Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Drug Pushing

The daddies have just come back after popping out for a bit.

They told me that they had gone over to see The Girl and The Boy and had brought me back a present.

They then rather unceremoniously threw something on the carpet. I went over to take a look and there was a little brown square thing on the floor. I took a sniff and was strangely drawn. What was it? Before I knew what was happening it was in my mouth, then another and then another.

I like it and yet it worries me, I don't want to become hooked. I took a look at the packet "Dreamies Mix" it's called, I've heard about these legal highs.

Time Management

We have a working week morning schedule the daddies know that. It's a simple tried and tested method that keeps everyone happy IF we all stick to it

I wake stay at home daddy before his alarm goes off as I know he can be a bit slow in the mornings and I like to help him by giving him a head start about 5am. Once his alarm goes off he has a bath and then comes down for five minutes of cuddles before he goes somewhere with, disappears through the day daddy for a few minutes.

It's a little ritual he seems to like and I like to amuse him and he says I look so cute. Down he sits at the table on the chair, he pretends to not see me and I stand on the floor, rest one paw on the chair to steady myself and pat his arm with the other, he laughs a lot, strokes my head and then invites me up.

Today however his time management was all over the place and he came down late and didn't sit down. No sit down, no cuddle. He can say all he likes that he'll give me lots of attention when he gets back but that's not the point.

I shall have to amuse myself by trying to work out what a Naughty Twin is doing on C's garage roof until he comes back.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Thief Caught Red Handed

Information has come to light regarding the moving things mystery but as one mystery closes another opens.

The Fox has been caught red handed by R moving a bowl. It's not a shock, he was always my prime suspect and foxes aren't called sly for no reason.

He's a clever one to be able to move things in such an exact way, however it makes me wonder what he's up to. 

I can understand why he moves the bowls, that's just to wind up, but what mad twisted mind game does he think he playing with me to move the sponge on top on the trampoline and the plant pots so precisely? I've also heard he ate a rabbit, this is all becoming a bit Foxy Lectar.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sex Scandal

OMG the Girl has just informed me, as she fed me some treat from M, that one of the Naughty Twins is actually a girl, I didn't know where to look, I carried on licking the plate how embarrassing.

Not Pregnant

Ohh one of the daddies and the Girl have just confirmed that Emma isn't pregnant, she's just put on a bit of weight. I for one think it suits her, still won't be letting her anywhere near though.

A Tiring Trip

Two of the daddies friends came over to visit us today.

The Girl calls my name often, I take great joy in ignoring her. I'm saving up the super cuddle as a surprise, I've no idea myself when the fancy may take. The Boy he plays with me, that's cool I like a man's hands and I know it's perplex's The Girl so double bonus. I'm not being rude just copying the way the daddies and The Boy always interact with The Girl, I think they called it piss taking.

Anyway the boy and girl decided to take a trip over to see Twizzle and meet R. They've got two cat's the same so I'm told, Flo and Phoebe. Anyway the trip must have been tiring for them as The Girl only just made it before collapsing on the pathway.

 Mogsie came out to take a look at all the fuss, he looked in my direction 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Claws At Sundown

Well another lazy afternoon and I'm just settling down to watch the sunset and it all kicks off.
Twizzle was out having a walk, one of the Naughty Twins was on C's garden shed roof enjoying the rays totally oblivious to his brother out to get Twizzle.

Cut to the road and a Naughty Twin plans his attack, out of nowhere off he dashes towards Twizzle. O dear he hadn't checked Twizzle's lead wasn't on lock down. Off he went right after the Naughty Twin who taken by the surprise rapid movement dashed back, a car missing him by inches. They are now just sitting on each side of the road glaring. R's making sure Naughty Twin is OK, he's such a lovely man.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Floppy that's all I've been for the past three days. Now don't get me wrong I am not complaining about the heat, thank goodness  it's finally arrived, Nadia is out from under my feet in the garden for a start but I just don't know what do with myself.

