Friday 28 February 2014

Something Is Going On Over Here

I think George is right and Emma does have a bit of an idea something is going on over here, she's been sitting under R's car all afternoon just staring over in this direction!

I'm not ready for anyone else to know but I think as she's a loner that she might be the next one that should find out. I just don't know when yet though!

Our Link Must Be Getting Stonger

Fantastic the sun's come back out and that means after the short burst of rain we had earlier that the cats would come back out. I went up to the front window to see who was around and there George was just sitting there waiting.

Hi Lil', George said.

Well I hadn't even said anything to him and here he was talking to me. Our link must be getting stronger. He turned to face where I was sitting. 

His eye was looking sensitive, I wished he would have taken my advice and got it looked at but there's nothing I can do about that now.

I gathered myself together. Right remember keep it real.

Hi George, I said

He smiled, I knew you were there, I can feel when you are around me now.

I could have cried, finally I seem to have mastered a way for us to communicate.

Can you hear me OK

Yes, although it goes in and out a bit but yes I can hear you Lil', he blinked his weepy eye.

I can't see you though, he said

I can see you just fine, I smiled to myself

Who knows? I asked

No one, he replied. I've not told anyone although I think Emma may have a bit of an idea. You have been missed, Mogsie has been besides himself hardly talking to anyone apart from Twizzle. I'm so, so sorry.

A wave hit me and I felt very sad. I sat there not knowing what to say, even though I was here, I wasn't at the same time and although I could at least speak to George no one else could really hear me. I'd jumped from the office window ledge last night when Daddy was in there trying to tidy up the beans that had spilled out from the beanbag that River ripped through and he turned around in my direction but when I spoke he didn't hear and he carried back on with picking up individual balls.

I'm happy you can hear me George, I said

I'm so glad I can hear you too. Do you mind if we keep this just between ourselves at the moment? I asked

Of course I don't, he replied. 

I'm still getting used to things at the moment and it's pretty tiring for me when I try to talk and I guess I'm a little bit scared.

He smiled back softly and turned forwards again.

We've got all the time in the world Lil', all the time in the world!

Just What I Need To Lift My Spirits, Cat Fun Time

Oh brilliant, this just what I need to life my spirits, cat fun time

Disappears Daddy is home today which is always lovely, he does work so hard and I do worry about him so it's nice to see him getting a day off to rest. it always means that Stay Daddy takes the day off as well so I can be around him without worrying that his work is being disturbed.

I was downstairs listening to them talking when suddenly River jumped up from her near sleeping position onto the chair and window ledge and started whinging out the window.

I followed her and saw the lighter Naughty Twin sitting in a very prominent position right in the middle of the lawn. I guessed what was coming and a smile spread across my face, she was on a wind up, cat fun time!

River of course started whipping herself into a very excitable state, jumping up and down from the chair to the window ledge, turning around and looking at both of the Daddies, barking and whinging.
The lighter Naughty Twin turned to look at her, I could see the devilment in her eyes, ah yes this was just what I needed.

River by this time was going mad, not knowing where to look or where to go, especially when the Darker Naughty Twin passed by, turned to see what all the kerfuffle was about and smiled. River making such a nose was fueling the lighter Naughty Twin who got up and started walking back and forth past the window right under Rivers nose.

She even had the cheek to wave at her. Brilliant, oh how I've missed this.

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Thursday 27 February 2014

Evil Olive

I've just heard the loudest laughter coming from the Daddies and ran down to see what all the hilarity was about. Both of them were on their computers and Stay was showing his to River and warning her never to go near whatever it was he was showing her.

Well as you can guess my curiosity was near bursting levels and I jumped on the back of the sofa to get a closer look.

I recoiled!

The Daddies friend GT has just adopted a cat, points for that, this cat. Anyone got the number for an exorcist?

Welcome to Catworld Evil Olive!

That's the Answer, Be Real

Phew George came back, luckily!

I know it wasn't her fault but I got really annoyed with River for scaring George off earlier and a month or so ago I know I would have ended up hissing at her. Mind you a month or so ago it wouldn't have been so important for us to meet up.

