Monday 30 May 2016

Not Knowing, Caring Or Remembering

Everyone's gone out for the day. I think they are taking Daddies cousin home, she's been here for the weekend.

I've kept pretty much to myself but come out now I've got the place to myself, just as I like it sometimes, nice and quiet gives me time to think and mind wander.  I couldn't tell you where my mind wandered to that's part of the joy not knowing, caring or remembering where you've been.

That's the magic of a lazy bank holiday for you.

Sunday 29 May 2016

Cat Business

Cat business to do,cat business to do.

Oh hello River.



Stop River.

*Pant, pant*

Sorry River I'm not up for a play, I've got cat business to take care of.


At least she bounces back quick.

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Saturday 28 May 2016

Some Tomfoolery - Cheese!

It's am impossibility. River sitting for a family portrait without some tomfoolery occurring.


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Friday 27 May 2016

A Unique Dance

Mogsie is in a fantastic mood this evening.

He's over the road now dancing away in a world all of his own. I've got to say it's quite a unique dance, a cross between the spider and the twist but amazing all the same. I must ask him where he gets his inspiration from.

Thursday 26 May 2016

Everyone's Out For An Evening Constitutional

Everyone's out for an evening constitutional, that's the sun for you, brings them out in droves.

First I spotted Twizzle, taking his daddy for a walk. I thought they were on their own until I saw Twizzle saying hello to George, sunbathing on the grass. He so loves the sun, basking whenever possible.

Not five minutes after Twizzle decided he'd had enough out comes Mogsie, he'd been sleeping under the car. Goodness knows how long he'd been there, I've been looking out the window for at least the last hour.

Oh how us cats love an evening constitutional in the sun.

I Was About To Go In For A Kiss

I've just had the best sleep and am amazing dream, I'm a bit shy to admit it but it was all about Sofia and me. We were having dinner in the Peace Garden, the sun was just going down and we were laughing and chatting and then just as I was about to go in for a kiss I woke up to the sound of barking from the garden, damn.

Thanks River, I know you couldn't have known but I was really looking forward to that kiss, even if it was just in a dream.

I guess I better get out there see what she wants, maybe Sofia heard as well and has popped around to see what all the fuss is about then I can ask her for a proper date.

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Wednesday 25 May 2016

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Go On, Smack Yourself In Your Face

Mogsie's just dropped by to ask me how it went with asking Sofia out.

The trouble is I've still not seen her so not had the chance.

Mogsie said not to worry he's sure she's OK, "Remember, ears everywhere." And smiled.

That made me feel a little more reassured. I do hope she's not gone off me though. Oh no I'm doing what Daddy says not to do, over think things, it'll only create something out of nothing.

He's got a phrase, he uses a lot, "Go on," he says, "Smack yourself in your face. Nah you wouldn't hurt yourself physically so why do it emotionally?"

Good advice, easier said than done though.

Sunday 22 May 2016

Pluck Up The Courage

You pluck up courage to ask a lady out and what happens? Absolutely nothing, I can't find Sofia no matter how much I search for her and I have been searching all day.

I thought I heard her call out my name just now but it turned out to be Craig, resting in Squirrel Tree just calling out to say good afternoon.

I do hope she's OK.

Saturday 21 May 2016

Thick As Thieves

Well Mogsie and George seem to have gotten over whatever disagreement they had the other day. They are over the road and George just whispered something into Mogsie's ear and they both laughed their heads off.

Thick as thieves they are now. It's heart lifting to see I don't like it when people fall out.

Friday 20 May 2016

Is There No Where Sacred?

Is there no where sacred? My dinner was put on the table for a reason. Mind you I don't blame her it is delicious.

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Thursday 19 May 2016

Toothpaste! - I Should Coco!


I should coco!

No way, no chance!

Nope you can't bribe me, get the message.

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Everything Seemed To Fade From My Mind

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what Mogsie said yesterday.

I remembered bit and pieces of our conversation last year and I seem to remember him saying that it was all in my destiny and yet why wouldn't I have remembered something so important before?

