Friday 28 August 2015

Did You Know That Was Going To Happen?

"Did you know that was going to happen?" I was pretty angry with The Fly.

He looked at me and nodded, a small smile spreading across his face.

"Yes I must admit I did."

"Well why didn't you warn me?" This was unbelievable.

The Fly looked at me quiet sternly;

"I did, i told you right at the beginning of the tour to be careful of getting involved with events but if events decide they want you involved they'll decide not me."

He was cross.

"But," I began

"No BUTS!" I'd never seen The Fly this assertive before.

"I'm your tour guide, I'm not your parent, IF events decide they want you involved then involved you will be." He softened slightly;

"You see, although I did know what was going to happen that was through a dozen, a hundred other tours, on this tour I'm the same as you, experiencing things as they happen, as it MUST be. A lot of people want to know all about the future but there's a danger in that, a danger that just by knowing what's ahead that they'll try to alter or effect the outcome to what they want it to be and that is not always the desire of the universe. Just by knowing it might be changed."

"What are you saying everything is pre-destined then? And we have no say over our future?" I was puzzled.

"No I'm not saying that at all, what I am saying if a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially if that knowledge is up for manipulation. Events should unfold in the moment and although some of us are lucky enough to have that insight it's also a tremendous responsibility. What if I told you that was going to happen because I'd seen it happen before. Would you try to get here quicker and maybe miss that exact moment when you met? Would you avoid it and change the future, a future the universe, the biggest power of all, has decided already for you? Would just by you knowing change your perception and actions in the moment? Any of these could have big consequences, I told you before, knowing the future is a great responsibility, one which only the universe and magic will decide is an individuals to know. That is not a decision I have the right to decide."

It kinda made sense in a weird way, Maybe I should just go along with events, after all I wasn't going to get any help in that regard from The Fly.

"What next?" I asked the Fly.

"Fancy going back and seeing how Purlean rescues The Witch?"

I nodded, I was along for the ride now, no getting off this roller-coaster until the end.

Thursday 27 August 2015

Get Prepared

Marvellous. All this time I've been waiting for someone to pop by so I can get a message out to Ginger Cat and Theo, George calls by and River decides it's time to  play wrestling.

OK then, but get prepared, I'm gonna kick some arse!

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Wednesday 26 August 2015


Daddy and his sock, genius! Who knew it was be such fun?

Well done River for introducing me.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

I Missed Her So Much!

River's been upstairs with Daddy all day, I could have joined her but I've been trying to catch hold of Theo or Ginger Cat, actually anyone would do at the moment.

When she came down she tried to tell me all about what she had been up to, but to be honest I just wanted to play wrestle, I missed her so much!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

A Matter Of Growing Urgency

Ooh Theo!

I need a word with him.

Silly boy thinking I can't see him watching over here, like a wall chad. Anyway I have more important things to speak to him about than his lack of nosey skills, it's a matter of growing urgency!

Thursday 20 August 2015

My Timeline Was Now Interfering With The Past

I wasn't sure what I should do, stay or run, The Fly had warned me very clearly to be careful of being seen or getting involved, this may already all of happened in the past but for me it was also very real and very current. My timeline was now interfering with the past and the consequences I just didn't want to think about but I was here and in this position and I had to deal with it.

"Hello," i said and stepped forward offering out a paw, "I'm David. David-Shiro."

Purlean smiled and took my hand, a spark like I've seen Daddy get when he doesn't turn of an appliance before pulling out a plug shot between us, it didn't hurt though, just a slither of purple beauty. Purlean laughed.

"Nice to meet you David-Shiro, fine name that."

I smiled back.

"Are you OK?" She asked again.

"Yes," I replied "but I'm not too sure of my friend." I looked down at The Fly, I could see his chest moving up and down softly.

Purlean lent in and sniffed three times.

"He'll be OK, I think I must have collided with him when I came through."

I nodded.

"Are you from around here?" Purlean sat down.

