Saturday 31 January 2015

I Need To Find A Way In

Everyone's been asleep all day today, it was a very late night. 
Daddies cousin came to stay and they sat up chatting and watching TV till very late. getting progressively noisier. I wouldn't mind but they kept me up to, I think I know all the words to the film they were watching, I should do, Daddy sang them all, in ever accent.

Today therefore turned into a duvet day. I think according to Daddy I had a lot to do with that, getting them up three hours after they went to bed, I don't see why my breakfast should be late just because they decided to get a bit over excited, I have a schedule to keep, things to do, plans to play.
Mind you I'm very tired myself now and that duvet Daddy has spread out on the floor looks very inviting, I just need to find a way in, wrapping it tightly around his body, that's no barrier, not for me at least!

Friday 30 January 2015

I'm Off!

*Dreams of rainbow and great big flowers, butterflies and hang on what's that over there, another little black cat?*

Ding, ding.

Oh no who's that at the door. I'm off!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

And The Blind Came Down

It's a beautiful bright day out there today. I'm not saying particularly sunny, but Daddy said something called snow may be on it's way and that's why the sky is so white.

I sat waiting for it for ages but nothing out of the usual happened and all this staring has made me very tired.

There's only one problem though.

But if I just stretch myself hard enough, I think I can find the solution.

Yes that's it, got it, one swift tug...

and the blind came down. It's way too bright to sleep with that up!

Thursday 29 January 2015

My Life

I seem to spend my life cleaning food off River's face. Still she seems to like it, raising her chin higher so I can get underneath, much more of this and I'll be putting together a price list for treatments!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Wednesday 28 January 2015

1 Year Ago Today

Daddy was very absorbed looking at some pictures on his computer, his face seemed sad and I went over to sit next to him to see what he was looking at.

He saw me looking and leaned over and gave me a little head stroke and tickle under the chin before turning the screen so that I could see properly.

"This is Lil," he said, "she was our little darling, before you joined us."

I've heard the Daddies talking about Lil' before and I'd seen some pictures they have around the house but I hadn't seen this particular picture before. She sure was a beautiful cat, mind you I think all cats are, lovely eyes she had, her's were green, whereas mine are brown. I think we would have gotten on very well from what I've heard, although I did hear it took her a while to cuddle up with River, now that I cannot understand she's fabulous to lay with.

"She lived with us for a very long time," Daddy said as he took a deep sign, "and it's 1 year ago today that she went to sleep, we all miss her very much."

I saw a little tear in his eye but he tried to hide it, his lips may have turned into a smile as he tickled me but I could tell he was sad.

"Still," he said, "you're here with us now... and I think Lil' would have approved," he smiled again a little more convincing, "Yes she would have loved you."

I think I would have loved her too!

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Clash Of The Titans

A lazy day here in Catworld or so I thought!
I'd just finished lunch, milk and crunchies when I heard a noise from outside, running to the flap in the backdoor I peered out and up on the shed at the back of the garden I saw that cat that was here the other day. He was stretching himself out, probably enjoying the sun, it's beautiful here today.

Then all of a sudden from the other side of the garden I spotted another cat, slinking his way along towards the first cat.
He didn't look too happy, maybe they both had history or something because he made his way up to the shed, the first cat looked at the second one and gave him a right stare. The second cat looked at the first, eyes wide open. I was on the edge of my seat by this point my heart beginning to pound it looked like something was about to kick off between them big time. 

You could feel the tension in the air even from here, clash of the titans! Then as quickly as it all began it ended when the second cat ran off. I felt quite sorry for him, he was only having a little lay in the sun, the first cat watched him as he ran away before turning in my direction and smiling. This whole going out into the world thing doesn't look as appealing as I first thought!

Monday 26 January 2015

I Missed My Chance


I was having a lovely afternoon sleep wrapped deep in a dream, strange things dreams. This one was all about a rainbow, somehow I was sliding down it and up it just like a roller coaster, no idea what it was all about but it was quiet pleasant when all of a sudden I heard a voice from out the window.

"Never mind!"

It fair startled me and I jumped up and onto the window ledge within a second just in time to see that furry cat Mogsie walking away around the corner. I must have heard him trying to call out to speak to me although I had no idea how long it had been.

Damn I missed my chance, I've been wanting to speak to him for ages now, and I bet I won't be able to get back to that dream either, damn again I wanted to know how it ended!

Sunday 25 January 2015

He Wants To Show Me The World

Well things did settled down a bit this afternoon, amazing what a bit of beef will do, send River into a deep sleep that's what it'll do.

Although I was sleepy I didn't fancy having a snooze yet and I jumped up into the window to have a little look out of the window. I wasn't there more than ten minutes when all of a sudden I  heard a familiar voice.

