Wednesday 31 October 2012

Trick & Treating Me

Stay daddy has been up and down all evening.

Just as I got settled on his lap a bang on the door and up he was again. He said he's been dealing with the trick or treating. Absolutely no idea what he's banging on about I just wish he'd either sit still or give me some of these treats he's been going on about.

Finally I get to get my treats, think he's been tricking me by pretending I'm not getting any myself. OK daddy you can carry on now.

Peace Reigns

It's so nice to see the Naughty Twins friendship has reverted to a very strong bond again.

Today nearly everywhere I've looked they been hanging out together, over M's, at the back of mine and C's, running across the road chasing goodness only knows what. It's so heart warming to see them together in unison rather than spatting with each other.

The darker one has also been ensuring that Sarah has been included. Just sitting with her on the shed roof while she had a little wash when there was a break in the weather this afternoon.

I love it when peace reigns.

Outwitted By The Little Birdie

That little birdie is still outwitting the lighter Naughty Twin.

 He's been chasing it around the lawns for a little while this morning. Each time he's been getting a little closer and getting ready to pounce off the birdie hops, just out of reach.

I think the little birdie is really enjoying this game he's been playing the past couple of days. He seems to be taunting the Naughty Twin. He's has just perched himself onto the pole half way up the side of the house and the lighter Naughty Twin is currently trying to work out how he can jump up and get him. No chance.

The Webbox Challenge

I've learnt a very valuable lesson this past couple of days. Spend a couple of days walking around a bit slowly, not pushing for attention and sleeping on my own and you get literally showered in gifts and strokes.

Today's surprise present, a breakfast treat of Webbox.

The only problem with this is how on earth when it's put flat on the table do I manage to eat it. Licking it certainly gives me a taste of the flavour but I want it in my tummy.

What is this the Webbox challenge? I will persevere and I will conquer.

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Not An Instrument Of Torture After All

I've been wondering what that was on the table that daddy brought in earlier.

He said it was a present that he was going to show me later. Must admit as presents go I didn't think much of it, just wasn't too excited, looked like an instrument of torture to me.

Turns out later was just now and I do think much of it after all. It's a back massager!

Oh the joy as daddy rubbed it up and down my back. I loved it and for some reason after I got a massage I also got a big handful of Dreamies as a present for being good. It's my lucky day today.

5 New Kittens Arrive In Catworld

OMG so much has gone on in the road that has completely passed me by and no one has filled me in on. Until now.

I was just sitting here with Stay daddy as he was telling me what he had been doing this afternoon and he told me that M told him that there's been two sets of baby kittens born into the street recently. Both Sarah and Bella are now new mum's. 

Sarah has had three new tabby designed babies and Bella two new black and white designed ones. All of this went on earlier on in the Summer and no one told me, not a peep. At least it explains why I'd not really seen much of them over the past couple of months. I didn't have a clue, I'm not likely to meet the new babies now either as all the kittens have already gone to their new homes.

Phew lucky escape, I know the daddies have been after bringing two new babies into our house for a little while, if they'd realised I think we would already have been inundated. Both the new mummies have got their figures back really quickly. 

Wow five new kittens, always a joyous day when a kittens comes to join catworld. Celebration time.

Thank You Twizzle

Stay daddy came out of our office and sped out this afternoon without even saying goodbye. I heard all his rushing, he's not the quietest when in a hurry, and went to see what the fuss was about and spotted him talking to M over the way. Well I wasn't going to be getting an after office stroke so decided to go back to bed.

Image my surprise when I came down when he came back in, again not the quietest entrance I've ever encountered, and went for a little eat only to see that I had a new bowl. Daddy told me that it was a present via M from Twizzle. It's shaped in that special way so that I don't get my whiskers caught up in the side of it.

Ah that's so lovely and such a nice surprise, she really is a dear. Thank you very much Twizzle, I'll make sure I give her and M a big thank you wave when I see them next. In the meantime I'll just sit here and have a chat with daddy.

Watch Out

Watch out little birdie, someone's got their eye on you.

Come One, Come All

I've been sitting and watching Emma over the road for about the past 20 minutes.

She's been very restless .First of all walking up the side of the house, then back down again. Settling under the cars for a few minutes watching them go up and down the road before walking back up the side of the house. Three times she's been to the front door.

I cottoned on as to why she was so restless. She's been waiting for her breakfast. Almost as if they've got a psychic link the fourth time she walked up to the door step M opened the door and breakfast was served.

Well it must be some pretty tasty cooking that M's been doing because within less that 1 minute it was like feeding time at the zoo, cat's appeared from every direction..

There Emma was chomping away and up turned the lighter Naughty Twin, quickly followed by George. Just as they were settling down Sarah made an appearance.

Talk about open house at breakfast time M must be exhausted with all that baking. Come one, come all.

Monday 29 October 2012

Night Night Nadia

Well it's been three days and no movement from Nadia.

Daddy found her hidden under the brown bean bag after her escape for her red sleepy box last week. He'd been searching everywhere and then came across her when he wasn't even looking for her. He picked her up very gently as she wasn't moving and placed her in her box again and there she's been ever since.

No movement, no sound. I really think she's gone to sleep now. Night night Nadia, see you in the Spring.

Time's Changed

Well I relented last night. I went in to say goodnight to the daddies and then retired to my chair in the office to get another good nights sleep.

I could hear them calling out to me to come back in. I sat there and thought about it for a while, where would I get the best nights sleep? I could hear Stay daddy saying he missed me sleeping on his feet. It felt like something was missing he said.