"No." I shock my head, "I'm, I'm..." I wasn't sure how to answer, I didn't want to give anything away and wasn't sure that I should even be speaking to her but I guessed if I gave nothing away it couldn't be too bad.

"I'm from a long way away, I'm not familiar with this part of the world, The Fly here was my guide, I'm on a tour."

Purlean smiled again and rubbed her belly.

"Are you OK?" I asked looking down at the large stomach hoping that all the excitement of the day hadn't brought on an early birth, "You look like you were in a hurry."

"Yes I'm fine now. A friend of mine has been in a spot of bother and we got separated and to be honest I think I'm a bit lost."

"Once you've seen one tree you've seen them all eh." I joked.

Purlean nodded but didn't answer, her eyes squinted and she looked at me intently. Although you can't see when a cat sweats I certainly was, I felt very much under scrutiny, I hoped there was nothing in my accent or demeanour that was giving me away. Thinking quickly on my feet;

"You said you're friend was in a bit of bother?"

Purlean licked her paw and cleaned a spot of dirt from the top of her head.

"Yes, she has a habit of getting into trouble." She sighed.

"Why do you stick with her then?"

Purlean glanced at me and I wasn't sure if I'd offended her but within a second her stance settled back down again.

"The thing is she looks out for me. She looked out for me when no one else would and..." she paused to take stock, "And as much as I needed her, she needs me, she's just not fully aware of it yet."

I jumped on the answer, forgetting myself, "Not fully aware of it yet?"

"She's not a bad person, she's just lost her way and I'm trying to help her find herself again."

I pushed forward a berry that lay near me, maybe Purlean was hungry and I certainly wanted to engage her in conversation.

Purlean shook her head and pushed it back towards me. I was feeling rather hungry and decided that I would partake.

"I've never seen another black cat before, I thought I was the only one." Purlean sniffed in my direction.

Suddenly i felt panicky, of course Purlean was the first created by magic and here I was sitting right in front of her chewing the cud not even considering that to her I was as much as a curiosity and she was to me.

Thinking quickly on my feet. "And you're the first I've seen." Which wasn't strictly true, there was Doublay and Theo from back home and of course I'd seen pictures of Evie that Daddy had up but I had to be careful what I said.

Purlean suddenly got up and started to walk around me, looking me up and down. Oh my what had I done, The Fly told me to keep my wits about me and now here I was feeling under inspection by the first ever Witches Familiar.

"Anyway I had better get back to my friend. It was nice meeting you and I hope your friend wakes up soon."

"Er yes you too." I replied. "I hope everything's OK when you find her again."

"Thank you." Purlean walked towards the middle of the clearing.

"I think you came from that way." I said, pointing behind her wishing she'd just go really quickly and I didn't make anything worse than I already had.

Purlean suddenly stared at me, eye to eye, beyond the iris.

"Oh don't you worry David-Shiro I know exactly which way I'm heading but I need my transport."

"Transport?" What on earth could she be talking about.

"Yes," her head bobbed down, "I don't have wings, I'm not a bird."

"Huh?" I shrugged.

"My transport." Purlean nodded down again to a twig in front of her.

I stared at her suddenly becoming very scared, the look she was giving me was unnerving.

Purlean straddled the stick and the two of them lifted up in the air.

"My transport!" she laughed.

"You and me David-Shiro, you and me, I've got a feeling we may well meet again someday and then you can tell me who you really are!"

In a flash she was gone, back through the bushes. I jumped up on the rock she had been sitting on to see if I could see her but no she was gone.

I breathed a sign of relief. Phew!

"So." A voice behind me echoed around the clearing, "Did you keep your wits about you?" I ran over and kissed The Fly. I was so glad he was awake again!

Wednesday 19 August 2015

I Wasn't Sure What Was Worse

All of a sudden the bushes to my right parted and a black blur jumped right over my head and into the bushes on the other side of the clearing.

I ducked and lay close to the ground unsure whether to run or stay put, my heart pounding and my senses on high alert.

