Wednesday 31 July 2013

50% Worth The Wait

Daddy took River out for a walk and I could see M was across the road, oh the serendipity of it all. I wanted him to go out and talk to her earlier but he didn't and now as if the universe was willing it to happen everything fell into place.
The only trouble was I had to wait ages for him to come back to tell me everything that he'd found out but it was 50% worth the wait. 

He said that Bella gave birth a few days ago, although he didn't know how many new little kittens there was, to be honest I'd totally forgotten she was pregnant, no information on the darker Naughty Twin though, tut. He also told me that M had also noticed Spit following Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin around but he didn't come back with any sort of an explanation as to why. Oh for goodness sakes, you know what you want something doing, best to do it yourself, I can see Mogsie over the road I'm going to try and get his attention.

State Of Play

Everyone near enough seems to be out today. 

I've been up with Stay Daddy in the office, surprisingly cool up there today it makes such a difference when he has both the windows wide open. It was then that I saw Sarah, the darker, Mogsie and both the Naughty Twins lining up outside, I thought at first that a Cat Council meeting may have been called then I saw M coming to the door, guess it was just lunchtime. I hope Daddy pops out there to see M he might be able to get me some information on what's happening between Spit, Mogsie and co and also find out what on earth is the state of play with all the cat pregnancies in Catworld at the moment.

I Just Really Don't Get Dogs

As hard as I try sometimes I just really don't get dogs. There she is playing away quite happily by herself a box full of toys at her disposal and what does she do? Chew the rug and pull it across the floor. Strange!

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Must Not Think Like That

The rains stopped and the sun is out and so is Mogsie. I've not seen him properly to talk to for weeks now, I guess he didn't like it being told straight, still looking phroar though, never could resist him with the sun shimmering on his coat! Must not think like that, must not think like that.

Due Very Soon

The darker Naughty Twin is looking very heavily pregnant she must be due very soon. It's great to see his, no I mean her sister looking out for her and following her wherever she goes. Now I'm sure the lighter Naughty Twin is a lady, she's given birth before, multiple times. How I ever thought the darker Naughty Twin was a boy still perplexes me. 

Monday 29 July 2013

Sunday 28 July 2013

He's Pregnant!

Oh my goodness how could I have got it so wrong, he's pregnant! 

Now I know that can't be true, I thought the darker Naughty Twin was a girl at first, then I thought he was a boy who got involved in a relationship with Spit now I've just seen him and he's heavily pregnant. I guess that's the problem with twins, sometimes you just can't tell them apart. Now does that mean that the lighter Naughty Twin is really a boy and not a girl?

Blowing Freshly Through The House

Ah perfect a Sunday morning, I'm downstairs on my own with Stay Daddy, he left River asleep upstairs with Disappears so I have total free reign. The sun is shining, all the windows are wide open there's a slight breeze is in the air and it's blowing freshly through the entire house.

Daddies is watching some tom-foolery on the TV about a bunch of old ladies living in Miami, I don't get it but he finds it hysterical and Spit is now following the lighter Naughty Twin, even Emma's now noticing. It's like an Agatha Christie plot what's going on with that lot but I'm determined to find out.

That can wait though I'm going to make best use of my River free time and just enjoy sitting on the floor for a while, you don't know how much you miss it until you just can't use it without thinking, then I'm getting strokes by Daddy he'd better be prepared for a long session.

Saturday 27 July 2013

I Love Cat Fun Time

I've just made one of my rare visits out the front. It's warm again and the windows open. Disappears Daddy is asleep on the sofa and Stay was playing with River so I knew there was no urgency in me just meandering around the living room but when a breeze from the open window touched me I decided I would pop out.

It wasn't long before I heard a little sniff, sniff sound behind me coming from the direction of the window, it didn't take a genius to figure out I'd been spotted on my way out and followed. Ok she was still inside so the plane of glass between us meant I could still relax.

I just looked back at her not bothered by her presence when I spotted them, the Naughty Twins.

I wasn't the only one either and I could see just what they were up to. The lighter Naughty Twin was directing operations from the safety of R's car roof, while her brother slinked up AM's side of the path, using the wall and plants as a bit of a barrier. They were planning a surprise on River but she busted them. I love Cat Fun Time.

Must Get Fit

Must get fit, must get fit, three times round the block double quick, must get fit!

These Events Are Related

I've just seen Spit walk past Sarah and completely blank her. Now there's something in my catty powers that is telling me this isn't unrelated to events earlier on it the week.
Sarah's been blanking Mogsie much to the lighter Naughty twins surprise, while Spit is both blanking Sarah and following Mogsie around like a little lost puppy, I just can't work out how these events are related but they are, I can feel it.


