Wednesday 26 April 2017

3 Minutes, Yes 3 Minutes That's All It Took

It's Daddies birthday today and in this house we believe in starting things as soon as. 
3 minutes, yes 3 minutes that's all it took. 12.03 and Daddy had managed to wangle his presents from Daddy. Not bad going even for his standards.

I crept in to their bedroom this morning when Daddy went to the bathroom. We all cuddled up on the bed. Daddy was sleeping and my other one was cuddling River in  so I settled on his back and we all fell back asleep.

But today was not a day to lay about, plans were happening and the Daddydaddy and Daddymummy both arrived and my daddies went out for the day. A spa apparently, crap food tasted of nothing nothing at all apparently that's so called healthy eating for you when the best they have to offer is a microwaved egg.

We heard all about it when they returned and gave us the low down as we settled for the evening. Still a day out I suppose.

Happy birthday Daddy x

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