I looked to The Fly to get an idea of what to do but he was nowhere to be seen. I could feel myself beginning to panic, I suddenly felt very alone and very scared, he'd been by my side this entire time and I guessed I'd become used to his company and guidance. I didn't know what to do now I was all on my own.

I looked up and around to see if I could see him, maybe flying high or drinking some of the nectar he seemed to enjoy from time to time on our journey but nothing and believe me, cats eyes are sharp and they can see even the slightest movement.

"Look down." A voice from the bushes called out.

I spun around to the direction of where the voice came from, a great big oak tree slightly to my left, but saw nothing. My heart pounded even more, I wasn't sure what was worse feeling alone or now knowing I was not alone but not knowing who the owner of the voice was, it wasn't The Fly on another tour, I was used to his high pitched squeak by now.

Frozen to the spot I scanned everything I could see, squinting my eyes to move my eyes into super sharp vision but apart from a few leaves moving in the gentle breeze nothing, then I looked down and gasped.

There was The Fly lying motionless in front of me, partly hidden by a low laying daisy. I bent my head down and sniffed, yes it was my Fly.

I bent my head down and listened to his chest, phew he was still breathing.

"Fly, Fly." I whisper shouted, "Are you OK Fly?"

Nothing. He must have been knocked unconscious by the thing that had just flown overhead, and there he was telling me to keep my wits about me, great with the advise, should have taken it himself.

"Are you OK?" A different voice caught my attention, the hairs on my fur standing on end, I slowly turned and there before me, partly hidden by a fern leave, two eyes blinked..

I nodded, unsure what to say and not wanting to draw attention to The Fly, I had no idea if this was friend or foe.

The eyes smiled at me and the fern leaves started to move, the body of the eyes jumped up onto a rock at the edge of the clearing.

A paw extended towards me, "Hello, I'm Purlean."

I gasped, this wasn't what was supposed to happen!

Tuesday 18 August 2015

I Knew It Meant Trouble

Marvellous, what am I supposed to do now, no easy way up my climbing frame any more. I knew all that digging meant trouble, yes for me!

What Does He Have Planned?

Well I'm not sure I'm liking the look of this, Daddy is digging away right by the back wall, and he says there's big changes afoot for my climbing frame.

AND he's getting help from River, oh my what does he have planned?

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Sunday 16 August 2015

Tickled Pink

It was all a bit squashed with Daddy, River and I all struggling to get some space on the duvet but then Daddy huffed and moved. I'm tickled pink at his generosity it's so much more comfortable with there just being the two of us and of course it's always great being cuddled up next to my River.

Now time for some more sleep.

Saturday 15 August 2015

Mellow Yellow Man

Ooh I could smell lots of lovely scents coming from the kitchen, I was over the back gardens seeing who was around and the smell was so strong wafting around that I just had to come and investigate.  I think the Daddies are having some friends over.

I can tell when, there's usually a lot of tidying up activity that happens first, then the music starts and smells emit themselves from the kitchen.

I can smell meat and I can hear chill out music, yeah mellow yellow man.

I better see what I can snaffle before anyone arrives because as soon as people arrive, I'm off, I know what I'm like.

Thursday 13 August 2015

Big Purple Flowers

"You must be a very special cat for that to happen, I've been through this wood many times before but only one other time did magic decide to touch one of my clients." The Fly grinned.

My mind was in a spin, that was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had, my head still felt light and although I hadn't moved, I'm sure I could feel a spring in my step. I bend down and kissed The Fly again.

"Thank you. thank you for bringing me here."

The Fly laughed; "I didn't bring you here, you decided to come, and I certainly didn't make magic come and touch you. No siree, THAT had nothing to do with me!"

I smiled and looked around to get my bearings. All around big purple flowers reached up into the sky, yellow and white daisies larger than I had ever seen before shaded the lower part of the wood floor, a carpet of green ferns danced in the sparkling sunlight bursting through the oak tree top canopy. Beautiful and so serene and then for a moment I remembered, Purlean.

