Monday 31 March 2014

24 Hour Watch

Daddy has gone out and taken River with him and it's given me a good opportunity to have a bit of a nose around both front and back.
I was hoping that George would appear but he's not but I have seen both Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin and both of them have been keeping a very close eye on ours. We seem to be pretty much under 24 hour watch at the moment which is comforting although I do wish I knew why. 
When George turns up next I'm going to question him, I've just got to find a way of being able to ask the right questions as he can only answer yes or no at the moment.

Sunday 30 March 2014

He's Accepted The Inevitable

What a beautiful day it is today, I overheard the Daddies talking last night and saying that it was going to be another hot one. Thankfully hot days bring everyone out and about and it wasn't too long before George appeared.
I have been worried about him and was so glad to see him sitting waiting for me this morning even lost in thought.

I asked him if he was OK and he nodded. I asked him if anyone else had cottoned on yet to the fact that he couldn't speak properly and he shrugged his shoulders. I'm deducing from his response that no one has directly confronted him and he's certainly not in the position to be able to tell them.

I could have sat there all morning making small talk but we both could feel the elephant in the room and I asked him outright if he'd thought any more about what I'd said.

He nodded and gave a sigh, I knew what he meant. I'd love to be able to give him some reassurance but there's not a lot that I can do but at least he's accepted the inevitable, he must return to The Lane of Bells, at least he won't be going on his own! 

Saturday 29 March 2014

She Survived The Winter Then

The Daddymummy keeps on saying that the daddies should get another kitten to keep River company which is lovely but Stay Daddy says he's not ready yet as he was missing me and felt it would be dis-repectful to my memory.

i fair chocked up when I heard that and moved next to him to be close just as he got up and said come on River you gonna come and see if this hot weather has brought woken Nadia up yet? I don't think he wanted to think about new kittens and that but I can understand what the Daddymummy is talking about, it's the first time since he was a little boy that he's not has a cat around him. 
I followed them out, still to keep a close eye on River and all of a sudden I heard him calling out to River and saw him jump up and down in excitement. Running over to see what it was I spotted Nadia half in and half out of the dirt right up in the back of the Peace Garden. Blimey she's survived the Winter then, she really is a hardy little thing and very messy, she was cacked in mud. 

We all came running in and Daddy handed Nadia to the Daddymummy to hold when he went and got her bath. She needs it after all that time underground, not just to clean herself up a bit but also so she can have a nice long drink. 

River being River couldn't leave her alone and jumped up and tried to lick her. Ahh bless, I guess it must have been a bit lonely animal wise for her since I went. Yes she's had visitors and they keep her entertained but it's not the same and I know how much she adores that little tortoise.

River being River she just couldn't contain her excitment and after trying to get in the bowl with Nadia and getting her ears soaking wet decided she'd also like to have a drink. Nice muddy water, dogs eh.

It is lovely to see them both together, poor Nadia though I know she's just not going to be left alone and you know what as much as I would complain about River chasing me I felt a real pang, I would love exactly that to happen now. 

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

I Don't Think I've Ever Felt So Out Of The Loop

Well that's my rest over with as I was brought back to reality from my nice little daze by the sound of River going mad at the door.

Luckily I wasn't too far away as I've been concerned about why all the cats are taking such an interest in here at the moment and so have decided to stick by River and looking out of the window saw the Daddymummy coming up the pathway. 
Maybe my rest wasn't going to be to disturbed, the Daddymummy always spends ages playing with her and that can mean only one thing. I can stop worrying about River and see who else is around.

Looking out the window I spotted Mogsie striding over the road, coming up to the Daddymummies car and having a good old check out of it. My goodness he really is so very suspicious at the moment. I do wish George could speak normally and then I could stop trying to work out what's going on, I don't think I've ever felt so out of the loop!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

They Are Keeping A Very Close Eye On River

Catworld is on high alert!
Ever since this morning when Doublay was chased out the lighter Naughty Twin has been going back and forth between both sides of the road, striding like a right little soldier.
However this last time on patrol she went over and spoke to Sarah who's been keeping watch from near R's car before going around the back, I'm assuming to see Mogsie who has been noticeable by his absence.

Sarah promptly got up and walked straight over here and just stared into the front window. OK I know I was sitting up there but I know she can't see me. The more I think about it the more sure I am that they are keeping a very close eye on River, the reason why, well that escapes me at the moment but I'm going to make sure that I keep close to River, just in case she's in peril!