It's all very perplexing, something so important almost gone completely from my mind. It's not like it was just a passing comment, it was that which led me to entering the Time Consciousness and everything that happened and yet I came back and slowly everything seemed to fade from my mind.

I know I spent ages telling Theo all about Purlean and Ursa and everything and yet it all seems to have drifted away somewhere.

I've been sitting here all day trying my best to remember what happened. Some of it was so clear, I remember first seeing Purlean and watching her give birth and then getting swept away and losing The Fly and then getting on the raft and then my mind seems to be blank.

No matter how much I try to think what happened I just can't. Somethings seem to be there and yet misty at the same time.

It doesn't feel right, why such important things would leave my mind. I'm going to ask Mogsie and George their advice I'm certain there's something very important that I'm missing.

In the meantime River's finally woken up so I think I'll tend to more current matters i.e. cleaning this mucky little pup up. It astounds me how she manages to get her treats all over her when she has such a hungry little mouth!

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Wednesday 18 May 2016

The Hairs On My Shoulder's Were Standing Up

I searched for Mogsie for ages and just couldn't see him anywhere, if fact I couldn't find anyone, guess that's a rainy day for you keeps everyone indoors.

Anyway just as I had given up on him up he pops, there sitting on the front lawn as if he had been there all afternoon.

"Hi," I said, "I've been looking for you."

"So I understand." I was a little taken aback.

"Yes, I wanted to tell you that I saw Chameleon earlier on, he was hiding on your garage. Hang on a second how do you know I was looking for you I didn't see anyone."

"You may not have seen anyone but you were spotted."

"Who?" I was getting little annoyed, I felt I was being berated.

Mogsie's tone softened, "Craig, he saw you, it's my job to have eyes and ears everywhere and thank you for looking out for us, one of the Sparrow Sisters told me about Chameleon, those eyes and ears really are everywhere." He smiled.

"The thing is David, I know I'm asking a lot asking for you to trust in me but I really do know what I'm doing and you are beginning to draw attention to yourself and that will put you in peril. That's the last thing I want, you see you are very special David, more special that you know."

"Am I?" I was confused.

"Yes, David very special, you coming here was foretold to me and you MUST keep yourself safe, there's people out there that have no idea of your specialness and through their own greed they could stop something happening that needs to happen."

"What do you mean?" The hairs on my shoulders were standing up, maybe there was a slight chill in the air.

Mogsie signed, a weight of burden upon him. "I can't tell you any more than I already have, if I do it could influence and changes things, I've probably already said too much but please believe me it's VITAL you find your own path, absolutely vital."

I sat and thought for a while and looking back at Mogsie I nodded;

"OK. I'll do what you say."

Mogsie got up to leave.

"Hang on," I called after him. "Can you at least told me who foretold about me coming here?" I was desperate for some sort of an answer to something, everything was beginning to sound very mysterious and that unnerved me.

Mogsie turned, thought paused him before he spoke.

"OK but please David you must not repeat this to anyone, and I mean anyone."

I nodded, Mogsie looked into my eyes to see the truth of my words. Satisfied he signed once more;

"An old friend of mine, an old friend of all of Catworld, his name." He paused once more before continuing, "My friend, who told me about you coming here, I've mentioned him to you before, his name was Troy Lamore."

Suddenly my mind was all over the place, of course Mogsie had spoken to me about him before and so had George, way back so long ago, way before I entered The Time Consciousness and met Purlene. I'd forgotten all about it until Mogsie spoke his name again but now I remembered and now my catty powers were telling me Troy Lamore was much more important than I'd ever imagined and they were also telling me I needed to work harder at persuading Theo to join me and Doublay in reforming a new Coven of 3 and freeing Greego from his enforced sleep. How could I have been so sidetracked?

This He Needs To Know

Well that's very concerning, I've just spotted Chameleon slinking over the road, along the fence and up on Mogise, Twizzle and George's garage.
I watched him for ages, he wasn't doing anything but look around, keeping his head down low so he wasn't spotted.