"What about Purlean." I looked around to see if I could see or hear any moment in the wood.

"Oh don't worry, she'll be here soon, magic must have sped up our journey a little, you have time to catch your breath and maybe even have a little drink in that stream over there." The Fly buzzed around my head and nodded in the direction behind me, tingling water ran over the most beautiful grey and brown pebbles.

"Is she OK?" I was feeling very concerned about her, she was ready to give birth and the shock of what was happening in the wood could not have helped her in her condition.

The Fly buzzed close to my ear.

"Watch out very carefully," he whispered, "and keep your wits about you too!"

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Don't Look So Blue

Don't look so blue River, I'm just doing a recky this time, seeing if there's a way to get you up here too!

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Saturday 8 August 2015

Red Hot Ying Yang Tumble!

I knew it was coming...

...the second River started turning my kisses into nudge heads.

And the deal was sealed the moment I put my arms around her shoulders. 

Red Hot Ying Yang Tumble!

River won today,s bout but we'll see when I surprise her with a return match later. It's the best, Red Hot Ying Yang Tumble!

Friday 7 August 2015

It Emitted An Orange Glow!

The Daddies are sitting out in the garden with Daddies cousin, it's been a warm day and this evening is pretty clement.

A V of birds flew by and attracted my attention for a while, lazily dreaming away the day. When all of a sudden I heard a crackling from up near Daddy, I noticed it had suddenly gone dark and ran up there to have a look at what it was, making such a noise.

I dunno what it it but it emitted an orange glow!

Green Plant Merging With Green Plant

The Fly flew off, rapidly buzzing and jumping from our hiding place and quickly back into the wood, for is was at this point a wood and not a forest, but I was learning not to forget an enchanted forest and enchanted wood, just a few trees be-twixed them.

I rand really hard after The Fly as he found a break in the houses flying and gliding like a Star Wars pilot, pretty impressive, I struggled to keep up, so intent on not losing hi this maze that I didn't have time to worry about if I was spotted or not. Near up I could have sworn I saw another flash of cat fur following what I was presuming was The Fly on a previous or future tour. I was getting used to how this place operated and I wondered what was next.

Into the wood The Fly flew ever faster than he'd ever flown before and I was keeping up, not even thinking, at that time, that maybe I should have looked behind to see if anyone was after us but no I just didn't dare lose The Fly.

The wood became a blur of green plant merging with green plant an emerald sparkling back, almost like I was flying I hit nothing and nothing hit me, maybe this is what flying feels like, gliding effortlessly the only thing in focus The Fly.

Then quick in a blink there I was still and sitting right in front of me eye line level The Fly drinking thirstily from a big yellow Daisy, licking his lips at the nectar.

"Wow!" I said to him, a smile all over my face.

The Fly grinned back; "Magic's fabulous isn't it!"

I lent forward and kissed him on his little top head.


What An Adventure I've Just Had - I've Never Turned Left Before! A Blue Water Hit

What an adventure I've just had. I was sitting up in the Peace Garden just chilling and thinking when all of a sudden a rustling up in Squirrel Tree directly above me drew my attention and although I couldn't be sure a flash of ginger disappeared through the leaves.

Could it be Ginger Cat, I really want to speak to him, there's something I need to ask him.

For a while I paced up and down the garden. Yes I could have gone straight after him but also I'm not that sure what he might be like with me. I've heard good things and that he's a friend of Catworld but still I've not been formally introduced and he's never stuck around to say hi so who knows.

In the end I thought, I;d never know unless I approach him and so jumped right up and through the leaves in the direction that the flash of ginger colour went.

Looking around I was in the garden the other side of the wall, a garden I've not gone to before. I've explored all the gardens at the back and to the right but I've never turned left before!

It's a pretty garden, lots of trees and bushes and things and a nice bit of grass. Looking around I couldn't see Ginger Cat so I turned to return and brushed against something in the tree.