River was out the back whinging for some more treats or something so I knew the coast would be clear and looking out the front window there George was sitting on the grass looking in. 

Oh it would all be so much easier if he could just hear me but that's the point and why we are here. George was putting in the effort and so must I.

I tried to remember what I had learnt so far and called out



Oh here we go again


Nothing again. Oh for goodness sake


He looked up. There is was again, he heard me and smiled up at the window.

Right what had I done the third time, been almost ready to give up and it was a bit of a lack luster attempt but at least it was real.

I smiled to myself, that's the answer, be real. Right now I just need to be real all the time and not try too hard. This is gonna be fun!

All Day I've Been Waiting. All Day!

Marvellous! Again I've been waiting around all day for George to turn up and guess who spots him first. Yep River who decides it's a great idea to bark at him and scare him off.
All day I've been waiting, all day!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Wednesday 26 February 2014

What I've Learnt So Far

Even though I can no longer feel the heat of the sun I can appreciate it and so decided to remain outside while I did my thinking.

Settling down underneath the Swinging Heart of Love, always one of my favourite places, I started to make a mental note of what I had learnt so far.

  1. I didn't appear to be afraid of things that I once was.
  2. I couldn't feel any heat, nor cold
  3. I never needed to eat
  4. I couldn't be seen
  5. I didn't need to sleep
  6. My presence can be felt, sometimes
  7. Blowing was a good way of attracting attention
  8. I can sometimes be heard
  9. I did still feel emotion

Well I'm not sure what this all means and how this can be my answer but The Wiseman said it would help me to review everything I know.

Right onto the second part my motivation. Well I came back because I didn't want to go, I came back because I loved my Daddies and River, I came back because I had the opportunity to. Yes that's why I came back but that's got little or nothing to do with being heard sometimes and not at others.

Right, think Lil', think!

What was going on when George heard me?

Well I was frustrated, I remember that and a little bit angry, oh yes annoyed and frustrated. Um, what else? Well George knew I was there. Yes he knew he was there so he would have been listening out for me, but then again he was listening out for me on the times he couldn't hear me as well.

Surely it can't be because I was frustrated, no that can't be it. What was my motivation, that's what The Wiseman said. This is all very complicated.

Right review what I know about being heard.

  1. I was being listened out for.
  2. I was full of frustration and anger.

Daddy always said look beyond to see the truth. What's beyond frustration and anger? Then suddenly it hit me I wasn't trying, well I was of course but not like when I was really trying to make contact, it just came out of my mouth, I wasn't trying too hard I was just being real.

Ding, ding, light bulb moment, well at least it's more of an answer that makes sense than anything else I've come across.

I ran around the front to see if George was there but he'd gone. At least I have something I can try, just be, don't try too hard but have some real desire and emotion in my words. Oh how I wished I'd taken up acting lessons it would all be so much easier if I was trained!

My Trip To See the Wiseman

I wasted no time, time was no longer as important to me as it once was, time moved differently for me now but I still wanted to get an answer as quickly as possible, who knew how long this current phase of progression would last.

Wiseman, I called out as soon as I got there, I need your help.

Hello Lil' I've been wondering when you'd be coming back to see me.

He always knows, I thought to myself.

I need your help Wiseman, I've been managing to make myself known to George and today he heard me, but only sometimes. I don't know why or what to do next. Please help me.

He just stood there same as always, same as ever, good dependable, wise, Wiseman.

Lil', you need to think carefully, think about what you have learned since you came back. Think about what you did differently when George heard you and when George didn't. Think about your feelings, think about your motivation. THINK Lil' think and you'll find your answer.

Can't you just give me the answers, I pleaded.

I wish I could Lil' I wish I could but the answers are personal I'm afraid I can help you by giving you the questions but I can't give you the answer. The answer lies inside you. Think about what you've learnt so far and you'll find your way.

If he could have smiled I swear he would have. The Wiseman has never let me down and I took in his words.