That was when I relented. I was missing it too and crawled back in there slowly and settled down not to disturb them. It was the right decision. No wiggly feet throughout the night or trips to the bathroom and the joy in their voices in the morning when they woke up and saw me there was worth any potential sleep loss that I might have had.

It was very light outside and I though at first that they had got up late but they didn't seem to be in an extra hurry. I could hear them talking about how nice it was to wake up and not stumble around in the dark. They said something about time changing but I had no idea what they were talking about but it seemed to be making us all happy.

I could even see Mogsie was wide alert this morning as he did his early morning stretch and exercises.

Sunday 28 October 2012

The Real Reason Why

I've just spent my third night not sleeping in with the daddies and I've heard them talking trying to guess the reason why.

Disappears daddies theory is that it's because I have guessed that they are planning on getting a dog, at least two more cats and another tortoise at some point to keep Nadia company. Little does he know I heard it from their own mouths.

He thinks that I am trying to make them feel guilty so that they don't. I'd not thought of that but it's worth a try. I don't mind at all about another tortoise joining us, I'm very fond of Nadia and she doesn't bother me much. I can't imagine another one would either.

Stay daddy thinks it's because I'm sad for some reason and I just want some time on my own. I can see where he's coming from but no that's not it.

The real reason is my chair in our office is so much more comfortable at the moment now that it's been done up and Stay daddies  feet have been wiggling around at night so much recently that I've just not been getting a full nights sleep.

Saturday 27 October 2012

You Waving At Me?

I think the lighter Naughty Twin has hurt his paw.

I've just spotted him hanging out on the shed and he's got in high up in the air. Well it's either that or he's waving at someone.

My Conundrum

Mogsie has just come to call.

I was sitting with Stay daddy just looking out the window trying to work out if it was rain or a light snow that was falling as it's so cold. Some of the droplets coming down seemed to also be going up as well as down and I was lost in thought when I heard a light tapping.

It's the first time in ages that he's come so close to me and the first time I've seen him since Thursday when he got involved in sorting out the neon green eyes problem with the Naughty Twin.

He said he wanted to apologise about his mood on Thursday and the way he spoke to me. I didn't know what to do after the events over the past couple of days. I just sat there for a moment looking at him. I'm in a right conundrum. What do I do? Oh I'm so confused.

Friday 26 October 2012

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 4

I came through the other side of the bush and stopped dead still in complete terror.

In front of me lay an never ending expanse of water. I turned to the wanderer, my pleading eyes wide open. He simply looked back at me, a soft smile on his face.

It's the lake, my voice trembling. The lake where the Gooses live.

His eyes lit up. You are not wrong. Isn't it beautiful.

No, I turned my head away. My whole body was frozen to the spot, it was all I could do just to turn my head away.

There's nothing to be scared of. His voice soft and tender.

It's water, there's water everywhere the sound coming from my throat trembled.

And not a drop to spare? He laughed

Don't make fun of me. My eyes felt wet. Cats don't cry but if they did I think this must be what it's like. I felt so scared and so hurt. He wasn't to know how much I was terrified of water but I felt stung. This man who had got inside my head and my heart should have, he should have known how I would feel. I know it didn't make sense but none of this crazy night had.

Hey. He moved over to me, It's OK

I trembled, I was terrified. He was so close I could feel his breath on my face. Look.

I couldn't move.

Look he said the same soft tone in his voice.

No, I can't, I won't. I want to go home, I want my daddies and I want Nadia to try and crawl into my bowl and I want to be indoors and.. I sniffed back and tried to take a deep breath.

My pretty little girl, it's OK. Nothing will happen to you. The smoothness of his voice calmed me a little.

Just slowly turn and look, you will be glad you did. I said I would take you to somewhere you'd never been before and I didn't just mean to this place. You have the courage within you my sweet little Lil'. You are strong now turn your head slowly, I'm here, it will all be OK.

There's was something about him that just made you believe in him.

Just keep looking in my eyes, I will help you sweet, brave Lil'.

I looked up and straight into those golden orbs and so, so slowly he began to move behind me. I kept his gaze firm as he moved, not daring to move my line of sight away from the centre not a single millimetre until my neck could turn no more.

Are you ready, he enquired. Do not worry. I am going to be right here by your side but for you to see I have to move.

I nodded. In a flash he ducked down. I gasped.

The moon although not full was bright, it had remained a clear night, it's reflection danced in the waters ripples. A swan silently drifted across the water. It was beautiful. I couldn't turn away.

I felt his body gently rocking next to me and I turned to look at him. He gently nodded his head and brushed his cheek against mine. There was nothing that I felt I needed to worry about.

We must have sat there for an hour in silence lost totally in the scene. I'd never seen anything like this before. The only sound the water lapping gently on the bank.

Eventually he broke the silence. Your eyes pretty girl they sparkle like diamonds.

I swallowed and smiled.

I soon must be on my way, you can come with me if you like?

I turned to him and smiled but without a second thought I shook my head. 

No my lovely enigma I cannot. My hearts at home with my family. It always has been, it always will be.

He didn't speak but he smiled. It might not be the life for him but it's the life for me. We understood this about each other and left it at that, no trying to persuade each other differently.

We both turned back towards the lake and remained silent, our shoulders gentle touching. After a while the birds began their morning chorus and we knew it was time to go.

We both stood and walked back through the bushes and onto the road again slowly, neither speaking. As we turned to head back the way we came a van slowed as it came around the corner.

Come on, he shouted, tonight you are going to feel the wind in your fur. 

Off he ran jumping into the back of the van. With barely a second to think before it would speed up again, my heart pounding, I jumped up to join him.