As you can imagine, I jumped nearly out of my cat skin right up and banged a branch above me, leaped to the right in surprise and half fell out of the tree.

On the ground I ran half way up the garden panting. I needed a water hit, a blue water hit to calm myself down. So desperate I was that I jumped up on the side of the summer pool and nearly fell in.

What an adventure!

Thursday 6 August 2015


"Give it to her." One of the children cried out, quickly followed by a sharp slap from the man nearest to them.

"I'll tell you what." The tomato seller stepped forward.

"I'll make a deal with you."

Ursa smiled and looked down to Purlean who was sitting on a grass tuff nearby.

"Oh this should be interesting." A smile spread across her face. "Go on then, let's here this DEAL"
She mocked.

The tomato seller smiled and took a step closer to her.

I turned to The Fly whose hundred eyes were transfixed on the unfolding scene.

"You," he stepped closer again and bend down, grabbing something from the floor before holding out his hand towards Ursa, "Guess what I've got in my hand and you I'll give you the Ruby, providing you leave here and don't harm anyone else."

Ursa stared at him a smile slowly spreading across her face.

"You know what, I like you, someone with a bit of guts about them." She nodded.

"But I have some conditions of my own."

The tomato seller looked behind him towards a group of the men. One of who nodded at him.

"If I guess it right not only will I you give me the Ruby of Mar BUT you also agree to join me, as I said I like a man of courage."

The tomato seller  thought for a moment and nodded.

"OK," he said, "I accept your terms." and held out his left hand.

"Now let me see, what could he have in his hand." She laughed at Purlean, who looked back up at her, her face giving nothing away.

The crowd had fallen silent and I looked back to The Fly again, still he was watching with eager anticipation although why I had no idea, he'd seen this happen time and time again and knew the outcome.

Ursa looked at the tomato seller, looked back at his hand and then back square in the face.

"Nothing, you have nothing in your hand." She laughed.

The tomato seller smiled her Ursa, held out his hand and slowly unfolding his fingers revealed an empty hand.

I gasped loudly instantly putting my paw over my mouth, scared I'd been too loud.

"Correct." He said as he dropped to the floor and a brick flew past him and hit Ursa clean in the face, knocking her backwards. Then another and another. The crowd were fighting back as Ursa screamed and clasped hold of her eye.

Quick as a flash the tomato seller had grabbed Purlean and threw her into the crowd just as Ursa recovered herself enough to see what he was doing and rushed forward.

"Purlean." She pushed aside one of the men who was now charging her, his arm snapped and he dropped in agony, clutching it.

"PURLEAN." She shouted, chasing through the crowd, people dropping either side of her as soon as she touched them, grabbing parts of their bodies wherever she had touched them.

"PURLEAN! PURLEAN! PURLEAN!" She wailed, looking left and right, the thickening crowd pushing closer and closer to her, until I could no longer make out who was who in the tangled mess of bodies.

"Come on," The Fly said, follow me!

Monday 3 August 2015

Word Was Spreading Quickly

"Hey you." A man selling tomatoes pointed towards Ursa now walking right into the town boundaries. A few of the people around him looked in the direction he was pointing and started murmuring to each other.

Ursa smiled and carried on silently, Purlean matching her step by step.

Word was spreading quickly, with each step Ursa took more people appeared on the streets, not one look affriad.

"Hey I said YOU!" The man repeated his statement and held his hand out as if to say halt. "You're brave coming here." He laughed.

Ursa continued on, now just a hundred meters or so away from him, the gathered crowd thickening by the minute. Ursa started to smile.

"You're brave speaking like that to me." She smiled back and stopped, just a few meters away from him, face to face they both grinned.

"But I like your confidence, I might let you live." Ursa laughed, Purlean rubbed up against her leg, looking up at her mistress.

Some of the crowd started laughing, the man who had called out to her looked at the man to the left of her;

"Get her."

He stepped forward and mockingly bowed;

"I'm sorry your highness, pray do tell me what can we do for you this fine day." The crowd joined in the mocking, laughing and jostling each other.

