Wednesday 11 January 2017

My Best Friend

I've had an exhausting day.

I've really been missing cat company, especially since George had to go away, he was my best friend. I have chats with Mogsie but he's always off doing some hero thing or another and I get to wave to Twizzle but she likes being inside.

Sofia, well I went off searching for her as I've not seen her for ages but no luck in that either. It must be the cold weather but no ones around so when it got dark I eventually gave up and decided to come home for dinner.

I must admit to feeling a little sorry for myself and really wasn't in the mood for playing with River, I saw that look in her eye and it wasn't saying peace.
She pleaded and tried to make me smile but I just wasn't in the mood but when she promised she'd be good and just sit next t me and give me those big Disney eyes of her I felt bad and gave in. She doesn't ask for much and I must admit to feeling a bit churlish taking out my mood on her and I must admit although I crave cat copany, she really is my best friend.

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