All the way up the lane we went. I held on tight but knew I'd be safe, I knew he'd never put me into a position of danger. It was exhilarating, even though it was cold I didn't feel it as the air rushed through my coat ruffling and waving.

All too quickly our journey was over as we approached the place where I knew I had to get off. The van slowed down for the red light. Out we jumped. I felt on top of the world but was also now very tired.

We ambled back down my road, keeping to the pathways, the gardens no longer our playground. All too soon we were again in the back garden.

He lent towards me and whispered in my ear

I guess I had better be on my way pretty Lil', I've a long jounrey ahead and a little sister to meet. Ending with a wink.

As he pulled away he again brushed my cheek with his. He smiled and turned. So long little Lil' it's been a pleasure, tonight has been my lucky night.

Even though I'd had an amazing experience I was glad to be home. I don't like goodbyes and something inside me told me that I shouldn't say it. I heard a thump as he landed on the fence.

Wait. I called and turned to face him. I don't even know your name.

He turned his head towards me. My name my sweet is Troy Lamore.

Will I ever see you again?

You may my sweet, time and fate will tell. With that he was gone.

What a night I'd had. I was feeling very tired and know I needed to go to sleep but I didn't want the night to be over.

I went into the house of glass. The blanket was still where we'd left it and the pink petal he'd given me had filled the room with it's aroma. Just a few hours ago I didn't know he existed and now he was all I wanted to think about. I lay down, closed my eyes and fell asleep with the image of those eyes of gold dancing in my head.

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 3

With that up he got. You ready? he asked, Let's go!

He winked and off he ran, jumping clean over the fence into C's garden in one leap. I'd never seen anyone take the fence without stopping at the top before, he surely was a powerful cat.

By the time I got to the top of the fence I could see he was already two houses away. He stopped and turned to look at me. Smiling he paused until I caught up with him.

I can't go as fast as you, I said.

O you will he said, you will and off he went again.

I had a feeling that he hadn't be lying and that I was going to go further than I had before.

He could sense my hesitation when we got to the road. Even though it was late and this is a quiet area the road is still my boundary and I hesitated.

He looked at me from across the road. Ready?

I was. I'd never done this before, this was crazy. I don't know what kind of power he had over me making me do things I'd never done before. What was I doing? Did I care? In that moment, no I didn't all I knew was that I wanted to follow him and follow him I did.

Down the road we ran, the front gardens were our playground. Over bushes we jumped, chasing each other through the open gate of one of the gardens, a dog barked as we invaded his territory. I didn't shy away I just laughed and ran even faster. A the end of the road he jumped on top of a parked car and sat down. I was already further, much further away from home than I had ever been before and before I knew what I was doing I had joined him.

I was a little out of breath so glad for the rest. There I was panting away but he seemed as relaxed as if he'd just woken up. We just sat there in silence for a few minutes looking at each other. I was longing for him to rub my cheek with his again but he just looked at me smiling.

After a couple of he nodding to his left towards a big dark tunnel. Where it led I had no idea. Shall we? he asked.

I'm not sure, I replied, It looks very dark and I don't know where we are going?

Don't you know I'd never let anything hurt you? 

I did but still that tunnel was scary. I'd heard a rumour that Foxy Lectar hung out down here sometimes. This was the place that I had planned ages ago to try and tempt him to to get rid of him. At that moment a kind of calm came over me. Come on then.

He raised his paw and touched the back of my neck. Let's go, and with one leap he was off.

The light of the lamp glowed orange at the far end and I concentrated on getting to it as fast as I could. The tunnel made a strange sound as we ran through it. I could hear the gentle sound of our feet as we ran and the noise of some bats flapping their wings above. I dared not look up and just concentrated on what was ahead. Nearer and nearer the orange light glowed. It was only when we got out the other side that I realised that we were running together, parallel. I was no longer trying to play catch up.

On we ran for a few more minutes, until a rabbit jumped out of the long grass that was growing either side of us and threw me off my stride. I wasn't sure who was more surprised me or the rabbit as both of us changed directions in an instant to avoid each other.

OK? he asked

Yes, I laughed. Where are we going?

That's a surprise, he said, it's not too much further now and off he dashed. Off I followed.

We were now on some sort of concrete covered roadway. It was well lit and either side of us there were buildings. Not like the houses where I live, these didn't really have windows and they were much bigger than a house. Noises came from some of them and I could see piles of machinery and wood and mental.

We were now running silently, purposefully. This wanderer certainly knew where we were heading I still had no idea, although I could see that the roadway we were on was coming to an end and beyond the end all I could see were trees.

I began to slow down a little. Where was I, this was a long way from home? I hadn't been paying full attention to where we had been going and I wasn't sure that I could find my way back home again on my own.

I knew instinctively that he would look out and protect me but this being so far from home I began to think of the daddies. They've always been the ones who have looked out and after me. Just a couple of hours ago I was getting ready to go to bed, everything normal, everything as it had always been. Now here I was in the middle of nowhere, doing goodness only knows what with someone who's name I didn't even know.

By this time I had caught up with him. He was sitting on one side of the road waiting

We're here, pretty girl, and nodded into the direction of the trees.

With that he ran across the road diving straight through a bush. I looked down, my feet were following.

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 2

I finally found the dreamies, holding the packet in my teeth I ran back outside. Where was he I couldn't see him? I ran to the back of the garden, dropping the dreamies on the way. Looking around he was nowhere to be seen. I suddenly felt a pang in my chest.

I was up by The Wiseman and decided to consult him. What was that all about. Where was he? Who was he? I sat and thought really deep, closing my eye shut as tight as I could.

Turn around.

I jumped, It wasn't The Wiseman who was speaking to me.