Ursa smiled back.

"You can go get me The Ruby of Mar and we'll say no more about it."

The smile dropped from his face and he stepped a pace towards her.

"You think you can come into my town and demand The Ruby of Mar?" He turned to look at a man behind him who grinned. "She's a crazy one, this one."

More laughter from the crowd.

The grin dropped from Ursas lips, Purlean was doing a figure of eight around her feet.

"Crazy, am I. Let me show you how crazy I am."

She turned slightly to look at the man who the tomato seller had being addressing. Muttering something under her breath she pointed her finger at him and in an instant he started screaming, grey spreading rapidly up from his feet, he reached down as if to provide some comfort. Less than 10 seconds since she'd muttered he was solid stone. The crowd was now silent.

"What's the date?" She called out to no one in particular. "The 9th I believe." Purlean nodded.

"One, two, three, four," She started counting people from the left f the statue man, "five, six, seven, eight..."

She smiled and pointed at the ninth person to his left. "NINE!"

Ursa closed her eyes her head slowly going upwards to the sky. The man who had been the ninth from the statue man slowly started to rise in the air, screaming and trying to grab the arm of anyone near him.

Ursa opened her eyes, the man now higher than the roof tops of the towns houses suddenly dropped to the floor. His body landing with a thud, lifeless.

Ursa then turned t the right of the statue man "One, two, three."

The people in the crowd started to move around, trying not to be ninth in line.

As quick as a flash "Fourfivesixseveneight and NINE!" One of the town few women started to cry;

"No please," she begged.

Ursa shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head in her direction.

The women disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Now. "She turned back to the tomato seller "I'll ask you just one more time I've come for The Ruby of Mar!"

Sunday 2 August 2015

Other Things On My Mind

I'm so liking what my Daddies have done to the garden. They didn't even realise but with all the potting and planting and moving things around that they've managed to create some wonderful hiding places and shade from the sun.

So there I was watching and waiting when up comes River, all waggly tail excited about something she wanted to show me but I had other things on my mind and had to politely tell her to go away, and boy was she persistent that I followed her.

I had my eye on something that I needed to understand before I made my move.
No more chasing flies for me now I know who they are.

Can't see it, look closer. A bee! Now they really do bug me!

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Saturday 1 August 2015

Well I Never!

Well there I was just having a little sit in the sun when all of a sudden I heard some rustling in the tree. 
I went to investigate to see if it was Craig, but by the time I got there the rustling had gone, but I'm sure I caught a glimpse of Ginger cat jumping through the trees in the next door neighbours garden.

Feeling a little dejected, I so want to say hello to him, I went back into the garden to try and see if I could get his scent but before I could pick much up I felt River's nose up my bottom, there was something very important she needed me to see she said and she was so persistant that I knew if I didn't humour her she wouldn't give up.

Yes lovely some flowers, but is that what she was really disturbing me for?
Well I never, it wasn't the flowers she wanted to show me if was the beautiful butterfly that was buzzing around right besides them. 

I've seen some white butterflies before but never an orange one. I was tempted to play chase with it but I've overheard Daddy saying before that butterflies are magical and so I just sat there and watched it with River for a while.

As much as I would have liked to have stayed there watching it I did have ore pressing matters and jumped back into the tree, leaving River to stare alone, and tried to pick up on Ginger cats scent. I guess I must have dropped off, it's the heat it makes us cats very tired you know, as when I woke Up I could here the Daddies talking to a lady in the back garden, they were all having drinks and laughing.

Ahh that must be Daddies cousing I've heard him talk about.

Full of energy after me sleep I jumped down to ask River is she fancied having a play but she said she was all played out.

Well I never! 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

A Minxy Mood

Oh what you got there River?

You're tooth stick is it? Well I feel in a minxy mood today, come on share then, you've eaten all my breakfast and I wasn't even finished AND you don't even care that it's special food for cats only!

Get the tooth stick! Get the tooth stick!

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