Confirmed - He Is Not To Be Trusted!

From the actions of the lighter Naughty Twin it can be taken as confirmed that Doublay has re-joined The New Cat Crew.
Stay Daddy got up early and came down stairs with River who promptly fell asleep on her chair in the window. I decided to sit up with her and enjoy the early morning sun, it's going to be a hot day I overheard Daddy telling River, not that she seems too bothered.

Anyway there I was sitting there enjoying the brightness of the day when I spotted Doublay suddenly dart out from underneath R's car, quickly followed by the lighter Naughty Twin. This was not just a game as Doublay ran down to E's and turned as if to come back and the lighter Naughty Twin stood her ground and carried on chasing Doublay who ran down another couple of houses, turned and hissed.
The lighter Naughty Twin is fearless and sitting down marked her territory. OK no we know, he is not to be trusted!

Friday 28 March 2014

He'll Realise There's No Other Way

George is out there but keeping his distance. I've tried calling out to him and banging on the window and I know he can hear me, he's looked this way a couple of times.
I don't think he's not talking to me, I just think he doesn't want to talk at the moment about having to go back to The Lane of Bells.

I'll just leave him to think about it and wait until he's ready to talk about it, when he's got used to the idea he'll realise there's no other way.

Thursday 27 March 2014


Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin have both been over our place this afternoon sniffing around for something, I notice them as Daddy got up to answer the door and I moved from my spot on the back of the sofa to have a little look outside.
The lighter Naughty Twin was sniffing in the flower beds, like she was looking for clues while Sarah sat at the top of the pathway keeping a bit of an eye out.

I've no idea what they were looking for but when she was done the lighter Naughty Twin ran straight across the road and reported into Mogsie whatever findings she has ascertained.

Now I'm beginning to wonder what on earth is going on, we seem to be under some sort of extra vigilant protection at the moment and I can't help but wonder if this has got something to do with what has happened to George after he and Mogsie were speaking the other say. Things are just getting more and more strange and it's so frustrating as my only point of contact at the moment, George, can't communicate properly with me.


Wednesday 26 March 2014

I Ended Up Doing Something I'm Not Very Proud Of!

It's been raining here almost all day and as expected there's been no cats out so I settled up with Stay Daddy on the arm of his chair as he worked. It's a great position to be in as I can see pretty much everything that's going on outside and be close to my Daddy as well. 

It's been quiet sweet really me one side and River asleep the other side but I think she's been getting restless as this afternoon she keeps on getting up and down and generally not settling down for long.
I wasn't taking much notice of her until I heard her start to whinge at the window and ran to see what she was looking at to see George sitting just under the window. I had no idea he was there or how long but how typical just when he appears there she is distracting us. 

I needed to speak to him urgently, as you know, and ended up doing something I'm not very proud of, I nudged her and blew in her face out of sheer desperation. It worked she fell off the window ledge and then went running outside, probably to play in the mud or something, it seems to be her favourite game this week. I'll make it up to her later.

Finally I had George on my own. He spotted me instantly and started trying to talk but rubbish was still coming out of his mouth. At least he could understand me and I asked if he had told anyone about me and he shook his head.

Phew that was still a secret then.

I asked him if he knew why everyone had kept on staring at here yesterday and he pointed his head in the direction of where River had been. I think he meant to say they were looking out for her but I can't be sure and I've no idea what about exactly but there were more pressing matters to discuss and I then filled him in on my trip to see The Wiseman and what he said about returning to The Lane of Bells.
He shook his head again as if to indicate no way.

I told him that it was very important and he opened his mouth even wider. You don't need to speak gobbledygook to understand he was objecting to the idea but what else can we do. You have to go to the source of a problem to get it fixed.

I did feel sorry for him, his weepy eye looked very sore and he was looking distressed. I smiled at him as if to say it would be all OK and he just put his head down and slowly walked off. 

I then ran outside to see if River was OK. She was just whinging a bit and checking out a leaf that was flying by. I'll knock some extra chicken in her bowl tonight, that will make up for my earlier forcefulness.

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

It Suddenly Crossed My Mind That Maybe My Secret Was Out!

