Thursday 30 April 2015

I Felt Like I Was Doing Something Wrong

It's happening, it's really happening I'm mastering the outside world AND I'm getting help.

It's nice weather again and so Daddy had the back door open all day. River was in and out urging me to join her and a couple of times I did go out and have a sniff around but every time Daddy came near I felt like I was doing something wrong and ran back inside and around the corner.

I learnt I was wrong as on my one my sits by the back door he scooped me up in his arms and carried me all the way to the end of the garden by the Peace Garden and sat me down.

I had no idea what to do and froze for a second looking around, River running towards me. It was the furthest I'd ever been and my heart as pumping in my mouth and I didn't know what to do.

I needed to get familiar with the area, the wood must surely be further away than the garden and how on earth would I cope with that if I couldn't cope with the back of the garden.

I was just getting used to the new smells when Daddy started walking off back to the house. I wasn't going to be left up here without his protection and something inside me said run, so run I did, faster than Daddy could walk and before he was half way back I was leaping over the back door step and inside again, scared and excited all at the same time. I don't know why I ran, I knew I was OK out there but I guess it's just me pushing my boundaries and getting used to new things. 

Fair exhausting it is!

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Coming Out To Play?

It's Wednesday so therefore it's cooked Salmon for tea tonight, one of my favourites and afterwards I always like to have a little rest in the chair in the window, let my food digest while I have a watch of the outside world.
Tonight I was lucky to have a visitor George. 

I was glad I'd been wanting to speak to him about Ginger Cat. He said he'd caught up with him but Ginger Cat was keeping very quiet as to where he had been and what he'd been up to and why he'd disappeared so quickly.
I asked him if he asked him what he'd meant by his comments about one who thinks he's trying to help but isn't. George said Ginger Cat just put his head down and reiterated that he wasn't going to speak about it, it was personal business and as such he'd hope George understood and they could remain friends.

George said Ginger Cat had always been a friend to Catworld and if he was keeping something to himself he wasn't go to pry any further but he wasn't going forget about it all together, just bid his time.

Oh well fair enough, George must know what he's doing so I'll leave it to him although it does still bug me.

George then nodded over the road to where Chameleon was sniffing around,

"Coming out to play, we're playing tag tonight?"

As much as it would have been lovely to play out the front with George and to get to know Chameleon properly but as I'd said Salmon for tea, and it does make me rather sleepy. 

Tuesday 28 April 2015

A Bursting Edge Of A Gossip Bag

I've had a very productive afternoon. 

I didn't manage to get to George in time, by the time I gathered up my courage to peak out the front from the gate he was gone.

I must admit I got angry with myself, if only I'd moved faster, if only I'd been more familiar with the territory around the side of the house I might have managed to get there to him before he disappeared and I wouldn't be standing here now knowing what had happened to Ginger Cat with a bursting edge of a gossip bag stuck in my chest.

Now I've heard Daddy say about turning anger into motivation and I did just that and strutted up the side of the garage to the edge where it disappears around a corner and sat down looking all around me.

To the front of me, the Peace Garden, supposedly a place of great serenity but I get a funny feeling when I look at it, de-ja-vu of some kind, it's not a place I think I'll be visiting much. 

A fence runs all the way around each side of the garden, good for using as a high wire walkway and convenient for getting to the top of the garage. 

A few bushes to the right, a tree in bloom and some nasty looking blackberry bushes, must avoid that don't want to scratch myself. Snow White and her little friends, a mole, an Easter Island Head, 2 Gnomes and some old bloke with a wonky head make up the garden people and of course the lawn that River likes to lay on sunbathing stretches from border to border.

Yes think that's got the lay of the land, knowledge is power and I could do with a teaspoon full of that at the moment.

Now I just need to measure some distances out the front to calculate a maximum speed I can go if need be, oh yes preparation to key right now, I'm going it alone!

And I'm Off!

Ooh George.

Fabulous I've been keeping an eye out for him, I want to speak to him and ask him if he's been to see Ginger Cat, I'm sure that's where he rushed off to before.

I'm getting good at this backdoor flap, time it right and...

