

I've tried to come over to speak to you but every time I did something stopped me. I wasn't scared and I wasn't curious but something stopped me and I don't know what.

I really wasn't expecting any of this and I stayed around the corner listening to her. I don't know if she could see me but I don't think it mattered, I wanted to hear what she was saying and didn't want the presence of me to put her off.

When George came over to told us all that he'd been in communication with you this past couple of months I knew I must come over and tell you what I've felt. The thing is Lil' I keep to myself so I don't get involved in everyone's business but...

She paused again;

...but I feel you've come back to help me in some way but I don't know with what. I'm very confused and have tried to speak to The Wiseman several times about it but I just don't seem to be able to connect to him.

Now that was very strange, everyone connects with The Wiseman.

Lil' I get a funny feeling that I've never felt before when I think of you now but I never had that before but something is also telling me that as much as I'm going to need your help that I must also keep away at least for the time being.

And with that she was off.

Sniffing Around - Maybe He Can't

I'm not sure what he's up to but Doublay has been sniffing around all the gardens this past hour or so, he's definitely up to something or looking for lost treasures, I wish he'd come over and talk to me about it but maybe he can't!

She Tries, She Tries And She Tries Again!

Poor Emma as soon as this persistent rain that's been coming down all day stopped out she popped and started heading over this way but ground to a halt as soon as she saw Sarah hiding in the plants at the front, still trying to see if she can see me.
I think I'll wait for a little bit and venture over the other side of the road and see if I can find Emma, hopefully she'll be able to communicate with me and I won't scare her.

Extra points to Sarah though, if at first she doesn't succeed she tries, she tries and she tries again!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Surprises Just Keep On Coming

Blimey, they're all coming out of the woodwork and the surprises just keep on coming. News of my return has now spread to The New Cat Crew I see, Chameleon has just walked up the pathway bold as brass, sat down and called out my name.
Now I know I've been desperate for people to know I'm here and to be able to talk to them again but I don't think I'll reveal myself to Chameleon just yet, the anonymity may just be an advantage for the future!

Put The Past Behind Us

 Out of everyone Sarah is the one who's ended up surprising me the most.

We've never been exactly close, although at one time I did think we were becoming friends, that moment passed, but she is the one who has shown herself to be the most persistent in trying to make contact with me.

I've been watching her out of the kitchen window, sitting on the back wall just staring in.

I tried my disco head move side to side but nothing, I then tried tapping on the window again but again nothing. I do hope we have a break through soon, it would be good for us to be able to chat and put the past behind us!

I'm Pretty Sure He Can See Me

Well the darker Naughty Twin may not have ventured over but he is getting nearer, I've just seen him sitting on the sunshine shed looking in my direction. 

I'm pretty sure he can see me, I've been sitting up on the table amongst all the bric-a-brac looking out the back for most of the morning hoping to catch someone, and I've not exactly been keeping a low profile.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

She Was Feeling A Little Apprehensive

I see I'm still the talk of the district, George and both the Naughty Twins have been sitting over the other side of the road for the last half an hour talking and every now and then looking over here. 
The darker Naughty Twin I know is in the know, re Troy Lamore but has still not come over to speak to me yet, maybe he's waiting until things settle down and I'm less of a freak show.

Anyway George just came over and said that Emma would like to pop over in the next day or so and see if she can see or hear me but she was feeling a little apprehensive and just needed a little more time. I don't mind she's a shy little thing and I understand she's cautious. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

We Agreed, We've Agreed

I'm still reeling from Troy's letter to George but we agreed to keep it quiet about The Queen of Catkind for the moment until we get some sort of a sign, in the meantime we've agreed for George to accompany everyone over to see if they can communicate with me.
He's just come by with the lighter Naughty Twin and Sarah who's giving it another go. Sadly neither of them could, well not yet anyway.

George's Nights With Troy Lamore

It's been a beautiful day here in Catworld, the hottest day I think of the whole year. Oh how I wished I could feel the warmth on my skin but that it now a thing of the past, still I did enjoy sitting outside with Daddy and River who were both just zonked out my the heat. Poor little River panting away, when will she learn to stay out of the sun it just doesn't agree with her with all that hair.

Anyway the heat kept the cats indoors all day, they are not as big sun lovers as I am but as the heat of the day subsided George came over, sitting himself out the front where it's nice and cool.

He had a serious look on his face and said it was time for him to tell me about his night's with Troy Lamore.

Night's in the plural, so there had been more than one! I didn't want to interrupt his flow and settled down next to him, I didn't want to miss a word.