There he was smiling at me from the doorway of the house of glass. A blanket that the daddies leave in there for any of us cats that want a little comfortable rest had been laid out on the floor. Placed in the middle was a petal from the little pink plant. Inside I smiled and my pang went away.

Here come sit a while, he said, turned and walked to the far side of the blanket, turned again to face me and looked directly at me with a smile in his eyes.

I walked towards the doorway, picking up the dreamies on my way. I felt nervous but safe. I dropped the packet onto the blanket and he indicated for me to sit. He waited until I had before sitting himself.

Let us eat and you can tell me all about yourself, he said. This threw me, he was to the point but not in an arrogant way. He had a strength about him, that much was obvious, but it was displayed it in a gently confident way. It was a manner that I hadn't come across before. I just sat there in silence.

He nudged open the packet and pushed a cheese dreamy my way. I put my head down to eat it, keeping my eyes on him. I couldn't stop myself. He bent his head down to the couple that were in front of him. I noticed his neck line, the muscles becoming taunt as he stretched and chewed. Thank goodness I was sitting down, my knee's I'm sure would have wobbled had I been standing. We sat in silence for a few minutes just eating, occasionally looking up at each other.

So pretty girl, he broke the silence as he sat upright, tell me about you.

I didn't know what to say. I'm sure my eyes must having been giving something away although I didn't know what that something would have been. I've not felt this comfortable around another cat I think ever. I think he understood where I was.

He laughed, Let's make this a little, he paused, easier. Tell me three things about you and there's no need to tell me you are beautiful, that much I can see for myself.

OMG. From many that would have sounded like a line but his expression didn't change, just a small grin in the corner of his mouth and a gentle softening around his eyes. He meant it. He just sat there looking at me expression not changing, he was obviously waiting until I spoke.

Err, My names Lil' and I live here with my two daddies and Nadia the tortoise, I began

I think I may not have been too clear, he smiled. It's you I want to know about, tell me about YOU. I wasn't too sure what he meant I thought I was.

I must still have had the link open to The Wiseman as it suddenly became clear. It's you Lil he wants to know about. The you that's inside. OK right here goes. Well I'm kinda shy. 

His left eye raised up a little. Shyness in your case is a very attractive quality, he licked his paw.

*Blush* I like to think I can be kind. I continued, trying not to react to his previous comment

I think you are very kind, you've invited a tired wanderer to share a meal, you've offered nothing but kindness to me tonight.

and err. I was flustered, my mind had gone blank, I couldn't speak. He must have sensed this

Are you adventurous pretty Lil'? Can you be impulsive?

*Gulp* I believe I can be, I said with as much confidence as I could muster.

Would you like to come on an adventure with me? 

Everything told me no. I didn't know who he was, I had no idea what he was going on about and yet there was something intoxicating about him and I wasn't ready to give up this feeling yet. I wanted to scream out yes but my mouth was dry so I just nodded.

Then come let us prepare. Tonight Lil' is going to be a night I hope you'll never forget. Let us go and have an adventure, I want to take you somewhere where I don't think you've been before..

My Night With Troy Lamore - Part 1

I've done something yesterday that I've never done before. I stayed out all night, with a man.

I'd had fairly quiet evening, spending most of it asleep on Stay daddies chest, cuddled up in front of the fire while he was watching TV. I'd been feeling a little tired after all the excitement of the day and even though I didn't mean to I fell fast asleep.

About 11 he got up and disturbed me. I didn't mind I'd been there for hours and decided to go outside  for a little air and to chew some grass. It wasn't a bad night, the rain had stopped, the fog had lifted and it was very clear. Just as I was chewing away something caught the corner of my eye over at the edge of the Peace Garden.

I turned to look and saw a glint of blue silver fur. I went to run away at first but something stopped me and I tentatively walked a few steps closer to get a better look.

As I did this the daddies turned on the back room light. They were closing the house down for the night and the beam illuminated the garden a little more.

Hey .A velvet voice called out. I jumped and stood to run back indoors, Don't be scared pretty lady. With that the most handsome cat I have ever seen stepped out from behind the pink bush. Why you running away? he said

What are you doing in my garden? I asked. Who was this stranger, I'd not seen him around here before?

Just passing through pretty girl, just passing through. With that he walked to the edge of the Peace Garden, settling on a rock and I could get a proper glimpse. He was beautiful. His fur shone with a blue hue, a taunt toned body and eyes of hypnotic gold. I just stood and stared, transfixed.

The back light went out and I could hear the daddies calling for me to come to bed. I turned to go back inside but something stopped me. It would be OK if I followed in a couple of minutes, I thought. Somehow I did feel safe and wanted to find out more about the mystery man.

Where are you going? I asked.

To see family in France, he replied. My mother lives in Paris and I've heard on the network that I've a new baby sister, so I'm off to see her. I was on my way to the coast to catch a boat across the water when I came across this fine place and thought I'd rest awhile. I hope that's OK with you?

If your family lives in France why are you here?

I'm a wanderer pretty girl. I don't settle in one place. The world is big and I want to see it all, I take after my father, he's a wanderer to, it's just something in our blood. It was only then that I realised that I had moved and was sitting right next to him. That kind of startled me I didn't even remember moving. There was something about this man that just drew me in.

A pleasure to meet you, he said and then leaned in and stroked the side of my face with his. I normally would have jumped and run at such an action but I just sat there, feeling slightly flushed. He must have been able to tell as as I heard a little chuckle in the back of his throat. He face then broke out into a beautiful smile and he winked at me.

How forward I thought. I hadn't pulled away though. I realised I liked it, I had gone all tingly.

