Monday 1 June 2020

Mogsie, King Of The Street

Some terribly sad news has reached me this afternoon.

I heard Daddy on the phone to M across the way, I heard what they said. Mogsie hasn't been too well lately, I heard.

He had to have some special medicine for a little while but he still wasn't well and he went to the rainbow in the sky.

River told me all about Mogsie when I first came here. She said that Mogsie used to wait until a car was coming up the road and then walk right into the middle and lay down to stop them. He wasn't afraid of anything.

No one really knew where he came from one day he just turned up and moved into over the way with Twizzle. No one really even knew his real age, he kept that to himself as well. He was a bit of a mystery.

Mogsie, king of the street. I'm missing him already.