I first met Troy, he began, a long time ago way before you ever came to live here. I was much younger then and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't quiet the cat I am now.

I think he could pick up that I wasn't exactly reading through the lines, took a deep breath and continued.

Back then, I put it about a bit, I was a bit of a player and had much to learn about respect for the ladies, and I'd found myself in a bit of a pickle. I was in a relationship with Emma, but I'd managed to get Lucy pregnant.

Nannies Lucy? I interjected.

Yes, she did end up moving in with your Nan, it was the fallout from everything, she just couldn't bear to be around me anymore and it was also a condition that Emma put on us continuing to see each other. I didn't treat either one of them very well.

He looked still ashamed.

Troy first turned up just as I'd discovered that Lucy was pregnant and I was in a right state, I just didn't know how to handle any of it. I was scared stiff of Emma finding out and leaving me and Lucy's due date was getting nearer and nearer. I'd persued Emma relentlessly and finally she had given in to my advances, we hadn't chosen our time carefully and time was running out.

He turned and looked me in the eye.

It wasn't her fault, I take full responsibility.

I was out in the back garden on my own sitting under the tree when I heard a voice call out from the darkness. I hadn't heard anyone enter the garden and it gave me a bit of a start.

You OK my friend, you look like you have lots on your mind, came the voice that I later learned belonged to my dear friend Troy Lamore.

I don't know why, maybe it was because I just needed to speak to someone not connected to the situation or maybe it was because his soft voice just instigated a sense of trust that I nodded and he walked over and sat by me and I told him all about the situation.

i could totally identify with that but nothing wanting to interrupt I just nodded.

Troy listen throughout my self pitying tale of woe, half way through producing some rather lovely chicken pieces which we shared. I'd not been eating but talking everything out had suddenly made me feel hungry and I took a mouthful before continuing.

Hours I must have talked and all the time his kindly face showed the greatest interest and concern, occasionally nodding but never really saying much. I didn't feel at all judged by him and when I finished it felt like a great big weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I asked him for his opinion and he said that he thought it best I speak to both of them and just be honest about everything. Timing was everything, that and open communication and even if things didn't turn out the way that I'd hoped it wasn't a situation that could be avoided any longer. 

I knew he was right I loved Emma and didn't want to lose her but I couldn't keep her by deception and as much as I was attracted to Lucy and had strong feelings towards her they just weren't the same.

I resolved to talk to them both the following day and get everything out in the open and Troy smiled at me. It was the right thing to do, I knew it all along but he somehow gave me the confidence to tackle it.

By this time we'd been talking most of the night and I could hear the dawn chorus. I'd been so absorbed with my own problems that I'd not even asked Troy a single question, he told me that there would be time for that but he must be off now he had a bus to catch, something about visiting some friends in Ireland and if he missed the bus he might miss his connecting ferry but he would be very grateful if I looked after an item for him and he produced an envelope.

An envelope, I wondered for a moment what that was all about but said nothing.

After all the help he had given me in clarifying things in my mind it was the least I could do and happily agreed, George continued.

I spoke to both Emma and Lucy the next day, it didn't go well I'm afraid. Emma didn't speak to me for weeks and Lucy, well as soon as she had our kittens she moved out and we never spoke again. I'd managed to break two hearts with my selfishness although over time Emma and I tried again but it was never the same and we broke up permanently a few months later. 

I only had myself to blame and I knew it but unfortunately over time I forgot the lesson and was destined to almost repeat the same thing with you and Sarah.

That was the second time that I met Troy, you had moved here and we'd been getting very close if you remember.

I remembered alright but I had forgiven George and had moved forward but still hearing it brought a little twinge to my heart. I didn't want to interrupt his flow or particularly visit old times like that, I just nodded so he knew to carry on.

Funnily enough I was sitting back under that tree thinking what on earth to do, you'd found out that I had begun to see Sarah and I was avoiding you. Funny how we can repeat the same mistakes, I guess that was my lesson to learn.

There I was feeling ashamed again when I heard him call out from the darkness.

Hello my old friend how things?

If only I'd known then what I know now I wouldn't have been surprised that just as I could do with his friendly ear and good advice he would turn up. Such kindness from a stranger that would become so ingrained in my life

Again just like before I opened up and spilled everything out about you and Sarah and what a terrible mess I'd made again and how I could kick myself for making the same mistake.

He just smiled and gave me his shoulder to lean on, I could have cried you know Lil' at the hurt I'd caused you.