...I'm off!

Monday 27 April 2015

Ginger Cats Been Seen!

As good as my word I've spent the whole morning practising going in and out of the garden in the day light, I'm getting quiet good at it and then I heard a noise coming from out the front.
I ran straight in the house and up to the front window I thought I recognised the voice calling to me but River was in the way. Luckily I had heard a rumor that Daddy might be taking her out this afternoon and ran up to tell her. She got all excited and of course ran to Daddy who taking one look at her got his coat on and her brace out.
She jumped down, I jumped down, chaos of course but things settled once they'd gone down the road and George spoke again.

"Hello," It was lovely to see him but before I could go any further;

"He's back, he's back, Ginger Cats been seen!"

And with that off he ran. 

Saturday 25 April 2015

In The Tree Tops

It's been a funny old day, rain and sun, and people coming and going to see Daddy as it's his birthday weekend.

I went to have a sleep upstairs when the Daddymummy came to visit and when I came down River and I had a little cuddle on the chair. The Daddies and their friend went out for the afternoon so we spent a good hour or so cleaning each other before having a bit of a play out in the back garden. I'm getting very good at this back garden thing now, I think I'll try over the fence this week.

When they came back I saw them telling River all about their day and I had a listen in. 

First they went to visit some Ape in a wood. Now this got my attention, a wood, yes I need information on woods and what to expect when I find the right one to go and look for Greego's thing and came much closer to have a proper see.

So what I've learnt is that in woods you have to move about in the tree tops. How on earth I'm ever supposed to master that I've no idea.

Daddy seemed to love it...

That girls got a tight grip!

Well it left me all a bit shocked, this wood thing gets harder by the day where will it ever end?

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Friday 24 April 2015

Nice Sunset

Um nice sunset tonight, foretells of a good weekend so I understand.

I've Got To Admire Your Tenacity

Oops I think Daddies caught us playing with the bag of Dreamies that I snuck out of the cupboard when he was doing things with River upstairs.

Oh I don't know what to do.

OK River good idea I'll just kick them under the sofa, he won't see them then.

Oh River it's not working, he's still watching us and I don't think you pretending to just be going for a walk is working, he's beginning to try and look around us both, no he's not falling for it.

Oh River I'm taking shame and your still brazing it out, I've got to admire your tenacity.

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Thursday 23 April 2015

No Time Like The Present

Although I've been practicing going outside during the night time I haven't really master day light hours yet and I'm feeling rather bad about not really putting in much effort trying to find Greego's lost thing, even though he hasn't given me much to go on, so when I saw the back door as open and River and Daddy was outside I thought no time like the present and stepped out.
River came running straight up to me, all happy and tail wagging and was so eager to play that I didn't have the heart to tell her I had other plans so I told her we'd play hide and seek to buy a bit of time.
Up the garden she ran and started counting...

...and I hid behind the wooden box so she couldn't see me, I guess the point of hide and seek although I did feel bad tricking her.

I just needed to buy some time until she got bored and started barking over the fence again before i went exploring, exploring for clues as to where this wood could be. I don't know about a wood, the back gardens looking a little jungle like, time to get out the trimmers!
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Tuesday 21 April 2015

After Yesterdays Breakthrough

I'm bored. Bored, bored, bored!

It's this weather it keeps everyone indoors even at night when it gets cooler. I was hoping after yesterdays breakthrough with Mogsie that maybe he would come over and say hello but no, not seen him, not seen George, not seen anyone, well River and Daddy obviously but that's been it.

I'm hoping now it's getting a little cooler that someone will come out to enjoy the early evening sun so I can have another cat to chat with.

Oh I don't know what's wrong with me today, guess that's the trouble with boredom, it's boring!

Monday 20 April 2015

And Now We Move Forward

It's been another hot day and we've both been finding it hard to summon up the energy to do much I must admit to wondering that if Spring is like this what on earth must Summer be like?
Daddy then called to River to say they were going out to visit some Auntie lady. I never get to go with them when they go out, Daddy said cats stay at home which seems a bit discriminatory to me but then again it's taken me ages to get out in the back garden so I suppose I should build up to stowing away in the car.