Right I must think of what I have learnt since coming back and think about my motivation. Right that's clear so that's what I shall do.

Thank you Wiseman, I said. Thank you.

True To His Word

True to his word George came back, mind you I have been waiting all day.

Just as I was beginning to give up hope that George was coming back today and I could have another attempt at making contact with him I heard River barking out of the window in the direction of C's house.

I jumped up next to her and just about in sight I could see him sitting there on C's doorstep. I've no idea how long he had been there but the sun's been shining all afternoon so for all I know it could have been hours.

I rushed outside and without a seconds thought ran up to him. When I was here, you know before I mean, I very rarely ventured outside at the front but now all my fear has gone and it's like second nature to me.

Anyway there i was sitting right in front of him and almost immediately I could see his coat rising.

Hello, he said

This was a very positive sign, he'd noticed a change straight away, I'm getting better at this I thought.

Hello, I called back.

No immediate reaction but I do think I saw a slight pricking up of his ears but he might just have been listening out for me, he did call out to me after-all!

I blew on his nose.

He sniffed.

I know you are there Lil'. My heart raced but I didn't know what to do.

Can you hear me? He said. Are you there?

YES I'M HERE, I shouted but again nothing.

Oh this was so frustrating, although he could now sense my presence straight away and could feel my breath he just wasn't able to hear me.

Help me help you. George said and readjusted his position in the sun. Oh how I wished just for a second I could feel the heat, I loved laying in the sun.

I didn't know how to help him hear me though, there's not exactly a guide book for these kind of situations.

Ahhhh, I called out in sheer frustration and he sat up.

Lil' I heard that, Lil'!

OMG. Right what should I do.

AHHHH I called out again, but nothing.

Right I needed to think what had I just done differently. Well I called out in frustration and maybe a little bit of anger but these are not emotions you can fake, I'm not a studied actress. Still it didn't stop me from trying.


No nothing.

If cat's could cry I'd be a wet mess by now.

Oh PLEASE someone help me!

Lil', George sat up, I heard you Lil'. LIL'

He'd heard me, I nearly back flipped again, enough adrenaline was running through me. How had he heard me that time? My mind was racing.

Lil' if you can hear me, I think we'd better be careful, we seem to have an audience.

George nodded over the road where Emma, Mogsie and the Darker Naughty Twin where all staring in this direction with quizzical looks on their faces. Could they hear me, I wondered to myself?

Then it struck me, no of course they couldn't but they could see George sitting there looking like he was talking to himself and I laughed.

George smiled, I heard that too. Oh Lil' that is you, how I've missed you.

He heard that too! But how? Why some things are not others?

I hope you can hear me Lil', I think we need some help but I don't want to let anyone else know what's going on, not yet. I need some time to think.

Then it struck me, Oh my goodness the answers been here all along and yet I'd forgotten, I must make a trip. A trip to see The Wiseman!

Tuesday 25 February 2014

So Near And Yet Still So Far

The rain coming down all over Catworld today has meant a distinct lack of activity. It's stopped about half an hour ago, not soon enough to keep the washing on the line from nearly pulling it down, Daddy really shouldn't have pushed his luck and left it out overnight. 

Anyway Mogsie finally appeared, looking as fine as ever and just as I was admiring him I notice George was back, this was not an opportunity I was going to miss and ran out the back, over the gate and right around the front, sitting straight in front of him again.

I was determined to get a reaction out of him again. I guess it's practise that makes perfect and thankfully George was giving me plenty of chance to practise.

I sat there and blew right into his face again, his nose twitched. I blew again and he sniffed. This was getting easier, I seemed to have mastered blowing and getting noticed so I moved it up a gear and spoke.


George, I called out.


Still nothing.

I blew again this time right into his weepy eye. He blinked.

I know you're there I can sense you, he said.

I didn't back flip today I just sat there staring right at him. I was getting a reaction, he'd noticed but he still couldn't hear me.

GEORGE! I shouted louder than I'd ever shouted before but again no reaction. I was feeling both frustrated and excited all at the same time. Right so he couldn't hear me yet but he could feel my breath so I blew on his paw and he looked down.