It's OK, I said, that's all in the past and you know you are forgiven George, when I really needed you there you were and you mustn't beat yourself up about that anymore. 

I smiled. At least we weren't in quite the same situation.

George smiled back, I think hearing that finally put it to bed for him and he continued.

I should have known the advice he would give, it was the same as before, again communicate, talk to you both about what had been going on. Well Sarah as you know already knew and as difficult as it was I knew I needed to stop avoiding you and I did, and came and spoke to you the very next day.

The sun was beginning to come up and Troy got up, said he needed to be off he was off on an adventure, something about locating some buried treasures way over in Hawaii so it was a long trip ahead of him.

It was then as we were saying our goodbyes that I suddenly remembered the envelope he had given me all those years before. I'd kept it very safe, hidden under the sunshine shed and asked him if he would like it. He asked me to keep hold of it and that if I wouldn't mind he had another one he'd like me to look after. 

Well it was the least I could do and gladly agreed and with that he was off.

The third time he turned up was just after Christmas last year. Thankfully I hadn't repeated my mistakes from the past and so was a little surprised when I heard him call out my name. That tree will always remind me of him.

Hello old chum. Troy said as we settled down and he passed me some beef scraps he'd had upon him and he asked if I wouldn't mind getting the two envelopes he had trusted me with.

Of course I didn't and quickly ran off to get them both. Returning I passed them to him but he shook his head and asked me to open them both and read what was inside.

Lil' I was dumbfounded inside each was a letter to me and each one detailed exactly what would happen in each of those two situations with Lucy moving out and Emma eventually moving in with Mogsie and Twizzle.

The second said that you would eventually forgive me but that thing with Sarah but Sarah and I wouldn't work out but that I would learn my lesson second time around and it would take the twice to understand that no matter what communication was the key to solving life's problems. I didn't understand how he could have known everything that happened and I must admit I just stared at him open mouthed. I mean who was Troy Lamore?

Oh I could answer that one for George, but that was for a later date.

Troy smiled back and then asked if I trusted him. Of course I did he had amazed me and then handed me a third letter which I have hear for you to read but he said I wasn't to open it for exactly 30 days which I did to the day. The day after you passed!

With that he handed me the envelope and I unfolded the paper inside and began to read.

Dear George,

You find yourself in a time of great loss and sorrow for Catworld but this sorrow will soon be replaced with a time of joy, a joy that must be kept to yourself until the time comes for others to join you. I trust you have remembered the importance of communication for shortly you are to be called upon to do just that, to be the first in Catworld to communicate with the one who has gone.

I know this may sound scary but fear not dear friend for the return has been foretold and it's vital that you listen to yourself and persevere as this is not going to be an easy task but it is your task, a task of huge importance.

There's not an easy journey ahead of you, there will be trials and tribulations, just has there have been in the past which have led you to this point, but fear not the judgement's, the journeys these are ones you are destined to go on for the sake of all Catkind for The Time Is Coming!

You'll know when the time is right to tell all about our times together to the one who has gone, you'll be asked for help three times, listen out for it carefully for then you shall know that the time is right.

Remember the universe has a way of guiding us and the triumphs and the mistakes are all a part of it. Trust dear George trust that if you take a wrong turn the universe will step, in at this stage, to keep you on the right path but it will not always be like that, the ultimate outcome is not yet fixed.

You are not alone in this endeavour, others will reveal themselves when their time is right, for before you all is the greatest battle to have befallen Catkind, a battle that has been fought time and time again but now wakes once more from it's slumber .

You must work together to prevent a great evil from occurring with dire consequences for us all if you don't work together, there will be a choice to make and one will asked to be saved, the one who is trapped, make the choice carefully.

I implore you do not return to a place of great danger a third time, that is not the way, no matter how hard you are tempted or how hard one tries to persuade you for The Time Is Coming George, the time is coming for the return of The Queen of Catkind!

Great luck my friends and remember all that you have learned for you shall need to call on those lessons. Troy Lamore.

I turned to look George my eyes wide open, I could hardly believe it and certainly couldn't say it out loud so I mouthed the words - The Queen of Catkind!

He nodded back.


Quite Touching

Sarah's up early and giving it another go trying to communicate with me. 

I spotted her very early just as the Daddies went out up consulting with The Wiseman deep in thought. She's now sitting up with the Swinging Heart of Love watching out to see if there's any movement. She's lucky River's asleep next to Stay Daddy otherwise she'd have been rudely interrupted. It's quite touching that she's not giving up.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

I Suppose There's No Other Way

George has just brought Sarah over to see if she can hear me.
He walked up to the front step and tapped on the door, River started barking and jumping up and down on the spot on the window ledge which let me know someone was there and I ran out the back and down the side of the house.