"Hi David-Shiro."

I looked down and there sitting right outside the window was George.

"George." I was so happy to see him, "Hello, I've missed you. I was waiting for you to help me get out but I managed it all by myself."

George smiled, "Have you indeed." 

"Yes," I was so excited to tell him, "I managed to creep our twice before Daddy spotted me."

George licked his paw, he must have just had lunch too.

"I didn't go too far just out the back garden, it was fabulous."

"I bet it was! When are you coming out to explore, there so much I want to show you?" George smiled. "There's a big world out here and I think you are going to love it and if you let me I want to show you all around."

My heart and mind flip flopped. Not only have a got a new best cat friend but he want to show me the world.

"When can we do it?" I wanted to do it now.

George smiled and blinked back a drop from his weepy eye. "You just let me know little one, I'm ready and waiting."

He wasn't the only one!

Revving Up

I wasn't expecting that! I just walked around the sofa and slap back right in my face was River jumping around on the spot backwards.

No! I wasn't ready for that and put my hand up stop her from jumping all over me, I could guess what was coming.

When that didn't work in calming her down I decided the best thing to do was play possum.

That didn't work I could see River revving up, Luckily Daddy saw what was happening and called to her. It broke the moment but I don't think that will last for long. Oh so much for having a quiet Sunday, it's turning into a day or drama.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

My Mind Was Dancing With Possibilities

Daddy has been tidying up, yesterday he was creating quiet a mess upstairs in the secret room and today he's been bringing stuff down and taking it all out into the garage and the best thing, he left the backdoor open!

I looked left and I looked right, no one was watching, courage building I started to venture outside for the third time.

River was sniffing her way through the plants at the end of the garden, lost deep in thought she hadn't heard me come out. I pondered whether I should run up to her or call out, I didn't want to make myself noticed and have the door shut on me again.

"Psst River." I called, she didn't hear me.
"Oi!" I shouted as loud as I dared. 

River spun around a glint of joy in her eyes, she'd spotted me. I didn't know whether I should run to her or what, my mind was dancing with possibilities my feet however weren't really working.
Luckily River is more experienced at these sort of things and came running to get me, although I was a bit surprised and a little bit overwhelmed I think and ran back inside.

Thant's enough for today, step-by-step, day-by-day. 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday 23 January 2015

And Out The Door I Went!

The most fabulous thing has just happened. Daddy has been letting River in and out of the back door all morning. I've been watching from my favourite spot on the table amid the bric-a-brac and this time I spotted another cat sitting on the shed at the back of the gardens. I watched him for ages to see what he was doing, he just appeared to be lost in thought although at times I could swear he was looking directly at me.

Fabulous, another new cat has come to meet me. 

I wasn't the only one who spotted him as all of a sudden River started barking at him but this cat is a brave cat and didn't flinch, not one milometer.

It was then that I spotted Daddy had left the back door open and I jumped from the table, carefully looking around to see that I hadn't been noticed, he was doing something in the kitchen and slowly edged my way towards the open door.
My heart was pounding, all this time I've been trying to find a way out and here it was, the perfect escape route, an open door.

I got settled right by the door on the chest next to it, my heart pounding away, this was exciting and scary all at the same time and taking one last glance in the kitchen, great he was absorbed in what he was doing, I took a step forward and out the door I went.

Tentatively I peered around the door and spotted River trying to knock down a wall or something. I sniffed the cold air, flipping heck it was cold out here, I wonder if it's always like this?

There was something about the place that River was that made me nervous, either that or I was petrified to get caught, I knew I was being a bit naughty but it was worth it to feel that at any moment the whole of the back garden could be my playground.
I wasn't ready yet to go too far, last time I was out here both the Daddies were with me, so I felt safe, so I sat on the step and just watched what was going on, I'd totally forgotten about the other cat, there was so many sights and smells and thought going through my mind.

River spotted me sitting there are started coming running towards me, such a noise she was making that Daddy turned around and spotted me.

Oops, busted and I ran straight back indoors, excitement running through my veins, I could feel my blood going a hundred miles an hour and ran straight into the living room and hid under the sofa, half expecting a great big telling off.

But when he came in he didn't say anything so I slowly crept out and he gave me a tummy rub and asked if I'd enjoyed myself.  Damn he was OK with me going out and I hadn't taken advantage of it. River came over and wanted to play with me, and we started to play rough and tumble, I'd a lot of energy to burn off, adrenalin burning a racetrack through my body.

That was exhilarating!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Thursday 22 January 2015

A Whiff Of Something

Oh dear we've just been busted!

I was just having a little play with the bric-a-brac on the table, it's one of my favourite things to do, there's always so much to play with up here when I heard River on the floor, sniffing around at something and so I jumped down to see what she was up to.