Lil' is that you?

YES, yes it's me, I could have squealed I was so pleased.

I don't quite know what's going on but I know you're there even if i can't see you. Can you hear me?

Yes, YES, I CAN, CAN YOU HEAR ME? I replied but again nothing, he just sat there staring, if only he knew our eyes were less that a centimetre apart.

It was beginning to rain but neither of us moved.

I've missed you Lil'

My heart sank and I felt like crying, so near and yet still so far!

The rain started to come back down a lot heavier and I knew our time together today but about to be over, no cat will sit out in the rain, no matter what and just as expected up he got and moved off.

I'll be back again tomorrow, he said as he ran over to hide under R's car.

Monday 24 February 2014

Not Language For A Delicate Lady To Hear

I'm flying right now.

I was sitting up with Daddy watching him get annoyed and frantically searching because something he' set up to tape on the SKY box hasn't taped again. I'm glad it's hard to unplug otherwise from the language that's coming from his mouth I swear it would have been chucked out the window if he could grab it without making a huge mess, he's been getting frustrated at missing the first minute of Eastenders for the past couple of months.

He's ranting about, as he calls it, bloody SKY conning b*****s. Oh not language for a delicate lady to hear but I can understand his frustration.
Anyway I was up with him hoping my presence will somehow calm him and I spotted George looking right at me. He was on the other side of the road and staring, this cannot be a coincidence and I called out to him and the most amazing thing happened. He walked right over!

Well I back flipped, something I have never done before, I wasn't even sure where it came from but up in the air I went and back down again. By the time I settled myself he was on the front door step looking right in my direction.

Luckily the window was open although not enough for me to get through and I didn't want to risk running around the back and George be gone but I moved my mouth right to the gap and called out again and he looked in the direction of the open window.

He could hear me, I just new it.

One thing I should have learnt was never to ponder when River was awake as I paused thinking what I should do next and River jumped up and over Daddy right into the window and started barking at George, and running up and down the window ledge trying to get through the window. George promptly ran off.

Still at least I know for sure, I'm one step nearer!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

I Hate Not Being In The Know

Something is going on and I hate not being in the know.

Mogsie was just enjoying this beautiful weather we are having today sitting out on his warm pathway when all of a sudden up from the side of our house Doublay ran across the road and straight up his path.

Mogsie stopped what he was doing, had a look left and then right and then the two of them ran around the back. It all seemed very secretive and I was straining to see if I could see any movement on the garage roof but nothing.

Then about two minutes later Doublay came running back over the road and disappeared up the side of AM's garage and out of sight.
This not being able to interact with anyone is really beginning to get on my nerves!

Sunday 23 February 2014

My Little Experiment

I'm feeling confused, disappointed and more than a little sad today. 

After my experience with George yesterday i was so looking forward to last night and my little experiment on River and the Daddies, I waited until everyone had settled down, thinking that when they were all peaceful would be the best time to try, they wouldn't be moving about and all that.

River was asleep next to Disappears so I thought best not to disturb her, she needs the rest at the moment. Stay was laying down on the sofa watching some film, he looked sleepy so I thought he'd be the best pone to try.

Jumping up on the arm of the sofa next to him, he moved slightly. I felt excited, maybe he had felt something but then he just plumped up his pillow so maybe not. When he settled back down and put his drink down I peered over the top of his head and blew as hard as I could.


I wasn't going to give up on the first attempt and blew again. 

Nothing again.

Looking into his eye I could see they were beginning to close, he was getting more and more tired. Right third time lucky and I jumped onto his chest so I was facing him taking the biggest breath possible I blew as hard as I could. I guess I knew before that there would be nothing and I wasn't wrong.

Feeling very dejected I moved up to the table in amongst all the bric-a-brac and sat down. You still feel emotion you know and a wave of heaviness washed over me. What if I never managed to make them notice that I'm here? What if this was it?

I stayed here when they all went to bed deep in my thoughts. Time can be a strange thing and almost before I knew it the sun was up and I spotted George outside and my heart lifted a little and I resolved not to give up. If I can just make that breakthrough with him maybe he can help me! 