George nodded at me and turned to Sarah. 

Can you feel her Sarah, Lil's here now?

Where? She said.

Right there, right in front of you.

Well that's that question answered then, Sarah can't communicate with me. I think this is going to be a bit of a recurring theme everyone being trooped out to see the show. Still I suppose there's no other way.

Now It's Out, I Actually Feel Relieved.

Blimey it doesn't take long for news to spread around here, Ginger Cat has just popped up from the midst of Squirrel Tree and called out my name. I didn't go over I think I want to speak to George first to hear what he's been saying, now it's out I actually feel relieved.

It's Time To Let This Cat Out Of The Bag

I am feeling spoilt today the Daddymummy has just turned up, it's almost as if everyone has known I've been away and has come to down to see me, well that's what I'm telling myself I know she hasn't really, they don't even know that I came back from the other side but it's lovely she's here so always used to spoil me so much with kisses and Dreamies.

After a while I decided to let them be and go out and see if I could see if George was around. Settling in the front window I almost jumped out of my skin when he called up, he was already there waiting for me.
I asked him how he was feeling now and he said so much better after that sleep, he'd been out of it for nearly 20 hours, long enough to fully recharge his batteries.

I asked him if he was ready to fill me in yet but he said he had some things to do first and first on this list was calling a cat council meeting. He wanted to pre-warn me, it was time to let everyone in on what had been going on and that he was going to tell everyone that I was back as well.

Well I guess it is time, it's been months and at least it will put an end to all the rumours that must be going around.
George said he'd come over later on and let me know how things went and that I wasn't to worry.

Shortly after I spotted the darker Naughty Twin and Doublay going over to Mogsie and Twizzles, the lighter Naughty Twin was sitting on the garage roof waiting. I'm feeling both excited and also a little nervous at everyone knowing but it's time to let this cat out of the bag.

So Very Glad To Be Back Home Again

I could hardly believe it, we'd been gone for a whole week!

George was feeling very tired, I'm used to not sleeping but poor George was exhausted so we walked back yesterday in silence and I said to him to have a good rest and when he was ready he could tell me all about his night with Troy Lamore.

I came in and no one was here. I must admit I was a little disappointed, I was really looking forward to seeing everyone. I went looking for Nadia, I thought she would be around but she must have been out in the garden somewhere buried in for the day, she goes to sleep early, as soon as it hits 4pm and she's bedded down somewhere and impossible to find, I know the amount of times I've searched the garden with Daddy to no avail.

River and the Daddies came in late and pretty much went to bed straight away. I joined them so very glad to be back home with them again and just sat there watching them sleep all night reflecting on everything that had happened.

It kept going through and through my mind that poor soul calling out for help, I so hope George has some answers for me but I'm not going to push him, not only was The Lane of Bells a physically exhausting experience but emotionally draining as well.

Another day dawns and luckily it's a beautiful sunny one and everyone is out in the garden, it's the simple things that mean so much, River bugging Nadia, the darker Naughty Twin asleep on the sunshine shed, the Daddies just pottering around the birds flying back and forth. Never take them for granted, you don't know when they could be gone!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Return To The Lane Of Bells - Part 7 - The Judgement

Never in my life have I felt so glad to see a familiar face and I ran up to George, embracing him I could feel his heart was still pounding and it shocked me I was expecting him to be calm, after all he's been through all this before.

Are you OK? I asked

Yes I’m fine, he lied, how are you?

I wasn’t too sure how to respond, I was still processing everything that had happened and my mind was a bit all over the place and worried that this nightmare wasn’t over yet.

What happens now? I asked him.

We wait!

What for?

The judgement from The Judge. The Jury have decided our fate but it’s down to The Judge to deliver our sentence. It was at this point last time that he decreed I could go but then inflected me with gobbledygook as part of their judgement.

So it’s not over yet? I felt a little sick.

No not yet!

We had so much to talk about but neither of us was in the mood for talking and we sat there next to each other in silence. I looked around the dome, there wasn’t much else to do. 