Something big is definitely going on this morning. I was up early with Daddy and River and settled myself back in the front window, still waiting for George to show his face, when I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin crossing the road, coming up C's pathway before stopping and staring straight in my direction.
I turned around to see if River was behind me but she was deep asleep on the chair so it couldn't have been anything to do with her that caught her eye. It suddenly crossed my mind that maybe my secret was out and I came over feeling all strange and a bit shaky.

How could it be, unless George had said something and let's face it he isn't making any sense at the moment?

I decided to sit here as see if anyone else acted out of character and it wasn't long before Sarah appeared back in her position next to the front window. She settled down but kept on looking up here in the window. I stared at her trying to work out if she could see me and moved my head from side to side like I was dancing to see if her gaze followed but no, nothing but a blank look on her face.
This was definitely suspicious though, something was up!

George still hadn't showed up when Mogsie appeared over the road, looking from left to right, scanning the whole of Catworld, his stance was not that of a relaxed cat.
Oh George where are you? This not knowing what is going on is really beginning to get to me and I'm also getting very worried about you!

Tuesday 25 March 2014

A Higher Purpose

Oh I think Mogsie has gone and kicked some asses. Not long after he went over to George's Sarah came running out and say herself down right by the rose bush by our window.

River's asleep and didn't see her but I did I seem to be spending half my life sitting up in this window at the moment waiting for some sort of action to take place.

Not long after Sarah came out Mogsie strode back over the road, without George, looking more furious than ever. 

Desperate times means desperate measures and I decided to break my cover and try to make contact with Sarah and tapped as loudly as I could on the window but nothing, not even a flicker. Maybe it's meant to be this way but if there is a higher purpose I don't know what it is no matter how much I try to work it all out.

Oh come on George, where are you?

The One Who Got Away

Mogsie's had enough! 

I've just seen him striding across the road towards George's house and he didn't look too happy, his patience exhausted no doubt. He does look so masterful when he's like that, such a shame we never managed to get it together properly. I guess we'll always be the one who got away.

No Way He's Going Back To That Other Way Of Life

Mogsie has been out the front all morning, I think looking for George, he's not the only one either, there's not been a sign of him today or yesterday. If something more had happened to him I'm sure I would have heard or seen something on the grapevine.
Mogsie does seem to be very on guard though and still very suspicious as Spit wandered through earlier on, he didn't take his eyes off him. 
Now Spit I do class as a success story, there he was starting out a member of The New Cat Crew before leaving after the events of the tunnel all that time ago. He then really settled into Catworld making sure he *clears throat* integrated himself into fully into Catworld and now here he is all glowing with a collar showing he's been adopted. He looks really contented and happy, no way he's going back to that other way of life!

Doublay however, well I'm not so sure about him any more.

Monday 24 March 2014

How On Earth Do I Tell George He Needs To Return To The Lane Of Bells?

It's a very frosty day here in Catworld this morning and as I sit here watching the darker Naughty Twin lick dew off the grass I've been reflecting on yesterday's visit to The Wiseman.

I waited until early afternoon, it was a bit rainy first thing and even though this sort of thing doesn't affect me any more I had such serious questions to ask that were gloomy enough as they were I thought I'd wait until at least the clouds had parted and there was a bit of brightness shining down to pepper anything that I was about to hear.

Almost as soon as I got there The Wiseman started to speak to me. It's so much easier these days, an instant connection and I wondered if George with his enhanced third eye would experience the same.

Hello Lil'

Hello, I said, I really need your help.

I'm always here to help, he replied

Oh Wiseman there's so much going on and I'm very, very confused as to what to do for the best.

That can often be the case, came his reply.

Since I've come back George has been the only one that I've managed to communicate properly with and now something has happened, a cat spell has been put on him and he can't talk properly. He says one thing and something else comes out of his mouth.

Then I see The new Cat Crew are sneaking around everywhere and I think they may have something to do with all this. the Easter Island Head's started talking again and before George lost his ability to talk he told me that Catkind was in danger.

There truly is a lot going on at the moment Lil', he paused

Most events in life Lil' are connected but not all are, even if they seem so. What conclusions have you come to? Have you been listening to yourself?

I've been trying to but it's so hard, as soon as a fear or a want comes in my catty powers seem to get all mixed up like spaghetti.

There's more more thing.

I'm always here to hear you Lil.

George drew something in the ground. This cat spell has got something to do with The Lane of Bells!

I was so scared even mentioning The Lane of Bells.

The Wiseman stood there,not saying anything. I thought he might want me to continue speaking but there was nothing else to say at that point.