Saturday 22 February 2014

That's Where My Plan Hit A Snag

I sat there for a long time after George left. This was a massive break through, I knew what I did, but something in me didn't know how I did it. I'll explain.

After George left I went up to a piece of grass and blew on it to see if it moved but nothing happened. I took in a deep breath as much as my lungs could take and blew again but nothing, no movement at all on the tiny blade.

I didn't think I was doing it any different from when I blew on George nose and he felt something but now trying to do it again nothing. 

Then I had a thought, I know grass is living but it's a different kind of living than the Daddies or River and maybe I needed that sort of a living person to get a reaction. Don't ask my why, I don't know how all this stuff works, it's all new to me but I thought it was worth a try and ran indoors to try it out.

That's where my plan hit a snag, the Daddies were doing DIY.

Oh dear this is never the most relaxing of experiences. It's not that they don't achieve results, they do and usually pretty good ones, it's the process that can be, well let's just say stressful.

They both come at things from different angles, on most things they work brilliantly together but give either one of them anything that requires tools and joint effort and here comes an experience I've learnt not to be around.

Disappears is very ingenious and works things out in his head, Stay reads all instructions and checks and double checks before he does anything, they both think their way is the right way of doing it. Now you can see where the stress can come from. They know this about each other and generally don't engage in this sort of joint activity but sometimes it just can't be avoided. 

Give them a paint brush and a wall and total unity. Stay defers to Disappears when it comes to sorting out things like TV hookups and things like that and Disappears leaves plastering and tiling and things like that to Stay, they know their limitations. Today however they were putting up blinds and needed two sets of arms.
To add to the pleasure of the situation River decided she was going to get herself involved so I decided to by-pass this and come back when things have settled down.

Still at least I know what my next move is going to be, I must try and blow on River and the Daddies and see if they notice. 

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

I Closed My Eyes And Pretended

Well that peace was short lived. 

Mogsie moved off but I thought if I waited here long enough he'd come back and the feeling of bright was so lovely that I closed my eyes and pretended that everything was normal and that it was just a typical Saturday afternoon, anytime he might walk by and we could exchange a few words and a smile. My emotions are still working fine though which is a plus and so I totally enveloped myself in the feeling. Ahh.
It was quickly broken by the sharp shrill of River barking out the window and snap I was back to the present situation. What was all that noise about I and turning to look I could see George was sitting by Daddies car.

I had no idea how long he had been there but I was guessing not for long, baby would have made a lot more noise a lot earlier, she doesn't miss a trick.

I peered over her shoulder and he was looking right in this direction. Grasping the bull by the horns I ran out the back, around the side and right up to him and plonked myself down right in front of him.

I hadn't been this close for a while, I wanted to see if proximity would provoke a reaction. Watching him intently I noticed a slight ruffling of his coat that I couldn't put down to the wind, there was none!

My heart jumped a little, he sniffed the air, he could sense something was different.

A moved right in front of his face and blew onto his nose, watching closely to see if there was any reaction. He twitched it.

It worked he could feel something. I wasn't sure what to do, this was fantastic news and a massive breakthrough.

Just as I was lost in my thoughts of my next action he got up and started to walk away, my heart dropped. No stay here, STAY! I called out but of course he heard nothing, and then he spoke.

I know, he said and carried on up the pathway.

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

I Know Now How Vampires Feel

Another beautiful day in Catworld. I'm feeling really spoilt with all this sun the past couple of days. I', still missing feeling the warmth thought. It's amazing you'd think you could get used to feeling no heat and no cold but it's just a bit of a numb feeling. I know how vampires feel now.
Still at least I can enjoy the sight of everything looking bright and Spring-like my eye sight is the same as before, thank goodness. 

Mogsie is out enjoying it, he still looks a bit down, I've not seen him smile for weeks now, I do hope he cheers up soon, he just seems to be going through the motions, I guess I'd feel the same in his position! Oh just to be able to have a conversation again, what I wouldn't give.