Unlike The Lane of Bells the dome had a ceiling and even though it was dark I could now see the top was painted depicting tales of Catlore. I spotted some elephants and a great Oak Tree with a smiling face, a river crossed from left to right, a bed of purple flowers on one side hid a tiny red dragon, a bunch of crying cats poked through some gaps in a forest of the greenest trees I had ever seen. There was a familiarity to these scenes but they confused and jumped around in my mind, not making total sense. A rainbow hole very much like the one that took me to the other side was in one corner and an over-turned throne in another.

I felt strangely drawn into the paintings and a little hypnotised my them as well, the more I looked the more it was as if I was a part of them as I was in the scene itself.

Lil’, George. The Judges voice boomed out. Please stand.

I wanted to swallow but my mouth felt so very dry and I chocked a little as I tried to swallow.

The Jury has listened to your evidence and has delivered their verdict to me.

George, I could see him trembling. It has been decreed that you are free to leave this place, your voice fully restored.

George visibly slumped, the relief spreading throughout his body. He looked down a droplet from his weeping eye hit the floor or maybe it was a tear.

I wanted to hug him but all of a sudden felt very scared. Oh come on, come on Judge just tell me but I didn’t utter a word.

Now Lil’

Bang, bang, bang went my heart, I tried to swallow again but my tongue stuck to the side of my mouth, I felt a bit dizzy sand thought I might even pass out.

It has also been decreed that you may return home.

I dropped just like George had, the relief took the strength out of my legs. I turned to George who was now looking at me, he was smiling but I could tell ready to leave.

You know the exit, the Judge boomed and we both looked down the Lane of Bells, but make sure you make it before the bells stop ringing, or you will be trapped here. FOREVER!

At that second the bells began to swing, the iron rod in the middle hitting the side and ringing out and the noise from the Catacombs started again, the wailing and crying from those poor demented souls as we ran down the corridor will forever stay with me.

Arghhhh, Jujujujujuoop, Carracka, Ploopploop

Faster and faster we ran, I was as scared as the first time just in case this was all a trick and I had actually gone mad and would in a moment wake up to find myself interned and imagining all this.

Yesyesyeys, Urghhhh, Kalkalkal, Farfarfaraa, Veeeeeeeeeee.

The door that we had come through was now in sight, the bells were swinging wildly back and forth, their din mixing with the cries behind them.

Lalllllllllllll, Munnndeeem, Help me, Help Me, HELP ME! Frackkkkkk

Hang on a second what was that? I  stopped dead in my tracks, the door in front was opening and I could see on the other side the rabbit field where all this had started waiting for us, the sun shining, it was now day, how long we had been gone I had no idea but I had clearly heard some one call out for help?

George, stop! He was at the door and turned to look back at me. Someone’s just called for our help.

We can’t help any of them Lil’ come on we must go, we have no time, look the bells are beginning to slow.

I looked back to where I thought the noise had come from and forward again to George, which way, which way do I go?

George leaped through the door, no time, no time, I had no time and I leaped as hard and as high as I could through the door, which slammed shut behind us and disappeared.

We both sat their panting trying to catch our breath.

George, did you hear that? Someone was trapped, someone in there is still sane and needed our help. I want to go back.

He looked at me very seriously. Lil’ you can’t.

But we can’t leave her there whoever it was.

Lil’ it’s been decreed. I can speak and I can tell you what Troy told me and why I now know it’s the right time, he said I would know and I do. Lil’!

Lil' I need to tell you all about my night with Troy Lamore and what he told me then it will all make sense. Lil' the time is now, THE TIME IS COMING!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Return To The Lane Of Bells - Part 6 - The Jury

I stepped forward and as the door closed behind me I found myself in complete darkness, it was as if I had entered a black hole star, no light could escape and no light could get in, I felt a breeze so there must have been a gap somewhere.

I decided not to move forward as I had no idea what might be in front of me, there could have been anything just millimetres from my face and I wouldn't have known. I tried to acclimatise my eyes, after being in the bright white room for so long maybe they just needed a few minutes rest so I sat down and decided to wait for a bit.

It had been a strange few hours but somehow I felt I was getting used to the unexpected. Was this my fate? Had I chosen incorrectly or was this all a part of what happens when you come to The Lane of Bells? Oh how I wish I could have talked to George, he could have prepared me, mind you if he hadn't been infected with gobbledygook then we wouldn't have needed to come here and I could be sitting at home laughing at River or enjoying the sun.

I peered around but nothing I still couldn't see anything which was very strange as us cats can see in the dark but oh no, not here. I decided to call out.

Hello, is any one there?

Hello, came a gravelly voice back.

Even though I'd called out I don't think I was really expecting to get a reply and it startled me and I got to my feet.