This your house? He asked

I swallowed Yes

Looks a nice place to hang out, you mind if I do for a while.? I nodded OK. I've been travelling all day and could do with a rest.

I heard the daddies calling out to me again. I should go, I said and looked towards the bedroom, the light had gone off.

If you have to, you have to and he flashed that smile at me again.

I knew I wasn't going anywhere Where have you just come from then?

I've been travelling around for a while, hanging out with some fairground people around the North of the country, easy times. There's nothing as great as feeling the wind in your fur riding atop of a truck, plenty of food in your belly and new things to see. Made some pretty good friends there to. He turned and looked at me direct in my eyes You ever felt the wind in your fur gorgeous? You ever felt the danger?

I swallowed Are you hungry?  No I hadn't ever felt the wind in my fur, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was feeling my fur rippling now though.

It would be rude of me to turn down a dinner invitation from such a beautiful lady. I blushed again.

Hang on. With that I rushed back indoors. What was I doing, this was madness? Less than five minutes ago I was minding my own business getting ready to go to bed and now here I was running around in all of a fluster inviting a handsome stranger to dinner, ignoring calls from the daddies and yet there was nothing more that I wanted to do. Where was that dam packet of dreamies?

Thursday 25 October 2012

He Spat It At Me - Sorted

OMG it's all kicked off and Mogsie is not happy.

I was calling out across the road to Emma to try and get her attention for ages but she didn't seem to be taking much notice. I must admit it's not a very dignified way to behave but desperate times call for desperate measures.

As I was doing this Mogsie popped up from around the car. He just sat there looking at me. I could tell he was not happy at what was occurring but he listened to what I had to say. He turned and spoke to Emma and the lighter Naughty Twin who had also joined her. I couldn't hear what they were saying though.

He then got up and walked straight over the road towards the Naughty Twins house. My heart was pounding, I was really nervous, he looked furious and I shied back a little. Even though the window was closed I could feel the tension in the air.

I sat there nervously waiting. Emma and the lighter Naughty Twin were both under the car not moving just looking in the direction of their house.

About 10 minutes later he walked back, same path as before without even looking at me he spat out the corner of his mouth Sorted, Halloween costume and walked straight around the back of his house.

O dear I think I've made a big fuss about nothing. I should have guessed, they're not called the Naughty Twins for nothing. What must he think? It's not exactly an alluring attribute to over react like that although he did jump straight to my aid so maybe there still is a chance for us.

Hopping and Hoping

So that's what was interesting Emma so much.

A little bird has been hopping about and teasing her. She didn't stand a chance no matter how much she ran around getting ready to pounce. Each time Emma got near the little bird just hopped away until she got bored of the game and flew away.

The Book Of Fairies

Well I've been unsuccessful at getting Emma's attention through a closed window downstairs so I decided that if I went into the office then I could floor two tasks with one stone.

I could use this elevated position to call out to her as daddy keeps the window open most of the time that he is in there and I also could start my research on the fairies. 
Although the door was closed I just had to wait until he popped out. I meowed a lot but stayed on the threshold and then he invited me in. It's a ploy I've used successfully before so I knew I stood a good chance of it working this time. Bingo I was in.

I knew not to push my luck but he'd have got suspicious if I hadn't tried to get some attention so I jumped on his lap and we had a little cuddle. I could see the window was open and got up off his lap when I could tell he needed to get back to work. 

Up by the Little Lemon Tree I went, which by the way seems to be doing very well. There's a few more beautiful bright leaves that have sprouted this week and it's looking quite strong. Anyway I divert. Out I called again to Emma who was taking no notice of me. I don't know if she's ignoring me or just can't hear me, although she did seem to be a bit pre-occupied, looking at something I couldn't see myself.

I decided to come back to this later and diverted my attention to the little fairy book. There it was on the shelf. Now how could I get it down without being chucked out. Simple I just waited until he was on the phone, I know when he is there's nothing that will distract him.

Ring, ring and I sprang into action. As it fell to the floor, he turned around and gave me a right stare. I know he doesn't mean anything other than be quiet, which I was intending to do anyway. I had a feeling that I was going to be expelled as soon as he was off the phone and so got the book and left. I've hidden it in my other bedroom, he doesn't go in there much and I can read it at my leisure. That's one thing I can tick of the list.

Another Mental List

Right I've been sitting on nannies chair thinking and here's my mental list of things to do today. It's going to be a busy day.

1. Get the attention of Emma, or any of the others, to find out exactly what has happened to the darker Naughty Twin.

2. If it's some terrible zombie like contagious sickness find out how I can protect myself from becoming infected. Also find out if there is a cure as we can't leave him like that. Although where I will go to find out if there is a cure stumps me at the moment.

3. Investigate these fairy mushrooms. Daddy said that they have mystical powers so maybe they can help us in trying to bring the darker Naughty Twin back from the dark side. Now although you would think that this is an impossible task I already have a plan. Daddy has a book on fairies, I've seen it in our office, it's sure to contain information that I can utilise in my quest.

4. Distract Stay daddy, nick the book, read the book and make notes of how I can contact the fairies who own the mushrooms.

5. Locate and then persuade the fairies to help us in our quest.

6. Perform the required ritual and bring the darker Naughty Twin back to normal.

7. Find out what on earth the big glass bowl full of water that daddy has put on the window ledge is all about. It's way too big for it to be his drinking glass.

8. Go to sleep after all the tasks have been completed. I'm exhausted just thinking what's ahead of me today. Still onwards and upwards.

Oi Emma

Remember To Find Out

Well no further sightings of either of the Naughty Twins yesterday after the startling revelation that the darker Naughty Twin now has eyes of neon green.