Finally he spoke.

Do you fear The Lane of Bells Lil'?

After all that a question! I thought for a moment.

I did but since coming back so many things are different.

Like the loss of fear you have about crossing the road?

Yes, exactly like that.

Then I think you have everything that you need Lil' to deal with all of the things that are happening.

I wanted a straight forward answer, a solution but deep in my heart I knew he wouldn't do that. He help us to help ourselves, it's all a part of our journey.

Are you saying we should face The Lane of Bells? I asked him

Do you feel you should?

Well Daddy always says you shouldn't run away from your fears, face them and you will come out the other side stringer and wiser.

I don't know, but this happening to George is tied in with that and to solve a problem you should go back to the source.

I think you are a very wise cat Lil', and just for a second it looked to me like a smile had spread across The Wiseman's face.

Now as I sit here watching one of the Sparrow Sisters trying to tug a worm from the soft ground I'm wondering how on earth do I tell George he needs to return to The Lane of Bells? At least this time he won't be on his own. Oh no, this time I'm going with him.

Saturday 22 March 2014

There Was Only One Thing For It

Catkind, Cat Spells, Troy Lamore, The First, Fate, coming back from the other side and now LUM and the Lane of Bells, my head was spinning. Things were beginning to crash in all around me and I felt dizzy.

George went very silent after that revelation. I said I think we should still keep this all very quiet we didn't want to scare everyone in Catworld by letting them know until we had something a little more concrete to tell them.

How we would tell them I didn't know, no one apart from George can hear me and George can only speak gobbledygook.

There was only one thing for it. A trip to The Wiseman!

It's So Hard When You Can't Communicate

At last George has turned up and is looking very sorry for himself.

I don't blame him, it's so hard when you can't communicate properly with those around you no matter how much you try they either just don't hear you or understand what you are trying to tell them. I should know I've had the same problem for a while now.

Everything that's happened this year has brought us two closer than ever before and I've gained a new respect for George. I really feel I can trust him, not quite the case when we were seeing each other but hey things are very different now and there's no frisky Sarah to contend with.

I went up and sat by him, he felt my presence and opened his mouth but nothing came out, I think he just gave up even trying knowing nothing of much sense would come out.

I didn't know where to begin but as Daddy says the beginning is the best place so I told him that I didn't manage to find anything on cat spells in Daddies office. He gave a sigh out like he was expecting that answer and he had given up hope.

I reassured him that I wasn't giving up and that he should get so down with it all and tried a small smile but I know he couldn't see me, he wasn't even really looking in my direction.

Well at least I know now that sometimes George can see me and at other times he can't, another thing to add to my list of things I've learnt about my new state of being.

These lists keep on growing and seem to be everywhere around me at the moment.

I then explained to him what I had seen this morning with Doublay and Tiger going over to Mogsie's and asked him did he think this was linked in with what happened to him.

He nodded and turned and looked me right in the eye, he could see me again.

He then raised him paw and drew something in the grass but I couldn't make out what it was.

It was kind of round and I thought really hard as to what it could be. It all looped around.

Is it a circle? I asked

He shook his head and drew again another little bit on the top.

What was he trying to say? I was perplexed and thought really hard.

Is it a ship?

He shook his head again and began to rock his head from side to side.

No still wasn't getting it. 

He drew a little line with a circle on the end at the bottom.

Oh I don't know.

Is it a bell? I guessed more a random guess than anything else.

He nodded.

A bell? I said quizzically.

What do you mean a bell, what's a bell mean?



It suddenly hit me and I went cold and looked him straight in his eyes.

Has this got something to do with The Lane of Bells?

He nodded and put his head down.


She Doesn't Learn

Oh my, she doesn't learn, there she is revving up again, getting all excited at a cat up the tree and then trying to act all innocent when Daddy busted her and asked her what she was doing. Still at least this time if she goes over it'll only be a mouth full of mud!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Revving Up

Sometimes you've just got to laugh in the face of adversity. Even since I spotted some sort of raid from Doublay and Tiger, guessing it's now confirmed Doublay has rejoined The New Cat Crew I've been anxiously waiting for someone to come by.

I know only George can communicate with me at the moment but in situations such as this I've been thinking it's about time I reveal myself to anyone that I can, maybe they can also help with what's happened to George. I don't think we should be keeping it secret.