Hello, I said again, who are you?

We are the Jury, well done for making it this far. Now if you don't mind would you please state the reason why you have come here to us today?

We? How many are here with me? My heart was pounding.

There's three of us.

The voice didn't sound too scary and it comforted me a little.

I'm Lil', hello.

We know who you are, now as I asked before would you please state the reason why you have come here to us today.

Well.... I felt a bit put on the spot.

Well I came here with my friend George who came here before and lost the ability to speak and I came back with him when he came to see if he could re-claim it. Have you seen George?

No we've not seen your friend George here today but the question was why YOU have come here to us today!

I wasn't too sure what to say, after all I had come to be with George as a support, there was no point in saying nothing they were clearly waiting for me to say something so I thought I would do the best I could as explain.

Well just before he lost his voice he told me that there was a danger to Catkind and then I was told that I was going to somehow be involved in it, but not in a bad way, and.... well I just want some answers and... I think George can give them to me, but he lost his voice, I was told, because he was going to say something that he was told that I should know but he was going to say it before the time was right and that's it really.

There was a long pause but I could hear some sort of shuffling around a whispering. Then a female voice spoke in a much softer tone;

Lil' you've still not explained why you have come here to us today.

I didn't plan to, I didn't know what to expect I just came to be with my friend and help him and then we met The Judge and he told me that to get out of The Lane of Bells that I needed to go into the Box of Fate and then I chose a door and it brought me here to you. 

She spoke again;

Do you always do as you are told?

Well no I didn't, her questioning me like kinda got my back up.

No but The Judge told me I had to or I would be stuck there forever and end up going mad and be interned into the Catacombs.

There was another pause and some more whispering. The third voice spoke; I couldn't be sure if it was male or female but I guess that didn't matter.

What would you say you have learnt in your life Lil'?

I wasn't expecting that, this was getting more and more strange by the minute but if they've asked the question they want an answer. I sat and thought for a moment trying to work out what sort of an answer I thought they would want me to give in case this was some sort of riddle with a clue buried somewhere within, I sat and thought but the more I thought the more I could only see images of my friends so I decided I would say the things I've learnt from my each of my friends.

Sarah sprang into my mind so I started with her.

I've learnt that somethings happen and you don't know why. I've learnt that friendship is very important but that you need to be able to stand alone when needed.

I hoped I was saying the right thing...

I've learnt not to listen to everyone you meet, I heard a little hidden giggle at that, OK maybe I was on the right path or maybe I had just amused them but it's hard trying to put up a defense when you don't even know what you may be on trial for and I certainly felt on trial.

I thought of George and Mogsie and the Naughty Twins and a little more confidently;

I've learnt that love may not concur all but it can be a fun game to play with all it's ups and downs.

I've learnt from The Wiseman that it's important to listen to your inner self as that will very often put you on the right path and if you are in the right frame of mind will not lead you too far astray and Nadia taught me to take my time, that life isn't a race that it's the journey that matters/

Emma showed me to be independent and River to be tolerant, the Daddies gave me unconditonal love and to think things through.

I was on a role now,

...and Doublay to allow a second chance. Bella taught me to be brave and my Charlie brought out the protective side in me and Troy, well Troy taught me to allow my courage to shine through, to feel the wind in my hair and just go for it. Yes I've learnt a lot from my friends and I've learnt that I do have choices and now, right now I choose to go home. 

Oh dear I think I got a bit carried away and had worked myself up a bit but what more was there, but somehow I found some?

All through my life I had been learning and I could go on and on but what was there to say if I knew the words you are waiting to hear I would say them but I do not believe I am done yet with my life, and I know I don't have all the answers and make mistakes and I'm still learning. I went to the other side and I came back and I came back for love and as it turned out I came back for a purpose. I may not know it yet but I want to, some things are more important than the self and that's what's ahead of me!

Lil', the first voice boomed, you have been judged by The Jury, a door will open behind you in a minute, please walk through it.

Is that it? Did I pass?

You have been judged by The Jury and a decision has been made, now please turn and walk through the door behind you.

With that the door that I just came through opened and on the other side I could see George sitting there waiting.

I turned to them does this mean I've passed?

The Judge is waiting for you Lil' he does not like to be kept waiting.

I was just so glad to see George there that I went through and the door closed behind me.

Oh I hope this wasn't some sort of trick, they seemed to have found it funny talking about not following people instructions blindly and here I was doing exactly that!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Return To The Lane Of Bells - Part 5 - The Room Of Fate

I don't know what I was expecting to happen when I jumped in the box but as the bright light subsided I found myself in a room almost exactly the same as the one I had just come from.

