Tuesday 31 October 2017

3 Years Ago Today

I woke up quite early today I wanted to enjoy the whole day. Today is a very special day.

Yes it's Halloween but even better than that, 3 years ago today I came to live here.

Today is celebrated more than my actual birthday. I heard the Daddies one day saying that they weren't convinced that the day the people who I used to live with said I was born was actually the day I was born.

It's never forgotten, breakfast as all laid out for me, my favourite gravy and little bits of fish.
I went out for a little walk in the garden to clear my head and walk off my breakfast before coming in to see what River was up to.

Scratching as usual. Daddies had to both go out so they put her collar on to stop her but I think it's just for attention.

She wanted to play but fancied having a sleep so after they both came home for lunch we had a cuddle up in the chair in the window.

It was a lovely sleep and the hours flew by. That is until Daddy came in, it's never the quietest experience, River gets herself very excited.

I didn't mind my favourite for tea again, and the biggest handful of my special treats.

Yeas I love Halloween and my family. 

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