I toyed with the idea of venturing over and confronting him then I remember what Mogsie said about leaving it all to him.

I'm going to go off though and see if I can find him, this he needs to know!

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Some Days...

Some days I'm just too tired to be bothered to do anything, even if I can't get to sleep because of all the noise in the room.

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Sunday 15 May 2016

Fortune Favours The Brave

I've finally managed to catch hold of Mogsie, he was out enjoying some of this morning sun, strange day weather wise, sun then cloud, cold then warm.

Anyway he was out catching sun sun when I spotted him out of the window. I called over to him and he nodded back.

I asked him if we could have a chat. He finished licking his paw and smiled back.

First of all I said I wanted to let him know about Foxy's vandalism in our garden the other day. I explained what had happened, Mogsie silently listening, taking mental notes.

When I finished I looked at him waiting for him to speak but he said nothing. I think I was wanting to hear and see outrage but all I got back was a blank impression.

In the end I had to break the silence.

"What should I do?"

"Nothing." Came his short reply.

"Nothing?" I was a bit surprised.

"Keep you and River safe but apart form that do nothing. I said before I have this situation in control and he's acting pretty much as I thought he would so for the moment just do nothing, my plan is working."

The look on my face must have given away what I was thinking. Mogsie smiled;

"I promise you when the time is right I'll let you in on it but at the moment please trust me and just let things unfold, but be sure to keep me informed of any further incidents."

As frustrated as I was I had very little choice to go along with what he said.

"There was something else I wanted to talk to you about. There's a girl I like, Sofia. I like her and I think she likes me but I'm not sure what to do about it."

Mogsie laughed, his head going backward, his tongue moving from side to side as it he was trying to dry it off in the wind.

"Ah," he said, "You want some female advice?"

I felt a little self-conscious and went a bit shy."

"Yes," I said, "George said I should speak to you about things, said he wasn't the best person to ask when it came to ladies."

"Ain't that the truth." I'm sure I saw a bit of smugness float across his cheek. I'd love to know what this was all about but the advice was a more pressing matter than getting a bit of gossip.

"So what do you want to know?"

"Well," I began, "what should I do?"

"What do you want to do?" Seemed a simple enough question.

"I'd like to spend some more time with her. She comes and goes and I think we've been doing a bit of flirting but I've never asked a girl out before."

A warmth spread across Mogsies face and he turned to look at me.

"So you'd like to ask her out for a date?"

I nodded and I'm sure blushed a little.

"Well then, I think it's simple. You should ask her how she feels about spending some more time with you. But it's important for you to think of her though. How much do you know about her? What does she like doing?"

"I don't know." Maybe this wasn't as simple as he first said.

"Treat her with respect, like a lady, try and find out a little more about her interests, does she like looking at the night sky for example or enjoying running through gardens or does she like surprises, a dinner in a favourite place?"

I tried to think.

"I don't know."

Mogsie shifted position and looked at me a little more seriously.

"David there's no hard and fast rule but there are some very important things you should know. Always treat another person with respect, don't overstep a boundary, show her kindness, be true to who you are and be brave."

"Be brave?"

"Yes," Mogsie nodded and cleaned a bit of grass stuck between his teeth. "Be brave! ask her if she would like to go out on a date. It's clear, it's honest and if you don't you'll just be left wondering."

"But what if she says no?"

"Then you know where you stand and you can put this behind you. But think, if you like her, what if she says yes?" He smiled again.

"You really think I should?"

Mogsie nodded. "The important thing though is David is do you think you should?"

I thought for a moment and nodded back, Mogsie returned my smile.

"Fortune favours the brave my friend."

Well I hope so.

Saturday 14 May 2016

A New Regime

Today is the day, Daddy said, that I'm starting a new regime.

Apparently I have the early signs, nothing to worry about at this stage, on one tooth of something called tartar and according to him no cat that has ever been a member of our family has ever had that and I'm not going to either.

