Wednesday 12 April 2017

I Knew Then That Was Exactly What Was Going To Happen

No matter how much they tell you not to worry it's so hard.

I overheard our daddies talking this morning, River had to go to the doctors she had a bump on her tail and they needed to do some tests on her.

I gathered from what they were saying that she would be home early this afternoon,Daddy was going to collect her in case they needed to put her under tosleep while they did what they needed to do. Of course I knew then that was exactly what was going to happen and of course it did.

It was such a relief when she came in, off here nut sleepy but when our other Daddy came in it was confirmed there's nothing to worry about from the bump on her tail she's going to be just fine, that's when I could relax and that's when the devilment woke up.

I wonder what fun I can have with this situation?

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