She was sniffing at Daddies bag and trying to tug at the strap, it was then that I caught a whiff of something, it smelt nice. Two hands are better than one, and four well that just makes it double easy so I joined her in trying to pull it off the chair so we could share the bounty inside.

I think we made a bit too much noise though as Daddy looked up from what he was doing at the other end of the room and called out to us to ask what we thought we were doing.

We both froze. Nothing!

I think it's best if we let the heat die down, then we can give it another go.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Wednesday 21 January 2015

A Bump On The Head!

I feel so bad about what happened earlier that all I can do is watch over River while she slept and when she woke up and bound over to me to come and play I just couldn't.
Let me explain. It was a little earlier on today and River was munching away on her bone. It's so strange how dogs love bones so much. I've tried it but it's not to my taste, guess that's because I'm a cat and we have different tastes.

I thought I'd play a trick on her and surprise her and started to creep slowly up on her. I thought I'd go behind her and shout boo in her ear and make her jump but she spotted me and came running over to me before I could even think.
She ended up surprising me! She's a very fast runner when she wants to me, bang into the table she went, screech I went and jumped on her and then I spotted it, a tiny blob of blood right on the top of her head coagulating to form into a little bump on her head.

I have no idea if it was because she ran into the table and caught it or if I caught it when I jumped on her but I feel terrible.

River, well  she doesn't even remember a thing, I do hope she's not got concussion or memory loss or anything because of it, all she wants to do is play and as much as I want to, there's no way I'm risking hurting her, not twice in one day.

That'll teach me for playing tricks! 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

You See I've Had An Idea!

Pretty much all day I've sat at the window looking out to see if George was popping over for a chat, but nothing, no sign at all.

You see I've had an idea, but I need his help.

As you know Daddy is so protective of me he;s not really been letting me go outside and if I'm to make new friends that's exactly what I need to do.

Now I've noticed that the door flap in the backdoor opens one way the way that Daddy has set it, it opens inwards. I've tried when River is coming in from the garden to get past her and get out but she takes up all the room and there's no way the two of us can squeeze through the hole at the same time. BUT If George were to go around the back and start to come in and move the flap up I should be able to get half way through and stop it from closing.

he can then back out so he's not trapped inside and I can follow him and ta dah, I'm out!

I just need him to turn up so I can get his help. Oh where are you George?

Monday 19 January 2015

Ta Dah!

He, he! River had no idea I was hiding here waiting for her to get herself settled down for her evening nap.

Then ta dah! Here I am!

Great that backfired, a sloppy tongue right in my eye!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

The Best Trick

I'm sticking with River, she's just showed me the best trick. When you want to have the chair all to yourself and Daddy won't move what you do is creep in behind him when he sits forward and then stretch your legs out as far as you can and eventually he moves and you get the whole chair just to yourselves. Genius!

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Sunday 18 January 2015

There's A New Kid In Town

What a day it's turning out to be! 

George still hasn't popped over and while I was waiting there was a bit of a to-do between Daddy and River over some cushions, the big fluffy ones on the sofa. River likes to tear at the fur and play with it but Daddy said he couldn't allow it anymore, not only was there fur all over the floor and he didn't want to have to hoover everyday but more importantly she might get some stuck in her tummy and he couldn't have that. 
So they tussled with them for a while before he finally managed to wrestled them from her and take them upstairs into the secret room.

River wasn't happy and sat on the sofa looking all sad. I thought she was going to cry so I jumped up to sit with her just to make sure she was OK and that's when I spotted some movement on the shed out the back. 

I adjusted my eyes, it's turned a bit bright out there and the sun is reflecting on the rain puddles everywhere like a laser beam is blinding. I wanted to be sure and yes as I thought, there's another couple of cats that I've not seen before sitting right up there.

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for sometime but all of a sudden all these cats are appearing out of nowhere. I think word must have got out, there's a new kid in town.

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

And Then I Spotted Mogsie

Everyone was all snuggled up in the living room, it's very cold today. Daddy said he read somewhere that last night was supposed to be the coldest night for three years and by the cold blast that came from the backdoor when he opened it to let River out earlier I cannot disagree.
I guessed I wouldn't be let out today so I settled myself by the front window, hoping George would pop by and we could have another little chat. I am enjoying finding out about all the cats that live in Catworld and I wanted to have another go at seeing if I could get some more information about this curse thing he was talking about yesterday, it's all very intriguing. 

So there I was waiting and hoping, a fly catching my attention and then I spotted Mogsie sitting across the road staring in this direction. 

I waved to get his attention but I think he may have been lost in thought as there was no recognition to my waving, not even a twitch of his ear.

Still it's nice that I'm getting to meet more cats now, how I long to go out and play.