Great that's my Saturday morning lie in gone Kerplunk!

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Friday 26 July 2013

School Buses For Cats

Stay Daddy has just shown me a photo of a school bus in Japan, it's designed just like a cat.

School buses for cats, genius!

Thursday 25 July 2013

Hero Worship

Spit's right up Mogsies bum at the moment, I've seen him a few times today just following him around wherever he's goes, maybe a bit of hero worship?

A Banquet Food Fight

I think Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin have just been told off by M.

I'm not sure what they've been up to but it might have something to do with being greedy over food as I saw her waving a box of Whiskers around, probably to let them know that they shouldn't fight over food, I mean there's plenty for all, that lady puts on a banquet for us cats like no one else ever could.

They really should be more grateful to her for all she does for them and spend their time more constructively picking some flowers for her or something, not picking fights with each other.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Right On My Nerves

River has got right on my nerves this morning, I don't know what's come over her but she seemed intent on playing with me, when will she learn I DON'T WANT TO PLAY!

Stay Daddy was up in the office and he'd shut the door before I managed to get in, it's much more clement today so I thought I'd have a little wander out in the garden, well River had another plan for me.

I got as far at the stairs when she must have heard me as I heard her sniffle as she appeared around the corner. I wasn't going to just sit there trapped so I made a dash for it, down the stairs, up over the sofa, on the side board and over to the table. Phew made it.

I turned back to see that she was now looking at me from the sofa. I think me looking at her must have kicked her into a second wind as she flew off it, ran across the floor and jumped up at a the chair knocking it flying. I was on my toes out the door before she could get any closer.

She's never got up on the table before on her own, is there no where sacred these days?

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Trouble At Mill

Oh trouble at mill. 

The lighter Naughty Twin was practising her cat yoga and George was just hanging about giving the odd instruction from the sidelines when Sarah appeared from E's and headed in their direction. I thought she was going to join them and as she got near to him George said something to her but Sarah totally blanked him and just carried on her way.

Even the lighter Naughty Twin was surprised she stopped her Yoga and just stared at her, I wonder what on earth has occurred?

Monday 22 July 2013

I Kinda Spoke My Mind

Hello Lil', that's what I heard coming from behind me.

I turned around to see Mogsie walking across the grass towards me, it was a bit of a surprise we've not really talked for a couple of weeks since I kinda spoke my mind. He did come across last week but was intercepted by River so I never got the chance to find out what he wanted to say.

Hello, I said back, well what was I supposed to say?

Hello, he said again, yes I got that bit, boy this heat makes me grumpy sometimes.

How are you? Well it's better than hello I suppose.

Good thanks, how are you enjoying the weather. 

OFGS I really must stop listening to Daddy so much he's obsessed by talking about the weather.

Bit hot for me

I know things are a bit awkward between the two of us but this was ridiculous.

So how can I help you? 

Damn that sounded so rude, another mental note stop watching The Millionaire Matchmaker with Daddy that woman is so rude, dating advice tosh she needs manners lessons more like. Oh this was beginning to frustrate me.

Just wanted to say Hi.

OK that was enough for me, I'd told him to step up his game and this was like a painfully slow game of chess. I smiled back and walked off. What is it with people not listening? He wasn't so shy when he was getting on the lighter Naughty Twin in the middle of the street!

It's Coming From The Easter Island Head

Oh my I couldn't believe it but it's true, I know it is. Daddy and River have gone inside it's just too hot for them which is a bit of a surprise because Daddy is always cold so it's obviously a very humid day. Anyway they are inside so it means that I can venture out. I don't like it being too hot but at this time of the day there's shade under Squirrel Tree and a tiny bit of a breeze and I can spend some time thinking of my friends up in the Peace Garden.
I was up there when I heard LUM again but this time I didn't run, I guess it;s because I've heard it a couple of times before, maybe it was my positioning but I could tell where it was coming from, the Easter Island Head!

He's been with us for years and I've never heard a single sound before, this is confusing. I jumped down and had a little sniff, he was still as he always was but I'm not mistaken the LUM sound definitely came from him.

I would have consulted with The Wiseman but Daddy came out to put some of the garden stuff away, he says it's going to rain tonight and where Daddy goes River follows so I thought it best to do a disappearing act myself,. I shall return though!

Sunday 21 July 2013

In This Heat

In this heat you just gotta take shade wherever you can...

...and that goes for water too!

A Few Pleasantries

I've been thinking I should try and make up with Sarah.

