Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Time Management

We have a working week morning schedule the daddies know that. It's a simple tried and tested method that keeps everyone happy IF we all stick to it

I wake stay at home daddy before his alarm goes off as I know he can be a bit slow in the mornings and I like to help him by giving him a head start about 5am. Once his alarm goes off he has a bath and then comes down for five minutes of cuddles before he goes somewhere with, disappears through the day daddy for a few minutes.

It's a little ritual he seems to like and I like to amuse him and he says I look so cute. Down he sits at the table on the chair, he pretends to not see me and I stand on the floor, rest one paw on the chair to steady myself and pat his arm with the other, he laughs a lot, strokes my head and then invites me up.

Today however his time management was all over the place and he came down late and didn't sit down. No sit down, no cuddle. He can say all he likes that he'll give me lots of attention when he gets back but that's not the point.

I shall have to amuse myself by trying to work out what a Naughty Twin is doing on C's garage roof until he comes back.