The daddies are keeping the windows open constantly through the day but with no wind there's very little air. It's lovely to sit by the open window at night before we all go to bed, not only do I get to cool off a bit but I can see what's going on which to be honest has been nothing these past couple of days. Mind you don't blame the gang for staying in the cool, I am.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nadia Makes Her Break

First sign of sun, the door's open and Nadia's on her toes. 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Home Alone

The daddies went out tonight and I was left home all alone. I was determined to get my entire nights worth of attention before they went to bed so I decided to give them my best "Aren't I cute" pose. It always works.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Pirate George

George has re-appeared. I was only wondering yesterday where he was as I haven't seen him for a while and I've just spotted him sitting looking rather sorry for himself on C's pathway.

His poor eye looks terrible again, all weepy and half-closed. As much as we don't get on (the daddies recon it's me being a bit off with him but they don't know what he can be like) I really don't like to see him looking so sorry for himself and kinda down-trodden. 

We just stared at each other for a couple of minutes before he walked off over to Tiny's. I wonder what he would look like with an eye patch? I think I'll try and search out the daddies one and leave it on the front lawn for him.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cat & Bird

Phew, thought Mogsie was about to go right down in my estimation as I saw what I thought was him eyeing his lunch. Turns out he just wanted to play cat and bird. Hiding under the car I could see that he was about to pounce. The bird didn't seem to be that bothered and continued to peck the grass for worms. Out Mogsie leapt, the bird without looking in his direction just jumped up went about a foot further and continued eating his lunch. I think Mogsie got a bit bored that the bird wouldn't play his game and fly away and off he skulked. It did make me laugh, he rules the street and yet snubbed by a bird.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Thaw?

Well today's been another quiet one, but I didn't mind too much I got to sleep in the daddies office all day that, along with the sun shining, put me in a really good mood. Well that's what I'm putting it down to as a Naughty Twin came really close tonight to making a break-in through the front window and I  surprised myself, I didn't react. Usually I would go mental at any attempted intrusion but my chilled out day seems to have transferred into a chilled out mood and I thought I would see what happened. Luckily he didn't try and push his luck too much and when he got a bit too close I did let him know who was boss in this house and off he went. I wonder if a thaw is forming in me?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Mogsie Takes On The Jehovah's Witness

Mogsie's just launched a surprise attack on the Jehovah's Witnesses. Poor ladies they didn't see him sheltering from the misty rain under R's car. Happily delivering leaflets up his drive they walked only be greeted with a hiss and a shaking of his tail feathers. Boy they didn't now what to do trying to side step past him to deliver the leaflet, only one dared go forward, Mogsie just stood watching the other until they both scuttled off. I think I like him.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Strawberry Ice Cream

Ahhh bless the daddies, they woke me to give me strawberry ice cream but I don't like it. They try to include me in their desserts and I know I should like them going by the usual Hollywood version of what cat's like but I don't like most of what they give me, cream and milk urghhh give me a bowl of custard though, yep that's what I want.

Twizzle and Tiny Join Forces

Twizzle and Tiny have called a truce and have just joined forces to keep a Naughty Twin on their own side of the street. What is it with these cat's around here? Quiet as a mouse all day, come evening out they all come, you'd have thought they would have taken advantage of a nice day weatherwise but no as soon as the sun starts to set and I sit down to a nice night in front of the TV out they all come. Wonder what tonight's drama will be.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Girl Who Played With Fire

After last nights excitement all's been quite in Catworld today just brief rain dash by a Naughty Twin about an hour ago.

 I've spent most of it asleep although just joined the daddies in watching The Girl Who Played With Fire. Interesting, it was all in Swedish, I've only just mastered English. I've only let the daddies know that I know Hello so far, it fascinates them trying to get me to speak it. I don't mind playing along with their little game, I don't want to freak them out too much by having a conversation with them yet, I'm saving that little bit of joy for a really boring day.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Stand Off and Stand Down

Thank god that's over. Amazing nothing for days and then everyone out together, a total melee. One of the Naughty Twins tried to come in the front window, it made one of the daddies jump. I leapt to the window to defend him just in time to see Mogsie running towards him. The other Naughty Twin came out from under the car and tried to divert Mogsie but Sarah came to his aid and chased one of her brothers home while Mogsie chased the other. Twizzle watched from his side of the road and now Mogsie is sitting slap bang in the middle of our lawn protecting us. I feel safe now, crisis over but there's definitely tension in the air.