Anyway Sarah strolled by, on her morning constitutional, and I tapped on the window. Nothing but then I felt a breath of hot air from behind me, turning to see River jumping up and down on the spot in excitement, doing the little revving up with her back feet that she does when she gets excited. Trouble is she revved too much and revved right of the window ledge.

She was OK and there was nothing I could do about it but laugh, sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side

Grave Times For Catworld

Never have I been more frustrated at not being able to speak to anyone.

Stay Daddy got up early and came downstairs with River and I came down with them. I wanted to see George to see how he is and also to let him know I didn't manage to find any answers in Daddy's office books yesterday. Even though he has loads of books on things like that there wasn't a single mention of cat spells but I guess that's hardly surprising it's very ancient worlde that goes back to the time of The First and not a lot is recorded from that time, our folklore is generally handed down by word of mouth only!

Anyway there I was sitting up in the window looking out for George and enjoying the early morning sun when all of a sudden I saw what I thought was Sarah running across the road, being chased by Doublay. 

I thought maybe Doublay was in a bit of a frisky mood, it is Spring after all but something about their movements made me pay closer attention, then I realised it wasn't Sarah it was Tiger!

As they approached R's car they both quickly looked around before dashing under and around the back.


This was audacious in the least and I desperately scanned Catworld to see if anyone was around. I thought of running over there myself to at least see what was going on but to be honest I really didn't know what to do it was all happening so fast.

Then Doublay came running back across the road, I half expected Mogsie to be chasing him the speed he was going but he was on his own. About 30 seconds later Tiger came running out, checking no one had spotted them a smile spread across his face and he dashed off down the road.

Oh George where are you, you're the only one I can tell but what you can do I've no idea what with all the gobbledygook coming out of your mouth at the moment? These are grave times for Catworld!

Friday 21 March 2014

I Didn't Mistake What I Was Seeing In His Face. Fear! Cat Spells!

George has finally turned up and he is not in the best of places.

I was still sitting waiting for him, that's one thing about coming back from the other side, time means nothing and as much as I would have preferred him to appear earlier than he did I didn't feel the time drag like it used to.

Anyway there I was and something told me to jump up on the table amongst the bric-a-brac, catty powers heightened so I followed them and oh how glad I was because there George was sitting right in the middle of the garden, how he'd not been discovered by River I don't know but he hadn't so I quickly ran out there to him.

Before I could even start to ask him all my questions about him meeting Troy and River and him and me all being interlinked and *whispers* Catkind being mentioned he started to blurt words out but they were all of a jumble and I couldn't understand him.

I told him to slow down and catch his breath, he did seem worked up and almost angry and just wasn't making sense.

He started again and out of his mouth gobbledygook again. I'd never come across this before, he looked at me his weepy eye blinking, I didn't mistake what I was seeing in his face. Fear!

Oh this was terrible, no matter how hard he tried he just wasn't making any sense. If he couldn't talk clearly at least he could nod or something and at least he was able to understand me.

Right, I needed to think.

What's happened? 

Blurb, blurb, blurb.

Right that was a stupid question I needed to think of questions that he could answer with a nod or shake or in some way indicating.

Are you OK?

He shook his head.

Are you physically OK, are you hurt anywhere?

He shook his head. Right well that was something positive.

Who did this to you? No wait did someone do this to you?

He nodded.

Is it someone we know?

He both shook and nodded his head.

Did more than one person do this to you?

He nodded his head again.

Was it a another cat?

His eyes grew wide with fear. 

A CAT DID THIS? I could hardly believe it.

He nodded slowly. But how can a cat do this I thought to myself, I'd never seen anything like this before in my life.

Was there more than one cat?

He nodded. I was thinking on my feet here.


Doh he couldn't answer that but before I could say anything else he put a paw to his mouth as if to say shhhh.

Was this done to you to silence you?

He nodded and looked in my direction. Think Lil' THINK!

Was this all something to do with you and Mogsie having a conversation this morning?

He nodded, I think my eyes doubled in size. I knew something wasn't right about all the events today. 

You said it was both someone we knew and someone we didn't know, is that right?

He nodded.

Is it anyone from our Catworld?

He shook his head. Phew that was a relief, I trusted everyone around here no matter our ups and downs and to even think this madness could be to do with any one of us would just be too much to bear.

George, I don't know what we should do it's like a spell's been put on you, I said almost like I was just thinking out loud and then BANG. It hit me!