The same domed ceiling, doors in the walls all around, no Lane of Bells and no box in the middle, this room was also brilliant white in colour, so bright I could hardly see anything at first. I could see though, although where the light was coming from I had no idea, it was as if it perpetuated it's own light source, everything glowing bright.

I turned all around to see if I could see George, but no he was definitely not in here. I wondered if he had already gone through one of the doors or if he had even ended up in the same place, he did after all say that every experience of The Lane of Bells could be different.

What I was supposed to do here I had no real idea although it wouldn't take a genius to guess I should be going through one of the doors but which one I had not a clue. The events of the past few hours had been extraordinary to say the least and it's hard to make sense of the nonsensical, so I decided to stop even trying.

Right what was it that George had told me to do, use my abilities and use my different set of eyes. I walked towards one of the doors to my left and then looked at the door to the left and then right of it to see if they gave me a clue or if there was anything different about each of them but they all looked exactly the same.

I put my ear up again one to see if I could hear anything coming from behind, but no, nothing. It was very quiet in here, so quiet I could hear the sound of my eyelid blinking, something I had never taken notice of before, why would I?

Hello, I called out.



Nothing, not even an echo.

Well I had come in here to find fate and to find some answers so I guess it must be behind one of these doors and as each looked the same I could spend hours contemplating and trying to differentiate but I didn't think I would get very far.

Right, there's no point in procrastinating, I've been through strange things than this before, I closed my eyes and spun myself around, pointing my paw forward and stopped.

Hang on what was that? Just for a second I thought I saw something with my eyes closed. I opened them to see if anything was there but no, just the room with all the doors and the domed ceiling. I closed them again and nothing.

Um, curious, was my mind playing tricks on me? Let me try that again.

Eyes, closed, spin around, paw out, Yes there, what's that? 

I stopped and moved slowly back, a pair of eyes blinked at me from behind one of the doors, my eyes opened and nothing, my eyes closed and a pair of blinking eyes.

I turned slowly to the right, eyes still closed, nothing there. I turned again a little more and a bowl of fruit, appeared from within the door a little like when fog clears with the mornings heat, burning away the screen. What! 

I opened my eyes and nothing. OK this was the way to go.

I closed my eyes again and went from door to door, another pair of eyes, a bandage, nothing, a rose, a fox, nothing, the number 11, a chair, nothing, nothing, an owl, a rainbow, an elephant, nothing, nothing, nothing, a loop, a black cat, a banana, nothing, a mirror, nothing, a picture of River. What! 

Why would a picture of River be here? I shook my head to clear it, maybe this was all just a trick playing with my mind, but when I closed my eyes again there she was. 

OK carry on, a blanket, that was familiarly it was the same one I used to fall asleep on after my nights out with Troy Lamore, nothing, nothing, a little Buddha statue, both the Naughty Twins, The Swinging Heart of Love, nothing, Mogsie, the words HELP ME, I could do with that now I tell you that was a bit disturbing, nothing, nothing, nothing, a little red dragon emblem, George. 

GEORGE! I called out.

Is that you there George? No answer, maybe not. OK back to it.

A row of bells, a blast of wind, Nanny and Granddad sitting on a bench, nothing.

I was beginning to feel quiet dizzy all this spinning around and although I could see things I couldn't understand what any of them meant or what door I was supposed to choose. Only a few more to go.

A pair of kittens, another dog like River, the Easter Island Head, a broken crown, the word LOST, nothing, a ? and a shooting star, a bowl of fruit, apple, orange, plum, lemon, nothing, a pair of blinking eyes. OK I was back at the beginning again.

I opened my eyes and looked all around me, everything was the same as before.

OK now time to make a decision, let me think. Oh this was hard some of the images made sense, some I had no idea about and some where plainly disturbing, especially that HELP ME and LOST. 

Which one to choose? I certainly wasn't going to go through any that disturbed me, listen to your feelings they are trying to tell you something Daddy always said and I certainly intended to take heed of those words. 

Then it struck me, something else Daddy always used to say, if you have a problem go back, go right back to the beginning.

I closed my eyes again, scanning the images in my minds eye I went back and found, what I was pretty sure was, the first door that I'd gone up to. Oh I hope it was the first door, knocking open the latch the door opened and I stepped in.  

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Return To The Lane Of Bells - Part 4 - What Sort Of Horror Show Are You Running Here?

No! I turned to face George.

