Wednesday 22 February 2017

So Mission Accomplished!

I decided to stop feeling so sorry for myself and get out and about. If the others aren't going to come to me then I'm going to go searching for them.

I started early, almost as soon as Daddy went out to work with River. My other Daddy was upstairs busy so I knew I wouldn't be missed.

I didn't actually come across anyone but I did feel better getting out and exploring. I went over the back, I;m not too comfortable going across the road yet. I heard Daddy once say Lil' was the same, I wish I'd have met her she seemed like a great girl from what River say and from overhearing my daddies speaking about her.

Maybe it's something about living here why us cats don't like to venture over that way.

Anyway as I said I didn't actually bump into anyone but it definitely lifted my mood, so mission accomplished!