Something called a toothbrush and toothpaste has been purchased, I'm not so sure of that but some amazing special denta treats have been purchased and I can have quiet a few a day, he says.

Luckily I'm now fed up high so River can't get her hands on them I saw her eyeing them up and she's been following me around trying to lick my lips, they are delicious. Move over Dreamies a new favourite is in town.

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Friday 13 May 2016

I Guess I Spoke Too Soon

I was only saying the other day about there had been no recent threats from Flash or Foxy, I guess I spoke too soon.

There I was about to tuck into my morning Dreamies when I heard a big sign from Daddy. I turned to see what had caused such a reaction in him to see him looking out into the back garden.

I quickly went out the doorflap and to my amazement a string of rubbish from the rubbish bag he'd forgotten to put in the bin was strewn all over the place.

Yes, a very worrying sign indeed, I guess they are stepping things up again, I must speak to Mogsie today and let him and George know. I wonder if they are talking to each other yet after their fall out?

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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Some Clue

Well luckily whatever problem there was between Mogsie and George it didn't escalate into blows, just a lot of calling insults and eye bogging before they both moved off in separate directions.

I'm not sure where George is now but Mogsie is cleaning himself in the last of the days sunlight.

I did call over hello to him, I still need some advice about Sofia. Mogsie smiled and nodded back but I got the impression he just wanted to be left alone so that's what I've decided to do for tonight. I'll see if I can catch him tomorrow, I'd like to see if I can get out of him some clue as to what his plan is in dealing with Flash and Foxy as they've not been around threatening me lately and there deadline has long gone.

Face Off

I have no idea what's going on but Mogsie and George appear to be having some beef, there's having a face-off right now outside their home.

Probably not the best time to ask Mogsie for some female advice, that'll have wait.

I Really Don't Know Why He Bothered

Daddy has started me on a new food routine. He said he needed to make sure I got a full rounded diet and from now on I need to eat up high as River keeps on eating mine.

I really don't know why he bothered though, not when little legs can jump surprisingly high.

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Tuesday 10 May 2016

We Had A Right To-Do Here This Morning

We've had a right to-do here this morning. 

It started of pretty normally, me up and out waiting for my Dreamies and a stroke from Daddy, River reluctant to get moving so having a lie in.

I left it an hour or so and decided to go and wake her up, just as I was making my way upstairs I heard Daddy let out an almighty yell so came running down as fast as my feet could take me.

What could be causing such an extreme reaction?

Oh I see he's found the frog I brought in last night, unfortunately found it when he put his slipper boot on and the frog jumped out.
Of course he then had 10 minutes of Daddy running around the house trying to get him to leave before eventually scooping him up and putting him out the front window.

I think I'll keep a bit of a low profile today, don't want Daddy putting 2 and 2 together.

Sunday 8 May 2016

A Kiss Right On My Lips

What a glorious day weather wise it is today. I heard Daddy say earlier that it was going to be the hottest day of the year so far.
Knowing how much they like to lay in the sun I was guessing today would be a day spent in the garden, perfect for practising my cat yoga, which is exactly what I was doing when all of a sudden River appeared out of nowhere and planted a kiss right on my lips.

As nice as it was I wasn't expecting it and she made me jump and before I knew it I was heading off indoors before I realised what had happened.
Of course she followed me, begging me to play with her but it's just too hot today so I made my excuses and said I'd play with her later, I just felt like I wanted a snooze in the shade and for once she obliged.
Before I knew it I had fallen asleep. I had no idea how long I had been snoozing but I had the loveliest dream, a dream all about Sofia. I think River's kiss must have implanted the desire in my mind and when I woke up I decided I was going to go off and see if I could find out where she lived.

If truth be told I was hoping maybe to see if I could get myself one of those kisses from her. 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Friday 6 May 2016

Where Women Are Concerned

I've been on a little bit of a high since speaking to Sofia earlier but the thing is I've never really been interested in another girl before and not sure what I should be doing.