Things have been very strained between us this past couple of months, enough time has gone by and I'm much calmer now even though I think I would be justified in not having anything to do with her after her betrayal. Life's too short and even if we're never going to be the best of friends again it would be good if we could at least exchange a few pleasantries.


What a late night we've all had yesterday. 
The daddies friend TT came over to see them all yesterday and to meet River. I like TT she's been around all my life although I've not seen her for a while. Daddy says she has to go to other lands to help those people there and seems to lead a fascinating life, they tell me tales of all the exotic places she goes to, Daddy says if she collects all her air miles she could probably go to the moon but I don't think planes go there.

It's the first time TT has ever met River and I could see River getting very excited. She always likes to meet new people, well new people, old people, any people really but she took to her instantly. I popped down for a little bit and gave TT a bit of a rub of her feet just to let her know that I wasn't being rude as I intended to take advantage of the distraction she would bring and keep upstairs it's just that I can't do with all the excited River activity and I thought today would be a good day to catch up with some sleep while I could and now that the weathers a little cooler. 

I did get a surprise though when I turned to go back upstairs, the Golden Buddha had suddenly grown hair. Daddy must have seen the surprise on my face as he laughed and said to me not to be worried it was just Purdey, goodness only knows what he means but Purdey's not there this morning so I'm guessing she came with TT. Oh you know what sometimes it's best just not to ask!

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Friday 19 July 2013

Nuts, Mad And Barking

On one of the hottest days I can remember what does Daddy decide to do, flipping DIY in the kitchen, OFGS is he mad!

After an hour of frantic activity with me and River just sitting there watching him in amazement he went bright red, dripped sweat in his drink, wobbled, grabbed the wall and then ran upstairs to the bath. I was a bit concerned and followed him but he was OK once he got in there and cooled down. I decided to stay up there with him while he had a bath and noticed the lighter Naughty Twin having a poke about in her garden, blimey love keep out of the sun are you nuts!

Daddy soon got out of the bath and went downstairs, I followed and half way down he called out something to River who was panting at the bottom, turned on a penny and nearly tripped over running back upstairs.

He grabbed the fan from our office, ran downstairs, plugged it in and sat him and River down right in front of it, she loved it, I wanted to get a look in but when I moved close madam jumped up barking at me. Guess I'll just have to crawl under the sofa and get my breeze from there, as soon as River falls asleep that is.

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Us Cats Are Really Clever Creatures You Know

Us cats really are clever creatures you know. Although it is hard for us when a sudden heatwave hits we adapt our routine quite well, the cats of Catworld have shifted around our clocks and are getting out and about much earlier on.

Emma's been loving the gentle breeze on her garage roof.

George has been frolicking on the grass, try laying on the ground before the sun warms it up, I tell you it's like a mini ice bath without the dreaded water.

Mogsie is back under his favourite tree having a little snooze.

And the lighter Naughty Twin is keeping cool just wandering around all over the place, she can never settle for long that one. Come 9am I know everyone will have disappeared before it gets too hot, Daddy said it's gonna be another scorcher, I'm going to go back to bed in the dressing room, it's the coolest room upstairs.

Thursday 18 July 2013

Playing With My Head

They're at it again those Naughty Twins.

I was up in the office, after managing to escape from River's grip, he'd left the door open and the fan on so it was great to sit on the window ledge getting a lovely breeze when I heard a sound from outside.

The window was open as well so I poked my head out to see the darker Naughty Twin sitting outside by the front window. He called for a reason I thought so down I ran, River was back outside with Stay Daddy so it was a clear path to the front window.

Arriving there I looked outside only to find the lighter Naughty Twin looking forward nonchalantly as if she'd been there all the time. Um I know what those two are up to, playing with my head. Oh those Naughty Twins!

Deep Breath

Dammit she's found me! *Deep breath* here we go.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

A Sense Of Hidden Tension in The Air

I thought we were about to have a great big disaster. 

I was sitting up in the window with Stay Daddy and Mogsie came over, I think he wanted a bit of a chat but that was spoilt as soon as River and Disappears turned up. I was very nervous no one messes with Mogsie and River, well she has no fear.

I got up off Daddy to get a close look, the window was open but not enough for me to get out there and break things up if there was a fight. As much as I love Mogsie I've realised I love River to. Oh I would have been so torn as to what to do but Daddy and R were out there so if anything was to happen I guess they would have stepped in. 

They just sniffed around each other for a while, all seemed calm but there was a sense of hidden tension in the air. At one point Mogsie hissed at River to get he to back off and to be fair to her she did lay down to let Mogsie know who was boss. I wish she'd do that with me more.

Just after that Daddy and R finished there chat and he told River it was time to come in, all in all not a bad meeting that could have gone so differently.

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