Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Tiring Trip

Two of the daddies friends came over to visit us today.

The Girl calls my name often, I take great joy in ignoring her. I'm saving up the super cuddle as a surprise, I've no idea myself when the fancy may take. The Boy he plays with me, that's cool I like a man's hands and I know it's perplex's The Girl so double bonus. I'm not being rude just copying the way the daddies and The Boy always interact with The Girl, I think they called it piss taking.

Anyway the boy and girl decided to take a trip over to see Twizzle and meet R. They've got two cat's the same so I'm told, Flo and Phoebe. Anyway the trip must have been tiring for them as The Girl only just made it before collapsing on the pathway.

 Mogsie came out to take a look at all the fuss, he looked in my direction