Under Attack

I'm under attack

All Catty

It suddenly went all catty. Mogsie wasn't after me after all. I was keeping my eye very much on target when one of the Naughty Twins shot across in front of the window and intercepted Mogsie, nearly knocking right into him. He swerved at the last minute and ran past him across the road right up Mogsies driveway. Mogsie chased him and then out of right field came Twizzle and attacked him from the side nearly pulling R over. A bit of hissing and Naughty Twin ran off land defended, game over.

Eye On The Ball

Must keep my eye on the ball. There I am plotting revenge on the tight with the fish crew and Mogsie has sneaked over and is hiding between the cars on our drive planning some surprise attack no doubt.

Fish and Chips Friday

The daddies and one of the daddies parents had fish and chips for their tea from the chip shop tonight. I gave them lots of loving looks but they ate it all and didn't give me any. I'll enjoy teasing the daddies parents tonight, the mummy always wants me to come to her and I don't and the daddy doesn't want me to so I love to rub up against his leg *giggles*

The Moving Things Mystery

Stay at home daddy has said that I can sit with him in his office this morning if I am good and don't jump all over the desk, why he can't understand that I only do it because I want a stroke I don't know. I shall ignore that request just before I'm ready to be expelled.

Anyway it gives me prime position to see what's going on and more on the moving things mystery. It's happened again last night. 

Moving things has now targeted Twizzle and Mogsie's house, that's seven mysteries over the past three weeks. The three separate incidents of a cat bowl moving to the middle of next doors lawn, the two pots precisely placed in the middle of our back garden and then a sponge moved on top of the trampoline and now the cat bowl has moved from next door to Twizzle and Mogsie's lawn.

I still have the Fox fingered as my prime suspect as he's dug yet another hole in the back garden last night, I don't know what he is looking for but the monkey nuts that the daddies feed to the squirrels are not buried where he's looking.

Now one of the Naughty Twins has come out from around the back of the house to investigate, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has noticed what's going on.


Marvellous, one of the daddies feeding me from a pouch managed to drop a bit of jelly from the packet on my neck, not impressed, still fish ummm

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Something's Happening

Oh something's happening. Just having a cuddle with one of the daddies although he wouldn't sit still and spotted M coming out of the front door carrying George in her arms. She didn't look happy and was talking to him all the way over back to his home. No sign of Naughty Twin though. M and R have stayed out and Mogsie has joined them he doesn't seem bothered.

Tactical Attack?

I think some sort of tactical attack is being taken on Twizzle and Mogsie's. One of the Naughty Twins went up the side of their house to sneak in around the back earlier on this morning and now George has just followed him, the suns brought them out. I shall  be keeping an eye out for the other Twin.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Stroke Me!

O god I'm so fed up, it's been raining all afternoon and no ones been out, one of the daddies has only just got home and they just keep on talking. I want a stroke.

and Lighting

Yep that lightening made me jump awake, it almost made me lose one of my 9 lives.

Cats have 9 lives you know, I must tell you the story one day!

Thunder Storm

Wow just had a big thunder storm and one of the Naughty Twins dive bombed it across the road to seek shelter under one of the daddies car. It's run away again now, where's it gone?


I swear that Emma is pregnant again. I've just seen her walking along the back fence and she's looking big again. It's really not fair on her, she's been pregnant three time's that I know of, AND, she's spread her gene onto her daughter Sarah who's always pregnant too! The last lot she produced the two Naughty boys, such naughty twins who love spending their timing tormenting Mogsie.

Mind you I think he might be the father, I saw him squashing some cat on C's lawn last week, all very undignified.

Oh I wish I was blessed with some magic to sort all this mess out!