Friday 21 February 2014

George! George!

George! George!
Well I've just tried to get his attention but nothing. I've not seen him since he was sick behind the bin, I guess he must have been having some bed rest. The one problem that I've found the most irking since the change of play is that in many ways I'm less informed about the goings-on that I was. I mean Daddy used to come in and tell me everything that he'd heard or had seen going on but now nothing. Why would he, he doesn't even know I'm still around and the tiny bits of information he gives to River, well it falls on deaf ears so I think he's given up trying to get her interested.
Also I do miss the lighter Naughty Twin, Sarah and George just popping over for a chat, I used to get so much information that way and although at least two of them are still dropping by they don't really say anything, I mean I suppose it would look a bit strange just talking into thin air, not that it stops Daddy.
Talking of Sarah, I've not seen her for a couple of days, I wonder if she's given birth yet? 

Thursday 20 February 2014

Last Thing She Needs Is Him Caterwauling!

Oh dear poor River, she's back in season again and really not feeling herself. I thought she had been a little less River-like this past couple of days, you know quiet and well behaved so I should have seen this coming.

The last thing she needs though when she's feeling like this is to be pick up and Daddy caterwauling some out of tune rhythm he's made up.

Leave the poor girl alone, put her down and let her sleep!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Wednesday 19 February 2014

George Is Sick

Oh dear poor George. Daddy has just been talking to M and R I saw them no the pathway. They kept on looking over to George sitting on the other side of the road. I wasn't having this something going on without me knowing so I ran out the back, right around the front and sat at their feet.

River was with him and whinging, she wanted to go across the road to play chase with George or something but Daddy wouldn't let him, M said that George is sick, literally! Twice it was once on the pathway and once behind the bin. Oh upset tummy, not nice. I can see it's put him off his lunch, not stopped Sarah tucking in though, looks lip slapping good from the smile on her face as she passed by letting a little burp out.

Monday 17 February 2014

What's He Up To And Why Do I Feel It's Not Something Good?

I've just spotted Doublay creeping around the side of the house, before he looked in our back window and dived under the water bucket on AM's pathway. What's he up to and why do I feel it's not something good?

It's Been Confirmed, Sarah Is Pregnant And She's Not The Only One!

It's been confirmed, Sarah is pregnant and she's not the only one.

I could here a right kerfuffle coming from a panting Daddy and a very excitable River, from what I could gather she's just done a runner down the road and now is banished inside, which she is not liking at Daddy is now outside talking to M.
I could see Sarah walking down C's pathway and nodded hello, forgetting she couldn't see me, I thought she was looking at me but of course it was River making a right fuss in the window, baring at Daddy and M and then I spotted Mogsie as well making his way over.
He was trying to get M's attention by laying in the busy road and rubbing his back in all the mud. Even though M called him he kept on doing it and Daddy squatted down to give him a stroke and he came a bit closer. 

I thought I'd be a bit daring and go outside and listen in to their conversation, I've never done that before and was quiet thrilled at being so cheeky. I walked right up to Mogsie but he couldn't sense me and just carried on getting his name called.

I was near enough to Daddy to hear what they were saying and I heard M say that Sarah was pregnant as was BOTH  of the Naughty Twins. Oh my goodness not again.

M thought that they were ready to give birth any day soon and she though it was the cats that were hear about a month ago that were to blame. Oh my double goodness, that was the New Cat Crew cats. 

So that was their plan to infiltrate us from within. 

Oh I must do something, the dangers not over yet. Oh why can't anyone see me?

Sunday 16 February 2014

I've Got A Lot To Learn Still

The Naughty Twin are onto something as well, they've both been keeping a very close eye on this place today. I know the lighter Naughty Twin assigned herself the task of looking after River for me so I wasn't that surprised to see her walking around but the darker naughty Twin is also sitting up keeping an eye out at the back. 