I must remember to find out what's going on by asking one of the others. I've tried to get the attention of the birds but they are staying well away.  I do see Emma across the road having a little sniff of a plant. I'll try and get her attention.

Talking of plants I've spotted some very interesting ones that have sprung up from nowhere in the middle of our lawn. I spotted them sitting with Stay daddy when he finally returned this morning and was giving me some attention. He said that they are fairy mushrooms and contain special magic. Something else I must find out more about. I'll make a list, it's getting to be a very busy day already.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

A Hideous Experiment

What on earth has happened to the darker Naughty Twin?

I've just been relaxing in the bedroom having a little look out the window. Surprising, now that daddy is leaving the office door open I have less inclination to go in there as soon as he starts work in the morning. Guess it's the slightly forbidden temptation that proves so alluring.

Anyway today is also the first time in days that I've been able to look out the window and not see a sea of white fog. It's been so thick that even the birds have been quiet, or so I thought. Now I know why the real reasons they've been scarce today.

I first of all spotted both the Naughty Twins on sitting on C's garage roof, The lighter one turned and looked at the darker one and then jumped right off the roof onto the path. No part way jump onto the wall and down, no straight down he went.

The darker Naughty Twin turned in the opposite direction away from me and walked off. He then popped his head up, staring right at me. He has eyes of neon green! What sort of hideous experiment has taken place on him? I'm beginning to get concerned. Foxy Lectars mate had silver eyes and now a Naughty Twin has eyes of neon green. It's almost like some bizarre Zombie film around here.

I quickly ran into our office to the safety of daddies lap. Where I spotted the lighter one hiding under R's car. I don't blame him.

Tuesday 23 October 2012


I've been keeping my head low today.

It's raining, no ones around and Stay daddy has been banging about in our office. I thought it best to keep out of his way, he's had power tools out. It also gave me some time to catch up on sleep which is always time well spent.

Well it's just been revealed to me what he's been up to and we now have a completely new office. Blue, dark wood and white quite like it.

The best bit however is my chair. It now has a lot more room around it so I won't be disturbed every time he wants to open or close a window. He tries not to knock me but it happens every time. Some days if he's trying really hard not to knock me it's like an earthquake. I wish he wouldn't try. Anyway second bit of good news, my chair is also to have a make over. Apparently we're going Zebra. Get us.

Monday 22 October 2012

An Enquiry Made

I've heard them. Disappears has made "an enquiry" about a dog.

*Swallow hard*

This is my lap and I'll defend it to the hilt.

The Size Of That

OMG I've just nearly jumped out my fur. Stay daddy's been pottering in and out the house and he's just let out the loudest cry I've heard in ages.

I was asleep in his office and came running, I could tell he needed my help. He was all shaky and was sitting down.

Look Lil' he pointed just out the window, there was a giant spiders web. Quite beautiful if you look at it through cats eyes. However I know daddies not so taken with them. Still a diet cock and a cruchie and he'll be OK.

Enjoying The Anticipation

A break in the weather finds me outside investigating the current position of The Waterfall Of Gold.

I think there's about a week to go. The first signs it's nearly ready have landed on the trampoline. The colours almost right, just three things left to happen.

1. A few more of the leaves need to change colour
2. We need a sunny day
3. We need a sunny, windy day

Then it'll begin. I have patience as it's so wonderful and I'm enjoying the anticipation. I'll sit here a while watching progress, sometimes things really are worth waiting for. I can't wait to bathe in The Waterfall Of Gold.

Sunday 21 October 2012

You Can't Go Shopping!

The daddies are usually so good when it comes to tidying up plastic bags, banging on about how dangerous they can be.

Goodness knows where Nadia's found this one? You can't go shopping, the shops are closed and you're heading for a dead-end.

A Negative To A Positive

Getting a massive rub down from Stay daddy as they both talk about the topic de rigueur. Dogs.

I have, this time, been paying attention to what they are saying and I think I've found a way of turning this negative proposal into a positive advantage.

They've been talking about how they are to integrate the new recruits. Stay daddy has just been saying that in order to help with the transition and to not upset me that he's going to ensure he's giving me just as much attention as he does now.

Disappears daddy has been talking about creating my own special treats to ensure that I feel treasured. They were talking about the sleeping arrangements as well. I know my spot on the bed is safe and I won't have to share so I suppose I feel a little bit more settled about the idea. It does make me slightly laugh that they think that the two little kittens will have the spare room and the dog in a bed underneath the bedroom radiator. I'll let them deal with that little problem, they are determined I'm not to be disturbed that's all I care about.

Now if I'm clever and play on this I'm sure I can actually get more attention that I do now. I shall have to get practising a new wide eyed look, one that has a quiet resignation to it to twing those heart strings. Bingo.

It's Just Cuckoo

What on earth are they watching? It's just Cuckoo.

It's Disco Time

Stay daddys been at it this evening.  Not something that happens often. Understandably.

If he's in, it's cold out and he's in this zone then this becomes a house of flashing neon, fingers rapidly flicking through the increasingly loud music channels. Yep it's one of those special nights and lucky us we get to witness his versions of what he's found through the medium of karaoke. Yep if the songs right, and with the remote in his hand he makes sure it's right, it's disco time.

Tonight we've had a special treat it's been a music dance through the decades.

He's howled along with Donna Summer. Put random and slightly inappropriate words into D.I.S.C.O. Whitney and early Kylie have both made an appearance, as has his versions of Flashdance, Footloose the Pointer Sisters and Girls Aloud versions of Jump and rapped through the spoken part of Vogue. Drag Queen. He's just finished his current mash up doing it Camden Style and has popped to the loo.