I then spotted George taking his evening constitutional and suddenly it hit me like a hedgehog in the face, talk to an older more experienced man, a man just like George.

I called over the road to him, thank goodness it's warm and the windows are open;

"Hey George, can I ask you for some advice?"

George nodded and licked his paw, "Of course you can. What can I help you with?"

"Well," I began, "I kinda like this girl."

"Let me stop you there," George help up his paw, "If it's advice on women you want I don't think I'm your best man."

He looked a little sad.

"Really why?" I was a little surprised by the promptness of his response.

"Where women are concerned little David, I'm an absolute disaster."

"Oh I'm sure not." I responded and smiled.

George gave a chuckle.

"No really David believe me, I've made more mistakes when it comes to women than I care to remember. I think it's best you speak to Mogsie on this sort of matter, he's got the knack.  I'm really not the man for women advice "

With that George put his head down and carried on his walk. It all made me feel a bit sad hearing that, I'm sure Mogsie will give me some advise and I'll see if he can shed some light on what George was talking about, it makes me sad to think he's given up on finding love.

I Licked My Lips And Tried To Appear Coy

Hooray, Sofia's just popped over and for once no one is around in the back garden to disturb me.

Daddy is out the front washing his car and River is absorbed watching him and barking at passing dogs while my other Daddy is banging on about something called a TIFF agreement that could potential be, according to his ranting, the end of any control the country has over it's own affairs. He really is worked up and I know when he's like that it's best to keep a low profile in case he tries to get you involved.

Anyway the sun was still out, it's been a beautiful warm day the hottest of the year so far, so I decided to have a little wander around the garden, see how Nadia was enjoying the heat when I spotted Sofia stretching out a sleep on the sunshine shed.

I ran over to her to say hi, she smiled back;

"Lovely day isn't it?"

I grinned back.

"It is indeed," I licked my lips and tried to appear coy, "almost as lovely as you."

I suddenly felt very self-conscious and looked down, hoping I hadn't come across too cheesy or forward. The silence felt like an age and I knew I couldn't continue looking at the floor, that would be rude so eventually, probably about 10 seconds later, I looked back up to see Sofia smiled back at me.

"Not too bad yourself." She mouthed back before giggling and jumping back onto the sunshine shed and over into one of the gardens on the other side.



Thursday 5 May 2016

Near The Swinging Heart Of Love

I've been investigating, investigating the smells in the garden and you know what I've found Sofia's scent. She's been in our garden up near the Swinging Heart of Love and I didn't even realise, things are looking up.

Now I just need to find a way to get to speak to her without being interrupted. I wonder if she likes Dreamies? Silly question who doesn't.

All Week - Thanks River!

All week I've been waiting for Sofia to put in an appearance. I did go looking for her yesterday but couldn't locate her house. 
She's been on my mind a lot lately, not sure why just missed seeing her smile I suppose.

Anyway as you can imagine when I spotted her scratching her neck on the back wall this morning, she's got a very lovely neck, I was so pleased and started my journey up the garden to say hello that's when it all went a bit belly up.

Out River came bounding, finally out of her bed, spotting her in an instance she overtook me as she ran towards her barking.

Of course Sofia not knowing she means no harm was on her toes and off over the sunshine shed before I could reassure her she'd be OK.

Thanks River! 

Cats and Dogs - Another Side

Tuesday 3 May 2016

What On Earth Is He Up To?

Finally I finished with my unplanned afternoon River grooming session just in time to catch Mogsie.

He said he'd been enjoying the afternoon sunshine, we exchanged pleasantries before I told him that I had witnessed Flash creeping around.

Mogsie smiled back at me.

"Great," he said, "it's all going exactly as planned."

Mogsie then winked at me and strolled off smiling.

What on earth is he up to?

Are You For Real?

O your neck you say? Well OK but I can't spend too long I've got things to do today.

Shoulder blade? Well as long as it doesn't take too long, I really am busy this afternoon.

What! Are you for real?

A cats work really is never done.

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