Saturday 28 January 2017

When It's Sunny Boy It's Winter Sunny

It's been a nice kinda day, short but nice.

I started out getting up with Daddy very early this morning, he couldn't sleep. We watched the sun come up together, the sun is low this time of the year and shines right in. The days are getting longer, it's not now dark until nearly 5pm, Winter is here but Spring is on it's way, fog and frost still around but when it's sunny boy it's Winter sunny.
Now one was around it's very cat quiet around here these days. No Sofia, no Mogsie and Twizzle is keeping in. I do miss George he was my best cat friend here and I miss the company of other cats,
River can almost smell when I'm feeling a bit that way, a touch of melocony so she decided to cheer me up and get some of that energy out of me, whether I want to or not,

But I'm not complaining it's just what the happy doctor ordered.

Oh I do love you River! 

Everyone then went out and I was left alone in the house and decided to retreat to my favourite spot on the landing upstairs right on top of the hot water pipes. I can hear everything that's going on downstairs but I get to join in in my way, sometimes you just need a bit of time on your own.

And sometimes... just need to cuddle up to your best friend.

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