I think George must have spoken to them and they are seeing whether they can pick my presence up. I'm going to make sure I do my best to be felt when they are here next. I wanted to today but my energy levels felt down. I have noticed that although I don't sleep now, sometimes I do kind of feel tired and just seem to lose hours even though it feels like I've tuned out for just seconds. 
Still it's all a learning experience, I guess I've got a lot to learn still.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Can I Believe My Eyes?

Can I believe my eyes, is Sarah pregnant?

I've been sitting in the front window waiting for George to come by again, trying to keep a lid on my excitement but not really managing to. I think I've found someone who knows I'm back or can sense or feel it. 

Out of anyone I would have thought it would have been Mogsie but he's not really been over here too much and George has so the more I think about it the more it makes sense that it would have been him. I know River and the Daddies believe that maybe my spirit may be around, I've heard them talking about some sounds I've made on the stairs but nothing for the past few days and River sometimes jumps up and barks in my direction so I'm still going to be working on them but us cats are very highly tuned, we have our catty powers to help us and what with George recently paying a bit more attention I thought it best to direct all my attention his way.

Anyway I was up there waiting for him and Sarah went running by with a distinct bulge in her belly. I must admit to have been a bit upset that she hadn't been around, almost everyone else has but I guess people deal with their grief in different ways and now it makes sense if of course she's pregnant.

It's Happening, I've Had A Real Sign - First Contact

It's happening, I've had a real sign, George noticed me. I think.

I was up in the window, Disappears was upstairs in the bath and River was outside with Stay Daddy and I was just watching bags and things blow down the road when I saw George on the other side of the road. I thought I'd give it another go and tapped as hard as I could on the window to see if he would react and he did. Within a nano second of me tapping the window he turned and looked right in my direction.

I didn't know what to do, to be honest I half expected it to be a waste of time again so I just paused in shock. I went to tap again, looking up he was still looking in this direction. Oh how my heart jumped. I tapped again and he blinked. 

I jumped up, could he see me or sense me? I wasn't sure so I walked from one side of the front window to the other. His eyes didn't follow me but he carried on looking straight over the road in this direction. I could have cried, so many emotions were hitting me all at once. I wanted to run out right over to him and hug him but I was just so confused as to what to do. When I looked up he was gone but this has given me some additional hope, I'm pretty sure I've managed to make first contact!

Got Away With It

Phew, thank goodness that night is over. I was up all night looking out for River and my Daddies, I didn't think the wind or the rain would ever stop! I don't have to sleep these days although I do like to curl up and close my eyes and imagine what sleep feels like, amazing how you miss it when you can't sleep any more.

Anyway it was so bad last night that I didn't even pretend to go to sleep, sitting up on the window ledge in the bedroom, looking out over the garden. I saw the fence blow this way and that, bit of luck Daddy tethered it down again yesterday afternoon in preparation and the tree's were almost blowing over. At one point I was very concerned about Craig as Squirrel Tree nearly bent double, I hope they found somewhere safe to hide out of the worst of it but luckily it stayed upright.

Finally when the sun came up I could see more clearly that we'd got away with it. Well nearly, the wall post at the back had blown down and landed on the fence, but it was all still holding up and as soon as Stay Daddy got up he went out there and straightened it back up again before checking that we still had all the roof tiles, which we did. I hope that's the last of it now, I know I'm OK but I'm still really scared for everyone else, I can see the lighter Naughty Twin out and about, the first to show her face as ever, she seems to be doing the same as me, just checking all's OK. 

Friday 14 February 2014

The Roads A River

Oh my goodness, I'm sitting very close to Daddy. He keeps on running from the front to the back of the house looking out and gasping and for once I'm joining him. 

Now Daddy has a bit of an obsession with the weather, he should have become a meteorologist, but today he's been watching it even more closely than normal. A big storm was on it's way and he spent the afternoon sorting things out in the garden and teathering the fence up even more than usual in preparation. 

The whole of the country has really been suffering with rain and winds and there's so much of the land that's now flooded and Daddy says that we've been really lucky not to be flooded out ourselves, there's some advantages to living on a hill. However the storm has just now hit and the roads turned into a river. I think secretly he's a little bit worried but he's done all he can. I just hope it doesn't get any worse, I've never seen it like this before!