They were gone for ages and  got a bit bored so pulled myself together enough to move to the window to see if George was around. He wasn't but Mogsie was, sunbathing over the other side of the road.

I tapped on the window, nothing, then I taped a second time and he looked over my way, smiled and nodded.

I was so shocked, finally some recognition and nice recognition at that.

I smiled back and nodded and mouthed hello, Mogsie did the same before turning back to the sun and closing his eyes. A smile a nod and a hello all in one day, and now finally we move forward although what prompted this sudden change I have no idea and I'm not complaining either.

Sunday 19 April 2015

But First Time For A Rest

After being on my own for most of yesterday I've been in the mood for a right old tear about the house with River. I tried to get her going first thing was she wasn't having any of it. I asked her if she was feeling OK as she's usually the first one ready for a chase but she said she was tired today, it must have been all the sea air yesterday she said but she'd e up fr it later on but first it was time for a rest and she's be more than happy if I joined her.
OK then I can do that but please no licking of my ears today I've sorted myself out.

Friday 17 April 2015

So Lucky

You know what, I'm so lucky to have River as my sister. I do love her even if she does insist on using me as a pillow just as I'm dropping off to sleep.

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Thursday 16 April 2015

To Break The Spell

Nice and quiet that's how us cats like to wake up in the morning, but not today, oh no River seems intent on letting the world know she's awake and ready for action. 

Hang on a second, who's that she's barking at? 

Oh it's a cat hiding up the tree. I've not seen him around here before, from his markings I think it must be Logan the cat daddy was talking to his friend M about the other day.

Wow, he's a fast mover, navigating his way through Squirrel Tree in the blink of an eye and across the fence.

So quick River's not even noticed.


Oh dear, River is my best friend but I have to laugh whenever a cat outwits a dog, it's in our DNA to support each other, and in our veins to be nimble and apparently it's in River's DNA to break the spell of peace too!

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Wednesday 15 April 2015

His Life Mission

Buoyed by my night time adventures out in the garden I decided it was time I refined going outside during the day. I was just walking out the back door with River appeared and decide she wanted to play piggyback, it really wasn't the time and a bit of a surprise.

I think she thinks she's helping but she's really not but I don't have the heart to tell her to back of a little, she's such a kind little dog.

I decided to see if I could bore her into submission by sitting under the bench, handy Daddy left a bowl of water out her for us to keep us cool. In the end she gave up and ran up the garden barking leaving me to my own devises.

Stalking that damn fly that seems to be making it his life mission to buzz around my head.

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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Of Course, I'm A Witches Familiar

Boy it's hot today, I've never known it be so sticky but then again I'm not even a year old yet. Poor old River just can't seem to get herself settled, luckily I've got shorter hair so not so stuffy for me although I've been keeping out of the sun, or I should say I was keeping out of the sun until I heard George calling me.

I was surprised he was out in such heat but he said it didn't bother him much, he just wanted to see how I was doing and to let me know there was still no news on Ginger Cat, still missing.

I was so excited to share my news about going outside and feeling so comfortable doing it at night.

George just smiled.

"What?" I asked there was something in his smile, it was what is called a rye smile.

"Of course you prefer the night time."

"Why of course?" I didn't understand.

"I've told you before, you're a black cat and all black cats are descended from Purlean, you're a witches familiar and all witches familiars prefer the night, that's when the witching hour comes calling. It's in your blood!"

Ah! Now it makes sense why I have such trouble sleeping at night but can snooze the day away, why didn't I put two and two together before?

Monday 13 April 2015

In The Dark All On My Own

I did it, I did it I went outside all on my own twice!

Right let me go back to the beginning last night. It was late and River was feeling rather errrr energetic and I decided enough was enough as  much as I love her it's been pretty constant this past few days and I needed some alone time, the back door flap was open and out I went. True River followed me but as it was late and she started to bark Daddy came running out and ushered her back in quick smart, the thing was he didn't spot me and I was left standing in the middle of the garden in the dark all on my own.