Has someone put a spell on you?

He nodded, took a breath out and smiled, relief I was guessing.

A spell! This is all new territory for me, me coming back from the other side, George, River, Troy, *whispers* Catkind and now spells. Nah I must be dreaming all this.

Does anyone else know what's happened to you?

He shook his head and pointed down.

You came straight here?

A nod.

Nine came out of his mouth but I'm guessing it was help he was trying to say.

Daddy has some books on this sort of thing upstairs I'll go up and have a read and see if I can find out anything but they are human books and I don't think they will cover this sort of stuff. I mean this is cat spells and cat spells are forebade, it has been for ever, ever since what happened to the First. 

BANG again, The First! Troy told me he was The First, George had just revealed to me that he'd also been visited by Troy, things were beginning to join up a little.

I hated what was about to come out of my mouth

Was this Troy? 

He shook his head. Phew I think I would have had my heart split in two if he had been a part of this.

LUM rang out throughout the garden

We both turned our heads to look in the direction of where the noise came from. The Easter Island Head was talking again. It hadn't for ages and I'd never really got to the bottom of all that but sometimes things happen and you mean to go back to find out the mystery and you get sidetracked.

I looked at George and George looked at me but this was different than before, it wasn't just like he could sense me, it was like he could see me.

George, I hesitated, can you see me?

He nodded. My head was in a spin now, this year has been like one long trippy dream and now all this, I felt like my head could explode.

Right pull yourself together Lil'

George, keep a low profile, you're good at that when you want to. 

He knew what I meant and smiled a little.

I will see what I can find out from the books in Daddies office but there's a lot so let's agree to meet up here tomorrow, come over as soon as you can make it and don't speak to anyone.

He looked at me like I was taking the mick but he knew what I meant.

It will be OK, I promise. 

I then lent in and kissed him on his cheek but I couldn't feel him and he couldn't feel me, for just a second I felt normal again.

I Can Tell Something Big Is Brewing!

Not a sign of either Mogsie or George since this morning. I've been waiting up in the front window waiting for them, listening to Daddy work and watching River sleep next to him.

My catty powers seem to be heightened at the moment as I just know something isn't right, compounded by seeing the lighter Naughty Twin just now looking very blue.

Something caught the edge of my eye and I turned in the direction of AM's house, it was the lighter Naughty Twin. I thought at first she was there just admiring all the lovely flowers that have come out this past week, he really does keep a beautiful garden.

It was nice to have some other cat company even though we can't actually interact at the moment and I sat there watching her but something didn't seem right, she just kept on staring around, like she was almost a little scared, not an emotion I see in her, she's a brave little thing.

After a couple of minutes she took a deep breath and walked off, head down. This is now all beginning to worry me, no one is acting themselves at the moment, I can tell something big is brewing!

These Two Events Weren't Unrelated

Up I jumped, round the back, through the door window and up the side of the house, chasing after George before I lost his scent before stopping dead in my tracks.

Mogsie was sneaking around heading over to E's house to and something inside of me told me that these two events weren't unrelated and I decided to stay back and let whatever was going to happen, happen.

Mogsie walked up to George and they exchanged a few words, this time like old friends, not the frenemies that they are. They both looked down the road, Mogsie said something to George and off he went heading in the direction of the bottom of the road.

Mogsie then walked over to George's house. Something is going on and listening to my catty powers it didn't seem like it was a good something.

I'm Coming To Find You

There he goes, he's not getting away this time, sneaking over to hide out at E's. If he thinks that I'm giving up on getting some answers he's very much mistaken.

Watch out George I'm coming to find you!

Thursday 20 March 2014

Evil Olives Been On A Rampage

Evil Olives been on a rampage!

It's getting dark and I've given up any hope today for George to be turning up and so moved my attention to what Daddy was doing.

He was reading aloud to River some things from the computer that his friend GT had been saying and apparently last night she made a sneaky and carefully planned out move.

Now even though it's down to each individual cat how they choose to live their lives we are all aware of that darker side that can come out and be displayed in some of us.

Last night Olive kept GT up all night, pulling her clothes out of her draws, shouting and knocking things over, classic cat technique for gaining control over their human.

Oh GT is going to need some help if she is to win that battle. I can see it now as soon as she's gained control over her she's be making her next move on her mother. Watch out V Olives coming for you!