My Loves

Disappears Daddy is home today. He works very, very hard at work and he's taking one of the days off he's due because he's been working at home at the weekends and he said it would be lovely to spend time with us all on Valentines Day.
I forgot it was Valentines Day. Stay says it's just a day of rampant commercialism but he still brought Daddy a card and a present and gave River an extra special treat, he said to show her how much her loves her. I also heard him tell River that he was missing me. I'm here Daddy, I'm here just listen out and you might be able to hear me!

Anyway he settled in the window and I joined him. It's always such a good place to see everything going on. There was River chewing on her tooth stick and out of the window despite the rain I saw both of my boys. 
George was having a wander through a few of the gardens looking a little down of mouth and Mogsie walked from around his back, another one not looking too happy today. 

Mogsie looked over this way and for a split second I forgot he couldn't see me and waved over, no response back and then I remembered and my heart sank a little. It does take some getting used to this state of being and it's beginning to get frustrating that no one can see me. As soon as this damn rain stops I'm going up to The Wiseman to see if he can help me, I'm determined to beat this somehow.

Still it's fantastic to see all my loves today, I feel very lucky indeed!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Thursday 13 February 2014

I'd Never Feel The Warmth Of The Sun Again

Finally  the sun is out and shining all over Catworld and from what Daddy is saying to River it's the first time in 59 days that it's not rained. 59 days on the trot! 
I was so looking forward to enjoying the heat as it poured through the office window but I forgot, I can no longer feel the heat, or the cold, touch or smell. The advantages to my current position do not outweigh the disadvantages. Oh how my heart sunk when I realised, I'd never feel the warmth of the sun again.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Werewolf Cat

You know there's some advantages to how things are now, I can sit and look over Daddies shoulder when he has River right next to him and no one disturbs me.

He's been reading about this new breed of cat called a Werewolf. Now I know about Werewolves Daddy told me all about them once, but this is a cat one not a half-human half dog one. All very strange so when he started reading I made sure I took notice.

They are called Lykoi, the Werewolf Cat are a mix between a normal black cat and a Sphinx, apparently they are very quiet and loving, but then again aren't all cats, and look they they are praying with their hands. Well if I looked like a Werewolf I'd be praying too!

Monday 10 February 2014

Dirty Cat

Oh you dirty cat! The darker Naughty Twin is drinking from the drains again, the amount of times I've told her it'll make her ill! If she's not careful she'll be a really dirty cat, mind your stomach!

Sunday 9 February 2014

Nearly Jumped Out Of My Skin

I just nearly jumped out of my skin, it's finally stopped raining and the sun is shining all over Catworld. I was engrossed in watching the lighter Naughty Twin playing around. I turned to see what Daddy was laughing at and...

...staring back up at me, right in my eye was George!

Fair creeped me out it did.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Gasp, Laugh And Then Put His Hand Over His Mouth

Heavy rain and high winds could pose a threat to all animals and we’re urging pet owners in areas predicted to be hit by storms to keep a close eye on their animals.
 Take extra care in extreme weather
There have been recent media reports of cats being lifted into the air by the strong gusts in some parts of the country, and others of dogs who have got swept away in flood water during walks.
RSPCA companion animal scientist Alice Potter said:
“Extreme weather like we’ve been seeing can spell trouble for animals as well as humans. We urge pet owners to keep an eye on the weather forecast in their area and plan ahead to make sure their animals are safe.
“It might be necessary to keep cats inside if the winds become very extreme. People should remember to make sure they have everything they need, especially places to hide (and a litter tray if they don’t usually have one).
“Dog owners should plan walks so that the extreme weather can be avoided, and dogs should be accompanied at all times. Two or three shorter walks may be a better option to avoid being out in the wet weather for a long period of time.
“Most of it is common sense – but it is very easy to forget the obvious, especially since this weather has been going on so long we have become almost too used to it.
“We can all take simple steps to help animals at this time however our inspectors are on-call around the clock so they can help if the worst should happen.”