He likes to call his musical tastes happy. I've an entirely different word for it. I'm sooo looking forward to High School Musical cause I know it's coming, he'll make it happen.

Disappears daddies leaving him to it as he's still looking at bloody dogs on the internet. Not my best Saturday night in recent times.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Double Don't You Dare!

Well that's the peace and quiet over with then. Disappears daddy has arisen and come down in a mischievous mood.

He's been looking at cats and dogs on the computer, every two seconds turning his screen around to show Stay who generally says Ah. I know what they are up to. I'm not chuffed at the prospect of another cat in here, but you can jolly well get a grip I'm not having a dog come here permanently. No I'm putting my foot down, that line shall not be crossed.

To make matter worse they've also been discussing Halloween coming up. Disappears said to Stay to check his email, which he did to peels of laughter. Yeah I know when I need to be on my guard and looked over his shoulder.

If they think I'm dressing up in that gear for their amusement they are clearly mad. There's no such thing as a Batcat. No way, no chance. Simply put, they dare and they'll suffer the consequences.

A Zen Like Experience

Saturday mornings are just perfect and a very special time for me.

 It's always quite here on a Saturday morning. Disappears daddy has a lay in and Stay daddy comes down at his normal time. He doesn't rush off out anywhere and sit's reading or just looking out the window quietly so as to not disturb sleeping beauty. We get some total us time and I look forward to this time each week as I know what's coming. It's the time for my weekly massage.

Disappears daddy actually gave me my first massage and I do get the same from him as a surprise at any time. Stay daddy always uses Saturday mornings though to give my back and neck a long massage.

It usually starts the same. I sit for a while as he settles and after about half an hour move closer to him, parking myself right next to him so that he knows I'm there. I'm not impatient as I also love the peace and after a little while he'll just put his hand around my shoulders and gentle massages the little bit between my should blades. Ah perfect relaxation. I just go with it and tune out, gently rocking back and forth, purring slowly and deeply from the back of my throat. It's almost a zen like experience.

Friday 19 October 2012

Standing Down It's The Squirrels

A brief break in this drizzling rain meant I got the chance to go outside and not get wet. The purpose, to have a proper look at these new holes.

As much as in the past it's been Foxy and Silver Eyes who have been behind the rampant vandalism upon even closer inspection of the holes it just didn't smell the same.They were smaller and in a way much neater than those created by the Foxes.

It was then that I spotted another clue. A bit of a monkey nut shell was in one of the holes. Bingo, solution. It wasn't the Foxes it was the Squirrels. As Winter approaches Stay daddy has been upping his monkey nut regime. I say regime what I mean to say handful grabbed by Stay daddy and chucked up the garden in a very un-coordinated fashion.

Phew don't mind it being them. Daddy has always fed the Squirrels as long as I can remember and I'm quite used to their little visits and they do get hungry in the Winter and I know how horrible it is when my tummy has rumbled. Standing down.

Message Understood?

I think the message may finally have gotten through and been understood by the lighter Naughty Twin.

Just now as I was sitting gazing out the window wishing that the light drizzle would stop so that I could go outside and have a check on the small holes in the back garden situation, another couple have appeared again this morning, when I spotted him coming around the side if C's house.

He didn't see me and walked around right in front of my window. Glad to see no weeing incident on the lawn this morning, good.

Up the path he went, I was watching him very intently to see what he did as I could see that he was on his way across the road, probably hoping for an early morning breakfast from M.

As he approached the road he stopped and actually looked both ways before crossing. O joy, let's just hope he keeps it up.

Now just got to wait for the rain to stop so I can get back to the holes investigation.

Thursday 18 October 2012

The Trade Off

Ah now I can see what Mogsie's been teaching the lighter Naughty Twin as his part of the Yoga lesson trade off. The courage to brazenly walk into the middle of the lawn, turn, look at me and wee before walking off with not a care in the world. Charming.

Mogsie's Learning Yoga

This past two days whenever I've seen Mogsie, the lighter Naughty Twin has always been just seconds behind. I know at times they can be very close, I think it's a mentor type thing going on, but now I've just realised why they've been spending so much time together.

The lighter Naughty Twin has been teaching Mogsie Yoga.

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

I don't know what Stay daddy's been eating but he's confusing me this morning, maybe he had some cheese before he went to bed?

He got up late, running around rapidly getting ready to try and make up time. He was up talking to Disappears daddy into the night, they kept me up to, with all their wiggling around. In the end I went downstairs to have a little drink and to get some peace. I guess he must be very tired as I'm not quite understanding what he's talking about.

He's been going on about all the colours of the rainbow being beautiful and yet I can't see a rainbow either out the back or the front. It's actually quite a nice morning weather wise, the Naughty Twins are running around everywhere enjoying the morning sun. I could tell something wasn't right he was talking very seriously about rainbows and yet I know he loves them so much. He always runs outside to look when they are in the sky, eyes twinkling. Disappears daddy says he looks just like a little boy when this happens. Today he just looks old. I just needed to concentrate really hard so I just sat there listening intently to what he was saying rubbing his arm with my head and giving him big wide eyed I love you eyes. I don't like this he seems very upset.

He showed me a picture of a rainbow and went on about all the colours blending perfectly. He said the reason rainbows are so beautiful is because each shade compliments each other, just there existing in harmony. He said that neither the brilliant blue through to the vibrant red in a rainbow try to compete about how wonderful they are, they all are amazing and that's why a rainbow works so well. He then just sat there looking at the picture for an age. I rubbed my head against his arm again. The trouble is, he said, sometimes something happens and you realise not everyone see's the rainbow like you do.  