No, don't do it! 

My heart was pounding in my throat, the blood rushed through my ears deafening the sound of the noise coming from the Catacombs.

George looked at me, a resigned look in his face.

Lil' we came here, there is no other way, if I don't I'll end up in there anyway at least I have a chance of getting home with my voice if I do.

What sort of horror show are you running here? I called out to The Judge.

HORROR SHOW! he sounded angry.

What makes you think it's a horror show and what makes you think I'm the bad guy here? 


I turned to face The Lane of Bells and indicated with my paw towards the Catacombs

I'm not their prisoner officer, I'm not their torturer, I'm their nurse maid, I'm the one who looks after these poor unfortunate cats. I didn't do any of this to them, I'M THEIR PROTECTOR and I protect the rest of Catkind. What would you have me do let them all out into the world to run riot, they are beyond saving Lil' and I didn't do this to them. They did it to themselves I'm just making sure they are living the best life there poor souls can.

Themselves! I was angry.

Yes themselves! They chose to come here, they chose to take their chance and this is the result. It's not my fault, I'm The Judge, I'm not the jury!

What did he mean? My head was spinning, none of this made sense. I turned to George to see if he could give me an answer but he was just staring at the open box.

George what does he mean?


George won't answer you, he knows but he won't answer you he cares too much for you and he knows what it means to come to The Lane of Bells and he knows what's ahead, the one and only direction that's ahead!

With that George jumped up and right into the box, a blinding light flashed through the room before dimming again.

You can only go forward Lil' you can't go back, if you want to go forwards you have to go in the Box of Fate and face it Lil'! FACE FATE!

It was as if I was transferred back in time to a conversation in March between George and I just before he lost his ability to speak;

"Do you believe in fate Lil'?, We didn't meet by fate Lil'! It wasn't fate, Fate Lil' Fate!" 

Round and round and round those words went, my head spinning, now they all made sense, he was trying to tell me something that he knew I would need later on but then got silenced in case he told me too much.

Are you telling me it's my destiny to go in there? I pointed at the Box of Fate.

You're here so it's your destiny, I'm just hear to help proceedings. You chose to come here for some answers and that's where you'll get them. You cannot leave without going through. You can stay here and chat to me for as long as you want, I'm not going anywhere and to be honest I would enjoy conversing with someone who is not tortured by madness but if you do you will eventually go that way anyway. Imagine it, for all of eternity here with only the company of me and my wards, forever and ever loosing memory of everyone and everything you have ever known. This place Lil' freezes time, you can never leave unless you go through and get your key but that key comes with a price, it comes with a price of knowing what will be and if you think that's an easy burden to carry then you are very much deluding yourself. It's true I've had some that have chose not to go in, you'll find them in here somewhere, maybe that was their fate I don't know and it's not my job to care.

Who are you?

I told you I'm The Judge.

OK who where you?

Clever cat, only two have ever asked that question before and I'm quiet flattered but I have no idea who I was, I've been here too long! I've forgotten how I got here, who I was and why I came, I have no recollection of why I am in this position or when this will ever end. I have no memory Lil' I told you it goes over time but I do appreciate the question it makes a refreshing change.

But if you know everything, as you said you did why don't you know that?

I know everything about other's and nothing about me, maybe one day I went in the Box of Fate and this was mine, who can tell? More to the point though Lil' are YOU ready to face the Box of Fate yet, George is already facing his?

I felt there was something I was missing, something that George had said that my catty powers were telling me I needed to recall. What was it? Damn why can't I remember?

Give me a minute, I said, I'm thinking.

What advice would the Wiseman give, he was the cleverest in the whole universe, oh how I wish he was here now? I sat and wracked my brains what would he say? He'd tell me, oh I don't know what. Right stop panicking imagine you are in front of him. Relax and tune in, listen to myself, what did George tell me?

I talked as if to myself, there, there it is, somewhere between the tip of my tongue and the far off distances, of my memory, stop playing with me, don't give me half words, got it, no gone, eyes, eye's what? Oh why have I forgotten, don't forget, that's it eyes, don't forget. GOT IT!

"You Lil', you've got an all together different set of eyes now, and abilities, just make sure you don't forget to explore them, you are going to need them later on"

With that I stood up, my chest puffed out, I had everything I think I needed now. George's words, The Wiseman's advice and Troy's lessons. I was ready alright.

Confidently I walked up to the Box of Fate and jumped in, the light grew a million times longer and filled the dome, the lid closed and the dome fell into darkness and silence.