I wasn't sure what to do at first, should I run and knock on the door flap? That was my first thought but then I suddenly realised I felt fine. It was dark, I was outside all on my own and I wasn't feeling the slightest bit afraid.

I ventured up the back to the Peace Garden, I felt a bit strange, it's a Peace Garden but I felt a bit weird up here so I went back towards the house and then I realised I could get into the garage. It's not a place I've been into before although I have sniffed outside on the rare occasions I have been out.

It's fascinating in the garage, quiet tidy and full of lots of wood and different smells, I spent ages wandering around getting my bearings and then I heard Daddy come outside shaking my food box. Usually I would have gone running at that sound but this was too exciting and I decided to stay exactly where I was. I could hear him calling out that he was going to leave the door flap unlocked so I could come in when I wanted.

I fund a blanket in the corner and settled down for a little rest and I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was some birds singing and there was the slightest hint f daylight on the horizon.

For a second I panicked, I'd been out all night and went running quickly to the back door and true to his word Daddy had left the flap open.

I ran in and ran straight upstairs just in time to see Daddy coming out of the bathroom. He was very pleased to see me and bent down and gave me a great big stroke.

"Night cat are you." He said as he went back into the bedroom, "Glad you're in safe."

Yes so was I but I couldn't get back to sleep, I was too pumped with myself, I felt rather grown up.

Well that was last night and I spent most of today asleep under the sofa, my favourite place but as dark started blanketing us all again I went to the back door and checked the flap was unlocked. Yes it was and once again I was out in the garden in the dark, exhilarating.

I guess it's true what Daddy says, I'm a Night Cat! Right next move, find a wood and see if I can locate this thing Greego has lost.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

I'm so proud of myself, so proud I've decided t give myself the afternoon off and sleep it away in the sun.

River and my Daddies went out late this morning and they forgot to lock the back door flap and all on my own with no one around to support me I went outside.

It was very exciting to be out in the fresh air having a nose around the stony area by the back door, taking the pace at my own level.

I know it's taking me a time to get used to being outside but slow and steady wins the race so says Daddy. I cam in when I heard them all come back in, Daddy spotted me and dropped to his knees to congratulate me but I ran off, I can't be doing with being in the spotlight, I'll leave that sort of thing fr River.

Saturday 11 April 2015

He's Dropped Off The Edge Of The World

I've been keeping out of the way, I'm feeling a little guilt encouraging River to chase me around the house, she's only gone and strained her foot a little bit and been confined to bed rest for the rest of the day.
It didn't stop me from running downstairs and into the front window when George called up to me though, I was eager to hear what he had to say.

"He's gone missing."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and asked him to explain himself.

"Ginger Cat, he's gone missing. I went over to his land, up the back, it's not too far away but he wasn't where he usually was. I asked around and no one had seen him so I went on a little exploration to see if I could find him or if anyone else from the bottom of the road had seen him around but nothing, that's why I've been gone so long.  It's like he's dropped of the edge of the world."

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Friday 10 April 2015

What Went On

Oh dear it's certainly been one of those days. Everything started out OK, I was looking out the window to see if George was around, I wanted to hear all about the conversation with Ginger Cat then the postman knocked very loudly on the door, several times. This woke River up and a surge of hormones must have kicked in as she spent the next half an hour chasing me around the house panting.

Daddy brought down the blinds to keep out distractions and got her settled down again and I returned to my place in the window looking for George.

Then River woke up again and we had a repeat of the first Formula Grand Prix all around the house, Daddy chasing, River laughing, me just trying to keep out of the way but secretly enjoying myself and encouraging her.
Well then Daddy said he might as well have lunch and cooked himself a nice bowl of soup and settled down to eat it and watch the news. River decided the fun and games weren't over with yet and jumped on me from behind. It surprised me and as I sprung up I got my paw caught in her hair and she yelped.

Up daddy stood to make sure we were OK, down dropped his roll into said soup, said soup on the floor, on the stool, on the cover he washed yesterday and all down his legs. He was not happy and said that was it he was writing the day off.

He's out in the kitchen now putting the washing machine on, good news though River seems to have settled a little and is enjoying giving me a clean. Wow these hormone surges are something else.

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