I really was looking closely but I'm not sure that he thinks I get it as he turned to me and then said, my dad used to have a saying, there's none as blind as those that can't see. But I do see I do.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Is Foxy Lectar Back?

I'm not sure but I think Foxy Lectar may be back.

I popped outside for a few minutes this morning while the daddies were out. The weather is appalling, rain and wind so I haven't had the chance to investigate in too much depth but holes have appeared all over the back garden during the night.

They don't look at big as the ones back in the Summer but they are still there speckling the grass like the dots on a Dalmatians back. I'm trying not to jump to conclusions as I have been wrong before and I've not sighted him or his companion but these holes are definitely not a natural phenomenon and where not there yesterday. 

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Cat Fight In Downing Street

Just sitting here chillin' with the daddies when all of a sudden Stay daddy burst out laughing and called me to come have a look. He then read me a story about two cats that live in  Downing Street who are having a bit of a ruck.

Apparently Downing Street has denied rumours of a feud between Larry & Freya, two cats belonging to the Chancellor and Prime Minister after they were pictured fighting. Hot news on Twitter he says.

Larry was supposed to be there to sort out the rat and mouse problem, dirty, dirty people, but he can be a bit lazy and kept falling asleep on the job so Freya was drafted in to help him

Apparently they are calling it now a job share to avoid hurting Larry's feelings.

I joined in with daddy and laughed my little head off when he read that to me. They say us cats have no place to pay in politics, I disagree, when are people going to understand, we rule and humans are our pets. We're not just there to sort their mess, tut *raises eyes*

George Has Two Things To Say

Ah how nice George has just popped by for a quick word. He said wanted to say thank you for two things.

The first was for my concern about his eye problem. He said it was much better and showed me. It was still a little wet but not as weepy as it had been. He said he'd tried the eye patch I'd left out but that it didn't suit him and in the end it just became irritating to his nose where the elastic slipped down.

The second was to reassure me that they were trying their best with the lighter Naughty Twin to get the message across about the dangers of just running out in the road. Emma had told him that I'd had a word with her and he was pleased that someone else was keeping an eye out. I laughed at the irony of the comment but think I covered it well.

He was only here a couple of minutes What can you do, he said, teenagers they think they know it all just can't be told and off he went with a shrug of his shoulders.

Waiting For The Waterfall Of Gold

It's such a beautiful afternoon and I was getting nowhere in trying to get daddies attention that I popped out to into the back garden to see what was going on.

After a little sniff around the Peace Garden a bright glint caught my eye and I looked up.

There in the tree I could see that the leaves are turning a lovely yellow colour, the Waterfall of Gold is preparing itself.

I cannot wait, although I still think that there's a couple of weeks to go until it happens. Oh I'm so looking forward to it, it's such an amazing day and only happens once a year. Come on, hurry up, I just want to shower in you.

He Screamed In Surprise

Just been sitting here next to daddy as he's working, not doing much, enjoying the peace of the day when all of a sudden I heard a really loud scratching sound, that I was not familiar with.

I looked down towards where the noise was only to find one of Nadia's paws protruding from the red box. She'd obviously not settled down yet and was beginning to make a break for it.

Daddy heard the noise to and opened the lid of the box to see what was occurring but had to quickly get back to work as the phone rang. While he was deep in conversation I just sat and watched what she was up to. She obviously wasn't quite ready yet to go to sleep. They say that ants have super human strength but I don;t think that they are the only ones. She managed to pull herself up and out even though the sides where a lot taller than she is.

Daddy was on the phone and not paying attention, well he didn't until she crawled onto his foot, he screamed in surprise and knocked his drink everywhere. Think he's going to need to get the paint roller out looking at the state of the wall.

He's still on the phone and Nadia is making a run for it. Go Nadia, go.

Circling & Winking

Well it's nice to see Mogsie is doing his normal morning rounds. Coming down the side of C's house, across the road diagonally to his own, across his front garden, across Tiny's under the window, over to E's and back again. Nice neat circle. All is calm all is well. Circle complete.

As he crossed the road he turned and looked in my direction, winked and carried on. I do think he's flirting with me. He is a tease but it did make me quiver a little.

Monday 15 October 2012

So That's What The Red Box Is For

So that's what the red box is for, Nadia!

Stay daddy's been fussing over the box for ages. First he gave it a dust, then he went and found some saw dusts and bits of paper and warm things and padded it all out.

He then went and found Nadia who has been hiding under a cushion for the past few days. Carefully he placed her in it and covered her up before putting it in the corner of the room. He said he is going to move it later into a colder place so that Nadia can go to sleep for the Winter but he just wants to make sure she settles OK first.

This is so much better than last year when she dug herself in outside. Oh that's a relief she should be nice and snug in there and it's such a pretty colour to.

Now Me Makes Eyes At Me

Typical, just as I had started to question my feelings for Mogsie because of the age difference he starts to eye me up from across the road. Still at least someone else has finally surfaced.

Come to think of it I've not seen him around for a few days, maybe he's been on his holidays? I certain hope he's not been unwell and stayed indoors because of that. I didn't like it when he had to go to the doctors to get the chicken bone removed from his throat.

If he does have an interest in me he needs to get a move on as I have an admirer apparently. Daddy had some man come and sort out the letter box today and as he was looking at what he had done C called over a message, Milly sends his love, unusual name for a boy cat! Still I called my son Charlie and that can be both a boy and girls name.

Anyhow wherever Mogsie's been maybe it's a case of that old adage about absence making the heart grow fonder.The age shouldn't bother me the daddies are a different age and it doesn't seem to matter to them, I guess I should just stop fretting about it and go with the flow. He does look mighty fine.